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Community After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 2, 2021 12:35 pm

Community After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 2, 2021 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the challenges and benefits of community, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip is from the television show "The Chosen.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network coming to you French and American heart masculine journey after hours time to go to the topic this week, so sit back and masculine journey after hours start walking masculine during the after hours.

Glad that you're with us and hopefully you listen to the first segment of the show and we were talking about community in the challenges of community and others like another thing I thought fun until right now, no one had a microphone in front of other than me there okay just pushed to the side. I got my going to talk I'm not in it. That's exactly what Outlook is like I want to be the first about the bikes about slavery just to get a go often as I outlaw scramble to get when you get between us so we can either 1 g.

Oh yeah, I really mind that we anyway you were talking about community and we didn't have any trouble listing challenges of community did you so much. I probably have more trouble labile the microphone in front of you will ask is that you know you let me ask you this, so Jim yes you right now you are in two good communities right but hasn't there been a season or two along the way that it's been pretty barren and having a hard time to find a good community.

It's been a I am a real people person so it's hard for me but I have been times where there was no community, and when I have found it real community.

It's almost always been God -related yet you talk about teams before the lesson. Most of the team sports. I dad were Ted Harrison, the one that was a tame was rolling that you get a little guy yelling at a big guys for 45 seconds for five minutes, depending on the length of the run and that's it. We didn't do much else other exercise. Now there been a lot of times when I've been and when I have been pretty much on my own and that's not a place I enjoyed it really isn't good for anyone based. What's yours and switching the topic what's in some of the benefits of community maybe before you go there you know I think that we need to kind of talk about at least for me. There's been times that I've really felt like I had community but looking back, it wasn't really community like it needs to be. There was a season when I was in California and I played softball for I don't know for five years and and we would know occasionally couple of us would have a cookout together. You know, very rarely once or twice a year and we played softball pretty well year-round because it was California and we go out after the games you know and enhancing sodas or whatever, whatever have you and I anyway just depends on the person that I was not a soda person somewhere. Okay, but yet it would happy but happy to see the difference and that was we had a good time but I really can't remember a single significant conversation that really mattered anything you during that time I was going through divorce was a single parent in lots of things to need to really talk to somebody and in that was this not the group to do that with you now and when I look back, what I thought I had was created really is. Had a good night out once a week and that's what it came down to us and people were nice people.

It was not the depth of what my heart really needed that for me the biggest letdown of community was work right. It would be in the car business before is Christian for sure you work till 910 11 sometimes 1 o'clock in the morning and I was Iser's customers were work and and were working six days a week and year-round always people significantly and Sharon life and expecting there to be some kind of depth to the relationship, but I'm one of the things that I can. I'll never ever forget as long as I live, the first time I really got to be in a community was in a Sunday school class on church morale and as we were hanging out in there I was like these people are really nice to me and I wonder what they want. You think they want to buy a car you know it is it been my experience in all these communities that I've been in that there was a reason why somebody was going to begin the be nice to you are the reason that they seem to befriending you there was some hidden agenda and when I discovered within this on Sunday school class like how these people are nice to me minute want to buy a car.

What's up in the so I guess mindnumbing, there were the softball teams and stuff. There were there were those as Robbie says we spin the majority of your time away from home, at work, you expect there to be some kind of bonding. A lot of times you had, you know, a common in thinking the ball is you know that there is not a lot of depth and that it never made Christian friends there. I remember doing Bible studies and there was some sum, I feel like you have to have a spiritual aspect port to port to really be of depth. You can still have tight relationships with people and talk about things that matter in life.

