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REShow: David Carr - Hour 2 (6-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 1, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: David Carr - Hour 2 (6-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 1, 2022 3:13 pm

Rich reacts to the latest developments in the Nick Saban vs Jimbo Fisher saga and comments on how NIL is forever changing the landscape of big-time college sports. 

NFL Network Analyst David Carr tells Rich why he’s predicting the New York Jets will reach the playoffs next season, what kind of impact Davante Adams will have on the Las Vegas Raiders’ chances to win the AFC West, and ranks Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in terms of which QB he’d want for the 2022 season.  

Rich reacts to reports that Kyler Murray is planning to report to the Arizona Cardinals for their OTA sessions and what that means for the state of negotiations on a long-term extension for the disgruntled QB.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. But this might be my favorite sports story of all of 2022 to date. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Where did he step?

In the cheek. Drove over a fantasy football league. Jacques Peterson slapped by Tommy Pham of the Cincinnati Reds Will Smith style.

Wow dude. Earlier on the show from NBC Sports Boston Tom Curran. Still to come NFL Network insider Ian Rappaport plus NFL Network analyst David Carr. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show on the air. My colleague David Carr from the NFL Network is going to be joining us in about 20 minutes time to back his statement yesterday in support of the 79th birthday of Joe Namath making a guarantee on NFL Network that the Jets are going to make the playoffs and I need to kick the tires on that a little bit. Also see if what inside he can give me to see if I'm smart to place my full faith and football credit on the Las Vegas Raiders to win the AFC West this year despite the significant improvements made in Denver and right here in Los Angeles with the Chargers and the Chiefs still being the Chiefs despite Tyree Kill wearing a dolphin uniform. You're going to battle with the Raiders.

Right now I feel it as long as they stay healthy going into the season. You got Darren Waller. It's tough to guard him.

Tough to guard him right away. You got Renfro moving the chains first in Renfro right? So what is called or is he third in Renfro? What do we call him? What's his nickname?

Oh I don't know. You call him third in Renfro? Is that what it is? Because he creates first down or third in Renfro?

Is that what it is? Okay so you got him on third down. It's tough to guard him. Oh and then they added Devante Adams right? Oh heard of him. Right and then Max Crosby has all pro ability right? That kid right? Now you're adding a 100 sack career guy in Chandler Jones to the other side of him right?

Right? If I'm not mistaken. He's there. Okay Josh McDaniel's calling the plays. Hey McDaniel's a good play caller. He's going to be there. Okay got it because we talked about in hour one with Tom Kern who's calling the plays in New England once the season hits.

Not like now minicam plays. What's that mean for the Patriots? Well that guy is now in Vegas so we'll kick the tires on that with Derek Carr when he joins us in about 18 minutes time. So did I say Derek?

I keep doing that don't I? David Carr is going to join us here on the program. David just don't do it while he's on the home.

That's so stupid. Well I mean they're both. David Carr but I know but I know I know I know who I'm talking about.

D first names. I just lose myself and David's dreamy hairline so you know. Kill for that hair. Yeah tell me about it. So David Carr is going to join us in about 17 minutes time right here on the program. So a couple weeks ago boy this is all we talked about. The statement that Nick Saban said in front of business folk in Birmingham Alabama that hey you know the NIL world is crazy.

It's topsy-turvy. It's nuts. It's wild wild west and you know we're we're still about the student athlete here and giving people the best opportunity to succeed not just on the football field but as an athlete. And you know we're still about um then he went deeper into the problems of the NIL world and then started naming names including that of Texas A&M said they bought their players in their current recruiting class ranked number one.

Bought all their players what he said. That's the phrase that he used and you know that set off a whole to do say to the least when Jimbo Fisher stepped to the podium in college station the very next day and just laid waste. I mean I think we right we had the uh the exclusive sound bite of him stepping to the podium uh back in that day and telling everyone to say hello to their little friend.

I think I deleted that one. Why would you do that Mike? It's not a one-day thing.

It's not a one-day thing. I think we should have that from now on. Any coach that steps to the podium and lays waste to anybody it's just uh say hello to my little friend. Say hello. Well so uh and then Greg Sankey the SEC commissioner said hey uh everybody pipe down.

