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REShow: Braxton Berrios/Najee Harris - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 20, 2022 4:10 pm

REShow: Braxton Berrios/Najee Harris - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 20, 2022 4:10 pm

New York Jets All-Pro kick returner Braxton Berrios tells Rich why he’s very unhappy with his “disrespectful” Madden ’23 rating and explains why he’s excited for the team’s outlook under 2nd-year QB Zach Wilson.  

Rich ponders the biggest question in sports this week: what happened to those giant ketchup bottles they removed from the Steelers’ Heinz Field when it was renamed.

Steelers RB Najee Harris and Rich discuss the Steelers’ stadium name change, the team’s 3-way QB competition between Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky and Mason Rudolph, says why he wants as many carries this season as Mike Tomlin will give him, and laments over his less-than-expected Madden ’23 rating. 

Rich and the guys have one last argument over airline etiquette and who wins the arm rest battle between the aisle, middle and window seats.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Hey there's an all-star game in your neighborhood. This is the Rich Eisen Show. How am I going to that game tonight?

I'd have to leave five minutes ago. Swing and a high fly ball drilled forget it. John Carlos Stanton deep into the pavilion in left center field. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Bucks linebacker Shaq Barrett. NFL network insider Ian Rappaport. Coming up Steelers running back Najee Harris.

Jets wide receiver Brexton Barrios. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great chat with Ian Rappaport last hour about uh the contract scenarios involving Deebo Samuel and also uh Kyler Murray and when the Deshaun Watson ruling may come down on his suspension and what is going on with Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers.

You missed any of that go to our YouTube page slash Rich Eisen Show. Hour number one Shaquille Barrett joined us from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers um and he called in the middle of a pedicure he's having with his wife. Good for him. Okay now the the proper segue or improper segue would be speaking of feet let's talk about the Jets. Najee Harris is going to be joining us shortly with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He could have the first carry in the history of Acrisure Stadium. Big moment. That's a touchdown in Acrisure.

He could score the first touchdown in Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh PA. But as you know I'm a I'm a I'm a Jet guy. You know that right?

The New York Jet guy and I sat and saw Sauce Gardner at the common. I'm like I want that's the guy I want and then they get that guy and they get Garrett Wilson and Jermaine Johnson and Breece Hall as well. What a draft. Get out of here. No excuses now.

Come stop it. They're still a young team. They're still I love the coach. I love the general manager. I love the team and then I love the the the heart of this gentleman despite the awful rating the Madden folks gave his strength.

How dare they do this to an all-pro individual. Joining us from the New York Jets. We're looking at his Instagram on the screen right here.

That doesn't look like a man who's got a problem with strength at all. Joining us here from the New York Jets an all-pro and pro bowler Braxton Barrios joining us here on the program. How you doing Braxton? Wow what an intro. What do you think?

How are you guys doing? What do you think of that intro? It was solid. I don't know what to say for the rest of the show now. I think you set me up well. I think you give that intro a 99 for strength wouldn't you? I would give it a 99 in all categories. Okay what so what what's up with that rating Braxton? What the hell was that all about? 53.

I couldn't tell you. It's I mean it's comical obviously. I don't I don't truly truly care but every year it's kind of a running thing in my family because I have a little brother okay seven uh 10 and 12. Okay so they call when it comes out and they just don't understand it and neither do I. I mean everything's relative right like I get it you know like we we have absolute you know six four 280 pound free feature in the NFL but you know unless they're squatting a thousand pounds you know relatively it should be above a 53 is all I'm saying. I don't need a 75. I get that.

I'm very very honest about who I am and what I am. Yes. But 50 is just disrespectful. Braxton wants some respect on his name.

Yes we should put it on that name. Oh I think we I think you lost him right there. You want to put him back on hold right there?

I just lost him right there and let's see what we can do here. Braxton's like respect me. Put some respect on my name. Respect. Oh my gosh. Put that instagram feed up one more time there.

Will you please? First of all look at this dude. Honestly.

Like he makes me feel bad about some of the choices I made in life like all the pizza that I ate. Oh my goodness. I mean that's it.

I look like that occasionally. Was he back on? Do we got him right down? He's back. You there Braxton?

Yeah he's good. Yeah okay there we had problems. Yeah we had problems. We had problems. We had 99 problems.

Okay yeah but they didn't like it. Dave what do you eat man? You don't looks like you you're I mean you're you're locked in Braxton.

Abs have abs. Damn. What the hell? What's that system?

What is that? Oh it's it's you know it varies from time to time but off season is I think it's a little bit more strict than in season in season. I think you're you kind of eat you know whatever and whenever because you know you're you're constantly broken down trying to build it back up but you know off season you have that time to to plan to you know to to get something together and you know it's just it's a little bit consistency and you you keep working and it happens I guess. I guess so man. Braxton Barrios here on the Rich Isaac show from the Jets. All right man I'm not gonna I'm not gonna lie.

