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12-7-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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December 7, 2023 5:50 am

12-7-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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December 7, 2023 5:50 am

NO! An update on the flowers with an unwanted new wrinkle | Breaking News!! The New York Yankees have acquired Juan Soto | How will Soto fare in Yankee Stadium?


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See site for details. I think I'm finally in Christmas cheer mode. I think it's finally hit me between the amazing job the decorators did at my new house. Stockings over the fireplace and lights everywhere. Gorgeous tree. It's so tall.

Actually makes me look like I'm short and small. Christmas music finally playing in my car. Actually, I've gotten into the Christmas spirit in my car, starting with some Christmas carols. The originals, but instrumental. So we're talking about some of the older, more cherished, familiar and iconic Christmas carols.

Not my favorite one necessarily, but they are piano and instrumental versions. And then Handel's Messiah and thinking about Christmas gifts. I know, I know, I know. It's December 6th and I'm thinking about Christmas gifts. But finally, a little bit of it mixed in with the wedding. Because if I keep thinking about my wayward flowers, I might lose my mind. So instead, I'm trying to think about Christmas gifts and travel and and the fact that the flowers will be there. So now after thinking about Christmas and being in the Christmas spirit, I went to a Christmas party on Wednesday evening.

Here's the funny part though. It's a group text of those of us who are in this particular group from my church. And I had confirmed the time last week because sometimes they like to play willy-nilly with the time. So I confirmed the time last week and got a thumbs up on a text that I sent about the party beginning at 7 p.m. Well, around so 6.50, I was getting ready to walk out with my crock pot full of kielbasa in chili sauce and grape jelly. It's an amazing sweet sour combination. Anyway, it's all hot. It's my entire house smells like it. I'm getting ready to walk out to my car with the kielbasa and I hear my phone go off. So I go and I check my phone, a text from one of the group members saying, Oh, I didn't realize the party started at 6.30. I'm sorry.

I'll be on my way. Oh, whoopsie. Some of the time I got into the car with my kielbasa and got over to the party. It was almost an hour late. Most people had already eaten. So I think only one or two people even tried the sausage.

Thankful. There's some men there that tried the kielbasa. So I then I ate it for dinner because that was the only hot food left.

And then which is alright because it's delicious. And then I took most of it home. So great. But anyway, I wore the ugly sweater that producer Jay gave me last year, which is a T-Rex with his his dinosaur arms that don't fit through the sleeves. And then I wore my snowman socks, red and green and glitter.

Oh, and you know what else Jay? I wore the Grinch slippers. I wore the Grinch slippers.

Perfect. People are still trying to take them off my feet. They love the Grinch slippers. I won them at the white elephant party with this group last year and wore them as kind of a because everybody wanted them last year, but I had the last pick so I was able to grab them and snag them. Do you want to know what I took as my party gift to this year?

Yeah. Yeah, I gave some of I regifted. I gave some of the items that we've received from our friend Steve in Nebraska. Oh, yeah, the chicken sounds the fake applause meter and the Chewbacca Pez which actually was I would have kept that one. That was a hit. Yeah, then I gave them I gave away some Snickers.

That was a huge hit. The Chewbacca Pez might as bit might have been the most attractive item as well as a leather wallet that Syracuse gave me as part of a hey, welcome to our faculty last year, but they gave me a bunch of stuff. So that was a really nice gift. A little stocking Christmas ornament that someone had given me. So yeah, I was all regifted. That was my white elephant gift and I put it into a Christmas basket and it was one of the first things picked and it stayed with the original owner.

They were very excited. The regift gift. The regifted gift. Yeah, so it actually but I wasn't the only one because someone at the party actually wrapped up and regifted this enormous box of jelly beans that they didn't want last year.

I remember he picked it and tried to get rid of it and nobody would take it. And so he found it in a box today wrapped it up again and brought it back to the party and someone ended up picking it and the whole place went crazy or so funny. So now I'm officially in the Christmas spirit again, partly because I have been doing a bunch of Christmas things.

I pulled out the pillows at home to decorate some of the other rooms the beds and and the couch and then anything. I'll take anything right now to distract me from the wayward wedding flowers. Oh, thank you. This makes me feel much better. Oh phew. Okay. Can we just do this for the next four hours on a loop? I want a hippopotamus for Christmas only hippopotamus will do see now if we just played hippo songs and Christmas carols the whole time.

