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The Unholy Trinity: Part 2 The World

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 13, 2018 12:30 pm

The Unholy Trinity: Part 2 The World

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 13, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

One. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way one feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. How fun to be on the masculine journey here in 2018 and is using yet is for those we attended last week. We are talking on the holy Trinity, and it just turns out we have the unholy Trinity here in the gutter.

We have Dennis Brayton, Mandy Thomas Robbie Delmore or Sam Maine is in the Marshall Islands, aren't you Sam they have a Walmart. There with this other holy Trinity is is is a challenge in 2018 and it were bombarded last week we took the unholy Trinity being the world the flesh and the devil by the fact I think it's Robbie and actually the world, the flesh, the demo last week we talked about the flash which has seniority and most of our cases but this week is counterpart to that discussion in the world and Sam you heard well I think I'll start with this clip first from MasterCard to give.

It's kind of an idea how the world puts a little pressure on us and I think you've heard this campaign in one form or another, but just kind of reminder how the world going to get a portion on you two tickets $46.02 hot dogs to sodas $27 one autographed baseball real conversation with their some things money cannot put it on his MasterCard with interest over a period of time. Sam you had an amazing quote that you just heard today that God gave you to share with talked about world.

I'm all over. And so when you're on that MasterCard and max not able to make the payments. Or maybe have the work to two jobs in order to make the payments are almost kind of things gets more cards should turn out well, didn't try that more cards to three checking accounts we can get all the balance at some point it allowed him to so as he looked at 2018.

Dennis, how do you reconcile this drawn your life. It's difficult because as I was talking about in the in the preshow we get all wake up every morning wanting to spend time with God. You know, grab a cup of coffee and sit down and praying in getting the word and by lunchtime it seems like everything's going to know and handbasket that it's on is it not as unholy as I can be sometimes before lunchtime gets here and it's just that dealing with the world dealing with myself being worldly at times and you know how we stay in that in that place were were were really walking the walk that we want to walk. That's a challenge in this and yeah it it is so hard to keep that perspective.

Perspective that there is more to life than what we are constantly born but it does take an effort.

One of the things I think me recently is reading John Eldridge reasonable more focused on the things come in those things become much more appealing. As I read about them because a lot of times we make this world much greater world. We have over to heaven here on earth. Most of the things we begin to look at those things I begin to look at things much more appealing. This world really has to offer, but it's difficult if you don't keep that perfect is a wonderful book I was writing this morning myself right again and he made the note that you get a chance to go back to those favorite place that you had in life that the restoration of all things, and so including the nose is going to be that that favorite place off but on the other hand, you got Solomon and you know here's a guy who supposedly you know, wisest man that ever lived. In Ecclesiastes it said I applied my heart to seek and examine my wisdom.

All that is done under heaven. What a burdensome task. God is given the sons of men to keep the margin of five he he could see that thing and you know sometimes people go seek in life and occasionally they do that in Las Vegas right then it's almost definitely want to keep it in Las Vegas but unfortunately you carry throughout the rest of the world as well.

It almost becomes as it sounded like in this clip and we are talking about this earlier. Two guys almost becomes like it's a rich religious experience and everything is put aside.

It's like all my sins are gone and now I can just go and make the money, but the bottom line is somebody's seeking to be taking it from you more than you getting just a temporary fit back is really gratification but it's nothing lasting it's very worldly man for us in the car business. It was the last night of the month and and we would have the sales meetings where we would know champagne all the stuff I mean that was like this is that Juergen have life if you can sell five cars today. This is gonna be all that you ever wanted me. We sold it like it was a religion.

And this was what was going to bring you life was to be successful and to to make Grossman do these things that you know the picture, Sam's, or anything like that in the building or hard. If somebody wants to buy the house.

Even though you know you you you know I barely going to build the house and qualified by the law. You have whether you want to or not even like the legal way you want to get people not that like 2009 all over again is it that you find that in the tech world there is not always a work for companies doing tech work with the tech company, but it's always about making sales and you know whether it's we think that were selling a product like a IT security firm.

We want to make sure that's a good thing. We still are really pushing this product to know benefit our bottom-line and you know you it is a matter of we all have to deal with corporate America and target growth and being competitive anything in it. It does, it drives people crazy. I mean, it is the constant share our business. Yeah there's what they call a board and on that board is listed, the number one salesman. The number two and then there are the cars that they sold in all the world to judge like you may not hold there my whole existence seem to be based on how much advertising is so for that month taken away from things and I don't think any of us are jobs that people having things they have to do.

I think what were talking about is how we as men that are trying to be holy. How do we negotiate all that how we live through that. How do we find out what's bigger guys hit on it at the beginning.

I think that such a larger story than what we can cram in the 70 or 80 years.

However, many were given whatever we take away from this is nothing compared to what we had to look forward to.

So we have to get it perspective guys and getting it in perspective were looking forward to that yellow is coming up in the second half working when you think we run out of words, we have a word that's going to get through anything that plus website right now what you think about it mastering turning we still got the Pogo gone in January by one can't give one register now turning as I talk about ways you can help support Lily where you can click button, thinking it was again, PO Box 558, Jesus what you will do that freedom and adventure with God.

