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Daniel Jeremiah: Falcons drafting Penix Jr. could be a disaster

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 29, 2024 2:05 pm

Daniel Jeremiah: Falcons drafting Penix Jr. could be a disaster

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 29, 2024 2:05 pm

Rich explains why still can’t believe the Atlanta Falcons drafted Michael Penix Jr. 8th overall in the NFL Draft after signing Kirk Cousins in the off-season.

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah and Rich discuss the Falcons’ controversial draft, rookie year, expectations for the 6 quarterbacks drafted in the 1st round, the Buffalo Bills drafting FSU WR Keon Coleman, breaks down the NFL Draft classes of the Steelers, Chargers, Eagles, and Cowboys, and says why the Patriots turned down some trade offers for the #3 overall pick they used in Drake Maye.

Rich and the guys react to Anthony Edwards and the Timberwolves sweeping Kevin Durant’s Phoenix Suns out of the NBA Playoffs.

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See I'll tell you what. This is the Rich Eisen Show. It's all about the quarterbacks and the draft did not disappoint on that front.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. He said he thought that Michael Penix Jr. was a better choice at quarterback than Drake May, which is saying a lot. Today's guests, NFL Network analyst, Daniel Jeremiah. Eagles general manager, Howie Roseman. Senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Oh yes. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show back here in Los Angeles, California after our residency in the great state of Michigan. The Detroit draft, a monster hit, is in the book.

775,000 people were in attendance over the two nights and the third day of the NFL draft there. So much to talk about. Daniel Jeremiah, I can't quit him.

We spent so much time together last week. He's our first guest in about 20 minutes time. The general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, Howie Roseman, is going to continue a tradition unlike any other, being the general manager to join us right after the NFL draft. He's right smack dab in the middle of the show and then Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated will be smack dab in the middle of those guests in studio to talk about what's going on in the NBA playoffs. The Minnesota Timberwolves just broomed the Phoenix Suns out of these playoffs. We've got an elimination that just took place.

And Anthony Edwards star is meteorically rising. We also have the Knicks and the Sixers throwing haymakers at one another. The Knicks lead that series three games to one. We saw the Lakers stave off being swept.

We saw the Clippers blow a 31-point lead only to have to come back from a one-point deficit to win that game in the final throws yesterday. So much going on in the NBA playoffs. We'll discuss that with Chris Mannix as well as shortly before going on the air. We now have a sanctioned fight between a 58 and a 27-year-old individual. The Mike Tyson Jake Paul fight has been sanctioned. It's going to be eight two-minute rounds.

There's going to be 14-ounce gloves used. So Chris Mannix perfectly timed. The last thing he sort of really wanted to talk about.

That's not true though. It's great to talk about. He's going to talk about it on this show in this 844-204-rich numbered doll here on the show. Good to see you over there, Chris. How are you?

DJ Mikey D. Welcome back. Oh, thank you. You held down a fort? Yes, I was here alone.

I actually had someone else with me. Oh, wow. Wait, what? Wait a minute.

Exactly. I just did exactly what Brock was saying. And it was actually, I was very sad without you guys here.

My friend here? No, I had an engineer with me. Oh, okay. I thought you had my friend.

No, I mean, come on. You guys killed it. It looked great. It sounded great. Everybody, it was amazing.

Thank you. I was able to watch it, which was cool. We had a blast. We were really lucky.

It looked amazing. TJ, the candles lit. Good to see you, sir.

How are you? Well, I mean, there's a reunion happening in Big D today, so I feel great. What's the reunion? Reunion is we're welcoming someone back home. What's that? Who's that? Mr. Feed Me.

Oh, that's right. We've got to go in the kettle. We had a search in the kettle to find the Dallas Cowboys latest acquisition.

I think he's getting paid from what's in the kettle. Okay. Great line, Chris. That's a good one. Well done.

There is less pie. That's true. Okay.

We'll talk about that later on. And there's a new star receiver in the National Football League. His name is Keyon Coleman. And if he doesn't have a deal with Macy's by now, he better be. What are we doing? What are we doing? Let's go.

So we'll hit that later on. But listen, in the NFL draft, 257 picks. One to last. And there's one that still stands out. It still stands out from Thursday night. It's the sorest of draft thumbs that I've seen in the history of drafts and thumbs.

And it is the eighth overall pick from Thursday night. And I'm sure some Falcons fans are like, really? You're still beating this drum?

Rich. And certainly, there might be some in the Falcons organization that would be like, there's a page. We're turning it. We've turned the page. You've got a great quarterback room.

