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REShow: Joe Banner - Hour 2

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July 28, 2022 3:15 pm

REShow: Joe Banner - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 28, 2022 3:15 pm

 Former NFL team executive Joe Banner tells Rich why the Arizona Cardinals “humiliated” Kyler Murray by inserting a mandatory tape study clause in his new contract and why it serves no benefit to the team or to the QB, why Lamar Jackson should sign his Ravens extension sooner rather than later, what the 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo’s options are given the limited need for QB’s around the league, why the Niners and Seahawks should get deals done quickly with disgruntled WR’s Deebo Samuel and D.K. Metcalf, and why we’re still waiting on a ruling on a likely Deshaun Watson suspension. 

Rich and Brockman break down the 49ers QB situation and explain why the Niners can’t keep Jimmy Garoppolo on the roster after naming Trey Lance their starting QB.

Yankees fan Rich reacts to the Pinstripes landing OF Andrew Benintendi from the Royals and says why trading for Nationals slugger Juan Soto comes some risk for interested teams.

Rich lists his top 5 NFL players who missed nearly all of 2021 with significant injuries who can have huge impacts on their teams including the Jets’ Carl Lawson, the Jags’ Travis Etienne, the Lions’ Jeff Okudah, the Ravens’ JK Dobbins, and the Saints’ Michael Thomas.

Rich honks for the Los Angeles Rams and says the defending Super Bowl champions aren’t getting their due respect when it comes to repeating as champs.

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. You can't handle the truth. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Somebody felt compelled to hire a lawyer live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Come up with this independent study language inserted into a contract that Carla Murray signed. The Rich Eisen Show.

Who ordered the independent study code red? Earlier on the show ESPN NFL insider Field Yates. Still to come former NFL executive Joe Banner. Plus creator and host of Somebody Feed Phil, Phil Rosenthal. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes it is our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air here on Peacock Sirius XM channel 85 both NBC sports products. Also we say hello to our terrestrial radio audience, our Odyssey listeners, our podcast consumers at the Cumulus Podcast Network and anything you may have missed in our number one with Field Yates and our conversation about quarterbacks most under pressure and what's going on in Carolina and then of course the future of Jimmy G. I think it will wind up with a release in San Francisco.

If you missed any of that Rich Eisen Show. Chris Brockman is in his usual spot as now we also have Jason Feller in Mike Del Tufo's spot breaking up a 10 show streak. Actually 12. We miscounted. Oh my gosh a 12 show streak that's almost like Cal Ripken for him. By the way your hair looks great.

I was told that by a consumer caller just the last last 15 minutes. I think it does too. TJ Jefferson our number two. Good to see you here as always. My streak is still intact. You really are like uh uh Garrick. I'm telling you I'm Cal Ripken Jr. You are you're you're it's great to see you. It's always a pleasure to be here. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show to kick off our number two to talk about everything going on in the National Football League certainly from a business point of view and then also an evaluation point of view is one of the best to have uh to have done it um and uh former Philadelphia front office executive Cleveland front office executive um and now keen observer of the game. Joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line one of our favorites is Joe Banner. How you been Joe?

I'm doing great. I just want to join the fan club of your hair. Thank you sir. It's really all I've got literally and figuratively.

This is I'm out of options. You're the first hair to have a fan club. Thank you sir. I appreciate that. Thank you Joe.

Let's jump right into it. When you first saw the independent study clause in Kyler Murray's contract you thought of what? I must be misreading this. This must be a fake report.

How did this possibly happen? Um you know it's just hard to understand. I mean the contradiction of 46 million dollars a year and somebody you don't trust or or I was a week let's be clear that's about 35 minutes a day.

Um so I don't understand it and you know I watch his play and you know he has strengths and weaknesses like most quarterbacks but you don't look at it and say wow well we'll look at somebody who doesn't seem to be at all prepared. So I don't understand it. There's no chance it wasn't coming out. People worry about who leaked it.

Well there's lots of people like me like you. I mean this is immediate teams. We're all reading every contract that comes out that everybody knew this was going to create kind of a furor and it must mean that they've tried everything else they could possibly do and none of it worked. I mean this is from my point of experience none of this makes any sense whatsoever and you know basically they humiliated the player for an unenforceable clause in a contract that we've never seen before. But based on your evaluation of his play you don't see somebody that that that needs more study time?

Is that what you're saying? Well listen yes you do but is it to the degree that we would have been able to look at the tape and go wow this guy doesn't look like he's preparing at all because oh they're asking for four hours. I can't even tell you how minimal that is. There are quarterbacks that spend four hours a day especially in the first half of the week that is studying the the opponent.

