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April 23, 2024 7:23 am

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April 23, 2024 7:23 am

MSL- April 19, 2024-The Matt Slick Live -Live Broadcast of 04-19-2024- is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. Matt answers questions on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues- -You can also email questions to Matt using-, Put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line- Answers will be discussed in a future show.-Topics Include---MSL- April 19, 2024--Is the Bible Reliable----Witnessing to an Unbeliever--Making Vows--King James Bible Only----Practical Baptism--The Hard Truth About Jesus--MSL- April 19, 2024


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Podcast. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. He stars them. That way I can see them. I can respond to them. All right? All right, so what I'm doing right now for those who don't know that's in the radio I've got my my main coon cat in my hand right now or not in my hand that's that's understatement across my chest with both arms holding him and So it's on the camera and the people are commenting about him, so I didn't know he was in the office here I'm gonna get him out so I can do more radio. All right there. We go.

Yeah. He's big He's there. We go. They're gonna break them kick them out All right, all right all right, so let's just get on the air here I think we've got let's just jump on and see what Let's see Derek. They're typing it in are the scriptures legit Let's get to Derek from Virginia. Hey Derek welcome. You're on the air It's Derek are you there buddy? Oh? I don't hear anything. Oh we have any problem Derek. I heard a click Derek Hello Yeah, I heard something I can hear you now a little bit what do you got Derek? All right, I got some sketchy cello service. Yeah, okay. Yeah, man.

I um Happy Friday to you Thank you. Thank you Yeah, I just had a question. I have a Co-worker that I work alongside of and and he's not saved we were just having a discussion some of the other guys about the Bible with different things and And he hit my he basically just chimes in and says well You can read four four pages of the Bible and it'll either prove or disprove itself. You know and He's got kind of an animosity toward the scriptures and and and I just basically I said well prove it to me And and then that's as far as the conversation with this and I was just wondering I think he's like I think basically thinks that the King James Version is I Don't know incorrect or I guess translations have been changed over the years And that's one of your thoughts.

Maybe something I want I want to win him to the Lord, but not having a lot of luck well first thing you do is pray for him of course and Right you just do that. Okay, and you witness to him gently I had a friend at one of the jobs I was at and I was witnessing to him You know just dropping hints every now and then and but not much You know I wouldn't so I didn't want to lose this friendship or anything like that and one day Well, I said I'm gonna go fishing over the weekend and up in a mountain sort of, California I said hey you want to go and he goes yes, it's like fun so I got the Christian comedy group um man Isaac air freight, that's the name of them Isaac air freight and so I had the tape ready I the plan was hopefully to listen to it and see if it might be a way to witness and After half-hour discussion. I said hey get this tape and it's a commit comedy team, and he said oh, let's listen to it and He's a no Christian and Christian counselor. He he said That that tape was the first thing he'd heard from anyone that That changed his mind about Christianity a little bit because it was always Christianity's bad is because of this because but he was these guys are having fun and he caused him to think differently So the point is you just never know what's going to happen One of the things you gotta do though is be very patient. You can't be shoving stuff down their throat and things like that All right when someone generally speaking if someone asked me a question I make a statement you know the Bible can't be trusted for example.

I'll disable right why why not? you know I asked her to validate what it is that you're saying and Basically, they can't do it because yeah usually the key what they're doing is just justifying or trying to justify their Misinformation and their heart which is against God So what I'll do is try and reach for that level Not just the facts Because of me I'm different. I can say look I can give you facts To show you that the Bible is not corrupted etc And they don't want to hear it right, but I'll say okay well all right But if you come up with any difficulty while you're reading it.

Let me know I'd be glad to take a look right and that encourages them to read it. Which is what we want and And then we have a discussion and stuff like that and just you know just ask questions That's all you can do really yeah, and I think it's from a Mormon background So and I don't know it's something happened in the past that made him bitter But it's like any time that we start talking about the Lord or the Bible. It's just you can see it on his face It's just like uh yeah, I don't know much like anger Something like that Yeah, I would make a comment sometime mormonism is not Christian It's just say it's not the same thing as Christianity They say it is, but it really isn't and you can just say that that's seated, so that's not what it represents Christianity That's not it. Okay, so you know all right buddy. There's a break All right Okay, thank you, sir.

All right man. God bless But hey if you guys want to call me eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. We'll be right back It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick All right buddy welcome back to the show for to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Let's get to Charles from Dayton, Ohio.