Let's talk about that. Oh, no. And Michael Penix Jr. drafted eighth overall. And again, I'm not bringing this up because I think he's not worthy of the eighth overall pick.

He sure is. Out of all the guys being drafted, I thought that whole stuff about dropping out of the first round made no sense to me. It never did.

But it is a league where Will Levis dropped out of the first round last year. And I didn't think that was going to happen. And it did.

So who knows? And Kidd is just electric. He's got a great story.

As you could see on the screen, a great smile. And he looks great in Falcons colors. You know what I mean? This guy can spin it. So not about that. It's just about the fact that he's drafted there after Kirk Cousins is signed for 180 million bucks, 100 of it guaranteed, 90 of it being paid out over the next two years.

And I understand. I might be falling into just the same old rut here as everybody else in our sports business because we're not leading with Zeke, sorry to say, today. I know it's a Cowboys thing and Zeke's back with the Cowboys and I should be. I mean, that's in the manual of hosting a three hour long sports talk radio simulcast.

That's in the manual. And then when it's Zeke coming back, sorry, I'm still stuck on this. And the Falcons can understand it because Raheem Morris in his post draft press conference had this to say about the chatter surrounding this choice. I hate for it to be like the story of the draft. I know it will be. That's just how our world is based and is driven. But I can't say it gets annoying. I can't say it's annoying.

No, because it's what people want to see is peak more interest. I feel like, what's Kelsey's girlfriend name? I feel like her right now. I'm Taylor Swift right now.

And Terry is Kelsey, I guess. We're making this thing popular, man. I don't know what that is.

Wow. What are we doing? He's tired, guys.

He's getting tired. We should probably wrap this up. We're going to. We're famous right now. I don't know.

That's true. Well, he said the line of the day. What are we doing?

I think everyone's wondering that. Well, I mean, and plus, if there's any anybody that can understand that things get slap happy after 257 picks, it is a guy who spent the last 20 minutes on the air of a three day stint on NFL network saying, let's hurry this up because I have a flight to catch. And I did get a lot of tweets from people saying, hey, did you catch your plane? And I did.

This just in. I did. And you'll be happy to know the person in front of me reclined before I did.

Oh, wow. You know what I did? You know what I did? You know what I did in response? You know what I did in response?

I reclined. Because you know what? That's the way it works. All right. I don't want to go there. Stop, stop, stop.

I'm just saying he stopped to continue the analogy. I guess. Am I the tortured poet here? Nice. Society.

Torture poets. Department. But that's okay. Department. Oh, whatever.

Listen, reason why we're talking about it is not for clicks. I just still cannot compute because this is going to be a storyline all season long. All season long.

How does it work? Because normally it's the other way around. You have the bridge quarterback costing you very little. Not a hundred million guaranteed. But of course the Falcons don't consider him as a quarterback to be bridged to because eventually Pennax is going to play once Cousins is done winning Super Bowls there. And Cousins is not a bridge quarterback because he's their current quarterback and that's the way they're going to have it. And at some point they're going to get through all this awkwardness and they'll get to the Jordan Love phase that the Packers are in right now. All the awkwardness of the Rogers years.

Long gone. Just like the Favre awkwardness with Rogers was long gone for a dozen years. They're going to get to that sweet spot and everybody's going to look at them and say, yeah, you were right to use the eighth overall pick on Pennax. Because that's where they're at right now. They're at like this is the best possible situation for them to be in.

You may not buy it, but Terry Fontenot thinks exactly that. This is what he had to say. If you had told me in January that when we're sitting there and the quarterback you wonder who's going to be our quarterback next year, right? And we're getting ready. Okay, now Rahim's in the building and we're sitting down. Okay, what's the first thing that we got to do?

The elephant in the room as Rahim called it. We got to figure out this quarterback situation. If you'd have told me at that time that we're going to have Kirk Cousins for right now and Michael Pennax for the future, I would have told you it was a pipe dream.

I would have told you that if you'd have told me that I would have said sign me up for that. Now the issue with that is we're going to reach out for Terry because I can't keep talking about him without inviting him on this program. And he was great coming on before and we had great conversations. But I'm just wondering if sodium pentothal is injected and we're meeting the parents, okay?

I'm marking the heart monitor on the detector here. That if I had told him that in January or after Morris was hired, who by the way is a terrific coach and we'll get to that in a second. If I had told Terry you do get Cousins and you do get Pennax, he probably would have said, oh, Pennax dropped all the way to us in the second round? No, Terry, you use the eighth overall selection on him. Would he have then said, oh, sign me up?

