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Boot Camp Activities After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 12, 2022 12:35 pm

Boot Camp Activities After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 12, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the Covenant of silence continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "An Interview with God,"The Karate Kid," and "Braveheart."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris shoes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast distorting a just a few seconds.

So enjoy it.

Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network time to be more transparent, so sit back and masculine start masculine journey after hours talking this week about prepping for boot camp and will get into the topic a little bit down the road, but just wanted open the show. But you know where entrenchment could protect the were talking to one another talking all day to bind his mighty sale kinds of stuff but now were glad to have you with us. We are getting ready for boot camp. We been talking little bit about just talking with the God more at boot camp, but I'll let Sam set that up a little bit more like you said earlier, on the other show Robbie submitted the topic and conveniently when out of town so were trying to mop up for now.

They were talking about that document about God – God probably is talking three syllable words could get that through talking about the violent crimes primarily older people, in regards to the can end of the epic camp.

He tends to utilize the government found time to come after our heart story.

We share of the work that he shared with us and talk through today. I think the biggest thing from so much that happens, the community talks and how God touches our hearts but when it's all said and done that.

The communication connection with God is really what that was there for you know that is the purpose and a hearing talk and ended in distant be in a position where you got somebody who believes that people like-minded people around you that believe you can hear from God and can assist so hopefully open up the position you and that it's God the talks were just trying to give you an avenue to hear them. And so Jim and she set up that the first clip this clip is from a movie called conversations with God and it is a injured psychologically.physically fella came back from war episode that sort of losing his faith and he gets an invitation from God to interviewing and he doesn't believe it but this is their first get together and this is a reporter talking to God how I exist outside of her allies created income from I think this interview will be more productive. Don't waste time on questions to which you already know all people. Now why my answer is the nature of God were on around you that we struggle here on that and you all the questions and all the answers that make you feel uncomfortable that a divine perspective is not required to see this from my point of view this is not an easy process questions and only ends his conversation. No one likes a know it all.

You said you said my money is studies and range Harold and their online waiting to ask for proof that God is listening.

This is here answering banter between him and God appeals to me because it often have tried happens, conversations with God. Every once in a while there entertained, but it is usually he speaking to me when I'm not expecting it.

Wonderful things about the covenants of silences. That's when I'm going out seeking him to hear from them, and most often when I do that it's reading the Bible, but I've had some unique experiences with covenants of silence. What I shared a couple weeks ago and that was in it literally in a closet at the boot camp in Colorado when God pointed out to me in a very short comment and say why are you angry with us that I was struggling with the death of my father from six years earlier and I will. I immediately knew that was God and it was out of left field, because if you'd asked me out was that I'm not angry with God, but that was leaving experience. The ones that have been more common is when we've had the new name in my first new name was sort like Robbie's experiencing set outcome on been called that most of much of my life and that was gentle giant, so I pushed it away initially and then we talked about it. Did sit home with me and I actually still have a lot of. A few people know it. I guess I buy doesn't help that right but it's someone that I am still called fairly common lady comfortable with that and I had one bit that when I sort of expected because it was something had heard that the most recent wealth, not the most recent, but one of the more recent ones like us that he's talks to me, then I wasn't looking for an answer. I was outside and it was chilly. This was one of our late fall ones, and I was ready to go get the rat because that was the last talk of the night and have love astronomy and I was looking different things in identifying and mouse mainly global constellations and I looked at the mount move and then I just did my brain again. Had heard anything from God.

I said I guess it's waxing gibbous and immediately God said that's it. And again.

I, now that's not it, but I've been struggling at that time with getting older and feeling less useful in life and at finally get a little okay I'm a look it up if that's waning get you this.

I know that's all my head, but if it's waxing that did sound like God and it was an that had an impact on my life. He only speaks to us, not with where necessarily wanting Tim to speak to us. He will when we need it and that's been my experience cool. Did that take up the whole have never heard anybody get any get a name like that before, but that's awesome sure what waxing on yes I'm pretty sure that was what we had in our relaxing off what we get to the Robbie's Rodney's clip.

