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August 26, 2023 10:14 pm

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August 26, 2023 10:14 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST.--Topics include---05- Is there a literal 7 year Tribulation and 1000 year reign.-12- Flat Earth.-18- UMC, The Methodist Church.-20- Charismatic Gifts.-27- Issues with King James Version.-32- Justification by faith alone vs Law and works. Romans 2-12.-41- How does God hear sinners praying. John 9-31.

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Facebook, YouTube, Rumble, Clubhouse, and Discord. point, so to speak, right at three and a half years, then we would have some sort of time frame of that coming moment. Right. It's another reference point, because when he goes into the temple to have people believe that he's God in flesh, then that's the midpoint, that's one of the theories, it's the midpoint of the tribulation period. And if that's the case, then you would know from the midpoint, you would know how long it would be before the return of Christ was.

Okay. And then as we read through Revelation, and it talks about the different bowls being poured out, is it pretty clear of like at what stage, like could we guesstimate, like at what years or what stage each judgment would be being poured out, is that likely? We will be familiar.

Yes. We will be familiar with what's going on in the tribulation period, there will be famine, earthquakes, plagues, and things like that. And those who are aware, are biblically minded on earth will see what's going on. Okay.

They'll know. Alright. Because scripture also mentioned that if the days were not shortened, no one would survive, correct?

Right. Matthew 24 and 22, yes. And I have an opinion about that. My opinion is that when Genesis 2.17, God said to Adam, the day that you eat, you will die. And he did die that day, but he died spiritually.

And I think that he was talking to not only Adam, but all of mankind in Adam. And what I lean towards is that mankind is going to destroy itself. This is the wages of sin is death. And those who reject God are going to bring themselves to death and others around them to death. And so I suspect that they'll be basically on the verge of a nuclear holocaust worldwide.

And that God will come back to the last moment for a gigantic, I told you so. And he's going to take the wicked, as Jesus says in Matthew 13, he'll first take the wicked, first take the terrors and bind them, then to gather the wheat. So Jesus says the first ones gathered at the end of the age are the wicked. And they're taken for judgment to be burned. In Matthew 24, Luke 17, two men in the field, one is taken, one is left. In the context, one is taken are the wicked.

And in Luke 17, when I asked Jesus where they're taken, he says where the body is, the vultures are gathered. So my opinion is that we're going to go through the tribulation, we're going to see the rival of the antichrist. We're going to be persecuted, we're going to be beheaded, we're going to be jailed, killed for the faith. And then as it gets really bad, the war of Armageddon is going to occur.

I've seen the Valley of Armageddon and how big it is, it's humongous. Probably China will come out from the east along the dried up Euphrates River, the 200 million man army. Maybe Magog, Moscow, Russia will come down from the north and take a spoil out of Israel. The Dead Sea has some of the richest minerals in the world and if they can start extracting it economically and technologically, it'll be in the trillions of dollars.

It'll become the richest nation in the world very quickly. And so it looks like there's a possibility that these nations will come in for a spoil and then Israel will destroy them. And this will signify in part the return of Christ and some other stuff going on. And these are the things, and no one knows for sure, but this is how I kind of put things together. Okay? Right. Hey, I greatly appreciate your obviously dedication to the study and your ministry. So thank you, I appreciate it. God bless you. You're welcome. Well, God bless. And hope to talk to you again one day.

Thanks. All right. Sounds good. All right. All right, Keith. I can't drop.

I don't know. I'll get back into it after the break. If you can get Martin on next.

That'd be fine. Click him on. There we go. Hey, Martin. Hey, man.

You're on the air, buddy. Hey, Matt. Hey.

Hi. Thanks. Hey, God's blessing to you, buddy. Thanks for your ministry. Praise God. Thank you. So this week, I was kind of tail end of the call.

I mean, I wasn't able to get on, but I think you had a couple of flat earthers call in and you were very patient, very good. Obviously, kind of love him. It's kind of like a Charlie thing. When you left for a week, Charlie took over.

It was kind of the kind, Matt, when you and Charlie... Charlie's a great guy. Yeah, but he's not been traumatized for over 20 years of radio. So he hasn't been beaten down yet. That's right. That's right.

So, yeah. So one person had mentioned that, you know, he kept throwing up, well, why can I see the moon and the sun at the same time in the sky? And it's like, I crossed that path a few times and I go, well, why is it you can't see the whole moon and the sun? Why is the sun only casting half the moon's light? You know, if it's flat and the sun is shining on it, you should be able to see the whole thing and not half the thing.

