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Why Such A Brazin Attack On Life?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 25, 2024 5:32 pm

Why Such A Brazin Attack On Life?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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Hey, this is Jim Graham from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explore relationship instead of religion every week. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is kind of a great thing, and I'll tell you why. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together.

Speak your mind. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. Well, today's question is why, really, why such a brazen attack on life, right?

And why do elections matter so tremendously? And I don't know if you've given this much thought, but I would love, love, love to hear your thoughts on this issue. This is a live show, and we love your calls and your thoughts and actually your prayers on this matter. By all means, a number to call in and share your thoughts on why you think there's such a brazen attack on life right now for such a time as this in the middle of election season and all that's going on.

866, the number to call in, 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. And I have with me, actually, what has become a good friend, we've been working on this. I hadn't even thought about it. I'm guessing for about 15 years I've been involved with you guys, Steve Whitten, who is often connected to 40 Days to Life. But you've really been on this battle for like 30 years, right, Steve? Well, longer, since 1974. Oh, excuse me, 50 years.

Yeah, my first, yeah, I'm an old guy now. One of my earliest memories after Roe v. Wade was meeting a gentleman who was so shocked by it becoming legal that he really was the first person I ever knew who made an attempt to talk to pregnant women who wanted to end the baby's life. And talk them out of it. And he was pretty good at it. And he had quite some stories, including one woman who was actually on the gurney, being wheeled down the hall, and he stopped her.

He was able to stop her. And he was so dedicated to all this that he went on to build and start a home for unwed mothers. And that's what they called it then.

But he said, you know, if we're going to save babies, we want to help the mother, and that was one way to do it. And so ever since one form or another, I was in college. I wrote papers on it. I gave a speech in speech class one time because the professor wanted a speech where the topic was profound.

And I didn't get, I don't know if I'd have the guts today, frankly, at college, but I did then. And then it just went on to other things. And here where I live now, 40 days for life since, well, we were trying to guess what year it came here, and you're thinking 2008. So right around then, Ravi, twice a year, 40 days for life we pray outside of the abortion clinic at Planned Parenthood.

And we attempt to talk to women and offer them true hope, you know, a real alternative. Yeah, the thing, you know, I got involved shortly after I came full-time with Truth Network. I started The Christian Car Guy Show in 2006.

But Ravi's hobby is it used to be called star in 2008. And almost immediately, I got involved with those folks in Raleigh with 40 days for life. And was just, I don't know, God just put it on my heart that this is something that really, really matters. And interestingly, I found that out even stronger when I was asked to do 100 interviews over a weekend at the Association for Christian Counselors annual convention, which was in Nashville that year. And so I ended up interviewing all these different ministries that were mostly counselors. And I could not believe the number of counselors that were involved with post-abortion counseling. And as I began those interviews, every single counselor that I interviewed, and I probably interviewed half the people there were associated with that, every single one of them had had an abortion. And that was part of the reason that they were gifted to be able to comfort others with the comfort that God had given them. It is an amazing thing when you discover, as I did some time ago, just how many women in the pro-life movement have had abortions, right?

And you say, well, how can this be? Well, it goes to the fact that most of them regret it. And they feel they got to do something about it. They want to spare other women from having it. It's a very dehumanizing, intrusive sort of procedure, of course.

And it has long-lasting effects, which is why all these counselors you were meeting were in business. And you may have heard it said that you're as sick as your secrets, right? And unfortunately, this is one that nobody's just going to come out and tell all their friends, you know, that I committed abortion on my own child, and a very, very, very difficult private thing.

But it wreaks havoc in their lives until it does come out. And actually, while I was there at that conference, Steve, I was interviewing this counselor, and I just simply asked the question, like, you know, why is this issue so important in your life personally? And her husband was sitting right there, and we're on the air live, and she says, well, I've never told anybody this. I'm like, oh, wow, you're going to share this intimate of a situation. And then she went on to explain the traumatic thing she'd been through. And I watched her husband literally melt as she was telling me, because he didn't even know it, right?

But he had such grace for her. And you could see Jesus literally come in as his secret came out and see the healing. But of course, all this could be, all of it's unnecessary if we could get this kind of information in people's hands while they're in the throes of making this decision, which is why 40 Days for Life is so critical. Right, exactly.