I'm I'm very excited. You know I'm by the way I don't know if you're aware I'm a Jet fan. I don't know if you're aware of that Braxton Barrios. I heard. I heard.

I'm from Staten Island, New York. I mean I was there I went to Shea Stadium when Richard Todd was a quarterback. Freeman McNeil and you know I mean I you know Al Toon, Wesley Walker. I mean I could I could bend your ear man and I've been there and I've done that two years into my SportsCenter career back in 90s 97 98. I went to the AFC Championship game.

I sat two rows from the top of the stadium in my Wesley Walker jersey. I'm real. I'm I'm real. I'm that's all I'm just saying is I'm real. I'm spectacular and I'm I'm freaking out because it doesn't compute that things seem to be going in the right direction.

Walk me through this. What's the feeling in the building right now for this team, Braxton Barrios? You know we we have the same sentiment.

Love it. Truly. I hate I hate hype and I and I also hate talk so I'm you know I'm not going to sit here and and do those two things but what we have is you know we've we've grown a lot from being an extremely young team last year. You know got a lot of experience obviously across the board and then you know having all those young guys you know grow up a year and then you know we we added some some very key pieces this all season between the draft and free agency.

So you know we we fully understand that we have everything that we truly need and you know now it's just about going and you know executing you know consistently within the system. And so what was it like on draft night for you watching these those guys come in on that first round and then Breece Hall the next day? What was that like for you?

Oh it was awesome. I was actually in Vegas doing a few things so yeah so I actually was in you know the green room but another right there at the draft and you know watching all all these things happen and then obviously we you know we had four and ten and we traded up and had a third first round draft pick and we obviously did the sentiment around the building and you know obviously we've done the team as well as you know we crushed it they did. Upstairs did an incredible job and like I said we they gave us all the you know all the tools and all the pieces we need and you know we just hope to keep that momentum going as we enter camp here and you know make it into a tangible win you know instead of instead of good things that happen in the offseason. Well you know the drill it's a quarterback driven league how does a QB look different to you in any way shape or form Braxton Barrios? What's going on there?