That kind of shows that the moon is down. I'm not sure I understand that. Can you hold on?

We got a break. Yeah, you got it. Okay. Okay. And so, keep it rolling.

Okay, there you go. Hey, folks, we'll be right back after these messages. Please stay tuned. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Everybody, welcome back to the show.

If you want to give me a call, we have two open lines, 877-207-2276. Martin, you're back on the air. Yeah.

Hey, Matt. Yeah, so this was in reference to one of the flat-earthers that talked about, you know, they could, you know, if I can see the sun and the moon at the same time, then obviously something's got to be flat here now in reference to the moon and flat-mooners, I mean, if you're a flat-earther, you have to be a flat-mooner. If you can see the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time, and granted, they say it's not an eclipse, it's because the sun is illuminating a portion of the moon. If the moon were truly flat, then the sun would illuminate the whole moon when you see both of them in the night sky.

If it were truly flat and if the moon is a sphere, then you wouldn't see the full moon and, you know, it would be what you see now if it was a sphere. Right. So you reject flat earth, right? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay, good. I mean, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I've illustrated it.

Yeah, I've illustrated it in many different ways. The moon's the easiest one to make sense of, that the dome idea, it just, the flat-earth model is really ridiculous. It is just dumb. It really is. And they need to, the flat-earthers need to stop wasting time, without wasting our time with it.

It's ridiculous. Yeah, I mean, it just takes, I mean, it took one person a simple ping-pong ball and a flashlight on a flat table to kind of illustrate and show, these are spheres, and then if you use the quarter penny nickel thing and show their theory of the flat, I mean, it just, it can't be proven. It can't be, it just can't physically show that. Yeah, it's, but a lot of flat-earthers don't hold to the idea that the moon is flat. They say it's a sphere, and so a lot of flat-earthers hold to the idea, and there's different flat-earth models.

There's no uniform position, and the reason is because there's so many difficulties with the theory that different people come up with different theories and different models. And so when they have a flat-earth convention, which I would love to go to, I would actually love to go to. Oh, goodness, they still have those. Oh, wow. Yeah.

No, I would. That would be entertaining. You're right. Oh, yeah. I've been to an atheist convention, and I enjoyed that. I'd like to go to a UFO convention, and I'd like to go to a flat-earth convention. I would.

That would be fun to go to. So, yeah. Yeah. No, you're right. Yeah.

I mean, there's time, I mean, spend some time and money on places that are entertaining and you can enjoy. Yeah. Yeah.

Better than Disneyland. But actually, the best of all. The best of all is a New Age convention. Oh, my goodness. That's the entertainment.

New Age convention. Oh, boy. Yeah. I've been to one of those, too. Or go to the DNC convention. That's kind of close.

The Republican or Democrat will tell you that they're just... Oh, yeah. No, you're right. You're right. Yeah. Yeah. You're right. It's getting kind of very polarized out there.

That's true. Yeah. I can't even watch politics anymore. I can't watch the news. I can't watch the TV because I'm so enraged by the stupidity of the people opening our borders.

New COVID, this crap going with Biden, he's obviously a puppet. You know, the low idiocy, the stupidity in schools, I just can't take it anymore. I got to do something else. So focus... No, you're right. Yeah. I stopped watching... I kind of changed the channel from the news while I'm working.

I think my blood pressure went down on about 10 points. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Uh-huh. Yeah. I can't do anything about it, but I sure...

I can't say anything. Okay. All right. Thank you, Matt. All right, man. God bless.

All right. Hey, folks. If you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 8772072276. Let's get to... Let's try Adrienne.

Hey, Adrienne. Welcome. You're on the air. Yes. Good afternoon, and thank you for taking my call.

You're welcome. This is off the cuff because I was out with some girlfriends. I'm having dinner, and we were talking about the Methodist Church and the homosexuality situation. And then one of the ladies brought up about, well, have you heard about the Methodists wanting to take Jesus out?

And we were all just dumbfounded. So I haven't researched it. It just was mentioned that you know anything about that? I have not heard anything about the UMC, United Methodist Church, removing Jesus at all. So I don't know. The United Methodist Church is basically apostate, okay, they're liberal and women pastors and elders and poor homosexual and woke idiocy and stuff like that. Oh, boy, it's all over.

