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REShow: Juancho Hernangómez - Hour 3 (6-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 3, 2022 4:15 pm

REShow: Juancho Hernangómez - Hour 3 (6-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 3, 2022 4:15 pm

In his ‘What’s More Likely’ segment Rich says if Tua will ball out in 2022 or if Tom Brady will be the Miami Dolphins’ QB in 2023, if the Saints or Browns will have more wins next season, which two QB’s from ‘The Match’ are likely to face off in the Super Bowl, if the Cowboys or Eagles will have the more potent offense next season and if Ja’Marr Chase can replicate his stellar rookie season for the Bengals.

Utah Jazz forward Juancho Hernangomez joins Rich in-studio where he reveals how he was able to land the starring role in the new Adam Sandler basketball movie ‘Hustle,’ why Sandler has the skills to be an NBA player if he were 9 inches taller, how his former team the Celtics were able to turn their season around to reach the NBA Finals, say why he hopes Jazz HC Quinn Snyder returns next season, and reveals if his flopping skills match up with his acting chops.

In the wake of the Tommy Pham-Joc Pederson slap, TJ reveals his all-time top 5 sports beefs including Mike Tyson vs Mitch “Blood” Green, Billy Martin vs everybody and more.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Celtics score 40 points in the fourth quarter Boston 120 Golden State 108.

There's nothing to panic about. This isn't over by a long shot. The Rich Eisen Show earlier on the show. Basketball Hall of Famer Gary Payton host of NBC's American Ninja Warrior Akbar Bajabiamila. Coming up Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Singletary. Plus jazz forward Wancho Hernan Gomez. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Ah yes ah yes our number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air taking you to the first weekend of June 2022. Wancho Hernan Gomez the Utah jazz basketball player. Currently starring in the film Hustle in theaters near you this weekend. The Adam Sandler headlined LeBron James Maverick Carter co-produced film about a basketball player trying to make it in Spain with a down on his luck scout played by Adam Sandler.

That's going to be on Netflix for your streaming viewing next week. Wancho is going to join us in studio and he was on the Celtics at the outset of this year that did not start very well and looks to be now just three wins away from finishing in spectacular fashion. Banner 18. In dreamlike fashion.

Say that again. Banner 18. Banner 18 for the Boston Celtics. Wancho is here he will be in studio shortly. If you missed Mike Singletary, if you missed Gary Payton talking about last night and his son still not suiting up he's suiting up but not playing yet. And we also brought up the last dance moment with Jordan and Gary Payton brought that up to Gary Payton. If you missed any of that slash Rich Eisen Show. Also Akbar Bajab being a lot of fun with him on this program last hour talking about American Ninja Warrior and then the slap heard round for the fantasy world. He's a die-hard fantasy guy.

Well you missed it slash Rich Eisen Show. It's the weekend coming up which means it's time for our Friday fun. What's more likely? Christopher Brockman you have the stage based on a lot of stuff that went down this week. Go for it. What's more likely?

Never say never but never. Ah what do you have over there Chris? Hey guys how's it going? Chris how are you doing G?

All right doing all right. You don't want to say like what's more likely? Am I doing am I doing well or not? Is that is that the first what's more likely? How am I doing?

What's more likely? You're you're well or you're not well? All right guys uh let's talk some more. What a way to start. Well I was just asking how you're doing.

I'm doing fine thanks for asking. Let's let's wildly speculate in the world of the NFL. We talked yesterday about Tua. It seems like you're in. You're in on Tua for this year. I'm in on salty Tua. I'm in on salty Tua. Are you in on successful Tua? Um I don't know about you but that looked like money. I'm kind of on the fence.

What do you have over there? What's more likely? So Tua has about 33 career touchdowns rushing and throwing in his two seasons. So what's more likely? Tua combines for 30 touchdowns and starts screaming at him. Or he struggles and Tom Brady is a Dolphins quarterback in 2023.

That's the one that's more likely. That Tua struggles and Brady is the quarterback. You didn't think I was going to say that? I don't think I don't think Tua is going to combine for 30 touchdowns. That's a lot of touchdowns and I know this offense can turn into a lot of touchdowns but that way he would have to go from as you said 33 in his entire first two seasons where he hasn't played a full season whether it's due to injury or the fact he wasn't ready when he was removed for the recently retired soon to be Amazon star. Ryan Fitzpatrick. That's a tall order.

