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Kevin Millar: We're Living In Ohtani's World

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 7, 2024 3:58 pm

Kevin Millar: We're Living In Ohtani's World

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 7, 2024 3:58 pm

3/7/24 - Hour 3

Brockman runs through the latest sports news including NFL cap casualties, Karl-Anthony Towns’ knee injury, a Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight, and the big moose carcass Iditarod controversy.

MLB Network analyst Kevin Millar tells Rich why he’s picking the Atlanta Braves to reach the World Series despite the Dodgers adding Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, if the New York Yankees can best the Baltimore Orioles for AL East supremacy this year after the addition of Juan Soto, why the Boston Red Sox are in for another long season, and tells the hilarious story about the night he shaved…during a game…three times.

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Welcome back. We're kicking off The Rich Eisen Show. Now. Now.

Now. Players deserve to be paid. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

The issue I have with it is there's no rules. Keeping track of all this was too much for Chip Kelly. I just wanted to be happy. You know, it would have taken a special place for me to leave UCLA because I love those players and I love that coaching staff. Earlier on the show, Orlando Magic head coach Jamal Mosley. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. Coming up, MLB Network analyst Kevin Millar. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

Kevin Millar. Is that how I say it? Susan hates it when I do Boston accents. Look, we know you're faking it.

It's not genuine and you don't care. Wow. I think it's pretty simple. That was almost the top five. That was literally it. You could have done a top five on it. Yeah.

So what is it again? I'm not good at it. You're not good at it. I don't mean it. You know, and you're faking it and you don't care. And I don't care.

You're just doing it to kind of like fit in or appease whoever you're talking to. Fit in. Wow. It's not great. I mean.

Just be yourself. So you just finished it. I'm trying to fit in and appease. That's the top. You got one more? Where's the one more drop? You got one more?

Alright, we'll give it a name. You're not a New Englander. You despise us, okay? I married another family. I'm in love with a New Englander. I have children with a New Englander who I found in New England in ESPN. Connecticut.

Borderline. Patriots damn near moved to Connecticut. Redheaded stepchild of New England. Let's be honest. They're kind of the redhead stepchild of New York and New England. See, now your accent's coming out. Just to make a point.

What do you mean? So is Maine more New England than Connecticut? Well, Massachusetts.

Oh my god. Massachusetts is one, okay? Maine is on the top end.

Yeah. Plymouth Rock. Connecticut is right there at the bottom. Rhode Island.

Plymouth Rock first. Maine second biggest state in New England. Maine's a big state.

People forget about this. By the way, you're gonna turn to this guy whose area code of his cell phone is Maine and ask him if it's really New England. You're gonna ask him if Maine is considered New England.

This guy. Is it more New England than Connecticut? Oh, there's no question. Without question.

Yeah. Well, Connecticut, once you're halfway, once you're west of Hartford and I guess what would you say? Yeah, Hartford is one and then New Haven. Once you get west of New Haven and west of... Now you're inching towards New York.

Well, and Darien and obviously all those places. You're practically New York. So there's no practically New York about Maine. But we're also tutoring a guy who considers Pittsburgh the East Coast.

Listen. Who do we have on recently that said that it's most... No, it's Manganiello, right? Manganiello said it's most decidedly not East Coast. I don't believe that's what he said. He didn't say the words most decidedly, but anyway. It was implied. Now that I've been slandered, Kevin Millar is on the show.

We're gonna talk baseball with a man who made Brockman very happy and quite miserable back in 2004. I didn't move my feet. I know. I wonder if it's me. I think it's me. Uh-oh. I think it's my mic. Brockman, touch it.

Don't touch it. Yeah. All right. We found out.

See now I'm happy. That's what happens when you slander me. My name's on the mic flag. You keep on screwing up. Blame the audience. So we were like, Rich, I'm sorry. It's all right. I take it back. That's all right. It's because I blame you for everything. It's true.

And it's probably my fault. Great conversation with Andy Reid, who he got on the show when Colin was finally done with him. That was fun. And then our number one. I really enjoyed our chat with Jamal Mosley of Orlando Magic fame, the head coach of the red hot Orlando Magic. Oh, by the way, the Lakers winning the NBA championship.

That's out now. 44 from D'Aaron Fox. Hey man, if the Kings start catching fire and lighting the beam and showing up like lighting a beam last year, they have not lit much. The beam hasn't been lit very much this year. And it will come back down.

And the box try to make a game of it. Third quarter last night. But the Warriors just smoked him, just blew the doors off him.

Draymond Green was hitting threes, picking up texts and hitting threes. We'll see. But now the Warriors have a shot.

Lakers are done based off of last night. Tune in tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow.

We'll do it live. Tonight's your nuggets and Celtics, right? Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Celtics in Denver tonight. Chris Mannix on the show tomorrow in studio. That's fun.

Let's do it. Mark Consuelos will be on the show tomorrow as well. He's a Michigan parent right now. Me and Kelly Ripa have a Michigan wrestler. He's also in town for something called the Academy Awards.

Oh, heard of it. Which we will preview tomorrow on the show. Tom Posero will show it with his pompadour haircut.

Tell us what's going on in the NFL as well. Oppenheimer is just going to sweep everything, right? Huh?

Oppenheimer is just going to... I don't know. Steamroll. I don't know. That's tomorrow. It's about to play us out. For the moment, though, you have a news update, Chris? Oh, I got some news.

That involves the Iditarod, speaking of former former Holmes of Chris Brockman. Okay, here we go. Hit it, please.

