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Some Shocking News from Nigeria to New Jersey, and Answers to Your Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 7, 2017 4:41 pm

Some Shocking News from Nigeria to New Jersey, and Answers to Your Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 7, 2017 4:41 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/07/17.

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From Nigeria to New Jersey not want to miss what's coming next stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown flight. I hope you had eight weekends ahead of amazing weekend in many ways and want to share something with you that you be quite interested in hearing welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us today. If it any point. Want to join in the discussion. Give me a call at 86634 literally will be covering news of interest to you from New Jersey to Nigeria or probably the reverse order terms of the order, the broadcast from Nigeria to New Jersey and interestingly, there is one word that unites those two stories which will find out as we share more with you 866-34-TRUTH 87884F at any point you want to join in the discussion at about the half hour mark of this first hour will be bringing on an attorney who leads the Thomas more Law Center and he'll be discussing some very disturbing news from New Jersey the second hour. We plan to open the phones to take your calls as well on a wide range of subjects. As we continue to do her best to make room, everything we can for you got questions, we've got answers as we do that on Friday.

Try to make room, especially in the second hour of the broadcast.

As we have opportunity again the number 866-34-TRUTH 7884 okay the weekend there was a conference that took place at Southern Evangelical seminary, which is low but outside Charlotte, North Carolina, attended by all hundred plus people on God's sex and gender. Different speakers Dr. Richard land Dr. Frank Turek and myself. We tackle different subjects. Mine was Kenya began Christian and then we had a debate didn't look like were going to be able to have a debate because we couldn't find anyone willing to debate Dr. Turk and myself and then to local reference stepped forward and said that they would be happy to do it and they was cooperative and cordial as could be, were thrilled to toot to be able to sit down with Rev. April Johnson and Rev. Lindell Benson and to debate the subject must love and tolerance equal affirmation. In other words, can I truly love someone can actually have a tolerant attitude towards attitude towards them without affirming them at the same time, let's say for example my neighbor was a racist. Could I truly love that person could I truly be tolerant of them.

As a fellow human being, while not affirming their races, could I do that if my neighbor was a Hindu could I be loving and tolerant towards my Hindu neighbor will not affirming his or her Hindu is if my neighbors were a lesbian couple can I be loving and tolerant towards them without affirming their lesbianism. So this is what the debate was on it obviously was going to focus on the issue of homosexuality and it turns out that that April Johnson River, and Johnson is identifies as lesbian, so this came out in her very first comments, opening comments, but what God very interesting as a debate went on was that it became framed as a black/white issue that here Frank Turek.

I her white and the two individuals were debating were black and it became framed as a black/white issue course when we were chatting before hand. Before the debate. II said to River Johnson. Rev. Benson just great hangout time. You probably 45 minutes before the debate I said those that bothers me about the composition of the panel is good to whites was two boxes is the end with white versus black.

It ended up that that was some of the rhetoric that came were some of the arguments the criminals and sent a meeting with some of the arguments that came forward.

I want to address those you decided break and then from there we go to Nigeria. Yeah, you read my latest article you want to ask Dr. that's the place to go in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown look into the line of fire, 866-8788.

We hope to have a professionally edited, professionally shot video of the Saturday debate in our YouTube channel.

In the days ahead. But right now you can watch it on my Facebook page Esther Gibran a.s. Kate DR Brown on Facebook. It's a ready reached over 320,000 people.

It's a ready been viewed more than 32,000 times.

There are already well over a thousand comments on the thread that yeah so it's getting a lot of attention, 866-348-7884 so is the debate about homosexual practice, similar to the civil rights debate is the dominant class.

The majority class putting down another class of people, and in doing so, being oppressive and miss using the Bible to keep others down even to drive them to suicide and despair that was the line of argument that came out during the debate. In fact, at one point Dr. Turk and I were accused of just having a white supremacist position now every black Christian that I know that I spent time with friends, colleagues, and the many who have called in my show have all been very offended that Gaia is now the new black, or transgender is now the new black.

As one black civil rights leader said, I believe, and used it. He said I did not March 1 foot.

I did not March 1 mile so that man can have the right to use the woman's bathroom.

Words don't equate don't equate the civil rights movement with the plight of LGBT Americans today. I asked April Johnson and everything I want to say here is just is just describing what happened and the my commentary on okay reside. I don't want to describe anything in negative terms or unfair terms because I have the radio show the ability to talk and do this I want to describe things as is dispassionately as I can as freely as I can and then get my comments on I asked Rev. Johnson went how old she was when she came out as lesbian. Maybe she said around 14 then I asked her how old she was when she came out as blackball obvious. It was lighthearted but the point I was making is there's a difference yet to come out and declare yourself gay or lesbian, or trance, you don't come out and say I'm black okay and obviously there is no reputable scientific evidence that can say that skin color is the same as sexual desire romantic attraction other words, the neatness of skin color. The immutability of skin color cannot be rightly compared to one's romantic attractions and sexual desires and there is no reputable scientific evidence that anyone is born gay or that it's impossible for someone to have a change in their same-sex attractions and desires. So obviously you have one problem there sink is like. Another problem is to equate the sufferings of gay Americans with those of African-Americans. Yes, gay Americans suffered in our history and and some suffer right to the state yes understood, but you can compare that to the middle passage when millions of Africans die and slave ships being brought over to America. You gotta compare gay suffering today or in our history with it. The selling of African men and women in our country is as slaves in somebody else's possession, so you can compare, and that level either.

Moreover, there is no behavior associated with skin color. There is no romantic attraction or sexual desire or behavior associated with skin color.

So if I act out being white. What is it mean it means nothing if I act out being black. If I if I act out being of a certain ethnicity Hispanic or Asian what is that mean nothing because there is no particular behavior associated with skin color or ethnicity, but there is a behavior associated with saying I'm attracted to the same sex from attracted to the opposite sex OS again.

You cannot compare those categories. But here's here's a point that I made during the debate was wonderful to team up with Dr. Turk is brilliant as he is is clearheaded as he is as humble as he is the say hey were not when I hear pointing fingers and got my own issues to deal with were just asking what the Scripture say it and that was the point of and I kept emphasizing that Jesus reaches out to the margins because the firm people in emergency changes that he reached out to the tax collectors.

He reached out to the prostitutes reached out to the others that society would touch. He hung out with him. He ate and drank with them and change them in the front the prostitutes to say hey you know that your beautiful even if people say you're not. You're beautiful. You go out, get yourself some more men today knowing do that incident.

Tax collectors hey look, my prosperity comes from God so you you you work hard you make a living somebody extort a little but that's okay knowing the firm them in their sin.

He did not practices of said many a time, affirmation inclusion, but transformational inclusion is a said during the debate.