Okay, well, we were all just flabbergasted, so I got in the car and just called you. Well, yeah, we need to see documentation on something like that. That's what would be interesting and to see if something is moving and where they want to start removing Jesus, masculinity from the Bible.

You know, I wouldn't be surprised because people are moving more towards apostasy as time goes on. I'd like to see it. Okay. Thank you, sir. You're welcome. All right.

Well, God bless. Take care. Bye.

All right. Well, that was Adrian and now let's just jump over to Scott from Washington State. Hey, Scott.

Welcome. You're on the air. Scott, you're on the air. I did click the button right here on.

Are you there, buddy? We'll keep trying. Okay. All right. I don't hear you.

Let me put you on hold and then try and get you back on and it didn't seem to work, so something's up with that call particularly. All right. So let's get over to Jeff from South Carolina. Jeff, welcome. You're on the air. Hello. Okay. Hello. Hello, Matt? Yes. Yes. So what do you got?

What's up? Oh, I just had a question. I listen to you a lot, but in 1 Corinthians 13, 10 says, but when that which is perfect is calm, then that which is in part shall be done away. And you know, the Charismatics say that, well, it's when Jesus comes is when it's perfect is calm, but some say that it's when the canonization of Scripture, the Bible, yeah, and then some people say that it's when you pass away. No, that's not when you pass away. That's an interesting one. I've never heard that one, but it doesn't fit.

You're breathing into the phone just so you know you've got your phone in there. So it said when the perfect comes, a partial will be done away. Okay. And so it says when as a child I spoke as a child and I thought as a child, let me get this going so people can see this too. There we go. So for now we've seen a mere dimly, but then face to face.

So this is what it is. When the perfect comes, that's when you're going to see face to face. When the perfect comes, it says you'll be known as you're fully known. This is not the completion of the canon. It doesn't fit.

It just does not fit. It's not the completion of the canon. So that's what it says there. It makes sense to say that it's the return of Christ. And the reason I'll go to that is because of 1 Corinthians 1.7, so that you are not lacking any gift. And the word gift there is charismatic, which we get charismatic.

You're not lacking any charismatic gift awaiting eagerly the return, the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ. So Paul equates the return of Christ with the gifts. So it's up to that point.

And that's what I think is going on there in 1 Corinthians 13. Please hold on because we've got a break. Yeah.

That's kind of what I always felt. All right. All right. Hey folks, we'll be right back after these messages.

Please stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. This is Matt Slick. All right, everybody. Welcome back to the show. All right. Let's get back on with Jeff.

Jeff, you still there? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. All right. So, that's why I believe that 1 Corinthians 13 is about the return of Christ. Okay?

Okay. So what was that scripture you gave me in reference to write about? 1 Corinthians 1-7, 1 Corinthians 1-7, so that you're not lacking in any gift, but the word in Greek is karisma, not Doron. It's a charismatic gift, okay? Waiting eagerly for the revelation, apokalupsin, apocalypse, for the return of Christ.

So you're not lacking any gift while you're waiting for the return of Christ. All right? Is that good? I grew up in a Presbyterian church, and then later on, about 12 years ago, I started going to Pentecostal church, and so it's a lot different, you know? Yes. Just so you know. Be careful with Pentecostal churches. I started going to the Pentecostal church, and I went back to the church I grew up in.

It's a Presbyterian ARP, Associate Reform. Okay. I think they're okay. Yeah, they're okay, I think.

As long as they don't have women pastors and elders. But John and Knox. No, no. That's good. Good.

Good. Well, John Knox, Robert Fleming, and George Wisher, they're from the 1500s and 1600s, and they moved in the charismatic gifts. They were Presbyterians. Oh, John Knox. Oh, yeah, John Knox. Absolutely. Right?

Uh-huh. John Knox had a word of knowledge. I can read it to you out of work and books and stuff like that.

I have it on another website. He foretold the manner of his surrender to deliverance. He prophesied. That's what John Knox did. He wouldn't be allowed in a lot of Presbyterian churches today. Oh, really? Well, yeah. You know, I believe in infant baptism, okay, as an example of something. But not for salvation. I believe it's a covenant sign, and if you don't agree, that's fine. That's just my theological position.

You're saying infant baptism? Yeah, I affirm it, but not for salvation. I affirm it as a covenant sign. So here's just an example of something. And so I have my reasons for it, and I can show my whole to it biblically. Yeah.