Hit it. And now with a report of the day's news from the world of sports and entertainment, someone who is not a journalist or newsman by any definition of the word whatsoever, it's Chris Brockman. Again, I'm so honored that Tom Brokaw just takes time out of talking about the greatest generation wherever he is. He's talking about it right now.

It's like the Beatles. I'm sure it is. Wherever Tom Brokaw is, he's talking about it. It's like Law & Order.

It's on somewhere. Yep. All right, what do you have over there, Chris? All right, starting with a top story, how we started the show today, Steelers beat writer Jerry Dulac saying the team has mutual interest in signing Russell Wilson. Wilson also interested the two sides expected to meet before the start of free agency. Okay.

Yeah, this makes total sense. Good job, Steelers. Do the right thing.

Which is what? Which is not start Kenny Pickett or Mason Rudolph. Listen, sir, they bring him in, there's going to be a quarterback competition. I guarantee you. And guess who's going to win it? You think he'll win that one out? Yeah, no doubt.

I don't know about that. Why is a quarterback competition a bad thing, though? Not bad. We say it like it's bad.

It should be good. If you can't compete in-house, then what are you going to do when, you know, Joey Bosa is standing across the line from you? You've been talking to Marshall Faulk too much. Because Marshall is the king of pretty much anybody that doesn't play quarterback is always saying, how come we're held to a higher standard at our position than quarterbacks? You can't compete with a quarterback. He has to know whether he's starting or not. Yeah, I just, you've said that the last few days and I've been thinking like... Because it is a position that is at the forefront of leadership. It is a position that is at the forefront of confidence. And if you have a guy who throws a pass and goes like this over his shoulder, that's not good for the quarterback position.

Like, it's your job. You have it. Let's go. Ask, you know, if we ever get the chance, in short order, Tom Brady. Belichick saying middle of the season, hey, Tom, you didn't beat the Rams.

We're now barely at 500. Drew Bledsoe is ready to play, but it's your job for the rest of the season. So, Kenny Pickett may beat out Russell Wilson. Then what happens then? He gets cut. He probably asks for his release.

I don't know. Then what? Then he'll sit at home for the season? You have a great backup on Russell Wilson in case Kenny Pickett gets injured or isn't performing up the park.

I imagine this means no Mason Rudolph, right? If this happens? Well, this is gonna happen. I mean, it's not gonna be over money. That's number one.

That's number one. That's probably the reason why the Steelers are reaching out to him. It will cost very little money, if not the league minimum.

That'll be just fascinating, wherever Russ signs, if it's for anything over the league minimum as to why. And then what? But it does make sense.

You give Kenny Pickett a little feat to the fire. Yeah. I mean, you're looking over your shoulder. All right, great. So, that's gonna make you stay, not be complacent.

It's gonna make you keep working hard. Okay. Like, if you're gonna just drop it, you're gonna like if you're gonna just drop and give up because a guy sitting behind... You're not gonna drop or give up, but you're gonna be wondering it's, you know.

Well, then play better and you won't have to worry about that. I guess that'll be Tomlin's deal. You know. I can't imagine again how this doesn't happen because who else is gonna be reaching out to Russell Wilson prior to... If I'm Russ, I jump before a seat gets filled.

I jump. Yeah. Why wouldn't the Raiders be interested in him? Raiders nation.

That's pillage. Aidan O'Connell is not bad. Dude. Aidan O'Connell is better than Russell Wilson. You're ready to ditch Kenny Pickett for Russell Wilson and you're caping for Aidan O'Connell at the same time?

Aidan O'Connell is better than Kenny Pickett. Okay. Man, you guys are crazy. What makes you say this? Are you guys watching games? No.

Explain to me why Aidan O'Connell is better than Russell Wilson. Or Kenny Pickett. Okay. Man, you guys love Kenny Pickett.

You guys related to him or something? No. I'm the one saying Kenny Pickett... Wait a minute.

How are you getting that? Well, maybe him, not me. I'm saying to you this. Maybe the Raiders aren't interested in Russ because they are the ones who are trying to defend Russ and had a very good time doing it. Right.

So maybe they're like... They're gonna trade up. Okay.

That's why I'm like, if I'm Russ I go ahead and do it. What else you got over there, Chris? Okay. Some cap... We know everyone's kind of getting released here kind of out of nowhere.

Jeff Duncan saying the Saints are expected to release Michael Thomas. Really? Yeah. Okay.

Can't guard Mike. Kind of said some things back disparaging that report but kind of seems like it's coming. Okay. Yesterday Mitch Trubisky back to Buffalo. Buffalo signs Mitch to back up Josh Allen.

Josh Allen. Okay. Goes back to Buffalo. And his first order of business is to get... Fly new pants to Paris.

Let's get some new pants in Paris. That'd be great. Dalton Schultz, who knows, signed yesterday with Houston. More tight end news.

John is Smith. Dolphins, two-year deal up to 10 million bucks. Did you see Dalton Schultz on Pat's show where he was talking about how in Houston it's a great spot for him. Butch, by the way, when they sign him to a deal like that, it's a great spot for him. And he was talking about how he... When they work out in Dallas, that is like a one-way mirror for tours to come through to watch them work. And he said he felt like he was at a zoo sometimes while he's working out. That's not good.

That's not good. Well, I mean, he also did say that the training staff's great and everybody else is great, but that there's a part of being a Dallas Cowboy that's part and parcel of being a show. And that's what it means to be a Cowboy. And when you're not a Cowboy in a different spot, that's not part of your equation. And you need to handle that part of the business when you're a Dallas Cowboy. Because they're all in on selling the fans the experience and saying, hey, when you're walking through on a tour, you're here in Frisco, you want to see Micah Parsons do a couple curls?

