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REShow: Billy Gardell - Hour 3 (9-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 7, 2022 3:16 pm

REShow: Billy Gardell - Hour 3 (9-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 7, 2022 3:16 pm

Brockman continues his pre-season NFL power rankings countdown reveal with his ‘Burning Questions’ for teams 10 to 6 on his list including the Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles. 

Actor/comedian Billy Gardell joins Rich in-studio where he reveals what led him to undertake a drastic lifestyle change that resulted in a 130-pound weight loss, why he (as die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan) loves that Mike Tomlin named Mitchell Tribusky the team’s starter over rookie Kenny Pickett, says if he’s as upset as other Steelers fans over the name change from Heinz Field to Acrisure Stadium, and says why his CBS sitcom ‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ remains so popular.

Rich and the guys react to Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel and Patriots HC Bill Belichick’s press conferences as Miami and New England get set for their Week 1 matchup.

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. There's no hope. This is the Rich Eisen Show. We all know what's going to happen to the cowboys ahead of time and you'll be chronicling it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

If they're healthy you watch they might not lose a game. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show ESPN college football analyst Ryan Leaf. ESPN NFL analyst Mina Kimes.

Still to come. Actor and comedian Billy Gardel. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes it is hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show. We just had a great hour number two talking with Geno Smith, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks and also with Mina Kimes of ESPN. She just left our studio Billy Gardel is arriving. The diehard Steeler fan and star of all those fun terrific television shows that he's been on including Mike and Molly and now Bob Hart's Abishola on CBS. He'll be here in studio in about 18 minutes time and I will say the dreaded eight-letter word to him as it is a four-letter word to everybody in Pittsburgh apparently. Acresher. That'll be great. That's coming up on the program.

Chris Brockman and Jay Felley. Hey Rich. Or as Ryan Leaf called you Heller in hour number one. I caught that didn't mean to do it. Yeah. Right now but it's okay.

All good. And if you missed that it's on our YouTube page slash Rich Eisen Show. And TJ Jefferson good to see you over there sir.

Good to be seen Rich Eisen. All right before we get to your burning questions Chris Brockman you have been counting down from 32 all the way up to one. You're a power rankings.

We have now entered the realm of the top 10 and you have a burning question surrounding each and every team. We'll get to 10 through 6 in a moment but let's go to phone lines. Folks have been kind to hang on and wait to talk to us at 844-204-rich and everything. Let's give another shot to our friend who called in from Japan. Zach are you there in Japan?

Uh oh. You there Zach? I think he fell asleep. What has happened? Is he doing a bit or did he really fall asleep?

We're unfortunately done with Zach in Japan. Jack unless it is. It's three in the morning there. Is it really?

Yeah. It's literally 3 a.m. Let's put it back on. He made it back on. I won't even say if he's there.

He may have actually. Let's listen in. You there? Zach you there?

Zach. Hold on. It's three in the morning. Don't hang up. Just let the phone. Keep going.

We'll check in with Zach every now and then. This is incredible. That's a first.

That's a first. We've been at this almost eight years. This isn't great. Oh my god.

That was amazing. Is he snoring? Okay. My man's got the phone up to his chin. He's got a little apnea.

Let's let him get through his REM state. We'll check back in in a moment. At least we know he's alive. All we know is Jack in Colorado all you have to be is awake and you've got the best phone call of the segment. You there Jack?

Yes Ray. Good afternoon Jack. How are you today?

Good afternoon. What's going on? I will say you had a better Saturday than me being a Colorado State graduate. Oh yeah man. I hear you. I'm a happy guy.

I'm sorry to say but what's on your mind today Jack? Yeah. My question to you was about Russell Wilson as a good old Broncos fan. Curious about his claims saying maybe five years 10 to 12 in his introductory press conference but how much does that hold weight do you think?

Do you think that he can last that long? Of course. And Rogers and Brady they're more pocket passers so. Of course.

Of course. I mean again I am very bullish and high on the Russell Wilson acquisition by Denver. I mean the the he was the number one quarterback available and the sweepstakes were significant for his services. No question about it and the Broncos won it and why wouldn't you want to win his services because he's still a young man certainly in now what is becoming an older man's game at the quarterback position which we never thought was possible. He's 34 and he is a division winning machine in his career and he's also a making the playoffs and making sure you win a playoff game machine.

