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Obedience After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 21, 2021 8:00 am

Obedience After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 21, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about obedience continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip used is from the film "Third Man on the Mountain."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Joanne McNair with the podcast storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God's chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network French masculine journey through our time to be more transparent to sit back and masculine. Well, thank you for joining us on the podcast.

We know you chose this canticle to be able to go on this adventure with you today.

The adventure of obedience and quite often it does adventure… It was your topic.

It's been an adventure of adventure before the show during the show in between venture continues. So where would have adheres back to work and he was in first John we I went to so few verses earlier into the first John two and three through four were by this we know that we have come to know him. If we keep his commandments, the one who says I have come to know him and does not keep his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in them measures. One of those things that when I read that a lot of times might all my gosh, look, look what I have to go do and really where were at with this topic is not really up to us to go do something.

Yes, to follow Jesus, you do need to be obedient and we need to be trying to do our best and striving to follow his footsteps, which is not the easiest thing in the world for us to to do but again when in John 628 they asked what shall we do so that we may do the works of God and Jesus answers and this is the work of God, that you believe in him whom you have sent.

I like I can do that. That much I can do. If I thought doing the works of God. And it's like that's where I get off I obey him, and I believe in him.

If I do that I get to go live with him forever on buying and I'm going in on something our obedience and so Andy when her unite here. I am unclear on what I'm supposed to be believe that right now I'm not sure what story only share but I guess I don't know I got something Laura online at something simple. Is this okay so my family from Missouri and my brother called me today and asked me, you know it's something I really hadn't planned on, but I have a sense the guy wants to do something part of it, but I might begin a gun, get low Tatian really don't and really planned on is just something if these are the kind of things. I think he puts before us as we want. I want to try to I would like, okay, go after these results I want to see this and this happen, you know, kind of orchestrated for God. And that's not the way he intends us. I think most when you go and look at the Bible when he called Abraham to leave the is country to go somewhere whenever he called told Samuel hat us all how to handle the animal that yeah and how and when they defeated them how to handle the spoil and that kind of thing the Danny mentioned earlier on Samuel 15 there's different stories in the Bible you have opportunity to take a particular action for something so you know there's a lot there's stuff we don't see the end of the story, but that truly is a gift back to the bond from the previous show is trust and obey. This there's something to the fact that were not going to really know the outcome but that we have to step out in faith. To me that's truly the adventure that's where our hearts come alive. And I think that's in the power of what were the surrendered vessel for God to use and where the kingdom can really you know become real to us but I think it's, you know, you still have to do the basics that obeying his commandments.

Whether that's you know things encapsulated in the 10 Commandments in a love the got God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself that the pretty simple commandments direct or just believe in on him, all those things are the foundation but it gets to the point to where this is where I'm trying to get sorry is that there is an opportunity to really grow in him and and experience more of them. When we obey him and those things are that are natural for us to go obey. So to go right at this right yet so your brother yet so this is not traditional like I know a little bit about your family. So to give the listeners a little insight God's asking you to go see this brother's hotel on the stencil bit about that relationship will mean we have a good relationship. I got a younger brother that my older brother wants to go see this brother is kind of is not my don't believe is mad or angry. He just doesn't connect with this and hasn't know we can hardly keep up with them to be able to go find him in and you have just to go after his hearted meet up with him and then also my brother is going through some physical stuff being there for them and showing that I love and we had some combative times in our past, we've, you know, we generally get along. We talk to my regular basis, but it was just one of those things where it's you know you know I mean is, your brothers aren't all of the same mother that type thing the other half-brother, sorry about that. Yes yeah I am in the and even if if I'm not mistaken, there even more than that, like one is from one set of parents another one from another. And then there's you know that welders were often the same day that you know it it's it was, you know, in the 70s was a like you even think you are very dysfunctional. Yes politics start explaining your family situation. Crap. I guess we were, you know, but it's it's still it's whatever those relationships with God. Good puts in your life. It's just all be be obedient and not let those things you could just let them die and so I will X not really of my concern in and identity added. Let's go there as soon as I'm listening to your story here in Indiana just to submit notion budget is like man if Andy's my half-brother. I don't know if he is really my brother. You know I don't really know that were all that came and I'm not really all that certain what family is that when I'm happen to know what I know about Andy right there's been a world of difference between the Andy that they knew him years ago or even five years ago in the Andy that's gonna show up on this adventure in the authentic territories that could be told in the advantage, absolutely. I've shared some of my older brother about this about, you know, the masculine journey in that kind of thing and there's there's pain from the past very a good opportunity to share mean what God put on my heart when I first heard about this was simply I've told them about while the orbit taken them a copy and put in the same thing you really need to read this and even for my younger brother and not that I can you imagine with me just for second term and just imagine your brothers because I remember what it was like when my brother.