You're walking through. Other teams don't have the same thing. I mean, look, we work here. Sometimes Roku people come in and they tour.

I mean, everyone's got people that kind of watch them. I'm not I'm not in spandex, but we're on camera benchpress. We're on camera. Yeah, but it's not inside the locker room. It's it's a one way mirror into the into the gym. You don't think that's a little maybe the higher ups are making sure you're doing what you're supposed to know. They're letting people just, hey, stroll through part of that.

You just go see go see the star in Frisco. And guess what? It's leg day for CeeDee Lamb.

You want to check it out? And for somebody that might be like, you know, oh, God, I'm going to work out and I know it could just be somebody. Schultz said they sometimes bang on a glass. I'm just saying also Schultz got released by the Cowboys, so that could be sour grapes. He did. No, no.

By the way, he was other than this part of the conversation, which everybody's picking up, of course, because it's a negative look for the Cowboys. Of course, everyone's going to pick up. That's the culture.

But it's just it is interesting. Are you disturbed when there are people here watching us? You should you're not. You know why? Because there is somebody behind the camera.

At home. Now, the camera, I'm looking at the camera right now, as a matter of fact, for the radio audience. Wearing a great blue shirt, I think it brings out a lot. But I'm not sitting here.

You know, I love the attention. But if I'm working out. Oh, that's not a party.

Well, that's you not working out because that's not. All right. What else you got over there, Chris?

All right. That's the bad news. NBA bad news.

Karl-Anthony Towns, our buddy. Oh, what happened? Left a meniscus injury. Doctors evaluating if he's going to miss any time and the significance of the injury.

But yeah, bad news for Karl-Anthony Town. Oh, that's awful. Yeah, Sean said it was a tear.

Oh, no. Woj said it was unknown, kind of an injury thing. So it's Sean's in the machine with conflicting. Is he reading? Oh, that's awful. Going to be something. See how much time he has to miss. Well, we're what?

About a month from the playoffs. Oh, dude, I'm sorry to hear that. Yeah, kind of a bummer.

Yeah, kind of a bummer. Good news for the Red Sox. Finally, we're doing something.

What are you not? Right hander Brian Bello on the Sox agreement. Six year, fifty five million dollar contract. Great young pitcher for us.

And so great. OK, we're only going to lose. A hundred games.

I can't wait. I can't wait for Kevin Millar. I must ask him what he thinks of the Red Sox. You know, when it's spring training, everybody feels great. There's a bunch of teams that know that they're not.

Nobody. Rafael Devers is like, they know what we need. We know what we need.

Maybe we shouldn't have traded Chris Sale. OK, what I saw this this morning, this is kind of ridiculous. Mike, how old are you again? I'll be 58 in 12 days. Well, 57 year old Mike Tyson's going to fight Jake Paul in a boxing match July 20th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The main event that's going to air live on Netflix. Now, you know how Dalton Schultz feels working out? I mean, OK, really? Yeah. Mike Tyson finds Jake Paul.

Jake Paul. What's the pay-per-view number at 90 bucks? Probably.

Yeah, probably. Would you pay 90 dollars to watch that? Well, it's on live on Netflix. Oh, you said it's live on Netflix? Yeah, it's gonna be on Netflix. OK, I think as long as you're a subscriber, you're going to get it. Fantastic. I don't know about this.

That's great. So Mike Tyson is going to destroy him. Listen, no, I just remember, I remember.

It depends. I remember Tyson's situation is Chris. Back in the day, back in the day, I had friends who went to the bathroom right before Tyson fight and then missed it. Yeah.

Over. Remember, he used to be so mad because he spent 69. He would just beat people in like 60 seconds, just destroy them. Well, I always say this. Tyson won the fight the second he came out of the locker room and start walking.

Oh, I remember that. That's when the fight was over. All right. Let's get it on. Fight over. You got one more quick.

I did a rod update. So, you know, the slug dog race that takes place in Alaska goes from Anchorage to Nome. It's long.

It takes about 10 days. OK. Sled dog mushing. So this guy, Dallas Seavey, is a five-time winner. So he got in trouble recently because he illegally gutted a moose during the race. So on the first night, a gigantic moose kind of crossed his path and got tangled into the ropes with his dogs. And so he had to cut it free, got into a scuffle. There was a report that he punched the moose, but he ended up having to kill it. And now, according to, I did around rules. You have to properly gut the moose. And he did not do this.

And then later on, another musher got tangled up in the carcass of the moose. So he has been suspended a two extra hours are added to his mandatory. I had no idea. I had no idea that. Hold on.

Is now his microphone is completely out. By the way, I had no idea, by the way, that that part of the I did a rod. I just thought you just needed to know how to mush, you know, mush or drive a sled, you know, and be in charge of dogs. I had no idea you needed to have you needed to have moose carcass gutting acumen.

Right. I mean, first of all, if you're out there just much, that's M.C.G.A. I didn't know you needed the M.C.G.A. You're not thinking you're going to have to go out there and fistfight Marty Moose. Like, you need to know how to gut a moose problem.

Absolutely. According to rules, if a musher kills a big game animal, moose, caribou, buffalo in defense or life and property during the race, rules require that they gut the animal and report it to officials at the next checkpoint. Officials ruled that Seavey, like I said, five time winner of the event, did not do that properly. So that's why, Coop, what he said to me when he was reading the ESPN news stack prior to dinner last night goes, somebody got fined for not properly gutting a moose. That's what he's talking about. Exactly. That's what he's talking about. Huh. He said it. He said the moose fell on my sled and was sprawled on the trail. It's terrible.