It's just a new spot. It's a new spot a new place with a new team and new teammates and a new head coach who's never done it before with a new system and all of that and I think it will take some adjustments which means I don't think he will win a division that's the deepest in the league which is why I'm taking another team other than the Broncos. So put it all together long term what a major stroke this is for the Denver Broncos. Certainly when they were on the sailing block too I mean you get a new owner you say you've got to face the franchise it's one of the best to have done it in the last 10 years and he's got maybe another 10 years to go sold you know I believe it. Yeah I just think you know the injury was a fluke at his finger but he definitely has probably as a Bronco fan I won him here for 12 more years but we'll see. We'll see thanks for the call greatly appreciate it Jack. I mean we had Geno Smith on before Geno as we all know got the start last year when Russ hurt his finger snapped a consecutive start streak of 149 straight games and Geno is the guy I guess that's he's a he's a he's a streak snapper don't forget he's the guy that Ben McAdoo turned to and what was that back in the day 2017 when Eli was two and nine for the Giants and he's just like okay Eli 210 straight starts you're sitting.

I don't know how a John Mara let that happen. Let's go back to Zach. All right everybody be quiet. Zach are you there? Zach are you there? Zach wake up. Zach wake up. Hold on. Zach wake up.

Is that his air conditioning in the background? I don't know man. This is the weirdest thing we've ever done. Joseph and San Diego.

It's not creepy. We're not we're not creeping. Joseph and San Diego let's take him line four. What's up Joseph?

Rich. What's going on brother? I'm like that guy from Japan and Zach Wilson. I'm ready. Just wanted to let you know that. Okay yeah. Well done. I want to talk about the AFC West and I want to attempt to save you from the Raiders cliff you're so precariously teetering on at the moment. Goodness gracious. Attempt just attempt.

Okay. So I think all these teams are very good. They're going to be very competitive outside the division. I'm thinking they hover around seven and four plus or minus a game. So in division is really important. I'm not sure the Raiders defense can hold up against the other offenses and it's also worth noting that I have no idea how good the coach is going to be. I don't know.

Let me just let me just hop in here. McDaniel's I think will have a second act that will be successful. I agree.

I absolutely think he will know whatever happened in Denver previously and he was young and brash and it's a different guy showing up and then secondly let me just ask you a question. The best way for a team to stop an offense to make sure that they don't put too many points on the board. What would just be just off the top of your head the most important way to stop that offense? We would need really good DBs. Well how about this you know and then then let me continue leading the witness. The best way to help your defensive backs would be what? How would it be? Well you'd probably need a run game. Ah yes indeed.

You can't get the ball to a wide receiver that might be difficult to cover with your less than cornerbacks if the quarterback is on his ass and Max Crosby and Chandler Jones are coming to hunt and we'll see what happens. Thanks for the call. Greatly appreciate it. That's it for me. I'm gonna keep on keeping on and by the way you know for somebody who's now come up with 10 things I've been trying to talk myself into this year. Tomorrow I want to go through all of those 10 things before the season starts.

I had five of them in June and five of them last month or earlier or later in July. I don't know when the the other five items I was trying to talk myself into. Last part of that bunch was Kevin O'Connell's gonna unlock Kirk Cousins. How many people have you heard sir in the last few days gents on that viking train? Lots of people.

I was the one who was stoking that engine with a little bit of coal. I gotta be honest though I've got three good friends who are vikings fans and I sent them the clip last week. They're like lay off. They were like asking if you got drug tested before.

Well they know the trapdoor. They're a fan base too. And they are all and it was all negative towards their quarterback.

All three of them said the same thing. I just can't get out of my head what Daniel Jeremiah said about Kevin O'Connell is that he's from the McVeigh Shanahan system and every single one of those coaches must pay fealty to Kirk Cousins. They all look at him as the perfect quarterback for their system. Right? Don't forget man when Niners acquired Jimmy G. When Brady either did or did not order the code red in New England at that trade deadline all those years ago and they acquired Jimmy G in that trade deadline and the idea was they're not going to trade for anybody because they're just waiting for Cousins to become available because that's who Kyle Shanahan wanted. Right? Don't forget that.

