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REShow: Mark Schlereth - Hour 1

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September 13, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Mark Schlereth - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 13, 2022 3:13 pm

Rich recaps to the mindboggling end to Monday Night Football’s Broncos-Seahawks game where Denver’s rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett chose to pull Russell Wilson off the field and go for a 64-yard field goal instead, and reacts to Wilson’s post game comments where he said all the right things but might have been thinking something different.

Fox Sports NFL Analyst and former Broncos lineman Mark Schlereth tells Rich how Denver HC Nathaniel Hackett poorly managed the end of his team’s MNF loss to Pete Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks.

Rich and the guys debate the Dallas Cowboys’ options at QB in the wake of Dak Prescott’s thumb surgery including turning to backup Cooper Rush or bringing in a veteran place holder like Jimmy Garoppolo or Steelers’ backup Mason Rudolph.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. What do you say Geno Smith to those who think that Russ is gone and so are Seattle's playoff hopes? This is the Rich Eisen Show. I got this. They wrote me off. I ain't right back though.

That's the problem. I ain't right back. Let's go. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Geno steps up in the pocket throws downfield Parkinson. Touchdown.

All I have to say is let's ride. Today's guests NFL on Fox analyst Mark Schleren. Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. Eight-year MLB veteran and throwing coach Tom House. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show live on the Roku channel for free everybody. Anybody who's listening out on our terrestrial radio network from coast to coast listening to us on Odyssey soon to listen to us on Sirius XM. I promise to get to that information very shortly. Anybody who's listening to this program can watch it now every single day from 12 to 3 Eastern time whenever you darn well please because yes we not only air live on the Roku channel from 12 to 3 but we also keep re-airing on the Roku channel 210 on all Roku devices as well as all Amazon Fire TV as well as Samsung smart TVs.

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Good morning Rich how you doing? Rich Eisen Show audio executive good to see Mike Del Tufo and TJ Jefferson is the candle lit sir is the candle lit. The candles lit and just like the tribal chief we're on Roku and we're just moving needles. You're moving needles you're the needle hoover. Acknowledge us.

Very good I like it very very good. Jim Harbaugh my coach of the fourth-ranked Michigan Wolverines will be on this program. Mark Schlereth is calling in in about 18 minutes time I think everybody knows what he's going to be talking about from broncos country that's right and then in hour number three a former major leaguer and top-notch throwing coach a man who also caught Hank Aaron's record-breaking home run warming up in the bullpen right from back in the day right out in left field Tom House Brady's throwing coach is here today. So warm up get those rotators cuffed so I'll loosen up.

Mikey tore his rotator cuff on a plane once so is that right is that really let's put a pin in that there's a lot more information to get to at the moment but I definitely want to hear this story. Okay look we all rather see Tom House than Dr. James Andrews let's be very honest okay so uh very good news right there. We start this program we start this program in January of 2020. Why are we doing that?

Oh weird. Why are we doing that? Yeah why are we doing that? Life is so different. Why are we doing that Rich? Because it was the last time life was decent normal. What's going on? What's going on?

I had no kid. Well actually we start we started we started I guess in 2021 coming off the 2020 season right. We start in January of 2021. Wow. Okay this is a moment when in time we're at Green Bay and Tampa meeting each other in the NFC Championship game. You remember that one? I do. Remember that one back in the day okay and Brady winds up going to the the Super Bowl. Remember that one? Okay remember that one?

I do I do. And in that season Tom Brady is doing mad work and Aaron Rogers is the one seed and Brady's getting back to the Super Bowl trying to get back to that Super Bowl off of that crazy 2020 season. And guess what? He made it back to the Super Bowl. Part of the reason why he made it back to the Super Bowl is Aaron Rogers on fourth and eight fourth and goal in a game where they're down eight is pulled off the field by his head coach Matt Lafleur for a field goal. What's going on with that? Just making an eight-point game down to five.

Well I don't understand it. We're all wondering what are you doing pulling your quarterback, your guy, off the field in a game where you need points okay? More than what what you're going to get but why are you pulling your guy off the field when you need to tie the game and you're doing nothing with this field goal guy?

