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Vulnerability With God After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 22, 2021 8:00 am

Vulnerability With God After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 22, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the vulnerability with God, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Chosen," and "Evan Almighty."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent. Another topic covered. So sit back and masculine journey starts here now welcome to masculine journey after hours talking about vulnerability again today. We talked about it last week with being vulnerable with others and what gets in the way this week were talking about being vulnerable with God and what can get in the way and so if you do listen the first podcast or first show, you could go back and listen to it real quickly is what some of the things that can get in the way of being vulnerable with God and he is something. Yeah, I think probably the first one would be pride. Pride and fear. I think of the biggest to me and anyone else I was at the trifecta of me myself and I week the three of us always have and it tripped over something in the way the tripping Trinity is going. It's a classic triple threat sit. Anyone else Jimmy had a son you have, where we not Rodney kicked off our being vulnerable. Well, so that's sort of looking for.

I still can't find my words. It reminded me of a Rich Mullins line in the song always gets me. Because it's me, it's all fight you for something I don't really want rather than take what you give that I need and when you talk about his dad.

I remember I love flying because my dad loved fly and he would have the will and I would be in my mind is young kid flying and then later he let me do things that weren't dangerous never got a pilot's license because I know help that I am attention to detail and important, but it really took me there and I love my time with God and I did have a good day with God today and I love doing that. So why don't I pursue it, and it is is primarily out of the fear that I will be asked to set up but I really don't want to do.

Yeah there is fear. There's there's the relinquishing control.

That's the broad part of yeah yeah that's what really can play that role. We don't have recognize absolutely were deceived and that no doubt about it, but we definitely did is pride that I know how to handle my life but if I let go, who knows where I'll end up in your always on my going to Africa, the mission trip to Africa. We think we have controlling in God does allow us to the ability to make really bad decisions he doesn't stop us around so we do have some level of control in the midst of it units a whole letting go owners from the Fisher got an example no spare this squad a few years ago when I have been going through a pretty bad time, I made my cell phone. God convinced me that I needed to confess before the entire congregation.

What I needed prayers and forgiveness for and I remember standing up. Send something along the lines of a name is not Jimmy Carter but I'm guilty of lust well when when you've been a part of the congregation for many years we had at that point and and still do now coming up on 45 years. There, but you gotta get ready pride and it you know I had to, but it was something that I felt like God wanted me to do rather than just get down on my knees in the room at home and say God forgive me about us because I felt like doing it the way I did that I might influence other people that had a need that could be met but being vulnerable can put you in a bind again and it will be God's got that plan all kind of worked out and did a couple things I was thinking of it. We talked about merely shown move on from areas agreements that we make with the enemy and specifically about ourselves or about God. You can get in the way and then to start our upbringing of what our view of God was. You can get in the way of having a vulnerability if it is not a trust relationship or not a relationship that's really there right and go to church for latter years not have a relationship with God. You were never vulnerable with your parents, how are you do that with God unless you know he breaks through you and you have the first clip itself from the TV show the chosen chosen season two episode monitors watched it. Not too long ago and when this topic came up was like okay I know the perfect thing work for what I see vulnerability is now we were talking earlier vulnerability to me. You know it can be a variety of things. They can be vulnerability for past wounds or deep sand zero it can be current things that you're dealing with whether it meets sends or whether it be God's calling you to do something a step out in faith like he had people to do in the Bible we just don't want to do that, you know whether it's sharing our faith. Whether it's become involved in a particular ministry.

Whatever it is you know, a lot of times we resist those things and to talk to God about God doesn't sit there. One is to decide okay on were likely go and do it, and are truly not in it he would rather us voice our concerns or whatever, about what's going on so since sorry I got off course.

There, but I was just sharing sure my heart of the way I saw vulnerability, but in this particular instance.

This is like you said it's from the chosen it's Jesus in his interaction with the Samaritans. He was could've went around Samaria but he chose to pass through and the scene before. This is actually his interaction with the lady at the woman at the well and this is particularly Samaritan that he goes to eat supper with an the back story is his disciples had a blast this man by someone is feel clean in and out got it all. Prepare, but he goes that he wants to eat dinner with this guy and I start talking about this man's story and finally give it all away. We'll talk about it on the other side of the in-depth you part of the clip totally all I can price the compound was also writing. Wait for them to Jekyll. We attempted you money and time. Sean knocked him down to take the Jews belonging to bond was tonight not post that I was in 10 minutes when she threw me to crawl on my elbows and phone back to Chicago was soft and you know you know I so what you have is this is a Samaritan you know you get to choose mixed in, and they go only with this family and the Jews are all you can see him on the on the on the movie you can see just kind of how they are pulling back to from this matter will this Samaritan actually you know he needed money and he he just explained he was vulnerable with Jesus and basically explained his crime that you can see in the dialogue have Jesus, pulled that out of the story and that's how that God does with us. A lot of times when it's hard for us to be honest with.