Hey Charles welcome. You're on the air All right, thank you sure We got hey Well actually I was going to ask you about numbers 30 verse 2 And I've you know I've read a lot of old old Sir excuse me old documentaries, and I've heard a lot of people's opinion on it that You know that it was Old Testament, but then I've heard and it doesn't apply to Christians today But then I've heard also a lot of people say that yeah that it does because it's a moral issue Yes, and I'll read it if a man makes a vow to the Lord or takes an oath to bind himself with a binding obligation He shall not violate his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.

That is absolutely true Jesus says let your yes, but yes, you're nobody know you speak the truth Because truth is what resides in the very heart and mind of God If any Christian wants to say it's okay to tell a white lie. It's okay to break your word. No, it's not Period so this is one of the compromises that have happened in Christianity today, okay, so no We're obligated to keep our vows and our word Okay Now what if you what if you? You know ask the Lord to forgive you and you keep trying to do it, and you keep failing Well that means you keep going to the cross you keep asking Jesus to strengthen you to cleanse you and you move forward So don't make a vow to God. I promise I will never do this again. Don't do that You say Lord. I I'm gonna yeah I need your help, and I'm failing and please be with me And I want to keep trying trying hard it harder, but if you make a promise and you break it, then you've sinned you know when my wife and I got married we went you know marriage counseling beforehand and and It over the wedding vows and in the traditional wedding vows it was the woman Do you promise to love and obey your husband and I asked him to take obey out? And the reason was was because well if she vows before God for that, and I asked her to do something She doesn't do it. You know I say I really want you to do this, or she doesn't then she's sinned so I didn't want that for her and Tommy can't have me tell you how to give it in but but aside from that you know So I said you know I said no take it out and because I take it very seriously. I take my word very seriously and Chris all Christians should All Christians right you know Yeah But so it's a battle. I keep a listen seem like I keep losing, but anyway.

Thank you I did you get a time for one more? Sure real fast Okay, I've been attending a Baptist church for about the last three years, and I realized that it was a King James only Church But I didn't realize what? Just how just what type of a King James only church in that they believe that King James has been preserved in English, and that is the only word of God I think that even I know one fella that I met had a Bible that said Ruckman on it, and I looked that up a little bit, and I asked him about it I said what is double inspiration mean and he said you know in other words that the King James is The word the the inspired word of God and so you know I okay So I respond really awkward there You know in that's foolishness and just it is foolishness So what they're saying is that the King James in the English is the inspired word better than the Greek and in the Hebrew? That's what they're saying. It's right And so one of the things I'll do is say well which King James Are you talking about and then what yeah, which King James?

Are you doing the original? Because originally you can barely read it if it's the one that is inspired in the English that shouldn't you be reading the ancient? English in the 1600s the early 1600s because that's what it is And you're not doing that so if I say to people go on the web and look up an original page of 1611 King James And you can hardly read it because it's just weird and the weird the way they pronounce it so what they've done is they've taken a later translation a modification So wait a minute are They really being consistent because they're gonna say that they the King James is inspired in the English then it was in its first writing Not later in 1689 or whatever it is that that they want to say was modified So they don't know they're talking about there, and it's foolishness And second if that's the case then that means that all Bibles all over the world should be translated into their native language from the King James English of 1611 which is ridiculous and The King James violates it it makes mistakes It King James is okay, but it's got some mistakes and Stuff and I show people where it is Yeah, I love I love them and They the pastor preaches the gospel a lot He doesn't go on rants like some of them do you know about the the King James, but yeah You know that's that's the Bible that they use and you know he will say that and I don't know how to You know There's a lot of young people coming in there that are Being one to the Lord and everything and it's like I have mixed feelings about about that about them being You know I'm I've since I've become more aware They don't have deacons. They don't have elders.

They don't have formal membership It's the church is about 10 years old or so I you know and I've only been here about three years So you know there's so many things that it just kind of blows my mind Yeah, well um said a lot there, but If people are getting saved well praise God you don't want to rock the boat there there their dedication to the King James Version is misplaced But you know what the Lord will deal with them and and and the King James is a good Bible They're just mistaken in its view that it's perfect. Yeah, okay All right, yeah, okay. All right. Thank you very much. You're welcome very much God bless All right, Oh God bless.