But the subtext of even that was why are you pulling your guy off the field? Let your guy be the guy. He wants to be the guy. He is the guy. He is the guy. He's the man. He's won a Super Bowl for you before. The franchise has got a trophy in the case because of him and he wants to be the guy. You let the guy be the guy. What are you doing with a place kicker?

The offensive coordinator at the time was a guy named Nathaniel Hackett. Really? Watched it all happen.

Heard of him. Wow. Watched it happen in real time. Had to have a front row seat to the fallout. And yet in the crucible of his first game as head coach in the National Football League in a game not as big as the chance to go to the Super Bowl let's be honest but with his new quarterback Russell Wilson in his old building in a big-time battle that hardly anybody saw coming because Geno Smith showed up like Phil Simms in the Super Bowl. Geno Smith showed up spotting dimes and throwing dimes and throwing darts. Geno Smith showed up like he told us last week. There's no comeback story for me. I've always been here.

I've been living my best life. I'm a quarterback here but this is it again. I asked him like you know what's this going to be like for you and he started talking about the rest of his team and his teammates.

What he's talking about. Talking about how the defense is going to show up too and all that said when the National Football League placed this game on our week one Monday night football plate this piece of filet mignon Russell Wilson going back into Seattle as an opponent for the first time ever and it's his first game in his new spot we all knew that that dish that the filet mignon was being served on could be served up cold by Russ to his old team in the 12s and all of that and sure enough just like the schedule makers drew it up tight game and Russ has a chance to win it in his last drive a fourth quarter comeback win set up by a highly untimely three and out by Gino Smith and the offense in many ways Seattle fans have seen that one before even with Russ but it was him not allowed to cook right all those untimely three and outs that we saw sometimes and Seattle just like trying to grind it out leave it up to the defense and you say why don't we just let Russ cook well Russ has taken that now it's his time to cook in front of everybody after he cooked all night and this game being tight because not one but two of his running backs fumbled from the one yard line going in a tight end dropped the ball in the end zone another one put his foot out of bounds too bad he was wearing Kevin Durant shoes right that set up one of those aforementioned two fumbles from the one Denver should have won this thing going away but no no no the football gods the schedule gods Gino Smith playing like a deity made this one tight better than the Sunday night game sorry to fire that dart in your direction I mean that was so it's just a point no no no no no and better than the Thursday night game too here we are national televised action in the NFL first time in the first week of this season where the whole country's sitting down watching and this game was tight and we were in it Buck and Aikman sounded terrific the Manning brothers were cooking as well here we go Russ under center moving the ball down the field third and long from his own 45 and a very strong-legged kicker only needing a field goal all three timeouts left third and long I'm like all they got to do is get half of it back and guess what they got they got half of it back fourth and six with about 50 some odd seconds left maybe even a little bit more than that and the clock starts ticking and I'm sitting there saying we got three timeouts Denver what are we doing tick tick tick clock goes all the way down and then Russell burns a timeout with 20 some odd seconds left and I'm like what are you going to do now if you get the first down just by a hair what are you going to do you had all those timeouts left you can't fly back to Denver with them you can't save them for next week what are we doing well I guess Nathaniel Hackett had a plan to send Brandon McManus out for a 64-yard field goal on the road not in the mile-high stadium on the road and Pete Carroll is probably like what are we doing here by the way Pete taking a playbook a page out of the Belichick playbook let him take the time out let him take the time off the clock I'll just sit here back you make the move and this was Russ fading back to pass and throwing the pick in the Super Bowl type stuff where you're staring at Marshawn Lynch just run him you paid 200 million dollars for the guy you traded everybody for the guy he's the guy in his old spot you're gonna let the kicker handle it from 64 yards out the answer to that is yes here was Nathaniel