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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 24, 2019 12:30 pm

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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 24, 2019 12:30 pm

This week the guys discuss what it means to serve God and how the enemy will use other things in your life to prevent you from putting God first. Maybe it's your job, the ways of the flesh, or money. With the help of clips from "Kicking and Screaming," "Mary Poppins," and a short music compilation, the guys give their thoughts and opinions on the matter. SO GRAB YOUR GEAR and be blessed, cause this band of brothers are Now Serving, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

This is the Truth Network of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates in life. Masculine journey is filled with many quests and journeys. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now all manner we noted today on the mask when journey are show title this week. Now serving and so Sam, this was this was your topic and is somewhat now become customary, you go out of town after you lay that topic Thomason. Our at the beach now serving topic weeks ago, my show, my pastor was talking about Joshua and serve the Lord in a really off-topic for me after the sermon.

Okay, what the enemy the flash the world tried to get me to stir the Lord in on how I do about how we we we can't have a clip to start that off with you know and I will Ferrell's defense in this movie is called kicking screaming. I don't think we know the whole back story here to share my story is similar to Robbie's. Rob and I think there's more back story here than him just happening at the end of this coffee line skews me thinking juice drink coffee, relax your relax.

I will write here you really being linear space frequent coffee drinker will have a car you are drinker carts is a video card we doing this is so the said but true news is you know you may have heard me say I was on vacation two weeks ago we were on the line. The territory it's pouring rain there's back story is low back story here will he might've been a long line that was raining and you know all the stuff so it's raining in the line is moving and you stood there over an hour and then find the line begins to move as we get close to the building itself.

These two Disney workers come out and interest in their you know Tower of terror outfits. Apparently they got the terror idea little bit strong because they like everyone needs to go out the way they came. You need to leave now. This right is not operating. And it's not going to operate. So you need to leave now and what time Robbie's been waiting in line for over an hour poncho the whole thing you picture this, and not unlike Mr. Farrell, I was like excuse me, you could be a little bit nicer about what you're saying here and at what point in time. You know this and we need to call security. So you need to calm down much. It's like that you start is for life. This actually enjoyed that in the story because now I don't say clever things to avoid the trouble with the folks that they just say, ugly stuff that was it was as I was like somebody give me some scripture. I need some help. And fortunately, my man Rodney you are loaded with barriers your son had been on a mission trip in Scripture force yet happens to be exactly what prompted all this on Sam's part came back from his mission trip and in the native language all nicely hand-drawn written beautiful scroll was Joshua 2415. But for me in my house we will serve the Lord. It's just a wonderful gift to not serve the want to ride Tower of terror, or serve as my kid's family but Sammy put together a little, you know, sort of montage of things and we will play this of the things that we might find ourselves now serving on the lab and have a happy and you know what happened.

A car be something that you serve me when we talking here.

I think I think I was six or six on that list serve the one time of the other, but the other. They're not real satisfying when you serve them, but yeah, I mean anything from whenever you get your first car and had become became your you know best friend in an idol whenever I can remember I've had some use cars. I get that first Camaro and it was it was my new mind treated that thing like a baby got my attention, but you know we do tend to tend to make absolute talking earlier in the show where you can take a very good thing, or even something that God's put in your heart. Maybe your calling something you enjoy doing and you can easily become a slave to that master. If you give it more attention to God and and truly put it at higher in the place that it should be in an is not satisfying. It takes time and it takes a lot of disappointment from that not satisfying you to realize that doesn't make any sense to to serve something that's not God, and Sammy had this besides that, you know little to scoop his hair arrows not here. No age so we talked about Robbie's car anyway. Just kidding you would mention the don't worry, be happy, and I found it fascinating in the middle of that you kinda share what your thoughts were along those lines we get on our my whether or not Christian serve up there, whatever that looks like what you gonna take to make me happy is it that perfect relationship, perfect job, but little did Robbie want so much that you know and promise of the fight would be happy no in the middle of all those other things are Of Many of Those Thing the Things Themselves Are Necessarily Wrong, Most of Them. It's Just When We Start to Worship Them. What We Do a Song That We Think of the Things Were Worse Now That When We Start to Worship Them Not to Become Drunk and We Want to Worship Happiness and What That Looked like If I Can Get This House Will Be Happy You Know Whatever That Next Meeting on Its Meaning, but Isn't That in Our Constitution's Pursuit of Happiness. That's What I Heard When I Saw That What Particular Song When It Came Out Of It May Be Schizophrenic. I Love the Song and I Wanted to Slap the Same Time, but That Really Spoke to Something Slightly Different When You Heard It Out Of the Clip That You You Felt like We Sent You End up Serving Those One That Hit Me Most Because I've My Pursuit Is Playing. I Love to Play. I Played More Games for Years and Became the National Champion in Several up Just Because That Was My Pursuit That Was Supposed to Make Me Happy and I Have. I'm Still Just a Big Gamer Player Playing I Want I Want Not to. Not That I Was Afraid to Be in Broad I Just Think Experiencing the One Where They Brought up in the Middle.