What do you got for me? You know he obviously he had a full year of experience I mean I can't imagine getting thrown into the fire like he did you know my rookie year. He handled an incredible I mean throughout the seasons being with him every single day and you know obviously he had a little injury there midway through the year and then when he came back on that back half he he seemed to be a lot more comfortable and had settled in a little bit to his stats and so all that from that TAs and you know he does he looks you got a popping back and he did um yeah he looks completely different and all he and we know we can and uh you know we'll take care of the rest. All right yeah you're cutting in and out of me again Braxton it's kind of like the way you return kicks you know I mean I just need to just I don't know if you're in a bad spot with your phone but it's all good uh best we can uh here on the Rich Eisen Show can you hear me Braxton you there? I I can't get it popping back off of there in gear Chris there we go I'm enjoying the chat I'd like to know more you know okay I don't know what's going on but all right so yeah just see if we can get get it done one more time here or whatever hey everybody it got a bad reception oh my gosh this is your favorite interview of the day I know I was looking forward to this one uh more than more than most no but all right we could just if it's no good Chris we could just do it another time oh god okay all right so um 844-204 Rich being the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show let's take one more here uh let's take a phone call here while we're waiting to see if Braxton's going to be working out on the Rich Eisen Show uh let's go to uh Wynn in Durham North Carolina what's up Wynn uh good morning Rich and gentlemen uh yeah you know the all-star game is the time to kind of you know review the state of baseball this season and where we are so there's a narrative that's out there that's still out there that offense and baseball particularly like the Yankees and Dodgers and so forth is it's about three things yeah hit a home run strike out or walk and that is a false narrative and that's still being put out there by the likes of the guy that's on before you uh on this network uh peacocks so you know the Yankees are where they are today I listen to the Yankees but watch them almost every game of the season they play small ball they hit and run they bunt they steal Giancarlo Stanton you know the great home run hitter he hits in the gap when necessary you know they're where they are because they've abandoned this you know accounting base logic of hit a home run strike out or walk and I'm just I'm tired of the false narrative continuing and I hope baseball is the greatest game in the world it is a hallowed game it is it is just so much better for kids and adults well and I'm with you too when I'll see him I'll see him well I'm with I'm with you too and thanks thanks for the call I mean I do love the sport I I just got to push back in terms of you know um a false narrative yeah it's Joey Gallo Joey Gallo walks around he walks he walks around uh walk uh a human strikeout or a human home run I mean that's the he does have like a third of the team like that 180 all right are you Braxton Barris are you there Braxton you there we're gonna try one more time oh sounds like you're sitting next to me it really does sound like it's anything all right so you were going to walk me through again because I asked you how Zach Wilson looks different to you in any way shape or form if you don't mind yeah I don't know exactly when I when I lost you but you know the the the growth from year one to year two is is very very apparent you know last year after getting drafted you come into OTAs and you know you're you're you just got drafted you have a whole new system branded teammates new city and you know obviously it can be a little overwhelming and then you look fast forward to this year this OTAs and you know it's just it's a different world from you know everything slowed down he had a whole year under his belt he got to you know recollect and calibrate and you know he's going into a season where he knows the offense he knows the coaching staff he knows most of his personnel um you know through and through and that just it does a lot for him well I mean it's just here here we go I mean here god I didn't see this photograph we were having Zach Wilson his good shirt and he's got a Braxton Barrios his good shirt I like I like it I like it uh my only suggestion for you is I think yours is just a little bit too large as you get it nice and tighter those those those uh those biceps show a little bit better if you got a little tighter shirt maybe that maybe that would make the difference maybe that you know what we got an idea I'm just saying but I'm just sitting here thinking um you obviously you had you got Corey Davis you got Elijah Moore you you add to this mix and you and then you add to this mix Garrett Wilson and I know I'm leaving out others in your wide receiver room so I apologize for that you add a couple new tight ends you got Breece Hall you got Michael Carter you've got the rest of that running back room it's it's it's good man it's this you can go to battle you can win games with with this mix of people you you can there's no doubt about it you can be physical you could be quick you could do a lot and and and again it's just really it's a quarterback driven league you know and if the kid can get protected it gets me all really fired up I'm I'm I'm I'm wondering what you could say it all looks like when you're putting it all together for the first time here for the chat exactly and that's and that's that's what we have to do we have to uh we have to figure out what our you know best combinations are and uh you know be ready to go to war with those and you know Zach Zach needs to do you know everything under his power um you know from just a game management standpoint and uh you know we have to do the rest you know I I agree I understand why you say it's a quarterback driven league but you know we don't we don't need him to be you know supernatural every game to win you know we we all have to carry our weight too and it really does fall on all of us and like I said you know our uh our top to bottom has given us you know every piece we need to go into battle and you know have everything we need to win those games and we just as a team we have to go put it together I know you can't control it the schedule frightens me I'm not gonna lie man that first half of the schedule it's stupid I mean first of all it's like you joined the AFC North to start like you literally are the fifth AFC North team you play the that entire division to start then you get yourself a taste of Miami you're that's your that's your first shot at the division uh Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson the Patriots the Bills and a bye and I'm I'm that concerns me I'm wondering what you think Braxton Barrios no I mean the NFL you know before you win games you have to keep from losing them and you know I think every every game is a