Hackett's explanation after the game we were right on the line and he had plenty of distance you know he just missed it and so and again that's hey Brandon gave it his best shot I mean that's a long field goal to hit I think he's completely capable of that but obviously I wish we would have gotten a lot closer but it put us in that weird spot there because we were in the field goal range but we were on that fourth down situation um didn't think we were gonna get that many yards so I thought it was a great job by Gervonta and we just made the decision we want to take our shot there on that one you thought that Brandon McManus has a better chance of making 64 yard field goal than you coming up fourth and five right yeah fourth and six for me during that time we have been just moving it slightly uh they weren't moving it with big chunks I think we had just given up a sack right before that uh so wanted to be sure that we took a chance when we had a chance and I felt confident in him I mean I'm stunned I'm stunned like he channeled his inner Vic Fangio if I'm a Bronco fan inner Vic Fangio write it down for next year's fantasy team I mean he channeled his inner Vic Fangio I'm a Bronco fan I'm like we got rid of Vic who couldn't handle things at the end of games didn't know when to challenge didn't know when to call timeouts at despite being in the league for 50 years that's that's a move you make you send out Brandon McManus on the road from 64 yards out when when Drew Locke is your quarterback when Brandon Allen's your quarterback when Brock Oswald is your quarterback name everybody that Denver's struggled with between Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson that's what you do when they're your quarterback not when you get Russ not when you get Russ and it's in his stadium you you uh you don't do this certainly I know he's got a strong leg and I know he had the distance in the first chance he tried and that Pete called the timeout before but McManus has never made one from this distance as a matter of from this distance as a matter of fact it's the sixth time he's tried one from 62 yards or more and he's missed them all and as a matter of fact this field goal a field goal of this length had only been attempted 42 times before in the history of this league and only two people have made it Justin Tucker last year who by the way inside from 66 yards out hit the crossbar on it and Matt Prater 64 yards too that's it those are the only humans who have ever hit it from that far away and neither of them were on a team quarterbacked by somebody who had just been acquired by the team and paid all that money to win a game like this in the stadium in front of the fan bases that were booing him after he was Mr. Seattle for almost a decade and you pull him off to try that I can't believe that happened I'm sorry to go all in on it he's a sweet guy he's a nice guy he's a gregarious guy he's gonna have a lot of wins because man did they have they've got a really good young offense you saw how Russ can orchestrate it you know it's I feel for Nathaniel Hackett his first game is against Seattle in Seattle where the craziest things happen it's just like it's playing on a different planet it's a different galaxy those if anything crazy can happen at will in in Seattle Pete Carroll's Chomp and Gum act in 11 he's almost 71 Gino Smith comes out doesn't miss a pass I mean crazy stuff happens like you know not writing letters back that's where KJ Wright by the way who was who started uh you know the ceremonial 12 race last night he did it last night he's the one who batted a ball out of bounds against Detroit remember that game where Matthew Stafford finds Calvin Johnson fumbles it in the end zone he bats it out of bounds and it's like oh it's Seattle's ball even though that's illegal to bat it out about I mean crazy stuff happens here's Russ after the game taking it for the coach and the team as only Russ does well we got the the best field goal kicker maybe in the game um we knew that we yeah yeah yeah we we said uh we said you know where can you make it from tonight and he said 46 left hash I think we're on the 46 right 46 left hash that was before the drive and we got it we got it there unfortunately it didn't go in um I think he has a leg for it for sure um you know just went a little left I believe and just um you know in terms I believe in coach hack I believe in what we're doing um you know and believe in everything and uh you know I anytime you can try to find a way to make a play on fourth and five that's great too but also we I think we I don't think it was the wrong decision you know I think he can make it obviously we in hindsight you know we didn't make it but uh we were in that situation again I wouldn't doubt