I gutted it the best I could, but it was ugly. Well, RIP to the moose. I know.

Marty Moose. Well, that's going to be, that's our loophole in our consulting business. I don't think we can help with that. And I say, why is the Iditarod not live streamed?

I want to be able to see this. Let's take a break. Kevin Millar is about to join us right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Don't go anywhere.

We're talking Otani, Red Sox, baseball and golf and just everything Kevin Millar is interested in. Welcome to Talkville, the Ultimate Smallville Rewatch Podcast. Title Transference aired October 27th, 2004.

Director James Marshall, writers Todd Slatkin, Darren Swimmer. I really liked this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did. I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general. When you say things are good and I check them out, they are. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen.

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I could see how much my raise was. Make sure you click on the links that are in there too. Oh, absolutely. I can't wait. I'm excited. Find out more by searching The Stacking Benjamins Podcast, wherever you listen.

Okay, we're back. Kevin Millar is going to join us shortly on the program. Kevin Millar. Well, I played two years in Portland, Maine. He was a beast.

What'd you say? He played for the AA affiliate in Portland when it was with Miami, with the Marlins. The Portland, what is it called? Sea dogs. Sea dogs, right? Yeah. Yeah. The kids go to a game every year from their camp. And then a couple of years after he left, they switched to be in the Red Sox affiliate.

Okay. He was a beast there. He had like three 40s in 97. He's your guy. He's your guy. Love him.

Love him. Right. Great. Cowboy up.

Cowboy up. I remember that. That was so much fun.

It was great. Yeah. Sorry.

Not sorry. That's all right. We just had four other rings to just fall back on. So it's okay. Yeah. When was the last time you guys won?

2009. We're good. We have 27. We're not good, by the way. We're far from good. We might be good this year.

Mike, you might as well be us. No. No, no. We're better than you. Yeah. Not saying much. It's true.

Actually, it is. We're bad. He's right. We're gonna go like 65 and 97. Are you really serious? You're gonna go 65 wins? If we get to 70, I'll be pretty shocked. Dude, 65 wins. It's terrible. When was the last time Red Sox had 65 wins? It's been a while.

65 Ws. We're bad. Bad, bad. If we don't sign Jordan Montgomery, I don't know how we're gonna win any games. Yankees should do that. But Blake Snell's out there too, right? Snell and Montgomery.

What's going on? But wait, hold on a second. Oh, right.

John Henry sucks. Sorry. Oh my God. Sorry. He's cheap.

Sorry. He'd rather spend money on golf that no one knows the future of. And he's sitting on the board. Did you see that? What are we doing?

Maybe focus on your actual job owning the Red Sox. Look at this guy. Got it. Just in time. His microphone works again.

Isn't that great? Perfect. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. Sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. He's a World Series champion. He's an MLB network analyst, and he's going to be playing golf in the Invited Celebrity Classic in April with a ton of PGA Tour champions, players and fellow baseball players. Our friend Kevin Millar is back on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, Kevin?

Good to see you. Still can't putt, Rich. Love golf.

You can't master the sport. And as you can see, I'm in a major moving process right now. Yeah. Your shelving is lacking, but I appreciate, though, that you're spreading out, I guess, the remaining unpacked baseballs that you have to fill up the space behind you, Kevin.

Let me just put these on real quick, and I'm just going to give you just a quick. So, as you can see over here, we would have the game used gloves. I don't know what the piece, but this was the old 420 years, by the way. Back when we could use pine tar on our gloves and stuff so the pitchers might get extra grip. I don't know.

I didn't say it out loud. Right, Richie? Right here, we have the Orioles game used helmet.

No idea what that does or does. That looks like some pine tar on the top of that, too, brother. I'm not going to lie. Back when we could use pine tar, back when the boys can get a little grip or so. And I have a Ryan Dempter signed baseball if anybody wants that. Wait a minute, Carlos Delgado. Yeah, he's one of my favorites. Home run calls when I was on Sports Center back in the day.

Carlos Delgado Delgado. That was one of my favorites of all time, Kevin. I love him. Yeah, I wouldn't put that on anybody, but this used to be the fun office. And now it is just deep breaths. I appreciate the tour, man. That's fantastic.

And then just you in general. Is that like a Dick Tidrow, Al Roboski sort of homage mustache you've got working right now, Kevin? What do you got going on?

11 minutes ago, it was a white Santa Claus stuff. And I went down to the Fu Manchu. And what happened was, I got two boys in high school.

One's a junior, one's a senior. And I was a big facial hair connoisseur. So if I wasn't hitting, it was immediately a shaved head. It was handlebars, it was goatee, it was beer, whatever it was. I've got one that's hitting and one that's not. So really I wanted to shave for the one that's not. And I'm like, we're going to change it up. We've got a big couple games today. And so that's where I went with.

I went with this with a little bit of mascara, the dark brown, not black, dark brown waterproof. It's not your first rodeo, Kevin Millar. This is not your first rodeo.

And I appreciate that. Did it ever work that you would shave and you'd get hits? Did that really ever work, Kevin, for real?

The true story, true story. I ground it out into three double plays against Greg Maddox. And at one point I was started off with a beard, not in that game. Then, you know, I ground out, went upstairs and shaved during the game to a goatee. It was another ground out, went upstairs during the game, my third about, and went to the handlebars. We got out again, but I shaved three times in a game, my three different looks. I remember Tommy Hutton going, didn't Kevin have a beard when we started this game?