Pipe down and we'll get together and start talking about solutions. The solutions isn't a name call and Saban went on the radio the next day and said he shouldn't have named names and he apologized and Fisher saying he's not ever talking to Saban again and won't even take his call won't even take his call because he's god like you walk ask god walks on water what he's done in his career and so on and so forth and fully intimated that Saban's a cheater. Well the SEC coaches gathering the spring gathering first in-person gathering for this group of head coaches went down in the state of Florida yesterday and they met in a room together. Lane Kiffin was the first one to hit the microphones by the way.

Of course he was. They opened the doors minutes after the doors of the hotel conference room swung open this is according to Mike Rodak of Minutes after the doors of the hotel conference room swung open Lane Kiffin stepped to a lectern and said I guess the best way to describe it is our group is more professional in the room than they are when they're on camera by themselves.

It's like where people might say things on text where they wouldn't in person. The chair of the coaches committee the coaches were arranged in this is great he said it was he said it was pretty normal guys have jobs to do they're professionals it's probably a lot calmer than you may picture coaches were arranged in the conference room alphabetically by school. It's Alabama you got Alabama and Auburn probably sitting next to each other right right right okay Vanderbilt they're all the way in the back. Yeah their coach sitting next to Lane sitting next to Jimbo. Okay and so arranged in conference room alphabetically by school except for Fisher who was seated on one side of the room with SEC officials why is that because Jimbo's the chair it's a rotating rotating chair he's the chair he was very engaged said Greg Sankey what I said at the beginning was we need to have 14 football coaches focused and engaged in the conversation nobody can run silent on me says the commissioner we have that from time to time they said there was a conversation it was candid at times and even a little bit of laughter isn't that fun there's some funny things maybe maybe maybe they were looking at Jock Peterson's meme maybe they were watching our video of our favorite Tommy Pham fantasy team names now. What are the chances that this Jimbo uh Saban thing was just for show? No chances zero chances 0.0 chances and then behind closed doors in this meeting with all the coaches they're just no we got 0.0 chances Nick Saban went to that podium uh went to that um I guess Riser where he was speaking to Alabama well I mean boosters Birmingham business people of course yeah and these might be the people who could go to a say an Alabama collective put a little something in there so their NIL deals are are there not to entice anyone to come to campus because that is not what anybody's supposed to do or allowed to do it's there for the kids when they're on campus for their name image and likeness now that's and you had Andrew Brant here yesterday um saying that he thinks Saban was talking to the business folk there to say step up we don't have the top recruiting class anymore that just being Alabama and our facilities and our ability to send kids to the next level and our chances to win a championship and me being here says Nick Saban isn't the differentiator anymore and we better act before that becomes less and less of a differentiator so Saban spoke to the media yesterday Saban spoke to the media yesterday yesterday and um right out of the gate got two questions on the very subject matter of Jimbo Fisher and what he said and here's how it went what evidence did you have that Texas A&M bought its entire recruiting class you know I I didn't really say that anybody did anything wrong well you said they bought their recruiting class I didn't say anybody did anything wrong okay and I've said everything I want to say about this but you know I think that um you know I guess the point and I should have never mentioned any individual institutions I said that before but you know some kind of uniform name image and likeness you know standard that supports some kind of equitable national competition I think is really really important in college athletics in college football it's just something that I think we need to make sure that we have a uniform way to have equitable competition it's transparent we protect the student athlete and you know boosters have never been involved in recruiting and hopefully you know we'll not allow that to happen relative to this circumstance is Jimbo lying when you say when he says that uh that they didn't do anything I have no problem with Jimbo I have no problem with Jimbo at all there you go I have no Jimmy I mean the body language when he took his arms and he folded them he stuck them under his uh under his armpits and by the way there it is right there I don't have any problem with Jimbo and I'm sure he just wants to tamp this whole darn thing down now and and have you know there's nothing to see here we have not heard from Kirby Smart yet who's like the the georgia bulldog who ate the canary man let those guys yell at each other and have some sort of you know wrestling cage match hit over he hit each other over the head with a folding chair while I sit here with my national championship and 19 million first round draft choices and come back and load back up you know that whole I I didn't I didn't say anybody did anything wrong really smells like uh depends what your definition of is is he said he bought their players this is what Kirby Smart had to say I guess is he getting ready to win with Stetson Bennett the sixth was he winning with this year I think so all right here we go this is Kirby Smart to be honest with