Don't know about that. Eighth overall picks play fast. That's how it works. And on top of it, it's not the same as Jordan Love and Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers had a dozen years, at least a decade and a half in the system, in the building, in the fan base, in the mind's eye, trophy in the case. Cousins has no such buildup with this fan base. If you don't think a two years ago, frequent Kirk Cousins game crops up, you've got the Saints in town, because I'm choosing the team that the Falcons fans want to beat the most. And he has a couple of interceptions. You don't think the fans are going to be going nuts in Atlanta and screaming for Michael Pennix Jr.?

I have an idea. What if Sunday one o'clock games are for Kirk and then Thursday, Monday, Sunday night are for Pennix? Now you're saying this to point out the absurdity of this, because it is absurd on its face that you would sign somebody for that much money and then use the eighth overall pick to not supplement the obvious tight window for somebody in his mid-30s fresh to town, throwing out first pitches at the Braves game, talking about wanting to stay there the rest of his career, coming off an Achilles injury. You need to supplement him with a draft choice that can win now.

Plug and play, let's go. You're pointing out the absurdity of it, because it is absurd. But why don't you subscribe to the theory that they're pushing, which is like, look, if we're as good as we think we can be and we have the potential to be, we're going to be picking in the late 20s for the next decade, so why not get our guy after Kirk? Kirk is 36, coming off of a major, major injury. All of that, that response, the fact that you need to have a good backup quarterback because he's coming off of injury. Or just because 130 quarterbacks have played in the last two years. Excuse me, all of those things are said as a spin to cover up, to cover up the fact that you don't do what they've just done in the NFL, which is look a guy in the middle of the 30s of his career, at the end of his career, and say leave Justin Jefferson, leave Kevin O'Connell, leave the fan base, leave the schools that you have your kids in, leave the life that you have to come here and then call that guy while they're on the clock to say we're taking a 24-year-old that is really good and can play now.

You don't do that. But this is not the first time this has happened in the history of the NFL. I am explaining to you the way I'm feeling, I understand what you're saying, none of that stuff of we need to get another quarterback for the future, we need to make sure Kirk Cousins isn't going to be the starter this year right away, we need to have a better backup plan, was not not a single whit of it over the last six weeks until they drafted Michael Penix. Now it's like well this is a smart move, which it can be in the long run and I'm happy Chris for you certainly because happy wife, happy life. He's very excited about it. If the Falcons get a trophy in the case for Penix or two or three, happy to come on the air and say mea culpa my bad, you know I never have a problem doing that, I just don't understand this method and Raheem Morris came into Atlanta, rightfully so, Raheem Morris came into Atlanta with the M.O. of great coach, molder of men, the number of people that he has coached in the past to say I will follow this man into the fire. I lost track of every people going to the hall of fame, people playing pro bowls and I trust him and I hear from the Rams organization how great he is and I'm proud of how great he is and honestly he's going to have to need all of that if Cousins does not perform very well. He's going to need all of it and then heaven forbid if Penix isn't ready either and we'll see what happens there but this is what he had to say about what task lies in front of him on that front.