different story so you know each game is it's a fresh start you see I mean records don't really you know there's not many people running the table going undefeated in the regular season season for a reason that's because you know the NFL is uh game by game anything can happen and it really doesn't bother me one bit I honestly but besides the first four I couldn't tell you the rest of our schedule um that was the first time that I really heard it you know verbally other than seeing it the first day um that's just it's not in our concern we have to uh you know we have a lot a lot to do before we get to worrying about the other teams right now and I think that's where yeah the focus is heading into camp here before I let you go you got a good sauce gardener story for me so far anything in the first couple weeks not not no not yet not yet okay I will I there there's no doubt I will have stories about all these rookies here in the next uh couple months why are they good they're going to be carrying your bags is that what it is or what what are you talking about no what does that mean just because you know OTAs they come in midway kind of right you know they're fresh and so you give them a little breathing room but now camp camps a little different you know you you're with them you know seven days a week almost about 16 hours a day or so NFLPA will call me after that look out look out we don't need that we don't need that uh so how much yeah I will should we talk in playoffs or what are we talking playoffs or what come on now Braxton we we look we have a lot to do like I just said we have we have all we have all the tools to be able to do that absolutely and that's I mean that is if we don't get there obviously it's a failed season everybody in the building especially us players you know this is uh this isn't a this isn't a league or a sport where you can you know take rebuilding years and people are okay with that in the building it's just not you know the the shelf life of every single one of us is not as long as probably most other sports if not all other you know the major professional sport so you know that's we're absolutely looking to go to the playoffs um that is that is the that's the hope that's the goal and we're going to do everything in our power to make it happen I love it all right look for my number calling you more often um not not just because I enjoyed this conversation and I'm I'm excited for the season but I definitely need um the bb-10 system I need it um I could use it you know I again I don't know what the Madden people are thinking I think they've lost their minds but the whatever the bb-10 system is I'm on it b squared 10 whatever you want to call it you know I'm on it I'm in thanks for the call appreciate it brother absolutely thanks for having me on you got it thanks that's Braxton Barrios everybody should have been outside the whole time sounds like he was sitting it's great yeah great reception glad we worked that out no Chris normally the rookie's got to go get the vets like donuts and stuff yeah Braxton the way they're getting him chicken breast in the morning he ain't eating donuts Braxton's never had a donut in his entire life quinoa yeah that is a quinoa hey Garrett hey Garrett go bring it go bring me back some quinoa kale hey Garrett you know where the Florham Park Arawan is some good restaurants there's a great Italian restaurant in Florham Park Braxton Barrios definitely has 19 smoothies from Arawan that's that's Brockman's spot man I'm telling you he loves Arawan absolutely I like I like to say wait a minute what I like who likes to shop at Arawan oh yeah that's true I think our next guest is calling in right now oh Najee Harris on time oh yes I'm not sure he's next I'm Accra Shore here we go Steelers we only touch upon the burning questions here on the Rich Eisen Show and I've literally been thinking about this for 48 hours and I need to know the answer to this question what is happening what has happened to the ketchup bottles they took down from Heinz field where is this monster-sized ketchup bottle gonna wind up I hope they do not destroy it this should be in some museum they could put it at the airport next to Franco Franco George Washington George Washington and that ketchup bottle that's right just down the hall from the Mr. Rogers yes shrine it's a perfect spot for it well it it won't fit in the airport it will not because that's a large that is a monster size put that there there's room you don't I mean this is this is a ketchup bottle that's been in you know may it rest in peace Heinz field for a long time I mean that ketchup bottle has seen a lot of Steeler memories yeah okay that just as a fresh reminder to Steeler fans you still have those those are yours to keep no one can ever take that away from you no one from Accra Shore or their or their uh actuarial department or whatever the hell they do honestly I've looked at I keep I still look at their own the company's own description of what they do I still don't know what they do know what that means you know what they do they take ketchup bottles down that's what they do but where's that going does Heinz have it's is there like a Heinz museum I don't know is there a spot well no no is there a spot like a a cafeteria on the Heinz campus building actually where do they put that bottle they do dinosaur right underneath Franco so maybe but how would they get it in there there's a t-rex dinosaur at Pittsburgh airport also so there's room there's room for the bottles yeah how many times how many times you're gonna make a t-rex extinct come on give this give the give the dinosaur a break there's room I'm saying yeah when I said there's no room next to Franco there's not down the escalator put it put it in the hand the the little hand t-rex hand the t-rex hand t-rex hand the t-rex hand oh I'm willing to bet just take one of the t-rex hands that t-rex can't hold that bottle average height of a t-rex 38 feet it's got to be the same size as that ketchup bottle no look at that thing that's a t-rex size bottle t-rexes are only 12 feet high no geez really there's how the house way there ain't no way 40 feet long with the tail it's 12 feet high oh see those little hands so that ketchup bottle's got to be 20 feet so you're saying that the t-rex is the kenny picket of dinosaurs just last you're saying wow wow wow wow wow what happened to the bottle that's the only one here wow back here on the rich isis show terrestrial radio now naji harris doesn't know what's happening joining us right now on the rich isin show mercedes ben's van's phone line is the man who totes the rock catches the rock he is the guy i told you last year the stealer should draft him because he is a total total throwback to what this team is all about and needing an identity on offense and certainly now with big ben moving on this is the identity maker on offense joining us on the mercedes ben's van's phone line from the pittsburgh steelers is naji harris how you doing naji what's up man thanks for having me do you know what's happened to the ketchup bottles that have been taken down in hindsfield let's