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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 21, 2021 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 21, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys are discussing obedience. The clips are from "Despicable Me," and "Evan Almighty." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now the golden voice of Ernie Hodge. If you've ever wondered who that is that the announcing marijuana very talented voice people we have of the Truth Network. If you want to Ernie combined same. Sometimes your mom take Tori in all this we like to take it. But we are anywhere glad you're here.

We're glad your listing, but once again it seems were shameless in Seattle, and Winston may be calling in here shortly way to keep this try to get him on the phone so it we may get them in a minute but tonight's topic. I'm just going to give you little spoiler alert Juergen I can go and I could hardly wait to hear about this point why it's exciting Robbie what are you talking about, but it may grow on you were hoping it would now. Actually, it is got everything to do with all of our journeys, not just masculine but feminine as well but Rodney is your topics. All that you dive in there now that I've said ships are beautiful yeah what to trip and fall fall flat on my face area so last week were going over Andy's Scripture reading it and I was looking it that compared to where we were the previous weeks we been in loyalty and strongmen and this topic I was studying just kinda jumped out at me as I think might be something we could do and I like okay will I love Danny's Scripture reading. So it right back just a few verses earlier and thought well let me just jump in there because I love first John just has so many truths in it and the what John has in there as basically has three tests which was the first one is kind of a doctrinal about belief. The second one is more of a moral about obedience and the third was psychosocial about love and were want to go in this topic was to come stick with the same theme was basically the moral test of obedience and just kinda sticking in there because basically with what John does in first John is basically just sets up an incredible encouragement for those who are in John and basically also sets up how we can expose those that are unbelievers and that's all comes out there and it just gives you incredible confidence in your salvation, which is one of the heresies back then you know you're not can be saved and I just love how first onset set up and I thought obedience would be a great place to go after last topics. So for a lot of us, including me, I may have had older sisters played on this obedience thing and so on.

When you and you say a word. Obedience to me. I can't help but think of of this clip.

Actually, that Rodney got from Despicable Me and Andrews got some kids yeah I mean group comes home he is bringing up the three girls and he just adopted Andy's bring them into his house and basically this is their first introduction to the home life and hang out talk about obedience is clearly beneath the six rules will not yes you may touch the floor. Many times you will me while I'm working three so no knowing Sammy's.

I will see you in six hours.

Yeah so you can say that the it's interesting there's there's lots of challenges here by I think there's amazing adventures here as well so we do have Sam he's called in from Seattle. We were Sam was in Seattle and where Seattle is in Salmon arm that worked, but nonetheless you got a story along these lines to interesting.

I do look good.

Obedience to be very rare, and it you know you throw the thing that affected bring it back in, whatever that is all.

Whatever it out of the beat your combat banner is in regards to how a dog respond master nine there's been time when God called me to be obedient on things. I really didn't want to go to in the first one was to tell my wife at the time that I was had been struggling with pornography and I really did not want to have that conversation in my and God was on me for probably six months you need to have any told me something at that point that really was pretty freeing in the night. I.e. told me to again simulator on the yacht. He said to you on being obedient, you don't own the outcome right because I was afraid of her responsibility. Like that was going to look like and you know you worked out well. It really did his mother could work out but you know when I had to turn around and talked my mom a few years later about my station.

The experience of the kids she did not know anything about it and I really didn't want to tell her that I thought at the time my brothers were coming to boot camp, which means they would've heard my story out talk about that at boot camp and I didn't want to hear from them and so I was on the way to Florida anyway and really did not want to tell her because she was getting up in age at the time and I see the point.

My God, I don't understand the point of you asking me to this story to break her heart and I don't need to get the Same like you need to be obedient, but you don't you don't own the outcome that she is maddening she needs to Mattachine. Maybe you need to be this way so I can work on her heart. When I told her, and really came a very difficult conversation initially but became a very point about my mom and I closer together than I could ever imagine product God together closer than I could've ever imagined. In New Orleans I think there's something freeing about being obedient when you realize that you don't own what happened after that God started belabor the point along the permit and a very freeing thing on obedient sense Sam know how cool is that it to me there so many different ways when it comes to obedience that which don't realize is God's got this absolutely amazing adventure. So interesting to me that three of the submitted clips from Evan Almighty and here's a real lesson, obedience, and in so many different ways but don't miss the fact that God's call them on an adventure so to set this up a little bit in Genesis 314.

You may know that God called Noah to build an ark and here he's going to call Evan Baxter to do something along those same lines, watching thousands excuse me, do I know you like to see that my house will you send those things which to build. Want me to build.