whatever he decided says the right things I mean he cannot be happy he's pulled off the field in front of the 12s he can make it on fourth and five it doesn't matter how they might have been struggling from the line of scrimmage I mean that's a classic overthink by a first-time head coach in the NFL in a crazy spot where bullets are flying like oh yeah my guy said before the game he can make it from that hash in the 64 yard line is that where we all yeah try that lets the clock tick down let's not use any of our timeouts and let's take Russell Wilson off the field even though I watched LaFleur do that with Aaron Rodgers with all the chips down and Rodgers was pissed forever but also got me too is the third down play he checked down that's a play you make if you assume you're going for it on fourth down exactly and you got to get half of it back or whatever I mean they weren't trying to get that yardage so they could set up McManus it's for him to actually have a much more realistic shot bite at the apple exactly so here we're for those new to this show we've been on the air eight years for those new to this show on the Roku channel in moments like this where we hear a soundbite at the podium from somebody who says all the right things and and he may believe it because he's Russell Wilson he's just a different human he's a unicorn he may believe it I channel everybody's inner monologue to say things that they don't want to say in what were they really thinking what were they really thinking here's what Russ is really thinking he's thinking are you kidding me you paid me all that cheddar you gave up all those picks I have been doing everything that I've been doing in game one in Seattle I got a deal with going back to Seattle before I break a sweat in a Bronco's uniform I got to deal with that pressure all week long I got to hear the fans booming when I come out there and I got a chance to shut them up and you go with McManus's leg instead 242 million dollars 161 million guaranteed I know the Walton family's got a lot of Walmarts they could make that up in a day but that's a lot of money and you paid me for that will anybody on planet earth let me cook please let me cook I'm ready to cook I was cooking I was cooking he was cooking so we had trouble cooking in the last drive guess what that's what happens in Seattle I I watched it happen over Oregon but I got this well somebody for two blessed seconds because I don't think he curses blessed seconds let me cook and see Mark Schlereth is going to be joining us in a moment right here on the Rich Eisen show we'll get to him on his thoughts on this subject matter Dak Prescott not going on injured reserve wait till you hear when Jerry Jones thinks he can come back by way before the playoffs by the way also on this program Jim Harbaugh will be joining us my coach of Michigan we'll hear from my coach professionally Jets head coach Robert Sala writing down names he's got receipts he says one of those CVS receipts those joints are long yes and also on this program throwing coach Tom House we're here on the Roku channel and so much more back with Mark Schlereth in a moment we could talk about how complicated other banks make it to redeem credit card rewards like how they require minimums and worse how their rewards flat out expire or we could talk about how with discover you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time I mean talk about amazing and now that we've talked about that let's get back to the Rich Eisen show you know the stuff we talk about here learn more redeem rewards terms apply hey when was the last time you seriously considered your dream I mean come on you used to think about it all the time what happened I say it's time you and your dream get back together think about it you could live the van life in a totally customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter you could tour around all 423 national park sites build a mountain cabin with your dad or start your own business really whatever you dream up and it's a Mercedes-Benz van we're talking about here so expect innovative safety features like crosswind assist and blind spot assist expect amazing performance and reliability with an MBUX voice command system a five-star dealer network and an available gas engine it runs like well a dream so what do you say head to the Mercedes-Benz van dealership and get that Sprinter tell them your dream sent you. 844-204 Rich number dial here on the Rich Eisen show very late from this man we only have a few minutes he is a guy who I really love listening to when he calls games on Fox he is a multiple Super Bowl champion in his days of the Denver Broncos back here on the Mercedes-Benz van's phone launch for a few minutes Mark Schlerith how you doing Mark?