just jump right into it do you know what's happened to ketchup bottles do you know where anything about anything about that at all no actually i just saw a video about it yesterday though but i mean i didn't surprise man um i played there once you know this uh one i played there my last year yep uh this past year i mean that was my first year there so you know see that that hinds ketchup bottle it was dope you know but now you see it took it off it's just a new beginning that's all it is it is you know people are freaking out in pittsburgh about this name change right you you know that right people freaking yeah it's a big deal right now but you know at the end of the day money talks i guess right how about this though how about this you naji harris have enough responsibility already on your shoulders i get it but you are the one who's going to take it upon yourself to create new memories and start new memories in acrosure stadium what do you think about that how about that exactly you know that's what and that's what i like you know um you know like i said it's new beginnings you know we're we're building a our identity this year you know we're trying to we're trying to you know start over we like i said you got a we got a new quarterback so you know it's a lot of changes going around um a lot of guys retired last year that we didn't expect so i think this is you know just an all out just new new beginning of you know the pittsburgh stillers and and what we're about this year so you know for me to to be a part of it is always a a good thing and um and to create some good memories that field it's at the accuracy i don't even know how to say the name black aperture uh field whatever you can say i think you nailed it i think it is act i'm not sure i'm aqua sure how does that sound yeah i would call it hey i would call it acne at first oh my gosh you know what i mean exactly the memories that were there are still there it's it's still the same building it's just a different name and now you could just create yeah maybe you're going to be the first carry first score in the history of aqua sure stadium i think that might be it i'll be yeah that'll be dope because you know uh i was the first i was the last person to score a touchdown at hind oh oh it'll be the first yeah it does uh it'll be the first person to score at after sure you know but you know we'll see what all that i think well i mean the odds are you're gonna get some touches um what what what what what is so you mentioned i've got naji harris here on the rich house you you mentioned new quarterback do you have any sense who that quarterback may be naji harris yeah i'm i'm i'm just i'm just a player i'm not the coach you know i can i don't know i don't know anything about that i'm trying to you know learn learn the offense still uh learn different positions uh learn more of the ins and out offense i think we can leave that up to coach canada and mike t for all that stuff um but i could tell you what though you know all the guys that we have there um you know they all look good trubisky mason and of course candy all of them look good um you know they're all battling out um they're all taking charge you know they're all they all embracing of what it is you know the competition i think that's what brings the best out of all of us in the sport is a competition so for them to bring in these guys in you know and to compete it out and battle it out and know that you know you know your your your job isn't secured yet i think that brings the best out of us and you know when this camp starts up um on the 26th i think you know we're going to have a good identity of who's going to be the guy but as of now you know we just had ota's recommend camp it's kind of hard to say who's the guy right now but you know this upcoming week uh we're going to see for sure well i mean that's that's the way things will shake out with a competition and it's going to be it's going to be intense and tomlin would not want it any other way obviously uh how are you different though walking into this training camp your second year now how are you different not yours yeah man you know a lot was placed on me last year and i like that you know like i said uh you know like competition beings are the best so a lot was placed on me last year off the fact that you know we all knew this was been last year um so you know a lot ben told me a lot of times came in my room a lot you know told me like you know naji a lot's going to rely on you this year you know like i'm about to lean on you a lot uh so you know i took that um you know i took that to my head up and i was like all right i'm gonna do as much as i can for this team um i did the best i can uh we made to the playoffs so you know that's always good but you know at the end of the way we want to but this year you know we i learned a lot from last year we had a lot of rookies playing last year we had a lot of young guys on offense we still do that a lot of young guys but you know the experience that we had last year and we bring it on from this year you know the the games that we're in you know the the difference between college and nfl the speed you know learning the x's and o's learning the differences of you know the alignment and you know what the defense seeing and certain type of things and i think that all carries on to this year to to find out you know why what's our identity like you know for naji what is what does naji have to be for this team you know um i'm trying to be everything i can for it to be a problem for the opposing team's defense so you know they can look at me a lot and you know maybe pack the box up and we can get a lot of one-on-ones with chase diante pat and all the other guys you know with dan and kg and jukes you know um you know all the guys dot you know they got more experience carrying on this year so you know dan i don't think he gets enough recognition of what he did at left tackle going against all the guys i mean in our league you know all the edge rushers we had last year he he stood his own so you know i always took my hat off to him but even karen on this year i think he's gonna have a lot of uh he's gonna do a lot better than what was last year you know me just learning um the ins and outs of the protections the routes the runs you know i mean me being more vocal leader i think that i was gonna carry on this year 381 touches last year are you gonna get 400 this year what do you think total i'll get 500 hey listen i didn't have issue with it you know i mean it was the media who had issue with it i told them every every game i was like man look if this is the way of winning i can carry the load you know i trained to carry loads you know i mean it's not it's not something that i haven't done before i did in college high school you know i mean nfl i like you know that so for me to get that much carried i was like man like is we winning games you know i mean it was a long streak where you know the someone was saying like if i have 25 carries then you know we're undefeated you know i mean so okay this is our identity right here so let's keep this going