So it was such a small ask. I don't think that we're watching tape and going wow this guy is just so ill-prepared mentally that even a few hours a few minutes a day is going to change the production. Now that's that I'm not telling you that he's the quickest processor in the league. Some of that's still in experience you know we've only seen him play for three years been some of it probably does require some additional work but if you said to me just watch the tape and tell me of these 10 players which one looks the least prepared, Kyle Amari's tape would not jump out at me.

It would say yes he's going to be prepared yes he's got some work to do he can improve work harder more experience but I'm not sitting there going wow this guy doesn't look like he's preparing at all. That's not what I believe at least personally. So then why do you think it happened right?

Why do you think that's in there? You know I think that the insiders who are seeing him every day disagree with what I just said. That's I don't know what else you could conclude but if that's the case why are you giving him 46 million bucks?

You could easily wait a year you could wait two years in fact in this situation you can wait three years. If you don't truck his work ethic and then if you've really done anything other than shame him publicly because this is not enforceable I mean who's tracking this what case are you going to make? And by the way if you take away if the consequence is that the guarantee goes away unless you're prepared to cut him that doesn't mean anything. The salary that Elizabeth on the sheet if he's still on the team he still gets paid he just has to worry about it a little bit more.

So I don't make the guarantees sound irrelevant but losing the guarantee does not mean he's cut it just means he has to you know live up to certain standards that he risks getting cut. So for me I just I don't see the benefit of this it's unenforceable it's going to publicly shame the quarterback in a way that isn't productive and I don't know that four hours a week can really fix the problem if it's as severe as needing to put that clause in makes it look. Former NFL executive Joe Banner here on the Rich Eisen show what did you think of the rest of the contract and you know the independent study clause masks what I thought would one thousand percent be the only thing we were talking about the Kyla Murray contract once it came in is was every dollar guaranteed in the same way that the Haslam family did for Deshaun Watson and the answer wound up being no so what's your take on the rest of the contract and the way it was formed in the current climate of Deshaun Watson having every dollar guaranteed in his contract? Yeah so my first reaction was the same as everybody's the clause was just stunning I focused on that and finally got a chance to really look at read the contract break down all the details of it and actually compare notes with a couple of people working for teams just to make sure I was looking at properly I actually think this is a good contract for the player. The cash flow of the contract if you look at New Year's which I think is when most people are legitimate it's actually better than what Aaron Rodgers got over the first three new years of the contract Kyla Murray's deal average is forty nine point two million dollars Aaron Rodgers contract average is forty eight point two by the way Deshaun Watson averages forty six over the first three new years Kyla Murray averages over three million dollars more per year than Deshaun Watson so I think that's and the most important evaluation most people would agree is the value of those first three years and now I'm talking first three new years because this contract can be made to look bad if you wanted to by factoring the two years that they still owned I mean the Cardinals still owned but if we're looking at New Year's I mean I think that's a spectacular three-year average I don't think he's even close to the player that Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson is or Josh Allen by the way Josh Allen's all the way down to thirty five million dollar average I'm sorry forty five million dollar average per year for the three years so he's four million dollars ahead of Josh Allen and we're comparing the first three new years he's also got guarantees that are written so that they kick in a year earlier than the season they apply to we're probably getting too technical for the listener but that's a very favorable thing not as favorable as Watson got which is fully guaranteed with no question marks you're forcing a team to make a decision a year early and then still have the quarterback on the roster that they've basically said after this year we're done with you so it's a really untenable situation for the team so I use the term sometimes effective guarantee versus literal guarantee there's quite a bit of effectively guaranteed money in this contract the fact I could see with the agents looking at it and arguing that the whole contract is effectively guaranteed I wouldn't agree with that but I do think it's effectively more guaranteed than the 160 and 105 numbers that we're hearing out there long time executive joe banner here on the rich isin show what do you think is going on with lamar jackson because he's next what do you think's happening you know this is what's interesting about lamar um I'm not a big fan of players representing themselves especially now that a lot of the agents willing to charge a little bit less after union kind of intervened in this a few years back um but whether it's he's been really smart uh or he just stumbled into it um he was really wise to wait till he's completed at least four years to do the deal I mean the market for him a year ago assuming he's going to be in that cop a couple of highest paid quarterbacks um was meaningfully less than it is right now I mean there are still doesn't wasn't done the bar deal wasn't done the watson