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REShow: Kevin Bacon - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 22, 2022 3:28 pm

REShow: Kevin Bacon - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 22, 2022 3:28 pm

Rich updates the latest in the story gripping the NFL world this week: what’s going on with those giant ketchup bottles removed from the formerly-named Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.  

In his ‘What’s More Likely’ segment Rich weighs in on Jimmy Garoppolo, Lamar Jackson, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Kyler Murray, Gronk’s return, Russell Wilson, Trey Lance, Nick Chubb and Najee Harris. 

Actor Kevin Bacon joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of his Showtime series ‘City on a Hill,’ debates which athletes are the best actors and if pro wrestlers are actually athletes, and dishes the behind-the-scenes dirt on ‘Footloose,’ ‘Animal House,’ ‘A Few Good Men, and ‘Apollo 13’ in a round of Celebrity True or False.

Rich and the guys react to the Rams unveiling their Super Bowl rings designed to look like SoFi Stadium and looking to be about half the size of the massive venue.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. No one thinks anything of us. This is the Rich Eisen Show and who in this here national radio mosh pit has been saying over and over and over again. Rich Eisen earlier on the show hosted pro football talk. Mike Florio, Yahoo Sports Columnist Dan Wetzel, co-host of Good Morning Football, Jason McCourty. Coming up from the Showtime drama City on a Hill, actor Kevin Bacon.

And now it's Rich Eisen. Out on number three of the show right here on this very busy Friday. This is the last weekend coming up this weekend in which all 32 teams will not be fully constituted and active in their facilities for the rest of the calendar year. By this point next week every team in the NFL will be in training camp.

Every player fully constituted going through their whole season preparation with the exception of whoever's going to hold out. But that's I'm so fired up and I hope you are too. Kevin Bacon's here in studio. We're gonna have a great conversation with him coming up in just about 15 minutes time. Fantastic. Will be great. Great fun.

Celebrity true or false with him. We've already done one with him in his last time he was here three years ago but his his career is so deep and vast and and a lush history we can do it again and we will. We kick off hour number three with the latest on a story that we have been following all week long. We have been all over this story and there is some news to update. It all started while I was away on vacation in Italy with the news that Heinz Field would now be called Acresure Stadium and the only thing I'm not Acresure of completely is what the hell Acresure does. No idea.

None. You can read you can read you can read what they do and you're like say that again. What is it? Are they import export? They are import as an export. Yeah they're the van der lee industries of whatever industry they're in.

Janko Alba? And so what happened eventually this week was the ketchup bottles that have been in Heinz Field representing the title sponsor's name. The Pittsburgh based company's name. The ketchup bottles were removed. Taken down. And we were all week long saying where are the bottles?

Where are they? We still don't know. We're trying to find out. I guess there's a Heinz museum there? Yeah.

You Chris suggested put it in the airport. Yeah right next to Franco and George Washington. Right down from the Fred Rogers display.

Yes. Next to the dinosaur. All great ideas.

All great ideas. All germane conversation. Now though the Steelers announced yesterday there is in fact a newfound relationship between the Steelers and the good people at Heinz Ketchum.

Oh yes. Kraft, Heinz and the Steelers have reached a verbal deal. I'm assuming their word is their bond.

Word bond. A five-year relationship according to the Steelers that will allow Heinz to maintain a presence at the place that no longer will be called as you know. Heinz Field.

Acroshirt. Now the according to this story that I am reading in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, it is entirely possible this new deal will allow the ketchup bottles to return. Nice. A dump for the red zone.

The rent stays like before. Except I'm imagining it's you know not the same amount of money as Acra-Sure is bringing in. But uh hey. Steeler fans feeling down about Acra-Sure.

Not feeling too Acra-Sure about your feelings. How you're gonna get through this very troubling times of Heinz Field no longer being called that even though it's the same stadiums and the memories. No one's coming to take it away from you. Still gonna take the same route to get to the stadium. It does appear that the ketchup bottles may actually stay. Turn the machines back on wherever the ketchup bottles are.

Get them and bring them back. Come on Steelers. They couldn't have gone far. Acra-Sure might be. Acra-Sure might be hey we're spending a buck fitty here up to maybe three three three hundred large.

And um I don't want to see a big ass ketchup bottle in there. People might still think it's Heinz Field. They're gonna call it.

They might not be so Acra-Sure what to call it. Also Rich did that statement say Heinz would still have a presence in the stadium? Wait. Yes.

Of course because what are they going to do? Take away Heinz? Like you're going to have like Eddie from National Lampoon's Vacation. Real tomato ketchup Eddie. Like we're going to have cat soup. Yeah like why are some ketchup spelled like that? You call it cat soup? Well that's how it's spelled sometimes. No it's cat sup.

So Rich I just read an article on NBC Sports. What? Heinz Field Red Zone will remain without the ketchup bottle. What?