That Explanation Was Deserved. How Often Do We Hear That on Advertisements Today. It's like Every Other One You Deserve. You Deserve You Deserve It outside Frank Frequent Drinker Card Yeah I Deserve to Be at the Front of the Deserve to Write That I Write This Right. I Deserve to Be Served.

Yeah Serve Me Now Serve in the End, You Know, It's Kind of an Interesting Thing That Goes Back to Is Is I Started Reflecting on Where Can I Go Back to the Larger Story Discussion Week We Had Three Weeks Ago, like Man. How Could I Be so Caught up like Will Ferrell in This Line That I Have No Essentially Completely like a Being on the String of a Puppet. You Know He's Got Me like a Marionette Just Jacked Them up and Go Ahead and Well Yeah It's Always Good Listener Is Always Prompt Thoughts about Some of Been Struggling Lately, I've Heard Everybody Talk about This Is I Do A Lot Of Driving from My Job Anything like Him Perpetually in Traffic. It's Always in the Slowest Lineup You No Matter How Much I Try to Get in the Right Lane to Not Be in the Snow Was Lying on the Slowest Link and It's like God's, I Expect God to Part the Red Sea, but Actually He Brings to the Top of Water over on Johnson so I'm Learning That Patients Listen and Assist in Process Probably All Agree. My Christian Card I Hit I Struggle There and My Family Would Tell You That This Is a May Say Christian Card.

But Anyway, If You Really, Once You Get past the Traffic Jam 2 to 3 Minutes Later You Will Make up If You Whatever Speed You're Doing.

You'll Find Yourself Right with the People That You Thought Just Really Got over on You by about Nine Cars All the Same Time. How Could This Happen to Me That My Car Was Way behind Me. You Won't Catch up with Me Because That's One of the Games I Played. I Should Have a Frequent Driver Card That Should We Have More until We Need to Say to Hear on the Masten Journey.

You Can See We All Need to Feel Bad.

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Robbie Have You Sunk to Work with Their They May Consider Pulling My Man Cardigan. We Are Getting a Clip from Mary Poppins but I Have To Set This up. You See I Was in the Car Business and in My Father Was in the Car Business Ahead of Me and so A Lot Of People May Have Thought Robbie You're Working Six Days a Week from Five in the Morning till 11 O'clock at Night Because You Want the Money and It Wasn't Didn't Have Anything to Do with the Money It Had to Do with Partially the Idea of I Have What It Takes That I'm Accomplishing Stuff at Work and Feel like I Can Do Things There As Well As My Dad. It Would Make My Dad Proud. My Dad Was Proud of Me Already, so I Didn't Necessarily Have To Just Seek That Validation but Still Felt Real Good, Because the Further I Went, the More Proud He Was and and and so There Was Well When You Haven't Seen Your Kids except on Vacation and Then All Of A Sudden You Get in the Minivan and You're Headed to Florida on a Distant Roar You Can Yell at the People. After This Was Another Trip Anyway.