I would never think about flowers Jay. They still haven't arrived neither box. So it's not just the first box now that was mailed over a week ago. We're talking eight days.

It was mailed eight days ago. So it's it's now been lost in space for four days, but we're talking about the second box which was supposed to arrive earlier today and also has not arrived any update on the tracking. No, I refuse to look I can't I was driving myself crazy with the tracking.

So Bob and I agree. We would not look at the tracking. So now we're just waiting. Do you want me to look at the tracking? But what happens if you look at the tracking though? What are you gonna do depending on the news either tell you or not?

I suppose right so see that's the thing is I'll know whether I hear from you or whether I get silence from you if something is happening. So I really feel as though I can't have you check tracking either because that would be cheating. I asked Bob multiple times today. Would you like me to check the tracking because he was so disappointed now.

Now I'm praying just because I feel badly. He's disappointed not to mention our decorator might lose her mind. Well, no, she's she's not at this point.

She's not stressed if we get into next week. Oh, dear. Yeah, we may we may be scrapping flowers all together. I gotta say I'm disappointed too.

I really thought they were going to come. Yeah, not just one box, but two. How is it possible that two boxes of flowers and decorations are gone? Are they from the same place? They went through the same distribution center.

Okay, and how about the I assume because I don't actually know. I haven't checked tracking. You could check the tracking.

There is one so I have one of the numbers saved on my phone so I could easily look at it on my phone. I'll let you do it. I'll do it. Okay, and then the other box the other box the last I knew was in that same area.

How about this? My mom said her best friend from when she was a kid growing up in Northeast, Ohio. Her best friend is also tracking a package that went through the same distribution center. And it's it's not it's it's late now too. It's not even crunch time for the holidays. No, I know it's December 6th for heaven's sakes and I mailed both my boxes in November.

Wow in November. And how about the Amazon one that you sent yesterday? It'll be there tomorrow. Yeah, 48 hours for Amazon. But now working on nine days for my first package. It's not like I mailed it internationally. I mailed it to Texas for heaven's sakes, but the crazy part is it's been in Texas now for five days.

Right. It's like where it needs to be just not at the exact location. It's in the same Metro. It's in the same Metro. Yeah, it's now I guess like I said, I you'll have to check the tracking because I'm not allowed but it's been in the Houston area since the weekend. Can anyone go pick it up? If we if I find out where it is. If I get the coordinates, can we pinpoint it in the GPS?

The coordinates. I love it. So anyway, I cannot check tracking. It's against the rules that Bob and I set up. But now I just want the flowers to arrive for Bob. Like I just that's all.

I don't even care as much about me. I just want them to arrive for Bob because he's he's starting to get very nervous. Well, we talk each other down off the ledge, but he was dejected when he got home from work.

He told me that he said I was really dejected when I got home from work. I thought for sure they were going to come. I know you your body language. I can see it too. I did.

Yeah. We've got an army of people on social media who are volunteering to look for the flowers, which is very helpful, but they're in a nondescript box. I'm not sure how you would how you would find them. Just kind of invade a post. They don't do that. That's not a good idea and start opening boxes.

That's a felony. Have I mentioned this before? I'm never ever using ever using the US Postal Service ever again. Ever.

I mean, it shouldn't be asked for a pretty simple request. I know just I mean not one but two boxes to two boxes Jay. All of my decorations are in those two boxes. It's this is why I'm focused on Christmas now. Can we play the hippo song again?

Please just just I need a little more hippo. Thank you. Oh my gosh.

My stress level comes down when that happens. Okay. Okay, I can do this.

Okay. It'll be totally fine. It's totally fine.

It's totally fine. So good news is we have breaking news from the world of Major League Baseball. I wish I could tell you that it was Shohei Ohtani just because I am really intrigued. The latest on Shohei is that the decision should be made by the weekend. That's what we've heard now coming out of the winter meetings. If you missed my conversation with Michael Duarte of NBC LA that conversation is posted on both Twitter and Facebook. So ALaw Radio and our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence. It's also you want to go directly to our podcast you can. He gave us some brand new intel that I had not heard before which maybe just maybe tips the scales in favor of the Angels.

