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Vulnerability With God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 22, 2021 12:30 pm

Vulnerability With God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 22, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This weeks the guys discuss vulnerability with God. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," and "Click." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey we're very glad that your witnesses begin the study listen to us each week you put your first week welcome I can find that it's a refreshing show. It's a talk format with a group of friends is talking on the topic in this week were to be talking about being vulnerable with God.

And what gets in the way. Last week we talked about being vulnerable with others. What gets in the way we learn that Jim couldn't say vulnerable last wish caps and intimacy, but that would work as well but welcome and we are Robbie, this is a topic that seems like it should be that hard to kinda deal with amino. It's got after that you wish ability, lot of attention, but it's almost like we thought about what ourselves like we really willing to check the dipstick you have just been a Christian card. I am I willing to take a look to see how I'm actually, actually feeling when am I really doing okay or am I just you know manning my way through my life without actually getting vulnerable with myself and yeah I'm fine is fine. Everything's fine, but you got it.

Check the dipstick to find out if you're actually likely just to check the gate in spite of Jacob engages lights and when will you have any of my lights are flashing you know you gotta pay attention in an insane primary go to clickers were so deity. This is your clip do you want to tell Spencer he tells a little bit about it in business from deity show scene where Opie given back in the office after he'd been in training with Barney to win this race and and we in my ready finish dead last, so he's all angry about it. There some interchanges beforehand that he comes in the Andy's office very vulnerable to be a good sport or something that sport and in you as opening line kinda says it all.

I want you to be disappointed in and his vulnerability in he's really feeling like he separated from his father and the scene is also mounted in the one thing I wonder about is willing to realize what a mature human being really realize that it will be behind the curve. Just check your gauges. Just check the gauges dipstick with everything that day. This morning I was spending a lot of time with God.

For some reason he put a hold him I hadn't even thought about your heart.

That's let all mortal flesh keep silence and I think I now know why that was on my heart so I could offer that to you guys a little earlier this the words I really do cannot go towards the topic being vulnerable God let all mortal flesh keep silence and with fear and trembling stand ponder nothing earthly minded was blessing in his hand. Christ our God to earth to send our full homage homage away from demand, but that really hit me. I didn't know why that was on my brain all morning but it hit me. That's why we don't want to be vulnerable to the demands everything and now that I squashed all was good. Thank you think you do those good deity on the clip, the displayed think it's important it's it's a son coming to a father child coming to the father not understanding something that's going on. Not understanding something is being asked of them correct yeah and it took me back to 1994 when my life was. Opie was that about race.

I was down and out about the race of life. In October 1994 is very suicidal, very aerobic come to the end because of addiction color choices because lots of things and I just could not figure out this thing called life.

And I found myself in a very vulnerable spot and actually found myself believing that God wanted nothing to do with me and I've obviously found out 60 and was very wrong, but I ended up kinda coming into the office. Dad's office. If you will, and going okay. Explain this to me and in a sense in your it's been 27 years now and I don't know anything about that mature human being part of that cliff either set of but that that's the reality of it is you know my life begin to unfold and unpack in a much different way from November 1994 to now and having let God do some things in your not skipped happily all the way through because there are those times in my life where I don't understand what's going on in my stubbornness shut down the vulnerability or my pride shuts down my vulnerability. I don't understand what was going on, but I should be able to figure this out and I have a have a printed prayer behind my desk in my office that was oh my grandmother the Lord. I haven't offended anybody today I had anything bad but I'm about to get out of bed so could you please ask Ila where trying to live life is Lord about to get out of bed serve help me in heroin. The different ways of looking at the word mature. Take a look at them very mature in one sense, and yet if you talk to my sweetheart to tell you that I'm very immature and otherwise just a farsighted way chronologically am very mature.

That's true. There's different ways. One question is not logically we can think of Hades God. He knows everything right so why not just be vulnerable with grid that you not really hiding anything from them. It's not like he doesn't already know more about you than you know right so so what keeps us from being vulnerable with God until were at a point like you describe.

Sometimes Danny you know where it was turned everything else right, but even then just daily things. What keeps us from being as bongos we need to be and say that in the microphone.

Pride is the answer yet no prides a big one that's part of it right.

That's an answer you write that you talk about me able in I should build a figure this out.

I should have to have help and that was my answer will you're talking about mobility with others. Last week was pride because I think there's that pride that keeps us from sharing, you know, without with our peers or whatever people we know that them I think. Also when you're dealing with God. A lot of it is clear to that you know part of it.

If you take the time.