you be honest with you I've my phone started blowing up right when Jimbo hit press conference and I haven't thought about it a day since because in the world that we operate in you're worried about what's in front of you right now which is the 15 recruits I'm trying to get on the phone the conversations I'm trying to have have I'm not really worried about a feud between two guys that used to sit in the same staff meeting and have similar conversations I mean at the end of the day sometimes things get heated you'd rather not be in the in the public arena but at the end of the day things like that happen I mean you guys should be on the headphones sometime you'd think that was a Mickey Mouse so it just so happened in front of everybody and it's not something that I prefer to comment on to be honest with you I'm I'm worried about what we do at Georgia and that's my focus you stand between the hedges everybody thinking whatever's outside the hedges goes on outside the hedges I'm telling you what's going to happen I'm going to repeat it again you heard what Saban said some sort of national leveling of the playing field on NIL take boosters out of it because again if boosters are getting in it using the door of name image and likeness to entice players to come to campus if that's what's going to happen then suddenly Alabama's advantages go um not away but they're diminished the Alabama advantages are the obvious ones facilities but more than that it's Nick Saban Nick Saban if Nick Saban strolls into your household and says I can help your kid if your dream is to get your kid to the national football league and have a little bit of an education at Alabama and if you want your kid to learn the right way and you want your kid to stay on the straight and narrow and I'll take care of your kid isn't that the end of the conversation if the kid likes the school and and is happy with the conversation isn't that the end of the that's got to be the end of the conversation it would be for me okay Nick got it send my kid to you yeah what do I sign and that's with the ultimate of respect to every other coach that could stroll into somebody's living room but if now the other considerations are well wait a minute the other spot finished in the top four top five they also send kids to the NFL and I can make a million dollars right now my kid can make a million right now because that's what this team is legally allowed to give this kid legally so of course there needs to be there needs to be some sort of leveling of the playing field the only way to do it to level the playing field is to level with the rest of the world on the reality that players are to be compensated and that players when they are compensated have to be signed to a contract and that means players can unionize and figure out how best to collectively bargain their rights with an institution that is running things and that's the schools in the same way that they might collectively bargain with any other employees on their campus that serve the academic community here come the players to do that and you level the playing field and how many people can how can you figure out everybody follows those rules well you keep it limited 50 schools 60 schools across the country well what are we going to do really gonna fly fly the kids across the country yeah yeah that's what you're gonna do that's what you'll do yeah usc will have to make some road trips to auburn missouri might make some road trips to michigan penn state might make some road trips to austin yeah like that's what's coming it's going to happen and schools are going to start to scramble to make sure that they're going to get those chairs filled up by them not somebody else because you can't take everybody can you take the entire sec would the sec turn around and tell the teams that are habitually down in the last four sorry we're done it means more to us now collectively it no longer means more it just means more to these eight teams because that's the way that we can make sure that we're in on the conversation oh and by the way we're going to play for the national championship from this group you want to have a little bit of fun you want to have relegation where maybe you have to if you don't win enough you're out and some other teams that do well enough on other aspects and another league comes in you could do that maybe it's a super league that's where it's going this is the where it's going and in the meantime the the the change that is going to be affected and coming will be um turbocharged by the courts who are stepping in as these issues get placed in front of the supreme court or others at the lower level and coaches that call each other out at the highest level causing shows like this one to talk about it non-stop they're trying to put this genie back in the bottle in terms of the conversation but in terms of um the nil you want to get boosters out of it you want to make sure that anybody that's caught with their hand in the cookie jar enticing players to come to campus using something that's supposed to reward the kids with money for their work and their name image and likeness on campus you want to do that you've got to tighten the playing field have your own oversight not the ncaa and hold your own tournament at the end and realize that the players are contracted employees and understand that and then you want to plug that in and the money from there into the rest of the athletic system for the other 90 percent of the sports programs that aren't in this construct i think that's the way it's going to go i think nick saben will be long out of the game by the time it happens but in the meantime the game's changing game's changing while he's in it and that's why he's speaking up what do you think you can call us eight four four two oh four rich number dot when we come