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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 27, 2021 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 27, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The march towards the boot camp continues. The discussion this week is about going from being a poser to being authentic. The clips are from "Mr. Mom." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man raise a great adventure.

Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey radio show. So, this is Amy Thomas coming at you and that was my first pose.

That was my attempt to be family and you'll understand what I was on about pose it right here and it that you know we are getting ready for the big camp April 29 to May 2, and in doing so were trying to prep it with some of the content will be talking at the talks will be giving you over there and we happen to follow Mr. Graham's topic of the big camp and will let him open up and share little bit about what's on his heart to share and posing is something we are all very familiar with.

We have no self-awareness whatsoever. It could be either one for you guys out there, but sadly our alpha dogs who are probably our best posers Sam and Robbie are out tonight so you're stuck with not here to argue it is very absent going to call them all we want, and I we don't have Sam to ask tough questions without any warning whatsoever. We we love and not doing, but that I were talking about posing and there's a lot of different words for that one that you find in the Bible is hypocrisy that is is posing one you'll find and has at Hebrew Jim hypocrisy. I can't say that Greek either because Greek was my lousy wearing a mask is the meaning of hypocrisy and that's, the way you usually hear from the psychological babble is you wearing a mask and it is it's basically not being authentic. It's not being who we really are. That's not having integrity, which is being altogether. I know we really hate to go to Bible with this, but were going to start out tonight with my will for getting course, we could start a funny clip and then go to the Bible.

While we do that all right break it up break it up okay with its own you a thinker who sent that are I thought I said you were going so I will closing again so go ahead and run it. We got we think about pose this movie just jumps out so much as it so popular and so funny bits. Mr. mom and so everybody of the generation Lisa sitting on this table knows it very well younger generation has asked my son he popped in for the day-to-day needs and he's never seen Mr. Monk that's cotton this clip out the gym at the last minute like oh now is that you've never seen Mr. mom to great show.

So what we have here is a dad who was a working dad had a stay-at-home wife taking care of the kids and the roles are reversed.

He gets fired his wife's going to work. This is her getting picked up the very first day going to her work and the boss comes to the door in the limo.

You know that he walks at the door knocks on the door and then you got Jack whose dad doing the big pose of. He's a real manly man in this yell pose of him doing all this stuff and you guys get to pick out some of the pose and there this coming out will point out maybe little bit afterwards that you might not get his all under one from holding wing walls at that required every case is yeah everything will all nice so okay I I there's a man right there is think he's losing everything he's gotta be somebody's not just goes way overboard makes it obvious that's that's one way to pose you guys were just talking about Smothers to we have many ways of posing and we often look at thing we do it without even thinking about it and didn't want to offer that up for you guys.

I will see him a little bit talking to his side and coming around Mr. mom Gary is a little bit more authentic. Yes yeah well like selling and fascia went well. When are we not posing you know we would pose a work you know that Andy and IRI 19 in where the king of Google. I'm sure you always can drop at two 2221. Whatever works in a now it hasn't mattered in the IT industry is full of the three letter acronyms just pick one extra exciting slots to hide behind that's that's right that's right but easily get out its all poses get exposed. Eventually write some of them are like me, obviously the 2221 anybody knows anything about electricity. That's the yeah yeah and that's basically wiring your entire house for a dryer all in Christ… Craig go down that road, but you know the in the same happens especially if you know anything about what's going on in the topic of discussion. You can quickly pick out the pose and so you know they were all hiding from something were all fearing that something and I noticed that you know often men when they first meet each other.

The first thing they do is what you do for the event there that there's a big difference if how important are you right well they were busy placing ourselves in the proverbial pecking order. Try it out with the business is a big difference between no brain surgeon and sanitary exactly the gym you want to serve them and do. That's a pretty good lead into Jesus talking about hypocrisy to the yeah fellows that are following him around. He is talking them directly us is beyond be on guard guard yourselves against the whole Mets of the Pharisees.

That's the 11% of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.

He basically says the sentence hypocrisy to them. Starting verse two. Oh and this is Luke 12 verse two there is nothing covered up. That will not be revealed, and nothing hidden that will not be made known. Therefore, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light and what you are spoken in private rooms will be proclaimed from the house tops. How many of us think about that when were talking in our daily lives. I'm a little lies we tell when I was growing up, I would tell you whatever I felt when come across best to make me look best. That's posing and I was a master at being able to say something that was factually accurate, but would steer you somewhere else entirely. That was a Bennington College light lies right well I didn't call them lives in is a lot told you that I won't say I told you the truth, because if it's not the whole truth and it's not truth but who else has opposing incident and were all looking at data. He is a pastor to ever wear professional poser. I was thinking along the lines of this eclipse is molded in addictions and stuff like that was superimposing, so to speak. We call it. We called it the chameleon effect and Jim you mentioned it tried to fit in that I think this will your desires and your hardest affiliated be accepted in the easy way. It seems to do that is to pose because I will present something you may or may not like, and so you did that most of my life, maybe not as bad now but but try not to be good not having to rush but yeah I think you know when you think about where did all this start is right and you don't start all you think about it you know.