844-204-rich number to dial. Chris Brockman not only has your 10 burning or 30 one burning question okay I'll start again. Chris Brockman. Thank you. Not only has your burning question segment caught fire amongst our fan base and our YouTube page and everybody where you are ranking the teams one through 32 in the NFL and counting them down from 32 to one with a burning question for each team attached not only is that caught the fancy of our fan base it's caught the eye of uh Westwood One ad sales. All right. This one's sponsored sir. Let's go.

You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports if it's the NFL it's on Westwood One which brings you Chris Brockman's burning questions 10 through 6. Brockman's burning questions. All right Christopher music please. I don't know why I do the Night King thing. It's wonderful.

Shout out everyone in the YouTube comments who I know will be positive and supportive. Number 10. The Indianapolis Colts guys. Indianapolis Colts. I do like them to win this division and my question for them is does Matt Ryan have a Brady Stafford type season in him? Older quarterback going to a new team immediately takes him to the Super Bowl. I don't think the Colts are going to go to the Super Bowl but I do expect them to make the playoffs and probably win a playoff game and so does Matt have that in him at age 36? The Colts tried this with Philip Rivers a couple years ago but Philip was his needle was pinning a little bit more towards E than F and we'll see if Matt Ryan could do it because boy do they have that MVP candidate in a running back and Jonathan Taylor and you know the rest of that defense with Shaq Leonard and the rest of them. Best offensive line Matt Ryan's played in front of I think you could say in his career. Yeah.

And if the weapons can shake loose and Ryan have that type season I think you're burning questions spot on. That's number 10 huh? The Colts are top 10.

Number 9. We were just talking about this team Rich. The Minnesota Vikings. I'm sucking down the Viking juice this year. I'm really high on them as well and as always Rich you're going to notice a theme in the 10 through 6 guys. In the big games which Kirk Cousins is going to show up.

It's really plain and simple. This team is going to ride or die with the quarterback. All right instead of the burning question I must ask you the question 9 for the Vikings. 9.

9. They have a really good roster. They have one of the best offenses in the NFL. You could say they have the best wide receiver. You can make a case they have one of the best running backs and when Kirk Cousins is on don't forget guys he had a really good statistical year last year. You have already you have already named every AFC West team not named Kansas City.

Correct. So you have the Vikings as the second best team in the AFC West if they were playing in it. You've got them above the Chargers Raiders and Broncos on your list. You're very high on the Vikings.

Very high on the Vikings. Look at you. Okay. Okay.

Number 8. I think this team does win the NFC East the Philadelphia Eagles and it comes down to the quarterback as well. Will Jalen Hurts be the quarterback the national media and fantasy experts think he can be. He's very high on every quarterback. If you haven't had your fantasy draft list yet you're going to notice that Hurts is really high up. A lot of these experts think that he can be amazing this year. Of course they went out and got AJ Brown, Dallas Goddard, Devante Smith. They are loaded with offensive weapons for him and can he do it? That's the question. That is all about the Eagles because the roster is loaded and they drafted very well.

I love the addition of Gardner Johnson. I'm late in the game. I think they do win the division and it is a Hurts related question. No doubt about it. Yeah.

Kind of like I said all the it's all about the quarterbacks. Seven. Here we go. Number seven. Number seven. Now I think this team can win the AFC North. I don't know if they're going to but I think it's going to be neck and neck with the other team and I'm giving the other team respect because of what they did last year. Number seven is the Baltimore Ravens.

I think they are going to be really good this year and it just comes down to how long will Lamar's lack of a contract continue to be a thing and look they can say after week one it's not going to be a thing but it is going to loom over this team all season. I don't think so. I don't think so. I know you. Obviously I know you.

It's such a burning question. I get it. I hear you. I'm pushing back. I'm saying that Lamar's a different.

Everyone says he's a different cat. I think the once the once this thing hits an impasse and he's like that's the deadline we could keep bringing it up. Are you upset that there's no contract?

I think it'll just be in his rear view mirror and off he goes and maybe it'll be a relief to everyone else there that it's not being brought up in every conversation because it will be brought up to him in every conversation that he has when he sits down for any national television partner if he's kind enough to call back into this show it will be asked of him. I don't think it's gonna mean a damn thing but you've got him pretty high on your list man. Seven. Yeah just look at what they had last year. I mean statistically analytically it was the worst injury season maybe of all time so maybe the the most uh unevaluable team outside of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yeah I think you're right about that so you just consider what they have all coming back you got Lamar kind of with this big chip on his shoulder and so to speak with the contract you know he could have another MVP type season and if he does they're going to be really high the whole year.