Without? At not Heinz Field. NBC Sports 921 this morning. Yeah you're you're reading about what uh what Florio posted. I've got the same thing here. It still says that. You think the bottles are coming back? No no no.

Just stick to the just just stick to the levers and the buttons. Oh Mike. According to uh according to the Steelers executive quoted here there's a lot that needs to be covered in terms of detail. A lot of my french fries need to be covered by ketchup too. But we're working on an opportunity where we can have a bottle visible at the stadium. Yes. Come on.

Okay I'm sorry. Aquashur Stadium is large enough to not only have a Heinz ketchup bottle on display but also to leave everybody wondering what the hell Aquashur really does. And some football.

Winning football because Mike Tomlin does not have losing season. So that's your update on the story that we have been all over. Like ketchup on a hot dog. It's a bird thing. So there's that.

Got that out of the way. We'll ketchup before our bacon. What's more likely NFL style? What's more likely?

Never say never but never. What do you got over there Chris? Hey guys what's up? What's up Chris? Everybody good? What up?

Friday. All right two players we talk a lot about on this show. Jimmy G and Lamar Jackson. What's more likely to happen first guys? Jimmy G gets a new team or Lamar gets a new deal? Uh Lamar gets a new deal. That's more likely to happen and that's likely to happen in the next couple of days. Breaking news here? I'm not breaking news. The training camp starts Tuesday. Oh.

You got a whole weekend to work on it. I don't know you heard you heard um Florio and hour one talk about how Jimmy G maybe late August early September rosters get set. I mean yeah. That's no good. I'll go Lamar new contract before that. What else?

All right here we go. Uh Cleveland Browns breaking news. Josh Rosen is there to be the backup maybe.

I don't know. How about this LA who's more likely LA college quarterback with more 2022 starts? Darnold or Rosen? Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold. Wow. How about Rosen taking Baker Mayfield's spot in Cleveland because Baker has to go to Carolina and share the same quarterback room as Sam Darnold.

I mean what the hell is happening? If I put combined starts for those two guys at 0.5 over or under? I will say Rosen doesn't start a game for Cleveland. That Jacoby Brissett will start the games for Cleveland. Okay. Um and I will say Mayfield gets the job in Carolina but Darnold starts a couple of games due to whatever injury that Baker Mayfield might suffer.

How about that? I think that's most that's the most likely yeah most logical okay. But if you're asking me there I will take Darnold over Rosen in terms of starts this year. I just want Josh to do well. Me too man.

He's one of our favorites. Okay Kyla Murray got paid as we talked about all day yesterday. What's more likely Cardinals miss the playoffs in 2022 or win a playoff game? I say it's more likely they win a playoff game this year. Yeah. Oh D-Hop for six weeks?

No D-Hop for six weeks. I will say it's more likely that they win a playoff game this year. I just firmly believe that they're going to be a better team and that at some point they're going to put something together and I think this year they will do it.

I truly do. Now um I don't know how many teams are going to make it out of the NFC West and I'm concerned about Lance's consistency in his first full year of starting. I think the Niners are going to have to reap the whirlwind a little bit here with Lance starting.

There will be ups and downs. I hope it is completely smooth and I don't know how many teams are going to make it out of the Central I mean out of the South and I think maybe one or two teams could like could the Vikings make it out of the North? As you know I think the Eagles and Cowboys make it out of the East.

I think Arizona is a playoff team this year and I think they get in and I think they win one. That's more likely. Low-key move yesterday. Not sure you guys noticed this. Tom Brady has a new receiving target. Kyle Rudolph going down to Tampa. Yes. Makes me think Gronk is actually done-done.

Does not make me think that at all. What's more likely? Kyle Rudolph catches eight or more touchdowns or Gronk comes back? Gronk comes back. Let me tell you something here and we love Kyle Rudolph here as well right? He's been great to be here on this program.

He's been a really good player. I think Brady and him will mesh very well. October rolls around and Rudolph let's say Rudolph has four touchdowns by that point in time which would be terrific. That would be great. Wouldn't it? I'll take that.

Fantasy. Hey Tommy I've got a little I've got an itch. What do you think? Do you think they'll let me scratch it or hey uh Gronk stuff's going great here.

Yeah we moved on. No no no no stuff's going great here with Kyle and Cameron. Cameron you know did you see all those Cameron's do well at the St. Andrews earlier this uh this summer and Gronk will be like St. Woo and so um he'll still take him. You can run two tight end sets.

Okay. Just ask just ask Brady with Gronk you know so yeah I am not looking at Kyle Rudolph signing and saying well that's a closed door on Rob Gronkowski. But why would Gronk come back?

What does he have to prove? Because he wants to win games and he loves playing and if he does come back he and Tommy go into the hall of fame together. Why not?

Why wouldn't you want to do that? Because that dude's body is beat to crap man. I still think Tom's playing the next like two years.

All right. All right uh you love Trey Lance Rich. I've heard you talk about him. You love Trey Lance.