I remember when my father came to Bulgaria and that he remember when my brother absolutely right in and how cool would it be I'm in this essay in for both your brothers, especially the little one is apparently feeling isolated and you understand that isolation absolutely. And where that is absolutely not. You know, my older brother, you know, talking to him about it mean he knows my zeal for the Lord, but he was like, you know, I just I'm never been like that he believes the you know he's had his salvation experience, but he just is said unite is never really and an and I think that's where a lot of times we get is as believers are people out there that we we only want enough of God to just give us a certain point, but they feel like that it's that's for other people but not for me but ma'am I used to kinda feel that way at times to its available. All of us, but that is again getting back to that obedience of really believe in Christ, not just make it a mental assent.

Jesus bellowed how the amplified puts it leaves in adherence to trust in you know it's those words that make good Jesus. Somebody sent to some guy that died on the cross and rose again in my head where I actually am tied him you know on a daily basis and that that I am obey obeying him on a regular basis, and so Amazon just sit there and listen as your friend, Sir: we don't have much time. I got a front that's right.

And how much vacation time yet I get it and really I do. But I'm also thinking priorities in the family.

What's going on in this world today. Absolutely that we need to set aside what those things we feel are important and make those obedient decisions and again I still haven't made reservations.

I have asked for work so you know this is something real-time that I'm going through and whether or not real-time and Sharon because it's it's real stuff man. It is an and I can remember many adventures that I made the extra time to go with my father with my brother of those things that like me and you think I ever regretted. I mean yeah I may not even close to correct those for you know and still are of tremendous value. So eventually we have another clip we do we do and is from a movie And all Disney movie ends my clip so I get to describe it as call the third man on the mountain really wonderful movie, which, if you have the Disney app. I can't recommend it enough. Okay, so the setup is that there's a young man his father was a mountain climbing guide in the Swiss Alps and very specifically at a gigantic mountain that is called the Citadel that he was trying to guide some people up and there was an avalanche know we've ever gotten to the top and his father chose to save the man's life sorted rather than his own and died on the mountain and so the young man, his family, and I didn't want him to get anywhere near the mountains because he took his father's life so that his whole life. You just long to be on the mountain and his whole dream is to someday put his father's shirt on the top of this Citadel and he turns out to get the opportunity with the guy with the captain that comes in from England and there's this other man that was on the mountain with his father. That is begun to train them on how to be a guide and he gets a chance to go up there and he totally blows it and and chooses to try to make himself look good so that the captain will take him to go up the Citadel and then this sage that's in his life says you got you got one more lesson coming in so as we listen to this lesson understand that this young man is trying to climb the mountain that took his father's life and this guy was showing them what really being a guide, which is what is what he thought his dream was is is all about.

I got up and down the mountain. I did everything you asked that you say something to say. Did I do well on the client but it did not account didn't count. Why not kinda low guy doesn't final. Everybody knows that you ever stop to think what the word guide means is made a kind of in a high price not full of means to lead others to help others to think of others before yourself the other day that foolishness on the one on how to tote looking for a better way down. I think you were looking instead for a way to impress In winter I article.

Perhaps captain when it was my only chance. Still my only chance Dina did nothing to be ashamed of what the price of again to think of father never sought was the greatest climber of all go pressures on the main dream.

He didn't die because of margin was too high on the conquest of glory gave his life because he thought only of the man and his child is one thing more widely interested in pupil margin. What you think you're going to know you're not planning's for set up on my part.

I didn't till a couple of the details. Teo, who is the guide is the sage of the clip. He has a bad leg based on the unit being caught in the blizzard that took the young man's father's life. And so when he hooks up the rope and says I'm in a glut the mountain with you PEs really showing the young climber you got what it takes. I trust you like.

Here it is. It's the ultimate badge of honor to be this man's guide. Believe me, and then his girlfriend also who has bought those climbing boots for him because his uncle sold them after the shenanigans that happen on the wonder horn and and and so now he doesn't have any choice but to take her because he wants to where those boots can obviously in the.

The interesting thing is that the idea of a long obedience in the same direction. I and and and Rodney talked about like how we can do this how we how we can be obedient and in a for example, I thought, God has led me recently talked about real time because Rob memorized the hundred 19 Psalm well yeah it's 176 for like have had Bible in dad's at and we started on this adventure and in and oh my goodness and I slip and I fall and I sleep and I fall and I climb and I in outcome around the corner and Mary is in the next time I'm falling down the valley and I need a rope and in the and here I go, but the neat thing is every time I you know of go however many hours or whatever without thinking about it. All the sudden you know I pick up those boots again. I go okay with us if we can see if we can climb this and you know if it's one phrase at a time when idea the time or however long that it happens just today like that the men of the verse? Try to memorize us in Kimmel and its Guildhall, which is the very passage that these guys were referring to. And it says Guildhall the reproach and contempt for me. That's what David said and what he was saying is rollaway. The contempt in reproaching reproach means to be disappointed or to see disappointment, which those of you know my story. Rodney certainly knows it, and my father. I felt like I was a disappointment to him so soon as I saw this like rollaway the reproach I'm like oh my goodness, where does it come from a very very cool passage in Joshua where it Guildhall the reasons called Guildhall is because that's what God said he would rollaway the reproach of Egypt and so interestingly, this whole situation is talking here about he dreaded have obedience, then he would have sacrificed and I was again there in Guildhall, but you may know that the way that my reproach got rollaway.