One of the one of the big issues I have was with this, that if you had two black leaders debating on our side. If you had, for example, make the names easy. Remember Bishop Harry Jackson Bishop Larry Jackson right strong conservative followers of Jesus. African-American leaders if you had them debating the issue versus Dr. Turk and me that what you say because you have all Blacks on the panel but but here's the irony of this of course I raise this in the debate is not a black-and-white issue. This is not an issue. Blacks side with gays and whites side with straights. No, in point of fact, if you look at national gay leadership is disproportionately white. If you look at organizations like the human rights campaign, the world's largest cactus organization human rights campaign in the past has been accused of not being racially diverse enough or that it would have enough women working forth mainly male whites. If you look at gay pride events. There are some cities where were black Americans will have their own Gay pride event and they are grossly under represented mists underrepresented at large.

Gay pride events, and if you remember when Pres. Obama was running for president 2012. Although, according to everything we know at this point, and to what I understood then she believed in same-sex quote marriage when he was asked about it when Rick Warren asked about it when he came up a couple of other times he emphatically and clearly said that as a Christian is to say curcumin marriage was union of one man one woman according to his to David Axelrod was campaign director them. He lied about that because he he knew that he could alienate black vote which is largely conservative black Americans when it comes to these moral issues when it comes to homosexuality are by a large more conservative than white Americans and if you go to a country like Nigeria will go to a country like Uganda will go to a country like Kenya where you've got strong Christian population there in the heart of Africa. You'll find that their opposition to homosexuality is much, much stronger than that of American Christians. In fact, I have Christian friends who went over to some of these nations are interacted with leaders there to try to get them to soften their position a little bit like don't don't have a death penalty for repeated homosexual offenses. You know that that's that's and they would say hey we have the same for heterosexual sent it doesn't matter us. Repeated heterosexual fences repeated homosexual offenses. It's the same thing or abusing a child.

It's the same thing, but that's what makes this so interesting that let's let's take this one step further in terms of farther was the father in terms of the irony here and ready the radical liberal theology that is pro-gay quote marriage, the radical liberal theology that wants to redefine marriage that wants to embrace transgender identity. This is who you are and you should celebrate it that in terms of the founders in terms of the main thinkers as white radical liberal theology has been primarily driven by white theologians. Yes, the black theologians involved as well but but I'm just making an observation. So, in point of fact that that the viewpoint to Dr. Turk and I were holding to not only is it the clearly scriptural viewpoint that you can love someone without affirming their sin when it comes down to these critical important social moral issues were all for loving and we are all for repenting with the churches failed to reach out would love to those with FIs LGBT. But the real irony is that our position is far, far closer to the African position to the historic position found in other non-white populations.

Ours is the one, much more in harmony with African beliefs and non-white beliefs right from here we go to Nigeria eight 663-3780 error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown some Nigeria and what about to share with you is very disturbing.

What adds to the pain is that we hardly hear this reported in the West, for whatever reason, the fact is we hardly hear about these things received an email this morning detailing just the most recent horror which is someone walking into a church building Catholic Church building in Nigeria yesterday and going on a shooting rampage, leaving 47 people dead right that that this is this is not the main thing I want to focus on but just thought I'd hear this elsewhere. Maybe it's being reported tragedy is gunman kills 47 worshipers in a number in unknown gunmen yesterday invaded St. Phillips Catholic Church located in such and such and community open from the worshipers during the morning mass at the end of the attack, about 47 persons lay stone dead, with many others critically injured the attackers motive are yet unknown just just an absolute horror. But if you want to hear something even more horrible and I bring these things up because we need to know we need to be praying it, wanting it can governments, other governments get involved to help the Nigerian Army but Joanne, who serves faithfully in Nigeria in the dirt poor region teaching little children and raising educational standards.

Training teachers and she teaches the kids some Christians of a Muslim summer totally animist and she's made clear hey we talk about Jesus in our school. We at and would rather that you could get a good education here or go some roles and thus get a good education where they don't mention Jesus but of the Army. Nigeria is now appealing to Muslim parents not to donate their children to Boca. Hurrah Boca from being the radical Muslims wreaking havoc in northern Nigeria the Nigerian Army wishes to appeal to religious traditional and community leaders as well as all well-meaning Nigerians, especially in the northeast of our country to help dissuade people from donating their daughter's rewards to Boca are on Terrace for indoctrination and suicide bombing missions.

Now are you ready for this. You ready for this from January to July so the first seven months of this year.

Quote Bogle hurrah terrorists have so far used more than 145 girls and suicide bombing missions you set.

Why are we hearing about the site.

I just did a little search for female suicide bombers. Nigeria and then I checked girl suicide bombers. Nigeria, I found an article from Al Jazeera dated March 15, 2017. This is the first was the chemical research an article from the Guardian so that's British dated December 9, 2016 article from the same date on CNN and Oracle on BBC from January 23, 2017. An article from the independent Jerry first tooth and something to lose only one article from a USA based new service only one all the others are six months old, except for the one from March the most current one almost 5 months old when I hearing anything about you think that something happened, six, seven months ago, eight months ago and it's terrible and it's not happening it's happening all the time. In the article goes on to list place after place after place, which signifies some of the girls, for example when when Chris euros were kidnapped a few years ago.

Member the rear.

The big appropriate Michelle Obama bring attention to it within can forget about what happened to the girls how many were rescued, how many were forced to convert to Islam, having been raped it. We just can out of sight out of mind when I hearing about. Think of things the news talked about these things regularly with the public outcry would be how the prayers would be increased. How we beat. Ask your administration can we do something that Kim can we do something. Can we help the Nigerian Army what what can we do is is a way to help rescue these kids. I mean our our consciousness or attitude or mindset would be very very different would not surely this time of the new cycle talk about these things, you 24 seven news a lot of it just sounds like latest gossip column and who said what anonymous sources this and if you liberal your grilling trump all the time. If you're conservative use defendant trump all the Thomas we got that we do have time, we do have time to talk about these issues so some of the girls kidnapped and just sent out the name know what they're doing. Investors can't just go talk to this man here or just do this or just do that will hurt your family if you don't whatever threats are used on those specific why little girls. Well, maybe less likely to be stopped. Maybe less.

See Micah assess the likely suspect in it. Are you going through airport security. You got a seven-year-old girl is going to check her as carefully as you check some angry looking man you know with Middle Eastern teachers so we can use that we some actually get radicalized summit. Some parents are donating their kids to Boca Rane. We need to train your kids.

This is for for the good of Islam, and to fight against the government did not really knowing what's happening so might even know what's happening with this is an unspeakable evil front, so here's what you can do right, go to my website Esther to ASK do your

Read the article pray for divine intervention and divine mercy and then share the article with a friend right sure the article with a friend and say hey would you read this all all I can do here is this raise my voice noticing if the local Nigerian government can only do so much of the local night. If the Nigerian Army can only do so much than than what can I do sitting or what can you do in your surveillance, but we can do what we can do when Joanne sent me this last night, I immediately thought I got a write about this and and and shout this out to the world of of talked about it here and there, but these figures are absolutely staggering so read the article share the article with others.

And let's pray for divine intervention for divine mercy for God to bring judgment on Bogle hurrah after God.