I'm doing great Rich how are you buddy? I'm doing well I give you the floor what'd you think of what happened at the end of the game last night Mark Schlerith? I mean first off like first off that was about as poorly managed at the end of that game as you could manage it now you you you made a catch on uh well third and 13 or third and 14 you got yourself to fourth and five you went down the running back Jamal Williams went down with 101 plus and you let all that time tick off the clock now here's what I understand call a time out and let's discuss what we're doing but you let it run down to what 20 seconds before you took your time out so clearly you already had decided you were going to kick a field goal from 64 yards out but here's the deal if you take a time out with a minute left even if you miss the field goal it it you're still losing the game right so why wouldn't you want to have that discussion why would you not want to let your quarterback that you just paid 250 million dollars to at least try to convert that the NFL lifetime from 64 yards is to a 41. I mean the uh like you're not kicking you pregame on one of those little keys you know you receive the kickers there's a snap there's a hold there's a whole there's a whole operation there there's a pass rush you know you have to drive the ball but you know you have to be high enough to get it over the fires the odds are the odds are so much better of converting on fourth down and five than they are you know kicking a 64-yard field goal and then you know you don't even let the kicker into that you know I mean that like I don't want your opinion Ray Finkel like I don't I don't care what you think you can hit it from I'm making a decision as a coach and a quarterback what's best for the team right now so I how you you know how you get influenced by oh yeah I can hit a 64 yarder uh no I mean it was just poorly managed the thing I don't understand too is you know you coaches usually can can rely on their own experiences but again the bullets are flying Seattle's just a weird spot you feel like you're playing a game on the moon crazy things happen and bullets are flying figuratively thank goodness uh but you know uh uh Hackett was the OC in in Lambeau Field watching Lafleur take Rogers off the field in an NFC championship game for field goal that didn't even really matter in terms of getting them closer uh than it's still it was still a a touchdown differential and then the fallout of like Rogers saying why don't you just let me do my thing this is Russ back in Seattle game one for Denver after they make the big trade I mean I don't get it I honestly don't get it I Rich I don't I don't think anybody does nobody understands it um and it is one of those classic now I I will say this um you know everybody thinks they can call plays and manage a game um and it's it takes a certain guy a certain amount of humility to come to the realization that things speed up and especially Seattle with the crowd noise I mean you had three what delay a game penalties you were constantly up against the clock I mean the management of the game it just speeds the game up as a matter of fact I did Detroit I did Philly at Detroit this week amazing talking to both Dan Campbell and uh Nick Sirianni both of them last season gave up play calling duties and both of them said the same thing like I love the chess match I love calling plays but ultimately I'm a better head coach managing the game when I don't have to do that and Nick was like Nick Sirianni was like listen that I wanted to be more involved in specialties more involved with the defense more involved but like dapping guys up and talking to guys and seeing what they think and I couldn't do it as a play caller and I just don't know there are very few guys that have the capability to multitask like that and be good play callers something's got to give for most guys maybe you know maybe Sean McVay can do it but Sean McVay is not from the planet earth so I just don't know how many guys can really do that effectively again I know I was late to you because I had such a long open based on and I didn't even hit on most of the things from from Monday night uh there were some positives right I mean other you take away even one of the turnovers on the goal line and we're not even having this conversation today what did you take out of the game from uh from the top down though Mark yeah I mean I look at it I look at it offensively you look at the Broncos we've been in this barren wasteland uh you know purgatory for the last six years of 340 yards passing over 400 yards total offense um you know that and they weren't sharp and you know I think it was the quarterbacks that did not take a snap in the preseason were three and eight week one I know you don't want to I know you don't want to beat guys up but there is no way to be good at playing football unless you play football and I know you try to simulate as close as you can in practice but you know what it doesn't do it doesn't simulate the games they're different and I don't know what the right number of plays is but I know this zero is not the right number through preseason games um and there's a risk and reward I get that you don't have to beat the guys to a pulp but they do need they do need some timing and you saw Russ is the best deep ball thrower in football he wasn't close I mean he had the one to Jerry Judy but he must have missed three or four and there was a couple that should have been picked uh what's your game this week where you going this week Mark what do you got for me I'm going to San Francisco I've got Seattle at San Fran um and oh it should I mean it should be I'm really looking forward to the Trey Lance experience and you know the I told you so moment from Pete Carroll when he said hey man I want to go back to 90s football and I can make it work and everybody just kind of rolled their eyes well guess what uh they were pretty good last night so it should be exciting I just don't I don't mean