It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission to be what God is coming in April 12 through the 15th masculine journey to register your thinking will will all football groups from the 1970s venture Pink Floyd sample that was my favorite song, you know, the irony of some of the songs guys is these guys are really putting down. They were tongue-in-cheek, talking about the wrongs of money and they made millions with their music so it can to get into that again get into that worldly place and the you you got a clip force here from a movie that counted touched you along these lines, you want set up right. God is big into acquisitions and mergers is think of lawyer firm negotiate it's getting around the holidays people are thinking about going. I'm telling too much of the story. Basically he's kinda got his focus off of the what is important, you'll say that it will be obvious if you watch a movie family man, like it's a wonderful life. Take this clip from shares of stock customers full day of training for Zero Hour and I don't want any trouble. You see, think I like well okay okay you have television this season today going to announce the largest US corporate history you like this turns up until it's over. You don't ask for vacation 726 so much money floating around here like Christmas every day so that you will be so excited this year you might get this.

In the event that's exaggerated version of what we're looking at is almost sickening but smoky. It will maybe duration but it is, and it really has to do with getting the focus off you know what's important person, people, relationships, that is the pool that is the pool to constantly be in competition are or looking at the other thing beyond things.

It can minister to us in the inside but things are looking externally satisfy what we all follow me, even as Christians we fall into that thing awfully commercial like you have, whatever it may be we really are focused awfully what I thought was interesting about this movie was that that was right before he goes into the convenience store. His whole world was rocked is actually put into a situation where it were his life. He wakes up and he's married to this woman that he let go overseas when they were in love to see life as a family man and his daughter. Interestingly enough, is the only one I can see through it and actually see what's going on with him but that the happy ending of the story I guess is he sees that all that money and all that Wall Street success means nothing compared to the love of his family. I think that's kinda what were getting out here in Sam is that certain things more important things in our time. All the right all the time or not.

So we are looking for life in all the wrong places and things. So we do have a clip of a guy who broke out and it may be coming from a strange place from some people's point of view to hear a clip from Mary Poppins on the masculine journey, but if you saw the movie saving Mr. Banks, you realize that the movie Mary Poppins was not about Jane and Michael. It was about saving Mr. Banks to the whole idea cleverly named Mr. Banks because his whole world was the bank but you may remember the story that Mary Poppins comes in talks to kids in the using the top and feed the birds which causes Michael to hold onto his toppings in the Dick Van Dyke old character tried to steal a minute call to run on the bank, which means that James Banks gets fired and actually get sacked.

They put a hole through his happy flip's umbrella upside down and you sit there in front of these characters in this longboard table when all of a sudden James Banks get some breakthrough with quite a word.

She is saying is what you respect you. These two young people.

Jane and Michael went down the street and James Sr. Michael named Smith is well in the country sees all. She's the one is Schmidt began to laugh in that movie they took off lying there, which is what happened to this old Dick Van Dyke character when he finally realized that there was something other than money involved in life. But the interesting thing to me was here.

James Banks and he's put together in the moment where essentially God's taken everything away and in most of our lives, we find ourselves there.

Met James Banks moment and it's a pretty good time to not to say super right hand, and any be able to sit backwards motion Sally asked Mr. Frederick Kelly Rufus well and with five years. He we know the origin of equipment. I think it's really remarkable.

Yes, he was an old geezer and you know he actually left the movie went on at the point of it is still that that is repentance. That's when all of a sudden you realize wow I choosing the wrong direction and and we got it we got a point that we put that we can breakthrough you take out of this guys that I'm thinking about just like Mr. Banks are probably some Pharisees around thought the cheese and fallen off the Jesus cracker you know what they quite have it all together and I'm not.

I'm not saying that to be unholy about saying a lot of people look at this guy talking about really would was the answer he had the way to be other worldly. He's given us that way and that's something to I could never say super Cal whatever some try all of a sudden it makes sense to me. I'm thinking they probably looked at him that way to like this guy. And it's an amazing thing in an it's it's kinda cool that Walt Disney himself recognize that in himself that he pushed so hard to get that movie when you see was it saving Mr. Banks, Sam, that movie that came out recently and really, you don't really know. I never seen it really is it's definitely worth watching you and it's clear that the lady who wrote Mary Poppins.

It was all about her father and it really was a true story of how he lived his life and how she wanted to see him saved in his case he got he got caught up in alcohol and some of the things that led to his downfall. But people are looking for life and in Jesus as the answer we came out of the womb with the world system constantly. You know, we are looking for life and in turn Ecclesiastes were talked about everything.

We all have to have ER. Arlen Solomon may we all have to reset. We don't take his word for we have to experience it or felt that all he really satisfied that really the last of the flesh. Let's try to life really are going to get it if the obviously put in that way from Scripture that there is no there's not. They're not compelling. Whatever. But that's exactly what we go for healing in whatever the latest you know TVU or entertainment or whatever may I invest for that battle is still there is a lot of reminders after interestingly and you know it's a daily, hourly, minute by minute struggle that we can go to the Lord in prayer and in a part of it is having the community like these guys around me and be able to share those things and we would love to have you be part of our registering for a boot camp and we are at the Bobo thing going on the hundred $99 each to boot camp.

We can bring something with you to register journey

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