That's a tall tall order. So I will piss off the Tuanon people and I am here for salty Tua and I want Tua to succeed but that he's not the quarterback next year and it's Brady more likely than Tua combining for 30 touchdowns this year. I did you thought I would go I would I'd be all Tuanon didn't you? Yeah I'm still not I haven't talked myself into Tua yet. That wasn't one of my top five things that I've talked myself into. You should check that out on our YouTube stream.

I can't wait for part two of that in like six weeks. All right what's more like you guys see what Jarvis Landry said earlier today guys? He said that he's having a great time dominating down at Saints.

Happy. One of the reasons why he picked there other than it being his hometown he thinks Jamis Winston is a leader and can lead this team. So what's more likely more wins in 2022 Jarvis Landry's new team or his old one the Browns? I'll go with Jarvis Landry's new team the Saints. Michael Thomas coming back.

I do like Jamis. I think the Saints as you remember last year a playoff team I still need to see what the Browns are gonna look like and I have no idea what Deshaun Watson is going to look like or what this team is going to look like or if we're going to see Deshaun Watson at all. Every single day anything comes out more about these civil lawsuits about Deshaun Watson it looks worse sounds worse appears to be worse and the idea that they vetted everything and were fine with whatever they learned and gave him 230 million dollars in guaranteed money just becomes that much more mystifying.

His lawyer Rusty Harden today talked on local radio in Houston about how many people out there in the audience haven't had a happy ending and that's not illegal if you've had a happy ending to your massage and making people uncomfortable is not illegal in massage rooms. It's just like hey brother it might not have been illegal but what it is is absolutely suspendable behavior in the National Football League and questions all of the motives and thoughts of a team that decides to give them every dollar guaranteed. I have no idea what the Browns are going to look like this year. I have a better sense of what the Saints are going to look like this year with Winston coming back from a knee injury and um yeah so there's that. You're going Saints. I'm going Saints on the answer there.

More likely the Saints have more wins this year than the Browns do. Yeah. I like it.

I like it. Okay guys we watched the match this week. We loved it. We loved the match.

Yes we did. Four big quarterbacks. Four big teams with Super Bowl aspirations.

So I'm throwing this out there for you guys. What's the more likely championship game not Super Bowl championship game conference championship game match up? Bucks, Packers. That's Brady Rogers were teammates. From two years ago. Or Bills, Chiefs. From last year. Allen and Mahomes were the teammates this year. Right so last year was Bills and the Chiefs. Oh that was that was two years ago from the both of those were the conference championship games two years ago.

I'm sorry I got confused. I know that the Bills and Chiefs played each other last year. Um in the playoffs divisional round.

More likely coming up this year. Which is a more likely match up conference championship game. Bucks, Packers, Bills, Chiefs.

Based on the match. Uh I'll go I'll go Bucks, Packers because it's a clear path to the conference championship game path in the NFC don't you think? There are tough teams in the NFC that could derail it but there are more AFC teams that could get one of those Bills or Chiefs teams in the first couple rounds. I think you're right especially if you think Raiders win that division. Right that means the Chiefs have to start on the road. On the road. Less of a less of an arrowhead situation.

And more of an opportunity for maybe Bills and Chiefs playing each other in a round earlier than conference championship. How does that sound? So I'll take the 212s. The OGs. The winners of the match. Old heads.

Yeah I'll do that. That's more likely. Hey do you know who led the NFL on offense last year TJ? Um the Dallas Cowboys. You know who led the NFL in scoring and touchdowns last year TJ? The Dallas Cowboys. And we can all agree Cowboys didn't get better this offseason right?

That is one of the things I talked myself into over the last several weeks yes. Which team in that division do we think did get better? Philadelphia. What's more likely, who's more likely to have the better offense this year? Cowboys or Eagles?

Oh oh baby. TJ the AJ Brown's there right? I guess. Okay um who had the who had one of the best running attacks last year? The Cowboys. Okay no I mean we're talking overall offense. Uh I think the Eagles had the didn't they have the number one rushing offense last year?

Something that Google got to be in there. Who does Micah Parsons play for? Oh okay. No we're talking about offense. It doesn't matter. Does Micah part Micah said he wants to play offense. Let me say Micah can play tight end, quarterback, running back, left tackle, or punter. It doesn't matter. Okay I know. I'll take the Eagles.

Of course. More likely to have a better offense. Dude Amari Cooper's not walking through that door. He's not walking through that door. He might already be there. A healthy week one Michael Gallup's not walking through that door.

I mean he don't know who we got. Eagles number one rush offense, number one rushing touchdown. Yeah brother. That team returns. That team's got AJ Brown.