Yeah. But the reason I bring this up is their denomination. I was trying to get into a denomination where they allowed the charismatic gifts, and I don't practice them.

I just believe they're continued. And everything was fine, contemporary worship, everything was great. And then they said, because I held to infant baptism, they wouldn't even let me teach a Bible study.

A simple Bible study. And it's just ridiculous. And I said, well, John Knox, you know, George Wisher, these guys moved in, and these gifts, no comment. People get so uppity about things and then cause division when it doesn't need to be there. It just bothers me.

And George Wisher, John Fleming, Robert Fleming, excuse me, and John Knox. Okay. Yeah. All right. Okay. Well, I want to call you back on another time and talk about another subject, but I know you probably have other callers, so I'd like to ask to talk to you about the King James Version. Well, I can tell you, it's a good Bible, but there are better ones out there. Okay. King James is not perfect. I love listening to you, and I like, you know, supporting the Trinity and all that. But when you say, don't, stay away from the King James Version, I'll almost cut you off.

I'm like, wait a minute. No. No. I say, stay with the King James when you want to do serious apologetics.

That's when you want to stay away from it. Serious apologetics, when you're really getting down deep, then the King James will get in your way in several areas, and it will. Okay. So, if you know where these areas are of difficulty, then you can work with them. But most people don't know about Titus 2.13, Romans 5.18, and the King James, for example, or Coma Jehanium.

They don't know about these difficulties. Yeah. So, they just say the King James is perfect. When it comes to the deity of Christ, there's a lot of places in the New Versions that's, I mean, the King James is... But the King James does, too. The King James does, too. The King James, I don't think so, I don't believe that. Yes, it does. Absolutely, it does.

Yeah. In Titus 2.13, it mistranslates the Greeks so that the deity of Christ is lessened. Titus 2.13. So, absolutely. What about, I don't even know which verse it is, it's a, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, it says in the New Versions, but, and the King James verses thought it not robbery to be equal with God, so that's like a total opposite.

Well, no, it's... The King James is saying that it's not robbery to be equal to God, and the other ones are saying it's not to be grasped. It's Philippians 2.6, did not regard equality with God, it had to be grasped, okay? So, the word grasp, harpogmon, okay, and it can mean to seize by force, to being in the form of, it could have different meaning to different contexts, all right? So, and I can read through, you know, I got a lexicon in front of me, being in the form of God thought it not robbery, harpogmon, and so, and so some would say to grasp, and the NASB says, literally, it means to be utilized or asserted, that word is difficult to translate. So, claiming that Jesus was who he was, wasn't something that he robbed from God, or usurped from God, or grabbed from God, because the word harpogmon can mean those things, okay?

What about 1 Timothy 3.16, without controversy, great is the mystery of God, and if God was manifest in the flesh, in the King James verse, if God was manifest in the flesh, I mean, that's like... Yes. Okay. Can I address that? Let me address it, okay? The King James is translated with 5th century documents, and it has more time for a little bitty commentaries that are written by some scribes to creep in, and so, generally speaking, the older manuscripts are the more reliable ones, the older ones don't have that, okay?

All right, are you there? Okay. Do you need some research on it? Because when they say the King James is the true one in the Bible, it's just not the case. People who studied it know, it's just not the case. No Bible is the right one. Okay. There's a book that somebody gave me that got me real interested in all that, the New Age Bible version, so what's the name of it, let's talk about it.

Yeah, I'm familiar with it. Talk about the manuscript and all that. Look, I'm very familiar with this kind of stuff, and I find it to be irritating, because the people, what they do are selectively assert certain values to support their presupposition. They don't look at the evidence, they don't look at manuscript evidence, they don't look at what's going on in translation principles, they don't do it, and so then they just want to look for something to say that the King James is the true one. Well, if they want a hold of that, then go to the 1611, and I would caution you, go to the 1611 and see if you can read it, the original, because what most people have is not the 1611.

I can read it, but I'd rather read the 1611. Hold on, let me, hold on. Okay, we're going to move along, we're going to move along, okay? All right, okay, let me talk it to you.

All right. So let's get to, let's see, let's try back to Scott from Washington. Hey, Scott, welcome. You're on the air. Hey, how's it going, Matt? Let's go on, man. Let's go on.

