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October 5, 2019 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 5, 2019 12:30 pm

This week the guys are talking about being broken. To be more specific how the enemy attempts to drive a wedge between us and God. The clips this week come from the film "Saving Mr. Banks," and from the show "Everybody Loves Raymond." Another can't miss episode from the band of brothers here folks. So grab your gear and be blessed right here on The Masculine Journey Radio Show.


This is the Truth Network of every man is usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. The masculine is filled with many question journeys. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle. Something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides recall the masculine masculine start here now. Welcome to the October version of the messenger recalled its fall this fall. Finally, it's fall 90 all week 70 something today. Everything falls here now and that's that's a good thing you notice when we live in that day in day out. He didn't pressure and all that boy.

It just gets really weary that Mike should tired family get broken exactly think I think you get a little broken or least, you feel that way. So you get this refreshing fall that comes along. You got a little bit of reprieve from a bit today. We are to be talking about brokenness or to be talking about woundedness in on it. It doesn't always have to be such a depressing thought. Actually it's just happened. Hard to say I'm happy about woundedness only a flesh wound.

It's only fashions exactly but you know this topic kinda builds on some stuff up and talk about over the last few weeks. Lastly, probably we talked about keeping connected to God and the importance of that this week and it's another way the enemy tries to get us separated from God. We're talking a little bit of before the show and that's always been the enemy's goal has not yet calming every since God created man numbing the very first thing he did was he breathed life and demand, so he he puts part of himself and the man and then he immediately gives man a mate and he says the two will become one and so that oneness of a husband and a wife. The oneness of of relationship both humanity and with the human and the divine. That's the thing that is attacked from the very beginning in Satan's plan is no different that still what he's attacking day and that's where most of our brokenness. Quite frankly, comes from it doesn't usually calm outside of a relationship. I mean yeah you might have a car wreck.

You might get brain-damaged. I know people you know all of those things and they would consider that brokenness, but if you asked the same guy that was in a car wreck that had brain damage who also went through a horrible affair or a divorce or some sort of an addiction. I promise you the more broken thing that he would talk about where the place where he would say he felt more broken is not the brain damage it's it's the heart damage done through relationship. Absolutely nothing for that very well and talking to Kim about this topic is that I was right along with my son Eli.

We were coming back for my counsel again couple weeks ago there playing random music selection would skip it in random on the rate on our phones and so whatever came up with the disk you listen to and so got kinda interesting. The song came on from life house and it's called broken employee a little bit of a snippet from it, but as it played the song for several years I found myself getting very emotional again and like really got why am I getting emotional over this. It is like as you still have stuff you need to deal with right and I'm like okay here we go here we are again and play the clip from the song and it talks about this.

This feeling of brokenness and waiting on God's last week and this week and so many of you heard before, had no I never had a pretty powerful right this whole topic of hanging on holding for God.

This brokenness that lives in us and the problem is we try to we try to stay there much too long. And it does affect other relationships now do this often but I do want to go to another clip probably want you to talk about Robert a little bit sooner so that everybody loves Raymond and unite when you think broken. There's a lot of brokenness in this because there's young lady who eats a fly coming for lack of a better situation that Raymond observes and there is no better situation that she has broken, but the am in the know anybody to fly clearly has issues, but that isn't the real issue that I see in the clip it said here is this guy that it's been so broken that is immediately ready to distrust his brother's heart. His wife is ready distrust of sanity and then there's just massive broken. Not to mention the parents which we can do ultimates With their brokenness, but nonetheless you you you find Robert in this place of struggling like crazy against you know is just like I've lost hope it's not to work out for me. Lack still define what really is the parent template might as well get it out. She's not the one I saw something that I have to tell you, because you have to know because I sort Angela ate the fly fly was flying around and Angela killed it. If you on the table. She put in a napkin and then she will eat seen something from to understand is anything we do is someone special someone who so great that she actually made one because your sisters little insecure man will do anything to keep me from having what you should fly. So we were talking earlier about this. This is just like the tip of an iceberg. There's a lot going on with Robert in this whole series of people like this shows much of the Jimmy with the best fan of it is probably not your favorite chef Roberts the only one on the show. I actually liked. Now here is broken what people really related to they were all broken right and that's why people like that show so much as they could identify with a character. Whether was Raymond Deborah Frank you know any you can clearly see what Darren was explaining that in Satan's you know attack was going be to split them up and so you know where Square is Robert Haddad goodbye Raymond you know you you know he's going out of you know I don't trust you and Morgan break the relationship and some I know that's come us all things and you know the scary part of that is how many times I done that with God. I see what's going on now is this sad is what we talk about this topic of brokenness you were talking about last week the water.