But still, you know that spatial and impact I think. But I think that for the longest time, I probably was that man on the I have some really good friends will talk, but that it wasn't a group that was individual but I think it was something that I think I realize that I needed. I've heard people talk about it occasionally, but I never found it. In fact, church is the last place you went to do anything with any kind of vulnerability or deputy in one you only by know your stuff, you know, and you know whenever I get litter the first boot camp in and here you guys on the radio for many listen masking generally journey quite a bit. You could tell that there was a truth something that was very appealing. There is you talk about your vulnerability with one another and how you had a band of brothers and then as I came into that. I was like okay yeah Outlook you know it. First is very cautious. You guys know probably how guarded I probably was in and then as you listen you begin to see the value of people sharing you know their experiences and what they go through and be in real and so I guess it's my experience on the worth talking about where we didn't have it, but that's kind of my story of finding the yeah because you don't know what you can have until you actually get it because you think there's community you think all while this is really good. I got some buds we go hang out. We do this so that together we play some racquetball. We go play some sports denied the same thing Sam had several there's a community of us that we did all the sports together each season so there was softball, basketball, football, all kind of did those things together.

It was fun and not I would've said yeah that's community but I did not have an experience like you had with this group. I've never shared what I've shared in this group. You know with anybody I would've never even thought about opening my voice to something like that. I'm just a very shy person would not share personal things and would feel scared Barry frightened to go into something like that.

What are they going to think of me. Then, in this group. You don't get that in what we find it campus there's more men that want that that they would they want to be loved for who they are and that's where there to try to help provide and say that's available I'd always try to reach out and help people be a part of the community and where you're at now find your men are will help you RB be in our community. Call us be a part of what the apartment with us and that's we enjoy doing, because we know how much is met for us again. It's it's it's a journey and you never know what you can have until you get it need like that's what I was missing his feel so right at the community it doesn't had a question without question three running near you said that you know you're always worried about what people think alien in this group. He found that that not to be the issues that because we have grace we don't think that I have to answer the cat is gathered in think you guys think gracefully, you can visit the said yes yes and I know now you mean you guys. I witnessed it with you guys with each other before was ever bestowed upon me, and that's where I was like you just gone into that and Rob is like hey U.S. Open radio show this hang out yet never feeling to be sitting in the seat doing this have had.

That's what that's what the drop community guys you do stuff that you just would never ask floodlights do a great, I just have the microphone everywhere but I do think of a time I had to. I thought I had community and that it was God. Last millennium I took it shot at being a thespian for a little bit and I was into plays. I did that for Robbie. I believe visit. Fortunately he has done all that I very close to him with his vulnerabilities.

Try to get the story.

I know it's not on the outside.

What really disturbs me about that. If this is what the deal because I could saying I was invited to do plays and we were very close for a couple months we go out to eat together after practices and things that it was you. It felt like community was a great bunch. When the play was over couldn't tell you the names of any of them. I didn't know. Otherwise, it was gone and yeah and it was in there were a lot of better not use word antimatter.

Robbie will start laughing but there were a lot of very very close relationships between members of the cast, and I don't think any of those lasted sorta gave me an idea of how screwed up.

Hollywood is is mentality that I think I'm following you think we can go to the clinic with a plea of what we have only the pain you tell my spiritual content out the crown. I used to hang out we would took a lot of spirits. There was a real spiritual about it, but I would've told you my party crowd that I hung out with for so many years was true community, I would've told you that when the chips were down more boys would be there and dad used to call them the thick and thin friends of the things you think they would thin out and and is true because I would've sworn it was true community, but it was just a fallacy.

All because none of them come to see me when I sobered up another elevator affects you, Omar, Ralph would've been feeding it shot dead but you and then come into now we with you guys and I told story preshow.

My wife said last last night, dad talking about since I've been hanging out with you guys. She moves me to stop dunking of the season. I can tell a difference in your life because he's going to lose true community and that's big for my wife because ministry had been the other woman for for long time and you know we made the transition to keying and she said I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I called you on Tuesday nights in a someone breaking into the house. She's not only would you leave and come home.

She said most of the gain would be with you so maybe leave to love and finish the show or something, but I don't know so. But that's huge because there's not anybody in this room or some that are not here that I couldn't call to talk through some NS.