He will be gracious and try to pull the story out of us. But as it goes on. Basically, Jesus tells them that you know what all that the even the man that you thought that you killed. You know he lived unites taking care of and I think it kind of plays off the good Samaritan story on that, but the end of it is, as Jesus was gracious in this man's vulnerability.

And what's really cool you don't see this bit and then in the next scene you see the get that guy that was basically confessed and explain the situation.

He wakes up eel the next day and then you say shot of Jesus smiling and yes just the way Jesus doesn't mean were vulnerable were open to him. He comes in and blesses our lives and then we were healed from whatever you know we are experiencing that wound or that sin. Yeah, I think they know specials you're dealing with wounds and obviously that's why God operates and I do like the beginning I clip that almost playfulness of Jesus acting like he doesn't know right right right meaning is a story buddies like I didn't see Apache just trying whatever it is answer Playfulness around the candidate draws that story out as you talk about. I think that there there is also times that we were vulnerable with the and we never ever know the outcome right that's true right or we don't know the outcome. Yet right, but he still calls us to that vulnerability billing that obedience to share and then you know were to leave the results up to him yeah and their situations and if you have kids there going to make decisions that you don't necessarily like for them.

You don't think the great decisions for them. They may come a lot of times are not anything you can do you know and and I found myself many times in those situations is saying Jesus I need help here. I don't know how to handle this. I don't know what to do or what not to do is give me some direction give me some insight on what to do and he'll be gracious in and help you along the way. I don't know the outcome of the situations, yet they're still playing out yet in height still gives me trust when I can be vulnerable with him and and he responds to and I think that's the key to only talk about vulnerability really is to God's desire for us to be honest with them. It's no different than him calling out to Adam in the garden, you know he wanted Adam to admit that he was naked and he was afraid you'd like.

He had Adam had to come to terms of of what his state.

What is before and and be honest with God to tell about it for God to be able to do anything for right is long as we get that barrier between us and God. We can get to the healing we can get to what's there and ReVia and he said this a couple of shows ago that you know that the definition of intimacy. That's really what were talking about here is that's what God desires is is this to me. See Lucas defense. As you can find, and when you do.

I love the thing I love about that clip and in the listeners had ever seen the series would necessarily know the guys limping around really bad and he's crippled buddies crippled more than just physically crippled.

I he's crippled in that you you you can see in the way he speaks that he feels is phenomenal guilt. That's just absolutely unbelievable. And yet you know to get back to the early part I don't know that if he checked his gauges that he realized in our feed of this check engine light was flashing at him because he's just trying to get through life and he's gonna brace for another day. With his with his cripple while you know I think about my own struggles like if you know me maybe eight years ago 2014 so you know I have a lot of struggles my life.

Sam at a meeting you know after hours after after after hours unit became vulnerable. Talked about the struggle he was having with forgiveness father actually means technicalities interacting with his inner little Sam and as he described this very vulnerable situation and how he had gotten his counseling. It gave me hope because he was vulnerable. It set off this opportunity for me to be formal and so as I listen to Sam. I was like man. Could this help me with the thing that I feel worst about my life which is at that point in time my diction pornography and so the very next morning. I'm like God and here we are. And you know and I know this is this is something I just can't be, you know, is there something in my story like same story as our little Robbie story in their that I need to know about that you can and and just like your clip and eat there. There was a story. And so Jesus is the ally Rob you got a story solicits you know when I took 45 it came to my mind of shenanigans that have gone on with me sexually when I was younger and he helped me pick out the unit was like ding ding ding ding.

That's the one, and it was something that happened with a family member like summary people stories is at an and essentially you know just make a very long story short, I got my innocents taken away and God wanted to give me back my innocent car so I was vulnerable with God. In doing so I got my innocents card which gave me forgiveness and I like that cripple man didn't have the guilt anymore but I still walk around the limb because I was crippled to really share this with my family which is where it really needed to be shipped. In other words, one thing to admit your sins one to another, but actually the person you're sending against you know that so that's a biggie.

And so it just coincidentally there was a couples retreat that was coming up like two weeks later you can imagine this scene like Tammy been very specific with me if you know and she ever saw like we went to see fireproofing as were coming away from fireproof if I ever found out that you look today is big like that.

You know I would divorce June 2. Yes, I knew right then I was real safe to share all my secrets and size like man and so here we go on this couples retreat and they have, of all things never even heard of it before. You know, the last day there, like okay we wanted to add to Apple covenant not cone but covenant of silence okay and this is you and you and your spouse. And in this double covenant of silence that Darren Samet drained up. We want you to share something with your spouse that you've never been able to share 08 now when I I this and that there's no explaining the difference tween into me see. Okay to where you've actually received forgiveness from the person. In other words, this back.

I felt bad because he killed the Samaritan while the Samaritan was sit in front of me and and in your getting that kind of into me see as a result of because as we talked about when there vulnerable God he's gonna take you.