back david carr of the nfl he says the jet look at how dreamy he is the the jets are going to make the playoffs he guarantees it all right i'll care i'll bite that's next on the rich isin show back here on our terrestrial radio outfit a 55 cent check for csi miami suck it caruso hashtag did you post that yet suck it caruso i haven't i haven't posted it yet okay okay but maybe we'll just pop well maybe we'll just post that whole residual rich video on later on wow fantastic how many zeros are behind okay so uh i was just explaining about how i i got my latest residual check from csi miami my two works of csi miami 55 cent check um while i was uh shooting the latest episode or my final episode uh on the season-long arc i've got a season-long arc on the uh upcoming season of the mighty ducks on disney plus at any rate long story short while i'm doing that i received a text from uh the great andrew howard who runs communication and media relations at the nfl media group he sent me this video of david carr on nfl total access he sent me this video of david carr uh being asked to give a guarantee in honor yesterday was the 75th birthday of the great joe namath and mj accosta ruiz asked both david carr and tory holt who was guest uh analyzing for their prediction guarantee for this upcoming season and this was what mr carr said you know i'm going to do in honor of joe namath i'm going to guarantee the jets make the playoffs jets it's been a long time david rich isaac you love you fine man barber sala is a great coach and he's got a good young football team i can't wait to watch him it's been so long since the jets made the playoffs i was hosting nfl total access the last time that happened and joining us here on the mercedes-benz vans phone line after getting my attention he had me hello with that statement on nfl total access last night from nfl network and long time quarterback in this league david carr how you doing david i'm good man how are you well you know what david i'll be honest uh i helped create and get off the ground nfl total access so analysts like you can have salient points like the one that you made last night i'll be very honest with you david the freedom to do that and i appreciate that all right okay i appreciate the sentiment and the and the shout out but i'll give you the floor uh on uh put a little bit of meat on the bones on saying that the jets are going to make the playoffs david well i mean if you don't have hope at this point i mean what do you have so i i think that there's always there's always there's always a glimmer of hope for every team but when you really come down to it and you look at the league and you know this as well as anybody it never goes how we planned and yeah you can say it's easy to say okay the jets make a little bit of a jump and i think i hear that i hear okay maybe they'll win seven or eight games and maybe they will but when i look at it i like to see trends and you can you can look at young quarterbacks and and young head coaches and you can see a pattern developing so you look at zach wilson and i i love zach i think he's an incredible talent i love watching him throw the football there are there are few guys that i actually get excited about watching on tape and zach is one of them and so he has all that ability and he's aggressive so he's going to make some turnover worthy plays but he's also going to make some big plays and he's young and what i loved about what the jets did is they didn't babysit him they didn't hold his hand through the season i mean there were different quarterbacks that were rolling in there like okay we're going to compare you to these veteran guys and some of these guys that have played football before and you're going to have to do the things that um are necessary to win football games we're going to ask you to make big throws on third down we're not going to ask you to just you know throw the ball three times and win a football game that's not that's not how they handled zach and i love watching it and when he came back from his injury i thought he played fantastic uh albeit what was around it i mean he had some guys that were hurt you know when he came back now is you know some of the guys that he'd normally be throwing to weren't out there you know so i look at the offensive line and the offensive line and and what what they could be healthy um very tougher i thought played as good as anybody in the league you know you you got you signed lincoln thompson and you have beckton that could be a solid offensive line um and then not even counting you know aden breeze hall and and and garrett wilson and cj uzama and tyler conklin i mean there there's some good football players that have joined this team um that's not even counting the defensive guys and i i love robert salla i think robert salla is a fantastic human being fantastic coach i i knew him when he was a quality control guy in houston um with kyle sanahan on that staff and that's where they kind of hit it off and they obviously work together at san francisco but robert cares about every individual in that building and so guys feel that that is that is not a question mark for me as far as building a young team i guess all that to be said they have a lot of young talent that doesn't even know that they shouldn't go to the playoffs next year so they don't know that they could be one of those teams where they're there the players don't know what they don't know and that can actually be to their benefit the only and of course timing's everything david so uh it would be just the jets luck that they get all of these young kids to start playing so well and start to gel behind a head coach who's talented enough to corral it and it's the deepest the conference has ever been that's another challenge that a team like the jets or let's just say the