That's big because usually in a in a crowded I've been in maybe one or two people I talked to own a deep intimate level but I'm pupil really need you guys and that's pretty cool. Yeah, I don't disagree think Danny this is something Alexa me sitting in the I don't disagree that the spiritual components needed. I just don't always think that it's obvious right yeah I can think of a group of the three of us in the went to college together that instead of staying very close relationship and we don't talk about church we don't talk about God do any that we treat each other with love and respect and in godly manner right there is grace there. There is accountability there. There's those things in God's in the midst of an whether any of us would need a really say that openly you know he recognize it in God's always in the middle of those things and I think you can say the same thing. Sometimes in family right that you know God's not necessarily always on the forethought that it doesn't mean he's not the driver underneath. It's making that community work and it didn't now. Now it's not necessary disagree and I just think it's a different way to look at it because I don't want to say that if you're not in the Bible study. The other day not talking about God that you don't and I know you are mean and that you don't have community unite.

You can have community.

God be fully in the midst of it without having this conversation.

I guess what I was saying is a lot of times you're talking about when people get together. There's not a lot of rain.

I think all your depth comes from a spiritual basis. Now would you necessarily, you can be in a group and have spiritual conversations knowing really realizing your having to do that you're doing that. Actually I guess and you can have really close relationships that actually are iron on iron and maybe it's not everybody's a believer in the crowd or whatever and there's people benefiting from the growth of it, but I do believe that there is when I think of community I do think of a spiritual community, and I think that there's a higher purpose.

And then there's there's a smile, but God that comes on God's face when his children get together and talk about him and learn and grow from each other. I get unite. I don't think you can have rural community in absence of God. I'm not saying that either I'm saying in the Glatt times guides in the midst of it.

You don't necessarily realize that you don't one of the groups and I don't know the intimate conversations obviously and I don't really like to talk about other people's lives much but I watch my oldest son and his relationship with his friends from college football and it is a deep intimate relationship. They are there for each other and I'm sure they've had special conversations at some point but you know they definitely know that they have each other's back. You know in Canada similar to what you talk about with remember the Titans you anything in there very close knit and that is his community and see you can find it at work. You can find it in on a team you can find it in other places, but I promise you when it gets down to the middle of the gods in the middle of it better either thick and thin. Yeah yeah is not in the last and that's were what hit me when I was reading John 15. It was just going to that worry starts off with Jesus is divine. The file is a vine dresser and then basically all the followers of Jesus are the branches and you have this whole community came you spoke out through all of that chapter and when you have all been abiding in each other and basically apart from him. You can do nothing and you can continue on with a lot of this in the site. If you don't abide in him base is going to be and be cast out and burned in the fire. He knows Vista work was dried up branch and it's like well that's no place to be in community know you want to be and where he's in control where he's at because like were talking earlier.

He's the one that shows you he came after you came after your heart and to have that and feel that and know that is just it's overwhelming that you can't get to the point of really describing it is just is just joy and to have that joy and be able to share that joy with your brothers is true close relationship and community and note he talks about changing that relationship in therefrom. I don't know longer. Clay slays a kite friends because they share everything from a father with you. I share all the secrets that he has everything that he knows he sharing with them in any ends up with okay now. Remember the world hated me before it hated you. So there's this whole relationship there with this other community called the world that's a bad community seeking have good community snapback communities you have all kinds of different relations. But when Jesus's control of everything that is where you want to be in that relationship.

When I think it's really cool and it's can be and his clips and ran his command to give Mike and I thought I'd just turned his mic over to me and the in the series. The chosen right if you watch it, which I couldn't recommend it enough. There's great ideas of Jesus is community because he receives 12 knuckleheads and I mean you get the picture knuckleheads. If you watch this that you know Jesus brought these people together but they were really individuals and I was just thinking because of we been in this for a while.

Sam, I guess 10 years and there's people that come along that are a little bit vulnerable and when you watch the chosen. You'll see. Matthew is one of those vulnerable people. He's really different than the other people in the crowd. He's really got a different type of vocation.

But the beauty of this last clip that in his contact right here from my standpoint, what keeps Matthew in the community because these people are mean to okay did explain mean but what keeps Matthew in this is this sense of. Wait a minute, Jesus chose me. This is his community and it's clear Matthew that this is his. This is Jesus is community. And so, as I pray about that I think about that now. We've got to keep that right.