That team's got Jalen Hurts. Yeah man. I'll take it. All right last one because I saw I saw this quote. Okay all right we'll get one more. Very good.

Thanks George. Uh Jamar Chase said you see this quote from Jamar Chase? No. He said last year he was just running around. He didn't even know what he was doing. This year now he's focused on the little things. Is that the direct quote? Is that a direct quote? I'm paraphrasing.

Okay. And this year though guys he's got the little things down. Oh my god. Who catches more touchdowns this year? Jamar Chase or any wide receiver from the 2022 draft? Oh Jamar Chase.

I didn't stutter. I'm in on the Bengals guys. Oh that should have been one of the things I've talked myself into also. But you're not fully there yet. Oh I'm there. I'm there.

I was there from the beginning. Dude. All right we missed one. Does Vegas still have the Browns whose quarterback may or may not be starting week one? Whose whose lawyer went on local radio today and basically asked the listening audience?

Who among us in the listening audience has never had a happy ending at the end of a massage? Am I right guys? Am I right.

That was literally his lawyer said that on the radio today. Does Vegas still have that team with better Super Bowl odds than the team that just went to the Super Bowl in the AFC? Nah it actually flipped now. Of course it did because there's some reasonable reasonable odds making.

Well let me check this. Come on man. As of last week the Browns still had a better shot at the odds makers.

Last week the Browns. Well I mean I think there's some coffee being smelled finally. Yeah. Jamar Chase is now saying he's gonna have a more of an idea of what to do. Is that what you're basically saying? He's saying he's now he's now got the little things down. Whereas last year he was just all those all those big plays he was making was just him pirouetting and running away from people.

Now he's just gonna route run his way to the open space and then he'll run away from people right? Yeah. Okay. Pretty much.

Yeah. Jamar Chase. I mean if I had to choose which player might have the most touchdowns out of the rookie receiving class this year.

I mean I need more time on that. My first thought my first thought would be would it would it be Drake London in Atlanta? I don't know if the quarterback is going to be the proper um trigger man for it. I might go Alave.

I mean you could go Alave in in in New Orleans. Sky Moore in Kansas City. Christian Watson.

What in in Green Bay? Gonna get a lot of chances. Could it be the Wilson connection? Zach DeGao. Wilson the Wilson.

I'll put a pin in that one but for the moment Jamar Chase above them all. Who has the right and the authority and the capability of making public health decisions. Took a lot of time away from you. So let's do let's do the grab bag on the way out the door.

Is operating on the principal. Let's do the grab bag on the way out the door. I know you can't. I mean like I mean we're now in the nether region.

I just went down the of our of our radio clock here. So it's more of a matter of principle. I know that you know. I know that I know that too.

Than it is about whether or not there's going to be a mandate on a plane. I know that you know that. All right let's take a break um let's let's take a break now and let's get our in-studio guest out here.

How about that? I'm pumped to talk to him. Okay because I mean they how do they how do you find which NBA player is the best actor? I mean I guess if you're gonna go let's get one from Spain that that narrows the choices right? Yeah that definitely narrows the choices.

You had to get someone from overseas. Right that kind of fit with the. Luca was too busy having a beer with Boban but Boban is in the film. Boban's in everything right?

Boban is a new leading man. Okay Juancho Hernan Gomez of the Utah Jazz and the film Hustle. When we come back right here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Back here Juancho Hernan Gomez here uh on the Rich Eisen Show from the Utah Jazz and now the film Hustle. We just saw a clip of you uh Juancho with Adam Sandler in the scene uh where he as the scout is trying to get you in shape for the NBA scouting combine to impress and um so you're when you said you you and your sister are sitting in the home during the pandemic to do the castings it was you so you were aware there was a film being made yeah that required a basketball player to act? Yeah they asked me about the December and I told them no until. Netflix or the film did?