dolphins put it all together in that division how are you even going to crack the top seven right i mean there's no doubt there's no doubt i mean you look at their look at their first 10 games that they have to play i mean this is like the nfl is just out to get the jets i feel like this is like several years in a row they've not been favorable i mean they they play the entire afc north they got to play the dolphins the packers the playing the patriots the build obviously their own division is going to be tough but i i don't know i i really think that when you have a young team like this i mean just look at it it's happened in the recent past you look at like 2018 the texans were like four and twelve they ended up going 11 and five like no one saw that coming the jags did something like that 2017-ish i mean it was it was blake bortles and they went from like three wins to 10 and six like who saw that and you know what that was that was like there was there were defensive there was a defensive coach which i think robert saw this is a great pairing because i love his offensive system that he has with before i think he'll get better um as a play caller he obviously was a young guy doing that last year so he'll get he'll improve i love the system but i think that you know you had solomon thomas you had some pieces on the defensive side they didn't play great towards the end of the year on defense but they will play better robert will put together a great defense and so those kind of jumps happen they just randomly happen so it doesn't i mean it's not like something that you're gonna say you're not penciling the jets for 12 wins but you know what they could do it they could easily do it because that that kid is fearless zack wilson is absolutely fearless so you know for me i would i'd roll the dice and that's why i said what i said the other day i mean it was joe namath and it was you know we're talking about the how he guaranteed the victory and i just said you know what the jets are i've i've been high on the jet since the draft obviously since watching their young players play i love robert sala um and maybe maybe i'm a little biased there but i like a lot of their pieces so i'm excited to watch them play football this year david carr my colleague from the nfl media group nfl total axis 11 year vet in the nfl joining me here on the rich eisen show so we just talked about how deep the afc is this year no deeper pool than the afc west easily the toughest division in football now that russell wilson is there and so many other new additions from kaleel mack and jc jackson and we all know uh how many people uh have entered this division kansas city less tyreek hill but so on and so forth they have gotten um a ton of talent on their team that said uh david do you know who i have chosen to beat all of them in the afc west this year are you aware of that if we're vibing the way i think that we are but i'm going to hope that you're you're speaking about a team in las vegas i am speaking about a team in las vegas and i've gotten a ton of crap for it but putting the jets in the playoffs rich you know what i don't know if we understand if we if we knew we're scratching each other's backs in a way uh david but we we kind of are because i i do love the addition uh of chandler jones to go with max crossby and then devante adams to hook up with your brother again um is it's such a rarity to have a quarterback wide receiver relationship that's new but not new at all right so it's so rare and it's it's been something that they've they've tried to make happen for five years now since devante signed his contract extension several years ago with the packers derek was pushing to get him there and and devante was really close man i mean that a couple years ago they were really close to making that happen and so for it to actually happen i remember i was sitting i was actually sitting on set at the NFL network when it went through with james jones and james was obviously sad he's a packer right but he uh it was it was almost surreal because that like you said it it never really happens that you you absolutely get to pull off something like this where guys that have known each other since they were essentially teenagers get to play and obviously have gotten to the point they've gotten in their career and now find themselves back together i i look at the raiders and to kind of validate your point when i i try to look at them you know just objectively like how is this how is this going to work out and from a quarterback standpoint i always look at matchups if that's what this league is and we hear that all the time but it literally that's what it comes down to and so you already have and and foster morose said this to me the other day he was out here working out with some of the kids in our our high school team and he was out on the field right here about 100 feet from matt and he said you already have two guys that are basically unguardable hunter renfro and darren waller like they just mad they create the unique matchup issues for the defense and now you add devonta adams how do you cover them down you know so that's that's the main issue and derek's as good as anybody if he's if he has a quality that is elite it for me it's the ability to recognize what the defense is in what they're trying to do and get the ball as quickly as possible to his best matchup and that's what he does and now he's loaded with an offensive play caller that that's all they've done for 20 years is find matchups and exploit them so i i i don't necessarily see um a situation where the raiders are going to go into a game and not have a favorable matchup on the outside so anything can happen the trenches obviously will mac and you know the charges have done up front i mean they're formidable so they're going to have to protect