To say Boca raw members and brings them repentance forgot to miraculously free the kids who been kidnapped forgot to open the hearts and minds of parents to their degree of complicity they have with this for the Western media to to begin to shout this out on a regular basis until there is a world outrage and outcry, leading to more action being taken. We come back were going to New Jersey and you gotta be surprised to hear what's happening there and and listen if if you're Muslim listening to this, you are likely is sickened by the Bogle hurrah reported Siam I fully understand the vast majority of Muslims are not rejoicing a little girls blowing themselves up. Suicide bombers say that your listing, please do keep listening and is interested in your take on the story we are about to discuss will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is this is just a click headline is this just one of these extreme headlines with misleading information meant to provoke anger and hostility. Is this just something that is leading into rampant Islam.

A phobia in America versus accurate An article by Bob un-grew by know to be a reliable journalist US town bands residents from criticizing mosque. This is actually just part of a larger story and and were going to get into it today for the next few minutes you're on the line of fire.

I am joined by Richard Thompson who is the president and chief counsel of the Thomas more Law Center and he's directly involved in the situation. Richard welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for joining us. For every Dr. Brown asserted, is there anything in accurate in this headline US town bands residents from criticizing mosque, not at all product group video news release that we sent out. We are actually linked to the court order that incorporated a proper of video settlement agreement which basically said as a part of a hearing to also take place tomorrow evening and product that anyone speaking on the mosque construction at the proposed site cannot make any comments regarding Islam or Muslim is a part of the court order. It's a public document and that's what got her so angry in this lawsuit were not only did they override the zoning commission so rulings the zoning board ruling but then they added to the certain requirements. One of them being. You cannot mention Islam or Muslim.

Alright so at as crazy as this sounds, you would not be involved here with your law center´┐Ż Is really happening. And of course this is similar to what's going on in Canada on a national level that Islam, a phobia public speech against Islam which is now characterizes Islam a phobia is basically going to be and as hate speech. So let's just take a couple minutes and then we'll get into this more fully after the break.

Just give me the background about what happened here and in Bayonne, New Jersey.

The zoning issues in the mosque before we get to the criticism of Islam. Issue. You owe planning board of Bernards Township, New Jersey voted to deny the mosque application for several zoning issues that were problematic. Three months later on March 10 26. The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge and its president Mohammed Ali Chaudhry filed a federal lawsuit against the Township and the planning board and then on the this past May 23, 2017. The defendants entered into the settlement agreement with the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge and then send it on to the charge.

I have the judge incorporated the settlement in the agreement and in order that certain every term of that settlement agreement will be recognized as an order, enforceable by the court so that the settlement agreement which had entered as a provision in the hearing that supposed to take place tomorrow that no resident addressing the board convention make comments on Islam or Muslim which is a clear violation of free speech rights of every citizen in the United States.

But not only that it's a violation of the establishment clause which of those you know Dr. Brown basically does not allow a government entity to favor one religion over the other and in this case, there is no prohibition about thinking, it is specifically that you cannot make comments about Muslims is Islam is a reason behind that is, you may be critical of that religious doubt such a state's director will continue.

On the other side of the break.

It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my guest on the small war war center you might said I heard his name before. Yet you may have seen them on the O'Reilly factor MSNBC were Fox news CNN crossfire. You may remember his name because he prosecuted so-called Dr. death Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

He's argued cases directly at the Supreme Court, and now he is standing with the people of Bayonne, New Jersey over an outrageous ruling that says in the public hearing which is happening tomorrow night about the building of a mosque in their Township that they cannot criticize Islam. So we were interrupted by a break back to that.

I got a bunch of questions for you. Sure so you were saying that the establishment clause forbids exactly what's happening here that are out.

You cannot favor one religion over another. I imagine most of them say no we're the ones that are discriminated against. Where the ones that this is just leveling the playing field was having some kind of argument like that, but obviously it's fatally flawed. While it is flawed. Number one you look at the particular federal statute which they are of which they filed her lawsuit under the federal government under Obama filed several lawsuits supporting Muslim organizations attempting to build a mosque in areas that were zoned residential. So they have the full pot. Add the full power of the federal government behind them in the fact in New Jersey indicates that were involved with after the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge filed their lawsuit. Several months later about seven months later, the federal government, United States of America, represented by the department of justice filed their lawsuit against Basking Ridge excuse me against Bernards Township so that the Township board.

The planning board had to 22 filing lawsuits against them and they had to not only overcome your lawyers in New York, representing the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, but then they had to overcome the United States government with all its vast resources and several attorneys from the Department of Justice and signed on that second lawsuit. So if if there is no put a level playing field the playing field is not level against his level against the municipality which was doing nothing more than enforcing its zoning requirements and finding that the proposed mosque was billed for the for this particular residential area, in fact. In fact, Bernards Township told the loss supporters that there was another piece of land in the Township that would be favorably suited for the loss so that it was not a prohibition against mosque in general it was a prohibition of putting this mosque in a very small piece of land right in the middle of a residential area that the Township was initially complaining about the pending totally capitulated in the settlement agreement which I said was not a settlement agreement at all, but it an instrument of surrender, because not only did they agree to the mosque being placed in the inappropriate piece of land, but they agreed to play the boss $3.25 million in damages.

And then of course then they trampled on the Constitution by saying anyone that's going to oppose the construction of the mosque at this hearing tomorrow evening. Cannot mention Islam or Muslim which is ridiculous in the you're really talking about a mosque being put up and you have to talk about what you're going to talk about the residential areas in the zoning laws you have to talk about the unique features of Islamic worship.

Ditto it is not a Sunday worship. It is worship that takes place five times each day at the mosque. Have billed five different prayers and on Fridays. The major prayer that takes place, and this is a small street that cannot be widened. You're going to have huge traffic problems with it already.

The zoning board already heard from traffic expert such that it is the accident waiting to happen.

Secondly, you have some adjoining landowner. We represent the quickest, Christopher and Loretta quick, the sewer line that's going to go across that is connected to the proposed marks. This pinnacle right across their front line and there's very much concerned that the pipe for the sewer line was designed for residential area, not a building that's going to the house maybe 150 or 200 people at a time during these various prayers that take place daily. Yes. So I sought on every front. This is this is shocking and look you and I know that every day the week. Different counties and cities refuse permits for church buildings to go up and it is because it's it's just I can work in this area and I know friends it for years and years are working with zoning people try to overcome this hurdle and to try to overcome lateral because this is you just have to figure out it wasn't built for this and so on.

So this is all perfectly legitimate. If it could have been demonstrated that the zoning people were biased against Islam that that this was a this this was completely unfair and and they were Islamic phobic and they were all thinking that that all Muslims are suicide bombers, and even though there were no zoning issues fine of. That's not a problem but we can't let these monsters be our community then that should be exposed. That's ugly but it's it's actually not what happened.

These legitimate zoning issues, but because there were zoning issues against Muslims in a mosque.

Now it becomes a bigotry Islamic phobic issue so at this at this hearing that are there people who are going to try to speak up and challenge this band not mentioning Islam well we have a lawsuit is pending that there is one of your hearing on tomorrow morning around 11 area. I'm trying to get that injunction.