to correct you going out the door it's San Francisco against first place Seattle you gotta you gotta say that but yes thank you first place Seahawks you see oh yeah should be good man you got the first place team standing alone in the NFC west it's kind of crazy as Gina Smith tries to go to and oh thanks again for the time Mark I appreciate it let's do this longer I'll be less long-winded or Nathaniel Hackett should just let Russ cook and then we'll and then we'll be on time next time oh maybe you should let Russ kick how about that hey let Russ kick hashtag it write it out there Chris thanks for the call Mark I appreciate it you you got it it's Mark Schlereth everybody he actually went even 90 seconds longer he gave me an extra 90 let Russ kick Geno Smith let's work as he told us last week oh my gosh you know I I want to um touch on the Niners for a little bit here because you already saw yesterday Niners and Cowboys together because they finished the season uh off for the Cowboys the Niners and they are connected in this regard too you already saw yesterday and I saw uh even a friend of the program and friend of uh uh in Big Ten action except for one Saturday year Jamel Hill tweeting out yesterday that uh should the Cowboys go after Jimmy Garoppolo and my two senses of course they should but don't forget Jimmy G has a no trade clause when he renegotiated his deal he put a no trade clause in there because he knew if he's going to slice his salary that makes him much more easy easily tradable commodity makes him much more easy to trade and yeah that could help him get to a spot where he could start or could help him wind up in a spot where he would just be a spot starter which he would be in Dallas because Dak isn't out for the season and why would he go to Dallas just to get six to eight starts with an offense that is nowhere near as good as the one he would have if he got in in San Francisco with all due respect Zeke and CeeDee Lamb I mean they got Deebo Ayuk Kittle in country I mean with all due respect to Dalton Schultz Trent Williams is a lot better than Tyler Smith I mean I could go on and on Elijah Mitchell's out I got it the running back room I think is a little bit more star studded in Dallas than it is in San Francisco but it's more of a scheme overall better team with don't forget the the Shanahan offense in Denver turned Olandis Gary into a household name Mike Anderson Mike Anderson was saluting a lot of there were a lot of mile high salutes okay from a lot of different people why would Jimmy G go there only to then hand the reins back to Dak and then sit around and put six to eight potentially subpar weeks on film for everybody or sit where you are you can get a shot maybe if Lance does continue to struggle or he does get hurt and you're in your own system your own home with your own people and if it does work out for Lance and you're sitting there holding a clipboard you hit free agency sight unseen as I would think one of the hotter commodities on the free agent market at the quarterback spot why would you agree to go to Dallas but that's why he has no trade clause so San Francisco doesn't hold Dallas up and trade Jimmy G there or hold anybody else up who might be suddenly quarterback needy with one follow-through of an arm in any given Sunday over the next several weeks that said Dallas doesn't need anybody they're not trading for anybody because Jerry Jones old Dr. Jones with his rubber glove right isn't that what uh yes he once upon a time said he uh he occasionally plays you know doctor or I guess his staff in the white cowboy hat will tell him you know filter up to the top floor at the star hey Dak's not as bad as it as it seems well old Dr. Jones with my rubber glove is going to make sure every one of you are safe that's right and so who knew that Dak can have surgery to stabilize apparently a cleanly broken throwing thumb or as Jamis might call it a cleanly broken upper toe upper upper throwing big toe upper big toe and so um who knew that that guy could be back in less than a month this is Jerry Jones on 103.5 the fan in the metroplex in his usual Tuesday spot in his usual Tuesday spot today the situation with our with Dak of course has caused us to focus a lot of our time and attention to uh several things to think about there I think what we're going to do here is we won't be putting him on our which means that we want him to be a consideration for playing within the next four games we will not put him on our consequently the people that are ready to play quarterback for us are the ones that played all preseason Kupa Rush and Greer they had a real competition we got a lot of good snaps for those guys both in our practice session as well as all the preseason games for the most part those guys know them know the offense well they've had a lot of reps in it and consequently give us our best shot it's unlikely since we don't have any potential of trade pending or any not pending but in the in the mill it's unlikely that you'd have a veteran quarterback that could get back in here and be ready to play as well as those guys can play even if you thought you might have a talent advantage it's going to take a while to learn a system if you acquire someone right now I will be very honest with you I would call up the Pittsburgh Steelers right now and overpay for Mason Rudolph but maybe that's just because I have oh you're shaking your head over there I have what clearly you don't have TJ and what clearly Jerry Jones doesn't have I've got scars of Danucci I've got scars of Danucci let's not forget last time Dak had an extended absence with something that he broke well that was a season long injury when it happened you never know what these broken surgically repaired throwing thumbs those can be thorny but don't forget Andy Dalton stepped in there and all of a sudden he gets concussed and he's knocked out and Ben Danucci right is he the is he a James Madison guy right James Madison that's right we're not talking about