um but i mean from a from a just a play player standpoint i love their chances against against anybody so why why does your brother and devonta adams vibe so well do you think i mean because again do you know you knowing their history and how much they mean to each other personally uh you might be you might have been one of the few people not totally shocked that devonta adams leaves green bay and aaron rogers and back-to-back mvp seasons to go to a totally new spot so fill in some of the blanks if you don't mind no problem i mean well i i think that from the moment that they got together in fresno um it was a unique situation because devante devante came to fresno and um and visited there and and basically signed with present state because derek and so from the from the moment that they met on his recruiting trip they they hit it off they just have a unique bond and their best friends and devante even before they made the move to vegas so first of all in the bay area he bought a house right next to derek they worked out in the off season they trained together even when devante was green bay same thing derek moved to vegas devante moves to vegas and this was about a month before the whole thing went down where he joined up so they just had a unique bond they've always gotten uh gotten along well i mean and then the chemistry on the field is is is i think the biggest thing so there's the guys that are that are quarterback friendly from a wide receiver perspective there's guys that you like to throw to you but then there's like this this different levels that these guys have always had and i i asked you i asked derek after their first workout um as official teammates again in las vegas he's driving back home and they're both in the car together i i they facetimed and so i said how'd it go and derek's like it's every ball six inches in front of his chest it's just a natural thing so he understands devante they they also share that um that affinity for devante is very confident he's a very confident receiver and derek every receiver that derek has ever talked to me about he's compared to devante adams every receiver he's like he does this like devante it's always been that way so um i think that's the biggest thing they just they have affinity for each other's ability uh derek loves devante's athleticism has always felt like he's hands down the best receiver he's ever played with he's said that since he was 19 years old and it hasn't changed a decade later so i'm excited to see these guys play together man it's gonna be it's gonna be i'm excited for the the country because when they're at fresno a lot of people saw him play but i'm excited for the actual nfl family and community to get a chance to watch these guys because it's gonna be it's gonna be a blast wow david carr here on the rich eisen show all right before i send you on into your day i want to hit you on something that we started our show with because of the the match that's going down today brady and rogers versus allen and mahomes and i i ranked them one through four for their careers and you could pretty much guess how that list goes but it totally jumbles when you just put it in the box of the quarterback you want for 2022 this is the qb that if you could choose you know and rank them one through four a quarterback to win football games in 2022 how would you rank allen mahomes and brady and rogers in order david carr how would you do that okay so i'm going to just rank them based on the the the situation that they find themselves in okay if that's fair okay so i will say that it's it's really difficult not to put tom brady and so i will put tom brady at number one because i think that if his wide receiver group was healthy i think that ram's game is different um i think with um the fact that bruce arian is no longer there i honestly believe that might free them up a little bit to do more of what tom wants to do i think there's a when you have three guys looking at the game plan i think that's a little bit too much so i i like brady a lot going out the way he wants to go out with a healthy group i like todd bold on defense so i'm going to say brady one i'm going to say josh allen two because i think his skill set is just unique to even anybody on this list and that's that's hard to that's hard to say because these guys are pretty good football players but josh allen is in a different class with as far as what he can do with his legs his ability to release the football instantaneously have that on the sideline at whatever depth he wants it's ridiculous to me to watch him from the moment i was standing on the on the field indianapolis watching him at the combine i've seen him throw when he was 16 i was blown away at that moment i've been blown away every time i watch this guy talking about guys like that you want to watch play football he's right there and and then i would say pat mahomes and i think he's gonna have to reinvent himself this year without tyreek hill there but i think that it's a perfect time for him to do that because what we've seen patrick do is fail a little bit at the end of the season where he tries to do too much you can remember the images of him running around going basically backwards against cincinnati late in the game almost losing the game that you can see moments in the tampa bay uh super bowl where he tried to do too much obviously his offensive line was in shambles at that point but i think for him this moment where tyreek's not there his his kind of bailout just let me make it happen with this guy isn't there he's gonna have to play inside andy reidner community system a little bit more i think it's actually going to benefit him and then fourth would have to be erin because that i'm concerned about erin because of the guy that we just talked about devante adams and it takes erin a