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REShow: Fred Warner - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 18, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Fred Warner - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 18, 2022 3:13 pm

49ers All-Pro LB Fred Warner tells Rich why he has confidence 2nd-year QB Trey Lance can step into the Niners’ starting role, why he has great expectations for San Francisco’s defense this season, and why he remains optimistic Deebo Samuel can iron out his beef with the team in time for the start of the season. 

Rich weighs in on Deebo Samuel’s standoff with the 49ers and says why money will solve the issues the All-Pro WR has with the team, and breaks down the Carolina Panthers’ QB competition between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold and says why Mayfield would have been better off going to the Seattle Seahawks instead. 

Rich offers up some commonsense advice for all the Pittsburgh Steelers fans freaking out over the renaming of Heinz Field to Acrisure Stadium.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. And now back to the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles, the Rich Eisen Show.

He can't quit us and we can't quit you either. Earlier on the show ESPN senior writer Kevin Van Valkenburg, still to come 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, Steelers running back Najee Harris, plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Can confirm, can confirm it is me back here in the Rich Eisen Show chair after a couple of weeks of walkabout and three of my friends back in studio were all of us together.

Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo. Good to see you. Top of hour number two of this show.

TJ Jefferson. What up though? Good to see you sir. It's good to be seen. I bet. Yeah. Better than the alternative.

Now did you think I'd come back fat? No. There's the open championship victory and baseball's break here in Los Angeles. All-star game tomorrow night. Home run derby tonight. A couple of NFL training camps opening today.

Rookies for the Pills and for the Raiders. Lots to talk about. But the burning question that I have for you is did you guys think I'd come back from my vacation fat? Because I've lost weight. I don't know if you've noticed. Did you notice? No. What's the matter with you people?

It's been so long since I've seen you I kind of forgot. Oh my god that's just ridiculous. Um no.

Fred Warner the 49er is about to call him by the way. The thing is is like eating the food over there which we notice that you eat a lot of in Italy. Yeah. It's also healthy and clean because it's all fresh.

It is that. And you don't snack during the day. The only thing you think about for food when you're over in Italy is when you're having breakfast what's for lunch?

Right. When you're having lunch what's for dinner? And then when you're having dinner where are we eating tomorrow?

That's basically the way it goes. Dessert? I'm sure you had. Oh well there's dolce. There's dolce. Yeah. I don't have the gabbana. I had the dolce.

The tiramisu is uh spectacular. I mean wherever you go. But I just want to make sure honestly. I did not think you were going to be fat. No. I thought you just kind of you always kind of looked the same. Okay. Is that a compliment? That's a compliment. Thank you so much.

I appreciate that. We're back here on the Rich Eisen Show and joining us back here on the program. I don't know if he saw this. There was a USA Today at a write-up. Top 10 linebackers in the national football. We were doing the list last week too. He was rated one.

Oh. Rated number one right there in the middle of the San Francisco 49ers defense getting set to get back out there after coming up just so short of the Super Bowl last year. What a remarkable run the Niners had last year. Joining us on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line is the terrific Fred Warner. How are you doing Fred?

Man I'm doing outstanding Rich. I'm pretty sure you have me on. Did you have did you see that you were named the top linebacker in the NFL by USA Today? Did you see that one? I saw that one. No I didn't see that. I didn't. I know this time of year they love to to come out with lists like that.

Fred I don't know how you are. We're bored. We can't wait for football to get back.

Right right. How do you like how are you feeling right now? I mean uh you're getting ready the grind is about to hit correct? San Francisco you report to training camp on the 26th of July.