But right now we don't know. I mean there's reports coming out of LA slash Shohei's camp that he only would consider the Blue Jays or the Dodgers if not the Angels. So there I know there's a bunch of hope north of the border with Toronto that he would only consider those two teams.

But not interested in New York which is why the Yankees went in a different direction. It is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We're glad to have you with us. Again thank you for all of your kind words, your congratulations, your hopes, your fingers and toes crossed, your prayers. Those of you who are stressing out with me you are the best. I tell you that I it really does matter to me that that some of you feel and understand how I feel. So thank you. Thank you for that.

It always helps us to know that we're not alone. Our phone number is 855-212-4227. Since I am not working tomorrow night. This will be kind of our unofficial kickoff to week 14 in the NFL. Jay. Wow.

14. Feels like we just did our video on which teams will make the playoffs that didn't last season. But I feel as though we're still on point. We need to actually go back and look at that. Didn't I pick the Falcons?

Yes you did. And they are right now leading the NFC South which isn't saying much but at least they're back to 500. They're right there. I also picked the Steelers which okay if they can get their quarterback to return. The latest on Kenny Pickett is coming up on the show but they still have a world class defense that is keeping them in the loop. And also TJ Watt thinks that the NFL has it out for him.

We'll have to let you hear that in his own words. But the Steelers are still in the mix. Do you remember who else we picked? We picked the Lions. I picked the Rams. You picked the Rams.

OMG. We look really smart. In fact right now we could be 4 for 4.

We could be. So in our stairway to 7 video it was episode 5 right and we counted down slash up. We climbed the stairs to step number 1 to pick the 7 teams that we thought would make the playoffs this year that did not make the playoffs last year. If you haven't seen that it's on our YouTube channel. It's easy to find when you go and you watch the latest Ask Amy Anything video that's also just posted on our YouTube channel After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

So as you do that and you look you'll have to remind us. Who else? We went Lions Rams which Lions Rams Falcons and Steelers are all now in the mix. Browns were in there.

Were they? I picked the Browns I believe. Oh that was you.

That was you. You picked the Browns. They are still above 500 and very much alive. Saints. The Saints. I actually went.

We actually went 2 teams at the NFC South. Yeah. Wow. Huh. I guess it was so wide open that we both saw it as division winners possibly. It was.

Okay. Anybody new in the AFC? Did we say Dolphins? Oh no they made the playoffs last year. I think we might have said the Titans which hasn't worked out but. Tell me I didn't say the Patriots. No definitely not the Patriots. Definitely not the Patriots. I might have said the Titans actually.

I might have. Colts? I'm not sure if we said Colts. Which would be a good one.

I mean that would be a great one. Right but I don't think so because of the rookie quarterback thing. We weren't sure about that and because of Shane Steichen. Who looks great.

Yeah. Shane Steichen and Jonathan Gannon. The two of them coming out of the Philly staff last year and yeah. Neither one of them has had their starting quarterback the entire year. So welcome to the NFL as a head coach. So we'll look ahead to week 14. But coming up next breaking news from Major League Baseball. Not Shayho. Shayho. Oh no. It's already starting. There goes the perfect show.

Jay. I mean I need this to be a perfect show. So that I don't stress about wayward flowers. Wayward wedding flowers and decorations. Do we need more hippos?

We might need a studio full of hippos. Anyway it's not the Shohei sweepstakes. Nope instead it's the Soto sweepstakes. And we've got Resolution plus the general manager of the San Diego Padres. Oh I see. There we go. San Diego Padres.

Shayho. It's it's just all come. It's all it's all come to a grinding halt.

Slammed into a wall. That's it. I think we should just we should just end the show right now. It's not totally fine.

But that was the point because Aaron Rodgers said it was totally fine so many times that we knew it was not totally fine. Can we go back to rhyming maybe because that made me laugh really hard. That was good. If we could start rhyming. So what do you think about this?

I haven't asked you. What if we do the after hours game of the week poll starting tonight since I won't be here tomorrow and that way we can run it through Sunday. Only Army Navy this weekend. So there are fewer far fewer football games out there for you which means for those of you who are going to be jonesing with the lock the lack of college football games.

