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Word For the Year Revisited

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 19, 2020 12:30 pm

Word For the Year Revisited

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 19, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! At the start of the year the guys all asked God to give them a word to focus on throughout the entire year. The guys revisit the words chosen, and share their thoughts and experiences with their word up to this point. The clips used comes from the film "Mary Poppins," the show "Father Knows Best," and the song "The Happening" by The Supremes. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.


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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network.

This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a great inventor life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey were very glad to have you with this week I got something going on in my throat there very professional thing and refinance us and asking journey had 1/2 hour to get rid of that barely after that Townsend is making that sentence from last week.

If you even on overtime that you go back to Louisville last week's podcast on that noises which is actually clarifying that the topic this week was brought to us from Rodney Rodney you have the topic for the week so he tells about what our topic is well when you will. He walked out last week. You okay guys topic for next week and on my way home I was praying about my ward of the year and it dawned on me.

We haven't done a review as like oh boy's gonna be a fun text to see how are very responsive and semi-said that you guys we haven't done a review on the word of the year and then I sent that out and deftly Robbie immediately jumped all that and then everybody else is waiting for Samson. I forget what your text was okay now is very short. I remember that I was like okay and see if anybody else responds because I like okay up that's right it's confession time is typically most of us other than Robbie don't really spend as much time into our word as we probably would really like to think for some clarity. We all have words we like to use a 2000 must most of our really good to do that.

What were talking about is something that started a few years back Robbie remember when it when Ellen started three years ago maybe three years now. We got it from nano while the heart people who know had this idea of topic that God wanted to deal with you this year and we start asking, usually in December.

What what and where were going in the next year so this really fun for me maintenance and we are. You are deftly excited that I have excited to hear about it. We are going to go through time to do an updated through our word is we actually have each of us have a clip for the most part I think most people have a clip and so chances are will go into the after our show. Maybe in another week will see where God takes this, but this is really his topic and where to talk about our word and so start with a song about a word, Danica. Yeah, it's probably one of Robbie's favorite songs. It really actually that's I highlighted.

I didn't take the clip it was actually Sam and I got it my said it's perfect for the longest word we will use all I said is right for Mary Poppins and they've gone enough out on the merry-go-round into the wonderland and and there they're going to get a lesson from Marianne Bert on using words you describe to me on the contrary, it is felt couple things about that that you it's impossible to be in a bad mood and listen to that song. I will give you that you can't listen to that song and stay in a bad mood because it's something about the so upbeat Mary Poppins. Not my favorite movie that's always pretty cool that the reason I actually like that.

The clip is. It reminded me of regardless of the word God gives you. You make of that doesn't make any sense at all why would you give me that word which lifetimes the way we look at stuff is like really got that's where you gave me right but it always makes sense in on that word when you think about supercalifragilisticexpialidocious right doesn't seem to make any sense once you know the context of it when they played out in song itself, it does is Robbie what you tell us a little bit about your word. I just really think the concept of what they're describing is the fact that often we want to communicate, and we really do not know what to say and this young man that obviously as his father wound is his father's totally tweaking his nose and calling bad right he's gonna bad and you know this is a situation that he's got an opportunity to express himself and he doesn't know what to say. So he needs words and actually needs intimacy and in the cool thing about my word for this year is a hobby in in Hebrew so it is the Hebrew word for love.

It's the. The Mack daddy Hebrew word for love, kinda like you would say agape in Greek, but this one beats that trumps that word from my perspective tremendously because it's in the original language and so when you hear the word hot. Your hearing sounds that literally God himself the father like this is when when Jesus said by father. In other words, this this is what Jesus calls that right and and it's the same word is love and the reason is is because the father expressed like words are an expression is a sound of a sound that I can eight sound, which means the hay in the Hebrew language, which means expression itself. And so we a lot of people have this issue of thinking that God the father's this dissonant player in a piano kind of thing you know there they're looking always for the other shoe to drop. When it comes to the father but here you're learning something very cool within the word itself is this idea of God himself is love expressed but then the second part of the word the Bubba sound and it is now the house or that this is the head of the house expressed and so you think about this concept of house. How many of us long to be home or does Home mean a significant thing to us. And it certainly is a identically significant thing to God because his home is in heaven, but he really wants to hang out with people that love him and that he loves and so is God is taking me on this adventure this year as we studied this word together and began to see why he wanted me to go there with it is. I have had a tendency my entire. I guess life should not have the priority on the home that the word love actually has it. In other words and I think God was trying to show me that Robbie it starts from your home mailing your home with me with Jesus with the Holy Spirit and then it comes out with Tammy and Robbie and Tess, Mariah and Leslie and my home is he out of that place of love. Because what you know we talked about it on that show with Morgan Snyder that this kid that was his dad's funeral ACLJ that sound like a really nice guy. I wish I'd known him well you know God is showing me that out of this this this place of home that we create is the head of our house and as we recruit re-create as fathers ourselves that can I as the father explained they think of for the father did they think of love and when they think of my house like I want to go home and home is a place you know where I want to be and in a good king creates that good kingdom.