If I'm not mistaken. Right right yeah I'm itching I'm itching man and you know like you said like we're all we're all ready we're all ready to get this show on the road and get back to playing football again. Uh the greatest the greatest sport you know in the world and so just excited to get going again and get back to work. And so let's get into the getting into work Fred Warner um so I'm sure you've heard the narrative if not I'll just repeat it um that uh Trey Lance is not ready some people believe to take this team to where it needs to go to where Jimmy Garoppolo has taken it to where Jimmy Garoppolo could still take it uh but the Niners are going to turn to him and uh he's not potentially ready for it. What can you tell me on that front Fred Warner? Yeah I mean I've spoken about Trey you know a lot um you know and I know this this off season has been that's kind of been the uh like you mentioned the narrative of everybody's asking oh is Trey ready and is Trey going to be the guy and all these other questions and I've continued to say man just how much I've I've admired the way Trey has taken on uh you know just all the criticism all all the um I guess you could say like the pressure that people are trying to put on him you know he's been super professional about it especially with how young he is um very mature for his age and so just the things that you see from him uh in in the small the small things that y'all like everybody else outside of the building sees from him I mean that should give you a good sense of like the maturity for such a young player and you know if if given the reins like what uh the way that he would handle it you know and so I I can continue to to sit here and tell you how um you know how great of a person and player that he is um you know I've already spoken on that but uh you know whatever whatever it may be I know that he is for sure if given the reins that he's ready for it um he's very professional and mature and and uh ready for whatever he's given well again I don't want you to tell any tales out of school unless of course you want to but has he not been given the reins hasn't it is it not apparent to everybody there that he is going to be your week one starter in in Chicago right now Fred you know yeah I mean Kyle Kyle's the you know the brains of the operation I let him handle all that kind of stuff you know my job as you know the middle linebacker for our defense to make sure that I'm ready to go um you know and at the top of my game for for this side of the ball and and let them handle out that side and uh you know I know it's a it's a it's a big operation to operate as a team and um you know and so I'm just making sure I'm doing my part in the puzzle and so uh the little things that you mentioned moments ago can you give me an example of a little thing that Lance has done and you're like okay that's that's a QB in the NFL that I know of what do you think yeah I mean just just doing the little things right you know working hard keeping his head down staying humble uh not letting the outside criticism get to him I haven't seen him mention it one time you know and the times I've seen him on you know having to approach the media and the way that he goes about that and and letting them know that that's not something that he's worried about he's worried about the opinion of his coaches and teammates you know and just uh just doing the little things right I think that's what ultimately is gonna allow him to be successful uh in this league and you know just so you're aware Fred Warner um you know I I have been sitting from this chair from which I'm uh talking to you right now that this is his team that he's ready for it that uh he's got an immense upside and that's why the Niners went and traded for him and of course to trade all those picks of course you're gonna just have to go with him and and and whatever ups and downs there may be you just hope that there's more ups and you could scheme for more ups and he's got an incredible upside and you go along with it so I just wanted to get that out there before I ask you one more question about him on this front involving Lance here is that you know he has an immense ability and a chance to to rest this team do you think there is enough on this team even from your side of the ball to follow should he be that guy leading Fred Warner you said uh in terms of you know what surround like what what is our team look like going into the season is that what you mean well I mean I just I mean just like you know it's it's it's his it's his team let's just say like you show up and and let me get this right uh the sap performance facility in Santa Clara and it's just like this is it he because he said to me at the Super Bowl uh when when we were talking uh that short part of the reason why people talk about him this way is he hasn't gotten much of a chance he just needs the reps and it looks like he's getting the reps and so my my question is that if if if you show up there and the coach says this is our guy he's got the the juice in the locker room to basically have everyone follow is what I'm asking for sure for sure no I mean he's and he's he's sitting with the group from since day one you know I think he's come in uh like with the right mindset the humility um you know he's the the just the front office is continuing to bring guys in that love the game they love football they they're good people um you know and trades continue to work hard and that's kind of how you that's how you build respect amongst your teammates and your peers you know is by is by putting in the work day in and day out and guys seeing that um you know and seeing that confidence built within him uh going into his second year you know being out there uh during OTA workouts and practices and um you know continuing to do that in training camp like I know he will so uh he for sure has the respect amongst his teammates got Fred Warner the San Francisco 