Well this could be for you. This poll will probably even if we had the option I guess tonight we do have the option we could potentially include the Thursday night game but not even their mamas want to call that the game of the week. I'm not joking when I decided I had to take one more day off because Thanksgiving kind of got thrown into flux and so I had an extra day.

I looked at the schedule because I wanted to do a long weekend before I take off for Texas. What are the chances that I beat the Flowers to Texas? Stop. Okay no I can't.

A friend of mine from college when he saw my post about the Flowers responded on Twitter with a to do list. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Decent advice.

Yeah we've known each other since we were teenagers so he knows me well. All right so we'll do the after hours game of the week poll we'll get that up and running no it won't include Patriots and Steelers we'll let you know the latest from QB news while Trevor Lawrence actually speaking out himself about the cart that ran out of gas. We've got we've got some doozies on the schedule to be sure but Major League Baseball stealing the spotlight coming up. You can find us on Twitter after hours CBS for all of our polls our Facebook page and then brand new material on the YouTube channel featuring my decked out living room all the Christmas decorations. I can't believe I didn't accidentally let it slip that I had moved in the midst of everything else going on it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS porch radio. How did you actually sleep last night if it wasn't an absolute dream then you need to upgrade your sleep with the softest most luxurious sheets. 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Now you can have a nice blaze without any clouds ruining your day go smokeless go to solo stole dot com telling big Snoop Dogg since selling your car to Carvana is as easy as easy as pie sure all you have to do is enter your license plate or been as easy as a stroll in the park okay then just answer a few questions and you'll get a real offer in seconds as easy as singing why not schedule a pickup or drop off and Carvana will pay you that amount right on the spot as easy as playing guitar actually I find that kind of difficult but selling your car to Carvana is as easy as can be visit Carvana dot com or download the app to get an instant offer today you are listening to the after hours podcast hitting the air to deep right field Mookie Betts going back gonna watch gonna go number 30 for Juan Soto into the right field pavilion and the Padres take a one nothing lead here in the first inning this is after hours with Amy Lawrence Jesse Adler on Padres radio why do you care well because the Padres are shipping one Soto to the opposite corner of the country just about the New York Yankees get yet another lefty outfielder big hitting lefty outfielder in Juan Soto and gosh think about one he went from Washington DC to LA slash San Diego to now New York that's quite the journey quite the career trajectory now he's into the final year of his deal in 2024 as is Verdugo who the Yankees agreed to trade for with the Boston Red Sox and there are a couple of wrinkles to this so they get Verdugo in exchange for three pitchers and then not even 24 hours later so this time last night Verdugo was the big mover there was some speculation that Verdugo would actually end up being part of any trade but as it turns out he does not go to the Padres and so instead they flip a bunch of pitchers as well as catcher Kyle Higashioka who's been a staple with the Yankees for a couple of years now but San Diego was looking for arms and a lot of people who are in the know might tell you that the Padres got the better end of this deal now I don't know if that's the case but it definitely would be if Stanton sorry not Giancarlo Stanton he's more of a th now but if you've got this group of outfielders in Verdugo Aaron judge also in there is it Trent Grisham who's also in there so you've got that group plus Giancarlo who does th but could play outfield and they build this group only to see it kind of come apart in a year of course they love to keep Juan Soto long term that will be the next challenge it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio getting Yankees trading for Juan Soto and trading away a handful of pitchers including a highly touted prospect in Drew Thorpe he's a pitching start he's supposed to be a starter but he's a pitching prospect that a lot of people are buzzing about and so now you've got Verdugo and Soto but you also know that if you don't sign them or resign them or out or get them to agree to contract extensions then this could be for one year who now if you're a player if you're one Soto and the Yankees offer you a boatload of money which they could do you sign right away before you even play there I guess it depends upon your feeling whether or not you like New York if you believe that it could be a good fit at the same time New York baseball spotlight is not for everyone it's like a bit of a conundrum not just for the team but also for Juan in his camp again we're talking second big trade in under two years from DC to San Diego where we saw him in stretches with some really big numbers but the idea for the Padres was to keep him long-term right was to be able to at the very least try him out for a few years make multiple runs in the playoffs that's what they did is with Manny Machado and I know Fernando Tatis that didn't work out the way they expected either with Juan Soto we talked about Blake Snell on last night show putting this group together believing that they would be able to build