What are those things that you find yourself broken over because it sometimes it's about you and sometimes it's not always about you, but they all kinda hurt for me. You know there's a lot of times my kids what they're going through what life choices are making what situations they find themselves in and being a parent is a kids get older retired.

I talked a bit about last week on the show but I find myself in a position of feeling very helpless at times.

You know and that's a different type of brokenness and I've experienced in the past about forgiveness for me it's it's not so much others it and and it's usually not even the things that have happened to me externally.

It's I think the that the shame that I have and that the things that I have the most difficulty with in the brokenness is is the stuff that I'm reminded that I did that I'm responsible for and you know I can tell you all that stuff.

Number one the Mike's would break the whole computer system would crash the podcast would fail me know Truth Network could not exist anymore. If I told you all the brokenness that I have in my life. There's no way in the world.

We can put it all in one show. And if we did, then you know there would be a show anymore. That's the way I feel right. And then there's some truth to that. Thankfully, there are some folks in my life that I can be that real and that honest with, but it's still scary and and I I probably still don't say everything ultimately God in Jesus, the Holy Spirit are those that I can go to. Unfortunately I'm so ashamed often that I don't even want to go there right right and so we have our own things that we carry. There are things that do happen to us as well. There saloons that you've taken along the way that make it hard to move past. Either you haven't forgiven the person maybe haven't forgiven yourself. Maybe I'm forgiven God. I know we talked about that you shouldn't have to forgive God helping God deserves our forgiveness. I mean we put blame unjustly on him right and until we can move to correct way of seeing that we do blame God when you want to admit it or not I and so you may find ourselves in that situation. My biggest balloon really has self-inflicted and it is with Darren on the fact that it bothers me more to hurt others, but that's to be hurt, but when I and make a long story short, that I wrote a dedication officer that was killed in the line of duty 30 some years ago and the day after he was murdered in three days after my twins were born. I merely shot a guy fleeing from me in the back before that I didn't think I had that in me, and when I knew I could. It was now here you are evil, we are broken or bad and I may have is a life changer absolutely speaking think Jim speaking a life changers. We have an opportunity for great life changes coming up in November. Number seven through two Coming up throbbing.

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That's not really what happens only going go to the clip and the like him back and get your perspective Robby. I think if we ask around the room what people's interpretation or asked the audience out there of Walt Disney you think it was probably a pretty happy guy.

You have to think that look at movies right. I mean, they're all that happy to and lot of singing and all that kind of stuff I don't do and you know you think that is probably happy guy.

But when you watch the movie saving Mr. Banks which is a story about Mary Poppins and really Mrs. Travers when it wrote it to get a glimpse of Walt's life and will have his own brokenness and we pick up the story.

Walt's talking with Mrs. Travers who is struggling to share the story of Mrs. Mary Poppins in with everybody.

She was to keep it to herself and Walt's telling her a little bit of his story where he picks up.

He asked the question have you ever been to Kansas City is that's where he grew up and listen where this conversation goes against city is Fairview Missouri at all to this mighty cold winters, medical my dad Elias Disney. He owned a newspaper delivery route. There thousand papers twice daily morning and evening dad was tough businessman. He was a save up anyway you can fella so he wouldn't employ boys only use me in my big brother Roy was eight years old.

My said winters are harsh and will I actually didn't believe in new shoes into lowlands one through honestly miss Travis notice sometime over my head. We push through that snow was molasses cold and wet, seeping through our closing skin peeling faces.

Sometimes on the self sunk down just waking up passed out. Then stop school and I was too cold wet figure I equation that was my back on the snow again to get home just before dark mother is and then was to go right back out and do it again.

The evening edition this be quick on that collection still loses Julie to make you sad. Mrs. Travers, I don't live my life is an element that is a wonderful rarest day when I don't think about that eight-year-old boy delivered newspapers in the snow in the last Disney with abstract and assist and I am just so tired Travers okay after that. Not the most uplifting we've ever use but it's pretty much the point.

If there is any you know Walt wants to believe that he doesn't affect them anymore.

But he tells a story is an obvious he still lives there and the reason he's telling the story is because he realizes this, Miss Traverse is still living in her childhood that she scared to death that people are going to take advantage of her not tell her story as accurately as as she wants it told and that it would somehow or another make light of the struggle and the pain that she grew up in. And so what what Walt is telling her is I feel your pain.

I'm broken into. We all are and that part of what we do here it Walt Disney as we help people get past their brokenness by telling some of the stories and and allowing the stories to to move people past that broken switches.