He wants to get a complete healing. In other words, he doesn't want you just to get rid of the guilt he wants you to get rid of the Canaan and jump for joy and all those kind of things well. Clearly, it was a long healing process before you get a jump for any joy. However, like oh my goodness what a gift. As a result of being originally vulnerable God, which only again what happened would not have happened had Sam not been possible with us. Think you're having a anything today was really thinking about the show be honest I can't member what happened. Click back story. Eli's car broke down and was in the shop and she's been driving while pickup truck which is great. It's 1975 pickup since one is a big old ones and he's been driving it is a he said that you need.

Listen to size us in the car and Mike yeah that's a water pump it's going to go out at some point you knows that you know what you should get your car back next couple days is try to take it easy on the tracking on the next day calls me and you and the belts are broken and I think the water pump I received is what happened then and I salute went and got the car and got home well I was thinking about something know my password to something else and I'm thinking about someone and I remember the person was honestly thinking about them not being initiated by incising an unsinkable dinner been initiated in this and he's like well initiated you Mike yeah good point and then I got to this took car thing and I said yeah he's never been initiated and that got new psycho initiated you and that you brought me back to a memory that shared a Boot Camp of being so angry when I was young.

My first car. The water pump went out and had no idea how to change it.

My dad had a stroke at that point, there is no way you could help me. My friends dad was trying tell me how did over the phone in which I didn't know what the note was he was with me to look for it. I is right next the alternator. Mike okay what to look like Ray and you had all these things well when God said to his initiated you and that I thought you know I got the truck at home. I didn't take it to the shop and would take to the shop that will only look at a mobile mechanic me about something else and then I just did not understand and fix it. My file, it is not yet, so if he listens a show he'll find this going on the weekends.

I have a ones, have a water pump. There may have the that the belts and working to fix it. And if we can't fix it. What's worse can happen to get some I don't fix it right but it's like you know God against us. And I still want to help initiate you you in your vulnerability and allow you to help initiate your son, you know, and I'm actually kinda looking forward to the project now probably not be looking forward to when you have a 1975 Chevy the bolts of Kenneth breasted in a kinda tough to get those off, but it was part of the I was thinking of someone else in vulnerability and God kept bringing it back to me in such a good thing.

It was such a good thing for my heart's okay, maybe there's redemption from something when I was 17 years old, which is the same AGI is right now all before before the whole audience to write down the street have to give an update and if you might yeah it'll be a little baby in the appropriate month for get to bed that's the pickup just sets outside anyway and get another clip actually yeah we have time for this is from Evan Almighty, and in this clip what's happened before this Evan's wife has prayed asking for the family to become closer and so she's really vulnerable to God and then Alice and her husband decides he's supposed to build an ark and if you don't see the movie sorry and run some of it but she gets really frustrated and fed up and kinda leaves him and she stops at this restaurant where she has an encounter with the waiter who asked also happens to be God and want you to listen how it plays out in no long story but I like stories has been New York's Nella in the art. I love that start knowing you think about God's wrath and anger. 11. What is the story about the ark is shown.

A student might sign just like new. Everybody in side-by-side says God told him to do it that sounds like an if someone presentations you think God gives him to give them patient is afraid got to be courageous if someone prayed family you think 1 to 2. It's a great perspective, sometimes with things we don't understand happen.

God's got a use for those the rest of story of me in the car.

It is actually much deeper than that. I only thing of ever done on a car in the last 30 years is change the brake pads and the rotor now because I learned how to do that anything other than that I took it to somebody because I was fearful be quite honest, afraid that I would not know what to do and there be nobody there to help me write. Insert God had heard that and I said that to him in ways that I hate this feeling this way, and I can work on houses I can work in the hands of learned how to do that over the years. This is just a different type of project. Why am I so scared and so I look at this as an opportunity and it may not come out okay, but that's all right to gotta bring some money in the father, me and show me how to do it right but it gives me an opportunity to redeem something that once I thought was lost right and I'll gain some strength back in being, having been bondable is what the goal is and what I hope to do and in some really kinda excited about that project because it's been a lot of years and a lot of agreements in the making. If that makes any sense. Never quite so go ahead now ointment notes to Dale cleanly has houses they get out the not sure why but my second marriage would you have got up. They're still married and weighed 57 years and it was going back to will come out earlier I don't make this work and I found myself living at my grandmother's house with many broken relationships to failed marriages in doesn't take long to figure out that your pictures broke and I found myself by my bedside one night of prayer is if Ms. Wright has passed me by.

Make me okay with that and if she hasn't you going to have to make it so obvious that even his 80 can get and I will smile my heartfelt prayer was an short time later I met pretty vulnerable.

There near and dear so short time later I met Michelle, my wife, who December will have been married 19 years you could add the other two marriages of mine and hers together and not get 19 worked out for the best but just not knowing and letting godly ants part of it and I think that being bondable is a saying that I don't have all the answers.

I don't know how to fix my sin.

I can't be strong enough on my own.

I need you.

I can't. I don't how to handle the situation with my kids. I don't know how to handle the situation with my spouse or worker with finances. Fill in the blank, but to be vulnerable to him and say I know how it's gonna work out.

I trust that you can walk with me through it in order to get through together, working to find some healthy place on the other side, whatever that looks like our website masculine register for the upcoming boot camp November 18-21. This is the Truth Network

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