A preliminary court order that the restrictions the settlement agreement. As far as it goes relating to commentary about Islam or Muslim. The problem that we have is that for the last 60 days. The Township is pad on its website in notices of this hearing that no one can comment about Islam or Muslim and were concerned that a lot of people who would want to comment on Islam or Muslim are not going to be able to do that now it's relevant to the issues involved.

As I indicated, because you're in a residential area.

There are all these homes are residential area are in the residence residential area, but Islam requires Muslims to pray five times a day of the afternoon prayer service is the most important service of the week and it is also a very busy day. As far as traffic goes all these unique factors that Islam is excellent, yet can I just ask prayer calls as well. Going off in the mosque height. I don't think so.

I'm Not positive about. I know that there were some to start. I'm not sure that that is a part of the settlement agreement so I don't want to speak on that, but I'll save it. If there is it let me tell you a couple years down the road they're going to ask for that.

And then they're going to say if anyone denies that that your violating religious freedom yet so we just got a minute sooner. Is there anything that we can do most of us listen, don't live over there. A cipher pray for your success or join with your loss into anything that can be done right now.

Well I think the best thing to do is for all of your listeners should be alert to what is going on. Not only does Jersey foot across the country. There are several communities that are being challenged now. The parties Muslim or Islamic organizations are using it as a way to make money basically will go in and out picket residential area and those that we want to mosque up there and then of course there will be hearings and will be denied and the real lawsuit, the insurance companies before speak be of the Township to settle in, no walk away. The Islamic side of Basking Ridge with $3.25 million and the right to construct of our spirits happened in Sterling Heights, Michigan. It's happened in several other New Jersey communities that become a way of ill. It's like the lawyers and it got one last question is you can stay through the break.

One last question for you write that you file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is rejoining a string fire voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity of speaking with Richard Thompson. He is currently president, chief counsel of the Thomas more Law Center, which is a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, dedicated to defense and promotion of America's Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values, strong national defense in an independent and sovereign United States of America so Richard, one other question which I think is important to ask. Are there any concerns in terms of the Islamic organization involved with this case in New Jersey that they have ties with Islamic organizations that are not friendly to America or that have other goals that would really be very contrary to our goals.

It may not directly impact whether a mosque can be built or not that that is other issues, zoning, etc. but are there other larger connections that concern you. Absolutely one of the paradoxes of the old lawsuit.

Although the lawsuit filed against Bernards Township center. Zoning was denied because of. But Islam, feeling Chowdhury in the Islamic society had hidden just before the lawsuit was filed. From public view, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic versus on its website. They had been out in open view for a long time but as soon as the lawsuit was while they remove the other thing that was a very deep concern was. They also have well established links to the Islamic Society of North America, also called ISO they which was an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in America, its ion scenarios claimed by the Muslim brotherhood is one of our organizations and our friends and I have said is a part of the Muslim brotherhood grand scheme to eliminate or destroy Western civilization and one of the stages of that Western civilization is the building of mosques that Islamic centers so it's clear to us that even though Mr. Chowdhury presented himself publicly as a victim of anti-Muslim feelings. In fact, had been promoting anti-Christian and anti-somatic doctrine on his website spiting several chronic versus and also establishing a link to ISO they which is in on it which was an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism trial so that is the background of the plaintiff filed a lawsuit that is the background of the people that we are trying to defeat now in court give an exaggerated analogy, but it's almost like a husband has been beating his wife, and on several occasions she has called the police for help and it goes to the court and the court says yes our determination now is that the woman is not allowed to call the police for help if it's becomes the exact opposite way of expecting to hear you have a mosque website with ugly verses or verses that are being used specifically and anti-Semitic, anti-Christian ways and what comes out of that is not that they're doing something wrong but that you cannot even bring up Islam in the discussion about the building of local mosque. Richard and I know these things can be wearing and and trying and difficult, so we commend you for your work in and pray for ongoing strength and support, and for the awakening of the people in this township, let them take on the Goliath of all of the lawsuits that are to come, because ultimately we got to stand right will make you very much, Dr. Brown in one of the things that your listeners can do and I failed to mention. It is a pray for us and pray for our lawyers who are going to be engaged in battle tomorrow in the courtroom in New Jersey.absolutely we will do that sir. Thank you so much. Thank you Dr. Brown by talking. All right, listen friends 002 things we need to do here. We need to be sober, but we also need to have faith we need to be sober and recognize these things are happening here in America as well as abroad. That's reality.

What an article a few days ago of something the exact opposite scenario but with a similar thread where a synagogue in Bondi Australia that drew students can build the synagogue and the town Council said no because were afraid it may be attacked by Muslims. Yeah I care what you say we need to be sober. I remember 1987. Remember distinctly I was staying at a pastor's home in Luton, England, about to preach in several different cities in England for two weeks of starting their Luton and I hear a prayer call Islamic prayer call. It was nameless at what in the world they said yeah he said different churches want to build and and they were decide they want to build on this property. That property and zoning people said no no no and then muscles can want to build a mosque and they said yes this is 1987 friends, 1987.

Let's be sober and recognize what's happening. Let's be sober and recognize that that somehow the left and the government often just goes the opposite way of logic when it comes to Islam. That's what you have feminist and gay activists marching against Israel and with Hamas were as if they marched on the street and Gaza Strip be arrested or put to death in Israel have no problem ironic. So let's be sober when these things are happening. Let's recognize them and yes let us pray Richard Thompson and the Lord is the Thomas more Law Center. They would have grace on them that they would have clarity of speech, there would be justice and fairness of the court say if you're Muslim future if you Christian atheist. Certainly we can all granite, let there be justice and fairness and equity in the courts right. But let us also scholars of Jesus have faith because Muslims in our neighborhoods.

Muslims in our schools.

Muslims are businesses or souls for whom Jesus died that we cannot reach with the gospel was last time you been to Syria or Ron or Saudi Arabia may be as many times as me, which is nonzero never.

Well, here we have Muslims living right here near us. Many of them a nominal sum of very religious, but either way there people for whom Jesus died.

People that we can reach with the gospel. So I talked to my friend Walter hi Roy in Germany that we were actually in Korea July of last year when I did an interview with him is a well-respected German leader in a sedan what's happening in your country. Just think MS Germans go through a lot of upheaval and he got all excited was amazing somebody Muslims are coming to faith his greatest harvest of Muslims we've ever seen come to faith in Jesus. So to be sober. That's recognize the real issues. Real problems the aggressive expansionist nature of Islam and how our government can often stand with Muslims in a way that becomes unjust and unfair against others.

This recognize that and at the same time as recognize this as a great harvest opportunity okay.

Second hour I'm opening up the phones you've got questions, we've got answers to calls on a wide range of issues and a few more things I want to talk to about as well have gone to my website today asked Dr. Brown that you get my emails still still get my emails sign up for the emails today when Thomas and seven secrets of the real Messiah is asked Dr. Brown, SK talk through what seems to be so shocking in the world in the news today and you take your questions as well. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown review if it debates in some talking to friends all over North Carolina now among many of the places in America in the world but were you at the debate on Saturday. Dr. Frank Turek and yours truly debating Rev. April Johnson and reveler Dale Benson on the question of must love and tolerance equal affirmation if you were there looking at your take on things.

Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

We are opening our phones. You've got questions. We got answers about talked about some things happening in the world around us some insights I have on some news that I think you'll find profitable and helpful. You take your calls on a wide range of subjects. If you want to watch the debates when we streamed it on her Facebook page. This is not the with with all different camera angles and the best audio and things like this. This is just what we streamed directly from from our from my sister cell phone.

Actually, my cell phone that was holding sitting on the front row. You can watch it over. It's almost 34,000 folks have have watched it so far it's reached well over 320,000 so it's it's going viral on her Facebook page go to Esther to Brown SK DR Brown on Facebook with that I want to get straight to your calls will take as many as I can answer some emails and interact with some news of importance.

So let's start on the phones in Columbia city Indiana Brett walking to the line of fire or take my call. I wanted to talk a little bit about getting all the controversy.

Yes sir I look at your lack art at I debate with paint white. Anderson I've been to many websites and people are your I just think that the extra bolts by our understanding the complex city of the argument, I think the very difficult argument and I don't think that you're licking my reservation except what you teach have not been addressed and one thing, and I think that there like I love you. I pray for you every ministry I respect you. You are very positive. My life so why don't I don't take it lightly that I did agree with you.

It will also spread thank you for the kind words and thank you for feeling so positively about me, but not feeling obligated to agree with everything that I say. That means a lot to me. So Brett, let me make sure I understand you are right, the debate about whether you prefer Byzantine manuscript tradition versus Alexandrian whether you want to follow the New Testament textual tradition that the King James does or say that the tradition of the ESV does. Let's put that is one separate debate that's all right.

Just like and clarify what your issues and let's say that can be complex, etc., or were you debate the longer ending of Mark are not okay put that on the category and then translation style translation approach, something which is a little stiffer but more literal, like the NASB or something that's a bit more freer like the NIV note translation disc and when King James fits let's have that is a separate discussion. Those are all worthy discussions were the debates. To me what's not debatable is the idea that all of the translations aside for the King James are satanic or demonic, or that the King James is a perfect translation and that that the Bible that everyone should use an English speaking word world is the condensate is the only truly inspired translation.

That to me is not debatable note was the sole possibility of that having any truth to it whatsoever.

So we come back want you to clarify, feel I'm missing her folks and started missing the debate I want to know what part your thinking were oversimplified will be right back. Her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is much as possible, and I have the option in this hour on the radio to take calls in a wide range of subjects were opening the phone lines 866-34-TRUTH 784 is going front. You've got questions, we've got answers, so I go back to Brett in Columbia city Indiana if you've not yet watch my video about strengths and weaknesses of the King James.

I hope to do that with other versions in the future. This could asked her to Brown that work SK DR to search the digital library research for King James soaks up Brett again want to go back to you.

But if someone says I think the King James version is the best translation I differ with that but find if they say I believe we should follow the New Testament manuscripts.

The King James did okay. I disagree with that with but that's also fine if you say the King James is the only truly inspiring. This version and it is perfect. That to me is intellectually impossible.

I could no more believe that that that I could believe that right now I'm an astronaut circling Mars so if you can clarify what you feel that that I'm missing that I'm oversimplifying then that I can do my best to respond. Okay Mike. I figured I would say using the NIV and over the years I've been more important than that I should expect one Bible and my glory and I would have to drink now why did I come.

But limited give you one of the problems that I have with your your position. If I go to any church or even the church that I went to what I would say ample doctrinal statement.

One line of the statement said.

We believe in the holy Scriptures as originally given by God divinely inspired and infallible entirely trustworthy and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. While the word there bothered me. What we believe as originally given by God. Now when I read that to me is like saying that I believe in something that doesn't exist, that I've never seen in a language I can't really bow if I give you a doctrinal statement from the Bible asked 2414, but I confessed under the debt after the language they call Herod, so worship by the God of my father believing all things which are written in the law, the prophet opted to me these are two completely different Bob one is believing in something that they have an aunt that is actually written down, they can hold onto .2 and the other kind of the very they go I believe what was originally written. We don't know. It was very different little pieces you just this one. I would respectfully differ number one.

How did God give us the Bible what languages they Greek and Hebrew, and maybe okay so that would mean then for your statement to stand true that in every single country.

There has to be one authorized translation. In other words, if you live in Spain. There has to be the inspired Spanish version. If you live in Germany. There has to be the inspired German version is we can't point back for you to the original manuscripts because we don't have the first manuscripts so the only way that we can have any authority is that every language has to have the inspired Bible. Is that correct but I came to the other and not let that hang on I just want procure all right. No, but I do believe there is matter Bible and other languages that we know, though, that in most of the languages. The translations done today or hundred times better than the translations done several hundred years ago, many of them were passed on. They were there tertiary translations that go back to original sources, but God has provided us with thousands and thousands and thousands of manuscripts representing the original Hebrew and Greek and on all essential points are all in agreement so there's no ambiguity.

In other words when I can say the Bible says this this this this this I can say with the King James Aziz as I can say with the ESV or the NASB or the NIV or the Hebrew, the Greek, because on all essential points they all agree.

I tried to get. I think that the argument that argues against a close game are the exact same argument that could have been used in Scripture. The quality of energy is your podcast or date or online and imagine how I graded there are mistranslation of the Green Day. I don't.

I wanted you mentioned what Easter can gain, but the reason this doesn't make me doubt because how many verses in the New Testament translated differently from the Old Testament. Anyone could come up to the opposite of that. That would be transmitter lost parents that they want Harris. That's the thing another. In other words, they they were they were inspired interpretations with the King James the NIV have errors somewhat like the Geneva want to use the Geneva Bible go back before the King James use the one that the King James translators relied on a lot when it is not enough Bible that pretty much not the Bible, God has blessed when I took for me to understand why did God work I happy. I do not work purpose is to create a in people. It went all well if I look at your paralegal Bible most of the Bible develop my weight way find their 90 minute grant you, King James, and the hundreds of years of entry right you know revival and you know awakening and has won so many people just think about so much.

Let me go back this not the case anymore.

The new rates if if I want to base it on that right then there other translations that are read today, much more than the King James the beginning, more circulation around the world than the King James so if we raise the same argument 50 years then it would be overwhelmingly against the King James so what would you agree no sir that the goal is, and I look, I'm a lover of the word of God.

That's why been involved in Bible translation Bible commentary is as you are lover of the word of God right.

But if I see many errors in the King James is one number two that God has given us now in his providence, better manuscripts that go back further in time that the King James translators didn't have and that the English language has changed dramatically and that the spirit of the if the King James translators were alive today. They do make any translation maybe say that we want this to be in the language of the people not antiquated was not owing to the people.

So for all those reasons, why not use a modern translation that God is using God's blessing that's based on that the latest godly scholarship.

We have a problem with actualizing or updating James or bring it to modern language.