Okay, all right now. Let's get to Jim from Greensboro, North Carolina Jim welcome you're on the air Hey Matt I wanted to Talk to you about you would either earlier in the week or last week you were talking about the mathematics, and you were going over People with the Baptisms whether they sprinkled or poured and oh yeah, I thought that was very interesting and then I started thinking about well We hear all of the miracles. I'll give one example. You know the parting of the Red Sea Oh, it's great. You know it's went through on dry ground And everything was hunky-dory But when you think about that have you have you done? I know you do a lot of studying and I love to hear your perspectives Have you done any preaching on some of these events like that because that event in the hour which events like what?

I don't know what you're talking like like the like the ones we we We always refer back to What the what you mentioned several things and then Yeah, Moses parting the Red Sea. Well hold on have you got a break realize? I started bad timing here hold on brother. Okay. We'll get right back to you after the break Okay, just where the timing is there hey folks be right back And we'll get to this question and this you and interesting if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick All right, sorry about that folks. We had a good question coming in and we got a break But hey, we're good back on the line here with Jim.

All right, Jimmy still there I'm here. Sorry. I might have been kind of all over the place with that one little bit, but What I was trying to get to is you know the parting of the Red Sea It can be generalized and it's a great event. That's in the Bible But have you done some studying or did discussed like the Israelites how that looked at them? I mean you're talking about a million people over a million people crossing over with walls of water And you've got young people old people probably some You know middle-aged people and all these people trying to cross over all of this stuff going on. It's just not it's not It wasn't easy. It couldn't have been no I wouldn't have been easy, but they would have had spoils They would have had animals and carts and things like that to help carry the elderly and the infirm and a lot of people were already slaves are in very good shape and so moving Across that land wouldn't have been that difficult particularly since they're motivated to get out of Egypt there's a miracle happening in front of them the fire and Then they hear about the Pharaoh coming, and then you know he's held back by the pillar of fire They'll be motivated to move It's not gonna be like now. Let's just kind of take our time new no no no so they're gonna be together working quickly now How long would it take for say 1 million people to walk? Well it depends on how far and how wide and I don't know what the statistics would be so if we said a hundred yards 300 feet you know the I think that's reasonable Reasonable how many people in 300 feet left and right and for how far it's let's just say an average of two miles an hour and if it was a quarter of a mile across or half a mile, then it would take a half hour for one person to walk across and You have that many people so you know it might have taken a day or two. I don't know, but it's a good question Yeah, all right well I I enjoyed the baptism and the sprinkling and the pouring part and the 3,000 people I'm like yeah That would take a while.

Oh, yeah, I have my notes from all that in front of me and In like for example if you know when John the Baptist it says that they were baptized he was baptizing It says all of Judea and Jerusalem came out to him all of Judea and Jerusalem That's 1.9. Million people. That's the estimate that was in that area at that time.

I did research on that and so Hypothetically this is just I say this because people go what? Hypothetically if John alone if it was alone was baptizing 10% of 1.9. Million that have been 194,000 people well how long did he have his ministry? I did the average some say three months some say two years I went to 14 months just an average and Cuz we don't know you know it, but just an average that would have meant then That if John alone was baptizing for 14 months, then he would have to do three thousand thirteen thousand eight hundred baptisms a month And if it's 30 days a month he'd had done 462 a day at eight hours a day and be 57 per hour or one every minute Non-stop 30 days non-stop. No if three of John's disciples were baptizing it'd be 19 per hour or one every three minutes if it was six Disciples it would be one every six minutes of 12 disciples be one every 12 minutes It's kind of workshop mathematically like that.

That's eight hours a day for 30 days a month for 14 months Is it practical? Yeah, there's some problems that creep in with all of this stuff because there's hypothermia in the Jordan River There's a some other issues, and you have to take breaks and eight hours like that Lifting people you drop them into the water say they weigh a hundred pounds, and they're clothed and you lift them up They're gonna be you know 101 102 pounds whatever well does that mean then that you you're up to your your You're you know say your belly in water well Then if you're gonna be in the cold Jordan for eight hours a day like that without a wetsuit They didn't have wetsuits. You're gonna be hypothermic so there's a lot of problems when you start putting flesh and blood on this stuff and So if you don't you well then they were up to their knees So they didn't get hypothermic well, then you got to talk about dropping someone down underneath the water at knee level Well, maybe it was hip level. Well.