a contender for at least a few years until they got to the end of Juan Soto or this offseason before his last deal and realizing okay we either have to pour drastic money into him if we can get him to stay or we have to trade him because those playoff runs did not materialize it would have been different potentially if they got into this to the World Series going back to last year but instead they lost to the Phillies in the NLCS so you've got multiple outfielders now for the Yankees you've got big-time bats in a couple of them and now you've got this idea of all right who do we play who is the everyday centerfielder that'll be a challenge for another day and I I know that Yankees fans are probably thrilled because bats have been an issue it's been Aaron Judge when he's healthy and then everybody else and really not enough to sustain a guy who either can bat in front of Judge or behind Judge to give him some protection so this is a huge deal but if you only have him for one year I guess we cross that bridge when they come to it so Juan Soto very valuable piece the Padres flip him and at least initially now we don't know especially because some of the guys that they got back in return we're talking about prospects guys that have to find their role specifically in a bullpen or in a rotation so we'll see how the deal plans out or pans out but at least this point there are people raving about what AJ Preller just did okay so he's already spoken given the Padres perspective why the Yankees they were aggressive I mean I think they they clearly made it known that you know that this was a deal and a player I mean I think Brian's pretty direct and I think they were pretty clear and you know again I think everybody understood they had a need you know Juan is an incredible player and fit the need really well so when you have two teams that line up and you know you have a team that's calling you consistently usually get a feel that this is something that has a chance to happen you know ultimately hopefully it's a deal that works out for both sides AJ Preller already answering questions about the Yankees and he refers to Brian Cashman and says well he's really aggressive and he's very direct I like it they get Alex Verdugo they get a bunch of pitchers and are able to turn those then flip some of them to the Padres in exchange for Soto and it remains to be seen who quote unquote won the deal but still jarring and if you're AJ Preller I've got to imagine it's a little bit like the Portland Trail Blazers trading away Damian Lillard right recognizing it's unlikely that we can keep him we've got to move on we've got to cut bait we've got to try again because what we just did the last couple years did not work ever more painful though as a team that felt like it got so close so close to the promised land so much buzz around the roster they put together and this past season was so flat this is an interesting question how much interest was there in Juan Soto from around baseball we had 10 teams that checked in on us over there on Juan especially since it started getting a little bit more publicity in the last you know in the last week or two that you know we'd at least listen on Juan and see where that went so there were 10 teams that checked in like anything you get to you know usually like most new it's about three that are that are really kind of at the final table having conversations so that's that was some of the car that was some of the activity over the last few weeks 10 teams that's a third of baseball and different than Shohei Ohtani right because he can negotiate on his own he and his agents his camp he's available for any team that wants to bid or make a pitch but of course there's only so many teams that could really afford him now if this was Juan Soto on the free agent market if it wasn't a trade and Juan's camp could pick think about the money right that was always the deal with the Padres is wanting to potentially sign him to a deal and it didn't work out that way it seems like these days and Jay you can wait if you want here teams who trade for guys that are only around for one year or only have one year left in their deal their deals a lot of times you're playing with fire because most athletes want to be courted or at least want to try their hand at free agency to see how much money they might be able to get and so that's the thing like yes Soto could be dazzled by New York he could decide he wants to stay there but as an example Aaron Judge has indicated that he never wanted to leave New York right that he loves playing for the Yankees that that's always where he wanted to be his heart and his soul were with New York and yet he also tried free agency and flirted with the Giants at the very least listen to the offers out there and probably think most people agree that because of his sojourn talking to the Giants and and the Yankees actually believing he might choose the Bay Area over them that he got a lot more money or at least some more some money that wasn't there initially and so that's kind of the deal that's why these types of trades if I'm a general manager make me nervous because there's no way to guarantee that Soto is going to stay and if he's like most players what they want is an open market what they want is to see the capitalism work for them come tell me what I'm worth tell me what you are willing to give me and I will decide among my suitors but that's the thing is there's no guarantee the Yankees are gonna have him past a year so I don't love these blockbuster deals where you're going for broke in only one year with the player under contract so quite literally Juan Soto has specifically