Number six. Last one uh they are at this number just because of what they don't have anymore and kind of the unknowns offensively I'm looking at the Green Bay Packers obviously we know Aaron Rodgers is spectacular back-to-back MVPs my question will he be able to conjure up magic to make chicken salad with this offense because it is really kind of an unknown at the wide receiver position we know that Aaron Jones is great we know that AJ Dillon uh has great in him. Their defenses are remarkable too. And the defense is is very very improved so weirdly it's gonna be kind of on Aaron Rodgers to kind of wheel this team to another 12, 11, 13 wins so we'll see. And bubbling beneath the surface is Rich Pisaccio fixing the problems that uh that really sunk him.

In the playoffs for sure you know so that leaves if I'm not mistaken Bills Rams Chiefs um Bucks and Bengals your top five correct top five all right we just find out tomorrow what the order is fantastic well done that's Chris Brockman's burning questions as he's counting down the top teams in the NFL with a burning question attached to each we'll take a break and can't wait to uh get the answer to this burning question for Billy Gardell. What do you think of Acresher Stadium? Nice photograph look at him right there like the captain will be his Tennille when we come back on the Rich Eisen Show.

Back here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio outfit with Billy Gardell a Bob Hearts Abishola premiering Monday season four on CBS on September the 19th. It is great to see you man you look awesome. Thank you brother I went from a young Jackie Gleason to an old Paul Newman. Look like the color of money I'm back. The color you do have that mustache going on right now. I need this big tan sunglasses. You do. Let me get a pair of this my wife will love that. Oh my gosh how much have you uh dropped? 130 pounds yeah I had to make a change man that uh that first I got type 2 diabetes and I was on medicine for that and then I you know it's in your head it's in your head and I struggled with my weight my whole life but when COVID hit yeah uh I thought that could have been the end of me no joke because when they pulled up that list of like conditions like you know overweight asthma smoker diabetes I had everything except over 65 like I was across the bingo card on that and that thing was outside doing push-ups looking for me so I told my wife we make it through this and they get a medicine for this thing I'm gonna make a big change in my life so I did man I faced down uh I went and had that uh weight loss surgery which I'm not telling anybody they should do that that was just what I needed to do because I had gotten so big it hurt to exercise and so I did it and I did everything they told me to do and I follow it daily and it's just it's a new way of life I don't I my it's weird the fatty brain is still in there like I'm a constant hostage negotiator between my little tiny stomach now and my brain because my stomach's like we could probably eat two more pieces of that and my stomach's like no we're full and then my brain's like well we've never listened to him before why are we starting now so I still have to do that but it's been such a gift man it's it's I feel like I'm free yeah I got free of it yeah okay so you know when you get over 50 you start doing and I know you know this when you have kids you do that dad math yes like but okay if I can live to 75 then he'll be 40 and you start thinking about like how can I put some miles on the clock that was what made this I just got a a new car and my son loves it so much my 11 year old son loves it so much he said dad can I have the car when you're done driving that's what he said to me when they take your license from you dad that's what he said and you're not allowed to use matches can I drive this car when you're done driving and I'm like holy crap well now I gotta ask can I ask what kind of car it is ah we'll talk about it come on come on you're a humble guy that's a nice electric vehicle oh you want electric I want electric I can't do it yet I'm working on it my wife went electric okay I'm still a gas I gotta hear the car when I turn it on he's my hot rod guy I never know when the hell the car's on she's got that I don't know it's 105 degrees here Billy yeah she's got that I'm working hey listen man I filled the pool in I'm doing my part I got fake grass what do you want from me can I have my car my wife got that electric mustang and I never know when it's on I don't I just you can hear it coming is that on is that does it have a vroom vroom noise weekend is there an app for an engine that I can know that that's on so Billy Gardell here on the Rich Eisen show all right brother let's jump into it yeah man Mitchell Trubisky on Tuesday love it name the star love this kid absolutely should be the starter three reasons one uh he's tough he played with trash in Chicago there was nothing around him in Chicago so one the kid knows how to run for his life and he can which is going to bode us well because the Steelers look great except for that offensive line their nickname should be swiss cheese there are holes everywhere and they're tragic however I think there's time for them to glue and I think Trubisky can give them that time too after playing a tough time in Chicago he went up to Buffalo I think he probably got some of that winning culture on him the way they do things up there plus with a name like Trubisky walking into Pittsburgh I mean come on he's a suit made for him he's a suit made in heaven I I think