What do you got, buddy? So, you know, it's not often that I run into verses in the Bible that sort of run into my theology a little bit. I'm a five-point Calvinist, similar to your theology, quite similar, I would say. And so if you wouldn't mind going to Luke 7, 29 and 30 in the New King James, if you would, since that's what I'm in, and my question with it, let me know when you're there.

Yeah, I'm trying to find the New King James, I use the NESB, but go ahead. So the New King James, there's, I have sort of two questions in this, but the bigger one is, it says that the Pharisees and the lawyers rejected the will of God for themselves. With my theology, I thought that wasn't possible, and I still do.

So I'm wondering if you could expound on what it's actually saying there. The Pharisees and lawyers rejected the will of God for themselves, not having been baptized by him. So they rejected the will of God, they did it because that's what they did, what's the problem? Well, I mean, I just thought that, you know, the will of God really couldn't be rejected. It would just get down to more on the prescriptive will?

Yes. Now we're talking about the ultimate, the proximate, excuse me, the decreed of will, the prescriptive will, and the permissive will. So these are, for those who don't know, the ultimate will of God is, he said that to be believe it's going to happen, or the decreed, he decrees certain things are going to happen by his direct action. The prescriptive will is, he says don't lie, the permissive will, he lets you lie. All of these are his will. He wills to let you disobey him. And so he's willing, he lets them disobey him. And God has a prescriptive will for the Pharisees, and it's revealed in the Scriptures, the Pharisees rejected it, the lawyers rejected it also, along with what Christ was saying, and they wanted their own will, the will of God, which is perfectly consistent with God's sovereignty, because it deals with the total depravity of man, and their lack of ability and their own fallenness, their lack of ability to follow the will of God, and they just acted accordingly.

It was a choice they made. Okay. Yeah, that's sort of what I assume.

I just wanted to double check on that, so good, thank you for that. I just have one more, if that's all right, that'd be Romans chapter 2. We're gonna break. Romans 2 what? Oh, okay.

Romans 2 what? 213. And remember, these messages, folks, please stay tuned, be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276, here's Matt Slick. Everybody, welcome back to the show, just want to say thanks for listening, and if you'd be so kind as considering supporting us, we would like that, because we got to keep the lights on, and if you want to help out, and you like what the show is about, and you tolerate what I say, well, maybe you might want to consider supporting us, just go to, C-A-R-M dot O-R-G, and forward slash donate, and that would be awesome.

Hey, let's see, Jay, you're still back on, you're on the air again. Yeah, so yeah, my question was just Romans 2.13, you know, I believe in justification by faith alone, and Romans 2, in general, there's a lot of places that sounds like it's prescribing law-keeping. I was just wondering if you could expound on 2.13 as well as 2.5 and others that sort of do that, you know?

Yes. So I've taught Romans many times, and teaching through it now, so here's the overall context, you see what Paul the Apostle's doing, is he, it does an introduction, and then he starts talking about the nature of the Gospel, and Romans 1.16, to the Jew first, and the Greek also, why to the Jew first? Notice in verse 17, he quotes Habakkuk 2.4, but the righteous shall live by faith, alright, so what he's doing is talking to the Jews, if you go to Romans 2.17, but if you bear the name Jew and rely on the law and boast in God, in Romans 2.1, therefore you have no excuse, everyone who's passing judgment. So I'm just jumping around, but I want you to get the overall picture of what's happening, because in Romans chapter 1, from 18 on to 31, what Paul is doing, 32 that is, is he's condemning the, he's saying that the wrath of God is coming upon everybody, everybody's going to be in trouble, okay, and all ungodliness is under judgment, and he's talking, trying to get the Jews to think, because look, the unbelievers are doing these bad things, and they go to homosexuality, they go to idolatry, and the Jews are going to be nodding their head, and then, now you go to verse 1 of chapter 2, therefore you have no excuse, every one of you who pass a judgment, for in that you judge another, you condemn yourself. This is what he's talking about here, he says, you know the judgment of God rightly falls upon those who practice such things, do you think the riches of his kindness, intolerance, you know, leads you to repentance, and he quotes the Old Testament again in verse 6, in Psalm 62, verse 12, he'll render to each man according to his deeds, so he's addressing the Jews, then he says, in verse 10, but glory and honor and peace to everyone who does good, to the Jew first, also to the Greek, now remember, the Jew thought that what they're doing is keeping themselves right with God by their works, that's what the Roman Catholics teach, that's what Eastern Orthodox teach, a lot of our Protestants teach, you keep yourself right with God by your repentance, your good works, which is heresy, and he says there's no partiality with God in verse 11, now, because the Jew's going to say that there is partiality because he picked the Jewish nation, so he's favorable over the Jews, over the Greeks that is, the Jews over the Greeks, but Paul says there's no partiality, all who sinned without the law will perish without the law, the law is a reference to the Mosaic revelation, and all who have sinned under the law will be judged by the law, so now he's saying if you don't have the law, you're not judged by it, but you have the law, Jew, you're in trouble, then he says, it's not the hearers, verse 12, I skipped, for all who have sinned without the law will perish without the law, okay, I already go through that, and then he goes to verse 13, it's not the hearers of the law who just before God, but the doers of the law be justified, and it's true, the doers of the law are justified, the Jews know that, everybody knows that, the problem is, no one can keep the law, you can't, it's impossible to keep that law, so the Jews think that they're the ones who are righteous, and that they can keep the law and be justified, but what he's saying is the doers are going to be justified, isn't that right, Mr. Jew, for when the Gentiles who don't have the law do the things of the law, in that they show the law written on their heart, then they're going to be okay, see what he's doing, he's not saying you can achieve salvation by your works, he's appealing to the Jewish mindset that you have to understand, yeah, you can be made by the law with perfection, but you're not even keeping it, because in chapter 2 verse 1 he says that, he says, everyone who passes judgment, in that you judge another, you condemn yourself, you practice the very same things, he's saying you're guilty of what you accuse the unbelievers of doing, but they have a law, they sometimes act better than you do, so they're going to be above you, this is what's going on with them.