I don't think that I would be wrong. All my point that I wanted to bring up you you characterize the trancelike state. And yet, I think you could do the same thing characterize translation of the Old Testament and the what about their accursed that I cannot that I have a hard time believing something like such a late call that confident day. I'll get something added by a scribe.

It would started many hundred years later the Genesis 12 the Canaanites were then in the land. We that's an example of a scribal edition right okay so I but this part of the Bible.

It's not it's not a later translator make a mistake, or you let let let's put it like this okay and and will will will try to come to meeting of the minds are my issue is with saying that the King James is a perfectly inspired translation and a radical King James only asked when you show them though they misunderstood the Hebrew or the use the room were there tilting of the Hebrews in error or the Greek is in error because because the King James is perfect and it's the only true inspired one. So if we agree that language be updated so there versions like that you know that the that take the King James and update the language with the Tates King James and Chris and there is even if we don't want to call them errors. Let's just say they interpreted it one way the NIV. This way the ESV this way and we think that the ESV got it right or that was the better one. However however we look at it I I I think we can can we can cost don't go ahead let you get the less I got a break, go ahead. I either know there's not one way translate work there many legitimate white and happy to go back if they but speaking is better on the board not be there. Got it you got hate rabbit time sir, but sorry to cut you off. Thank the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right so just a mess, and thanks for the conversation just other callers with all my studies language studies background. When I read the Bible in English, but I'm reading God's word never think twice when I need to dig deeper to understand better the original languages I try to read the Bible in Hebrew on a regular, ongoing basis, along with everything else. But of course dig and there's like it's software now where you can really get good definitions and it's it's easy to use so you feel secure with the good English translation that you use recognize that when you go through the basics. The bottom line is that all the essentials are still affirmed in the various good translations. King James on and immediately before. Rest assured, and that the manuscripts are in fundamental harmony. Hey thank you though for discussion and again for the spirit which you present your differences with me, 866-34-TRUTH a, let's go to Jennifer in Wisconsin. How do you pronounce your city name lock Manitowoc all right the way it looks. Yes, go ahead. Please print out your actually committed to? Q now I'm the one who asked about the microchip thing in the building of the ferry template.

Thank you very much for answering the question how you know what can I just tell you something we do it of course lots of questions and in my staff trust.

Reply to most in some all I'll take the answer on the air but II told my assistant before the Friday solicitors 1 gallon keeps persistently raise your prices make sure I get to that. Once I actually had the makes you feel special. I had a piece of paper just with your request is assessing as I kept noticing it different contacts I said I let make sure answer the so persistence pays so go ahead and bury my question while I'm sure you know how I would like to contact you about it back).

Growing up my mom from my dad had the German background that we were Catholic.

At about age 5 became a and several years down the road as a young child, I did well now growing up. They kinda bounced around from church to church. Never really feeling satisfied almost on an enhanced four years ago they changed something called the Hebrew root movement and that kind of scared me what they were talking about. They are very crisp, distinct, and what they believed in the newfound information that they found it in about three years. I don't talk to my parents anymore change a belief that only a small part of that reason, but they were very angry almost to the point where I wouldn't conform to what they believe and I just wasn't sure what I write about the Hebrew root movement get the call if it's something that is wrong to feel like they have fallen away from the fate know how exactly when you see Hebrews and I'm terribly sorry to hear this.

It doesn't get any closer than your own family. Hebrews can be used very specifically in a way that I would see as is cultic and heretical and outside the gospel can be used in a general way that intersects with some valid bullies. For example, when I see the term messianic Jew that can mean any Jew who believes in Jesus or can mean someone who's a member of the messianic Jewish congregation. As many of my friends and colleagues are so they would they would meet on a Saturday versus Sunday they would refer to Jesus as Yeshua they would celebrate his death and resurrection within the Passover and I say wonderful. Let's all biblical and sound and go for Hebrew roots movement technically would be different than that. So are your parents become part of a messianic congregation, which insulted everything online now.

I didn't want computer and how to bring up and then they got one and they are like on 24th Ave. and collect online.

No actual claim, and I think about you if everything is done online so they believe is our yet they believe is Gentiles that they are obligated to observe the Torah and that if you're not writing it that you're in sin Iraq right do they believe that they are now. Somehow Israelites mentioned the word paragraph." Quite a bit but I like talking right some engrafted and is his true meaning that Gentile believers have been grafted into the larger community of Israel without the dental come Israelites, but tour observances is mandatory.

Your incentive for example, you have pepperoni pizza that that that even as a Gentile Christian, what about forgiveness of sins and salvation what they say about that. I know were only combating how thing that I did not follow the car and I did not observe different calendar that may follow if I did not appear to change the way the extent that I would be going.

How you know that they all call my mom what I'm visiting my aunt and grandmother in Illinois and there was a evangelistic show on TV and I monitored something derogatory about Jesus. What should she get back to sleep and now they are yes you are eligible back it differently. My other family member back with how derogatory she went toward the name Jesus Christ is different from what you're describing. They have slowly absorbed the heretical beliefs and and it is a Jewish fixation that then gets them away from the centrality of Jesus the Jewishness of Jesus becomes much more important than his his person and his saving grace, his death on the cross and resurrection. They're going to preach mandatory Torah for more than they're going to to preach salvation through the cross, and bring back my data: that you now in Christ back in the craft are don't. We followed a lot of motor and known only do we do have to do that yet.

Will limit.

Let me say this, it is Jennifer whenever it is the cause, the apostasy that's really it is the root of the issue and other would somehow something to theorize hostile. It's like a guy commits adultery against his wife.

It's it's his sin totally right. Then you find out what was happening in the marriage. You know that that he was always too busy for his wife or his wife was too busy for him or you. You find out what opens the door for him to commit the sin that he committed and obviously there's more going on even when someone gets to see there's a reason to listen. Stay right there. Tim is going to come on the phone in a moment, and she is going to get your mailing address. I want to send you my book as a gift.

60 questions questions ask about Jewish beliefs and practices. So when Kim has a moment she'll get back on and then I will send you this 60 questions questions ask about Jewish beliefs and practices and the last section deals with Christians in the law and it touches on some of this. It's not directly just about Hebrews, but it does touch on some of this. I think you'll find it helpful. Alright so will pray for God's mercy for God's restoration and for everyone listening. You can embrace the Jewish roots. Your faith and celebrate Rabbi Yeshua, our Savior and our Lord and our deliverer without falling into the heresy of friends will be right back with your calls and some observation on the news it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown here. This story from England it's it's a sad story. It's a painful story but it's an eye-opening story, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line if I want to share this with you and then I've opened up the phone lines for we know you on Fridays, but trotted to this as many days as I have opportunity.