Hit it. I won't ride the emotional roller coaster and I won't let our organization ride the emotional roller coaster. When you make those decisions you can't be off of what everybody else thinks and what they say. Those reactions are going to happen. Some of the most bold decisions in anything we've ever done, not just football, they always happen when it comes with a little bit of refs and we're not going to run away from those things and those refs if we believe in it and we certainly believe in it and we won't waver on that. This doesn't come without certain expectations from everyone else right and and that's what I mean by not riding the emotional roller coaster. We came up with a decision this is what we plan to do and Kirk does not have to look over his shoulder every time he throws a pad pass like that is not the case like so I know I'm gonna have to tell you guys once or twice that that is not the case. Okay we will see and I can't wait to watch it and by the way I am not going to be one of those that just says oh gosh I was wrong I'm going to start coming here every day and carping on the Falcons to make it seem I would love nothing for you anybody who I know who roots for the Falcons to be wrong on it. I just know that in this league you want to win now and you want to win on a rookie contract with your rookie and suddenly now instead of going to get the rookie and planning on getting the rookie and having a veteran quarterback to be there in case the rookie is not ready or to be there to bridge the rookie that is affordable so you can win around the rest of the system you now go and get a guy who you're spending a ton of money on half of his rookie contract might in best case scenario one would think flushed while he stands there watching and now I guess the concept that used to be if you have two quarterbacks you have none we're now in the day and age of if you don't have three quarterbacks you've got none if you have two you have none used to be that way now in the NFL is if you don't have three and if you don't have your rookie while you have your veteran you got none okay we'll see what happens you don't subscribe to that I do not know given all the quarterback issues we've seen the last couple years I do not playing I do not 60 plus players because there are no ways to get these kids coached up anymore but that's why you take a guy who's ready to play like penix and let him sit not everybody gets to play right away dude honestly and the thing is like if I could go back in time and tell you after they sign cousins they're going to draft penix eighth overall you'd be like oh great they have the quarterback of the future no chance no chance it's just nuts it's a lot of ex post facto explanation and just like oh no that kind of makes sense and yet we don't even know if kirk is ready to play week one cousins would never have signed there never they offered the most money he would never have signed there let's take a break daniel jeremy is going to join us next 844-204 each number to dial if you want to call hey folks it's time for the nfl draft which means for me I need a good night's sleep because if I don't have one just not myself you know the deal you know 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for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call or just stop by Daniel Jeremiah has stopped by and from the NFL network and the move the sticks pod DJ i gotta be honest with you i started the show by still talking about panics in atlanta i know that's gonna lead to some eye-rolling i already seen some tweets people saying that i'm yelling the loudest do i i don't yell i don't yell about i don't yell about this sort of thing i i just still uh i'm head scratching over this um but i will place in front of you which is the the the response that peter schrager uh forwarded uh on our draft set and that chris brockman just forwarded again is that the qb purgatory is the worst thing and if you can stay out of it for 10 15 years go for it and i guess they decided to use draft capital after signing somebody for 100 million guaranteed is the best way to do that so here's where and this is i was actually looking at this because we've got our own podcast later today and i was like but all the different layers to this thing you could literally i'm i know you're capable of doing it rich you could do a 30-minute conversation with just yourself and list out all the different angles and and arguments in place here this is where i come down on it to me i i think there's there's a financial component to it that isn't hasn't been discussed at all in terms of how do you how do you maximize the value of your roster one of the reasons we had talked about you know with brock bowers and where he might go in the draft it was hard to justify him going to a team that's already paid their quarterback because once you've paid the quarterback you have to maximize all your other dollars because they eat up such a big chunk of your cap so if we look at where the atlanta falcons are you look at other needs on the roster it's not just you know we needed a pass rusher you know we could have taken a pass rusher there it's what is it going to cost for you to get that position out on the free market and free agency and how much savings are you getting by taking one there in the top 10 so you're getting a good player at a position of need but you're also maximizing your limited resources because you've already paid the quarterback so that's the way to maximize how you build out your roster now one of the arguments i've heard which i don't i'd love to hear brockman's explanation on this because this is how i've heard this explained we uh we're a good team with kirk cousins and we don't think we'll ever be picking up there at the top of the draft again so we're going to take the quarterback now assuming we're never going to be up there but also with the explanation that we don't want to have you know we don't want to have a down year because we want to go from one quarterback to the next and then we don't have that down year and i sit here and go well wait a second if that was what you're saying then kirk cousins plays and plays well and then once kirk and then once kirk cousins play takes a dip then you would be picking up there if you didn't have panics and then you would be able to solve your quarterback situation at that point in time so those two pieces of information don't make any sense to me um i just look at it as you have a team that's ready to win you've got a quarterback that's ready to go out there right now um i also talk about the financial side to me there's also the