has shown this that he will do this because just before Washington traded him to the Padres he I looked up the number to remember what he reportedly turned down 15 years 440 million dollars from the Nationals is the contract he reportedly turned down and that's a team where he was drafted by won a championship with they bred him since he was what 16 like it so and he said to them sorry if you want me you got to pay me more and he owes them if he owed any team anything is the Nationals so and he told them sorry if you want to pay me you got to pay me this much what is the other Yankees nothing a 15 year deal would you give any player in the history of the world a 15 year deal absolutely not not even Patrick Mahomes would I give a 15 year deal nobody not Aaron Judge well and he has a bunch of injury issues there is not one athlete on the planet that I would give a 15 year deal to absolutely not but the point is some team might and if they're not the Yankees and Juan Soto just gonna go okay they're gonna give it to me I don't know the Yankees anything they're gonna give me the money I want I'm gonna go to them could I be Steve Cohen right across the town could be I don't know yeah that's why this deal if I'm the Yankees makes me nervous now they obviously want him and they are the Yankees and so they must feel as though they can offer market price or better for him come next year not to mention if they get back to the World Series this is kind of the deal teams are willing to go all-in even it's if it's for one year if it can get them back to the World Series because that's worth its weight in gold and and a lot of times when you are coming off a great playoff run teams then can say hey look what we did with you you know we we want you to stay look what we accomplished we just got shy of our goal or we accomplished our goal but getting to a World Series makes buku bucks me makes a franchise money hand over fist but there is zero guarantee as in no guarantee that he's going to stick around which is why this to me is fairly risky it's fairly risky even though I understand Juan Soto right now is worth a bunch of pitchers a prospect a catcher all of that but if it's just for one year wow he's already declined like I said 440 million dollars before years so is it possible he just didn't want to be tied to the Nationals I guess it's possible cuz they had gone through after winning the World Series they hit the skids right they did I guess it's possible but if he's that's so much money where he's gonna have to think ask for something at least in that ballpark and photon he's gonna get somewhere close to 500 million this year that's just gonna set the new standard for the market can you imagine oh yeah one more from padres gm aj preller about the difficulty of trading away a guy like Soto is again like trading put in impact a lane you know perennial all-star hall of fame type player those are you like you like when you're acquiring those type of players for sure but again I think for us you know looking at our roster our team a lot of different ways to go win games we've talked about it as a group overall you know over the course of the last few months getting ready for the offseason you know we needed needed pitching we knew we had the free agents you know and some free agent defections here this all this offseason and just kind of round out the roster and again get get some pitchers that from you know from from our perspective they're gonna be with us for for for the next four or five years and you know a group that we can build with so yeah it's very difficult to make a deal where you're we're trading a player the cowboy Ron Soto but if we did that we want to make sure we short up a bunch of needs we were able to get some depth with quality I mean I think we'll talk about I'm sure about you know Michael Kane Drew Thorpe you know just to name two maybe we think we think really highly of these guys you know who is the most excited about this trade for one soda that happened or actually was final there apparently was a hang up over some players physical gosh that feels like a reboot from a year ago which player was it that bounced around for four different teams or something that's right it was Carlos Correa finally ended up back with the twins giants meds back to the twins anyway you want to know who's the most excited to see this breaking news just before midnight eastern time Zach Wilson you are absolutely right guess what I might drive in here in the New York area didn't hear anything about Zach Wilson on the way in not one word all of a sudden Zach Wilson's old news baby but not here because he did speak now we're gonna do two different versions of QB news on this edition of the show because we've got a lot in preparation for the upcoming football weekend a lot of the QBs speak on Wednesdays but the deal is that Zach Wilson people waiting to hear from him after the reports that he was reluctant to play because of the risk of injury and then we've also got Trevor Lawrence it was just a few days ago we saw him slamming his helmet to the turf and hobbling off the field and then being helped oh so slowly and gingerly to the locker room and yet he's speaking to the media on Wednesday you know backup quarterbacks injured quarterbacks don't generally speak to the media during the week is there a chance that we could see him on the field come week 14 the poll is already up get it while it's hot baby on our show Twitter after hours CBS also on our Facebook page again one photo headed to the New York Yankees we'd love to get your reaction on either Twitter or Facebook or a phone number imagine you're looking at a balancing