And then I ended up with handlebars. So that could be a first time in history. Oh, but so 0 for 3, which by the way, no shame against Greg Maddox. Many, many, many have gone 0 for 3, but you might be the only one with three different looks, Kevin. That's next level. I know it was three straight drum ball double plays in the same game was a record.

I think myself and John Maybury at that moment with the Marlins, which is back in the forties and fifties, I know they were expansion team, but it sounds that it feels that old. I love it. Kevin Millar here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right. So let's just jump into the season. We're all paying rent in Otani's world, right?

Is that basically it right now, Kevin? And the Dodgers world, I mean, $1.4 billion in an off season game is healthy game is good. And, you know, I get asked a lot, is that good for baseball?

Why isn't it? Yeah, it's good for baseball. And what Andrew Freeman and this organization has done, because let's go back when he was with the, with the raise Andrew Freeman, you know, they won 90 plus games a year with a very small budget. Now with the Dodgers, I think he's got an absolutely large budget.

And yes, Otani, we are living in his world. They are a good ball club before these moves with Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts and pure leaders. Now, this is definitely the team to beat. And yes, it is World Series or bust because that should be your next question with Richie is that is this World Series or bust for the Dodgers and Dave Roberts?

Hell yeah. I mean, we're all just treading water just to see how many wins they have during the regular season and, you know, what, what ends up happening about their seeding in the playoffs. And then it, now that's when the rubber meets the road and we'll see who might take them out a team that is, you know, well healed or well moneyed like Atlanta or Philadelphia, or it could be one of those plucky Diamondbacks teams that just catches fire where everybody puts the ball in play. Everybody throws strikes and that will always win the day, right?

I mean, what's that? That's basically the question about the Dodgers is we're sitting here in early March, Kevin, isn't that amazing? What you just said though, because let's go back to last year, those two teams, nobody had on the big stage and that's what makes this game so great. Bruce Bochy comes back, takes over a team that, you know, lost a hundred games almost the last couple of years. And then now they're in the World Series. And then you look at the Arizona Diamondbacks like Tory Lovello and this group, what I loved about both those clubs, Matt Scherzer made it a point to me.

And it was awesome. Look at these two teams. You know, there's not a whole lot of antics. You got Corey Seager and you got Simeon. Who's the only guy, by the way, in our game to play all 176 games last year. It seems like everybody's dying to have a day off or just wants to play, you know, 120 games or wants to go out there and just get three in the third innings and gets a high five. The appreciation of the young kids, Evan Carter, Corbin Carroll, the games played the right way, hard and right.

You have some stars, but you had ball players. And I think that needs to kind of rub off on the rest of the league. This game still played with respect. Yes, we're in a world where we brand and yes, we're in a world where we can do a back flip after a double. I'm all good with that. But at the end of the day, this game's about respect. Play the game hard, play the game right. Good things can happen. Those two teams got hot at the right time, and it was refreshing because nobody had them on our schedules or radar, but they land Braves.

I love what you said. They, to me, are the World Series favorites going in. If you were to ask me because of what Alex Anthopoulos has done and signed all those guys together for five to 10 years, they're a tough club. Even more than the Dodgers. You're thinking the Braves. I say yes.

I say yes because of chemistry. It's hard to go out and pull four or five guys, put them on the year and then just win a World Series. That's hard. It's great to talk about a lot of money, lot of stuff. How are they going to pay show?

Hey, we're going to backload it. We got all this stuff going. It's like this and they're going to win a hundred plus games, but you know, rich as well as I do, you have to be playing well. You have to be injury free.

You have to be all of these things. The last few weeks of the season and not all the time are the best team. I mean, the best players in the top of this stage with baseball, the best teams are.

So we'll see. Well, you're also, you know, a long time. I guess you go way back like a car seat with the manager of the Dodgers.

Clearly, Kevin shower. So that's close. I was going to say intimately.

No, but I didn't mean that. But yeah, you know, Dave Roberts. So what is the challenge for him? You know, how do you get guys who are all world to basically hit when it's game on the line, you know, and Freeman does it and Betts knows how to do it.

And Otani has never been obviously in that situation, you know, in America, but how does a manager prepare all season long for that moment when rubber meets the road in a playoff game? Kevin, how do you do that? I think I think your job as a manager is to get the most out of your players, right? There's 25 different personalities. And what's that mean? Well, rich, you're a guy that I might have to be able to get on to like, you know, you're not doing your job, you jog the ball out, whatever it was, I might need to get on you behind the scenes. And there's a guy over here, I might need to pass if Shohei Otani might not do something right, or I need him to hit on the field and he's not hitting on the field. Because I think what happens is that you have to obviously you have all of these eagles and all these different salaries and all these different people, and you have management teams around them.

That's the difference now. You know, we used to have a hat on backwards with a set of cards in our back pocket, and we're going to go play some cribbage or hearts or spades. I think you have to find a way to get them to believe and buy into being a team. If we're hitting on the field, everybody hits on the field, we're hitting in the cages, awesome.

But I don't want to see like one dude in the Pilates studio, one dude's over here eating kale smoothies, one dude over here is, you know, doing sprints. I love to see the group around each other where you can talk, you can rag, you can make fun of each other. So Dave Roberts has got a tougher job than people think. Everybody's like, oh yeah, just throw everybody out there, they're going to win. Yeah, if you can get everybody in, and they got good people, they got good people.