49ers here on the Rich Eisen show so um the defense and how how how it's looking going into the season what can you preview for me based on what we saw last year and your ability to uh take a step forward this year Fred what can you give me on that front the expectation is to is to be the best always to be the number one defense um you know last season I feel like we had a really good year I don't know where we finished in the rankings right for for overall defense but I know we were at the tops and I know that given what we did last year and who we're bringing back in the in the fire that we're bringing back and you know in our bellies knowing that we want to be the best I know we're only going to get better um you know and you're you're really getting better you're getting worse and so I think we're we're choosing we're choosing the better of the two um and it starts in training camp oh it's already started you know so it starts in the beginning of the off season and putting in that work uh like I know we did no TAs and then continuing to do that in training camp uh and so I'm really excited to see his work how good is D'Amico Ryan's your DC and and the fact that you get to plug into and he uh you um him having played the same position similar position Fred sure yeah he's the best he's the best and I don't just say that just because obviously he's my coach I just I know what what greatness looks like and he exudes that every day um you know not only just as a coach but just as a as a person he did so he did so as a player too you know just the leadership ability um the teachability that he that he possesses and uh you know continuing to want to get better uh as a coach and wanting this group to get better and pushing us and um making sure that he's prepared uh every single day um to make sure he gives us his best self so uh I know he's gonna come in ready to go as well man what was it like in that NFC championship game last year I mean for for this franchise to go into that building and be able to maybe own it for the rest of your playing days right and then play for the Super Bowl in that building uh I mean to do that to the Rams and the opportunity that was there uh I'm wondering what your when you look back on it what you think of Fred Warner for you yeah I mean it was uh it was it was a very it was a very crazy season to say the least you know the way that it kind of went the ups and downs um and the fact that we even made it to that game after some of those adversities that we hit throughout the season and you talk about that week 17 game being there trying to beat the Rams and pulling that off somehow being down at half and um you know going into green bay and beating them being MVP um you know it was a it was a crazy season we had the opportunity you know right there to kind of to make it happen and we didn't we didn't capitalize on the opportunity uh in that game and you know the Rams went on it and they won they won the Super Bowl you know just like you know just as they as they should they're a very good football team um and so I think going into this season that's gonna that's gonna for sure um that's for sure gonna rest with us uh that feeling that we had in the NFC Championship game knowing that we want to get back to that game and and win it you know so we can have another opportunity at winning a championship. And then you know to go into Dallas and do what you did in that in that in that post-season run Mike McCarthy the Cowboys coach said afterwards that the Cowboys were were nervous to start the game did you sense that from your side of the football Fred? Oh I don't I mean I don't know if I don't know if we sense that uh I think that was that was another hardball game you know one I should have mentioned but I I wouldn't have said that I thought they were nervous I know it's it was um you know a young team a lot of young superstars on that team who hadn't been in playoff experience probably um you know a lot of our a lot of us on our team we we had been there we knew the situation and how how the game the game should go and so um yeah I don't I think it was just a horrifying game between two good teams. Fred Warner here on the Rich Eisen Show before before I let you go uh week one you're at Chicago five's breaking the huddle right I'm always doing that because I do love Trey Lance five's breaking the huddle uh offensively you're you're you're getting that ready to come out there let's just say right uh you win the toss and and coach says we'll take the ball puts the offense out there first you're standing there maybe getting ready to get out there five breaks the huddle does 19 break the huddle with five what do you think what's your two cents on that right now Fred what do you think I'm putting it out there you're good you're good man you're good here's the thing here's the thing is we always defer so the defense is for sure going to be out there first okay so then you you that's not realistic that's not realistic good that's not realistic look okay so then let's let's walk through it then so uh you win the toss you defer you defer you defer you get out there you show Justin Fields that 2022 is exactly the way that 2021 went for okay I'm buttering you up obviously to get the answer to the question okay now we're getting you're feeling good you're three and out okay you three it out you get some good field position for for five five breaks the huddle does 19 break the huddle with him what do you think man I sure hope so I sure hope so man he's one of the best football players in the NFL so uh yeah I sure hope so he's out there I gotta be honest with you I couldn't have been more stunned uh about whatever the heck started happening I have no idea where it is right now well I couldn't have been more stunned because he is such an identity maker for your team you're one of them Fred Warner uh Kittle's another obviously uh Deebo is another uh Bosa could you know we I could