Because the so-called counselors at a Planned Parenthood or other abortion facility simply do not share with the prospective client the long-term effects. They just don't. They don't tell you that many women, for example, will never forget the date and will remember it like it's an anniversary. But like in the same way that they remember their wedding or their child's birthday or some such thing, you see. But you know, you're bringing up something very interesting. You're saying the person was very private about it, and you don't go around blabbing about it and stuff like that. But to your topic about life, we have such a difference going on in our country today.

And the other side, let's say, likes now to brag about their abortions and be very public about it. Right. Well, we got to go to a break, but we want you to call in and share.

We got Bussman coming from Ohio. He's the one in on this. How about you? 866-348-7884. Why such an abrasion attack on life? Call now, 866-334-TRUTH. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Truth Talk Live today.

Why such a brazen attack on life? And clearly, right here in the middle of election, right before we went to a break, Steve, you were talking about, wow, you know, the culture has changed. And what once was a taboo subject nobody talked about in some of these marches for the other side. They call them women's marches.

Women's marches. And there's a whole lot of rhetoric going on as, again, this is by no means is the fight over. And so this idea of 40 days for life starts 40 days before the Sunday before the election. So, you know, what a cool thing to actually take part in that prayer. That's right.

And what a cool thing to take part. Again, you're praying is the main function of 40 days for life. That's right. A lot of people, the moment they hear me ask her, they think about 40 days for life. They think protest.

And then they think about jumping up and down and hollering at people and bullhorns and whatnot. And I'm not going to deny that such things have been in the past. But never 40 days for life.

Never. 40 days for life has very strict rules that you agree to. Very peaceful. And it's a prayer visual. Now, if you're able to get someone's attention and a woman comes over to talk to you and she says, yeah, I'm headed to Planned Parenthood, well, then you have a wonderful opportunity. But it's a prayer vigil. And just being out there, OK, we have we know for a fact that just a handful of people being by the abortion clinic, the no show factor in that clinic that very day goes up.

And now you can't tell, of course, if a woman just reschedules. But it is an amazing thing just seeing people out there with signs that say parade and abortion or the sign may say, I love this one. You don't have to do this today. It's very true. You don't have to do this today. And other signs say we can help and stuff like that.

And most of these people are able to direct someone to a pregnancy care center where they can have real help, get real help. So yeah, the next 40 days for life. It's actually twice a year, not just once.

And it's coming up in September and it runs until the Sunday before Election Day there in November. Right. And of course, one of the huge, huge, huge success stories was Abby Johnson. And you know that what was I'm trying to get the name of her movie unplanned, unplanned.

I mean, it's just unbelievably powerful how she was the director of the abortion clinic there in Texas and had two abortions herself and then turned on it and just as a result of prayer and those kind of things. So we've got Buskman is in Ohio. We need your call, 866-348-7884, the number to call in and share Buskman, you're on Truth Talk Live. Thanks, Brother Robbie. This is a very, I don't have any dad jokes today. This is a serious topic, brother, that I want, I mean, I love my dad jokes. You know that, brother.

I do. Hello, Steve. Hi.

Steve, thank you so much for representing 40 days. Here in Ohio, Brother Robbie, we had issue one get passed in our state that altered our backbone of our legislative system, which is our Ohio Constitution. And now it is legal to abort your baby as the backbone of the state of Ohio. And it really, it was a devastating blow to Christians. And I want to say a shout out.

I have to call spades spades, Robbie. The Catholic folks hit it out of the park. They really went full board to stop issue one in the state of Ohio. And I have to say thumbs down to the Protestants, because they did not go to bat like the dear Catholics did, leading all the way up to the Ohio vote last November. So hat tipped, Catholics frown upon Protestants.

And I did field work to be able to say that, my brother. Just to jump in for a second, is that Steve's a Protestant, and I've dealt with a 40 days life for people, like I said, for 15 years. And believe me when I tell you, they're as excited about you coming into that prayer vigil as you could possibly imagine.

They don't, they welcome with open arms. They welcomed me as a Protestant, and I was an observant Protestant. Obviously I wasn't signing as the archbishop from Cincinnati. I attended a rally, I stopped the no rally, or stopped the yes rally in a local area here close to where I live in Ohio, in the Dayton area. And they brought up the archbishop from Cincinnati, and he did a wonderful, wonderful homily to anyone who showed up at this rally to get people to vote no. And one thing that I do remember seeing, guys, was this big blue sign that said this, voting yes on issue one is a mortal sin. They literally put that at this rally.