Years Ago When Robbie and Tess My Younger My Older Children Were about the Agents Jamie and Jane and Michael Banks and I'm Listening to Mary Poppins Which You Know I Saw the Movie, I'm Old Guy You Know I Saw the Movie When It Came out in the Theater and I'd Seen It Many Many Many Times with My Kids. Now I'm Listening to the Movie. Now This Is before the Movie Came out Saving Mr. Banks As I'm Listening to This Scene I'm Fixed a Plate for You. Less Fluid Music. You Don't Have To Completely, but As I'm Listening to This Music. I Am Realizing That What's Happening Here Is Mary Poppins Is Been Sent by God to Disrupt and Dismantle Mr. Banks's Way of Handling His World Which Had to Do with. He Was after the Success I Don't Think He Was after the Money Was after Having What It Takes and and and Becoming You Know Who He Thought He Should Be in Having a Man of High Position like Is Explained Here by Dick Van Dyke but Listen to.

As You Listen to This Clip Maybe and See What the Whole Idea of Mary Poppins Really Was an Idea of How Do We Save Men from This Particular Type of Serving and How God Actually Did This in My Life. He Sin in the Bible like Mary Poppins Coming in like like This Whole Clip She Stepped into This House Is Cost. She Know What You Did. I Realize It Now Treatments J&J and I Go to the Bank All the Trouble Started Kneeling Just a Man with Only Important Things You Your Man of High Position by and When Your Little Tight so Cryan You Haven't Time, I See Them Right Photo Little Places Smiling on Me. All I Know What You You Got to Grind, Grind Growing Grindstone Though Childhood Slips like Sand to See and All Too Soon.

They Have a Man Grown and and It's Too Late for You Is and Sam That Todd Used To Do the Show with Assumes Trained A Lot in Counseling and Talked A Lot about Disruption and Dismantling and and It's a Way God Comes into Save Us from Serving These Things Would Reminder Eldridge First Flew, Got Annoyed, or Things in Your Life, Disrupting Dismantling Healing and Restoring and Doing A Lot Of Different Things or Sometimes on Some of the Same Thing, but It Always after the Things That He Asked Disrupt Because We Got Our Coyotes in the Wrong Spot, Not As Were Doing It Out Of a Bad Heart Guided Is Kinda Cool and You Got Sense Movie Right to Me and End Uses. James Banks Is Disruption Actually to Awaken and Something in Me to Realize How There Must Be Something to Yen's Mercy. Does That, You Know, I Think We've All Probably at Some Disruption Had Things Out Of Balance Kilter and We Are Blind to. A Lot Of Times, and It Takes the It Takes, and like a Smack of Said and That's a Figurative, but He Does Take What We Are Blind to A Lot Of Times and Has Two Heads to Do Something Drastic Sometimes to Get Our Attention. I Mean, There's a I Won't Was God for Some Time and Just Things That I Was You Don't Know What You Don't Know A Lot Of Times in Just to Bring That to Us. Your Attention Is a Serious Disruption Molly Basal Relationship That His Basically Set Me Free in so Many Different Areas in. I'm Still a Work in Progress, but You're Exactly Right That in His Mercy He Will Find Ways That Only Work for You and and Speak to You to Take to Disrupt Whatever What Is Used.

What Is That That You Were Just Mentioning What Set You Said There Were Some in My Life That That You Are Serving Him. So What's the Story behind That Well I Mean I Guess I Don't Really Know You Said Relationship Was a Relationship Aminos Been Separated for Some Time and I Think That's Where It Is. There Was A Lot Of Stuff Either Orphans.