go on and on because there's so many dynamic players on your team he's one of them and he's so identified with the way that you play and the way that you hit the way that you uh you make business decisions occur for your opponent so often did you did you have any sense that things might be not going um copacetic with him and the team at all Fred yeah I mean I think when each player that goes through that process you know from a teammate's perspective and knowing that I've been through that process as well you know you got to let that guy go through it you know however it may go um you know I know there's been ups and downs and uh that's just kind of that's another part of it that a lot of people don't see like you see you see the games on Sundays and and things like that but this is kind of just another part of that process and Deebo's going through that with uh you know with the guys who are in charge of that on the team you know and so I know there's a lot of time left and uh Deebo the thing I can say about Deebo is he's an amazing player as well as a teammate um you know that's my guy and so I know he he he'll get whatever he deserves and uh you know I I know in good time that things will work themselves out do you talk to him about that sort of stuff like when was the last time you you you chatted connected with him Fred yeah I mean I kind of I've let him I've let him handle that process right um and so I I saw him at OTAs and he was looking great you know I'm in great spirits too so it was good to see him back and be back with his teammates and um you know everybody everybody understands that part of it right you know it's it's not it's just part of how it goes and so letting him handle that process as he as he may Fred I appreciate the time what are you doing between now and training camp did you did you travel what did you do anything this summer at all yeah you know I just got married hey got married a couple ways back yeah mazel tov where where when'd you get married when did that happen yeah it was june 25th yeah we got married to san diego okay um yeah and then we went uh on our honeymoon to bora bora for a couple days oh and then right back and then right back to work man yeah you went swimming with turtles swimming a little manatee little little manatee snorkeling is that what you did yeah that's right that's right yeah the whole nine wow okay a bora bora honeymoon okay and now and now what are you what are you just uh filling out the honeydew list between now and training camp is that basically what it is right yeah yeah something like that yeah how long how long have you been with your uh your wife now is it a long time or is this yeah we've been over two years okay over two years yeah so now we're what two weeks into into uh being married I think a little over two weeks probably but wow okay very good congratulations fred you've had a heck of an off season what an office yeah exactly terrific well let's uh let's stay in touch throughout the playing season I always do enjoy our chats you're always uh you know straightforward with me and I always appreciate that immensely thank you thanks yeah I appreciate it thanks and I appreciate it you got it that's Fred Warner of the San Francisco 49ers Trey Lance's San Francisco 49ers right here on the Rich Eisen show it's Fred Warner's team it's Kittle's team man I gotta get Deebo we gotta get Deebo back in there we gotta get Deebo back in there we gotta get 19 back in there we got we got 7 26 the Niners open you think Deebo shows yeah is it gonna be like TJ Watt is he's holding in if he holds in I don't hold in I want him holding in yeah if I'm the if I'm a 49er fan right now I want Deebo you show up you hold in and then whatever the money is you gotta give it to him the problem is is the problem is you can't move the 49ers to the east coast if that's the issue I'm serious man if that is the issue if that is in fact the issue that he's doesn't want to play over there and and anybody can sit there and go well come on why would he do that why would he do that why would he do that Devante Adams left Aaron Rodgers he wanted to go be closer to the west coast and he wanted to play with Derek Carr that is something that two of these guys have apparently been talking about for a while remember we had David on and he's like they've been talking about it for years and this is the they've been they tried it before the it being Devante winding up where Derek is because clearly Derek wasn't going to wind up where Devante it was so if it is something that is irreconcilable which is where San Francisco and Santa Clara is located that's an irreconcilable difference you can't fix that to make Deebo happy Jed York's not going to call up David Tepper and say hey you want to swap spots you know has that ever happened before i don't think so two teams i don't know i mean we've seen players trade families i don't know about the franchises right the old the old baseball story right where they swap lives even i'm going to bet that has happened at some point maybe not major leagues but at some point yeah like we're just like let's just i'll take you i'll take your market you take mine that probably happened you know hey Obermann probably would know that off the top of his head you know all right facetime Keith so that's as long as that's not the issue this is going to get handled yeah i think so i mean it's long because if it truly is dollars and cents we're going to figure that out if it is him telling Shannon i don't want to run it a million times yeah i don't want 200 carries that might be irreconcilable yeah because if Kyle's like look this gives us the best chance to win and he's like i don't want to wear and tear on my body and the coach can't sit there in the middle of the fourth quarter of week 12 going what's his pitch count what's his run count right oh he's at 48 carries yeah last three it's not like baseball where they're gonna yank Blake Snell