Like he's a son Chris. Although I did say I was a little concerned about his consistency level moments ago. But you have no doubt in your mind that he's the starter and he's gonna play well.

And it's his team. Even though he hasn't played in two years. But you need to see a little bit more out of Russell Wilson for some reason even though he's probably going to the hall of fame and he has all kinds of great weapons around him.

So what's more likely? Who's more likely to have the better fantasy gear? Trey Lance or Russell Wilson?

Oh I'll go with Russell Wilson on that front. But you need to see more out of him though. I know. I thought. I know. But I'm I am I am uh I am uh. But you need to see more. What do you mean? I'm not going to keep talking myself into something.

I'm not going to keep doing that. But he's seen nothing out of Trey Chris so. I've seen.

I'm just expecting. It's Trey Lance's team. I said that and I said Trey Lance. But nobody's doubting that.

Excuse me. All Trey Lance needs to do as I said is show up, stay healthy, know the playbook, be confident, see it and rip it. That's tough to do when you are doing it for the first time in the NFL. You could name on one hand the first year NFL quarterback starters over the last what 15 years who were stellar. Coming out of the box their first year starting. Cam Newton. You got Cam but you also have Mahomes.

You've got Justin Herbert. First year starting. As a first year starter in the NFL sometimes it's not your rookie sometimes it's not your rookie season like Mahomes. It's not your rookie season. Herbert. I mean you could go back to big Ben right?

I mean it's so rare. Handed off a lot. So Russ if you're just talking about fantasy you're talking about numbers.

I will take Russ. Okay. What else? All right last uh last one guys we had a great time with Najee Harris this week. We did. Really really enjoyed talking to him.

Great personality. Did you see the video today of Nick Chubb squatting like 8,000 pounds? Yes. AFC North running back. Who's more likely to finish with more yards this year Najee Harris or Nick Chubb? I'll take Najee Harris. Nick Chubb has not been when was the last time Nick played all 16 or 17. When was that happen? And plus uh Nick sometimes gives way to Kareem Hunt.

That's the biggest issue right there. That's Najee. Oh that's Najee. I mean if I told you Nick Chubb had more yards than Najee Harris last year.

I would believe it. Okay. 1259 to 1200 just saying. Okay. I'll take Najee. You want to take Chubb? You take Chubb. I didn't have him in my top 10 but I like I like Najee.

Very good. I agree Rich it's just like Kareem Hunt's too talented. You got to work him in as much as you can as well. How about Najee saying you know I'll he dropped a GD. He dropped a lot of stuff. I'll get 500 carries. I hope he doesn't. That's great stuff.

Go to our YouTube page for if you uh missed uh Najee Harris's appearance. I hope he realizes 500's too many. All right great great uh great what's more likely. Let's have fun. Let's take a break because we got Kevin Bacon man. Kevin Bacon coming out. That's next on The Rich Eisen Show. Welcome back to The Rich Eisen Show. Our terrestrial radio audience will join us in a few short minutes but it's all good because we have one of our favorite guests back here. I'm talking about one of my favorite shows on Showtime City on a Hill.

Season three is ready to roll coming on the last day of this month Sunday July 31st 10 p.m eastern on Showtime. One of the many things we'll be talking about with Kevin Bacon back here in studio. Good to see you sir. This is the nicest most comfortable guest chair of any show that I. Are you serious? Yeah I really love this chair.

No kidding. I love the way it feels. I like the leather. It's got a good look.

It brings out my eyes. Well it's yours to keep. Thank you. If you'd like it you know you can travel with it if you'd like it. Hey pack this thing up will you? There you go. I love it.

I love that you're comfortable uh and I love that City on a Hill is is back again man. The way you play Jackie Rohr is uh or raw. I mean how do I how do I pronounce it really?

I mean how do you? Okay Jackie Rohr. Uh not not the nicest guy not the best guy but uh one of the best anti-heroes that I've seen in quite some time. Uh here's a scene uh season number three uh Jackie is out of the policing business. It was technically not really in it either but um Jill Hennessey plays your wife uh and it's good to see you guys back together a little bit here.

Yeah. Uh and this is a scene a City on a Hill season three on Showtime coming up. I haven't had your whistle in months.

Man starts over again every day in spite of all he knows against all he knows. You sure you want to work in Beacon Hill? Yesterday you said I was a lazy bum.

You compared me to your degenerate father and you beat my balls like scrambled eggs. So yeah two grand a week cash to make sure the trident's doors are locked. That's the right decision. I know you Jackie.

Now this motor isn't just the money. Now you like feeling like a cop again. Wrong. I don't miss that life a single bit. Good for you. You got your first lie of the day out of the way. I love it man. So pretty much the whistling is the only thing you don't have to bleep in this scene.

That's pretty much yes we had to bleep a few things out. I can only imagine when you get the page in front of you and you see the the language that they put in your mouth it's kind of like. I refuse to do it. No but it must be like cutting into a nice piece of steak. It's great. No they write great stuff for this man.