deal wasn't done so the three top paid quarterbacks deals have happened last year so lamar should get even a better deal than he would have a year ago um and you know the only thing here is is is he um interested in a Kirk Hudson's path to really kind of play it out and kind of the marketing young star quarterback totally free um if not I would say I think it's at the point where he's kind of maximized the value of waiting and the risk of uh taking more time is getting larger than the benefit and he should probably try to complete a deal this fall I mean this summer and I think the Ravens badly want to keep him prepared to make them high paid uh but I think he's chosen actually to kind of slow play this for now but my opinion is in hindsight that was very very smart but the time has now come to get a deal done Joe Banner former NFL executive here on the Rich Eisen show what's your read of what's happening with Jimmy Garoppolo and how it's going to play out from here Joe uh you know they're unfortunate for the 49ers that he got injured and that kind of depressed visibility to be in the market and receive any real compensation at the time that the other quarterbacks who moved this year were available um you know for me I I'd probably think higher Garoppolo than most although the fact that he struggled to stay healthy would scare me a lot I'm not sure who the suitor is I mean I would say it should be Seattle or Houston or one of those teams but they're acting like they're satisfied it's certainly not going to pick up the contract we're going to have to renegotiate it and I would rule out the possibility if he has to take a cut and go to a team that he may not be the starter at that he stays there I don't think that's most likely but I think people are cutting crossing it off as a possibility but the teams that mine might need it the most that he gets a chance to play quickly and can actually have an impact for Seattle and Houston but they seem to think higher of their quarterbacks than I certainly do and many others do at least if we trust the actions speak louder than words I do like Davis Mills and you know a lot of evaluators um believe that if Mills had stayed another year in Stanford he would have been a top 10 pick he would have been the first quarterback off the board before picket by a wide margin and so I kind of believe that Houston wants to stick with him there Seattle is another story and obviously Seattle and San Francisco are in the same division so do you think San Francisco might be hanging on to see if somebody gets hurt over the next couple weeks and thus they will have no choice but to go grab Garoppolo a la Sam Bradford from back in the day and then uh if not then they'll just have to release him right I mean what is releasing him that's exactly right those are the choices the chance of an injury and Helen's that it's an injury the team that isn't likely to be a contender they're still not going to get a very big offer and he's still going to have to adjust the contract now maybe it just converts things to incentives versus invasive salary um but really that's a real long shot strategy but they have nothing to lose by waiting a few weeks here and see if it plays out the fact that they appear to have had a cordial meeting with them in the last couple of days makes me think that they came to some understanding that would give us little time to get we can get some value we'll collaborate with you on where uh and if it doesn't happen you know we'll either discuss a pay cut you stay here or we'll uh release you because there's nothing else they can do there's no guaranteed money in the deal um you know unless they want to pay of 25 million dollars which would be a terrible long-term move they have cap challenges as we look forward um I would not think it wise to wait that much money in a quarterback that they've announced isn't their starter so I think the chance of me release it is actually the most likely case and I think you're right about Houston by the way I think the reason they fell mills fell on the draft was more about injury fear than it was about talent um and I don't think that's a race just because the state healthy for one year so I still view them as a team that I should be protecting themselves long term as a quarterback even though I agree with you bills played well he has talent he would have been higher draft if it wasn't for the physical limitations joe banner making us smarter here on the rich isin show nfc west also home uh to two very talented holding in receivers the hold-in seems to be a newfangled thing now joe how does how does a team handle that and how do you think the niners and the seahawks are going to deal with debo and dk respectively well they should find a way to get a deal done with both of them you know I was actually part of the team representing the league of the 2011 cba negotiations when the amount of fines the consequences of holding out you know when you were allowed to do a second contract all changed in a way that's very favorable for the team so it was I think it was one of the undiscussed areas in which the union could have done a better job and we anticipated on the league side that that would eventually lead to players reporting to camp but not really effectively reporting to camp and protected in the way they should but we could not think of any strategy or sign or policy or rules that could prevent that because you know how do you tell the difference between the players that's legitimately hurt you can be very suspicious but you can't really prove it so you really have something that's pretty unreportable on the players as a part of well I can report we've seen this now I think jaylen ramsey was the first one that did it so you know openly in which it seems really obvious that it was really an attempt to you know use his leverage and his power uh to get the result that he was hoping for but I think we're going to see more and more of