in the middle of a world series because of his pitch count or Kershaw with a perfect game right you know i mean like that's not the way it works in the NFL the head coach doesn't want that reigns or need those reigns if if those two things are are one are not the issue if it's dollars and cents and it sounds like that with Fred Warner with Fred saying when you know i've been through it other guys when other guys go through it you just let them go through it they have to go through it the it is it is i want this you don't want to give it to me i want out right and the answer to all your problems is more it's money it's more his money more money for the lack of you know greed for the lack of a better word is good so yeah short answer he if i'm a Niner fan i want him holding in hold in that's fine and then show up week one and then just torch the hell out of soldier field that might have a dome at some point did you see that story no i didn't see that because they'll move and they'll have a dome could you imagine the bears move out of Chicago to some you know to somewhere in Chicagoland and put a dome over the top like they're the Vikings oh my god that would not go over well in Chicago yeah so then the soldier field people are like well we'll just put a dome on soldier field just you can stay here just don't call it acro sure apparently and then there's then then the Niners are home for Seattle at Denver oh wow the Monday nighter home for the Rams week four that's gonna be a dynamite first man dynamite first month on the road in Chicago home for Seattle where you know it ain't gonna be Baker Mayfield now as you know and could it be Jimmy J could it be James G who knows at Denver just because they can't quit Russell nor he them and then home for the world champs on Monday night football what a dynamite first month of the season for a team that finished up as one of the most intriguing teams of all of 2021 let us take a break when we come back on this program i will hit on the Baker Mayfield acquisition by Carol Lina what that means my two cents on that you know if you want to have a phone call 844-204-rich number to dial here on this July back to work 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conditions apply need to hire you need indeed back here on the rich eisen show 844-204-rich number to dial here on the program so um biggest nfl story uh while i was away in uh in italy it hit uh it hit the old wire is that where you were that's ours oh okay i didn't say that by the way that was him understood what we're gonna get into this at some point that's the only thing i've said we're gonna get you've hardly said a word today well i mean people don't want to hear from me today you've been gone for a while that's not true what are you talking about nobody nobody people say how much they love you on this program i get i get that more than anybody else here you know but i'm just saying no well i mean you've been gone two weeks in the very beginning i used to get that about you guys so we're old now now now the moments about me the disrespect has the hashtag the energy the energy is shifting now now i'm going to start attacking the instagram post the energy is shifting am i supposed to not root for my team the energy is shifting because when it's all over you're going to be in the same place as my team ringless oh is that right in the in the baseball season we're talking yeah i don't know that um so at any rate baker mayfield is now a carolina panther man and uh wildly um he is now in a quarterback competition with the quarterback chosen after him in the nfl draft that's so weird a quarterback i mean the night in dallas texas when the browns chose baker mayfield first i still can't believe it and the jets who had traded up into the third spot of that draft choose sam darnold okay if you'd come up and told me that the two of them would be in the same quarterback room to start the 2022 season in carolina i would have told you you're crazy i'll have what you're having nobody would believe that and yet here we are and yet here we are and remarkably the first team that the carolina panthers are facing this year are the cleveland browns and uh in carolina and how about this last year sam darnold's first start week one at home against his former team so it's a new tradition in carolina they're going to get somebody and they're going to wind up starting against the former team i love it that's great because it's entirely possible neither of these quarterbacks start the 2023 season for the carolina panthers exactly that's the crazy part about this trade it's just like we're just we're just we're just we're just trying to go with the flow carolina panthers we're going with the flow that's what they're doing they're going with the flow and the flow is uh you know we're we're trying to catch fire we're trying to catch fire we're going with the flow these aren't these aren't you know mantras that you usually have so they're going to take down keep pounding from the wall and put up just going with the flow going with the keep pounding out out go trying to catch fire is one going with the flow is the other because what are the way they say it's a quarterback competition now it's a quarterback competition now just like it was i guess in the cleveland browns draft room in 2018 okay right and and the browns chose baker and left sam darnold for the jets and now they're both on the same team and it is wild and who the hell knows i i would proffer to say obviously you'd say donald has a step up oh yeah for sure you know donald's got to step up because he's been in the offense for more than a year but it's a new offense it's ben mackin okay let me talk about that if you had told me in 2018 that darnold and baker would be in the same quarterback room and one of the guys who gets to decide who starts is ben mackinac do you have the the i don't have his call sheet over there somewhere the big diner card no i don't