You're reminding them of their own hell theology, I do that a lot when I witness the Mormons, so you're sort of reminding them what they say they believe, is that what's going on? That's what he's doing, he's using, he's hoisting them, or they're hoisting themselves by their own petard, he's using the law against them, showing that, yeah, you can keep the law and you'll be right, but nobody can, that's why they have to have sin sacrifices, but the Gentiles, they don't have the law formally, but they're doing the things, and if you want to say, hey, you keep the law and you'll be okay, then they're going to be okay. That's what he's doing, he's showing them, then he goes to verse 17, if you bear the name Jew and rely on the law and boast in Noah's will and prove the things, he goes on. So what he's trying to do is get the Jew to think, it's like, and every Christian should hear this, if you think in any way you keep yourself right with God by your works, in any way, oh, that's heresy, but the thing is, that if you want to claim that you keep yourself right with God by anything you do, well then you're guilty because you condemn others but you do the same thing, no one's perfect. The standard of law keeping is Jesus, not yourself. And so the Jews had the idea that they in themselves could keep that law, but they're actually guilty, he's pointing it out. He set them up, see how bad the Gentiles are, all this stuff in Romans chapter one, oh, you're so bad, hey, but you do the same things, and he shows them how.

You appeal to the law, but you don't even keep that law. Yeah, that is true, at the end of Romans one it goes right into two, obviously they didn't have chapters then. Right.

Yeah, I'm reminded of that. Now, do you have time for one more quick one? Very fast, because we've got two callers waiting. Go ahead. Okay, very simple. 1 Peter 2.12, what does the day of visitation mean?

Uh, uh, yeah, it's uh, some say it's the, from what I understand, it's the day of judgment or the day of the return of Christ, or uh, but that's what I always have at the top of my head. Okay? Okay. All right.

All right, well yeah, that's all I got, I mean, I got a lot more, but we don't got time, so that's okay. Right. And uh, visitation there is the Greek word, uh, episcopace, ooh, interesting, interesting. Active visiting or visiting inspected. Anyway, from epi, uh, epis, keptomai, to visit upon, to consider the visitation of the return of Christ, it looks like. All right, buddy?

Probably that. Okay, thank you. All right, man, God bless. All right, let's see, next longest waiting is Jay from Ohio. Hey Jay, welcome, you're on the air. Hey Reverend Slick, how you doing, sir? Reverend Slick, never get used to that, but uh, doing okay, hanging in there, man, what do you got?

Good, brother. Um, I just had a question for you here, uh, John 9 31, um, I'll read it real quick here. We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly man who does as well.