That's why tools and you are responsible for right well is God's okay this conversation is a little like call and frankly I get the beginning of wisdom son let it out. Let it out as you can see evidence of this scared when God shows up in his backseat which imagined you would be to write and so you know is interesting to me that you know here we have three people torn from the same movie like here is an opportunity for Evan to be obedient and just because I love Tom so much. God did a great job here because gopher wood if you looked at the side of that if you didn't see the movie there was a picture of a gopher like the animal the conference and then it said go GL women for wood and so there is the head from the company is 30 had the pond about three different ways and he did love the he did love the wordplay and and oh by the way it was.

Genesis 614 for those who sit Robbie I thought you said 314 while I was wrong.

I was not being obedient but anyway very cool and so Rodney you love this adventure and this is part of what you doing here yeah I just I think the adventure we've been on ever since we came off the sages just been awesome and that's where tying all these things together about being a strong man is one who is going to at least try and strive to be obedient. I mean, it's a wonderful thing that what I love is really when you get into the scriptural references of this and what God says the pressures off is not about what you do about who you believe talk about that back but I think this is to me it's freeing time so we got a lot of adventure coming your way. Just be sure and go to mass and journey and restaurants in what if one weekend wasn't up to you now and frustrated all basic training designed to give men permission be how God made warriors on John Eldridge's wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for time to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires. He uniquely placed in her masculine heart Coming up November 18-21 masculine and register today. By the same mask and son Eli talked about ways he only smiled at him and and click the donate button masculine and find masculine mail PO Box 550 92728 when we will win in the one me a wildly is the trust and obey. So for those you don't only get to hear Keith our producer Keith himself kicked you know he does do our narration on the joyride so you could hear Keith and Keith.

You picked that bunk and in this perfect right well and I saw that we didn't have about for this week, so I just typed into Google sums about obedience being obedient and well you did okay and that you think is so critical like it's hard obey. If you don't trust and that was my problem.

My big sister when she babysit goes hand-in-hand. You don't trust and so you know that's that's a deal to Jim's. Thanks, Keith Is One of the 21st but There Is No Better Way to Keep Find One That so You Know, One of the People I Know Is Been on Many Adventures. When It Comes to Obedience Is My Friend Wayne Who Was with Us Today. Wayne, You Told a Story This Really, Hard to Hear but I Think It's It's Significant That That People Do Here It That You Know You Had a Tough Thing to Happen Here in the Last Year so That with God with Obedience and We Were Talking about Earlier in the Room, Discussing the Topic and I Mentioned How Important Obedience Is When Were Not Obedient Other People Miss out You Father Doesn't Ask Us to Be Obedient for No Reason. We Don't Have To Understand the Outcome or What It's about but Were Supposed to Do Are Supposed to Do and I Had Had a Dream about a Young Lady That I Grew up with and Father Kinda Given Me Some Things to It That I Needed to Share with Her Mostly Just My Own Story like What I Was Going through the Things That I Been Brought through the Addiction in Things like That. Some of Them the Heartaches and I Was Going through but Really Just Going to Go in and Give Her Some Hope. The Intent to Let Her Know You. This Is What Father Says and He's with You and It so Happened That I Was in a Be in the Town That She Open up a Shop in and I Went to Visit Her While I Was There and When I Went in Know She Was Extremely Ecstatic to See Me at and She Was a Young Lady That If You Ever Matter Would Never Know There Were Anything Any Issues like the Joy She Carried and Shared with People While I Was There Yelled That I Fear Came on Me like I Don't Want Her to Know My Stuff I Don't Want Them to Look at Me, but down at Me and Know That You Have Had These Issues, but I Ended up You I Love Daughter but I Didn't.

Along the Way They Got It Told Me to Let You Know I Didn't Give Her the Thing That I Was Supposed to and I Walked Out Of There and Then A Few Months Later, She Committed Suicide and the Lord Prompted Me Very, Very Young, Very Lovingly, but Said This Is What It Looks like When You're Not Obedient. There Is a Price to Pay.

So so It's Again We Don't Get to Get to Know All the Pieces and Parts of Why Were Supposed to Do Most Says That Sometimes He's a Light into Your Feet and Some Counties Online. Your Path Right so It's Duty He's Asking You to Do and in You. It Is a Hard Thing to Let Ourselves Be Vulnerable and That Way Sent Danny and around Low Stress Love to Hear from You and I Can See You Got Some Scripture Here Your Study Just Looking at It.

Looking at It.

Looking at It so Much. Got Force When First Samuel 15 Visit, Scripture Always What You Thought of an Air Florida My to My Clear Thoughts Go Your Scripture.

The First Samuel 15 Verse 22 Samuel Said Half the Lord As Great Delight in Burnt Offerings and Sacrifices As in Obeying the Voice of the Lord. Behold, to Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice, and to Hearken Better Than the Fat of Rams. And That's after Saul Had Been Disobedient with the Lord. Yeah It's Because You Get Your Laptop but That's the Surge You Had Some like That in Your Own Life. Yeah I Needed. It Is Been Said Will Already but You Don't Understand Where God Is Taking You Sometimes and Even so You Think You Got a Glimpse of Where Things Are Going and Sometimes It Ends up in a Totally Different Place and I Mean It in My Own Ministry Journey, How I Ended up Thinking I Really Don't. But I'm Here and Mom and Winston Now Living King but the Whole Journey As the Where He's Taking Me through Not Getting That Little Bit Later the It Didn't Make Sense at a Time.