personal side which is don't compare this to green bay it is apples to oranges there is equity built up with rogers and farv inside their city inside their fan base inside their locker room that the first time something went wrong hey this guy's already won us a lombardi trophy like there's brett farv and aaron rogers aren't going to press kirk cousins has no equity in that stadium no equity with his teammates no no equity in that city the first fourth row he has there the whole everybody in the stadium is going to be clamoring for his backup so what i'm saying is that everything everybody's assuming this is just this smooth great two years of kirk cousins and then we go smoothly on to michael panics i this could be it could end up being a disaster on the other side of it so uh that's where that's where kind of i am on everything so and then in in terms of what they could have done otherwise with eighth overall guys on the board or trading down your choice you could you could go out there and get you know dallas turner who's a you know a big time edge rusher if you like if you were comfortable with latus medicals you know he's the you know it's the most polished pass rusher you had murphy there as well i mean look i i had panics as my 34th player so i like michael panics but i do believe there are michael panics that come along you know on a yearly basis so that that was where i was i had i had lobbied for the raiders to consider him at 13 because i could make the case that michael panics even though he's my 34th player is a is is more valuable and is a better more you know bigger talent than what they have at the position i can't make that argument when you've got kirk cousins on there who when you talk to you know you talk to kevin o'connell said look this guy stays healthy last year he he firmly believes he would have been the mvp of the league uh with with the start he was off to there so i i didn't i didn't see this such now it's not i i like michael panics i think michael panics is a good player i think michael panics you know if he goes to another spot would have been you know ready to jump in there and play i just didn't i didn't fully understand the fit there and i'm imagining that kirk cousins would have felt the same way daniel jeremiah here on the rich isin show so uh your best guess on number of first round quarterbacks that's going to wind up starting a game this fall i know i asked you this on nfl network but i didn't yeah last time you were on here because there were no draft choices selected so what do you have what do you think well i think in terms of starting a game is one question and you know look it's long season so getting out there for a game i think it's fair to say we you know we see five or six of them get out there for a game um i i would imagine if you're going to look at it where it is now i would say if we start at the beginning i think the first two guys are going to start from the jump uh and they get out there and they try and hopefully run out there for 17 games i think drake may i think he does start this year you know maybe he's maybe he doesn't start you know the first four to eight games but i think you'll see him on the back half of the year i don't think michael pennix as long as kurt cousins stays healthy plays i think in my opinion the plan in minnesota i know kevin came on with us and said hey we're going to have competition i believe the plan is that they would like to sit jj mccarthy and get sam darnold through the year um and then bow nicks i think well i think he'll get the bulk of the starts there whether or not that's week one i think you'll see him for the bulk of the time so really pennix and mccarthy would be the two i don't think the you know the plan would be for them you know in a perfect world for them to play where drake may i give him half the year daniel jeremiah here on the rich eisen show okay so night two pick that jumps out at you second third rounder that you think boy that was a great one right there what do you think i was curious to see right there at the top what uh you know what buffalo was going to do you know they traded out of the first round and it was just kind of looking at their needs at receiver and i was kind of fascinated to see which you know style of receiver they would look at trade it off of xavier worthy much was made about that you know give him to the kansas city chiefs but i think they you know i think josh allen is a big part of of of the guys they were looking for in terms of not only getting his opinion but just trying to figure out what would work best with him and they decided hey you know keon coleman that big frame the size they decided to go a little bit size over speed there and i think if you look at some of the you know josh allen early in his career had protected the ball really well in the red zone then you know turnovers the last couple years especially down there in the scoring area got them in some trouble so i think having a big body receiver like that they can box guys out they can kind of play above the rim so to speak also as well as you know big third down target i thought it's fascinating that that's the style of receiver that they went for okay and then teams that you think really filled their need bucket in this draft you know i don't i don't have all 32 draft soup to nuts one through pick seven or what have you uh seventh rounder but which team do you think or teams filled up their needs that they had to have in this draft i love what the steelers did man uh they started last year when they went out and got somalo and free agency then they drafted broadrick jones and then they come back in this draft and you get fatanu from washington to play left tackle um i love to fit there the you know the athleticism the physicality there at left tackle they go out and get zack fraser one of the top centers in the draft who's plug and play who just is you know the wrestling background the toughness just kind of he oozes that he could be a stealer and then they go out and get mccormick from south dakota state who's a who's a real strong powerful guard like they have added a lot of young talented resources to that offensive line and then you also go out and get roman wilson who you know well rich who i thought was like a jayden reid type player and we saw how quickly jayden reid transitioned with the green bay packers and they got him up and running the success he had so i feel like the steelers you know i wouldn't say that they lost their way a few years ago but they went from being you know one of the two or three most physical teams in the league you know year after year