have that anymore somewhere in our in our studio i mean just the ultimate of you can never you never know and baker actually coughed up money to get the hell out of cleveland no surprise there and the browns get a fifth round pick this is the thing that stopped me in the 2024 draft not next year not next year oh no oh no cleveland fans you will not realize the uh rewards until the 2024 draft and that fifth rounder could uh could eventually become a fourth rounder you got two years to figure it out what if what oh you've got a what if what if in 18 they just the browns just picked josh allen now that's the whole point this is playing the result i hate this no no no no no no well you hate a lot because no here's the thing his point is that josh allen might not have had the right spot and cleveland cleveland might not have been the right spot out of the league if he went to cleveland maybe but when you got a 6-5 quarterback to throw the ball 100 yards in the air and runs a 4-4 40 like so so here's what here's here's what i'm saying here's what i'm saying because trust me if i'm a jet fan i wish they'd taken josh allen but you know uh adam gase might not have been the proper guy for him yeah exactly there's timing there's there's uh organizations there's coaches it's all got to work out so but the reason why i'm pointing out that josh allen's name the point to mention here and certainly um you know lamar jackson as well is that while that's happening in carolina you may see an afc championship game between josh allen and lamar jackson for sure right we could and so i can't but like like you always say you have to wait five years to figure out what a draft is this this one was over in three really it was but but but which one of these guys is going to get the opportunity in carolina and what will they do with it and so it is just one of the most fascinating quarterback drafts you can imagine okay where josh rosen bless him where is he now is he i think he's still in atlanta okay so he's sitting there waiting for an opportunity to to drop in his lap the top two quarterbacks taken in the draft are sitting in the same quarterback draft room in carolina and whoever gets the opportunity to start can grab the bull by the horns and stay and get a nice contract to stay and the other one is going to have to find a new spot somewhere else i mean that's a huge quarterback competition that's about to unfold in carolina who's going to get that opportunity because you can make the most of it if court gets the opportunity to get the you can make the most of it if christian mccaffrey stays healthy and the other one and the other one from that draft who knows could wind up just like josh rosen fact both of them could too both of them could be backup quarterbacks entering 2023 as well or on the flip side you've got lamar jackson who enters 2022 as the biggest shrug emoji quarterback normally that's a phrase i use to say you never know what's going to happen with this guy the shrug is like how the hell is he on sun i i have no idea what's going on there the only one who's as sure fire as they come in this whole conversation is josh allen who could be the mvp by the end of this year unbelievable as for the carolina situation i have no i i'm assuming baker gets the gig what are they going to have him sit there week one after they make this acquisition and let sam darnold have at it against the uh cleveland browns got it okay okay no idea dude you get baker mayfield in that spot and two young alpha males going at it god bless the quarterback coach and mackadoo and and matt rule what a situation that is i've never heard of anything quite like it and um and i'm assuming mayfield gets that gig you coming just to just to say that you've seen what you got out of sam darnold last year unless mayfield totally craps the bed in preseason what are you gonna just have baker hold a clipboard week one welcome to the team that's your former team we're not even gonna we'll just use you to say what do you think stefanski's gonna run i mean like that's what you're gonna that's you're gonna be the scout quarterback that week to try and figure out how jacobi brissette might work the offense we're gonna pick your brain baker while we send sam darnold out there the only way that they i i can't imagine that happens not ideal i can't imagine that and the only way that donald does go out there is if mayfield totally craps the bed donald is so terrific that there would be a problem in the locker room if they hand baker mayfield the gig i mean you can't make decisions based on who your week one opponent is yeah you can and and and and on top of all of it you make this deal because you don't know if donald's the guy you want competition in a way so you got to see what the other guy's gonna do when it all comes down to it though for baker i wish he got sent to seattle what a better situation to be what a better situation that would have been for him i think it would have been a better situation you could sit here and say carolyn is a better team than seattle rich sure you can say that about the roster but anytime you think p carolyn the seahawks have nothing they find something they got uh you know i mean and what if that's drew lock i i just think baker's a better quarterback than that guy and i think i agree and i think baker's a better quarterback than sam darnold as well and i think baker's gonna win that job and i think the panthers would be nuts to go acquire him and start donald against his former team and then then you turn to baker what week three week four now we need you i don't know i saw that and i thought to myself like i said it's gonna be baker's gig you could say quarterback competition all you want and man i wish he'd gone to seattle those are my two cents on that subject as for how baker's gonna do there i mean it's really on on on coaching and the scheme and whether mccaffrey's gonna be healthy and baker's gonna be healthy