The Bit in the Last Year so Had Time to Reflect on the Lessons That Were Learned in Just Being Obedient and Disobedient and the Twists and Turns to Have a Set Concept of a Long Obedience in the Same Direction. I Kinda like That Constraint. We Do Have a Tendency to Trip and Fall, but to Pick up Our Friend Evan. You Know He's He's He's Slipped A Few Times before His Got a Chance to Find out What It Means to Obey God. So Can You Pick Us up on the Next Clip. There so It Was Funny That We All Ended up Noticing Move Because It Does Paint a Great Picture with the Three Clips Will Use but so Here Evan Earlier Is like Now Would Be Disobedient Right and at the End of That Clip You Heard Him in the Car and Here's God Popping up His Face in Your Rearview Mirror and Then Know Here's a Cop over There Always Face the Copies of Phase. The Guy in the Crosswalk.

So Eventually You Know God Works Annually.

Finally, Actually Come to Believe Who He Is and What Is Telling You to Do so.

Here Is Evan Making That Switch from Almond Disbelief on Nuts and Okay You Are Who You Say You Are Amenable to the Falla so You Are Really Something That's Right Just I Don't Understand Why You Chose Me, You Will See the World. I Mean to Say Whatever I Think You Understand This Building Here Is My House I Need to Make a Good Impression at Work. No Change the World Don't Know How to Begin One Act of Random Kindness and Meet This Cruel Using Very Talking to the Daughter Again You See Him. I Just Disappeared on Second He Appears and Disappears on the All Time and That's One of Things That You Know When You're Sitting There Trying to Come in and Be Close and Comfortable with God Is Can Be Uncomfortable When He Thinks Will Be Uncomfortable and Things Will Be Really Hard on Some Things Are Smooth Is Just the Opposite. Almost All the Time with Him Because He's like No I'm Want to Keep You Guessing You Want to Keep You Trying to Reach and Find Me. I'm Not to Make It Easy on You Bama to Make You Work, but That's What's Going to Pay off and Be the Gold Nugget at the End. Yes. So When I Saw the Two Is If You and I Think God Does This, and All the Course of the Movie, but You Know God Called Him to a Level of Obedience for Something He Was Totally Not Prepared for.

Didn't Want to Go There, You Know, Rejected That He Hadn't What It Takes but When I Noticed Was That God Called out and Said You Want to Change the World. He Noticed That It That's What We All Carry within Us Is the Desire to Make Life Better and to Fulfill His Plan.

A Lot Of Us Just Do Not Feel like We Have What It Takes. So Therefore We Don't Obey Him to Step into Those Adventures. He Has Fourth so Eventually We Get to Do Damage Clips Are Here. We Got Danny Simone for a Long in the Dam Was Unstable and the Art Family. I Thought You Every Step. Nothing. The Ark Landed Now Very Random Kindness I Can Remember We Were Beginning Ministry in Asheboro Know You Talking about in How Scared He Didn't Remember Being in the Pastor's Office to Use Miles Go. When You Got the Wrong Guy You Just Got the Wrong Guy and He Laughed and I Didn't Think It Was Funny. These Big Ass on Living Life of and You Know What Became of That Was You a Journey of Not Sure Where Money Was Coming from.

We Got Cut Out Of the Budget We Get Reduced and Reduced and Then Nonexistent. We Got in There We Decided We Were Going to Renovate a House and We Were Doing the Plans Created. I Can Remember Us Coming up with a Figure like $90,000 and I'm Going This Is More Than Buying Hot Docs Scared Me to Where Is Is Going to Cover What Is It in When It All Ended up It Was, like, and His Vision of Houses Everywhere You Hold on Yards and Then It Was like Were Shut It down: I Will Understand. But in the End of a God Was like Well Done. Did You Do the Talking and Seeing the Movie. They Do the Dance and SRI. It's a Victory Kind of Thing and Get There They Go, You Got It All. I Hate the Blisters Couldn't See That after Our Shower You Hear More of These Stories of Obedience/Disobedience Is Ever Really Need Clip from Old Disney Movie. So You Go to Masculine and There You Can Listen to the Podcast after Hours or Wherever He Gets Podcast. This Was a Joy Ride with Keith Many Times or While You're There, Why Not Register for the Boot Camp to Get See Danny Do the Dance Live If You Come, I Promise You He Will Do It on Stage so Don't Miss It. I Got a Vast Majority

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