And now obviously being a Protestant, I have different theological beliefs than the Catholics. But here's what I also wanted to bring out, two organizations, and sanctuary cities for the, sanctuary cities for the I hope all truth talk live from coast to coast looks at both of those websites because they are close to coast no matter what state you live in of the 50. So I want to make a shout out to the fathers like myself, brother Robbie, who killed their child in their past and found peace and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. And let me end the conversation with this and I'll listen to the rest of you two on the air.

I love this program. 2 Samuel chapter 12 verse 23, thus saith the Lord our forgiving father when we follow the path of his son, the Lord Jesus Christ. But now that he is dead, this is David talking after the baby died between him and Bathsheba. He conceived that baby in sin as we know from our Bibles. But now that he is dead, talking about the baby, David's talking, why should I fast? Because David was trying to fast his way to get the baby, to get God to allow the baby to live. Because David knew his sin was what was causing this little tiny baby to die.

He was only eight days old. And you can read about this in 2 Samuel chapter 12, truth talk live. But now that he is dead, why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me. One of the books that brought me peace in my, I was a mess until a Christian ministered to me at work. He brought me the scripture and then God brought me to a book by the late, great Jack Hayford called I Will Hold You in Heaven.

The book is called I Will Hold You in Heaven by Pastor Jack Hayford, H-A-Y-F-O-R-D. And that book, that little tiny booklet, was based on the very passage of the word of God that I just shared with you. Darrell Bock Yeah, and, Buss, when you bring up this wonderful point that I don't think the other side wants to hear, that it's one person's baby, one dad, one mother, all those things, how about you? We need your comment, 866-348-7884.

We'll be right back. Announcer You're listening to the Truth Network and Darrell Bock Welcome back to Truth Talk Live! Today's topic, we're talking about why such a brazen attack on life, especially during this particular election season, but before we get back to that, we've got a whole lot coming up. We've got another caller. We've got Steve wants to talk about some things that Bussman brought up in his heart.

But before we get to that, it's all right. We've got Salim, because we've got to really, if you happen to be in the North Carolina area this particular Saturday, I have one of my favorite events I ever get to do all year long. It's called the Middle Eastern Christian Festival. It's coming up in Clemens, North Carolina, this year at the Bible Church of Clemens, and I've got Salim, Andreas, with me. Salim, it's going to be fun out there Saturday. Salim Oh, for sure.

We are gearing up for two days of fun and fellowship together. Darrell Bock And food, let me just say. Salim Oh, yes, trust me.

Darrell Bock Because they have these, my personal favorite always, they look like a elongated meatball, but it's, what is that called? Salim They're called kofta. Darrell Bock Kofta, oh my goodness, and they have, of course, the pita bread, and they have the kebabs, and they have the, you know, in other words, come hungry, because you're going to smell this from about two miles away when you begin to, you know, all the— Salim And the falafel, don't forget the falafel.

Darrell Bock And the khamas, right? Salim Yes, and the hummus, yes. Darrell Bock And, of course, if you're in desserts, there might be a little baklava around, as I recall, and numbers of sweets, but that's, actually, the sweetest part of it is getting to meet and understand the Christian face of the Middle East. When we think of Iran, when we think of Iraq, when we think of Egypt or Jordan, you know, I have images of that, but when you see these big smiling faces coming to give you a hug, it's amazing, isn't it, especially all the different culture tents you guys got. Salim Yes, in our festival, in this Middle Eastern Christian festival, you will see people from many different countries, from the Middle East and North Africa, and around the world, actually. Many people come and join us also, and we will have these cultural tents where people and visitors and guests can learn some more about the countries that we represent at this church. Yes.

Darrell Bock Absolutely beautiful. And then, again, another one of my favorites, always, that I'm going to take part in, you know, if you go to a lot of festivals like this for the Greeks and that kind of thing, you can watch them dance, but this is the only one I'm familiar with, where you join in the dance. Like, the line dance is like, you're going to be kicking up your heels if you want to have some fun, right? Salim? Salim Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. There'll be a lot of fun and opportunities for people to join the line dance, Middle Eastern traditional line dance, where hand in hand and move in circles and enjoy the music. Darrell Bock Really, it's such an event, and, you know, it's a neat thing, like, you're sitting out there, it's coming this Saturday, by the way. It starts at 10 o'clock, it goes on to, what, six on Saturday, and Sunday you'll actually be worshiping out there, too, right? Salim Well, both days we start at 10, but on Sunday we will have worship at 10, under the tent, outside, and we'd like to invite people to come and worship with us. It will be both English and Arabic worship, and the message will be in English only, okay?