I mean I always have. I never have a scene that I look at and go I don't really have much to do here you know and in a series that you know we've done three seasons of that's pretty unusual. I think that it's been a great testament to the writers that they give Jackie cool stuff to play. Yep City on a Hill back here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio outfit. The City on a Hill season three coming up at the end of the month. Kevin Bacon is here in studio. Aldis Hodge has been here before talking about this show.

Love it. Tucker was in season one. He was terrific in it as well and Jackie Rohr your character is now in security right?

That's the way this is rolling right now. Yeah well Jackie you know left the FBI at the end of what got dumped from the FBI at the end of season two and threw his badge in the Boston harbor and swore that he would never be back and you find them in this season sort of picking up some shifts tending bar and make a couple of bucks but basically sitting on his couch and watching cartoons all day and his wife played so well by by Jill Hennessey says you know you got to get out of the house. I didn't like you being an FBI agent but this is ridiculous you're just a you're a waste of space right now. So this this ex-FBI special agent in charge who's played by Corbin Bernsen comes knocking on my door and says listen he's he's a very wealthy man and he lives in Beacon Hill and he needs some private security for his family.

His daughter's a little bit out of control so I get this job working with in his house with his daughter and his new young wife and things get very complicated very fast. Well this is not your first rodeo obviously not just even with this character but playing somebody you know from the Boston area and things of that nature. Who are you basing Jackie Rohr on? Are you basing on anybody?