this I mean the players in in all sports are feeling more emboldened and recognize the leverage they have and I don't know there's no way the 49ers aren't a massively better team with debo and worked with Kyle Shanahan for a short time I guarantee you he really values that and appreciates that recognizes it so maybe they have to overpay a little bit but they got to get a deal done and you know it's it's going to be worth it and then what about a million dollars one or two million dollars and a cap that's about to be 250 million dollars worth it I agree done I agree but what about DK I mean what do you think Seattle's plan is here we're already talking about how they might jump on Jimmy G just a week before the season if that actually is a possibility because we don't believe that lock and Gina's a long-term answer I mean Pete Carroll is is still there he's not there to rebuild I mean he what do you think the plan is there with DK and and do you think it's possible they trade him or they they should sign him and and move forward what do you think I mean for them maybe the answer there is as I look out two or three years which I think is the earliest point to which they have a chance to be real legitimate objective contenders to make the playoffs and even maybe have a chance to make a little bit of run do you see him as an integral part of that team two to three years from now the answer is yes and let his expectations are just so unreasonably you can't accommodate him I play the same thing get the deal done he's a top-tier player a position that's become more valued I don't necessarily agree with that but that's what the league says get it done now you know I can see where they feel like you know listen this year is kind of a reorientation of our roster our team our style of play changing some coaches even though we didn't change the head coach um so they're probably not feeling the same sense of urgency as a team like the 49ers that has a real chance to compete the immediate future but you know I I don't know in the tier if you can't see yourself in two or three years really valuing him and thinking he's a clear number one wide receiver and an integral part of what we've rebuilt and now is the moment you got to get the deal done now there's no point going through the aggravation the stress and testing his resolve which by the way won't last that long because the consequences of holding out I have been increased dramatically but then you just got to disgruntled player and one presumably you just don't want to walk behind in a month or two or a year why just not get it done and avoid all the negativity last one for you Joe Banner uh why do you think we haven't gotten a ruling from Sue L. Robinson the independent um judge that is trying to um figure out Deshaun Watson's punishment if there is any what it is if there is what what do you think is happening there Joe well I'm hoping the answer is that she's being really careful I mean this is a important case it's going to send a very important message it's going to get highly discussed and debated in the public and you know I do think that the league is trying to do a better job following a horrible record of dealing with issues around the you know the treatment of women in general and just the sensitivity where we are in today's world as we should be um so I'm hoping she's being really thorough that we're going to get a very lengthy uh not just ruling but explanation uh and truthfully you're not going fairly close to this it's very hard for me to say what I think the right answer is that I suspect that as she looks at the different cases and precedents that it doesn't just scream here's the answer screams kind of here's the range and then it becomes very hard to look at any precedent to clearly well it's six games eight games a season now that's that's very great of me so I suspect she's saying geez I wish it was more precedent to guide this ruling and since it is going to be important and precedent setting I need to be thoughtful and then I have to write something that is very in-depth and very clear on why I ruled what I did so I'm hoping that's what's going on she has a reputation of being a very sharp detail thorough person so I'm hoping that that's what's going on and we'll actually get to know pretty soon what did you think of the union's approach that hey you know many owners have uh run afoul uh and nothing was really done about that and so why is Deshaun Watson going to get hit here what did you think of that uh general they're right let's not pretend otherwise I don't know how much it really impacts Deshaun um it's it's somewhat different than all the other cases which is why I don't think there's an easy precedent that look at you know what his how these three guys were treated are these three owners were treated so I don't think it's so easy to just say these are the same things and therefore translates so I don't know if it matters in the Watson case but it's certainly a valid point especially since the lead chose to actually claim that the owners and team executives be treated even more harshly than players for the time of fact that absolutely has not happened um so I'm glad they're calling attention to it and I think it's something that should be dealt with differently going forward I don't know how relevant it is to exactly how many weeks Deshaun ends up missing Joe Banner you're the best man thanks for taking my call and wanting to come on here and just like I said making us smarter and more knowledgeable you you be well sir look for more of my phone I appreciate it always a pleasure be well yourself look back at you that's Joe Banner I follow him on twitter at joelbanner13 you should as well the man has so many insightful things to offer what leaps out at you there Christopher from what you just heard from him what leaps out at you uh I I the thing that leaps out at me is him saying that maybe the Niners hold on to Garoppolo how can