You've got questions. We got answers right can just respond to your questions and your calls 866-34-TRUTH okay to read the headline the way it is reported Britain's youngest sex swap patient reveals why she's undergoing surgery to switch gender for the third time you Rea Cooper was born a boy became the UK's youngest sex squat swap patient 15 but transitioned back to being a man at the age of 18. So here you've got a young man with a troubled past young man who felt he was actually a woman had sex change surgery, the youngest in Britain's history to become a woman could not take the pressure of being a woman realized it was not really ever going to be a woman then tried to transition back to being a man now wants to undergo surgery to go back to being a woman I I do not say this in a mocking tone. I do not say this in a disparaging tone. I say this with pain in my heart, this young man who is a man. This young man needs prayer counseling and a real encounter with the Lord surgeries hormones. They will not address the real root issues here and I saw this headline today. Trans teen suicide attempts may have spiked because of Trump's tweets.

Donald Trump's tweets calling for banning transgender people in military led to more suicide attempts by trans teens. That is a report on LGBT Q nation, you know what I think when I read that my heart breaks for those who struggle with gender identity disorder now called gender dysphoria, which seeks to downplay this book is being disordered condition that the disorder is not being at home with your condition.

The way it's being presented.

Now when I read that I think this reminds us of the deep emotional trauma and the fragile psyche of so many, who identifies trans. In other words, if you had Blacks and Hispanics, Asians, choose whoever were not allowed to serve in the military and then they are allowed to serve in the military and after serving in the military for a few years and taking kind of an activist approach to it.

New president says no it's not gonna work for you to serve in the military.

I don't think personally that you would have a spike in suicide attempts among those who were black or Hispanic or Asian or Jewish say teenagers and others not be because there is not a fundamental emotional or psychological condition associated with being black or Hispanic or Asian or Jewish but there is when it comes to gender identity disorder. I don't say that in a disparaging way I say it in a way that says please please let's reach out and help people rather than celebrate their confusion. Let's find ways to help someone from the inside out. That is loving those who identifies transit is the opposite of being transformed but it is saying let us be like Jesus and reach out to the marginalized. To those who struggle to those who don't seem to fit and help them find homes to write back with your calls stay there. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, his friends on the line of fire. 7884. Really you call in, the better chance I have a particular question. It can be literally on anything we talk about on the year and if you differ with me on a certain point that's great as long as you allow me to answer when you raise your issue.

86634. Let's start in Shelby, North Carolina Neil, welcome to the line of fire. Yet like you're right here in my year actually loud and clear that that the debate want to thank you very much you induct for being brave enough that the Acrobat that particular topic. I believe it.

Don't abortion every other issue that I get it.

If the church is ever going that actually go out and and when the world of the kingdom.

I think those are adequately an issue that would have to come to grips just so folks know just tuning in to trick and I participated in the debate on Saturday. It's an evangelical seminary, you can go to my Facebook page asked Dr. Brown ASCII DR Brown and watching sexy going viral. There we debated the issue of must love and tolerance equal affirmation and are debate opponents were Rev. April Johnson and Rev. Dale Benson taking the the pro-gay activist position and then it is very interest.

The plate out of about race issues and things like that so it is fascinating to watch but II thought was very courageous for our debate. Opponents to come and do the debated SES we were. We were so glad to have them do it but your impression, your comment back to you sure you and and no question. I think I think, especially when the debaters basically refused to answer 22 distinct questions that I think I want that to occur, that by you.

I think you know that that whether not you got one battle that question of your does love equal affirmation etiquette beyond out filming in August. Out of congratulations are in order not but I mean you got that mapping epic breaker pointed at one of the debate. My question though it is more of a heart so church trying to reach out. You know what the church trying to reach out to be about that would call themselves homosexual. I guess one of the thumping on computers that are just please enlighten me if it seemed at the from some of the things that I heard from from from from the state from your God point of view.

What that means that if we are holding homosexual to a different level of ORD a different definition of repentance, then we are say other stands within the church, whether it be divorce, flying off the being adultery in a what whatever they think are which you know. So I guess that was because I guess what I think at least what I heard from the state. With that in order to begin Christian you you you have to you have to repent meaning change your mind and never do it again. This was the issue number one is the church hypocritical and same with this if you've got a gay couple, then there can be excommunicated and they can't be party or fellowship but if you have a divorce couple were racist couple war whenever some problem and we said no sinful behavior, sinful action should be dealt with. The same way. So if a guy leaves his wife commits adultery.

A divorce his wife with no because Mary Sloan is in adultery with the must be a member of our church. They should be no more accepted as members.

Then a gay couple that wants to be members so that that was one issue the another issue which didn't so much come up and the baby comes up all the time is why are we putting a disproportionate focus on this issue and our responses actually were not this simply a matter of responding to gay activism, which is everywhere in our society. They do not having adultery pride parade through your you're not having adultery and divorce celebrated and in kindergarten and in curricula and things like that so that's the other thing but April Johnson, who identifies as lesbian. Her point was like this is my identity. This is who I am. This is how I think and I have a great relationship with God the midst of it in my point was you don't base your identity on your sexual desires and romantic attractions based the identity on being a child of God, and that if you say will the Bible doesn't address homosexuality. The what it addresses behavior and relationships. And that's that's what we were stressing so in other words, if someone says what I'm saying six attracted but I love Jesus and Emma and I'm following him and him living a holy life. I'm not giving into these attractions okay great fight.

God bless you will pray with you and stand with you if you say well I want to practice homosexuality.

That's the system can be's struggle with same-sex attraction like a single heterosexual struggles with heterosexual attraction, but they don't yield to within uncle porn sites not sleeping with a girlfriend or something like that were boyfriend living a godly life and say no to the flesh. Some of that same six attracted can do that as well and find fullness in Jesus.

Okay so I get that an army that typically what I think of as repentance.

I mean, I think that was a good description of it so it it it it possible that someone, it has a conversion that repentance and then just like me and just like maybe all of the semiweekly fall back into that week we are tempted. Again, we crawl back into the same fan is that I get it that evidence of a non-conversion or is that just a backslidden Christian. Well, it all depends. God knows there are many believers that struggled for years that struggled their entire lives in the Lord with with you with anger with Gloucester was greed or something or your prayerless this year. Fear of man and it's the keep try to grow but they struggle, and every one of us has some areas, weakness more than others.

Right if it's if someone set on following Jesus.

I love Jesus and the there a guy sleeping with four different ladies at the same time Walt is love the Lord. If you love the Lord you keep God's commandments so we that he was never saved or he's fallen away right now, but the proof of the new birth is found in the new life. What I say is this because homosexual desires can be so deeply entrenched in someone because there is such a positive push on this in society and media today that some people who come to the Lord have same-sex attraction really struggle a lot and they just befriends it love autumn love autumn. Love, aunt Lavonne put their arms around them as they were here with you standing with you.

We care about you and and that's just my style and help them through, and others. You know, just like any other issue just discipleship the big focus should be on holiness rather than try to make the person straight try to help them to walk a holy life.

And out of that many times desires with continual thank you for attending.

Thanks for your comments.

86634 we go to Greensboro.

We don't let's go instead to search right over to Duncanville, Texas. George welcome to the line of fire, and dark brown doing very well thank you okay out there that but now wrote back and an act .2 to give an account of what all you were in Aramaic on Aramaic. But how did Aramaic with their macrobiotic again to write down sure things. So what when it says that that Paul was giving his defense.