So and then the festival will start right after the worship around 11, 11 30. Darrell Bock Right, and again, it's a really neat thing for your whole family, because again, they have a picture that the media paints of what an Iraqi person is, or what somebody from Jordan might be like. There's the Christian face of the Middle East, where these people are brothers and love each other, and peace and love are an amazing part of it, but there's also so many things you have for the kids. You've got face painting, you've got bouncy castles, all sorts of stuff, right, Salim? Salim Yes, the festival is very kids and children friendly.

We have bouncing inflatables, and we have face painting and many different games for the kids, where they could enjoy with their parents, also two, three hours of fun in food and culture. Darrell Bock Yeah, because I still treasure, actually, the pictures of my granddaughter all dressed up in her traditional Egyptian wear, it looks like, as I recall. They had one tent where you can put on the headdress and all that kind of thing, get your picture taken on, looks like a saddle that would be on a camel, you know, it was like that.

It's just, you know, what a neat thing to come enjoy again. As I recall, there's no fee to get in, you just pay for the food, that kind of thing, am I right? Salim Yes, sir, you can, yeah, there's nothing but, you don't pay for anything except the food if you choose to eat with us, and actually the money goes just to pay some for the cost, or part of the cost of the festival.

Darrell Bock But I would love to see anybody possibly get through it without eating, because by the time you smell these kabobs, I can't even imagine. So the good news, but the food's not terrible, it's a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful way to come. And actually, I was inviting several people just this morning, Salim, and they're all doing things on Saturday, I said, you got to come out, you got to come out and join a Saturday, because it's going to be so much fun. Salim And some day, but Robbie, the main thing, you know, we want to promote is the peace of God, and a world that is full of divisions and pride, and we are able to come into intimate fellowship through the perfect redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

And you see people that hate each other, and in the Middle East, here we live in peace together and in harmony, why? Because Jesus is our Lord, and the peace of God is in our heart. And I'd like to invite people to come and join us, join the fellowship, join the celebration, where we celebrate our faith and celebrate also with the community that we are in. Darrell Bock And I would, again, just offer my invitation, because I will be out there live broadcasting from 10 until 12 on Saturday morning, and I'll probably hang around for another couple hours as I enjoy the food and the fellowship and all this stuff myself.

But anyway, I would personally love to meet you. If you feel like coming out to the Clemens Bible Church, it's on Wicker, no, it's on – Salim No, on Harper Road, 570. Darrell Bock Harper Road. Salim No, let me let me mention what we used to be called a friendly Arabic church. And we chose to change the name of the church when we moved to Clemens from Kernisville to Clemens on 2570 Harper Road, because we wanted the name of the church to reflect the biblical foundation of our faith, which is the Bible, Bible Church of Clemens, and take away anything that divides us. The word Arabic does not describe us anymore, because our church, I mean, consists of many different nationalities and languages. And that's why we changed it from friendly Arabic church to the Bible Church of Clemens on 2570 Harper Road in Clemens, North Carolina. Come join us.

Come join us Saturday and Sunday. So grateful you had time to call in today, Salim, looking forward to seeing you on – Salim Thank you. Darrell Thank you. Salim Thank you, Rob. Darrell Okay, thank you. God bless. Salim Thank you. Bye-bye.

Darrell Bye-bye. So getting back to our topic, right? Why such a brazen attack on life? You had a few things you wanted to mention, Steve, about Busman's call. Steve Well, our brother in Ohio brought up some interesting things, and I'm sorry to even think that there's some kind of wedge when it comes to this topic between Catholics and Protestants.

It's simply where I am doesn't exist. We've got to work together on these things, and yeah, they put us to shame when I say us Protestants regarding their stance on life and what they do about it. But I have to tell you, they're having some problems too as far as getting people to come to things like 40 Days for Life. You know, you'd think there's enough Catholics around here that you'd think there'd be 10, 20 people out there 12 hours a day, but they're not. And same with the Protestants. But in the Protestant church, what the brother was pointing out, if his reporting is accurate, and I'll be blunt about it, basically the Protestant church, the evangelical church, whatever you want to call it in Ohio, didn't do anything to say, look, this is a bad thing that's coming. They just get so scared about politics, like it's awful, like it's terrible, like we've got to avoid it. And when you do that, you just let the other side and other people make monumental decisions for you. I don't know what the figure is, but they say a lot of professing Christian people aren't even registered to vote. What's the matter with you? You know, you're not living in China where you've got no excuse to keep your head down.