Yeah reached out to you in December of 2019. To my agent yeah right my basketball agent right and I was telling them no I'm not interested in a movie I mean I'm an actor I mean I'm happy enough with my basketball career right I'm falling in love with basketball and focus on basketball and I don't want to be part of the movie. So you're bored at home with your sister during my brother and your brother during the pandemic and they're like okay we got nothing better to do why don't you try try out for this movie that's right and how did you try out for the movie during the pandemic? So we didn't know how to do a casting so we just put the phone on the on the kitchen and just try to play like a movie and we were like hey yo I'm Bo Cruz whatever and I don't know I don't know. You didn't have the actual script? We got the script but we don't know we gotta follow we gotta improv we don't know and and you you can ask Adam I don't know what they see on me for real like it was so bad I got the videos on my phone I saw you later it was really bad. So you just have no I guess frame of reference on how to do it on what to do I never did you ever do a school play ever never no never once okay what about what about a game night do you ever do like a pantomime or you ever do any acting in any way shape or form? Yeah we play like like a movie charades no I mean I mean when we play with the friends I have a lot of imagination so when I was a kid yeah I get a like a sword and I fight you know and I get killed and I get down on the floor but I never I never act I never do a casting. So you send this video in and you think what you got I think okay I did it so keep moving and then what when's your phone ring what what happened so they they told me they like it so I don't know why they told me they like it they I want to do another zoom call with the with the director of the casting and we start from there and then I got a next zoom call with the director of the movie and then the next zoom with Adam and with Adam Sandler yes and then that's when I was like wow this is gonna be pretty serious like these are real I thought it was like I'm gonna do like a cameo like a small part of a movie or they want me to I don't know shoot the ball but I never I never expect to be a main character like the movie's about you like this is well obviously about Adam Sandler's character as well in relation together no but I mean so clearly um this is a main role like you're you're a main actor you're you're not a best supporting or you're not supporting anything I mean you're but so um so did you know did have you seen Sandler's movies did you know yeah I seen for sure I mean Spain he's big um but which one which which move is Sandler got his favorite silent movies water boy okay happy Gilmore all of them I mean he's so funny from uh to Spain too like everybody loves him so much in all the world of course but I when I meet him I wasn't nervous like I was more nervous the other day when we do the premiere taking a picture with LeBron James and you know and I'm I'm to be honest I'm more proud to have that picture that than to do a movie for real like that's that's how it is because I dream about being a basketball player I've never dreamed to be an actor right well now you're that that other dream you didn't know that could be possible you now have I've got Wancho Ernie Gomez here on the Rich Eisen show so um was LeBron on the set did you meet him on the set or anything no I didn't meet him on the set uh we we shoot the movie in we shoot the movie in two years yes so from the first year to the second years we play a game uh we play against the Lakers and after the game LeBron came to me I mean we were on the locker room and he's coming I was like oh LeBron is coming where I wanna hide and he coming to me and say hey thank you for doing the movie you're looking great and I was like oh he knows this is this is amazing I mean I I've been around this sports world for a long time Wancho um and and and you know the last eight years we've been doing this show and we have you know a lot of movie stars and actors and actresses on we've been covering the entertainment industry I've never heard an NBA player go up to another NBA player say hey man I've seen the dailies and you look amazing in my movie let alone it's LeBron James as well um so again I I know you're a professional basketball player and then when you step on the court against the Lakers said you know you gotta beat this guy but there is a certain star struck aspect when it comes to LeBron for you Wancho? I mean it's probably an extra motivation playing against him I mean he's the best of what he does for the last 20 years uh he's an icon for for whatever he do off the court you know he make schools he made he fight for the right for the right actions every time so he's a legend and when I play against him he's like I'm gonna show you I can play too right so coming from Spain uh you know I'm a kid from Spain playing against the king that's that's how it is okay Wancho, Ernie Gomez here on the Rich Eisen show and so now that you have seen Hustle yeah what do you think uh I mean I like it I like it I mean screw the movie your performance no I mean I don't know I don't know I mean you say screw the movie in front of the Netflix people my apologies no I'm saying I'm saying I'm saying like um I like the movie but I um the movie the two hours of the movie don't show how hard we work for the movie we work so so hard for two years everybody uh work really really hard not just the actors like of the cameras the camera members the makeup the directors the audio whatever they work so hard the first year with the pandemic and I don't know how we make a movie through the pandemic so it's a shootout for all of them well we just showed a photograph uh Mike Hoskins I'm talking to our producer right now if you don't want I'm putting it back up on the screen it's filled with cameos and and whenever there's a movie that I'm helping promote through through uh somebody here to promote it I'm I'm a little hesitant sometimes to talk about all the surprises that people can have but right here on