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God, Greed, and The Prosperity Gospel (Part 1 of 2)

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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June 28, 2019 8:00 pm

God, Greed, and The Prosperity Gospel (Part 1 of 2)

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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June 28, 2019 8:00 pm

It’s big business, complete with tens of millions of dollars in “revenue”, charismatic leaders with worldwide influence and luxuriant lifestyles, and a message that “God will make you healthy, wealthy, and prosperous if you just sow a seed of faith” (i.e. money)...

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God read in the prosperity gospel that is topical discuss today right here on the Christian worldview radio program for the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview. Christians share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ, I'm David. We host the program website is the Christian Thank you for joining us this weekend. As we discussed, God agreed the prosperity gospel notes a big business, complete with tens of millions of dollars in revenue. Charismatic leaders with worldwide influence in luxuriant lifestyles and a message that God will make you healthy, wealthy and prosperous if you just so a seed of faith, i.e. money. The show in person or on television is as well-crafted as a Broadway production, complete with manipulative speakers working the stage emotional music to entrance the audience staged healings and miracles. Claims of direct revelation from God speaking in gibberish, but they call tongues quote anointing's of the Holy Spirit promises of hope breakthroughs over whatever is troubling you.

Etc. etc. the prosperity gospel movement runs a wide gamut including less charismatic leaders like Joel O'Steen, pastor and author of your best life now.

Title says it all to the white jacketed charlatan Benny Hinn. Others, like Oral Roberts and Creflo Dollar and Jesse Duplantis and Kenneth Copeland and Rev. Aiken, Kenneth Hagan and Joseph Prince and Paula White are all other well-known prosperity preachers. So this week and on the Christian worldview cost. He Hinn, the nephew of Benny Hinn and author of the new book, God agreed in the prosperity gospel joins us to talk about his first-hand experience growing up and working in the prosperity gospel movement, and how he was saved out of it. But before we get to costly. Here's a clip from Justin peters ministries about what prosperity preachers preach courtesy of Esso for J productions you can watch it on YouTube here. We are supposed to control the weather.

We don't fly bad weather. That way we can see the weather over here and I look at when China came down just like this down toward the ground and can set you in the name of Jesus, you and did you notice how she says that she and her husband they can control the weather. They will fly bad weather. If it is true that Gloria Copeland can control the weather by the words as she sleeps and by the way is not just Lori Copeland. Many of the faith.

Preachers claim to be able to do this. Jesse Duplantis. Many of every year thousands of people are killed in weather disasters, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and calls mudslides, wildfires, where are they they can do what they say they can do their liars. These people are not Christian.

As these programs are failing speak and something into existence. They teach that we can do the exact same things that God can do. We can speak things into existence create our own realities with the words that we speak with the words of our faith difference. Only God can speak things into existence that is not an ability that you and I have no course on believing in Christ is the Savior and all, but I think to spend a lot of time in India, you know, I've been with a lot of Hindu people there nice and kind know people that love God as well.

So no Hindus do not love God because they do not know God. How can you love someone who you don't even know the difference. Joel O'Steen is doing no one any favors by telling the that Hindus love God, especially not the Hindus. He continues to deny that Jesus is the only way to be saved and so Joel O'Steen is able is a false prophet she is with the spirit living on the inside of encouraging know that's heretical today. That's heresy. Jesus was just a man until God testing but his spirit on the inside of that's heresy and never prayed in terms of you. I am 03 anointing is here through the rational. I can't do with you, but I can tell you how to pray in the supernatural line which I yes this is something for which the Holy Spirit gives us order is why in the world would it ever be necessary to teach people how to get a look up to the gate. I can see this pinnacle in the middle of the city. It's kind of a hill I am is a river flowing down the side of this well is the river of life and is coming down the side of this mountain or hill if you will, that is the brightest light have ever seen and I know who that is, is the Lord, high and lifted up to say the title of your book is 90 minutes in heaven and you can't remember whether or not you solve God. Third John 2011. I pray that you might prosper in every way and that your body might keep well I know your soul prospers and keeps well so God wants us to think God wants me this is not a theological statement.

This is not a doctrinal statement.

It's not a statement of teaching is not a didactic teaching statement. It's simply a common greeting to a letter, nothing more nothing less. In the face. Preachers know what but they don't want you to know because it just happens to fit their theology, Jesus placed your and my sickness and diseases infirmities upon Jesus and he bore them to thousand years ago. If he already paid for your healing. How can you doubt that you are healed Andrew Womack to solve that healing is provided for in the atonement and of course appeals Isaiah 53, four and five and so let's look at the context of the passage becomes very clear to us when we read the very next verse very clearly the primary context of Isaiah 53 is not physical healing. It's spiritual healing not healing from sickness and disease healing from sin.