I think a lot of times when you're quote hiding things from God. When you rent your Adam and your you know you put in the fig leaf on your doing whatever it is we really think that that for whatever reason works or you know I can't be honest with God. This is probably what I used to think is if I'm really honest with.

Gotta mean I'm busted. You know, I mean there's nothing and it's not what it doesn't change the sound busted brother. I tell them you know you were honestly kinda like an ostrich yeah stick your head in the sand in the world that exists right exactly in any clip obis opening line is, don't you be disappointed in me and I know I've called so many times in my life. Will God's disappointed in me and I really don't want to engage in the conversation you want it.

There's lots of things you can get in the way as we expand some of our thinking on it that part of it could be the way that your brought up the way that your taught as a youngster to view God. If God is that judgmental guy that store now lightning bolts at yeah and he's causing all this havoc in your life okay do I want to be vulnerable think I see a safe guy to be vulnerable and so that may be part of the equation. Part of it may be that whole pride thing right. Part of it may be fear.

I'd I don't know what it looks like that to step into that vulnerability and what will be required from me on the other side of it is often can get in the way back to him again about fear and trembling in this kind of threw me when I actually look at the words it's fear and trembling stand when you have my garden and try to duck out on God does no good because he knows where the authorities can come to you, but if you are trembling before him, and your standing before him that you are in his presence and you're okay with it.

We need to be fearful because none of us really want to go through what can be very embarrassing very scary times when we are following as well, but if we don't then without being who were supposed to be and I think that those times you have to go through them to get to the freedom you want to have on the other side right you know it's it's worth what you have to go through to get there, but it's still so painful sometimes go through it a little bit Kim coming up November 18-21 get a masculine to register again. That's November 18 through the 21st. That's maybe Thursday evening through Sunday at about noon. Would love to see their go register now. What if one weekend was yellow and constrained all basic training designed to give men permission me how God made warriors based on John averages wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for God to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires. He uniquely placed today by the same mask and my son Eli talk about ways he held his and smiled at him and smiled at him is his information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find PO Box 559 back to management journey that that bump little bit of story. And that is trying to find about the fit with the topic.

We all try to do it right and so is thinking through different things and I'm thinking okay if the father speaking you've got me right inside. I just put that in and I came up with a couple songs and this is one of them and this is one segment that I liked and I thought that was in need of the story. I don't remember the ladies name two things that that's some summer living somebody but you will get to hear the second banana you took it further and she is a really cool story. She does have a really cool story. She played the fool's home but I like parts of sultry assuming I didn't well integrate the but and fellow another song by her goal woman at the well, and I click the left to play the song.

If she tells her testimony and she went to college. She grew up in church with the college in permit became an atheist got into trying to get into acting in an echo thing that didn't work out or something, so she ended up in Nashville. The songwriter and singer, and went on tour and begin to lose her voice and found herself very vulnerable for God because she was about to lose her livelihood and she has is incredible encounter with Jesus in her living incredible. Just change your life and in she began song writing gospel Psalms and all this happened within between 2017 2020. Then thus we have the salt you have now Lit Olivia Ln., Olivia letting yeah this is just one never got the mic I said that I should not been vulnerable.

But I was pretty good. I like Bailey so Rob you know the clip sorry about your vote of the lady thinking yeah you got me so this is an incredible movie, especially from Adam Sandler family. Even if you're not a semi-fan it would be one that I would recommend because it is such a message for men and especially the set up is that you know through the miracle of movies he's been given a remote control, like men love to have. And with that kind of control he can fast-forward through his life and he is you know like the parts for his wife talking you know should he pushes fast-forward you see your lips moving really fast and you know the stuff that he doesn't think is important. He just flies through it and he's doing mystery this life and then all of a sudden the bad news is you know you can't engage in stuff that you didn't do. You can't.

You can go back and watch it again because it's got a remote control, but that doesn't mean you go back and do it for anything about it was father dies and he realizes that he can't go to his father's deathbed because he when there and so he only thing he can do is go back to the last moment that he saw him and the other point being that the reason I'm not vulnerable got the most to me is I'm fast forwarding through my life. I've got so many things like the parable of the soils that have got me going on in my hearts and I've got a path that I was go down some too hardhearted on the on that part of my life right out weeds that are choking me. You know or you know I'm too shallow you know all these things are going on in my life from her allowing me to fast-forward through a series you hear Adam Sandler. It's hard to follow because part of it is chastising himself like when you hear him say listen to the man. Mrs. this is the Adam Sandler he's figured out he's #and he he he he is trying to tell him self. You're blowing it you're missing it here is an opportunity you had to go with your son and your father on this adventure and you wouldn't pay any attention. This would've been the last time you ever could've spent time with her father, and you blew it and you know is I think about that will list the clip you know that is at the end of the clip you hear something clicking right right any agreement he's rerunning.