And Adam chose Eve over God and they discovered they were naked after they've that the fruit from the tree and was the first thing they do.

They hi right you know eat it in another part of the Bible because now God comes into the garden and goes Adam where are you, like he does not know this is the creator of the universe and Adam's responses very rude feeling. I was afraid therefore hid and were also heightened today. You know or were heightened at work or hiding from our wives pick what we had from our kids half the time and you know I knew we had things like when you know I was a kid we walked uphill both ways in the blowing snow is when we get called out right did tends to be that the fear real fear that we face and we tend to avoid those kinds of situations it's AEN as Jim was talking earlier, you know, a post to be an offset high right be literally hiding sit back in the corner. You know, one of my favorite pastimes is to sit like a fly on the wall in a 19 meeting and watch these guys in just sit there and giggle at whoever's trying to up somebody else to impress her boss mostly yeah definitely I think what that's what we do.

We we take those opportunities to put on the best base in Eau Claire. Everybody falls in love with that faith. So will be talking to you on the other side of the break.

Jim got a nice about forcing the get a masculine What if one weekend wasn't up to you when masculine journey basic training designed to give men permission to be how God made warriors based on John Martin experience four days purpose for God to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires placed in your masculine heart during spring camp April 29 May 2, masculine and register today. I this is my son Eli talked about ways he smiled at him and smiled at him as his information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find fax 559 okay I got it, pretending that you're probably right well versed on bicarbonate I said I hope Bob and I found out that Keith is wonderful guy that does everything and we gave them at about 20 minutes ago. Could you get this and he did. But I love that song and when we did this topic.

It hit me while we were sitting around talking about it. That is just a song that says it all, great pretender.

I baking it when you do what you think I'm doing well, and that's one of things that we do in church. I was just like that baby you know I all all too often you know you you go to church and you you talk to your friends and how you doing I'm not biased I'm blessed you know. And there is always the canned answers when you know you may have just gotten done.

Being a drag out fight of the way the church would take your wife and kids just getting there. You get out there basics on their that happy little faces and smile and you know you left on your guarded church and you know now everybody's like, oh, I know you're out.

I've been where you where you are, you know will win most the time you know who is authentic in the area. If that's the funny part about posing as everybody knows you're being fake.

Nobody's buying the posts and they're doing a lot of it themselves. And you know it it's a shame that that that's some of our culture wouldn't say everyplace. Every church is like that but I think there is a tendency to do that everybody wants but the best for work and sometimes people fail fake it to you make it and stuff like that which is which is true but you would never find growth are healing. If you stay in that place where everything is good know you're lying to yourself and your mind of the other people and they know your lines.

Like Jim said, and it's like that there's really no victory in that there is no truth and really what were trying to get back his quit. Live it out of the false self living out of the true self and that true self looks a lot more like Adam.

Before the fall than it does you know on this other side all reasons that I wanted to take this quickly from the pose to integrity is that's my word for that year and I've never had so much trouble with one because I catch myself all the time. I've got a new canned response when somebody asked how I'm doing. I have to, forget it and half the time when I don't forget it. I have to actually think about it and make it so before I say it, but it's I'm content which is what Paul calls us to do, but apparently it however we are to set a Rodney about this and that the place of contentment. Well we would all like to be there and this past year encoded world was actually one of my most contented beers I've ever had last two boot camps. I was kinda one of my major themes that I had was just the knowledge of God and knowing that I'm his "beloved son, I mean what more could you do the more you learn, the more you grapple with who you really are in Christ.

It just makes everything so much better.

So for me that's where I've really been, even though the world's going nuts. I'm simply content to have it. It's really funny. The responses I get. Again, I sometimes pause until I make certain that I am content that I get diametrically opposed responses I've had people all I'm so sorry what's wrong when I said I was content like this is lawful and then I've had people all that's wonderful.