on let's let's keep this going so man listen if i get 500 carries as long as as long as we went in and it doesn't really matter is that an alabama thing is that what it is is that what that is i think that's a naughty thing okay just saying i mean you know obviously derek henry's a guy that uh keeps on hitting people over and over and over again it doesn't matter get stronger i just didn't know but i didn't mean to yeah man yeah so somewhere in the back you know the more cares you get that's the better you are you know i mean you get a more feel for the game yeah you get a uh understanding of how defense are playing so you know and obviously that you wear them down so you know i guess it's just a dog mentality all right you gotta get dogs to do that naji harris here on the rich isin show any similarities between saben and tomlin in your estimation no no no i was in quick no i i look like i'll tell you right now no no well i mean like i'll tell you what saving is more like you know how do i say one's a strictly business no matter what man you go strictly business and it's cool you know that's just the way of coaching he went find a way to win he does that mike t is is you know you know he gets to know you more he's like more of a let's say a people's person you know he would come in the locker room crack jokes you know he'll go on live and do some stuff you know i mean um and then he finds a way of winning too that's the only similarities they have they like what they have a knack of winning but how they win it and their you know formula is you know it's completely different but they do know how to win i'll tell you that much so are you saving saying saben never made a deez nuts joke to you not once naji i mean he said some weak ass joke like that i didn't i didn't find it at that point you know i mean of course his old ass you know he was he said something like you know oh naji harris is over like oh okay well suck these over like oh okay well whatever and i mean i was like whatever it does but you know saving dude you know saving obviously he he do be saying some good jokes but he just so damn old no disrespect to him like he'd be saying like oh you're soft in the baby's ass i'd be like bro what is that like i don't i don't even know what the hell that means but it's whatever though you know i mean like cool cool you know but saving has his moment he has a moment i'll take it i'll say that okay even has his moment he's a funny ass dude you got a good talman joke that you can share that you what are you like what is hey it's too many jokes that thomas you saying tom is actually funny yeah i mean he he actually i guess he's more hip you know he's he's there's a big age difference i'll say of course yeah yeah so he knows he's a little bit more newer schooled with the jokes he's not some old stuff that saving me then well i mean tom tomlin's response uh to the uh to the whole usc thing last year if he was interested in it that's uh mike del tufo is one of our favorite drops right here when somebody asked him if there was any chance of him uh being the head coach of the usc trojans and you never say never but never i mean that's that's hilarious i mean that's that's next level right there hey to be honest with you i think that was one time when he was really serious that's true too yes i think i don't think that was i think he was dead ass he was actually kind of mad too oh yes but you know he is uh naji harris here on the rich eyes and show all right before i let you go um i don't know what might be bigger that ketchup bottle that was taken down with the sombrero you were rocking during uh draft week uh that that seemed like a whole blast for you down in mexico naji yeah man that was that was hella fun man uh i had i had a good time in mexico um they're just a coach here um look at that man i want to do more i want i wanted to wrestle because they had a wrestling thing going on like i swear to god i want to go out the ropes and like you know i mean do like a ddp or a six one some stuff like that like a rent or do the that randy orton thing rko yeah rko there it is but i had hella security with me so i was like no no no no you don't want to go down there no no naji libre and i jumped off somebody's back do a backflip in the air and then land on my what stephanie will man hit up najee harris yeah get this man in wrestlemania let's do it that would be fun oh my gosh all right okay najee uh look uh it's great chatting with you let's do this more often if you're up for it oh yeah man always man i like i like you guys showing appreciate that what's your madden rating is there a madden rating situation with you something going on with that i ain't gonna lie my guy you know what that stuff just came out today and i got tagged in it i don't want to but i want to discuss it off the fact that i'm actually kind of disappointed so you don't even want to talk about it because it sounds like you talk about it it sounds like you're just talking about it just this just makes people want to let's say oh what is this rating i think i was like oh man so hey listen just play the game kid you know what i want to talk about oh man so i listen just play the game kids oh i got i mean i'm looking at his rating right now rich i don't know if najee wants to say it oh yeah that's okay hey you know what's crazy though and you know our our you know they didn't put me in a top 10 for breaking tackles and i was like wait okay hold on now okay let's let's let's let's let's get something straight here i broke a lot of tackles that's the one thing i had no idea all right so for me for them to put me in the top 10 i was like oh man well really just like i said just play the game kid that's it just play the game kids 2022 is going to be lit and it seems like you got a lot of reasons to do it because you got you got to prove them wrong you got to prove them everyone you know what what the steelers can do and uh you've got to plant the flag in aqua sure stadium on behalf of uh on behalf of all steel fans how does that sound najee harris how does that sound that sounds good man okay thanks we gotta we gotta do a lot thanks for the time let's do this more often i really enjoyed it thanks again you be well you guys be safe you got right back at you there's najee so god how great is i'm a najee harris fan man all right why wouldn't you be how could you not be najee harris an 85 overall right between 85 i'm looking at 83 right between cordell patterson and david montgomery what yeah see i'm looking at him and he's an 83 between montgomery and carson you got overall or is that specific i was oh i was looking overall i wasn't gonna say this who's the guy who was the one guy i said that we had to come out of our fantasy draft oh yeah last year no it wasn't Raheem Mostert it was him and you did we had him oh we got him we had a good team last year that's the one guy i'm like you've got to leave the draft with the rookie 307 carries i know i said how many touches you're gonna get he said 500 carries i hope he doesn't get 500 no he's not gonna get no no no he wants your career but i went him around