after year to kind of you know it just was a it didn't really have an identity offensively and some of that you know was was blowback on matt canada but i also don't think they kind of knew who they were and i think right now they have established they are an offensive line with two tight ends two big physical tight ends they've got two backs dionte johnson's gone they are going to be kind of a ground and pound team and they also add into the mix now with the two quarterbacks that they have even though russ is a little bit older he can take some of those free yards and we know what justin fields can do with his legs so i feel like the steelers kind of got back to who they are in this draft interesting what did you make of the chargers first draft with with harbaugh and how it's remaking the team that you've seen right there in front of you from the radio booth last few years well i do feel somewhat vindicated because throughout the whole process if so they're going to take an offensive lineman at five and there was so much pushback saying there's no way you have keenan leaves mike williams leaves they have to go wide receiver and i'm like there's two things in play here there's the depth of this receiver class which they can tap into outside the first round and then this is a flag in the ground draft you know for jim harbaugh to establish what they're all about you know i mean he wasn't secretive about it rich in an era where you get non-answers at you know owners meetings in the combine i mean he all he's done is extoll the the virtues and the value of the offensive line from the moment he got hired in that press conference throughout every media availability that he's had so you know i i didn't think it was should have been too much of a shock but everybody was still expecting to go receiver and they go out and get the best offensive lineman in the draft in my opinion and joe alt and then mcconkey's there for him in the second round uh who i loved who's uh you know really a complete wide receiver i think justin perbert's gonna love working with him and then they go out and i mean i feel like almost every team we talk about i can tell you the michigan guy that they got uh but junior coleson is someone who not only is one of the better linebackers in the draft he's i gotta believe he's the only linebacker in the draft that's gonna you know be playing in the exact same defense he played in in college so um with the same defensive coordinator the same head coach so he's set up to to get on the field right away uh and make an impact there so it was uh it was just a to use a uh a hardball frame it was like kind of a meat and potatoes maybe a little steak and milk it was uh you know just exactly what the doctor ordered yeah the question is is is alt's gonna play right tackle but that's yeah that's not what made him the fifth overall pick in the draft right yeah but he also so he's young he's like 21 years old right he was a tight end until two years ago so within two years he went from never having played left tackle to being the fifth pick in the draft and the transition from left tackle to right tackle is a lot less than the transition from tight end to left tackle so the belief is this will not be that complicated um you know his dad haven't played in the league for a million years um he's grown up around it he'll he'll be able to put that together he'll be able to figure it out i think they're uh they're pretty confident about that i do know that they you know that all on his side of it wanted to know like right after he was drafted hey what's the plan because i want to start repping you know whatever i'm going to be doing i want to start working on that right now uh so i thought that was uh that was fascinating one one other thing rich i wanted to hit you on one of it you remember the conversation we had on uh you know the the struggle to develop young quarterbacks yes sir we had a great a great conversation there and i said you know i think virtual reality is is uh i think that you're going to use technology to try and make up for the lack of time these guys are getting on the field and jayden daniels you know he went through that at lsu and really used that virtual reality system and he credits it a lot with his his growth and development over the last year there are quarterbacks in the nfl i was made aware of today that are going to be making their way down to baton rouge uh to get their hands on this technology to be able to do the exact same thing uh that we were discussing in terms of being able to get reps even when you're not on the field and that's the point you know of trying to figure out how to get these young kids that are needing reps decision-making reps actual real deal breaking a sweat how do you get them up to speed i mean with pennock's going to be sitting there how can he stay sharp or and get the the pro ready needing to get adjusted to the speed of the game type readiness of all these guys all these guys that get pushed up the draft or get pushed up into starting positions in the nfl how do you do it and just real quick tell that story you told about you you heard an actual bona fide backup quarterback in the nfl what he has to do because he knew he wasn't getting the opportunities that he needed to stay sharp tell go ahead yeah yeah they would they he would go through the day with his team uh get through practice where he would be you know doing some scout team stuff but you know it's a different offense every week he's not getting a chance to learn and grow and throw the routes and look at the combinations of routes he would be running in this particular offense just wasn't getting any work or any reps and quite honestly not even getting the number of throws that he would need so uh practice would end he would finish up his day at the facility and then he had it set up at a junior college you know across town with his you know with a private quarterback coach with a collection of receivers which i'd assume are junior college kids or high school kids whoever he could get out there and they would basically kind of go through he would have the game plan for the week for the you know for the real offense for the number one offense and he would kind of just run through it on air you know there's no defense out there but get a chance to run through things on air just to get his throws in to get his work in to have them looking at his mechanics to make sure he's staying sharp in that regard but he's he had to basically outsource his development i i just it just gob smacks me in the nfl where there's revenue coming out of every stream possible that um that an