the screen is a photograph of Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves uh in the film in his draft combine shirt and the look that he's giving you um I part of part of me thinks is uh how'd you get this role and not me that's what I'm looking at right there is what Anthony Edwards because he's he strikes me as he's got he has some acting ability in his future as well um so it was funny because I shoot half of the movie before I he came to Minnesota and I played one year with Anthony yes and when I meet him he was the number one pig when I meet him I told Adam I told Jeremiah director hey I think we got the Kermit I think he's gonna be like he he was the same as Kermit as the real life he love to talk he he act cocky but he's a nice guy uh he thinks he's the best in every sport and I I told him on the locker room like hey Anthony I'm doing a movie and you can be a really big part and he was from the first day like he saw interest and then he do the castings he worked with the acting coach we got the same acting coach as Noel Gentile and thanks for her we did the movie and he was so nice and so good you know his performance and the reason is we got so much chemistry after one we play one year together like we can say whatever we can fight and then when they say cut we just hug each other we were laughing we were playing one-on-ones and we that's the love we got yeah although it's not all just like Anthony Edwards because Kermit doesn't have a dog in the movie named Kermit Jr. right like that's that that's that may be my favorite Anthony Edwards fact do you know do you know that about Anthony which one that he has a dog yeah Anthony Edwards three or four dogs yeah he's named his dog you know he loves the Twitter account for his dog that is that I know yeah no Anthony Ant is hilarious I mean he's a great guy yeah and he loves his dogs for sure more than his newborn kids he's probably coming he's probably bet near my best dad ever son he's probably coming for that he take care of his dog better than he take care of me I'm sure Pancho Hernan-Gomez here on the Rich Eisen Show so when did you first know you wanted to play basketball when did that first happen for you when I was born really yeah I mean my both of my parents played basketball they were so so good my mom played Olympic games right my dad was really good but but he got two three but injured so he got a retire soon my brothers play NBA but the funny thing is we they never pushed us to play basketball we start playing soccer as a every kid in Spain we want to be soccer players but we start growing so much so who's your who's your favorite soccer player then growing up I take Cristiano Ronaldo yeah okay well that's a good one to have because we have like that we have the fake World Cup trophy on our set right here on the Rich Eisen Show and did you did you think for a split second that that was real when you came out here yeah did you really it sounds a lot okay I was like how did you guys steal the World Cup okay yeah no yeah it's it's just it's kind of fake but it does look it does look real it does look very real more real than I thought it was is it heavy is it sound wow pretty good is it the real thing we don't know it's a real one I don't know don't say that we gotta get the police in five minutes but you're too tall to play soccer right I mean yeah correct yeah but when I was 10 I was okay when did the growth spurt yeah so I mean I I have like a late grow I I finished growing with uh 18 19 so I changed with 14 to 16 I grew in like 10 inches or something like crazy wow man so which Gasol brother did you beat out for this part let's be honest let's get into it did you ask that did you ask that of uh of Sandler like uh who are the other people they looked at do they know who else who else they looked at for this I don't know you don't care either you got the role I just love that story you're like goofing around with your brother and your sister and a camera and you sent it in you're like okay at least that's done and then your phone rings and now you're in a movie with Netflix and a red how was the red carpet for you the other night how was that it was actually blue it disappointed me that's right okay the blue carpet yeah but they always say hey let's go to red carpet and say what's blue but uh I mean we look good uh I mess around how Adam's dressed like that uh he just he I love him I love him I want to be like Adam when I get older he just don't care I mean he's the best human being he don't care about nothing he just cares about the family and let me tell you a story about Adam Sandler yeah tell me so uh I before I did this show and with NFL network damn here wow 20 years ago I was on ESPN long time ago when you're just dreaming of being a soccer superstar in Spain and I had hair and you weren't tall enough yet but any rate um I was um in Yankee Stadium with him and you know he's he's from the the New England area but he's a Yankee fan and so he um he was there with his manager who you probably met a million times over Sandy Wernick did you meet him he's he's everywhere with him but any rate so um we're walking around and the number of people that stopped Adam Sandler for an autograph yeah a photograph can you call my brother can you call my mom can you call my dad can you call my sister can you leave a message can you do my outgoing message we were stopped like honestly why don't you we were stopped every 10 feet he said yes I believe that to every last yes person person not like I gotta go or or you know I I wish I could but I don't do those sorts of things I'm saying every last person no he's the same right now he's the same right now we got a shooting a night I think one of the first two nights I shooting ever so I I kind of knew I kind of learned everything so we were shooting until five or six a.m it was 500 people on the street at five a.m in America it's not like Spain like we're going out until six a.m it was in America five a.m cold night in Philly it was 500 people and we were so tired after like 12 hour shooting like Adam went to say hi and thank you to each one amazing and I was like how you