any founding father stuff we're talking about James Madison University football powerhouse sending Ben Danucci to the it suddenly what you want Will Greer I know West Virginia is a bit more of a powerhouse than James Madison I don't want to piss off Pat McAfee here or anybody else from West Virginia but honestly you want to you want to you want to put everything in the hands of Will Greer because you said good competition and also in the whole Cooper rush hey man he beat the Vikings that was one game and he threw to Amari Cooper who's not walking through that door to win the game Michael Gallup's not walking through that door because he's not back yet from a knee injury Cedric Wilson's not walking through that door he's in Miami I guess Noah Brown's walking through the door the Bucks let him just go off what do we care we'll just put three guys around CeeDee Lamb and stop him make sure Dalton Schultz doesn't go off either because who else is going to hurt us but you're afraid like really uh the Bengals are currently right now in their defensive meeting rooms circling Cooper rush is that what they're doing you say you're shaking your head you don't want Mason Rudolph huh you don't want him I mean it's Mason Rudolph with all due respect you know he was here nice guy but is he that much better than Cooper rush I don't know that he is a hell of a lot better than Will Greer if he's got to run out there against the defending AFC champion Bengals who are pissed off about losing week one all right hell yeah I well Jerry you can go against the Bengals all right now he's done it before I'm just a man I don't think that next step is the answer is what I'm saying there might be guys out there that are rich but I don't think that I'm just throwing him out there like you know Gardner Minshew Gardner Minshew is another guy I have a little bit more confidence in him but if I'm the Eagles I'm like if I'm the Eagles I'm like that's a one for you Jerry I mean look the two teams have swapped picks before in the draft to help them get Dante Smith but Devon but yeah I don't think Rudolph's the question also four weeks for a guy who broke his thumb like I'm no doctor that seems awful quick to me and so Rich let me ask you this exactly like he's gonna have well don't you remember remember they put DeMarco Murray with pins in his arms out there against Jacksonville and he ran it 40 times that day and you're you're like like Jason Garrett like you got something against him or what in his hand it was in his hand Russ broke his finger last year came back I think he missed three games and he even said that he came back too soon yeah now I want to ask you this because I'm kind of questioning why Jerry would say this I'm wondering if you guys think this is he saying the four weeks to keep up morale around the team because if he doesn't say this maybe some guys are the team like the season's over we're cashing out but if Jones is saying look there's a chance he could come back in four weeks does that keep the guys does that keep morale boosted does that keep them into it I don't know just like no no no no I mean what do you think Micah Parsons is gonna think it's a wrap no there's some very prideful guys that I don't think need some sort of roster maneuver as a rallying cry I think that he really does believe Dak can come back if you IR him there is no recourse if he does come back sooner and he would rather burn the roster spot he'd rather burn the roster spot for that possibility and say you know we had a great competition amongst these two guys and we trade for somebody right now it's going to take a while for that person to get up to speed but I'll tell you what man you better hope Will Greer is ready because I've got scars of DeNucci and I don't know why you don't and I don't know why the the Cowboys don't because that's a way for this thing to become a quick wrap and it's not like the it's not like the division a couple years ago where the Eagles have a dead coach coaching and and Jalen Hertz a fresh out of the box second round choice that they finally turned to because Carson Wentz became completely unusable and is still out there and that debate me yeah by the way okay yeah that I'd be more interested in Nick Foles than Nick Foles Teddy Bridgewater go for it I don't think the if I'm the Dolphins I'm not coughing up Bridgewater that is a great guy to have there too because Patrick I don't know I know you take somebody off of uh off of the Amazon set I'd rather take somebody who's been in training camps this is the Dallas Cowboys man this is just week two because the Eagles like I said the Eagles aren't that team anymore and that division is a hell of a lot better Brian Dayballs are on display and you know the commanders I got grief because I forgot them yesterday when I tweeted this out when Seattle looked like they were going to start the game with two scores two touchdowns and then they didn't convert on that on that quarterback sneak I thought the Chiefs were the only team to start the season with two touchdowns in their first two possessions the commanders were the other team and a whole bunch of DC folks jumping in saying that I'm disrespecting them when I just you know I shouldn't tweet during the middle of my Monday night football halftime duties I'm half focusing on that but bottom line is Dallas better treat this seriously because I don't know if Dak's coming back in a month you don't know what he's going to look like come back in two months he's surgically repaired throwing in what if he follows through and it's someone else in the head because the line sucked and that's why he had pressure coming up the middle it's frustrating let's take a break in five weeks you're right yeah get your act together let's take a break here on the Roku channel Rich Eisen show terrestrial radio network odyssey we're back with your phone calls at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial Geico asks 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can