Well you know it's interesting because I sometimes I really have to dig deep into trying to figure out who a character is and I definitely did that in in after the fact with Jackie but when I read the first scene in the first pilot those years ago when we started I don't know I just heard him I saw the way he would move I saw the way he would look the wardrobe the hair the mustache the whole the whole thing that it he just kind of came to me and I don't really know it's not anybody specific but it is a you know there's a there's a I think of it as the the culture of Boston and Philadelphia is a little bit like that you know where I grew up which is a it's a large east coast city but it really feels like a small town and especially in Boston there's always somebody you somebody always knows a guy you know oh you need that yeah I know a guy you know and and that that's really the culture that Jackie comes from he he knows a guy or sometimes he is the guy that's right he knows a guy or he is the guy right I love that and I love this show I really do the whole thing from soup to nuts you should start it at season one obviously if this if you're picking it up right now City on a Hill it premieres against Sunday July 31st 10 p.m eastern on on Showtime are you are you watching any sports these days you are you checking things out or you're not fan any still no no I definitely was was loving the the the basketball you know I'm not quite as much of a baseball fan I'm one of those sort of like come now is when I'll start you know after the all-star birds when I start to sort of like you know get get into it the thing that I really like about baseball which is interesting and I'm sure you guys talk about this all the time is that it's probably the most theatrical of the sports in that there's these giant close-ups of internal human drama yes playing out as opposed to you know when you're watching that and the coverage is so great now that you do get close-ups but basically you're you know watching basketball is a little bit more of a you know it's more of a dance or it's more of a you know even if I'm tying it to theater you know it's a little bit more like that whereas baseball is like you know and you zoom in yeah just like what's going on inside people's minds and that that's what that's what's really fun to me but I was going to ask you about something yes Kevin that is that um or anybody else that wants to chime in I was thinking about the um I don't know if you saw uh the Adam Sandler um sports movie that's on hustle yeah hustle right we had the actor who uh who played the basketball player Juancho Hern Gomez in that seat just a couple of weeks ago yeah right so he's great and I'm what I'm thinking about is athletes as actors athletes as you know performances have you guys ever done like I don't know just talked about what are the best performances by professional athletes oh no no doubt about it right like wouldn't you say uh Ray Allen and he got Ray Allen and he got game yeah yeah yeah terrific how about Kevin Garnett in uh Uncut Gems have you seen that yes also with Sandler terrific yeah Sandler's good at turning basketball players I guess right now I thought Kenny Smith was amazing also in the in the as the agent as the agent yeah and that's different because you're playing not a you know not a right athlete so anyway I think who else who are we counting the rock in this the rock as I don't know about that we're talking about somebody who's like an actual professional athlete LeBron and train wreck was hilarious okay well that's a little controversy what we just heard right there you know you don't think rock was an actual professional professional athlete as a wrestling fan I take much come on now I mean but all right did I did I just really he also was a football player he played in the CFL that's right he was a football player yeah but the rock was not like you're talking about Ray Allen Ray Allen is okay yeah you mean like active kind yeah that's what I'm yes like an active I don't do you think of the rock as an athlete turned actor now I don't think of wrestlers as athletes for sure I do actually but you know I once got this this this was a big moment for me okay every once in a while you get mistaken for somebody else and within the course of uh you know about two weeks I got mistaken as uh MacGyver Richard Anderson yeah we're going back we're going back a few years but somebody said aren't you MacGyver but then right on the heels of that I got mistaken as Hunter oh oh Fred Dreyer Fred Dreyer yeah yeah I thought you were gonna say Bon Jovi I can see someone mistaking you for Bon Jovi well no I was trying to stay on the sports team oh he's been mistaken for Bon Jovi but but but I just thought I don't know man that I was kind of like yeah you think am I getting a little too big is it Fred Dreyer shredded in that clip do I have that kind of a neck no all right I was uh I was I was digging it I'm just kind of I'm still like reeling like did I did I really just offend the rock no no no no he'll get over you offended me he's okay are there any other any other sports have like I mean does Carl Weathers count does Jim Brown count oh yeah Jim Brown well Jim you know Reggie Jackson in the naked gun killing the queen threatening to kill the queen Arnold might get a little upset Kyrie and Uncle Drew I don't know what was Kyrie Uncle Drew oh I didn't see that yeah and okay I like it though good question Terry Bradshaw Terry Bradshaw you said Terry Bradshaw on Cannonball Run is that where you're going with on that one yeah I mean is he in that one couple how long yeah Burt Reynolds count he played at Florida State yeah Burt Reynolds played yeah you just opened a whole can of worms yeah Russell played minor week baseball did you ever play anything no you never played no I'm a terrible athlete um I think I've told you this story before I told you this story I made a uh a much much inferior movie to hustle where I played a coach who was scouting basketball players in Africa and I have to play in the um in the movie and our uh technical advisor who was with me all the time while we were shooting the movie was is the beloved Bob McAdoo and Bob once in an interview said the hardest thing he ever had to do in his entire career was make Kevin Bacon look like a basketball player so that was that was a real badge of honor for me Bob McAdoo's toughest thing he's ever added to we're talking the air up there right yeah it's funny Kevin Bacon here uh on the Rich Eisen show okay we've done this before with you but since you've got in such a vast filmography and television career uh we've come up with yet more um celebrity true or false uh items for you where things that you have said things or things have been said about your career that we need to know if they're true or false okay here we go we've got a drop for it hit it hit it celebrity true or false false you can't handle the truth well you're familiar with that scene very good good job first up for Kevin Bacon celebrity true or false true or false you spent the money you made from your first movie within a week yes that is a true story absolutely yeah and this was and this was uh Animal House yeah yeah in the that'd be brought 77 maybe 78 something like that how much did you make from Animal House you know maybe uh uh two thousand bucks three thousand bucks something like that two grand three grand yeah and you spent it within a week and i and back then i didn't even have an agent so i didn't have to pay ten percent so it's the full thing listen i was living large man and i right yeah i spent it and uh had to get go with my tail between my legs and back to my my job as a waiter what'd you spend it on do you remember well i don't know we we have to get into that it was it was the 70s you know look it up platform shoes platform shoes that was it a new pair of roller disco skis two grand and 78s pretty nice right wow yeah listen yeah listen yes it was it was big it was big money for me while you're hanging with Belushi so i guess okay very good uh next up true or false Kevin Bacon to prepare for your role in Footloose you attended classes at a high school in Utah at the age of 24 pretending to be a transfer student from Philadelphia is that true that's true yeah yeah what the hell really yeah you know uh i i have always been somebody that to the extent that i can likes to do a ride along you know we call that a ride along like like when you're playing a cop you know you'll you'll go out on a on a on a run um that's probably like the silliest ride along in history but uh i i i had um doubts about being able to pull off uh at 24 you know being a 17 year old kid and i i felt like maybe i needed to just experience what that was like as well as experience what it would be i i i grew up in Philadelphia and went to school in Philadelphia so i never i was never my parents didn't move around i never had to move into a new place or a new town not until i moved to New York to become an actor so to be a fish out of water and to uh see what it would be like to thrown into a you know a culturally different sort of place was i felt important so how deep did you get like did you literally have a full day of class a full day of classes yeah and the only people that knew were the uh the principal the principal is the only one like none of the students none of the teachers knew so the teachers were actually super annoyed that i was coming in in the middle of the year you know and the and they they definitely had a um you know who are you big shot city kid you know kind of thing but it was a lot of stuff that actually related a lot to what i actually had to go through in the in the movie and i i actually learned a lot from doing it act like you know like actual academics did you take no not actually no no no did you have to do the work no not the academics just the just the attitude you know i had this i'll give you an example i had an attitude that there was a shot of me coming into the school and walking in the first day and i had an attitude that that having been raised in the big city on the east coast as the character was that i would be sort of you know badass kind of you know strolling down the hall you know hey you know go ahead and get me getting your best shot when i actually got into that situation i was so terrified that i was like walking down the hall and just keeping my head down you know what i mean and trying to you know not get my ass kicked basically and and you know going into the bathroom and the and these big you know corn fed dudes would come in and you know sort of start hassling me and that's not something that i really expected and so i adjusted the performance in the movie to reflect more of that how about that when was the last time you held an lp version of the footloose soundtrack i'd say about uh i signed one about two days ago did you really yeah well here's another one oh nice there's that one these are yours mike del tifo that's actually from my collection there you go and then what was the last time we need the walk man here's the walk man right