The way that I feel like I didn't disappoint my father was that stone got rollaway to reveal that the tomb wasn't right and and and and it says in that verse in Guildhall in Psalm 119.

Rollaway my reproach and contempt because I have meditated on thy testimonies okay all my testimony, says the he died for me. I and that the tomb is empty and that reproach and that disappointment in me was in fact rollaway and and and that whole idea of Guildhall. It is right there and had I not been climbing this morning. You know, it had I not picked it up once again after I dropped it in. I don't know how many times you don't slip and fall Donna how may times that than I would've missed out on hold Guildhall adventure gym so if you generally only have 20 letters to go very funny. 19 as a second. The last verse in general that not totally topical but you should be, hard dinner with the reproach because I was the most effective things I got.

I was a misstep, yet I did anything I could to get in trouble a regular basis. I got switched a lot. I had to go out get my switch to go in and get switched by my dad and I cannot remember a single thing I did that I got switched for but he replayed that he gave me when I did one thing that I will never forget was Jimmy am so disappointed in you and that I would've taken the switches before here and that so having your approach removed is a wonderful thing.

He has both the current ones I have a current of failure and success I give you my failure. That's the smartest one. This was another thing that's stuck with me is 27 years ago when I was just learning to follow God and that my kids were supposed to come down to go to Discovery Pl. in Charlotte on Microsoft is working for them then and I really is a wonderful spread of food and free access to this wonderful place for kids. My wife called me last minute and said well we can't get down there, something happened. What and as I was walking and I saw three kids about my children's ages. I very clearly heard God say take them in. Well, I immediately started arguing that it will help my kids will be pretty obvious and sire melanin content is quite disparate and I started walking their direction said knock you do that and I turned around and to this day that still bothers me.

What did we all miss out on that exchange and I'm sure God's taking care of them in a different way, but I look at that and say I want to listen and obey. So turning to the world's oldest man got his got his vintage shirt on Harold before until a story. I have a different inside that reference in first Samuel excuse me, has been a favorite of mine for many years. The thing when Samuel says will if you've done God's will. What's this bleating of sheep in my near and the sarcasm and irony there just love it. But the thing that stuck out to me that's a little bit different is that the reason that it's better to obey is because if you obey your doing what God wants you can sacrifice what you want and so that's what makes it better. I had not understood it exactly that same way before. Well my story of obedience is one that you guys are probably tired of hearing and God didn't speak this to me audibly or whatever but I know my sweetheart almost 6 weeks and had gone to their parents house.

Therefore, Christmas, and with no prior planning on my part. All of a sudden I found myself down on the asking her to marry me and you been obeying the well jailing value of that obedience is we've been married seven years and she's the joy of my life so yeah, I know you got another story menu you got a lot of years to put those together to adequate wait a minute, we got Danny over here. Look at Scripture again. So here we go. He says no.

This can't be disobedient in particular Scripture. I was just judo something you said earlier culture way. Well, when you talk about the dome of reproach as it brought me to tears.

Nicholas also did have never seen before. But goals when they rolled the stone away and there was nothing there is what God is saying all the things you say your dreams, your hopes and dead and buried in goal rolled the stone away as a lesson there mother was still alive. He still alive. Our hope is still alive is what I heard exactly it is and and it is really like the more I think about that and and and like wow and how cool is it. From my perspective that David asked him right. I mean, I've always admired people that ask God the hard questions, you know like if I really ask God to do something that that difficult like to rollaway this this reproach and shame. You know that's a direct thing that that I just I think it's a really gutsy move generally asking for the itinerary in and what things are.

You look like and he just really does and mobility in a way. Go away you're over there chewing on some know now is pretty comfortable or look at your phone rather dirty mean to me the definition of obedience. Again we been talking about it is to you. What would Jesus say love others love God, love others and what is that look like will you look at the sermon on the Mount right I mean it it it's interesting to you don't hear many pastors preaching on the sermon on the Mount like if we would all just learned look like Jesus. That's no reason were here. That is the reason the world is in the mess that is because we don't know how to love. I love each other. I am now driving down the road the other day and all I watched his two neighbors were talking across the street.

Neither one of them taking the effort to walk across the street to talk to the nape and it was amazing to me. I couldn't. I couldn't understand the mentality there like we don't love one another.

The way we were supposed to and that's the essence of what he stone us to be obedient and of the sermon on the Mount is if I will get I ever preach, which hopefully that will happen. I'm a pastor, preacher, I would leave the sermon on the mount. At least the first two or three times I was there till you get that followed.

Being obedient to God is loving God, loving others bullet down the it's a preset with all your heart, soul and with all your all your strength and in of that.

The cool thing is, it is an adventure and not unlike Evan Almighty or in our case on the mountain with their third man on the mountain and the only way you get to get the bus ticket is is if you take it so well. Thank you for listing go to master during This is the Truth Network

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