Like when you're talking about a Betts and a Freeman to start with your foundation, Clayton Kershaw, he'll be back sometime in August, but they've got some foundation. All Dave has to do, dude, is to step back and make sure everybody's on the same page. And, you know, he's one of the greatest people you're ever going to meet. I mean, hands down, Dave Roberts, one of the nicest men you'll meet. No doubt.

Kevin Millar here on the Rich Eisen Show, and we'll get to golf and the celebrity classic that you're playing in in Las Calinas Country Club in Texas in April. But let's talk about the Rangers. Obviously, they're the World Series champs. Tough to not look at the Orioles and say this is it, right? I mean, they're so young, so talented, they're so very good, even though they haven't been tested, they haven't been heartbroken more than just last year.

So how do you handicap the American League right now? Yeah, Brandon Hyde, another great dude, like a baseball guy, was around him with Jon Lester's retirement, you know, a year or so ago. And it was awesome to be around him because, you know, I didn't know much about Brandon other than John Lacking. These boys had him in Chicago with the Cubs and they're like, dude, he's the greatest dude ever. He's the greatest dude ever. He really is.

He's a guy that cares about his dudes. You know, I played with the Orioles from the 06, 07, 08 years when we were worrying about facial hair. You know, we were the New York Yankees rules.

I'm like, time out. That's the New York Yankees. Let's worry about winning some ball games over here, not worrying about how much orange I have in my spikes or how long I've shaved. And now this organization, you know, fast forward, I'm like, they are really good. They've drafted well. And Rich, what I think that people forget is the scouts don't get enough credit in this game. So you and I are scouts for, let's say, the New York Mets. And we're going to watch a kid and getting in our car, driving to Southwest conference to watch him, a dude, but not to miss on your draft, your ones, your twos, your threes, and your fourth round guys.

That's big. That's what the Orioles have done. I mean, you got Henderson and Alabama boy, great friends with Jake Peavy looked up to him, but like a good person, along with a great player, Jackson holiday that we've heard so much about Matt Hall.

They want a nicest man that you're going to have. I mean, their catcher comes in and starts being a leader immediately. They drafted great. And now you're getting a chance to see these dudes help the big league club. And that's what the rays did. So many, so, so great. So many years you had your David prices, your James shields, you're having long glorious.

They were pros that helped the pro team as young men. What about the Yankees? Kevin, what do you think? So I love the Soto addition. I know that. So, oh, you know, we, we, we talk about him. Like he's, you know, the best player in the game, what he has the ability to do that a lot of people didn't do as a young guy is the knowledge and strike zone. Like when you're talking about a player that can hit yeah, Soto can hit now if I'm him or our bony, I'm like, we know you can hit. We know you got power.

We know all of it. Right. But at the end of the day, let's work on some stuff to really get better and be a championship type club.

That'd be my defense, my base running. And let's figure out how to stay on the field as a team. But this kid, great sign by the Yankees.

I think it's tremendous. And we, we heard a lot about it. It didn't work out in San Diego. No one knows why you had all the same type players on paper. You had all the same type starters on paper with Snell and Darvish. And you're sitting here going, why, why are the Padres kind of just going? They never got hot.

I don't know why only they don't want. So I like this addition. The Yankees make it. And then you let's just talk before we get to the golf, Kevin, the red socks. I mean, obviously spring hope springs, eternal, and so many people will show up and, you know, and we know in this, in this sport with 30 clubs that not everybody's got a real shot at the world series. You normally don't put the red socks in that category and you don't usually see somebody like Rafael Devers basically come out that the needs for this team are clear and clearly intimating that ownership didn't fill the needs. So how do you, how do you take his comments?

Kevin? Well, I mean, let's start out and we're going to, let's say it for, let's pray the red socks are in for a long year. I mean, they're in for a long year.

They're what we call where you don't want to be right in that middle. You're either rebuilding and you come out and be honest with the fans and say, all right, we're in a rebuilding process because every organization goes through it. The Chicago Cubs went through it when they signed Theo Epstein for five years over there.

And he made a great point. You need three drafts, three June's to build this organization. So they lost a lot of games and then boom, 2016, we broke a hundred year curse and the Cubs win the red stocks do the 86 year curse for 20 years this year, by the way. And then you go seven, you go 13 and then you go 2018, right? So they've won a lot of world series in this short little span. And now you've had a lot of like, eh, they finished the last place.

I believe two of the last three years, you got a year that you're looking at going, oh my goodness gracious. The Blue Jays are good. We've talked about the Orioles, how good they are.

The Rays are always good. The Yankees, how many games and where this is this team going to finish? Well, immediately on paper, it says last place.

Now, how do you handle this? Right? It's a big market, big city, big money organization. It's just, there's a lot of things like Mookie Betts not still being there. Xander Bogart's not still being there. These deals needed to be done before they went to free agency. The $200 million deal that Xander got the Padres, that's too late, but you might've got this deal done for 140 million, by the way, Devers and him are our best friends. So if you're going to give a dude 300 million in Rafi Devers, then how is like Xander Bogart's gone? Well, this is the stuff that went on and it happens.

Okay, great. They're in for a long year. They have to build this farm system. They're not going to win the world series this year. That's the honest to God truth about it. Alice core is a great baseball man, and he's going to get the most out of this club. But at the end of the day, it's going to be a long year for the Boston Red Sox. And this is what makes it kind of fun.

When you're in that team, you could say, Hey boys, let's go out and shock some people next go out and win 85 games. Maybe. I don't know. But you're looking on paper going, Oh, that is a mouthful. No doubt about that.