here by the way and you see here's a picture disc version there you go oh okay what was the last time you held a picture disc that's been a while what is a picture disc mike what is a picture disc it has the picture of the album on the actual lp itself which is amazing but this doesn't play the movies yes oh it does wait no that's the actual album that would be that would be laser disc i actually do have a laser disc of that because it's my top right that and saturday fever were my two favorite soundtracks ever oh yeah it was a good soundtrack for sure track's amazing have you ever met kenny loggins oh yeah yeah we i've i've i've done the song with him yeah yeah we uh you know we're at a benefit or something like that then our paths have crossed a number of times okay yeah there you go here i'll take those back you might be requested to oh okay from happy sign those later happy to do it okay uh next one celebrity true or false with kevin bacon true or false while filming apollo 13 scenes in the zero gravity plane could only occur in 25 second bursts so the plane performed 612 dives is that true or false that's true yeah they're called parabolas uh it's really the only way to duplicate zero gravity on earth and basically what you do is you fly out over the gulf of mexico and from you know houston from where uh they were leaving from nasa and you go straight up uh and then you dive and during the dive the centrifugal force and the gravitational pull balance out for 25 seconds so we did it just as a sort of research thing and then um ride along type thing yes and then uh um ron howard who directed the film was having a conversation with steven spielberg who he was talking to about the movie and stuff and spielberg suggested that the that we build the sets up there and actually use the zero gravity so ron was able to convince nasa to let us do it and uh yeah myself and bill paxson and tom hanks and i went up and did 612 you say i guess which one was which one of you three was able to handle it the best do you think um well i i can tell you that they gave us some pretty serious uh uh anti-nausea drugs and the com it was a combination of drugs because the the serious anti-nausea drug was so uh uh was such a downer that basically you just would want to sleep through the whole flight so in order to combat that you had to take some some kind of speed wow so we take them both at the same time and then you'd kind of wait for it to see which one was going to kick in um first and uh one day both tom and bill if i remember correctly decided to go a little bit cowboy and not take them and they were not doing well now um they went cold turkey they just went yeah they decided to just yeah and i was i was having none of it and um i was like yeah better living through chemistry the i uh so it you know i never puked um i did have some moments of nausea but it really is a question of whether or not you are prone uh to you know car sickness or bike sickness or whatever it is you know some people are more prone to it and i remember uh there was a guy who was a big guy big you know kind of football player type guy grip and um he uh he came up with us on the first on the first run and never went up again he just was completely incapacitated you know just puking after puke after puke after puke they give you a thing they call it an airman's corsage you you have to they aside from our wardrobe our costumes everybody else had to be in in um uh jumpsuits and and and jack boots you know to that was just the that was just the deal and so you take the vomit bags and you have these kind of like pockets up here and you stick them down in with the with the top open like kind of billing out like a corsage so that any given moment you could just take it out you can just take it reach it right out and uh and a lot of people were doing that so this is the real deal like you went through the real deal because spielberg told brawn howard exactly put him through the real deal yeah spielberg told ron and ron told us and then i told my wife and my wife said are you out of your mind you're going to go up in that thing every day and then there was a problem with the plane and then so we the plane got grounded and then we had to go back to it so it ended up being a lot of work incredible last one for you um i guess this is going to be true since you talked about the ride alongs here uh you spent some time at quanico preparing for your role as captain jack ross and a few good men yeah i did i did what was that like well great uh listen i i think i've played uh strangely three or four marines um and i think that's the only might be the only branch of the military that i've ever done which is just marines um i like to say that i could make it through about five minutes of boot camp i mean i would be like get me out but i really i really felt a need uh to in in every instance to try to be as believable as i would as at one character as i would be at jackie roar you know for instance and marines you know they do have something that's like very specific about them in the way that they move in the way that they engage in the way that they their their attention to detail for instance on the uniform and um uh in you know protocol and and this sort of you know brothership that you hear a lot about and so to to get a sense of that and to basically be with marines is like the best way to play one i think so i spent some time so you spent some time there yeah okay and um when you see i i imagine at some point if you are watching television and flipping around a few good men will pop up it seems like it's playing it's got to be playing right now somewhere when you see the final scene what do you think of when you see the final scene what i think of in that final scene is uh how you know i'd i've gotten an opportunity to work with a lot of great great actors over the years and jack nicholson definitely uh one of the greats one of my heroes before i ever um you know was able to be in a scene with him and it was so inspiring because we shot that scene with him doing that doing that speech and everybody was like holy this is gonna be so good and this is he's just crushing it but what people don't understand sometimes about shooting a film is that it's multiple multiple takes of multiple angles and so that's a whole day of him doing that speech and after we've shot all of the his coverage meaning the stuff that's on him you then have to turn around and you have to shoot tom reacting and demi reacting and me reacting and the jury reacting and you know all these other things and all day long he just kept bringing it and bringing it and bringing it and it was really it was really just cool and and you know it makes you go the great actors know that that the scene is about everybody in the scene and um to deliver that kind of stuff for somebody off camera was was just great to watch yeah i imagine it had to have been just amazing because there would be times where i guess you know you're not on camera and they're doing either him or somebody else you would just be sitting there like everybody else just staring at it right yeah i mean that yep unbelievable uh before i let you go let's talk about your charity what do you what's the latest going on we have we have kind of a fun thing uh that we are just kind of putting together now which which has to do with uh philadelphia um it's kind of based on a tune that i wrote about philly it's called the philly thing and and a lot of what six degrees does is we find good people who are doing great work down on the ground and grassroots organizations that maybe don't get the kind of exposure that the the bigger kind of charities uh do and so we found this really cool group in uh in philly called rock in philly called rock to the future which is uh providing instruments and and instrument lessons and recording situations for underserved kids in the philadelphia area and we kind of constructed this song to have them play on it and bring some exposure to rock to the future so we're going to be uh dropping that sometime in the next few months fantastic fantastic and i guess it leads to one one extra true or false in terms of uh six degrees is it true or false that you're distant relative to robert redford mark hamill and richard nixon i i don't know i i've heard i've heard the i've heard the richard nixon one uh but yeah um you know i did that that finding your roots thing with uh henry louis gates uh and and you know i mean i think that the cousin the cousin thing is a you know distant relative i mean it's not that hard to be a distant relative to pretty much anybody i mean well you are kevin bacon well what we found that was that my wife and i are cousins so so there you go damn yeah okay that's a that's a reveal that's a big reveal yeah so the redford and ham the the uh i robert redford i'll take it listen i'll take it you know whatever okay there you go you have the force uh they slashed them as well is coming right here on peacock starting august 5th you are in this uh this film it's it's a horror movie huh it's a horror movie set in a gay conversion camp it's a very very cool idea okay yeah it's a very it's a scary movie and i play the the the uh the head of this of this camp i mean part of the horror of the movie is that this even exists that people think that this is even an option in terms of trying to uh change someone's way of life with you know words or mind control or whatever it is um but it's also like a really kind of empowering film for lgbtq youth and i think um people are going to get a big kick out of it it's it will not be without controversy uh which is awesome um and it also is a a little bit of a nod to uh a world that i came from in some ways because one of my first movies was friday the 13th which was a horror movie set in a camp and now the tables have turned and and and uh it's it's my camp so look at that fantastic and that's on august the 5th that is a friday uh august the 5th a different different friday with a different meeting they slashed them on peacock august 5th and on july 31st the return of city on a hill for season number three you are welcome here anytime sir as you know it's great to be here it's a lot of fun it's a lot of fun all right thanks very much right here on the rich eisen show the great kevin bacon will be wrapping this show when we come back send you to the weekend in a second that was a blast huh kevin bacon amazing i mean what a great guy everybody footloose and he signs your uh your album those are like part of the that'll be those are great they're going they're literally going to be like they're already i already hit them they're gone they're already up on ebay no one would never do that would you be able to pull that off today as a 24 year old or are you a little bit of a weirdo? i'm a little bit of a weirdo because i'm a little bit of a weirdo i'm a little bit of a weirdo i don't know i'm a little bit of a weirdo but i'm a little bit I would never do that. Would you be able to pull that off today as a 24-year-old in the high school? Absolutely not. No. Don't you think?