he's going to be fine and that'll give you know um that'll give Pickett time to to to settle into what the future will be I thought it was interesting that Tomlin um upgraded him over the weekend from three to two because I thought okay makes sense to put Trubisky one and Mason Rudolph two when you're going to Cincinnati to start the season like what if what if Trubisky gets jarred for a moment you might you might as well have an old hand who's seen this and been there and done that and then week two is Belichick coming in well of course of course but I think the thought behind that is hey maybe we keep the new car third and then we put we put the the car that we're using right now out front and then we got you know we got the jalopy if we have to throw you know Mason into the war right you know what I mean because he's seen some action so I think they want to protect Pickett and I think but I think Trubisky is going to be fine I really have a lot of faith what's the what's the what's your definition to find I I say 10 wins I think Steelers pull 10 wins and possibly a playoff slot that that's the issue is 10 wins I don't know if 10 is going to get you home these days right yeah well the west the AFC west might beat each other up or you're going to get three teams that have 11 dubs and then you know that's a problem and then you think maybe somebody else can have another 11 win season maybe the Ravens are just as good I think they've raised the Ravens have fallen off a little bit and you know Cleveland takes care of itself we don't even have to play that we're just that is you know so bad in case anybody wants to maybe just like the sound of your voice doesn't somehow convince that you're a real big-time die-hard Steeler fan I do want to say this and and you had made mention to it when I went and I saw you in the in our green room that you were the only guest in the history of this program to say I can't make my appearance today because I lost my voice at the Browns game screaming at them nobody's I'd like I called you the day before too I thought I'm on the outs man I thought it was blacklisted actually no no I blacklisted you actually went up in my book you went off in my book I am more than happy to fill that segment last minute because I heard it in your voice I heard the passion I heard the the the scratchiness the throatiness yeah I sounded I sounded like Tom Waits when I caught the wrench I don't think I'm gonna be able to make this show it was worse I'm like oh god are you okay like are you sick but I felt bad this is one of my favorite stops so I felt bad I couldn't come I thought it was gonna be I thought McConaughey would have my seat again dude I'm telling you in here you you you're just a die-hard you only want one speed when it comes to this 100 I can't get well I can't go to the games and not be involved like I gotta I lose my mind I lose my mind at home so when you're at the game that and you know that intensity that'd be like you go into the big house yeah you're not holding back you can't it's infectious it's it's in your blood you know you just want to be you want to be with with the with the crowd and and those moments and I you know and then there's nothing better than screaming obscenities at the opposing team certainly if they're the Cleveland Browns not above that is that number one especially I'm old so I'm from the original timeline so Cleveland's who I hate the most Baltimore's like a half a game back I give them a half about a half a game back yeah and the Browns have um you know they're just the Browns are the Browns if there's a bad decision to be made you can count on that front office huh what's the worst possible thing we can do here fellas hey guys we were in the playoffs we're gonna have to break that up just come on they take care of themselves you don't have to worry about them that's the sweet thing about it yeah although I like the city of Cleveland I do I actually enjoyed playing there and yeah we had a lot of fun with the crowd back and forth you know I would purposely tell uh uh Nick who runs uh one just a great comedy club um in uh in Cleveland and uh he said I would make them say from Pittsburgh Billy guard just to get the crowd booing before I walked out on stage not the brightest guy but still fun so of course yeah we have it was a good interchange you could see it whenever there's a stealer that goes into the hall of fame you know and they show over Ohio we show there's a lot of eye rolls there's a lot of eye rolls well it gives me great pleasure that there's a wing of Steelers in Ohio and you know the Browns have like three or four in there that's how it should be the Steelers wing in the bus we have a wing right it's pretty amazing I know when when Polamalu went in um after the pandemic right and he showed up he had COVID actually and it looked like he might not be there to make the speech but then he did the terrible towels and stands we travel well and I think it's because when our city shut down from industry when all the steel mills closed yeah it became a college town that's they very smartly said okay well we got colleges let's maybe a college town and then since then they've built a medical community and a film industry and they have a very green footprint in Pittsburgh now but they're great at evolving but I think people got their education there and then moved out because there wasn't a lot of jobs so you've got these Steeler fans sprinkled every away game I go to the Steelers we take up about a quarter of the stadium and I love that yeah I love that