You're still gonna get hypothermic. It just takes longer and so there's some issues There's some issues there, so what was the best way to do that then and that's another topic you got time. I'm uh Taunting people give me a call taunting them We'll see all right Okay, buddy. God bless. Thanks Yeah, you know I did some stats on that and from a book that talked about it as well and I never thought about that so I I did the stats was interesting Jason from Arizona welcome you are on the air Hi Matt you make me laugh when I when I hear you say Most Christians have this perception of Jesus that he's the blue-eyed blond-haired surfer He's wearing a woman's nightgown. He's begging for permission this is the sovereign king of the universe with omnipotent power and I I see your point that people have the wrong perception and But it makes me chuckle when you say that because you know I get it. I understand you and but most Christians. I know You know they think God loves everybody Self ethically and and I was telling a friend that only in Jesus do we experience the the love of God because outside of Christ the wrath of God abides upon them and So it's just a concept.

I don't hear in church today like no one talks about it. I read your article that the Lord hates the wicked and the workers of iniquity those who are not as children and I just want to know the truth about the Lord you know everything even the hard stuff to accept And I accept Romans 9 in the end and in Psalm 5 5 and you know my a lot of people I know they don't accept it, but I just appreciate you sharing the truth that you know even the hard stuff. That's You know the wrath of God is is on the unbeliever. It's just not heard But um you know thanks for standing for the truth and in the hard truth You know like that's a hard saying for a lot of people, but I'll I'd rather hear you talk now Well you know I'm glad you said that because it's refreshing it's very uncommon for people to say what you just said Most people that I've encountered just believe in the blonde hair blonde Caucasian surfer dude dressed in a woman's nightgown Standing at the door of your heart asking permission for you to let him in this is what's presented for most pulp It's and it's not the biblical image of Christ So one of the things I will do when I'm talking to people It's a lot of verses memorized. I've been doing this for so long So I'll just say you know I I just believe that you know I believe that God hates all who do iniquity Oh, I would never agree with that Matt.

You wouldn't know he loves everybody well No, I think he hates people who do iniquity. No that's not true They don't realize I'm quoting Psalm 5 5 you know the boastful shall not stand before your eyes. You hate all who do iniquity So I was talking to a woman online and a few days ago And people are doing commentary on it now because it was interesting discussion but nevertheless she was denying the sovereignty of God in a lot of areas and I said well I believe that God makes all things even the wicked for the day of evil And she said I would never believe that I reject that and she didn't realize I was quoting Psalm 16 4 And so I mean a proverb 16 4 and then when I told her after about 30 seconds I said, I just quoted you the scriptures, and she's I don't believe your interpretation of it. I said I didn't interpret it I quoted it And that's what I'll do sometimes is I'll just take a verse in a conversation and just insert it into the flow the conversation And they reject it and this demonstrates to me that people reject the word of God if it doesn't fit their theology in fact Years ago when I was in San Diego.

I had a friend and this is a good example I'll keep quiet so you can comment there, but I Showed him something he's a Christian and he believed that God always wants everyone to be healthy and wealthy And I said well have you read Exodus 4 11? Which says this the Lord said to him who has made man's mouth or who makes him mute or deaf or? Seeing or blind is is it not I the Lord I?

Still see him in my mind's eye my memory sitting on this couch in his apartment staring at the text for a full minute I Waited and he said finally he said well. I don't know what it means, but it doesn't mean what it says And I never forgot that and It's in your right so many people don't want to hear the word of God And this is why we're having so many problems in the church one of the reasons anyway So good for you. Well. Yeah, I appreciate that I am I was you know I often talk to different Christians And I'll just say look you know God is love, but he's also capable of demonstrating his wrath, and he does demonstrate his wrath Romans 9 and Ultimately hell is the it is a demonstration of that wrath and my point to them is that yes There's safety in Jesus, but outside of Jesus there is no eternal safety Am I I'm speaking right is that right?

That's correct absolutely correct. You are speaking truth Good for you Well, thank you. I'll let someone else call and appreciate you. God bless all right, man You too, man. God bless and perfect timing for the break, so we will be back with Ed from Virginia right after these messages Please give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. We'll be right back It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt slick All right, buddy welcome back to the show let's get on here with Ed from Virginia and welcome you're on the air Hey slick, how you doing? I'm doing okay. I'm doing okay, man So what do you got in a while since I got with you?