We see that from these two words transgressions and iniquity. Yet, how many times have we heard Benny Hanner, Andrew Womack, one of these prosperity preachers like by his stripes we are healed. So y'all be physically healed, and is safe.

And I'm going just so Isaiah 54, seven genes deed of $54 and 70 Jesus was over the phone. Do it right now.

The phone when this was written there was no chapter 54 verse 17 you say prosperity preachers do this all the time. Based on Isaiah 5417 or some other verse that they like that that happens to fit their theology and they are counting on their followers and their listeners being biblically illiterate, so that they can fall for their schemes. These people are charlatans.

Do I believe that God wants to bless us. Yes conferences you ask people to give money for you say do it cheerfully because the Bible says given shall be given unto you, giving is a major doctrine. Do you believe if someone gives money to the ministry come back to the firm's absolutely entertaining by prosperity gospel. Sometimes your message will be heard by someone in the most dire circumstances.

This is sort of wheel sort of gamble.okay well I can pay the rent. But I'll give it to Joyce and we'll see what happened.

I totally know I don't worry about that Joseph Myers is no so I totally don't worry about that long. Circe doesn't but she should because right now, even as we speak. There are thousands of people all around the world who are watching TBN and DayStar, mostly of broadcasting and the word network and all these things and they are hearing this endless drivel of say you send us your money and God will give you a harvest in their people at home. They are poor they are sick they are desperately have sick children and so in desperation they get out of their checkbook. They get out their credit card and they send the money to these multimillionaire preachers who fly in private jets and who live in multi million dollar home, Jesse Duplantis, for example, lives in a 35,000 barefoot percentage but when your will is gained off of praying upon the hopes and fears of hurting and sick and desperate people. There's a lot wrong with that.

When your wealth is gained off of distorting the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There's a principal for you to determine the size of your harvest when you show your see.

Do you need a big harvest than you, so lots of seed do you need a big harvest than you, so lots of scene.

So if you have cancer or if you have a sick and dying child viewing this dating deeply because the bigger miracle you need the bigger monetary. See you better so difference sowing and reaping is a biblical concept. It is, but more often than not, when the Bible talks about sowing seed. The seed to which it refers is itself so if you want to. So some see, by all means heartily encourage you to so this is in the lives of people and watch God bring the harvest went and got restart of the truth of healing that it will put a signpost to set heresy when the going got restart the truth of prosperity.

The devil put us samples essays heresy in the church back from the truth. We got back away from the truth and tell by the amount of controversies against the truth what he saying is those people who actually care about the real gospel who care about sound doctrine, who have a love for good theology and who rightly divide the word of truth in worn people about the appeal to fallen human desires. He is saying those kind of people. Those are heretics there there heresy hunters their legalists. The Pharisees know the people to whom is referring the put up a signpost warning about the appeal to health and well are actually the remnant of God's faithful people who care about sound doctrine and who want to teach people the truth. Friends have frank and open conversations with each of the net with the Lord of the Lord say I just got contents of this one will knew I had a lot of what you think Scott is asked me for my opinion God asks Jesse Duplantis for his opinion really is not shocking, pray tell Jesse continue, finish your thought as a woman since you asked. Maybe I'm doing regional we can talk Frank you think think you see why you say well you know you will be 100, but if you just let me let me know a little bit work on this individual think we can get him to the system.

Okay, go ahead to Jeff and I do not think he will win souls yes who thinks he can counsel God very true that Cliff and Justin peters ministries costing him the author of God read in the prosperity gospel coming up in this first regular day in the Christian worldview, David Wheaton here to announce two events this coming September 1, on Sunday, September 15 at 7 PM at Grace Church Eden Prairie is the Christian worldview speaker series event and how social justice is impacting the church and the gospel featuring Darrell Harrison in insightful biblical teacher and writer on this important to understand topic no cost. No registration.

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Again the number is one AAA 646-2233 or go to the Christian thanks for joining us today on the Christian worldview radio program. I'm David Wheaton, the host website is the Christian our topic today is God. Read the prosperity gospel is part one of a two-part series with our guest cost. He can in the first segment there. You heard some of the luminaries of the movement from Gloria Copeland to Benny Hinton to Joel and Victoria O'Steen to Sid Roth Don Piper to Joyce Meyer to Andrew Womack to Rod Parsley to Joyce Meyer mentioned heard before John Hagy to Joseph Prince into Jesse Duplantis and there's many many more because it's a big business and is a lot of money to be made by by expounding false promises and misinterpreting Scripture for your own personal game or guest for the rest the program today is costing him. He's the nephew of Benny Hinton, one of the most prominent leaders of the prosperity movement is a brand-new book out entitled God. Greed in the prosperity gospel, and let's get right to the first segment of the interview is costing him costing really thankful to have you back on the program today to talk about your brand-new book, God, greed and the prosperity gospel and I want to start out by reading about your family on page 16 of of your book because a lot of things that you're going to talk about today with your story. Someone may take it as with this person has a grudge against his family. He doesn't like his family. So to make sure I lay the groundwork of your relationship with your family.