scale with everything you do for other people on one side and everything you do for yourself on the other side if it isn't balanced maybe it's time to spend a little more time on you and therapy is a great place to start BetterHelp connects you with a licensed therapist online who can help you find that balance and stick to it visit slash positive to get 10% off your first month that's slash positive did you know that most people will wait 26 days to see an OBGYN if you're dealing with a vaginal infection herpes outbreak or STI symptoms you already know that's too long to wait at hello you can get a 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something to talk about as as our you know 29 other teams to varying degrees but as you very well know it it takes a lot of things to line up to make sure we get to the podium and those are the things you work towards and get close on something some things go away and you got to pivot but you know I would say at least behind the scenes those things are happening on overdrive to to give you that potential this is after hours with Amy Lawrence Yankees manager Aaron Boone before the trade with Juan Soto became official it is now as of just a few hours ago probably a lot of Yankees fans or East Coast baseball fans I would say anyone who is a fan of an AL East team this will absolutely impact you and many of them could have been asleep before the trade became official trying to think when I saw it it was breaking it was about 1040 eastern time but then it wasn't completely done until around midnight or so the the tweets were popping and the news was breaking it had initially been hung up on question over a player physical though I don't know that it was Soto it could have been anyone probably not Soto any one of the other players pitchers going the opposite direction to San Diego so Aaron Boone and the Yankees have their big splash they've got something to talk about it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio we found a couple other pieces of audio that are pertinent which I think are kind of fun to throw them out there now Juan Soto back at the all-star game he was answering questions thinking about the possibilities of his future where it could end up how it could play out knowing of course that if he was traded there would be at least one team from New York that would be interested in trading for him either the Yankees or the Mets I think there are a lot of people not necessarily for Soto but a lot of people expecting the Mets to be big-time players this offseason and they still could be because of the money and the reputation of Steve Cohen the Yankees instead they send seven guys the other direction a couple of pitching prospects even Michael King just came up late for the or got promoted to the rotation late last season so hasn't gone through a year with the Yankees as a full-time starter so there's a lot of question marks there but the Padres needed to cut payroll after the money they spent trying to build a team that could win the NL West and wrestle the control of that division away from the Dodgers they got close in 22 now in 23 having fallen flat they've decided they're gonna cut bait and I think what they have more than half of their starting rotation is likely gone anyway right so you're Blake Snell and Michael Waka I mean there's all these guys that are on the way out Soto only has a year left on his deal we're likely to they were unlikely to re-sign him because they want to get closer to the luxury tax threshold so the Yankees end up kind of swooping in well Juan Soto was asked about why he loves playing in New York going back to the all-star game for me I think the crowd is incredible all the all the things that they yell at you and everything the food the family that I have there that's that's it's gotta be all those parties it's incredible when you go there and how they support you and they boo you at the same time he likes that part he likes how they support you and boo you at the same time Soto is just 25 years old represented by Scott Boris who loves how he's had great success hitting at Yankee Stadium I think anytime you have a 12 or 1300 ops anywhere it's you enjoy it and good thing for Juan Soto he does that a number of ballparks but Yankee Stadium is one of them if my memory serves me correct yeah it would be safe to say that it's one of his favorite ballparks to hit it I don't know if it's favorite when you're Juan Soto you you kind of show up and every every ballpark's a favorite but the but I know he hits well there he's a guy who has amassed a ton of walks in the last several years and we're talking 400 plus walks in the last few seasons remember he won the batting title but I don't want to say but he won the batting title in 2020 when there were 60-something games and he walks a lot more than he strikes out which is certainly attractive for any any team but also certainly attractive for the protection around other hitters that you've got to 90 91 home runs in the last couple years how might that play with that short right field at Yankee Stadium so the Yankees get their man in Juan Soto it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio let's face it most people aren't making massive turkey feasts on the regular and after 364 days of not thinking about it it can be hard to get that bird just right that's where instacart the holiday rescue app comes in from getting all the ingredients to prep a full seasonal spread to getting last-minute swaps in a turkey emergency instacart has everything a holiday host needs to save face and save dinner and right now if you 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