long time you can say that he turns guys that aren't first round picks into great receivers and i would not argue that i would agree with you i would argue that it takes time and i don't know that that's something that they have the luxury of of waiting for i think that he's gonna have to step on the gas i don't know that he necessarily he's not even can't break now which i mean that's a common thing but i think that he's gonna have to step on the gas of of trust and you know with a trust tree and and really trust these guys that's not something that he's historically done with young receivers you look at devante's numbers with him i think he had 400 yards his rookie year you know and devante's arguably the best receiver in the league so that's going to be interesting for me but but that's probably how i'd rank him from from my perspective yeah wow i mean the 45 year old guy at one and then the back-to-back mvp at four that's pretty fascinating i mean but you know i'm i i i had it um alan brady rogers mahomes um you know i i it's hard to argue it i mean it's just the situations are kind of what i look at because all those guys you take all those guys in the game of course no no i know this is sports talk radio fodder i mean on june 1st man i mean when when when the best football players at the very positions arguably are playing golf but you know uh it is something to to just chew on because you you do have to wonder which guy's abilities to just put the team on their shoulders on their backs at the end of a game based on their current situations and who has the ability to do that to me the fact that josh allen could have room for improvement not just because of who he is but that gabriel davis is now uh at the forefront of his profession i think and james cook got drafted i mean that's insane that's absolutely insane but he's an incredible he's from this area from central valley i've known him since he was a little guy um not a little guy anymore but i mean freakish arm talent like we say that a lot we throw that around a lot but it's not even close the guy throws the ball as well as anyone i've ever seen david thanks for the time man thanks for the time look for look for more of my calls you know i and i'd love to have you here in studio if you can shake free of any of your commitments family or otherwise okay yeah i'd love to have it i love you thanks again brother appreciate it thanks for the j-e-t-s-l-o-v-e appreciate it you got it that's david c-a-r-r right here on the rich isin show see how i did that that was nice you know just trying to get myself off the half of susan lucci of my career oh for six emmys you know one for six just trying to do whatever i can whether it's uh that interview or coming up with tommy fam fantasy team names yeah we gotta hit that in hour three by the way it's taking another turn dude uh i'm uh i'm getting more and more resolute in my raider's choice how about that they've been looking to do a reunion professionally for years how about that that is really how about that that's really interesting derek carr and devante adams tried it a couple years ago how about that better work buy houses in the same neighborhood resolute on my raiders winning the division i might be the only one right have you heard that anywhere else winning that division yeah i haven't heard that anywhere else oh baby okay uh okay it's a couple more months to go i need to see it let's let's keep everybody healthy it's jude first uh story out of the uh the the n remember i came on the air and i said that june is the month of who's showing up and who's not voluntary or not for organized team activity arizona cardinals ota this week let's see if the man who's got that awesome stationary is showing up the latest on that before ian rapoport joins us in our number three on the rich isin show 844 204 rich numbered it down back here in the rich isin show mike del tufo just revealed a grudge held longer than tommy fam held his against jock peterson which is kind of long i just want credit for declaring that he was going to be the number one overall pick in the national media we just showed uh to our uh terrestrial radio audience we just showed uh kylar murray we just showed kylar murray on our show uh at the super bowl in atlanta that was the super bowl between the patriots and the rams correct and murray at the time had yet to announce whether he was gonna play baseball or go pro and play in the nfl and the word was that um uh he could be the number one overall pick and a bunch of folks were like come on really this guy you were like he should be the number one overall pick and cliff kingsbury had just been hired by the cardinals and he knew him from like really is he going to choose the number one overall that just had you know they just had josh rosen chosen 10th overall anyway so um as i came on the show to start this program june is the month of organized team activities a name that really you didn't know about before nfl network was born but we we were talking about ota's a long time everyone's talking otps we were talking otas on nfl network thanks yeah that's what we were doing and they're like really what's what's to be made news out of it i just remember when we first started just like you guys are talking about nothing when there's nothing to talk about what are you talking about and i'm like okay mini camps remember this we call mini camps mini camps well mini camps i think it's now the term used for mandatory organized team activities it's interchangeable mini camps and and organized team activities where you get together and it's just voluntary and a lot of guys don't show up because it's just voluntary so it's a voluntary organized team activity for the arizona cardinals and let's just flashback to uh late february early march when this missive came out and again