you say it's Trey's team we have moved on right and then see now I was always have him there I I I I've been in that camp for a long time right okay just as insurance and I think it's gotten to the point now where you can't really keep him around it's it's kind of like how he was in New England you can't be paying your backup more than you pay your starter that's just it's just kind of ludicrous and it's just kind of a bad look right so you're not going to find a trade partner at this point for him so you're you're forced to just kind of eat it and cut him but to keep him to keep him around after all of this after you've already handed the keys to Trey Lance and said this is his team publicly now as we've assumed it's been said privately for months and months now but to say it publicly like they did this week I think you gotta cut bait it's just like in the same way that Belichick sent Cam Newton packing right away last year yeah if you're gonna go with Mac there's no reason to have the veteran there around if he's been your starter and he expects to be a starter and has the pridefulness of a starter there's no real reason to have that person around if you feel the training wheels are off your young quarterback enough that that is a standalone opportunity for you without that veteran there I think Belichick clearly made that right move and just saying Cam thanks for everything we know we resigned you but that's it we got Mac here and we're gonna go with him and we're gonna it's gonna go with him we can't have him looking over his shoulder wondering if he makes a bad play or a bad throw or am I getting pulled now for Cam Newton you can't have it right and you can't have that with the 49ers right now they can't do it they've made this decision I mean I think I saw Lewis Riddick say that he's taken Trey Lance to win MVP this year so if that's the situation you can't have Jimmy Garoppolo on the roster where if I mean Trey's gonna have bad games and you can't be wondering am I gonna get benched now because Jimmy's still here and even if Lance gets hurt the guy who gets in there needs to just understand you're an understudy we're not gonna have a temporary position right no matter how well you play it's not your gig unless TJ Jefferson wants to rag on me for Mike White then he then then then then it's a different story he led you to your first win that's all I was he also said Joe Banner something about Kyler Murray's contract that leaps out at me I want to hit that also I've got a top five list of the top five most impactful players returning from injury in 2022 that we have as well don't move eight four four two oh four rich is also the number to dial Kyler Murray is speaking as we speak right now and he is not happy and we will turn around those sound bites as fast as we possibly can maybe we'll have it for the top of our number three if not beforehand so stay tuned for all of that and that's when I'll I'll hit a little bit more on what Joe Banner was about to say it was saying about the Kyler Murray contract and he said something that really intrigued me we'll hit that all together when we can get the sound bites man seeing these quotes good for Kyler Murray then why'd you sign the contract with that clause in it because it guarantees you know 160 million 60 million dollars why sign it if you don't need it well if you're doing it anyway then what's the big deal you know I mean if he's all this is the big deal the discussion this is the big deal yeah so it's definitely made him look bad this week oh you think so again we'll hit that a little bit more when when uh when we when we can play for you what he's got to what he's got to say uh let's go to Al and Atlanta here on the Rich Eisen Show what's up Al good morning Rich how you been how are you I'm all right all right just got a couple things that are grinding my gears about three of them my Yankees not helping my Yankees not helping out your Braves is that what you're saying they have one job they have one job that's the best team in baseball best record put TJ's Mets in their place allow my Braves to catch up a little bit I mean granted the Braves didn't really help themselves getting molly walked two out of three times by the Phillies but I thought at least for sure we'll be tied coming out of this this you know great little season thing but no not again I get nothing it's painful well uh I'm sorry about that I wish my Yankees had beaten TJ's Mets but the TJ's Mets were the better team over the last two nights that's for darn sure please believe it they had the better pitching they had the more timely hitting and um last night my guy judge came up in so many high leverage situations and struck out three times and the Yankees couldn't get uh Pete Alonso out until his I believe sixth at bat of the series so there's that I mean you know Scherzer yeah we ran into Scherzer Max Scherzer's really good at baseball he is thanks for the call out thanks for the call out appreciate it meanwhile uh as soon as the Yankees lost last night it was uh reported and then announced that the Yankees have acquired Andrew Benetendi the mayor former mayor and uh for the Red Sox is now and now he's on the Royals and all-star uh appearance this year for Kansas City he uh he's been acquired three pitchers the Yankees sent from their single-a system because Bennett well Benetendi's a free agent so this is a rental I see I see this is a rental and as of now it does not appear that he is vaccinated so that means when the Yankees go visit Toronto in September he cannot go and heaven forbid the Yankees play Toronto in the playoffs that would be particularly dicey unless he's gonna as uh to use the pulp friction phrase get the shot maybe he's gonna get the shot but what Benetendi does for this Yankees lineup is uh return Matt Carpenter to a spot start bat off the bench uh status I believe his Kevin Moss run is over um and and uh that further relegates Joey Gallo into um insignificant