for a minute so yeah you know 119 more and he'd had 500 touches i broke a lot of gd tackle oh my goodness what do you say savings were weak ass he's an old man he's talking about baby's bottoms he was working a little blue i liked it he might be uh a new top uh top 10 guest Nick Saban is 70 you think that's old but and that's even that old i know like tom wants 50 uh obviously a difference never say never but never so you got the ravens and lamar and um you got the defending AFC champs and joey right you got whatever the browns are going to do you know and you're starting to see rumors that maybe jimmy g shows up in cleveland like that might be a situation where he goes there and he's part of the mix if jacobi brissette doesn't perform well or he's there to back up i wouldn't do that brissette with jimmy you may have no choice you may have no choice but you got that whole scenario everybody focused on those three teams and nobody talks about the Steelers nobody now that i was giving Derek Carr crap earlier in the show saying nobody's talking about us and that's all i've been doing for the last two months and nothing upsets me more than not being listened to in my household that would normally get your ipad taken away from you but truly i mean who's out there saying Steelers have a shot who's out there saying Steelers have a shot i haven't heard anybody say that no i mean it's it's not we're not slagging on anything it's just the reality of the situation they've never had a losing they've never had a losing record under their current head coach never so let's just start at nine and eight right let's just start at nine and eight that's an interesting way to look at it yeah and see how many more games they can win off of that and it's a quarterback driven league the question is who's the quarterback gonna be no i'm not starting at nine and eight i'll rain down my judgment and we'll move you have to what do you think they're gonna finally have a losing record under mike tomlin you don't have to i mean everyone's zero and zero i understand that but you're gonna starting a guy that pretty famously flamed out of one spot and then was a backup trubisky or they're starting a rookie so you know the odds are not in their favor unless the rookie is good which happens and actually happened the last time they drafted a rookie in the first round 20 years ago right i don't i'm just yours looks pretty damn good last year under the system that was uh strong otherwise yes no yeah okay and it came after a year where the quarterback wasn't so great i don't know bigger mystery tougher division bigger mystery stealer's success for the season or where their ketchup bottles went i'm really concerned about the catch where are the ketchup bottles yeah the ketchup bottles are somewhere on the south side right now chilling really concerned about where are the heinz ketchup bottles that were taken down where were they taken to i need answers i want answers and i can handle the truth i can't handle those answers you can't handle all right we tackle the toughest issues factual and we break tackles we break a lot of gd tackles how great was naji harris oh my god that was fantastic brex embarrass was fun when his phone wasn't cracking it was great and uh george kittel has responded about the middle seat let's take a break that's what we call a tease next on the rich eisen show when was the last time you did watch a football game with paton just you and him when was the last time that happened you like you know i was i was thinking about that earlier just kind of um yeah when's the last time you know would have been like you know my my brothers payton coop and my dad you know sitting on sitting at home watching watching a football game i think it's got to be 30 years ago at least i can't think of a time where we would have been together we've been at some super bowl together you know um but payton was playing or i was playing and you know i think you know it goes back to probably when when you know coop and pay were in high school at some point and i was 10 years old and watching you know watching the saints game or watching a sunday night game or something on on the on the couch and uh you know it's probably it's been it's been it's been a long a long time when you see the video of you throwing to tyree okay what do you think of when you see that i just smile i just i'm just thankful thankful for david tyree man there's not a better person and and a guy who just uh you know who had the worst week of practice in the history of all practices on that friday and dropped every pass and you know thought he's going to be the starting receiver and then flexco you know comes back and plays that game and then sure enough in the game david tarry has a touchdown catch and then makes the catch you know rodney harrison hanging all over him um you know bob poppa giving the call saying you know he's got a wide open receiver you know and i guess that's wide open in the nfl and uh you know david tyree just the will the desire was there and just catching off the helmet just what a what unbelievable story and and uh you know never get tired of watching that play all right well chris brockman my on-air compadre here what do you tell him go ahead tell him what you say every time now that he's here you can say it to his face go ahead chris well usually i said to sean o'hara because sean is here but i mean there are 14 different holdings on that which is fine what do you say to that when when he says holding yeah i don't see how can you have holdings they didn't block anybody you know let them run in you know let's get sad about four all four players you know they kind of blocked them off you know i think yeah i'm like holding if the guy's holding me you know like a defense player is holding me i think you're allowed to do whatever you want right to the uh to the you know to the pass rusher at that point if i'm in the grass they could just grab them also and pull them off it's kind of a it's kind of free range at that point i agree chris you see holding eli sees grasping that's what he sees i see the greatest play ever that's right there's a giant sitting right there i was there in the building that's it i love that holding you didn't block anywhere you know you don't block anybody slash rich eisen show for our full archive our show archive oh baby that's fun interview right there with uh naji harris right that was great and and so this has kind of been like a running theme throughout today's show thanks to george kittel being in a seat 19d on a flight saying that he was in the middle seat of an exit row and somebody next to him um put two bags above and what were thoughts on that i thought to myself if you're on and you got two bags and there's space you're take it take it you know i was flying back from uh i was flying back from uh rome the other day you went to italy you went to italy yeah i don't know if you know the food yeah yeah and i i got on i got on i got on first first what happens yeah that's not one eight it was group one i was group one that's close enough it's group one with about a bunch of 