This is still America. We got lots of callers. We got Marvin in Greenville, South Carolina, Clay up in Durham. And so we need you, 866-348-7884. We'll take all these calls when we come back. So much more on why such a brazen attack on life. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Truth Talk Live today. Why such a brazen attack on life? Right here in this election season, really scary stuff, because again, it's one baby at a time and one father at a time, one granddad at a time.

These things, they're lives and they really matter. We got Marvin is in Greenville, South Carolina. Marvin, you're on Truth Talk Live. Good afternoon.

Hey, how are you doing today, man? Thanks for having me on. Oh, we're so grateful for your call.

What have you got for us? Well, you know, in answer to your question, I just wanted to say that, you know, we live by the Word of God and we believe in the Word of God, you know, as Christians. So, you know, I just want to come out of 2 Timothy 3 about, you know, in the last days that perilous times shall come, that evil men shall wax worse and worse. And that's why I think it's such a brazen attack on life today.

We don't have no fear of God, you know, obviously no faith in God. And, you know, the Bible says that the human heart is desperately wicked, you know, in the Book of Jeremiah. And even in the beginning in Genesis, it talks about how the ten thoughts of man was only evil continually. So I just think that, you know, the Word of God tells us that, you know, it's going to get worse, a whole lot worse before it actually gets better. So we just need to continually pray and continually spread the gospel and continually love people in the way that God wants us to love people.

Darrell Bock You couldn't be more right, Marvin. As it gets darker, our light actually shines. You know, people want that peace. They want that love.

Their souls are starving and thirsty for something that actually sounds like, you know, home, sounds like people actually care about you and care about your family and care about these things. Marvin Exactly. Darrell Bock And so prayer is a gigantically, just what a resource, because obviously God wants to get so involved in it, so involved in it. So I'm so grateful for your thoughts, Marvin.

Anything else? Marvin Yeah, I appreciate it. Darrell Bock All right, buddy. Marvin No, yeah, I just, all right, all right, thank you, sir, I appreciate it.

Darrell Bock All right, you got some else. Go ahead. Marvin Well, you know, I just was reading in the Bible earlier today about, you know, the harvest is plenty, but the labor is a few, and we just need to continually, you know, get out here and, like I said, spread the gospel, live for God, and, you know, just let God handle, you know, all the rest. Don't be ashamed, don't be afraid of losing your life, because, you know, nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. So just get out here and live for God and do the right thing, you know, and the thing that pleases Him.

So that's all I can say. Darrell Bock Oh, that's a beautiful thought, too, Marvin, and I think about the end of that verse you were quoting that says, you know, pray that the Lord of the harbors would send more workers into this field. And I think that's a big part of what Steve is working on, but, you know, because, again, what we're talking about today, right, is trying to elicit more, you know, more folks to think about the subject and realize that we're on the bright side here. Marvin Williams Yes, we are, yeah. Darrell Bock Thank you, Marvin. God bless you. Appreciate you calling in so much today.

I really do. We also have Clay is in the Durham area of North Carolina. Clay, you're on Truth Talk Live. Clay Johnson Brother Robbie, first of all, I really give thanks to the Lord for the conversation that was had Tuesday. I wasn't able to chime in that this is an important topic.

Everybody really needs to chime in on something like this, because, you know, the man that's running for, you know, who's Lieutenant Governor is running for governor, even though he's not in the lead, was talking, I went to some rallies, you know, walk for life, a couple other things. And he talked about he talked about abortion. I don't know why this is so, you know, you see people say, it's my body and all this other stuff. But yes, God, the Father created us and created women differently to carry a creative life, who is we were supposed to love. I don't know why people are having such a hard time with this.

It's simple. Abortion is murder. When you abort a life that God the Father created, it is murder, you are killing somebody. So I'm not sure it's in the Bible talks about this and other, you know, situations and all this other stuff. So I hope and pray that people will be more supportive of knowing what God the Father does with creative life.

Because you're going against his plan, you're going to get to his situation. And I just, you know, whenever there's something like this, I'm going to try to, you know, come in and give my viewpoint. I just give thanks to the Lord for what he's doing. You know, and I like what was shared before. We are seeing the evidence of God the Father sending his son back sooner and sooner. Because I like and that really excites me, brother.