like Cincinnati has ads on usually and I bet they're doing it this week please don't sell your tickets to a Steeler fan please don't because they know we're going to show up you know and I love that I love that we're mobile Billy Gardell here from Bob Hart's Abishola on CBS season 4 premiering on Monday September 19th we'll talk about that in a second here on the Rich Eisen show I have a word that I'm going to mention to you it's like I don't usually do word associations like a winter soldier this is in and activate me all right go ahead I think this is a triggering word I've been told by many people who are Steelers fans this is a triggering word and the word is Acresher uh it's awful I mean there ain't a yinzer there ain't a yinzer in Pennsylvania that's going to get that name right they'll be calling it ambesol and aerosol and no one's saying meet me down at accuracy no one's going to say any of that look I get it it's business but they're going to refer to it as Heinz if they want it if that company which is a Michigan company yes wanted to expand in Pittsburgh I think the move would have been to say how do you say it accuracy I can't even say Acresher let me call it up to make sure I think that's it but they should say they should have named it Rocky Blair said this they should have named it Art Rooney Stadium brought to you by Acresher because then it would have been a friendly like wow this company came in they they paid the leasing rights and they gave a little nod to the city but I don't know about no I don't see yinzer saying you know I see us getting that wrong well all I know is that you know Acresher is like the the the name of this company that when you read their description of who they are right you still don't know what they do I don't know what it is I thought it was a deodorant at first you know doesn't it sound like that are you sweating let me use Acresher like what what are we doing oh my god uh yeah um so let me let me let me just read to you what what it says here um I'm reading to you it's an insurance company okay okay Acresher is a financial technology and insurance company the company was initially created to acquire insurance companies and has since expanded nationally with intelligence-driven financial services solutions for insurance reinsurance real estate services cyber assurance services and more do you know like do you have something in your life where you would call and figure out what that is many of those things I don't know what ketchup you understand ketchup I got Heinz not hunts it's the difference between Ohio and Pennsylvania they're eating hunks ketchup and drinking Pepsi they got it backwards it's Heinz and Coke that's I mean these are simple fundamentals of life simple fundamentals maybe that's why folks in Pittsburgh are kind of losing their minds I think Pittsburgh but eventually it'll get to this the yinzer settle will be well what do they call whatever they want if we can get another offensive lineman that's how I feel about it so you know whatever what they've done with the ketchup bottle that they took down I like to think it's a mystery where is it I love to think that there's some I love to think there's some yinzer that has those in his backyard you know I mean just some they decide yeah I got these down the stadium Chucky helped me pull to my back we're gonna film with kuwait all right I think I heard that they're keeping them in the park somewhere they're gonna sponsor the red zone or something how they couldn't I mean that was such a great staple so and I mean it's so indicative of the area by the way great use of that because that people here in Los Angeles losing their minds that the downtown it's not stable it's don't forget the dot com now do you do the cryptocurrency no sir no sir he does that guy over there does he's doing that that's why he's working out for you bro that's why he's got a shirt with a hole in it I have a little bit I did I did sell some before did you dabble now which one did you do did you do bitcoin or did you do what you dabble yes all of the above I'm in all of them you're all of them yeah I was in a in a bunch yeah you know you have a child you have to think about I know hence why I don't have them can't be betting on fake money all right we're not ready for all that he's driving around like a flintstone using his foot his feet at the bottom of the car to make it go it hasn't been great she had a noise for you at least you can hear my car billy oh there's one oh that's a call back the man has a good that's a callback oh my gosh so tell me about your show entering season four and why you think it has been so successful you know man I I gravitate to things that have heart and I gravitate to things that uh set an example of love and tolerance without preaching love and tolerance I always think an example is better than a speech and um this show came about in a really organic and wonderful way I I got an email from chuck laurie and your friend bob broder and uh peter roth who was still running warner brothers at the time they said we think yeah we have another show for you and we need a guy with some some heart that'll bring this home this is after mike and molly this was after mine I thought that was it I thought you know I got my tickets stamped and I mean who gets two back to back I mean that's a short list there's like you know kelsey grammar julie louise dreyfus newhart ed o'neill billy gardell so I don't know I'm on a cal ripken streak at this point I just got to not get hurt that's what I'm trying to do I'm trying not to