And so, as I as I think about Bert and Mary and of their they're telling you that this word is a way to express life and God gave us this very basic like triple whammy were defined all over the book of the song of Solomon, which has everything to do the love to tell us that wow it love is connected to home in a way that I never would've perceived except I've been churning with him on that word all urine sat made it without even finishing the first segment of wind ask a follow-up question. Robbie on that you are really diligent in doing this and so if the people out there that's thinking okay that the whole concept of getting a word from God is foreign, let alone spending an entire year on it right because you know for most of us were microwave mentality they God gave me the word right on the look of the meeting dictionary could go work out. Yeah, let's go have you spend a year and once it really look like digging into something with God for a year and in there enough meat there to last of the whole year. You know, I guess God just helps focus and if it if if you came to see my prayer life every morning.

Are you gotta be kidding me this guy.

My mind is going 40 million different places and all sorts of things and so I discovered that a you start out the year by asking God word you want to go where you want to go and just like you hear your name and other things you you get the sense of that income for me. That's what that's forward on and that's what you want now that I have that I pray the Lord's prayer every morning because it just orients me because my mind wants to go on and be people I'm upset about her semi-gotta do at work, my mines going everywhere but where it ought to be gone, which is home. By the way with God and so I have a note where I've written out the Lord's prayer and at the bottom. I write my word for the year so that I literally them as I begin that my daily prayer. The tribunal's attachment for the morning so I don't really have marked all that together This is a really confused looking guy, but I'm seeing God show me how to ha ha but like you, you note this morning and so often it's almost like it like you jumped off the diving board now where we going and that's how it works in English when you're at basically saying he gradually had a love like you love right and I'm not making fun I'm saying now that I so maybe just didn't hear it right the first time that's really what you're asking in Heber exactly right.

Had I love like you today got in and he takes you there and it's weird how much he unpacks throughout the year and things that he unearths the year like wow you got all that from this word. This is why you wanted to take me out last question for you before going to breakers and try to make it last over the break to make fun of you know the words often dovetail when you get an extra how absolutely and so you need to build upon one to the next to the next. In such a liquid watching continue to unpack and unfold your life. In the meantime, go to masculine register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15 masculine, November 12-15 will be there gotta be there and have great words for you. Lots of words 120 million of them. I don't know but go register now Robbie Gilmore here your mattress get a little thin on top.

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Remember that promo code car guy by the same messenger and am here with my son Eli talked about ways he held his ministry only, is information on website there on how to do that you go to and click the donate button. You can go to masculine and find the masculine If you mail something in malic to PO Box 550, Kernersville, NC 2728 sales if it feels like everything is fine. We can listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like these to illustrate story, God is telling in the lives of his gun designed to fight which fights to weeping. Grab your gear and come in every Saturday to continue to listen to also put me in a good mood again like super California you brought that you brought both of those I did actually. Once Robbie was for me because I'm thinking about were talking about word. What better bump in the word up yet. What is the word say it's a word up to God and back down to you know it's it's it's great 1986 is when that was out. It was a time in rock 'n' roll. When the music started really going downhill yeah this on a rock 'n' roll that is R&B and funk and it was not technically Rocky's daily to do something about the same area you dropped about coming back to the word word upward and come back to the word talking about the words we got at the first of the year from God and what we've done or not done with them. Over that time and so Robbie would first is he is the most diligent out of the group of hanging in there and doing what he's committed to do and he brought it to us and he did it before we ever did it and we saw the fruit that it had in his life and were excited about trying to get that same for any twist term a little bit out now that it has been watching him get the fruit out of the word teacher makes you hungry, so I want to know it would gradually wanting to do for me. So Robbie, do you want talk about your word.

First, did you want to play your clip first probably go to the clip, but I'll let Jim get his will, and he wants to get in our invited Ronnie.

This is his show, so he gets to decide. One thing Sam asked Robbie before was. Can you spend that much time on the word and 1/2 is one not just the year.

That's a lifetime and it reminded me of when I first did this.

I also chose a life word and it is the other Hebrew word tested, which is a you usually see loving kindness and often you will see God's love expressed that way as well and we don't have the English word love hardly touches. So if you can get hold of one of those and live it. It's good for a lifetime and we water down the word love.

I love this TV show.

I love chips and I love it is that I screamed I love ice cream. You know what you looking at me and how they I love all things right, but no doubt the title of her document think Jim is very good Rodney cheer word you want to do the clip had it up and there's nothing to set up on planet sets itself up with is probably whole generation that's never heard that it was a ceremony are more mature audience will recognize it but then after that I can explain it okay will go and put this before he went to be a doctor. He was Marcus Welby for the next generation people. I think there's a bunch of characters in that show that became a lot of different other characters in but the father knows best thing I wasn't show a long time ago in my youth and it was just something that fits very well with my theme and my word for the year which is father which fits very well with what Robbie was just talking about as well because the path that I've been on is been very interesting.