There Were Things That Wounds in Me That I Hadn't Really Gone Deep in and I Probably Wouldn't Have Done It Unless I Would Have the Disruption in in in in the Relationship. So I Mean It Uses Different Things for Different People. That Was My My Example. So While I Mean Almost like Pulling That so That You Could Find True Intimacy with Him. Yeah, Absolutely. And I Don't Think He Necessarily Did God Doesn't Abide Marriages, but He'll Take Whatever the Enemy You Know Brings about an Use It and I Think Everyone of Us Here Could Give That Thing, Story of What He's Done in Their Life and It Is It's True You Don't You A Lot Of Times You Don't Deal with Things When You're on the Mountaintop.

Everything Is Good. Why Do with Anything, It Has To Be That Valley Type Experience to Get Your Attention in a Disruption. Sam God Works All the Way Think There Are Times That You Know Movie Clip You Are You and I Had That Happen, and Sometimes a Very Obvious Why It Happened on the Other Times I Have To Go Back and Say Why That Reaction. Why Why Why Did That Way It You Know I Spend My Time Letting Come and Help You Unpack That and I and Get What Is Really after, underneath That Disruption That Dismantling Is Really Getting to Healing, Restoring and Putting You Back into a Healthier and I Can Think of Times Where All Of A Sudden I Heard a Song and I Had to Pull over the Side of the Road This Man. I Mean, I Can Check and Let My Words, That's Is That There Are Certain Things That Hit Us at Certain Times and There Are Certain Movies That Always Hit Us in Aiken Centric Certain Things and Never Bothers Me.

All That like Just the Other Night Best Buy Thing Is Ashley Last Night Saving Pvt. Ryan Was on and It Was the End of the Movie and That Scene Where He Comes Back to That Grave and Speaks to Him Just Tell Me. His Wife Comes up. Just Tell Me I Was a Good Man. Tell Me Is That Husband. She's Looking like She Has No Idea of His Story Because He's Probably Never Been Able to Share Something like That with Her and Family and You Can on the outside Everything While If He Was Able to Share All of That and They All Understood What Was Really behind Him Wanting to Be There at That Particular Spot Be at That Grave How Much They Could All Come Together, but As We All Have Our Struggles. It's Hard for Us to Open up and Share Our Wounds and Do Those Kinds of Things and That's What's Great about These Blue Campuses You Have To Do with Your Wounds Yourself and Then after That Then You Start Sharing Them with Others and Then You Start Becoming Closer and More Intimate with God and You Can Move in with Your Band of Brothers May Be in the Family and Other Relationships That Really Start a Big Healing Process on All Gym That Was When Your Favorite All-Time Favorite Clips. I Just Have To Know That I Have Lost It at the Beginning That Movie When They Were in the Graveyard to Begin with and Again at the End Back There and Now That's Way up on My List of Favorite Movies but One of the Things That Really Struck Home and This Was Me Right Now I Am Counseling a Man Who Is Going to a Struggle and Being Attracted to Someone Else, like I Did a Couple of Decades, and Watching and Being Able to Say from a Point of Uganda Really Tear down That Idle You're Putting Her before God and It's Not so Much Putting Her before Your Wife As It Is Your Hurting Your Relationship, Not Just with the People That Are Getting Hurt by This, but Your Hurting Your Relationship with God by Having Something Else before Him, and They Can Be Anything You Can Be a Woman. It Could Be Money and That's the Point of This and I Don't Know If Anybody out There Is Pick It up on This Book Talking about Serving, but How Many Times Have We Slid into Using the Word Worship Is Those Are Very Closely Related and Where to Serve What We Worship.

If You Look at How You Spend Your Time What You're Doing yet, You May Find That God Is the One That You Serve and Worship First.

I Find That Really Amazing That God Put You in That Position for That Man, for Such Time As This.

Having Had the Struggle and in and Come through You Know Anything Molly Would Have Authority That It Will Get Better. I Didn't Feel like It Was Awful That You Do Get through Those Tear down the Analytical Prayer. Just Ask God Come in and Show Disrupt, Help Me to See What I'm Serving and You Said You Don't Know. We Can Help You to Be Happy to Take on It Is Coming November 7 10 Masculine Turning Don't Think We Want to

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