actual bonafide backup quarterback in the nfl feels the need to have to take it into his own hands and create his own mini camp after work it's just nuts you know but daniel jeremiah here on the rich isin show i've got howie rosman coming up in about 40 minutes what'd you think of his draft i loved it um you know i i've it's funny because a lot of times you know people talk about draft grades and how you view different classes it's it's just interesting a lot of people that i've had ties to in terms of who i've worked with i'm sure that there's things that have rubbed off on me over the years in terms of style of player that i like and what i believe in because i feel like a lot of times it's those guys that when i look back oh man they nailed it every year they nailed it because i look there's certain people you see players the same as um so you know i've worked there and i've known howie for a long time and i think we have some core beliefs that we share there but when you're having a problem when you have a problem on your team um i believe that you you know full resources and do whatever you have to do solve the biggest problem don't solve a little bit of this problem a little bit of that problem identify what your biggest weakness is and attack it with ferocity and that was their secondary and they went out and they got you know two of the top four corners in the draft so uh i thought it was i thought it was outstanding yeah and you see the rest of their draft and going ahead and getting jeremiah trotter's kid by the way 54 is available for him to wear love that i mean i love that you know will shipley is going to be a nice compliment to saquon barkley how about the look how about that backfield right i mean that that's and they you know they they already have boston scott to kill the giants so um you know there's that um what did you make of the cowboys draft daniel yeah i was a little surprised when they ended up trading back i thought they would take graham barton um and kind of just solve that position right then and there as someone who'd come in and play center but i look i like guyton too uh as a tackle who's you know got an unbelievable you know size and athleticism and tools to work with there so they went out and added him to the mix i know we were kicking around the idea of what they were doing at running back they you know they brought zeke back usually i'm a uh i'm pretty strong in my belief that i want fresh young legs at the running back position and they have some some solid backs already on the roster they go out and get zeke i just i thought there were upgrades all throughout the draft even into the last round i thought there was uh there was a back there that i really liked that of out of memphis so they ended up deciding to stick with what they have on hand and that's part of the look that's part of the challenge uh is you got to not only evaluate the draft class every year but you have to be able to evaluate that draft class compared to what you have on your roster and so you know hey that's what they did they they looked at their group and felt like it there was a cut off and to a point where hey we like the guys that we have already on the roster better than what's available so we'll see we'll see how that all works out all right last one for you daniel um and not to turn you into an information man but you you get so many people hitting you up and telling you this and telling you that and i don't know what you're willing to share what what are you hearing coming out of the draft about uh why there were no trades at the top you know why were there's why was there only that one for the jets and the vikings to move up to 10 what did you hear that you might be willing to share about how many were trying and why it didn't happen anything like that daniel well i know i know there was a lot of action at three so uh drake may was a big target with minnesota and the giants and i know there something had been said about uh elliot wolf saying he didn't get the offer that they thought was worth it well there was no offer that was worth it because from what i was told they were monumental packages put together to go up there for the third pick so that that turned out that that pick just simply wasn't for sale um so that wasn't a lack of commitment from those teams they were very very very very strong offers put forth there um and and uh so you get the top three picks once those didn't change i felt like with minnesota the belief in in in the two quarterbacks that were going to be remaining there and i'll put bow nicks off to the side but i think between jj mccarthy and panics that the minnesota vikings were comfortable with either one and so they were just going to ride that out and then once you saw panics go off the board then they just paid the you know i guess it's like when you're uh i've never done this stretch but when you play blackjack you know insurance insurance that's right they decided just take the insurance and get up one spot to make sure that they got him but that was the uh you know that was the game right there you will you use the word very three times so you're talking i would imagine multiple ones for for to move up to three like what what what are you willing to share about what you heard on no i yeah i i uh i mean i won't go too far into it but yeah this was not a uh this wasn't a collection of day two picks let's put it that way it was very very strong and the Patriots just said no we got our guy and that's it because it because they handed in that pick right away like we were barely done talking about drake may once around the table and it's all of a sudden pick is in like the the patrons didn't stick and stay too deep into their clock on thursday night no i mean i guess they just kind of wanted to see in some ways it can be affirming you know when you have a guy that you feel like you want to pick and you you still have the open for business sign out on the front door when you see the offers for that pick that come in in some ways it's for that pick that come in in some ways it can kind of embolden your belief in the player that hey we're not the only ones that think this guy's pretty good right apparently there's some other people that uh they feel the same way you're the best dj loved it love hanging with you great to see your son who was there as well great to hang out it's just you're so awesome at it you really are you know your stuff and you do it in such a way with such a style and such a grace and such a sense of humor um that it's it's it's perfect it strikes the best tone and i can't thank you i'm i'm i'm over the moon