and say he's gonna get DFA'd or what? I don't think so I think I mean I it just looks to me again I I've we've never had Gallo on this show I've heard from people uh who cover the Yankees and in New York that he's a delightful human but um clearly he's not cutting it in New York City clearly he's you know not cut for this moment and um and Benetendi's average is double his so when uh Stanton comes back healthy and let's just say October hits Yankees will have LeMayhew first Judge second Rizzo third Stanton fourth Benetendi fifth maybe Gleyber Torres sixth I mean Jose Trevino is an all-star catcher uh Connor Falefa and um the bringer of rain Josh Donaldson that's your nine now if I'm cashman I go get Luis Castillo and then maybe offer the Cubs what they want to have here for to get Dave Robertson back for the Yankees because they lost Michael King in their pen and then you can go to battle and hope everyone's healthy including Severino because the Astros right now are the better team even though they just got swept by the A's go figure that I know so weird baseball man go figure that but the Mets look terrific Dodgers can't lose you know and it looks like the Cardinals or the Padres are the current front runners for Juan Soto now here's the deal with Soto he's got two and a half years left on his contract so basically you're getting somebody who's got the who's incredibly talented like generationally brilliant during the broadcast last night on ESPN of the Yankees Mets games they showed I don't know who comes up with these numbers about what you know where you could compare and contrast players from different generations Soto's number of like expected average who the hell knows anymore I don't know what it is but he was on par with like Ted Williams Willie Mays like serious names in the history of the game but the conundrum with him is if you acquire him now let's just say let's just say you're the Tigers and want to make a run at him or the Rangers the Rangers you want to make a run at him and he would hear that and he'd be like I don't really want to sign long term there so do you give up fewer prospects for him because you don't know if you can sign him two plus years from now and Scott Boris comes at you and does that mean the Nationals won't accept your offer because he's worth more than what you're willing to give because you don't know if you can sign him long term now if you're the Dodgers the Yankees the Red Sox Cardinals even the Padres who have Tatis there Soto I don't think you need to sell him over the next two years either but you never know right like he could bolt what if you give up your four best prospects for him and he leaves in two years what a disaster yeah it's not great so I don't know is it possible the Soto trade is unworkable right now and that's what I think is holding up quite a bit in this trade deadline market because are you players for Soto or not is he available or not you don't want to trade your best prospect right now because you could get Soto for it so there's that's one big huge ass domino that may not even fall so I thought it was wise of Cashman to go and get Ben attendee right now get him and you know that human strikeout walk or home run that Joey Gallo is you're replacing with a much more versatile hitter my two cents on that subject matter just looking at Joey Gallo his baseball reference page is just amazing so he has 170 career home runs and a career average of 201 no one has more home runs with a worse average right I heard Dan talking about this on the way in to work two days ago the Mendoza line which we grew up knowing about for those of a younger generation there was a baseball player named Mario Mendoza who hit 200 and if you were above the Mendoza line you could stay in the major leagues if you were below it you're in the minor leagues and Dan asked is the Mendoza line a a decent average now and that's a legitimate question Joey Gallo is batting a buck 60 anytime you watch any major league baseball game now and at least one if not two hitters is hitting in the teams 19 191 80 somebody's coming up Mendoza career average of 215 well right now that that's a major leaguer your guy Escobar who the yankees couldn't get out from the right side I mean judge I mean a boon bringing in Juan de Peralta on his birthday by the way different birthday experience than Scherzer's last night Juan de Peralta they bring him in in the ninth inning and Escobar is a much better hitter from the right side he he hits it lead off double winds up scoring game over that guy Escobar last what's his average he's like baiting he's hitting like 219 218 what is he and he was a good hitter for the Mets this past series these two games well I mean you talk about a guy who's really falling off a cliff in that in that regard as a max Muncie he's just in a horrible slump he's hitting 158 Escobar's hitting 220 now Escobar's hitting 220 now dude how about that the Dodgers have the best record in the national league if the yankees keep playing 500 and the Astros keep losing to the A's like that the Dodgers will have the best record in baseball soon and they are carrying a guy who hits 150 gets a hit 15 of the time and a former MVP in cody bellinger who's right on the Mendoza line himself again that's baseball and again what's the what's the running theme here about lefties the running theme about lefties like Gallo and Muncie and Bellinger just for just as a for instance 205 Bellinger you know what the you know what the you know what the answer is and I know I'm sounding like Scott Boris here the shift the shift is biased against left-handed hitters you don't see your second baseman standing in short left field when there's a right-handed hitter up you always see the second baseman standing or the third baseman standing in short right field when the lefties up get rid of the shift you want to move the pitch clock along I guarantee you you won't see hitters hitting 160 150 anymore