I've been on the road delivering tonight got got to get on and listen to you on the radio Well do I get to get my slick fix tonight? Mm-hmm slick fix well good for you I Like that I got a quote what what is your view on or if you've done any study on the age of the disciples? You know I've done a little study on that and you know some people think they were teenagers Based on some of the evidence there, and I don't know it sound pretty good.

What about what do you think about that? um I Have no idea. That's a good question.

I've never been asked that the question actually leads. I don't recall But I have no idea how to answer it except to say each one was twice as old as half And that way I'm always right yeah, but they were probably young I mean there's Yeah, but there's some you know one. There's a few things out there Like how Jesus interacted with him he called them little children And just how he questioned them sometimes sort of like you know might have nothing I Would say that one would have attacked you had to be you had to be 20 to pay the temple tax and the cycle didn't pay any tax except for Peter who was probably married and older You know there's there's a few few ideas out there I don't like that so tell me some more. She probably young That's what I think because another one is because John he lived you know very you know like they some say in the 80s So he had to be young also Yeah, yeah, but I think the temple tax was really one of them that really made me think about it Of course again him referring to them as children, and then what they were Who was it where the typos were with their mother and they were sort of fighting over where to sit or so? I can't remember that well, but It was just how they interacted sometimes And the process of education in Israel because you would sit under a rabbi if you didn't get the education you weren't accepted by a rabbi You were sort of rejected and the fact that they they were accepted under Christ accepted them And that was their final education that was another aspect is how? Disciples were educated on the rabbis back then Well it is because the mission Just gonna say that just because it doesn't record them paying it to temple tax for example Doesn't mean they weren't doing it because that may not have been the focus of what was going on So it's evidence is not proof of anything You know and the things we know we can count on for example is John the Apostle He lived to be very old and even the church father talked about that But I like the temple text thing you know that's just something to go hey Consider this you know it doesn't prove anything, but it's well. That's good.

What else did you find? Well one part was a ray bander land he wrote Let's see Jewish education tradition scripture study begins at age 5 mission a study at age 10 for obligations at 13 Continued rabbinical study at age 15 if they were chosen to be tutored by a formal teacher or apprentice To a trade they would be married at age 18 and their formal teaching would begin at age 30 Okay, if they didn't find a rabbi that accepted them they would most likely enter the workforce by their mid-teens So you see Jesus coming and saying catching these fishermen and these different Disciples were already working at their trades when Jesus found them Yeah, I like that you know I never thought I never even considered all that stuff that's good stuff I'm taking notes actually you know recent research on it, but was it The Exodus 30 14 15 Jewish law states every male over the age of 20 is to pay a half shekel as a census offering and they visit the temple So that maybe that sort of gives a little sign of their age Yeah Well like that see good stuff. I'll see how it how he interacted with it. We call them little children I mean would you call 30 year olds little children people at your same? Maybe not yeah, maybe maybe not because what was the context and you know it? I'm just saying but normally you wouldn't think that but how was it back Then was it acceptable in a certain context if a rabbi called their disciples little children was that just common You know I mean, they're just questions you got to ask, but there's good questions Yeah, I mean you know I think it's interesting that when you see how they interact with him and how they question things and how they Just the way they you know they're the ideas they came up with is like you know It's pretty pretty young to be asking stuff like that or acting like that or Well here's an indirect Here's an indirect support of them being quite young Peter was let's just say immature Yeah, I'll go get him.

You know let's cut this off. Let's let's do a You know build it yet was it build a little mini tabernacle for Moses and Elijah, and he cut their ears You know these are inferences. He maybe was young and impressionable or you know I mean Not proof of anything, but yeah, it's a lot of interesting stuff Yeah, yeah, I didn't know if you ever ever looked at that or someone someone pointed out to me and I looked up some websites, and I'm like yeah, it's it's interesting thought and When you think of the impressionism You know as a missionary for many years You know we want a lot of young people, but the older people were very difficult so young people are more easily You know influenced Not you know easier to teach So I Don't know it just seemed pretty interesting the way they interacted and some of the customs and the tax and Well, let's see Charlie a friend of mine. He wrote in a text here He's one of the guys that helps out Peter referred himself as an old man when he was in his 60s About 30 years after walking with Jesus.