i hope he can be it's gonna be fun baker and tom brady twice a year good luck right baker and how about that baker when baker plays winston it's two first overall quarterbacks who did did winston even last four years with the bucks i think he was exactly just exactly there right yeah wow man same thing and then we still you you still cannot tell the story of the draft 2018 draft he did five yeah you can't you can't tell the story of the 2018 draft yet you got to see what happens in carolina first what a huge quarterback competition if it really is one but i just again just to repeat can't imagine you acquire baker mayfield you bring him in and you still go with the guy that you thought so highly of that you had to bring baker mayfield in and start him against the team that baker has all the incentive to go whip and yeah you make your decision based on week one you go one and all in the nfl certainly when you're carolina by the way here here it's just a revenge tour there were three in our last year dude revenge tour this is what you do you start if you get carolina you look at their schedule carolina you start baker against cleveland and then send ben mackadoo's offense at the giants mackadoo revenge mackadoo revenge tour 2022 make t-shirts up right now then baker versus winston baker versus dude you're gonna let your team go take on kylar murray with sam darnold really really what if he's better really what if he's better that's the other thing right they have a competition okay i got it i i mean i get it i got it i think it's just gonna be a bad year look at that schedule it's gonna be a really bad schedule looks tough again i don't want to go into that business of schedule looks terrible because anybody last year who said oh we've got cincinnati in december we've got a made in the shade until december hit yo but there's no i mean i hear him i hear him i don't know different teams baker catches fire again that's what it's about we can catch fire and go with the flow 2022 carolina panthers baker is your third son me yeah i don't know i do like him i know you do i like him i know maybe it's because i don't have to live with him i'm not with him i like his boxy but and again if you're carolina you saw like why go get him if you love darnold so much why go get him it's weird if you love sam darnold so much why go get here here's why here's why the coach is coaching for his job right so he's looking to get anything that'll get him w's because if he doesn't get nine of them he's done so you need to scratch together at nine and seven seasons and so who who nine and eight who would whatever whoever it takes yes you know so if it's sam darnold if it's baker mayfield if it's whoever whoever you got to do it and so you're just kind of grasping at straws at this point and but what if it costs you uh uh 2024 fifth becoming a fourth right right i'm making your point for you thank you 2024 those things what the hell's happening hell going on all right we'll take a break 844-204-rich number to doll overreaction monday still to come here on this edition of the rich eisen show so that's how we're rolling here on the rich eisen show 844-204-rich number to doll uh so there's uh something i want to tell you about right here um let me see get the paperwork done right uh net suite let's talk about net suite right here um let's just say um at some point yesterday big putt right and all of a sudden uh cam smith's hat fell in front of his oh geez uh poor visibility it's terrible that's terrible it may be just maybe that's the way you're relying on your business poor visibility because you're still relying on spreadsheets and outdated finance software to see the full picture you need to upgrade to net suite by oracle net suite is the number one cloud financial system that gives you the full picture of your business with visibility and control of your financials inventory hr planning budgeting and more net suite is everything you need all in one place you can automate your manual processes and close your books in no time while staying well ahead of your competition 93 of surveyed businesses increase their visibility and control after upgrading to net suite over 31 000 businesses already use net suite this summer net suite is a fine special financing program for those ready to upgrade it net suite dot com slash rich radio make sure you go to net suite dot com slash rich radio and throw in the rich radio for a special one-of-a-kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses net suite dot com slash rich radio be sure to include that rich radio we'd appreciate that so uh maybe you can help with this tj i do my best as you know uh here in los angeles california lakers fans lost their minds laker am i referring to um what happened with the laker season no i'm not referring to am i referring to russell westbrook being on the hook for 40 something million bucks no i'm not i'm not i'm not referring to that am i referring to the warriors doing what they did lakers fans freaking out about that no i'm referring to the fact that the lakers announced that staples staples center is becoming uh and people around here thought that their entire laker fandom was wiped out was wiped out all those amazing kobe shack ears every shot every shot robert orry made gone that comeback against the blazers for the ages right yeah yeah the kobe the shack hoop over phil jackson to use the phrase like uh you know the good for uh good for uh the godfather like it never existed like severance just gone yes right yes right like severance gone gone stepping over loop well no that was that no that was different that was different i don't know i'm just saying all all all the all the moments gone steeler fans have lost their minds yes now look i understand that hinds field and that hinds ketchup is a that's a local business and when they built their new stadium right on the confluence that hinds had a deal with the steelers that made sense