and the game will be much more interesting with a better pace to it all right we'll take a break here on the rich isin show the top five nfl players returning for injury that will have the most impact in 2022 let's see if your team's on that list that's next right here on the rich isin show kylar murray talking still to come back here on the rich isin show terrestrial radio network all right kylar murray has spoken we're going to play that uh sound bite for you all his two cents on his independent study clause at the top of the next hour phil rosenthal uh creator of everybody loves raymond and star of the hit show netflix's somebody feed phil uh he's here in studio hour number three we'll have a fun conversation there so uh i've got a i've got a top five list for you well do respect tj you've got your big ass grab bag tomorrow yes but i i've decided to rank in my mind the top five players in the nfl returning from significant injury that's going to have the biggest impact so the top five most impactful returning from injury players of 2022 in the nfl i would like some nfl films music to get me in the got it to get us through this top five list and i appreciate that let's go all right number five on this list is close to home for me um you all need pass rushing in this league and certainly if you've got uh a young secondary like the jets have i know sauce gardner hasn't given up a touchdown since high school um but it certainly helps if you have a pass rush that can get home and that is exactly what the jets have been missing significantly number five on this list is uh carl lawson who blew out his achilles last year we have not seen carl lawson since he was a bengal in 2020 the jets signed him in free agency to pair him on the same line with quinn and williams and go hunt like he did in 2020 he led all defensive linemen with 32 quarterback hits robert salla calls him a freak he's come back and it looks like he's been he's come back and it looks like he's all the way back from blowing out his achilles last august he's a 27 year old kid from auburn and he may be one of the most impactful players if the jets can get him rushing the passer and sauce gardner covering on the back end and the offense does what it's supposed to do i think he is one of the top five players that can have the biggest impact returning from injury and the to make this list you've got to have missed the entire season if not pretty damn near most of it so he's number five on this list number four on the list is a guy who the jacksonville jaguars chose in the first round of last year's draft and paired him with the first overall pick in last year's draft a first rounder from last year's draft who had a liz frank injury in the second preseason game travis atn he is back and he looks all of that plus the biscuit yes he does and he even said this about his role in this offense now doug peterson's offense peterson that he said he wouldn't mind if he played a debo samuel role now he's a running back who can catch it out of the backfield then you're like okay you're running back what do you mean debo is not a running back he's a wide receiver who plays running back debo is six foot 216 travis etn is 5 10 215 so he can pack a wallop maybe not as big and tall as debo but he is the 25th overall pick of last year's draft we did not see at all last year and uh he's also uh tight with the quarterback as you know college days this was etn crashing trevor lawrence's press conference just a couple days ago how does it feel to have etn in the back drawing his his gloves with your towel again i didn't miss that i'm gonna have to wear an extra towel because he's always taking my towel but no it's great to have my guy back uh been together for a while missed him last year just excited to have him back he's gonna add a very explosive element to our our offense he's gonna help us a lot and just get getting back to some winning around here so we're excited i kind of dig it the leading rusher in the history of the acc by the way yep is coming back from injury we haven't seen him play a single nfl down yet i'm looking forward to that number three on the list of most impactful players returning to action uh from injury is jeff akuta of your detroit lions i mean this kid from the ohio state he blew out his achilles in the first game last year and he is back with no limitations you're going to see him on hard knocks the coach loves him wouldn't that be interesting if the wrist roar gets uh restored by this kid on the back end from scarlet and gray and uh the mason blue kid up front getting home fast and adrian and aden hutchinson to get jeff akuta more picks throwing his way everybody talking about the lions being better than you think this is one reason why he's coming back to injury i think he's going to have a significant impact on aaron glenn's side of the ball that's number three number two is another buckeye this guy now the the there's question if he's going to be ready for the season he has made uh it sound like as he will be but what is jk daubens going to look in this ravens offense he blew out his knee remember it was him and and gus edwards on this like back-to-back days what a brutal day in uh late season um uh of late preseason last year right before the beginning of the season jk daubens if he comes back on time and i think he will but once he does get back and starts rolling this offense will be far more significant especially if we're not going to get much of a passing game out of baltimore again from the wide receiver position but jk daubens i think is terrific he can wear you out he can be one of the best running backs in this league like he was in the big 10 and i think um the sky's the limit for him i hope he is as healthy as the ravens hope and he says he is because that makes him number two on this list of the most impactful players returning to injury and again uh there's a theme here there's a theme here and um i don't have a