do that no bad face no he was to the kids he was nice to everybody every single day well every kid that meets him feels like they know him already because they've seen all those movies where he is a child pretty much in all of these movies right and you know my kids are 11 13 11 and 8 we showed him Happy Gilmore the other day they like it they've seen it three times yeah they can't get enough of it you know it's tough now to see them actually play golf and now wind up and try and hit the ball like no that's technically not how you're supposed to do it but you know unreal that that is so cool and his game too right he's does he have handle what do you think he's got basketball he's a great player he's a great player you use the word great he he I told yesterday in an interview he wear like six seven and 200 pounds he will be an NBA player he got the talent he see a lot of basketball he love basketball he like more basketball than acting for sure like he watch all my games he takes me after the games even if I play bad he was like oh Juancho what a rebound you got I got all four six shots one rebound he was like but what a rebound you got you and I was like oh Adam thank you so much he cheered for me and I don't know he's he's he's the best he's good people Juancho and Gomez here on the Rich Eisen Show before I send you off and to your weekend your Friday and your weekend opening weekend big opening weekend for you knock on whatever this is for Hustle in theaters near you again streaming on Netflix starting Wednesday June 8th I'd love to get some insight from you you have some unique insight you played with the Celtics at the outset of this season yeah that they are now three wins away from the NBA Championship I mean the ultimate prize here what was going on when you were there that clearly they rectified it seems like any insight on what was happening while you were there with the Celtics early on this season Juancho? I mean it was we have a rough start we got a couple losses close losses a new coach knew everything everybody tried to find out the roles and I mean I was so happy there I was so happy with the city with the team with the fans I see the talent they got you can see after they trade a couple people how good they were how good they are right now they are in the finals three wins for the title I mean they deserve it they work so hard we just have a bad beginning of the season we didn't find our game and but I'm happy they I'm happy they change things and they deserve to win the championship you know I'm really cool with everybody Al Gore for his playing amazing he's a great leader JT and Jalen Brown they are the two best players and and smart put the heart and every every every part fits and I'm happy for them I'm truly happy for them and I hope they get the championship no and I've been following what you've been saying over the last couple days Juancho and I gave you an opportunity to say it's and I'm just going to come straight at you you said there were egos involved early on I mean you know how NBA works everybody want to sign it was a lot of new pieces together and and a team had to build everybody have to accept their roles everybody got to give up something from the team but there were some issues and role acceptance early on in the season it was it was just tough it was just we didn't we didn't fit together all of them and and you cannot put like a lot of people together and and and it was hard we gotta work on that and they they were they we got a lot of meetings and you see how they change the season you see how good they are right now they you know you see on the court off the court you see on the bench you see how they talk each other yes uh so it's it's beautiful to see how they fix things for me outside when I left I left there are great people I left the coach I left everybody with a good hug with a good message and and and they deserve they they fix things they love each other they trust each other and they going everybody going for the same goal and it was it was beautiful to see how they grow up together what was the coach uh Imei Yudoka what was he trying to sell at the time that was maybe there was some some buy-in issues was there anything going on no it was it was um you know a new coach a new culture he tried to put defense first and I I feel like it take times to everybody right everybody understand the game and everybody understand what everybody want to do and what it cost to win and you you can see after after a month they they were the number one defense and they start winning like crazy we start like 20 20 50 percent and then after that they they going crazy and I'm I'm really happy for them yeah because I mean that's that's been part of the conversation leading up to the to the finals is that first of the year nobody thought that this team could make you know you're talking about the playing tournament maybe right like that that was an idea but inside the team we know we know how good uh the talent is we know how JT, JB they are all star they are MVP candidates we know how Al Hor for Magus Smart they they fix the team and Grant Williams he played great we got new guys um and they doing a great job they got young talent like Perry on pre-channel and they work so hard for for for now where they are and that's the reason they deserve and um so your current team the Utah Jazz do you think um you're gonna have the same coach at the beginning of next year I mean I don't know I mean I I hope so uh he's a great coach he's really smart he love the game uh we spent a lot of times on the video rooms um and I mean we were we were one three away from the game seven against Dallas he's that close uh we got great players all star players uh great vets and I think they got we got all the all the things it is to to work well we've asked Quinn Snyder to come on the show we've yet to get him to uh call in or appear here so you're the closest we can get to getting some confirmation on this uh Juancho Ernie Gomez um so I believe that coaches should be wearing suits again okay this business of them dressing like they're going to the gym as soon as the pandemic