All right. Let's talk about the third annual invited celebrity classic. You're going to peg it up April 19th through the 21st at Los Colinas country club and Irving right down the street from where the Cowboys used to play on golf channel.

Do you feel any pressure when the cameras are on and you're pegging it up? Walk me through it. Five foot, five foot left to right. Trying to say bogey, Richie. I'm going to tell you right now, it doesn't make sense because you go out with the boys. And if you and I are playing, I'm like, yeah, that's good. Let's go. You don't realize how hard it is to make a three and a half footer down grain down when, and I'm telling you right now, if you can do me one favor, we played this last couple of years. The wind's been like 35 miles an hour and uncle Kevin can't play that left to right wind because we're cutters. We're just, we're baseball players. We want to hit it.

And the spin goes this way. And then you play against these guys. And with these guys, it's amazing to watch these senior guys play golf.

It doesn't affect them. Like we're stressed out, Amy left to go right. And all of the stuff, these dudes, the LPGA and the seniors, they just swing nice and easy. And that ball just goes, they just take a little more club, but you know what?

We can't learn from that. We got to try to hit the driver 300 yards. So it goes in the trees.

So how does it work? You're, you're paired with a, uh, PGA champion tour player. Right. And, um, and then it's you and a bunch of other, um, fellow athletes like Glavin and Lester and Joe Carter, you Maddox, the aforementioned Matt Romo's out there. Look out Albert, Smoltz. Good Lord.

These are real sticks. Kevin. Yeah. There's a lot of smack talking. There's a lot of gambling behind the scenes, but what goes on like VJ saying with me and Brian Urlacher one day and then next day.

So that's how it goes. There's two of us and one of them, but there is a lot of smack talking. There's side bets going on. Urlacher and I, it seems like we finished between the 15th to the 25th and it seems like we're always there.

So there's side backs that go, but thank goodness. He's very nice. Cause he's six, four and he could eat my face off. So I stay on his good side.

Even if I do win, I'll still want to pay him because I don't want to beat me up. But yeah, it's a, it's a tremendous event. $500,000 has been written to charity. So there's charity work behind the scenes. Mike Flasky is a buddy of mine that started these.

I mean, I'm basically on napkin. Like how can we, and there's some good golf. How can we start these events with some players that football, baseball, basketball, doesn't matter that guys love golf. Now golf wasn't this cool before tiger made it really cool.

And then Ricky Fowler made it cool for kids. So it's one of those games you can't master. We all take, take it up and we're done playing. And hopefully your wife loves that you golf because I kind of sneak out of here in the morning.

Nice tip toe, and then that's how it goes live on the golf channel. All three days of competition. Again, make a note of it.

April 19th through the 21st, Kevin Millar, great fun chat before I let you go. Last one, last one for you here. Oh, Tony, as you know, 10 years, right? Let's just say he plays all 10, right? Well, how many world series is, is, is sufficient? Like two, just two, huh?

That's it. I mean, do you know how hard it is to win a championship? The Yankees, remember the Yankees in 98, nine, nine, 2000, like those lineups, you're like, wow. So I would say realistically, cause you look at the Phillies, look at that team. They're a good ball club. Look at the Braves. They're a good ball club. You don't think the Orioles are going to be really good if they had an arm here and arm there. And next thing you know, you're like, so you have some good ball clubs. Now the economy situation as a hitter.

Awesome. Like he is awesome, but we're talking about the combination of pitching and hitting, right? We don't know how the arm's going to come back. So I'm giving you two world series. If he comes back in 26 and makes, you know, 25 starts a year, then we're going to come back in the show. I'm like, yep, he's back to throwing a hundred with a split finger and hitting 50 home runs. Maybe four world series.

Well, let's split the difference. We were saying three on the show, three, three, like, listen, hitting 300 gives you a good chance to get in the hall of fame. So three out of 10, that's what we were thinking, but look at the chiefs. They're going for three for three.

So maybe it's gotten easier to win championship, but four was hard. I bet. Well, a happy 20th anniversary on that, but I'll, I'll, I'll, I'll speak to you way before the season as well. And just look for more of my calls, Kevin. Thank you. Thanks Ricky. You bet. Kevin Millar at Kevin Millar 15 with his Fu Manchu right here on the Rich Island show. That was a lot of fun right there. Let's take a quick break and wrap up this program and set up our Friday show right here on Roku and this radio station.

Hi there. Sorry for the interruption, but are you enjoying the show on Google podcasts? You should know that the Google podcast app is going away this spring.

That's right. Going away gone as in no longer available. You can still enjoy the show elsewhere though. Try out Spotify or Amazon music, or maybe tune in is more your style. Whatever app you switched to, be sure to follow.

So you never miss the next episode and thanks for listening wherever you listen. I have an update on the Red Sox. Oh, what you got?

Uh, Braves Red Sox going on right now. Oh yeah. You know, look at that. Isn't that beautiful? That's pretty.

They're in the, they're in the DR. I think where I got this photograph from. Mr. Retiree himself. Look who's there. Oh wow.

Oh, they must be in Fort Myers then. He texted me earlier today. I'm so I'm, I'm glad he thought of me. I don't know how many people he texted it to, but um, Sox today, Pirates tomorrow, Mets card Saturday, then home. And he wrote in all caps because I am retired and I can do whatever I want.

See, that's what I like. And then he sent that photograph. I asked him a mind if I pop it on.