Absolutely not. It's like telling a principal, hey, I'm a 24-year-old actor and I want to come into your high school and just see what it's like to be living in a spot where dancing is verboten and small town America. The problem for me is Rich, when I was in high school I looked 24, so it wouldn't have really worked. You know what, I keep forgetting, too, but I'll bring it up. Remember Alan Ruck told us that he was 29, was he playing Cameron, that he was in his late 20s, that Mia Sorrow was the only one on the set of Ferris Bueller's Day Off who was actually the age that they were portraying? Remember that? That was in an Alan Ruck celebrity, true or false.

He was here way back in the day promoting that newfangled show called Succession. Right, exactly. Oh my god. I'm serious, that's what it was.

I know, I know. Who knew that show would be on a rocket ship? I was watching all the right moves the other day and just went to IMDB later and saw that Tom Cruise and Leah Thompson both did the same thing, went back to high school and Tom Cruise, they said, got recognized day one. Went back to high school. They tried to just go back in high school to research the Stefan Djordjevic part, got recognized right off the bat and they said Leah Thompson, whatever school she went to, she got asked out on like five dates.

I loved Leah Thompson. Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh my gosh.

Filmed in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. That her in Back to the Future. Boy. Michael J. Fox was older for that, too. I imagine so. Back to the Future? Hey Rich.

That's a good number. You mean Mike and Chris were having a discussion earlier today? I'm going to ask, Chris, ask Rich. Ask Rich. The question.

Ask Rich what? What we were talking about. What we were talking about.