the bubble they just gave up they gave up the suits they don't want to wear the suits anymore a lot of them don't want to wear the suits anymore they like the comfort level we think though that if push comes to shove Quinn Snyder would be the first coach to want to put the suit back on you think so yes that your bed what do you think I mean look at the way he's he's not coming in the gym clothes like he's got like a belt that matches the shoes his shirt is tucked in his hair yeah he has but you see he's swaggy that's what I'm saying like and and I think I personally like it's all these other coaches they just put a bit zip on and tie their sneakers they don't care they just they've given up quite frankly what do you think do you think Quinn Snyder would what do you think I mean I don't want to get you any trouble with your coach no he's not in trouble I mean he he he he dressed nice every day I mean he you say he matches the shoes with the shirt we play yeah we play yellow we play orange uh does he match your uniform is that what you're saying like he's specifically doing things yeah yeah oh there's no question no question that's that's all we need to know that's all he's literally sometimes dressing to match what your guy's uniform is for the night yes yeah I see I see sometimes yeah I mean sometimes you get the answer to your question without getting a direct answer to the question bingo I think right do we get it we got it kind of beautiful and rich watch it he's invited to the red carpet what you said blue carpet said he's never acted before right yeah he's sitting right here yeah but I'm asking you this like you've never been on the court and you know you kind of got bumped by someone wow it wasn't hard enough are you saying flopping this man of flopping like is acting did I say the f-word I never said I'm just asking is there any moment maybe you got hit but it wasn't that hard you're a big guy and you decide let me just like go down maybe try to get a call that's kind of no I don't like the flopping I don't like the because I never said flopping watch I never said the f-word who's the biggest you cannot lay the war there but um I mean if you see any video of me flopping you just saw me right now but I tell you you have no flop okay biggest flopper in the league I don't know he's not gonna go there Kyle Lowry man this is his big premiere weekend don't do this to him don't do this to him we're here to talking about the movie yeah he's like who is the best flopper in the movie you can ask me that who's the best flopper in the movie Adam Sandler he flops every time our friend from Netflix is saying don't use the word flop as much as you're doing please no um this movie's gonna kill it man it's uh we've already got a tremendous amount of buzz and I can't wait for everyone to see what you do in it Sandler is great and the cameos are uh highly enjoyable and a lot of people are gonna really enjoy it so uh do you have an agent now do you have what uh an acting agent no I don't have what because I told you I'm not an actor I have a basketball agent Juancho this movie is this movie is going to be in theaters tonight all weekend all week NBA finals perfect timing for it Sandler's gonna go out and do his thing which means he goes to New York I think that's his uh that's his um his his history of or his um superstitions he goes to New York for his opener uh well while he's here in Los Angeles then all right so anyway you're gonna this is gonna be big people gonna be knocking on your door he's gonna start getting residual hustle too right I will do that for sure residual checks coming your way I get some that are 20 some odd years old man but stick to the NBA it's definitely better for your uh for your wallet uh at uh let me make sure I get this correct what what what is your um your Instagram and your Twitter at one chivalrous okay 41 is that your full is that your full name no he's like my main name okay number 41 very good uh the man who plays Bo Cruz everyone check out hustle in theaters starting today and tonight and streaming on Netflix next week congratulations on this man you just made you just made a video and now look at you fantastic you got a movie that is going around the country that is co-produced by maverick carter and yes Lebron James Juan Joe and Gomez you're welcome here anytime thanks for coming thank you so much you got it tj's top five to take us to break and take us to the there look at that that's a picture that's a that's a framer yeah that's a framer somebody come printing and send it to my home I will be so appreciate we got it don't worry we got your back Juan Jordan Gomez with Adam Sandler and Lebron on the blue carpet neat stuff that's nice back here on the Rich Eisen show having some fun about the hustle premiere he would defend himself one show in and go what a nice kid how about Juan Jordan Gomez man yeah my sister my brother that thing that you said no to last december just make the just make a tape just make just make a recording we'll send it in and then he thought it was terrible and uh and somehow some way sandler's like that works movie career love it that was badass fun stuff right there all right it's uh what a way to to send us to break uh I mean probably send us to the weekend great way to send us to the weekend is tj's top five his big ass grab bag full of spite and fury take it away tj jefferson what in the world is in that bag what you got in that bag ah yes indeed like we always do it this time kaboom guess who stepped in the room tj here listen guys let's just get cut to the chase oh we've been talking about this whole week yes sir what's beef right people not liking each other people slapping each other this jock peter's and tommy fam thing just threw us into a tizzy all week so i had to dig into the big ass grab bag and pull out tj's top five favorite beefs in sports okay just it just felt like we had to do it and to quote the great notorious big what's beef beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep beef is when your mom's ain't safe up in the street beef is when i see you guaranteed to be an icu okay that's beef now coming