I like to see that reference if you got it there Charlie This means Peter was in his 20s or 30s at the time He was with Jesus the gospel of Matthew was written 30 to 40 years after Jesus resurrection indicating That he was perhaps in his 20s when following Jesus on earth. Yeah and Okay, I see So I have to check this out and check the references and stuff. Yeah, maybe I'll write an article on it cuz hey It's just interesting. It's a good question Yeah, all right well, I'm gonna call you back sometime when I have pen and paper because you've really got me interested in the free meal and Pretrib and your well your sense non pretrib and and and non-millennial. I think you mentioned some time There's right only not a thousand years literally, but I'll call you back sometime when I have my pen and pencil I can really take some good notes on that Well, you don't have to I mean call back, but I mean I have an article I've written and if you go to CARM and look up two ages in support of all millennialism and It used to be the case That people were calling all millennialism a heresy and the only the leftist liberal wackos would believe And that's not the case if they would just label what they didn't like that And this it's called an examination of this age and age to come and just type in that an examination of this age Okay, and I've got Tables in there that show this age and age to come and then I do a table number two I'm looking at it right now where you take the phrase end of the this age The phrase last day the phrase day of the Lord the last trumpet and after the tribulation go through and find every place in the Bible that talks about them and Then I put them in a table comparing them So that for example, this is a quick example The judgment of the wicked is at the end of this age Matthew 13 In the last day is where the judgment of the wicked occurs John 12 48 and the day of the Lord is when that's what judgment the wicked occurs in John 12 48 so the judgment of the wicked is The end of the age which is also the last day which is also the day of the Lord So just do stuff like that did with all kinds of topics and you start seeing pattern And it becomes very interesting and I'd have a third table down there and and you can check it out and When I've taught it in Bible studies gone through it bit by bit It when the first time people have heard it they're very intrigued they've never heard this before and I See, well, what do you think and they go man? I don't know what to say. It's just so intriguing So I'm actually thinking of reading it looks at what I recall the study of two eight two ages.

What's it called? Yes, an examination of this age and the age to come just type that in amazing okay, yeah, and because We have nobody waiting right now so we can just kind of ramble but the this this age and age to come is the model that Jesus spoke of and Paul the Apostle spoke of and What bothers me is I've never heard it mentioned in Churches or radio Christian radio or anything and it's just right there You know, it's weird Have you heard me talk about you know, two men in the field and one is taken one is left right Because that's not the rapture in the Old Schofield Bible then the Old Schofield Bible say that was a rapture. I Don't know if they did it would be Erroneous the rapture occurs, but you know people think I don't believe in a rapture. Of course I do But that verse, you know in Matthew 24 Two men in the field one is taken one is left. It's not the good who are taken as the wicked And when I show that to people Yeah, they're just blown away and they think yeah, I think in Bible college A lot of people have the Schofield Bible and they thought that was a rapture. I know It's not in fact the ones who were taken are the wicked and then they asked Jesus where are they taken and he?

Actually answered the question where the body is the vultures gather. So anyway, it's I think that Article has that in there as well. I don't know if it does I need to Expand I wrote that in 2017 Does your website have a study on every reference that Jesus or the Old Testament or the New Testament? Has made that Christ is God Um, I don't know if I've done a study on every reference but I've done a study on lots of them in the Old and New Testament and so if you go to CARM and Type in is Jesus God. Let's see I'm waiting for it to come up and Let's see did Paul did Jesus ever get sick how Jesus is Jesus God And I wrote that back in 2010 So I'm looking at it because I've written 6,000 articles.

So oh, that's a short article That's for not very big, but I'm actually working on another article the Trinity in the Old Testament I'm working on that this week coming up and So the deity Christ in both the Old New Testament would be a great article You know, that's right, okay, well I'll let you go you have a great evening and thank you for that Okay. All right, you too, man. God bless you, sir. Okay. All right.

God bless. I Think an article. Um, can you show the deity Christ the Old Testament? Yes, I can and I know how to do that But that'd be good a good title actually, let's see we've got about a Minute and I have how many man how many articles have I got to do the ones that I have listed? I've got another 50 right here.

Maybe 60 Maybe 70 80. Yeah, I've got about a hundred to add on to This list here, which I get to check out. Oh, there we go. So I have my list is there we go 778 So I have to add in a hundred questions. They're all categorized in different categories women in Trinity and scriptures and science salvation You know, I'm so blessed to build it to answer questions teach the Word of God. What a privilege Hey folks, there we are. We're out of time the Lord bless you and I hope pray that by God's grace You'll have a great weekend. May the Lord bless you and we'll talk to you on Monday. God bless everybody another program powered by the truth Network
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