Um, so I, I believe that regeneration precedes faith. Um, how does God, if he doesn't listen to sinners or somebody who is not, uh, saved, let's say, how does he hear a prayer of repentance when somebody comes to Christ? For one thing, John is speaking to a broader audience than Matthew might. Matthew's speaking mainly to the Jews, but, uh, when you look at this, it's in the context of what's going on, the Pharisees brought someone to him earlier on in the chapter. And so we know the Jews are highly involved. And then he says, verse 29, we know that Moses, God spoke to Moses, but as for this man, we don't know where he's from. So he's talking to the Jews.

All right. And, uh, the man answered and said to them, well, here is an amazing thing that you do not know where he is from. And yet he opened my eyes. So this is the one who said that is the one who was, his mind, his eyes are opened. If you go and you read Romans nine, you'll see a progression of this man's proclamation of who Christ is from ignorance down to a proclamation, it's really at his steps. And he says, we know that God does not hear sinners. Now, what he's talking about there, he's a Jew. He's talking from the Jewish perspective. Now, the Jews were covenant people. They were under the covenant awareness of God, relationship with God, and, uh, they believed in God.

It's what they did. And what he's saying, he doesn't hear sinners. You know, he's talking in the Jewish context here and basically all sinners that if you are abiding in sin, he's not going to listen to you.

But he is not saying that it's like a reformed charismatic, I mean, it's been reformed Calvinistic ideology here. What's going on is a generic statement that a Jew would say, we know God doesn't listen to sinners. If you're, you know, you're walking with your neighbor and you push him into a ditch and you kill him, God's not going to listen to you for an appeal. He's talking like that. He doesn't hear these sinners, those who rebel against God. He's not going to hear them.

But if anyone is God fearing, does as well, then he hears them. So he's just giving an overall wisdom statement, a truth statement. That's all that's going on. Okay. Yeah.

Cause I, me and my wife and I were talking about this and, um, hi cat. And uh, we were like, well, obviously, you know, it doesn't, it doesn't mean that God doesn't hear them because clearly, uh, he hears everything. Um, but yeah, I, I had always kind of wondered about that because, well, like, and I understand what you mean about the context thing. Um, so I'm kind of like pigeonholing that into what my real question is, I suppose.

If somebody isn't, uh, regenerated or if somebody isn't saved, um, when they repent, you, you, you would, you would affirm regeneration before faith. Correct? Yes.

Logical progression, not temporal, but yes. Okay. Yeah. Right. All right.

Okay. So that would be like, uh, yeah, I don't know. I'm, I guess I'm thinking out loud here. That makes sense what you, what you're saying though. I, I assume that there's a, there's a broader context.

Like you said with John, um, it does seem to be kind of going to like the wider picture. Uh, but yeah, just something I've always kind of wondered about. I'm the guy at the family gathering who always gets called on to pray. And uh, you know, I always, I love doing that because I have a lot of unsaved family and uh, you know, I spend a good deal of my prayer life petitioning the Lord on their behalf. Um, so to do that, you know, and I, that's kind of where my, my question's coming from, I suppose.

But anyway. I have the same issue. My wife's brothers are unbelievers and uh, we go, we do a family thing on her side. I'm the one who's asked to pray and uh, I pray to Jesus.

I let them know who Jesus is by just a prayer to him. And uh, you know, I said to my brother-in-law, I said, Hey, Ken, you repented from your sins yet? He goes, I'll do it later. You know, so yeah, I always thought that too, before I was saved, I'll just do it right before I die.

I'll just say, I'm sorry. Yeah. That's right. That's right.

Yep. Now's the day of salvation. All right, my brother. Well, I appreciate you, man.

All right, brother. God bless. Thanks. Appreciate it.

Yep. God bless. All right. Bye-bye. Bye.

All right. So there we are. We're out of time. We've got about 30 seconds left at most and uh, may the Lord bless you.

I hope you, hope you have a good weekend. Um, please pray for this ministry. We do need that prayer. Oh, and uh, our guy, I forgot to mention this, our guy in um, in uh, Nigeria, Moto is the word that we were using, not his real name. Things are going well.

The Muslims were at each other's throats during the court appearance and basically it's going to probably get dismissed now because of it because they have no witnesses that have anything to hold onto. Praise God. Remember us in prayer and please consider supporting us. We would love that.

Uh, just go to forward slash donate. We do need that support and uh, may the Lord bless you. Have a great weekend everybody and by his grace, we'll be back on the air on Monday. We'll talk to you then. God bless. Another program powered by the truth network.
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