it's a local product a local business putting their name but it was a 20-year deal yeah amazing 2001 it's the deals up right for about like 40 something million dollars well here's a deal uh the the the hinds in the 20-year deal they paid 57 million dollars they even branded how much money they gave well done 57 you know well done varieties of millions and uh so that's 2.8 and a half million dollars a year so the steelers they're open for business uh it's understandable right you gotta have business is business so they struck a deal with aqua sure what god bless you they struck a deal with aqua sure what's your ship and it's a company based out of uh michigan state of michigan oh yeah and uh they said they told the steelers uh you know what we've got for you we've got 150 to 300 million dollars oh wait a second heinz what and thus today heinz who the ketchup bottles the famed ketchup bottles the famed ketchup bottles in pittsburgh pa being removed and and this video from that we've seen on twitter that's going to be all over pittsburgh fan pages and all over the news it it's it's like the steeler fans are having their hearts ripped out it's like betis never won going off into the sunset it's like it's like santonial homes never toe tap the end zone it's like roethlisberger didn't make that tackle when he spun around and it's like it's like tomlin isn't one of the best coaches in the history of their franchise it's like it it's it's it's as if they can't even figure out which way is up anymore as a steeler fan and all i will say is this i understand it's emotional that this is a uh how big is that ketchup it's huge oh no it's gigantic and and del tufo del tufo is asking the same question as my 13 year old zander and my 11 year old coach is is there actually ketchup your kids love ketchup so much oh my god taylor not so much which is great good for her good for her i will just say this i just want to say this to my steeler fan friends out there because you know i have my your best interest in mind all the time yes right i'm gonna pull a coach dale here oh and just measure the rim to the floor she would get in the pool measure the rim to the floor measure let's just use that i guess measure the sideline to sideline right measure the top of the stadium to the lower part of the stadium measure it all out because the bottle leaving it's the same stadium it's the same field it's the same stadium it's the same building the memories still happened you still have hinds ward okay and half the people around the world thought you named the building after hinds war until they saw the spelling and had a bottle of ketchup it's not aqueous reward he didn't change his name it's not aqueous your ward it's the same building folks and and all the memories that you had in the old state that what i understand they took a wrecking ball to that place three rivers they blew it up it's still the same stadium yeah but it's harder to say now aqua sure that's the issue yeah because you're pittsburgh you're like hey i'm gonna go down the hinds field net and now you what you gonna say i'm gonna go down the aqua sure in that like aqua shirt it's too many syllables i for pittsburgh fans no i'm trying to say that no aqua sure in that well yeah now it's gone right like the field like the place where all the memories happen and franco made the catch no that's three exactly three rivers they blew it up exactly it's gone i used to work and i understand the problem is again that hinds is a local business and you also know what it is yeah you could put a ketchup bottle up there yep put a ketchup bottle up there we don't know what hinds is you pour the ketchup out we all know just quick tip when you open a new bottle of hinds just you tap the 57 with the with with the base of your hand it comes flowing out yeah ketchup comes out it's just a public it's a public service i keep providing public services where people knew they don't know but here's the problem here's the problem is that you can ask like what's aqua sure who are they okay again can we guess here it is here it is here it is the problem is is that when you go to their website and they tell you who they are you still don't know accuracy sounds like something you drink for bubble guns no it does sound like this the company in severance yeah here is a goal this this is their description a global fin tech leader what's fin tech financial technology bro what do you tell me if you know you tell me if you know what they are after i'm about to tell you aqua sure provides customers with intelligence driven financial services solutions for insurance reinsurance real estate services cyber services and asset and wealth management it's made up none of that is real no they take care of your well your your i go to google what kind of company is aqua sure oh aqua sure llc provides insurance services the company offers claims department life and health insurance programs estate planning property and casualty employee benefits commercial and personal insurance watch your money i get it it's not like a bottle of ketchup where you like i know what that does i get it you put it on stuff yes eat it yes eat it and and and you can have an argument whether you're a freak or not because yeah i put it on a hot dog back off yes i do too all right and i know i'm opening a whole other can of worms i do too i can't put no aqua sure on the hot dog you can't no you can ensure after you can you put aqua sure on a hot dog you can't so you look at a ketchup bottle like i don't know what that is i don't know where the company is it's a state it's somebody from michigan coming in with their with their uh reinsurance services but the bottom line is they're not taking the banners down pittsburgh friends just the ketchup bottle for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one well because i even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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