He wrote, please do. Look how happy. Maybe that's a live shot of him, right? Hey, this is what he's doing. Instead of like on the phones, trying to find out Russell going to go to Pittsburgh, what's happening here. What's happening there.

He did it for a long time and was terrific at it. And now why not? That's pretty cool. That's what you do. You know, I'm inspired. I'm out of here. I'm getting close.

No, like you've been close for a decade. Stop threatening. What are you doing? I'm getting close. And what are you going to do?

What are you going to do? I'm not, I'm out. I'm out.

Out, out of where you guys aren't going to hear from me. I doubt that. What are you talking about? I doubt that. What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? I'm done eventually. You won't hear from me when I'm like when he wins the lottery. You're not going to hear from that same way. I'm when I retire, you're never going to retire. So what do we, what do we do?

I got a long time, but how am I supposed to take that? I got like 10 more years when I, when I'm done working, you'll never hear from me again. No, I mean, I'll send you guys. I mean, Peter King's done working and he texted me from a, from a baseball game, which I'm thrilled about. I'll text you from the middle of the ocean. I'm going to talk to you.

You drive yourself crazy and talk to nobody. I'll be talking to the fishes. Honestly, I'll be sleeping.

Mike Del Tufo just said that if, when he retires, he's never, you'll never hear from him again. Dude, you're like the guy who will talk to a volleyball. I will. I actually will.

Wilson. You talk to a volleyball, even when you're not retired. I've seen you on planes. I've seen you in action on planes.

I've seen you here in the morning. What do you mean you've changed? I've changed. I've changed on planes. I don't talk anymore. I'm a quiet guy. I'm flying.

When I do the first UFO game, I'll put my headphones on. I don't talk to people anymore. Oh, you're doing the NFL.

I didn't know you're doing the NFL. Rich, you knew that. Don't lie. Even if you're sitting next to, uh, Kim Kardashian again, what happened? Different story. What happened?

I flew next to Kim Kardashian twice. When? Oh, years ago when she was dating Reggie Bush, the Reggie Bush era. Huh? Yeah.

Back then. Why are you laughing? What are you laughing about? I was just winding him up. He wanted me to start. So, so did you, did you chatter up?

Card ads, Kim Kardashian for a second. Like what's your opener. It was, I was just like, Hey, we just started chatting.

Who's an LA flight. How you split that game, Mike, by the way. No, I don't like the idea for skims. It took a while during COVID when we wore the masks. That's when I was finished with talking to people.

Cause you couldn't really talk with the mascot. So I traveled with you post COVID and you were chatting people up. I've retired. What is happening? When I'm here, when I'm on a plane, you're tired from what talking to people on a plane. So what are you, what are we hanging the rafters for that? My headphones.

That's what you're using now to see. Don't talk to people. His voice box, my voice box, my lyrics. What do you want me to give you? Fantastic.

All of us. Andy Reid's not retiring. No. Right.

Anytime soon. Like who retires first? You are Andy Reid. Ooh.

Neither one of them ever. Let me tell you something. I got a goal that I got to achieve. Right.

That I'm, I will wait to retire until I get here. Right. That's one of the things.

No, it's not. Because this is a job that I've had for 10 years. A hundred percent. You guys think I, a hundred percent. I think you look down on this job. Yes. We'll finish the sentence for you.

That this is that you'd rather, you'd rather work faders. No, you'd rather play rock before Creighton versus Vanderbilt to do this show. No, but I'm I seriously, I want to win. It'd be great. I think I'm so you know how I'll take it. Andy Reid cannot leave his job while Patrick Mahomes is there.

You can't leave it while I'm here. Exactly. I'm the Mahomes here. That's it. Brockman's my Travis Kelsey. TJ's my, we got to think of TJ, who would you be? Chris Jones.

Yeah, there you go. You can't leave. You can't leave Chris Jones. I'll be, I'll definitely be Chris Jones. You're his DAC. Come on now. You don't play Randy Reid. You already mentioned how you would have a problem with people standing here, like they're watching you work out.

I'd rather we had a studio audience. You have no problem with that. So you're the DAC because pressure makes diamonds. You make diamonds every day. You know how I get under the pressure here. If I say something funny, it'll just make me even more hyped.

That's crazy. People watching you work out through like a one-way mirror. Exactly. And he's equating it to here where people are sitting on the couch because their friends or their clients are appearing on the program. You're saying that, like I said, it was a bad thing. I was just making.

No, you try to equate it because it is a weird thing in Dallas. Like, hey, let's create a one-way mirror. So everybody can watch Stefan Gilmore on ab day. You know, when those guys are, by the way, if you notice my mad lib, just proper name, whatever day it is, I can keep going as you should.

You know, let's get a one-way mirror so they can tap on the glass. When it's Rico Daddles pec day. I disgruntled ex-imperial said that. So how do we know this is true?

Disgruntled. He's not this grind. He's big.

And the Texans actually won a playoff game last year. That's crazy. People aren't peeping him while he's working out.

I've never heard anyone, but Dalton Schultz. What a great final segment. I'm going to go watch Adam work out after the show. Thanks to Kevin Malar.

Thanks to Jamal Moseley and thanks to Colin Coward for finally wrapping it up with Andy Reid movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and more. It's what women binge with Melissa Joan Hart and her friend Amanda Lee. We have Lauren Bosworth with the Hills. So what is like your number one question from fans? The primary question I still get asked was what is it real? In 2024 to me is a surprising question to get because I feel like everybody has been through the reality TV gauntlet at this point. What women binge wherever you listen.
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