Second, that no I think that's that's cool though because we talked about this earlier about half God speaks to us uniquely and Jim being the Dick dictionary and encyclopedia reader that he is very appropriate for him to get that if I go to got Matt that what is that knowledge probably from the enemy is. I don't know what it is that hello would relate but coming. It's just it's just God being God. I think we all are unique. He speaks this individually. He knew he knows I how I created us in the nose. Havoc and the creation is going to receive certain words he knows your conscience. He created it so he knows how to come in and make sure he provokes something in you that is unique from him since were talking about waxing on will let you set up your clip and give it its karate kids, whereby knows wax on wax off Sandy for the floor. I was went to bed last night. Still hadn't figured out okay Lord, how do we talk What clips I do and you know that's it's a superb example of you talking to God for me. How kind and only happens is just a conversational kind of thing rounds like I'm praying and kind of just talking out loud and try to get my thoughts together and not knowing nowhere, I want to go on like I have nothing for the show. I really don't know how you and I communicate. Lord I know is I will think about it know Mike okay well we just like we are right now just kind of talking just kind of thinking through things in the often this helps me to clarify things that need to be clarified and instead of you know being authoritative or have anything specific.

It's just kind of intimacy. But then he starts rhyming while. What about all those times when you had no idea about what you are, what we were doing and then later on you like oh I learned years later, or months later. Days later, something that was before that I can remember back to something that I was thinking and we were.

I was working through and now I'm getting answers later on site. It with God. It's, like, for me it's in hindsight I don't always know it at the time, but then later on I can see is working small things he does for me is just reminds me of things during the day that I'm psyched on loss, but I'm thinking about our ill put summary on my heart and Michael yes I need to pray things like that that I just really give a lot of thanks for because it's who. Thank you Lord for all the small things, but the karate kid clip is where Miyagi has been having Daniel Sandhu all the chores and Daniel son things okay I'm wasting my time here I'm cutting out. I'm done doing all your know you work and so me. I guess to stop him and telling know you really are learning something silly goes through your hair a bunch a yelling elite. What he's doing. She's teaching and that all these moves I've done with your hands and stuff are now muscle memory for you to be able to defend yourself in the ill go through that again. At the end of the clip that you first get Daniel son rejecting him and then when he walks away after this he site walking away doing things with his hands at home and I've learned something I actually know some karate without ever even be in talk right in his mind it to any of thinking and not everything is as seen on setting the fraud does not draw executives kind of send us show me lacks a wax on wax down the length on a axon axon insight axon axon axon self selling stuff saw me paint the fence down and up site.

I always say site goodies.

So me lacks on site.

I and a part of that.

Always look. I always look at me. Always keep your eyes on Jesus, right, Peter.

That's what we need to deal run upon the water so I've been reading segment is recently did so this is kind of popped out when I was thinking about this clip and how we get talks to me and as I cool. I went back and found it so was second Corinthians 4, and 16 through 18.

Therefore, we do not lose heart. But through the router man is decayed though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being removed day by day for momentarily light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond comparison. While we look at things which are seen, but at the thing at the think we look not at the things that are seen but but at the things that are not seen for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal things like that just to help me to perspective give things with God because if I don't I'm thinking here now today I want to now and I am in the world, and I got to get out of the world to get into it, turn hourly and when I can do that things are much better that okay I'm not going to get everything I want need today. I love this clip just as his only different things weren't even like there so everyone slough you gotta get like Windows shall incite okay got scream at me. Everyone slough to get my attention with things right insight. It will happen because I needed I need to be shaken up and just going through everything with him heal focusing on Jesus because it's so hard to be obedient and faithful and trusting when the reward is coming and it's far off you can't see it, you know. And that's right said that it months and I think that's why they call it faith. Rodney yes that is a stuff like that you used a microwave remote control. Very much so. And it's just just great to be able to sit back and let things work out in his eternal mindset of mine that that looks cool is what gives Kevin on that. That was my daily reading today I'm in second Corinthians thing that's cool.

My legs, you said about time hit me I heard this once and it really helps me get more of an eternal perspective versus the temporal where were looking at the big picture instead of little picture and it was cute little saying been repeated often and often see people have the lightbulb go on. It's when we get to eternity look back on our lifetime matter what it was 10 years or hundred years it's gonna be like one bad night in a cheap motel and if we can remember that this is the beginning of our lives and our lives are going to go on eternally then allow the little stuff that get status in life is gonna go away. And God does want to be silent at times so we can show our faith. So when you're not hearing from me. It's not the time to freak out. It's a time that he's trusting you to go forward with what he last told you I think there's a saying that you can have a relationship with God you can understand what's going on gabba. Another way to put it is in this come from the wild heart team that they say this quite often. Some European philosopher, basically. That said, we have to live life forward but understand it back. I think that's what you are about is but that even in that whenever you talk about people hearing from God. You know we talk about Elijah in the in the cave or whatever and the storm came by the wind blowing all God came in the still small voice and sometimes with all the noise in this world. It's hard to trust that voice but as you follow that voice and you hear more and more it leads you down the debt, then you can look back and say yeah I was following the right voice and is tough sometimes to remember that God does speak, I had to let Rodney that he does speak to me and and that Clint reminded me of a story to karate when I was like 12 and the six week class and in my mind after six weeks I was go take Bruce please place I was being that good and when it didn't happen. It was so disappointing and that year. That is the mentality that discipline working through something and very rarely does anything worth having especially spiritually come without discipline and and heartache absolutely calls. I don't understand what's going on. In addition, it happened two days ago. James talked about the trying of our faith in you know that that show people if they don't get what they want, they move on will and that's not what God is about necessarily you can't be more than overcome, or if you never ever get exactly exactly exactly Scripture that I looked at was we talk about this and have read this a lot and I do south of the night. Click cool John 1027 my sheep hear my voice that part and I know them and they follow me.