get hurt twist an ankle but we're coming into season four and it's just been a gift uh there's a nigerian comedian jina yasharay helped create this show with them to keep everything legitimate on the nigerian side of the family and she co-created and is now helping executive produce the show and and then I was around chuck's team which is like playing for the yankees you know and I I can't believe it happened I've been hit with the lucky stick man I count my blessings every day and I try to tell the cast every day man look this is ending just remember it's ending so what you do today counts it's ending they're going to take all this away and there's going to be five people that don't look like us here in a couple years so enjoy today take take it seriously but enjoy it and I think that's the key because all that other stuff you can't you can't control you know you can't just whether you stay on the air ratings or whether I have one of the younger cast members say well how do we know if we're doing good and I said well when you pull into the lot they said if if that gate goes up we're doing good if that gate you might as well we start auditioning for yogurt commercials so that's you know just pay attention to what you can do on the field that's all then you got to reach out to acrasure see if your insurance is going down to ambesol stadiums you just want to go no one knows I don't know ambesol I was down at ambesol sunday down there and ambesol is a great word for that I might have to I might have to borrow that on nfl network my shout out to you a little wink to the nfl television screen oh man you're just a delight billy guardell uh season four at bob heart's abishola again premieres september 19th monday night at 8 30 p.m eastern on cbs available to stream live and on demand on paramount plus new episodes air on both of those platforms every monday after that so uh again you look great man thank you brother tj who's also from western pa over there memory from last time yes sir yes sir I'm great man good to see you he was saying he was asking if your if your promani brother's career is over yeah my promani brother's days are over unfortunately you know I can only eat like the oyster house days are over I told you all the restaurants they flew their flags at half mast and drove by and they were just out front which one which one would be which one would retire your your place would retire my jersey there's a couple that would retire my jersey I would say permanis will retire my jersey um portillo's italian beef would probably retire my jersey luminado's pizza in chicago would retire my there's a lot I'd have to do a retirement tour I'd have to get like a madden cruiser and go around like coach k like coach k just be up there this this this is the greatest greatest greatest day of my life people are people are going around to restaurants around the country looking up and seeing billy guardell's place man in the rafters wow he was here too huh jersey jersey bib oh that's guard down exactly he was a legend in the game I like shopping in normal stores though I'll tell you that that's a different world oh yeah well I've been in the fat guy store my whole life you know you do one lap you're done it's you know you get a suit or you get a purple jogging suit or you get an oversized polo shirt that's it right so walking into macy's was like it was like willie wong is like come with me and they're like wow they got different stuff before before that it was good day sir good day i said good day that's exactly right that's exactly right good day sir you're in the wrong store good day sir at billy guardell on twitter everybody check out bob hart's abba schuler premiere monday september 19th we're a sweet show come make sure the gate keeps going up for him and the cast when they walk in they're doing good no bueno it's very good enjoy the steeler season thank you for having me good luck to you jets and your michigan boys started off strong i think you're gonna be just fine they didn't and didn't you once put a candle in uh in a cathedral for the jets one time because we could help you make the playoffs a candle in st patrick's in new york city on a rainy night praying that the jets would upset the patriots and how'd that work for you i there is no god is there well i became an atheist after that i'm too messed up to not have a god but i would say that uh i i think god just some things he comes up short on there's certain things he can't do so the jets beating the pats oh my god billy guardell thanks oh by the way before you start a blog about how i think god can't do something that's a joke it's called a joke it's a joke yes i felt to see i feel the same way we need to we need to back our play but i got your back man thank you billy guardell right here on the rich isin show if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business that's true when your business is growing fast and even more true when there's a lot of uncertainty inflation is definitely very unpredictable and supply chains are the same way not every business those in the dark why because over 31 000 business know their numbers because they use net with suite by oracle the number one cloud financial system net suite by oracle gives you visibility and control of your financials planning budgeting of course inventory so you can manage risk get reliable forecasts and improve margins net suite helps you identify rising costs you can automate your manual business processes and and then go see where you save your money know your numbers know your business