30 40 other people yeah but we got on first and i got i got to my overhead bin and there was some huge monster bag in it like like some golf bag i mean yeah what do you call it the hockey bags no no no no no it was like it was like a shopping bag filled with what looked like a pillow or something or something it was huge it was like this big it was this big it took up the entire overhead bin space and i was outraged i got on first so i could use the bin space above my somebody used my bin space i look around where's the human being what the hell's this all about that's even worse the audacity so again that person doesn't sit in the seat underneath the overhead bin and used it dog eat dog world man i'm fine with having etiquette and i'll take only one bag and place it in my overhead bin and that'll be that alone that's the only space i will have and i will not recline my seat even though the button gives me the right to recline my seat because it might upset the large individual in the seat behind me i will play by those rules until somebody doesn't and then it breaks down all the civility breaks down if you want to sign a document to say all this stuff i'm in otherwise i'm putting as much as i could above my seat get yours man that's it i'm saying with my chest get you with my chest get yours so get everybody so so then george kittel called me diabolical for that stance he's dead and so then you then because again he said that he's in the middle seat of an exit row in 19d which once again before he has to sign an economy that must be no that's a two three that's a two on one side and a three on the other you're not in like delta that comfort right unless it's a two three is it two three two it could be a two three two and you're in the middle of them you're in the middle seat of the middle you're in between c and e yeah that's exactly when we do the new york for the emmys that's how the between c and e which is the way unfortunately my come out role always is in craps when i'm on the c and e you know i'm saying yeah what am i talking about i don't know i don't know what i'm talking about all right so then i hit up george i was like hey george do you recline and if you're in the middle seat what's the armrest move and did he respond in the reclining he did not respond in the reclining he just wrote back middle seat gets both armrests yeah that's def we've all agree on that some people do not that's a that's some people do not that's a first come first serve situation could you imagine all i'm saying is let's just say you have chris brockman seats c okay in a three seat row situation d is the middle seat you're in row c you sit there first you stake your claim left elbow right elbow you got it because you also know you can't take the up you got to get the back right because that allows you to sit up and recline certainly when you recline right could you imagine the person who would try and battle you for that armrest to your right is george kittel you let him have it damn straight you do that you lose you're done you're done that's a loss that's like the bull in the china shop right there you know what i mean you take could you imagine george kittel is the guy sitting in the middle seat with the stance of i get both armrests you're done you're finished you're done you got no shot you might even get the front you might even get the up you're gonna happen we also need to find out why george is in 19d yeah why what's the big deal speaking of which you know what's going crazy right now on twitter is scott boris telling usa today that the latest slight that longsoto had is the nationals flew him commercial a major league baseball flew him commercial across the country for the home run after national baseball the the his team not the the league after he declined the 440 they made him get his own and he landed at 1 30 in the morning and he still won the home run derby and rich happened to that and he's like and about the bra the braves got the braves the a's uh somebody somebody flew did the braves fly private they flew their charters houston so the a's all-star was gonna have to fly commercial and then the astros found out about it and he hopped on their jet yeah you get me they got room and boris is like that's the latest slight but my client is they will not fly him uh private guess what if i'm if i'm if i'm trying to pay you 440 million dollars and you say no i am buying you a commercial airline ticket like on the spot back of the plane 38d come on wasn't probably sitting in 19d no bathroom he may have been because he had it was a last minute booking obviously he hadn't taken anybody you're flying soon again right aren't you flying against him you're flying again soon i am and it right now with airline travel your flight could be cancelled anytime yeah any minute yeah that's what happened to susie uh and i with our three kids flying them east for for summer camp my birthday that's how it got started yeah i woke up on my birthday at four in the morning susie's on a phone and i'm like what the hell is happening she's like our flight got cancelled oh so kiddo you know and and when you're rebooked you're not really if you if you're lucky to be in the first cabin you're not getting rebooked there everything's all tight there's many reasons why george is also a man of the people or he wanted to terrorize those in seats 19 c by saying i'm taking both armrests look out i tore my rotator cuff because of a guy like that what do you mean oh that's right i remember this broadman his overhead story i tore my rotator cuff because i had a big guy next to me and i had to hold my shoulder like this for five and a half hours what are you talking about oh my arm i threw my arm out like i swear to god because you didn't get the armrest because it was too big of a guy he was in the middle seat i gave him the armrest because he was gigantic yeah and i had to keep my arm forward like this the whole time when i got it still hurts till this day i thought you hurt your arm when you pull help oh that's like you helped pull the ladies that's another one and you said that was the way man how do you turn your rotator cuff just sitting by your position it's you have no idea the way this man sits he sits with conviction when he says by the way everybody he says it hurts today it hurts till now how long ago was this flight oh this is like four or five years ago and it still hurts half a decade half a decade of pain born born out of just body positioning with a larger man in in the middle he should not have been allowed to sit in the seat and the woman on the other side wanted to keep got up to go to the bathroom and we're like let's throw this guy off the plane we talked to each other it was terrible i'm a big guy that's why i know and you should maybe sit sit easier of course thank you george kittel wow george kittel great to meet george thanks for the content george we'll see you thursday big guy in the middle so for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because i even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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