I would love to get that. These guys think there's nobody alive on planet Earth who has never heard of Michael Jackson. Of a certain age. Of a certain age. Obviously not an infant, but I'm saying if you're over like eight. Chris is saying that.

I'm saying, what I'm saying is we could go to the mall right now and I could find ten people who have never heard of Michael Jackson. You could? I think so. I think that's impossible. I think so, too. So you agree?

Ten people over the age of twelve? But they might, they, they, you have to include that they've never heard of what he's done. You understand? Hey, do you know, excuse me, excuse me, I know you're in the mall, do you know who Michael Jackson is?

Yes or no? And they'll be like, we can find ten. But then you play, but then you play like Thriller and they'll be like, oh, that guy. Oh, there. No, we won't play, we'll just explain him. I just want to ask them who Michael Jackson is and they'll probably say no.

Some people have just got their heads completely in the sand, I'd agree with you. Thank you, Rich. Callaway Jaws, it's just fine for the Jaws. Callaway Jaws, this is the wedge that creates the rawest form of spin possible to deliver the best performance. The new Jaws Raw from Callaway. When we say raw, we mean Callaway has eliminated any material between the club face and the ball that translates to more friction. We're talking about one hop and stop spin and for the first time ever, Callaway optimized wedge weighting using tungsten technology to give you noticeably better control and trajectory so you can attack the pin knowing your ball's going to fly and bite exactly the way you want it to. Jaws Raw comes in four grinds, including the all-new Z grind for a more forgiving shot maker's wedge as well as 17 loft and bounce combinations for every type of condition and playing style. Jaws Raw doesn't just give you better wedge performance, it gives you pure spin in its rawest form.

Get yours at slash Jaws Raw. Let me just tell everybody the following, I don't know if championship rings in professional football anymore is to actually wear out and about. Definitely not. You know what I mean?

Definitely not. They're just getting bigger and now they're double decker, now they're so big there's something inside. You can screw off. Maybe you could just leave some food in there. Like a little refrigerating system.

Like a portal refrigerator. The Rams rings are ridiculous, they're beautiful, look at that. I love the palm trees, I love the gold, I love the diamond rings, that is beautiful. That is truly beautiful but then you open it up and inside is the actual stadium.

By the way? It says Rams Bengals on there, it's like a shot of the actual field. Everyone just check it out at the Rams sites and then you look on the side, it's the stadium, it's so fire, it's beautifully done.

Piece of the football that won the game inside. Yeah, I was about to say, do you guys notice that? That's the little ring. Shout out to Jason of Beverly Hills who makes these rings, man. This guy does an incredible job. You can't wear them walking around in Beverly Hills because they'll follow you home. I don't mean to be, you know.

It's beautiful. It is a, when do you wear them? Just walking around the house? You wear them to the next one. Like Tom Brady only brings them out when they would go to the next ring ceremony.

So he can go like with a lot of them. Do you remember they used to be like the size of like your graduation class ring and you could actually wear them. I was actually just going to look on eBay to see if anybody's. Sell them already? Yeah. Well not the Rams ones, just like old time ones.

Bring me. Guys do sell them when they get, you know, they start, they need money. Look at Aaron Donald, just living his best life. By the way, I like Aaron Donald's chances of walking around Beverly Hills.

And then being able to do it. Yeah, I mean he's good. I mean, they'll probably pick someone else to follow. I'm just telling you what, I'll tell you what, it's just that they don't make rings like they used to anymore. No, they're beautiful. Honestly, look at that, look at Von Miller's ring. One time.

I imagine that's next to his Broncos one. It's just. Right. It's like. It's just going to get bigger. It's like three times.

It's like a broach. It's crazy. I mean, is he going, I mean, he's got a good chance of getting the third one this year.

This year with the Bills. Yeah. Yeah. Soon, soon you know what they're going to do? They're going to make a ring. It's going to be like for two fingers. It's going to go over the whole. It's going to be like brass knuckles. I want a Radio Raheem four finger ring, but that's what it's going to be. That's what it's going to be. Radio Raheem Mars.

Might be the first to get it. Radio, love and hate, you know. I don't know, just. They're crazy.

They're definitely not practical anymore. They're works of art. Oh yeah, for sure. Beautiful. He did a great job. I saw some people kind of complaining that, you know, when a franchise wins more than they put the second, you know, the second, the two, three, there's only one trophy on that.

St. Louis Rams won a Super Bowl. Shouldn't there be two on there? I don't know.

I think Stan's turned the page. I'm just saying. I don't know. Never thought about that.

I'm just saying. Shot at St. Louis. Beautiful rings. Congratulations to the Rams. Now they got to go win another one.

According to Jerry Jones, the other owners pay for those rings. Oh, look at that. I think he told me that once. Okay. Thanks for watching this show. We wrap it up. We'll see you next time.

We'll see you next week. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too. All time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before, you know, Hulk Hogan was a baby face, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen, wherever you get your podcasts.
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