save money know your numbers know your business and get to know how NetSuite can be the source of truth for your entire company right now NetSuite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to rich radio right now rich radio slash rich radio let's go to Elliot in Kansas here to kick things off on the phone lines at 844-204-rich on the Rich Eisen show what's up Elliot hey Rich can you hear me I can you're on the air sir what's going on hey so you guys are talking a lot about the Seahawks game pretty much touched everything I was gonna say defense was huge what about those rookie oh oh did we lose Elliot say it one more time Elliot Elliot you can't get into your car in the middle of a conversation you just got bluetoothed you've got bluetooth oh my god I mean Elliot just stay outside the car don't get in the car this is my headphones damn the air pod oh is that what happened okay fine uh so the rookie what the you're there were a lot of rookies for Seattle offensive tackles yeah man I mean Charles Cross was doing some work last night I mean there were times but I'll tell you what Bradley Chubb got Gino and things mattered and they got they got the Seahawks off the field and then and thanks for the call when when the Seahawks three and outed I thought to myself Russ is thinking and he said I've seen that movie before yep I've seen the movie before just like run it run it except when we're supposed to run it in the Super Bowl I've seen the movie before I've seen it Pete's like screw it we're not don't make mistakes hands on ten and two we'll do the defense thing and Russ is probably trotting out there thinking okay I got this I got this in the bag I got all three time outs are you kidding me this thing's a snap he said after the game that McManus told everybody before the game left hash 64 yards I got that I'm gonna get him I'm gonna get him I'm 64 I'll get him within 44 I got this I know how to do it here this is my moment I've been I've been visualizing this the minute I ever thought of getting out of here from Seattle or the minute I started here and they wanted me out of here I've been thinking about this forever I've been thinking about this I was chatting about this with the misses you know when we were watching when we were watching Serena the other night yeah between one of the service breaks I turned around could you imagine Monday night I got a chance to win it all my time outs left can you believe that sweetheart can you imagine what happens he's been thinking about this he's been visualizing his forever Sierra said let me see you one two step I don't know how Russ are with the dark shade I know he had sunglasses on at night which is part of the reason why I think Seattle wanted to trade it was like 11 o'clock at night you know honestly man and I feel for you know the rookie tackles and those rookies on defense who were balling out we're not talking about that today even Gino it's the way that ended Denver should have won that game by 15 ways to that Monday he scores right well they they should have but they didn't because the defense did make the plays on the goal line the defensive line did its job on the goal line but Al Woods blew up Gervonta Williams right just boom see ya blew it up Melvin Gordon fumbled on the goal line a lot of Chargers fans saying oh I remember that in Tennessee remember that I kind of thought it was in it was not I kind of that ball was loose that ball was loose as he was getting towards the goal line and then out yeah it was no that was a fumble I thought it was a well-officiated game last night I thought it was a well-officiated game last night for the most part for sure yeah let's not a whole lot of complaints about the referee I thought week one was a very cleanly efficient sloppy Denver played last night that mean what do they have double-digit penalties I honestly I didn't have too many complaints about the officiating this weekend shocking but the number one story coming out of week one you know it started with how great the bills looked and it's ended with how the Broncos could have joined the Chiefs and Chargers at 1-0 in the NFC West and they had some foot shooting penalties and turnovers and then the coach just over thunk it over thunk it slow the game down timeout fourth and five timeout but he's probably thinking you know if I call timeout I don't make it Seattle you know wins the game well I guess if you kick the field goal and then you don't make it Seattle wins the game I it's just none of it makes sense still here on Roku none of it makes sense it's just I mean Schlereth said it perfectly he said it perfectly it's just like who cares if he says he can make it you know sit down Ray Finkle I got Russell Wilson great Ace Ventura reference out of nowhere by Schlereth about a half an hour ago I don't care if you can make it and bless Russell Wilson for coming afterwards and saying oh I believe in my kicker I believe in my coach I mean it would have been great if he came out and just said screw it I am paid by the Waltons I've got my contract I'm in charge here now I'm in charge here now I'm the captain now I am the captain now yeah man I like I'm in charge here now and I am sick and tired of playing the good soldier around my football parts this is my team I'm being paid like it this is it I don't care that the kicker can make it this is Seattle I should have had a shot what are you doing taking the ball out of my hands in Seattle in front of the 12s what are you doing that's crazy I threw for 340 yards what are you talking about the offense was maybe being sluggish I've got I've got the second most fourth quarter comebacks in the game of any active quarterbacks and I made my bones in this building and you're taking me off the field what are you doing put me back out there I'll get the five for you and let's get the kicker closer good lord Jim Harbaugh coming up next for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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