Of course you are the nephew of the world renowned faith healer Benny Hinton prosperity gospel preacher let me just read from page 16 of your book he says I'm not angry at my family.

I love the Hinton client with all my heart. My father is an affectionate, generous and loving man.

He's also in the prosperity gospel ministry. My mother is a hospitable, caring and loyal woman like every family we've had our challenges and disagreements, but all my life they've done nothing but try their best to love me as a son.

My sisters are incredible women who would rush to my aid at the side of a distressing text message every one of my uncles and aunts is treating me like their own since I was born my uncle Benny always favored me was generous beyond measure and has never once insulted me to my face.

Even in the midst of my opposition to the theology he has propagated. Let me repeat what I've already said in a different way. This book is not a smear campaign or a vengeful crusade think that was an important thing to write really in the book costly. Talk about your family dynamic was like growing up and what that family dynamic was it was like away from the church as well. I wanted to make sure people understood and even my family as they read the book if they decide to read it that I love them. I've told them that anyway in person. And so it is important to understand that here in this book, and even in general and ministry were rejecting false ideologies and false gospels and false teachings, but were not rejecting the people per se and we are tearing down false gospels and false ideologies, and anything that is raised up against the knowledge of God, as Paul explains to the church in the New Testament but were not tearing down the people or trying to destroy them, and so thankful that you would read that growing up in my family was wonderful, and in all the senses of of being a child who was loved by his parents provided for lavishly and I we defended one another. We were always there for one another and we grew up in, in a sort of celebrity bubble with all the bells and whistles out a ton of luxury and I explain all the details about the book and so I thought that was normal when you are anointed as I believed we were and when you are at the top of this system where God had called us, in my view, and in our view, and anointed us to bring a message of hope and healing to the world and so we were a conduit. The middleman between God and his people like a priest essentially explaining to people how if they would believe like us, trust in what we were teaching them and follow after our ways. Then God would bless them as well.

With health, wealth and happiness costing him with us today in the Christian worldview the author of God. Greed in the prosperity gospel. I want to read and start out for those who may be listening who are wondering what exactly is the prosperity gospel you see on page 15. There are millions of people who need to be saved from the prosperity gospel deception like I was. I'm trying to reach them what the same time inspiring other people to reach them to. I want people to see that the prosperity gospel is damning and abusive. It exploits the poor in ruins the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable people so explain costly. What is the I'll add a couple words do at the health, wealth and prosperity gospel, the prosperity gospel is going to be best understood when you break down both the terms so prosperity. Of course, is the idea of material abundance physical health and overall well-being.

And if someone is prosperous they have it all going for them and then the gospel literally means good news and for Christians it's the good news about Jesus Christ's death on the cross is resurrection power proving that he was and is the son of God, and then his redeeming and buying of sinners and atoning for their sins and taking the wrath of God upon himself to pour out his love and save us from our sins, that he died for us and we repent of our sins we trust in him by faith and were saved. That would be the gospel. However, if you were to take the terms prosperity and gospel and put them together. The prosperity gospel then is this the good news about prosperity that believing in Jesus and following him will result in you being healthy, wealthy and happy and prosperity preachers well known big-name ones will call this living your best life now that God wants you to have it all now and that sure he saved you from sin, ensure you get to heaven one day ensure there might be some riches and rewards in heaven, but you can kind of take your spiritual debit card, so to speak and swipe it by having enough faith in and making a positive confession and believing like the prosperity preachers are teaching people to believe and unlock all those riches now and that they'll be dispensed, but this is not what the Bible teaches as foundational truths about being a Christian and of course the gospel.

How big is this prosperity gospel movement caused the who are some of the main leaders of that one of the churches. It is taken over. Give us some idea of the scope and the scale of it. Yes Osama your bigger name prosperity preachers in it. Again, this doesn't mean that everyone of them are just outlandish and as flamboyant maybe as my uncle or or saying ridiculous things are falsely prophesying there. There's a wide menu here, but you could have a spectrum from Joel O'Steen to of course my uncle Benny who wears the white suit and waves a white jacket and eight and Comedy Central does sketches on him and because it's it's so funny that's but it's sad so that would be the specter worse. O'Steen is more controlled.