problem with it as you know i speak my peace here it's from the hearts from the gut because number one's a buckeye on this list too can't guard mike when he's that good can't guard mike when he is that good and let's see if michael thomas is still as good as the guy that caught everything from drew breeze and broke records and is one of the best at the wide receiver position when he is healthy and he is back he returned to practice on tuesday for the first time in 18 months a year and a half it's been since he's back with the new orleans saints with the fleur de lis on the side of the helmet clearly we'll see if jamus is the guy and as good as we hope he can be but michael thomas can easily be far and away despite how talented the rest of this list is the most impactful player returning from injury in 2022 in the national football league that's my list and did you see mike thomas's tweet yesterday no i did not sir i did not what was it y'all favorite fantasy doctor lied and then had the panochio face meaning that he's not going to be back in any way he's not going to be ready for the start of the season or he's not as good as he once was yep so it's not a lie thank you if you believe it so you know i was thinking of putting christian mccaffrey on this list but he he did play you know almost a quarter of the season last year i wanted i wanted guys who didn't play at all last year or were barely like okuda barely played yeah you know i like that travis atn one too i'm trying to decide if i want to keep him in fantasy this year what are your choices it's basically him cam akers and chris godwin okay so two of the three i can keep two of those three i know who i would keep who would you keep i don't know you got to keep cam akers yeah i think he's i think he's a no-brainer i'm just a no-brainer decided between godwin and do i roll the dice and atn and if godwin's back i mean how do you not go with chris godwin if he's back and you see there's no limitations and you'll see in in pre-season you'll hear we'll know we'll know by the time when do you have to let everyone know uh drafted in a couple weeks oh so you gotta you gotta know by the draft yeah three weeks yeah three weeks drafts at my house again this year oh it is because the rams won the super bowl oh so everyone's coming here right okay gonna have everyone here huh everyone at my house then there's still no time limit have we have not we have we're still drafting how many teams 14 teams 14 14 teams i mean what a nightmare 14 teams that's a nightmare alone right it's a lot it's a lot how many of you how many guys do you draft 15 oh my god so there's nothing left in the waiver wire at all no it's a slim pickings oh god throughout the year all right so you can't even like a waiver wire is basically insignificant yeah you'll hardly if you desperately need somebody get somebody to replace yeah okay you pretty much have to draft wisely pretty much and then there's no time limitation on how long it takes there's someone in a pick wow honestly yeah i know we've been talking about this for the 10 years but why won't they change like aren't there enough people with lives to get to uh i think for the people with no lives this is their one break from that non-life so they're interested in spending as much time as they can well i mean it sounds like the minority's ruling sounds like america those were your words that was mine that was my words yeah i don't think that's how america works is that right that's how it's working at the moment i didn't i didn't mean that minority to be clear phil rosenthal coming up so yeah cam akers is a bust i think he's going to be can i just say something real quick about the um defending world champs sure no one's talking about them either this is los angeles bias in the national meeting in terms of just not talking about them or yeah yeah yeah if this was the patriots that's all we'd be talking about if this was the giants forget it if this was the cowboys oh my god you'd be talking about this team so why don't we do that because it's los angeles that's why yeah but we could change that we that's why i'm i'm doing it right now let's go ask most teams ask most fan bases would you take sean mcveigh if you could to have him as your coach oh i mean how many teams would probably not take would you take aaron donald they have they have potentially the best wide receiver best coach and best defensive player of the last 20 years on it and they've retained most everyone else what's not to love but i bet you if you ask most people there's such a fun shot to win it all this year based on just put this on a poll question who's got the best chance to win the super bowl out of the opening night participants do you think the bills would win seven out of every 10 votes right now you think the bills are 70 30 bills would win 70 30 maybe 65 something like that yeah right around there yeah put up put up and i might turn out to be one of them in the end just because merely it's so difficult to repeat like we have still have not seen it since years one and two of nfl network and this is year 19 season number 20. Isn't that amazing we came out of the box on nfl network and it was the repeat champions and it was the patriots in back-to-back years beating the panthers and the eagles in back-to- back years that's the last time that happened and just so that alone we're we're we're overdue stafford's terrific come on now they got bobby wagner on top of it honestly if the cowboys had let's just say des bryant back in the day des had a season like cup okay and um you know jason garrett was viewed as the the brilliant young coach like mcveigh was viewed he was at one and romo romo was like that journeyman who finally broke through right right forget it we're back in a minute for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium and then in new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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