when i get to work with you so thanks again daniel well i feel the exact same way about you as you know and uh i feel like every year it just gets it gets better it's more fun we've got such great chemistry with that group up there and we've got a great quarterback so appreciate you buddy right back at you dj that's uh move the sticks check out his podcast with bucky brooks right as soon as you are done uh with this show and check out 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it'll be great so keep that in mind when the phoenix sons got bradley beale to add to booker and durant and switched everything up sent monnie williams on his way and figured out we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna go with these this three this trio they did not see anthony edwards coming i mean who has well the tea wolves did it i'll tell you i think he was gonna be this good he's by the way what we are seeing from anthony edwards as he throws one down to essentially wrap up a four game sweep on the sons we're showing that dunk to put him up five late in the game on bradley beale who had a dreadful first year with the sons and has a ton of money still left in his contract but we'll talk about the sun's next steps with chrismatic shortly i gotta be honest with you man and you know i i i know there's a lot of comparisons right now that you're hearing you're hearing the name that's being thrown out oh yeah it's michael jordan and and and i i that's that's that's a steep hill to climb and one that i'm not climbing he looks just like him but i i i know he does but what's the one thing here there's the the ring i just can't get there but this exchange from last night's postgame press conference where he's sitting next to carl anthony towns whose team it was when he showed up first overall right like it the timberwolves will go only as carl anthony towns goes and carl anthony towns is needs to get to a certain spot in order to lead the timberwolves to a championship now i think he's just you know a very crucial piece it's anthony edward's show man but and and this what you're about to see and hear on the radio this is michael jordan this right here hit it let me just say tonight he wasn't in foul trouble like the first three games just kept filing tonight i told him what did i tell you last game he said yo we find a way not to file him i said i'm gonna try like every if you watch the game every time in the third quarter when we would grow elite it's because he's in the game because they don't have a matchup for him i'm like cat we're not gonna win game four if you foul i told him yesterday we're not gonna win game four if you keep filing you keep filing and do you see what he did in the third quarter you see what he did in the fourth quarter like he's like he he's like i always tell you he's the best offensive player on the team like if he's not in foul trouble it's a problem for any team that got a guard is because he can stretch the floor he can post he can play off the catch he can pass i mean he can do everything so we just got to keep him from getting getting foul trouble and he's going to be great every night probably because i was trying to play more defense i mean just stop okay five because i'm playing better deeper no just quit f and fowling to his face and by the way like that was amazing does that sound like the kid who likes talking about what he's calling his dog like all the all the you know cutesy funny stuff when he first came in the league and dude is a killer oh my goodness is he ever he looks carl into towns right in the face after carl empty towns is just like plus i'm playing better defense just quit f and fowling man and then for the radio audience he then just turned straight to the media like what's the next question this is his world we're paying rent in right now and whoever's coming next for the timberwolves better look out and i hope chris finch can can get on a scooter or something because apparently he tore his patella tendon in that collision with mike conley so i'm i'm hoping this is not going to affect a single thing because we are watching an ascension 22 years old 40 points in a closeout game in phoenix to say nice uh super team you have there yeah you don't even you don't win a playoff game and we win our first playoff series in two decades wow that was something else and on top of it you know he was like throwing down dunks on durant right and then telling him about it and telling him about it and like hey you were my favorite player growing up so how does durant feel about this durant was asked after the game about how anthony edwards is looking forward to by by the way playing on team usa with him in the olympics hit it ant was saying that he's looking forward to playing with you at the olympics what have you thought about his growth in the leap and his performance in the series so impressed with ant so impressed with ant um my favorite player to watch just grown so much since he came into the league at 22 just his love for the game just shines bright and that's something that's probably that's one of the reasons why i like him the most because he just loves basketball he's grateful to be in this position he's taking advantage of every opportunity he's gotten um love everything about ant everything and um be watching them going forward and um you know you know he's gonna go out there and play extremely hard every single night but was really impressed with him um and it's gonna be somebody i'm following for the rest of his career man i brave is he getting the nuggets next well i thought you meant is durant going to the nuggets because that's what he does you lose no let's be positive here this this kid i'm i'm telling you one two years old man look out and durant like he you know and he might be you know getting in durant's face dunking on him and whatever and durants like love him my favorite player to watch says kevin durant after he gets swept by him he's got respect for him whoa the batons are getting past this season darn skippy chris manning's coming up mike corruthers shares little pieces of intel and interviews you can use to improve your life on the something you should know podcast the next time you're looking for a job and have to write a cover letter here's some advice from skip freeman author of a book called headhunters hiring secrets add a ps to the bottom of that cover letter that can actually increase the chances of that letter being read by up to 75 some people actually glance down and read the ps first something you should know search on youtube or wherever you listen
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