at number five i thought you said i thought i thought notorious big said beef is when you illegally roster jeff wilson well he would have said it had he still been here and seen this tommy fan versus jock peter's in here and seeing this tommy fan versus jock peter's in here in 2000 conversations i mean every day this story just gets better and better uh first of all it's fantasy football you're supposed to do this with your friends it's supposed to be real and most importantly what's in the name fantasy what's fantasy mean it's not real you shouldn't go around slapping somebody you know how many people times i went to slap ashton in our fantasy league i never slapped him breaking news i wanted to slap you you don't treat the money maker like that you know matt mazzant i want to slap all the guys in my league but i don't but i get it ten thousand dollars up front i don't think it was about the money it seemed to be something a little bit deeper than that now we got mike trout into this whole situation hey i'm here for it i know brockman's here for it i know rich and you were feller we're all here for it it's number five on my top sports beef i got i gotta put it in there you know why not all right coming in at number four this is kind of an old one happened back in 1994 but it goes to show you man like people are strange and this is imagine you have a competitor right and you guys are neck and neck and you know this person might be slightly better than you so your thought is you know what i'm gonna do i'm gonna hire somebody to take that person out because that's what tony hartman thought in 1994 when she had a couple guys jeff galulli and sean eric eckhart yeah whose names we remember and we shouldn't yeah man and i didn't even think about that name till just right now rich that's a shame that stuck in our mind but as you know nancy got kneecapped with i don't know whether that's slim jim or a baseball bat or something there's a baton a baton cracked her in her knee you had the famous why me cried and tonya harting you know tried to take nancy out so she didn't make sure man it's it's amazing it happened and then they made a movie out of it with margot robbie playing tarnia hardy that was a good one let me tell you when you when you are that mad at somebody that you hire someone to come in and take them out like biggie would say that's beef all right all right coming in at number three this one right now sean eckhart was beef we've said he was bvs now we've seen mike tyson recently right mike's a little bit older a little bit grayer but the thing about mike is he's not some dude you'd ever want to square up with even at 55 56 years old so imagine back in 1988 when you've got a 1920 year old mike tyson you know ferociously terrifying that must be you know who didn't feel terrified was mitch blood green i don't know if you guys remember this yes 1988 those two fight in 86 they had a fight tyson won the boxing match and it in 1988 outside of dapper dans in new york oh yeah the car hood and everything apparently don king owed mitch some money he decided of all people i'm gonna confront mike tyson about it the result will mitch's left eye and the five stitches in his face will give you the result mike tyson did break his hand but come on man you can't be rolling up on mike tyson well the famous line that preceded the words he ran we can't really repeat here in 2020 green had some things to say about mike that probably made you understand why he got popped in the face but as far as sports beefs go man i had to put that in number three now number two this one is a beef but it almost it almost went left really bad now you know playing cards is a big part of culture and sports and apparently you know card games they get kind of competitive and the pot like fantasy yeah even though they're millionaires the pot gets high but i don't think it's always the money i think it's a lot about love it's about pride right 2009 something happened on the plane between gilbert arenas and jarvis crittenton okay they were playing a game called i think it was called booray i believe it's pronounced and uh you know it went off into one guy threatening to shoot the other guy so my arena showed up at work in the locker room of an mba clubhouse and brought four guns and told jarvis to pick one jarvis is like i'm already way ahead of you i brought my own and he turned around and he's got his own gun loaded and cocked i mean i'm glad we can laugh about it now but this was almost really really bad and this put a black eye on the sport it cost crittenton his career and he went down the path that landed some bad things happen to him and it pretty much put gilbert on ice too i i'm willing to bet that's a beef guys you can't let it get that far man not not to where you're bringing guns into the workplace it just but i got to put it on there and um like i said i think he would say beef is when you make your enemy start your jeep beef is when you roll no less than 30 deep beef is when i see you guaranteed to be an icu now this number one in the big ass grab bag this guy fought everybody and i had to make a list rich he fought opposing players he fought players that he coached he fought teammates he fought three guys in the topless bar he fought a traveling secretary for the minnesota twins he fought a marshmallow salesman he thought he fought everybody billy martin billy martin against everybody with everyone from 1950 to 1989 if you name it billy martin had a fight with him and it gave us like one of the greatest lines of all time when mickey mantel tried to like stick up for him and say that you know a guy was knocked out and maybe that uh you know roy rogers rode through the copa and trigger kicked the man in the head because it was a big fight the copacabana billy martin fought everybody well done number one big finish by the way three guys in the topless bar were steve guttenberg movie ever terrible i wouldn't rent it billy martin though rich he can't versus everyone from 1950 to 89 pretty much covers it for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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