You know Robby you talked about that it you know that a lot of times we become Christians in we magically think that everything is taken care of. At that point coming we get our Christian garden sauce, southbound Chino and Endo strengths, but it will either talk before the show and asking the question what you want people really can't take away what I would love for him to take away is that I i.e. 12 years ago when I went first grade camp.

I had no concept of the healing that was available a bit available to me in Christ through going in to these wounds and in dealing with it in the boot camp experience is an opportunity to know here somebody story like what Walt Disney is doing right here only to hear another man story that's gonna trigger things and there's movie clips that are going to trigger things that are going awaken you to all my goodness, I've got this to and you know then there's the opportunity to to keep be built back up in Christ, but it but there's hard work that has to be done inside of those layers of forgiveness of yourself. Forgiveness of others and want to talk about forgiveness of of where I've gotten off the map my my hope a lot of the song is there's where there's pain there's healing. And if you don't have pain if you don't have wounds.

You'll never know the joy and peace that does come from healing that comes from our father. There are so many times that we think that salvation is the end of the story. Salvation was the beginning of our Christian walk is amazing. Beginning militantly wrongly reconciled us with the father all those things. It's pretty amazing in itself, but there was so much more that God has to offer.

The Jesus said no I'm still here there. He wants to step in and work on those wounds with the deadly yeah you know it just Robby story and what you just said reminded me of something I haven't thought of in years. But when I was a baby preacher away back in Lubbock, Texas was literally still in seminary and I don't even know if I'd you know really preached my first sermon yet, but my grandmother called me one day and said can you drive up about an hour north of Lubbock, Texas, and do some counseling with your cousin and her husband is there about ready to kill each other and literally and figuratively and I was like you know and I so I went to one of my professors who was also a marriage counselor and I said Jim is there anyway you could help me through this and he said yeah yeah let's go up there together and let's talk to him and so while we were on her way up. He said, so are they are they Christians in acid. I really I really don't know Jim, I you number any taught me and I'm sure she's, you know, taught them to, but I just don't know and he said well that's where we had a start because there's a lot more available to a Christian to get over the brokenness to get through the the heartache and the pain that's causing the brokenness in their marriage and so if we can get them there.

Then we can then work on the brokenness that's killing the marriage and it was kind of the first realization for me at that point and I probably could've articulated it like you did earlier Robby that you know I thought becoming a Christian, fixed everything, but obviously it doesn't because you know Christians if you're listening right now you know Christians whose marriages are still broke you know Christians who still have broken relationships with their sons or their fathers or their mothers or brothers or sisters or their friends. You know, pastors who have very broken relationships around them and so there is something more available in this life you know it's it it isn't just all unicorns and rainbows.

Once you become a Christian. I mean, obviously, once you become a Christian, you realize rainbows have a whole different meaning there is that issue that you know okay so you become a Christian.

I've been able to give you my Holy Spirit.

Now I'm getting my word and use analysis work on that broken heart absolutely and it's one that spirits in you that he can get in and start doing that digging in doing that, prompting, and doing that thing that that make should break down and want to cry when you hear a song that you've known for 20 years of failure. Like I know this. I know every word wise.

It bothering me is a Holy Spirit. So they're going okay. There's still more I want to do here after still more you get a turnover to Jesus.

My story earlier and that brokenness was what part of what showed me I needed a Savior I've been in church all my life but I didn't realize Jacob was a pretty good guy and get into heaven on all my good deeds, and God showed me through that mother thinks that I really was broken, but that's where the healing comes from is from realizing that going to him going to the only source that's truly going to heal us think Jim is is listen to that clip today from saving Mr. Banks left that part at the end. Rita says Ms. Travers. I'm tired is a problem is when we don't take our brokenness to God. We don't say okay I want to walk through the pain when I walk through the shame, take it to that place.

I really don't feel like going to at the moment, or whatever is keeping you from going there when we lived there.

We try to live out our own power and we do that we just get worn down right in and we know that path leads lease for me and that is when I feel worn down. II make some prickly pet decisions, and on most people I know do. David did and David wanted to rouse out a challenge for me personally is are you willing to admit it is when you sent me the song I'm like oh man, Debbie downer, but I texted you back yeah I don't I don't want to admit that I find myself there a lot and that's part of recognizing the pain, but in order to know go after the cure and end admit to yourself today. I'm not Mr. happy-go-lucky in her only path is the only path to life. The only path to healing is taken through God and the enemy knows and so does everything he can to keep us separated from the problem is we can know it in her head. We find it in our heart. Fortunately we have a Holy Spirit there's a know I get home I take you to that place where you know that you gotta give it to him. That's my challenge for each of us this week is take that brokenness and say God.

Where is it I need to bring it to you. I need to leave it at your feet were going to work deeper on this letting work in your heart to register for the legacy of their classic 30 next

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