For those people that are volleyball the outside it feel like their outcast they feel chosen by Jesus and feel chosen in that community to make sure that following him. It includes staying in that community. Yeah that's exactly right.

And in Matthew know I mean a tax collector with the enemy to the Jews in the sky wasn't even Jewish, and he was picked for the community and you know like you said he had to be carrying a heavy sense of what this is Jesus because it and again you don't see this in the Gospels.

This is the story of the chosen, but I'm pretty sure this is the way the disciples looked upon them as him being a former tax collector. He was ostracized he was pushed out from the camp community and I think it it brings the story together farther along than the chosen, but in this in this clip you can tell he's really pushed away now.

What's funny about it is that's one part of the clip where he can't ostracize but in the end of it, you hear Simon talking about the importance of them staying together on under the excruciating you know combines whatever of the Roman Empire and and being conquered and being Libyan occupiers and how you know.

Here he is saying we really had to stick together but we really want you because you are part of them, but yet Matthews will initially sometimes how are communities of all of you know, somebody may not seem to be as part of the community probably like I was like a man. You know this day is different or whatever and let you know that's the beauty of the things I there's a sense that I have that I know these guys from anything other than radio show and boot camps and I'm like wow you know these I wouldn't done this, you know, I don't you know what this is. I just don't know. I wouldn't of imagined I would be in a group like this. I love it I love each one of you guys but you know God, so here's a clue yet. Here's a clip love being Jewish and they are following them, but it can be exhausting, following the loan being Jewish. Both the lease has been even before the occupation guarantees to I don't get it. If I'm honest I don't know why God is not the occupation of asking what about that light is not for so long. If you like the chosen people wait is over. Do you mean difficult for you on this time, occupation, following Jewish life is nothing easy.

What was more painful for you. Escaping Roman persecution that working for them escaping your gears with all the money and how you catching up until 918.

The photo that one of the setting of the times he had the chance. Simon and I want to know I was trying to see my family's life and nephew, John, but that's not something you have to worry about when sending salamander looking out for you, but you position where I did things I would never have done otherwise.

And I repented for them and John, James, I am sorry but I did go through with it.

What is your excuse. I was a successful businessman and yet I was always behind your tax collector defending him. I want an onset date.

New know what it's like to be Jewish to suffer for centuries and centuries because of the commitment to protect our heritage even though it never stops being painful because the comfort we have stenotic really doing it together on suffering together but just wait longer if we don't think it would have rescue because were chosen trade that I can forgive it is needed to say.

Sit down, Simon Arabi before the show. You talked about this whole concept of being chosen. You assured me that I mean that when a and I we all were in that picking line where we didn't get chosen and so when you're in a in a group that enough for me as I began to become part of what mounts mask and journey, not when you aspire these people you look up to me and you think, wow.

And so when they choose. You it, it has this this sense of being needed of being wanted of being part of something that that's meaningful and that also helps you stick when that happens. For headgear the end near the butt end of that that the beauty of it is the character arc of all the people involved. Right there is the character arc. Simon clearly there's a character arc of Matthew. In other words, all those people are being molded into what becomes of the most powerful army in the history of the world. One thing I would ask the listeners out there.

You know, if you feel like you're part of a community. Community can be as little as three grooming guide is a perfect image of you and father son and Holy Ghost right that's a perfect image or community.

32 is a friendship night and so that's a difference.

Friendship versus community for looking at either one of those. I would ask you to do to ask yourself what's the fruit of those things right because it true community. True friendship is going to have a fruit that is sweet, it's going to taste sour sometimes right but that the net fruit is sweet and if it's never sweet to get asking, are you really in a real community or city or is it time to look to another source, or maybe say guide you know what I need to do differently in this one. That type of thing, but what are some of those things that are sweet that comes from a community that's healthy person came to my family's spring. You have a record of three bodies don't have some time and spouses go to don't have any chemistry you have grace you have understanding you have accountability times and you have the truth spoken to you in love.

That's the key thing in love. Pray for your benefit not for the way I'm feeling right now and are so much more that would ask God to open your eyes to the people around you to get where you want me to have community will talk to you next week to register boot camp masking this is the Truth Network

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