It says in Hebrew and the Greek.

Some interpret that to mean the language of the Hebrews, which is then taken to be Aramaic as the common language that was spoken of this, it means Hebrew and there's actually a lively scholarly debate. A generation ago was just assumed it meant Hebrew. More recently excused treatment Aramaic. More recently, debate about that but as far as Lucas concern. First, he was a traveling companion of Paul so it's easy that's why there's a lot of we in in in of the shipwreck can different things and no different different accounts along the way we get we so we take that to mean Luke going as a traveling companion. We we seem to see that as well were Paul speaks of Luke as a fellow worker in Colossians the fourth chapter. So as a coworker with with Paul. He just find out for if he wasn't there. Then he just find out from talking with Paul and getting the.

The details from him what happened and then checking with other witnesses as he would be prone to do to check and verify sources in accuracy and information and things like that. Alright so that's all he get his information. There are some who believe that Luke was Jewish and that Colossians 4 should not be read that Luke is not Jewish.

That supposedly taken but that Luke himself was Jewish. I've seen arguments for that out. I won't defend it or you for that.

I have seen arguments for that but for him to know Aramaic is an educated man. There living in the first century, together with Jewish people and mental largely Jewish world. Certainly that would not have been uncommon.

Aramaic was, not just spoken by Jews are Aramaic is a widely spoken Semitic language so knowing Hebrew.

If he wasn't Jewish would be less likely knowing Aramaic even as a non-Jew.

It was not only Jews who spoke Aramaic nature will that's why Lord for the early church's Syriac speaking which is a branch of Aramaic because they were Gentiles. But that was the language they spoke in their area. Hey George, thanks for the question.

I really appreciate will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to look into the light a fire, there's a headline on Drudge Report today about a professor it's an article on campus University Prof. who is allowing students to choose their own grades in this class if they feel unduly stressed by the grade they earned you not making it up. It's real eloquent when I was in high school before I got saved.

I went on strike with these of the students members. Late 60s early 70s we doing these crazy things take campuses hostage and in of the student protest movement, all that stuff so you were part of that back then it rebellion. We went on strike in our high school.

A number of us who are radical and crazy and we want our own school system and we didn't want the same hours in the same requirements as the rest of school and somehow the school said finding for faculty members said yeah will teach and we run a first name basis with them every check. She took me a while to get used to as rebellious as it was us to respect authority a certain level and we had no formal classes. The most radical teacher there said if if your greatest to go on the field and get high. You want a for that argument. 1/4 we could just request past fail minutes with it ended up agreement that you can just request past fail.

See that the pressure of specific grades and numerical indication so I want to go to college we could use my transcription less two years of high school because there's nothing there but only only class regular numerical grade was band or orchestra which I was required to be. Therefore, we did have test. We wrote papers with you sharper not show up and there was informal attendance and that is was Chris crazy.

Of course lasted for years and was shut down.

We in school maybe 1200.

We had 60 or 70 students in this program called safe student faculty education concerns can be a learning experience for everybody. So school safe school. It was sensitive high school to check out the history of safe school. I was tempted high school 25 years later in a reunion of the students I talk to that would safes it was totally destructive in terms of their education existed, it hurt them. Going to college after the satellite for the ended up with a PhD that we were laughing about some of the light if they felt was mentoring it was positive and so the faculty was very sincere and in the midst of it, but I got saved shortly after the fall semester started, so within a few months of the fall semester starting of 71 I was born again. I had all this time I had school we got to school the same time as everybody that we have special bus this with a few people on it that we leave the school at noon.

Where's everyone else lifted three so I had all this extra time on my hands. I was new believer, so I prayed a lot with the word a lot with the church lot reached out a lot. So in that sense God used or are dumb choices and ended up using them in a positive redemptive way but but all that to say, the idea that a professor doesn't want you unduly stressed by getting bad grades okay.

I understand that not everyone tests well I do understand. In fact, her older daughter.

We would we would quiz her before tested. Nail it.

If you go to school and blow the test because somehow sitting there with the paper in front of her should she didn't relate well to a him and she panic a little whatever would happen and and and then the last couple years of school. She just kind of snapped out of that and did find that I am a daughter always tested wealth.

I agree that the academics system the way it's set up cannot always tell you who's the smartest and sharpest who's the best. Yes, I understand that but what it comes to your grade when I look at a transcript, let's I want to hire someone, I'm a professor right and leading the school and I want to hire someone to teach Hebrew Bible right and I look and I'm looking at your transcript and you've got a get all A's in every single class of Hebrew Bible and Hebrew language and etc. it's like, okay. That tells me something. What if you got F's and all the class and didn't like the F's and asked for Amy's. There's a reason in my book, saving a sick America. I have one whole chapter 1 the whole chapter that deals with helping us to learn to think again and and focuses on the issue of revamping our schools or providing alternatives to our school system whole chapter in saving a sick America.

And then there's a whole other chapter dealing with what we call generation me with the me centered mentality where the world revolves around the it ties in with an entitlement mentality that many of us can have and sometimes the way the younger generation was raised right if there are real problems with millennial's, then let's point a finger and how millennial's were raised because largely the parents are to be responsible for how the kids come out right.

So, if indeed the regeneration is a lot of unique problems rather than blaming them. Let's look at those who raise them asked what we are. Our kids raise them did wrong and thank God for many fine millennial's that are out there, but this is the this is just another reason friends why we need a holistic awakening America by holistic I mean not just going to church services and get excited. Not just hallelujah praise the Lord, what a great meeting but what about our families what about our marriage. This was a whole chapter in saving a sick America just focuses on marriage and family as a whole chapter that deals with developing a multi-generational mentality. Yet so that's why we need a holistic revival with that bringing moral and cultural transformation, can I ask you to pray with me, friends, would you do that is as listeners and friends and partners not ask you for a dime. I missed you to pray with me obviously were always use funds for the gospel send them whatever you're able to help with the work that I'm not asking for that honesty, for your prayer essay sick.

America comes out in less than 50 days and I didn't write the book for no reason and I certainly did not write the book to sell books. I wrote the book to impact the nation pray with me that God would use pray with me that it would touch people in high places and the places pray with me that would touch educators and parents that we, tights, students and people on the street. Pray with me, that'll touch political leaders and those in the arts and pray and believe God with me. Ask God to use saving a sick America to touch the nation would you do that if you haven't downloaded for free. The intro and first chapter go right now to saving a sick saving a sick watch the trailer when you're there to also if you preorder on on Amazon or Barnes & Noble Christian book review preorder books order if you did preorder then just go back to that website.

Saving a sick Fill in the info there requesting because when you do will send you a free e-book five ways to pray for America. So saving a sick believe God with me that God would use the book to touch the nation to help spark along with the many other things happening in America. The prayers for awakening the pastors and churches, crying out to God. The young people all people seeking God and seeking to swim against the grain go against the slickest time go against pain for sinful society believe God with saving a sick America difference comes out September 26 together friends make a difference

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