The last thing his father said to him, which was I love you son any tester you have disparate anyways doing is he's rerunning it so I can hear his father's foreskin house and I add a grandpa you get so handsome son, Michael. I had a wonderful idea. Mothers think canasta with her friends tonight and I thought a great opportunity. You, me, and then should go and have a boys night out Can you have to delete some time. We could go to Whistler for the girls I'm down for that. See, he's down. I don't know what it means for he's a place give me that finger make you deal if you come track you man see quite well don't you know this stupid trick I've always known. Can you let me do my work so Nafeesa grandpa Nafeesa will send you some money today.

Our mission is it's a hard lesson and it's a hard lesson for earthly father, but actually when we begin to look at our life and our recently told my son. In fact, just last Sunday until my Sunday school classes for Thomas on this this morning. The best advice I ever got in my entire life was get up an hour early every morning in our earlier and spend time with your father and that doesn't guarantee that you're going to be vulnerable, but if if if you do do that.

It gives you the opportunity to at least begin to dig in. You know begin to see is there something here that I'm feeling you know and and I love a lot of the clips that were going to throughout the rest of the show and after our show so I hope you'll stay 10, Fort Pickens. It's deeper than just okay.

I want to get there right you gotta open up Pandora's box and and once you begin to began the begin to be vulnerable with God and will be telling stories along these lines than he opens up opportunities for you to really grow that you know may not necessarily. If I don't know. I signed up for all this is kind of a deal.

Sometimes you get some context of the you are thinking concepts context of the craziness that's going on in your life. It may be that there something behind that more than what you really realize, I know that this particular clip hit hard for me when I was first a father. I didn't really know what to do at home to be successful, but I knew what to do at work to be successful inside justified staying at work. Lots hours I was me my kids games and things like that that there is lots of the rest of their life.

I missed out on right and in a lot of the honestly was always this fast forwarding because I knew what to do.

There I knew how to play the game at work, you know, I didn't know how to lay the game with the infant at home or with a wife that needed me really there and so in a lot of until my daughter really got in and was leaving the home after high school, when it really hit me is how much I'd fast-forward through her life and unfortunately unfortunately for her nines relationship. It's hard to go back and recoup that you have additional time from other kids.

It deftly setting and mode way to do things differently. You know, to make sure that I did shut off on the weekends and make sure was emotionally available as well as physically. There right here because we can do that as men especially we can fast-forward through life and not really check in at any point you have the Adam Sandler clip got me thinking okay where was I not engage with my dad at times and in the years little story to same thing as men. Women think about that were in.

I felt Adam Sandler basically is in his own way and what keeps me from God isn't anybody else that isn't really anything other than me.

It's I will go there. There's a certain times and certain things in my life and I'm so much closer. Now I can think about is why didn't I just do this so much earlier, there is this so much pain-and-suffering other things you go through that UI closures can be of the way she's going to be this way. Things that I really wanted in my life.

I didn't go after next. Thinking of story that when I was young I remember riding my bike out to cope go across town. Some of his account statement.

Her mile that the busy highway. It ran down the central Illinois going to go there though because Saddam ago or my dad's shop in a little work on the engine that we took apart and running rebuild it is like I just come on out we got school come on over whenever the site okay. For some reason I don't cross the road is all I can think about it, he's busy. He doesn't have time for me. The only if I go to get in trouble if I go across space but we are spending time these will be working but he's going to be helping me in this and that I never ever even rebuild that engine because I for some reason to shut down knights realize that there are so many things in my life were. I don't go after it.

That I really want one white. Why don't I go there so that's one thing Jetton trying to be vulnerable stranded really go into that place work take me in there only to understand what is about me that even though I really want something I don't seem to want to fight for that now.

I seek to use the easy path. I don't go after things are the things that are really care about fight for that because of her hallucinating.

I don't know what is tough.

Maybe it's a big risk is something you mentioned there is a grievance get over vulnerability. That's too busy right that's Too much going on get so much more on this topic in the after hours working on getting some answers. Hopefully what it looks like to be vulnerable with God and the outcomes of that would love for you to be at the next boot camp got get some amazing things you want to do with you there.

It is November 18 through the 21st back in Carolina Bible camp at a tremendous place to go to masculine to register for that. If everything you'd like to reach out to us go to our website and then send this message.

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