I know the MX something I didn't really pick up on.

I know them how to speak to him is what we were talking about earlier. He knows I communicate with us as an individual but that was cool and like with the cheaper dome and one of things that I won't when I know I've heard from God is when I've heard the same thing thing three or four benefits and confirmed that he will keep repeating it until I get Sure that we do sometimes make assumptions that write about that God didn't answer me so that he's not listening fame got anything on that now.

I let it run a member of the oldest same name on it there. Then I guess surprise attack.

Don't you have another idea to get ideas and get ready to get to this want to make sure you didn't have anything on that but that my click comes from Braveheart, try to do this without telling you clip because I'm bad about giving too much information. Rodney give you a run for your money on that. I am he did get I think so painting any but I use Braveheart last week Braveheart to me is you know is the Boot Camp movie that there was one to distill boot camp. It was, it is a Braveheart, but this is on this honest really the focus is on the phone. The son loses dad in battle he has is uncle.

It's kind of eerie weird guy got coming into take a moat, taking with him and and his guardian, but there's something really important happens. The wing has a dream we mollusks in Braveheart has a dream and his father says something to that. A dream and it kind of is the essence of his life. After that, play it and talk about you, meet one in front of the priest. Give prolific addiction, lubricity, and keep the submission of the remedy this, because he's like dishing to lift up his pace to see the courage to follow in select click to me. It took me a while he became. I think probably the most dynamic time I heard got from God in a big campus.

When I got my name that is that I had an identity from that.

And God given to me in a sense that it was the father that then had given me my name and then I just really started feeling the impression of the father come in after me and healing someone's you know orphans. That guy got from my dad disappear in a critical part of my life in my adolescence and and we had a guy that that was part of the ministry.

The did an excellent talk on censorship. Todd Clark and he and I had always heard that just the accumulation of things and part of the series of things you go through as you go through the this process of the masculine journey I got to the point where I really wanted to know the father and in it was out of his boot camp. I don't know if there was at and its single thing that I heard of the boot camp. It was the comp compilation of an heard this message over and over, but I really begin to realize that I needed to lean into it.

In a sense, the father leading me into it and I've told about travels that I had where I just like I felt like God the father and he and I went on an adventure together. This umbilical times and that but there's so much stuff that I have learned from that. That is, allowed me to step in.

Just like I get the Council I would from an earthly father.

I feel like I am really getting that from God himself.

But it all goes back to hearing from the minute boot camp again talks are greatly set things up, but then it's those times out in the woods and then going forward. After that, it's nice sometimes when you're listening to a talk that there's a prompt and there but yet you're onto the next thing is like okay yes something in a note.

Then you go out you get to read over your notes a little bit as to what you took because it's nice sometimes is not just what they say but what it means to you. Yeah you heard and scan their view of their base notebook that I have something little bit different down for right what happened and always loved to have the scriptures down to send that something that's a nice pump to go out and redo the Scriptures that were present and then go back and look at them in full and get some context to go before and after them, things of that nature.

God will use that and the next thing you know you have net conversational intimacy again where you're talking with God in your oh. This worms house to go out you you wanted to go one place. Jim says it perfectly. In one of our own promos.

Now I wanted one thing God wanted another in he was right now I need. That's where should go and it is nice when you can have that in you can share if you want to share with your brothers or hear what others are sharing their time in its really great time to commune with God, come here from God, let him be your father come to our next campus March 31 through April 3. Would love to have you there masculine things. It's been a true joy to me is having my sons there with me to boot camps and watching them get an understanding that I wish I would had a very several years and I'm still we go to watching them get a good foothold in the manhood and understanding what's important what their role is and how to stay away masculine journey.

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