I'm looking forward to that. Yeah, me too, Clay. I just want to, you know, say that, you know, when I was lost, you know, I was listening to the wrong side, right? That was the voice that I was hearing.

And nobody could really expect me to behave like an unlost person, right? And understand that, again, I knew how hungry I was deep inside, but, again, I was listening to that other voice. And so, you know, I don't—the rhetoric, from my—this is my perspective, you know, somebody had told me— Well, you got a good point there. And as Christians, we know there is another side.

We know there is an enemy. And you know, he's thrown a lot of curveballs, and as far as this issue goes, it goes back to the 70s with the feminist movement, and I'm not here to knock everything about the feminist movement, but one thing that they were big on was wanting to have sexual freedom. Remember the old—concurrently, the sexual revolution. And they used to talk about this stuff, sexual freedom, and they wanted to have it sex without responsibility like men.

I used to hear this stuff, I was in college then, coming from professors and other people. And frankly, pregnancy and children gets in the way. So if you're going to step outside God's way, which, look, let's be frank, in marriage, right? It's supposed to be just confined to marriage. And if you step outside of that, there's consequences, including pregnancy, that you're not thrilled about.

And so you come up with these methods to get rid of all that and go on without, you know, committing sin without consequences, okay? And that's how the thing got really going, and it was very, very important to the leadership of the women's movement to have this, and along with the pill, see, the pill and the availability of abortion results in real equality between men and women. And that's what they used to really talk about, and children just get in the way. That's the whole thing. But you know, as time goes on, you just run into woman after woman who waited to postpone marriage, postponed everything, and suddenly she realizes three or four years from now I'm going to be 40, and you know, I'd really like a baby. You know, God puts this stuff in, you know, there is the mother instinct. There really is. And when it comes along kind of late, then it runs into a little problem, and it's very, very sad to see.

It's very sad to see. So we've just got a few minutes left, but maybe you want to chime in. By all means, we would love to hear from you, 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. So I'd love—go ahead, Steve. By the way, Robbie, I don't want to forget to give out the website for 40 Days for Life.

It's 40, the number 4040,, You learn a lot about it. It's very sophisticated nowadays.

You put in your zip code, up will come the closest abortion clinic, and when we get going in our fall campaign in September, you can sign up and come down for an hour and meet a lot of people and pray to end abortion. It's a wonderful thing. Right. It's one of the simplest things. And again, if God's put it on your heart, right, obey, like, it's amazing what God will do if you'll just step into that, and again, you sign up, you register, and then boom, here's an easy thing. It is. And then when you get there, you're not out, you know.

You're not alone. And here's the thing. It is not a protest.

Let's make it real clear. It's not a protest. You're not jumping up and down, you're not hollering, you're not shouting at a bullhorn. You're there praying, and lo and behold, every now and then, a woman changes her mind and she credits you. Now the Lord is just using you, but they credit you. And there have been people, countless times, they show up a year or two later with a baby, and they say, lookit, a year ago, two years ago, I was over here, you all were out here, and I kept the baby.

I love that one sign that said it doesn't have to happen today. That's right. Right.

And you hear so many stories now of that woman who, you know, was right on the edge of it, but God somehow or another reached down and touched him through whoever means he is doing it, but the prayer is the way we get to take in on it. That's right. And there's one other thing I want to mention.

Our brother in Ohio said something that reminded me. So here's a state that's gone full bore legally into abortion. Anytime for any reason up to birth, I guess, it's an awful, awful thing, late-term abortions.

But more so than ever, the street ministries in places like that are necessary and needed and are successful. See the action is on the street now at the abortion clinics. Since abortion is illegal in North Carolina, am I right? Up to 12 weeks now. And so the clinics are still open doing the… Surgical abortions as long as the fetus is not beyond 12 weeks.

Now, of course, who's checking? I don't know. But that's the law. It used to be 20. Part of the thing you were talking about for our topic today was elections have consequences. And in North Carolina anyway, the only reason the limit is now 12 weeks is because there are enough legislators who got elected who believe it needs to be that and not 20 weeks and not nine months like New York and California.

Nine months. Stop and think about it, people. Wrap that around your head, okay? It does matter. Now, they couldn't make it less than that. So it's We'll see you next time.
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