That's a great place to be, but it rarely gets a okay what will like the content would be all your content you're not really desiring anything handling exactly instead of saying being like your settling you say no I'm settled, which is another good place to be. So we got another clip coming up and it's actually where Jack throw Philip back over there to rob you subjective objective things that right Mr. Ma and enter the gospel and were moved were talking about moving from the poser poser to integrity and on authenticity and those are important places to be, because I think a lot of us we walk around here with this false self. And whenever you feel like you're walking around is who you are, what it meant to be. Not him to where a facemask or trying to get people to fall in love with somebody that you're really not. There is a lot of freedom that comes so immense when does get to the root of our dependence on the pose right just going to sit abroad yet so you had Jack before he was in overalls and a T-shirt with the chainsaw her own and when walking in the house has no idea about what the heck he's talking about with no knocking out walls in the house rewiring only I sculpt and I write poetry, and I do all this other stuff you know he's currently not sick well as he settles into his life at home with the kids now is try to get groceries trying to do laundry's trying to make dinner and lunch and all this other kind of stuff for the kids and get his wife off to work in the morning.

He's a total wreck, and then there's the next-door neighbor that comes over that tries to seduce him.

And all this other stuff in that's that's when I think he finally starts getting that reality of all my gosh how far off the rails.

Am I here so we start to come around this whole time he's got this old shirt that is wearing that it's a big heavy shirt and it just never washes it is looking like a bomb. He's just kinda lost all of his heart. And finally, this scene starts off with him and Kenny in one of his other sons, but Ken is the one Scott will and so like Kenny Grant to be men here need he throws his shirt into the fireplace and then Candice wasn't all that will be big Kenny doesn't wanted to give it up quite yet. So that's where we pick up the scene. Cliff nice you and I have to have Manman talk here that you will be will be looking that when now I listen to me. I understand you little guy. Start out with your whooping and you think they're great and they are they are terrific, but pretty soon will be around Street trying to score an electric blanket you quilt and the next thing you know you strung out on bedspreads can serious now. Kenny okay give it to me for couple of days.

If it doesn't work you got to looking back, please, I can't ask you okay and he's got the city down.

No, these very short, very quick. I don't think we can have any clip that shows authenticity better than getting yeah and then you get is not doing so badly that will and then just take take would be out of that conversation and put in the word pose and then you define whatever pose you're doing today. Right now at this time, which when I'm doing I'm trying to Mr. radio show knows poses right so you take out that that word will be go in whatever you want to enter. That's is just leading us into something else is leading us deeper down into another path because as soon as you tell one my what you come up with another light make one pose. You cover with another pose and wants us to be. This will who was I to you and who's out what the other person get a hold of the life you live in Paris, no, we didn't unite us to think any response. He's not really ready to give up quote his pose. At the time, and neither are we. A lot of times, a lot of times it's a process you may see those things in yourself that are posing or you may may have a morning for that, like he was doing he didn't want to give up will be will we don't want to give up that thing about where we've always sought approval in one people to fall in with what fall in love with what they see on the outside and not really know who we are and what I saw in this is how we broken the Scripture room and go back Scripture to look at his jacket and GM. He was talking about Genesis 3 and Genesis to the last phrase in Genesis 2 is and they were naked and unashamed and several years ago that Scripture hit me pretty hard to think of a dark place and it was sober was doing church thing, doing all the right stuff but was Diana and that Scripture hit me about it is about authenticity is about being naked and ashamed and only run around naked that'll go to the norm. I think that but good is good work, but that I have a word yet if I can. So just in one of those places. It was funny that my wife and I had a argument for church swimming diamond we get to church and I put all my game face and I go in and I'm thinking I've got this thing all SMI who really didn't know me really well comes up and goes. Are you okay is broken. No, but I will be in a minute and I went apologize right there. We had it you probably had more church and in the but that's the unit that's the thing is to tear down those things in is a constant battle any of the goals you guys are either truck you drive what you do for living near death and in those kind of things they make us almost in the in the posing temperature home improvement are we all have times where we just slammed into him because that's our nature that's what's easy and we need people like the person that hardly knew you to call us out on map and that's a big part of the brotherhood. We have, and Jim has something that I don't know you know EDA is I think this see you know through I you know I think of that looking nations, which is basically a security blanket which we all have, but where were always trying to find them. That spot where we can live without being in fear and I'm telling you the most authentic thing you can do is find a brother that she can be apathetic with and is most freeing thing in the world.

You can talk about anything for me, your fears, your your successes oppose you know how that works.

So come to the boot camp April 29 through May 2 and you'll get to hear Jim talk about the pros and liner clips definitely get a mescaline to get more information.

We got lots out their blogs and information on the big camp so please come and see if the camp thanks this is the Truth Network

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