So it starts off with an admin. Jim and I both had the same thing we came to the show that night and site overdoing our word of the year and were both was like oh we didn't really get that from the text in the emails that that's what the show was about. So we went off to separate rooms and thought with our global order. So God graciously gave a sword quickly and mine was father, and then so my first thing after the show was like okay so now that you can believe his word father. What's that all about.

In the first thing he did was said is my last year's word was overcome or he's like we'll never be in overcome her without a father and I need to father YouTube to help you to be overcome her and that's what IQ said that the connection of the words is just so in my second year doing a word of year and it was just interesting that yet.

Immediately there's a connection so I'm actually so super excited about what's coming up in the futuristic okay how may more connections were going to have, how my going to see them housing a revealing to me so you talk about how you live in a word for the year just dislike the Bible. Did you read any part of the Bible references refer to some the other segments and portions of the Bible and you learn and you learn and you learn and you learn and when you have a hunger and thirst for God and his word and learning about that.

There's there's not an end to that. So glad that in Freda that comment.

So my word was father and immediately he only ties in on one of father. You basically will were my mind goes soon after it was all about me because I do have to let all or millions of listeners know that a I am a dad, father, husband, and I do know best yet so now my family may not agree with that but I'm trying to convince him broken hearted that I can by saying reading. Then there's a TV show about me you name yeah so where is God taking you so far from January to so we started off with no behaviors.

The connection and then it went to me, trying to make it about me.

I try to make it okay so will I need to do what I need to learn how my Debbie about the father, husband, and all this kind of stuff and it was within the young to three months, he had completely reversed and said no it's about me as father to you in the way that you're going to ever learn to be a good father be in overcome or be you need to be is I need to be in his well just like and I've been spending a lot of time. This whole year in John or do expositional teaching. It church and Ranjan and dislike the sermon this past weekend was wonderful because it was too versus I love the ones that are of verse or two and that's all there is any disco so deep into Scripture and you just dive all around the Bible meeting in deep debt.

You can draw something so small and the note and again Jesus is always saying I'm here to do the father's will. So is not about selfish is not about me it's gotta be about as well so my number one prayer all year has been. Father me just just simple just Lord.

Father me and when I'm in a good place.

I try to do it because that's where that's when I usually drift off to my own meal arena. I going to take off I go my own direction, but very often what I do. My heavy praying all my word and trying to figure okay Lord, what you have for me is after I just screwed something up after some just went back and that's what triggers you should've done this before and before you got in this situation before he went into the conversation with your daughter, your son, your wife, your boss with whatever's going on, and psyche maybe should've went in for so throughout the year. I have gotten better. Okay God what he what you have for me in this, there's been things at work that were I thought all this be a perfect opportunity for me to date dive into something new.

If they were promotion opportunities available but they were like it's it's already decided before even got posted 10 and things outside.

Okay, those things are happening are not going there and I'm comfortable cool with that because I might God, whatever you have for me. I'm just not anxious about things and this is the year of anxiety. I mean Cove. In all the riots and everything else going on. I'm not that worried.

The other apocalyptic things men talked about. This is, I just got this ease it.

Okay, God, you got it Violet, you got me. I'm here to be your son and that's my identity is on your son I'm just happy in that skin and I'm just comfortable with that and that's where he's been building that in me all year and it's been a fun ride think you get a few minutes left on the full beautiful story in the segment with not will come back to it afterwards. But until you click first.

Do you want talk about your first political it will go the clip. It's a short pump so we should really get into the silver arrow tells about the happening that was you would have right this was a new thing for me. Robbie course was the leader in the word of the year, etc., and toward the end of last year's like Lord Otto I don't want to be the only guy in the group the Neville word.

I don't really know how this works but help me out here so for several days and is not okay God, we know what was my word. I need a word. And finally it you know like happening I thought home, where he said for me to have four year and while that was before and talk about happening.

I'm 79 years old and this year's different than anything I've ever experienced. But I have to fess up and be truthful and say that I really have not followed like I guess I will last part of this. You really haven't visited my word of just been like everybody else astounded at what's going on in the covert thing is one thing but what bothers me more than that is the direction that our country is going in from a moral standpoint, don't I don't understand how you can just file murdering babies and calling it not murder, and everything in other things that are changing and are our country and the stamp on the low man like me, not for the better, grew up and what my wife and I refer to as the best of times. We grew up in the 50s, a lot of people would say well. This got to him and set the 17 BC was present at was our president in the 50s were a great time to grow wheat we didn't have the moral dilemmas in place. Since the lease not informed world under so my word was happening in wasted things could be happening differently go to masculine register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15 and go down the podcast we talk about the after hours and the rest of this topic. This is the Truth Network

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