get to know how net suite can be the source of truth for your entire company right now net suite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to net suite dot com slash rich radio right now net suite dot com slash rich radio net suite dot com slash rich radio we're so close to week one guys it's tomorrow so close and then after 29 and a half hours bills rams what a what a remarkable piece of steak to place on the plate right off the bat is an appetizer and then the dessert is russell wilson let's riding into seattle where gino smith our second hour guest said uh let's work that's his that's his hashtag let's work let's work one's riding one's working so you're saying that that's the dessert game that's the dessert so that would mean the sunday night game would be the main course uh that would be one of the main courses yeah i say that's pre-dessert like you have like a post dinner maybe that's the dessert that's the dessert and monday night is the you know limoncello saturday night's the varsity game but we understand sunday night is bucks at cowboys which is going to be amazing varsity tom brady's never lost to the dallas cowboys yeah there's a first time for everything um and then there are four late games talk about late games how about kansas city at arizona how about green bay minnesota how about raiders at chargers giants taking on the titans as well nine one o'clock eastern games and we're going to run through all of these games over the next couple of days including patriots of dolphins and we land that no no we land there because mike mcdaniel is already showing off his skill talking to the media can't wait to see what it looks like with game management toa's accurate throwing most accurate thrower in the game today toa tango valoa getting out there mike mcdaniel with his first press conference prior to a game as head coach of a team taking on bill belicheck we remember rex ryan once said he wasn't going to kiss bill belicheck's rings how does mike mcdaniel handle this roll tape yeah i mean can there be a larger disparity in career win-loss total um no i it would be a bigger deal i think if uh coach belicheck and i were on the field uh maybe doing like an oklahoma drill um but i don't i don't foresee that happening i don't think the fans would really pay for that that's amazing that's the way he handles it love it to drink minimum he's great is dan soda writing his material is his buddy soda writing that material that would be awesome maybe because he's got it he's very good he's got it man and i can't wait to see the game management mike mcdaniel how does this offense look i mean the dolphins are fascinating and that's part of the backdrop jaylen waddle is that right huh tua said if twice when talking about jaylen waddle no that would be a shame out there on that would be a shame that would be a shame belicheck how does he handle the the reverse because if this was patrick beverly right then belicheck's coaching alongside mcdaniel right yeah because they're both not the other way around yeah right even though the patriots made the playoffs last year so i mean that's maybe where the pat bevin allergy breaks down yeah that's true but here you go this was bill belicheck on the dolphins on their week one docket from today that's today's bill belicheck press conference moment today's bill belicheck press conference moment we prefer to win this coach mcdaniels um obviously it's his first game but um being familiar with his style uh this couple days of practice what are some last things you're going to put in to you and get ready for that whatever we think is whatever we think we need come on people by the way birds are really loud really loud in south florida really loud it's like almost a hitchcock movie i think it's really hot and humid down they have kind of a heat wave going like we've got one here dude i mean 100 degrees in los angeles for a week plus is uh it's tough to beat that that's a high bar i mean 109 in my crib dude not fun so there you go that's bill bill even talked about it's hot down here in miami right he's like welcome to florida i have some loud birds man what is going on there what's what's what are the birds doing down there as brian fellows would say that bird sounds crazy i'm brian fellows no that's not that i mean the birds sounded like they're electrified oh gosh so we're all set for that dolphins patriots match up week one yeah fun show today thanks to billy guardell mina kimes thank you to her for rolling with the punches she was supposed to be on at the at the top of the hour and then geno smith uh kindly confirmed for our show to be at the top of our number two so mina moved 20 minutes and then geno couldn't call it until uh mina moved around her schedule to accommodate uh us and uh thanks to ryan leaf as well yes sir for being on this show you ready for tomorrow's show brother guys you ready for it tomorrow tomorrow starts with this show and then ends with an actual national football league game that's being played an actual game and then actually being on tomorrow's program dabo swinney will join us wonder what advice he gave uh trevor lawrence don't worry your next coach won't ditch you thomas dimitrov eric wood will be in studio a buffalo bill will be in studio yep and we get set for football football are you ready for some football oh even though bill simmons says i ended the season already for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk holtman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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