i i had a sense hold on to this multi-paragraph treatise from kyler murray's agent on some incredible km stationery hold on to it because this thing's gonna last a while it's gonna go a while and either good or bad it's gonna go for a while and here we are now june 1 organized team activity and no contract yet no long-term contract yet for kyler murray but look who showed up for organized team activities in arizona today kyler murray and as a matter of fact mike garofalo uh adding to the reporting of adam shefter that kyler murray is expected to be on the practice field for the first time during their off-season program per league source uh it's happening he's going to be out on the field for his first practice on the field with the cardinals this off season mike garofalo my colleague from the nfl media group saying he was there yesterday it's just that today's he's on the field he was already there yesterday he's in which i'll tell you what i did not see coming when this pay me or trade me missive came out to kick off the combine week fresh off of the super bowl week in which murray unfollowed the cardinals on social media instagram and so forth so on so you know kind of knocked me over with a feather on all that but that means that things are trending in the right direction a show of good faith is what mike garofalo called it show of good faith to show up which means things must be going and trending in the right direction for the negotiation this is what steve kahn the general manager of the cardinals told us right after the draft every deal that you've seen done for quarterbacks after their third year have all been done anywhere from uh mid-july to about september so i wanted to get through the draft process free agency all the work that we put into it and then now we can take a step back refocus and see if we can get something done but uh everything's been good you know the client's communication been open with him eric burkhart his agent and uh hopefully we'll be able to get something nailed down before the season starts so he has not demanded a trade from the arizona cards no no nor would i trade him nor would i trade him so the reality of is that they're not trading them and conversations had to be going all right they have to be going all right for him to have a show of good faith i would think so so he's there and things are trending in the right direction and that's a good thing for the arizona cardinals because if you take a look at their schedule and you look at their schedule in light of the fact that d'andrea hopkins will not be there for the first six games of the 2022 season and i'll tell you what they need kyla murray with all due respect to colt mccoy filling in capably last year for a three-game stretch they got to have them because they open up at home against kansas city visit the raiders then the rams uh visit the raiders and they have the rams at home cross-country trip to carolina home for philly at seattle that's the first six and i'll tell you what at seattle should be winnable home for philly should be winnable at carolina should be winnable home for the rams got to win those at home these should be winnable games and i'll tell you what they got to be winnable games if you want to win the division and go far certainly for a team that doesn't finish well and that's why the pressure is going to be on kyla murray to show up and show out and for kyla murray this is it he's going to get paid he's going to get paid before the season i'm seeing uh the contract um is doesn't it it's total does not start with a three but it's the tie high 200 millions and if he's going to get paid high 200 millions and there's no d'andre hopkins and and they show up and he doesn't just take the team on his back obviously it's a team game defensively you're going to have to stop the rams as well you're going to have to stop all those teams on the defense and use them play that but if there's going to be three and outs in the third quarter fourth quarter when they're up or they need or they need to come back it's all going to fall on number one it's going to fall on number one and this cardinal's team's got to start hot and that's why the pressure is mounting and we'll see if he's up for it but the first things first i i love seeing him there being positive love seeing him there love seeing the show of good faith love the fact that he's showing up not putting the lid further on top of the boiling pot which again for somebody who okayed this greenlit this note to uh the great community of the valley oh that's what this first paragraph of his agents jerry mcguire like treatise said didn't see him showing up june 1st on a voluntary organized team activity based of all of that which leads me to believe that the writing's on the wall he's not going anywhere he's not getting traded he didn't get traded before the draft there wasn't really there was really more of a talk of debo than than kylar and which again when this piece of stationary became public we would have thought kylar if you had to choose an nfc west guy was going to be talking about not showing up not being there what you you'd have to even put maybe aaron donald above that right above above debo at least and turned out to be debo not even kylar so kylar's not going anywhere and this shows me that things are are going well for a contract talk but hopefully he'll be able to play well with that big price tag they need to and the first six weeks of this season the way after the first two years of of kylar murray has finished up last two years of kylar murray's finished up this is big it'll be part of the 2022 conversation ian rapidport in the latest coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shea stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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