These very diplomatic. He's involved in celebrity culture in the world. Oprah just adores him. O'Steen keeps the train on the tracks from a PR standpoint, way better than my uncle does. So if that was the spectrum, then in between.

That is every other level of it. You've got Jesse Duplantis, who again made national news because he was buying 1/4 airplane and yet I remember growing up going to his services and Duplantis is known as the funniest preacher ever and he would just make jokes full-time and talk about faith until wild stories. He is a very wealthy man and uses the health and wealth message to get that and you've got guys like Kenneth Copeland who caught 13th serving men like Kenneth Hagan who passed away in 2003. He was a big word of faith. Preacher and Copeland claims now to be a billionaire. He was just on inside edition Lisa Guerrero did a great piece talking to him about the airplanes and he was saying how essential it is at one point he said he can't fly commercial because it's like getting into a tube full of demons and their you're seeing things. That of course O'Steen would never say that it be bad PR but that's the spectrum you have other people who you live the high life like TD Jakes and others, and they mix in and out of different circles about Paula White who is trumps advisor and that's not a political statement by any means, no matter where you land. She's a prosperity preacher would. I think we all would rather the president have advisors that were maybe a little more conservative evangelicals and I know he has some of those. But overall, Paula White represents a demographic of preacher that has multi-million-dollar penthouses in New York that rides you know Bentley Maserati Beemer Benz is and solicits donations from people by twisting the Bible so those are some of the names of the big preachers who teach this kind of thing. But them I would argue that we have a lot of prosperity gospel light know you got Coke and Diet Coke you've got a light or diet version of it and it's in a lot of American churches that maybe don't look like prosperity preaching churches, but they don't teach on suffering. They never want to offend people with the reality of the gospel. The idea of dying to yourself. The idea of sin you're telling people their sinners, only giving everybody the good news is not really the gospel.

We gotta tell people the bad news we want to admit that were sinners and that we need Christ and then the bad news makes the good news so good, so the prosperity gospel creeps in a lot of ways, where even in churches where the pastors not driving a Bentley. You might have the prosperity gospel there, because that pastor refuses to address sin to deal with hot button issues that the Bible is clear about and also does not talk about suffering and the trials that are all but guaranteed. Basically, for anyone who follows Jesus Costigan again with us today in the Christian remove your radio program, the author of an excellent new book entitled God agreed in the prosperity gospel cost.

He was saved out of the prosperity gospel written talk a bit more about that as we continue with today's interview. Okay that's next next segment coming up.

By the way, this is our new current resource on the Christian worldview. Coffee's book, God agreed in the prosperity gospel, it's yours for a donation of any amount to the Christian worldview discover a website or give us a call in our office. I'll give that contact after the break.

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God agreed in the prosperity gospel today is part one of a two-part series on this with our guests costing in the and this book are offering as a mentor before the break for a donation of any amount to the Christian, really, with the 284 page softcover book really gets you on the inside.

He grew up in it. Families dad's uncle, and so forth and was just miraculously saved out of it and this guy is sound in the world without as you hear him talk about this movement today that is so major and so huge and affects so many people all over the world and bleeds with its influence into the evangelical church as well. You can order the book by going to our website the Christian world you can call us at our office number toll-free one AAA 646-2233 is one AAA 646-2233.

We can write to us at our mailbox and I'll get that later in the program. But let's get back to the next segment interview with Costa Hinn winery from page 46 of your book you say in one sermon I heard growing up, my uncle Benny taught us that if we wanted God to do something for us.

We needed to do something for him. This apply to everything, especially miracles whenever possible. Then he would preach to the masses that if they wanted a miracle for their sickness and disease they needed to give money to God. No money, no miracle giving to God was the secret to unlocking your dreams.

It was the secret to job promotion. How does this prosperity gospel anger called a game because it appears to me to be a deceitful game that's being played on people and why are people then may seem obvious asses question why are people so attracted to it. If the game seems so obvious why I think you have two demographics and these are clear in the Bible. Certainly, you have people who raise up teachers in accordance with their own desires. As Paul explains to Timothy would happen and they want this.

They like the teaching they like that you're tickling and they like being told.

Hey, here is a version of the gospel that says you're knocking to suffer God's going to give you the desires of your heart. Just believe. Just give, and they want to control their own attractive to people as crazy as it sounds. For those of us that see things in black-and-white. Sometimes we need to remember that we also were once deceived and it's easy to get caught up in a better, more man centered version of the gospel. On the flipside, you do have people that are vulnerable their sick there dying there. There on their last leg or imagine you know David you and I if we had a child. We were in the Third World and there was no hope, no modern medicine. Nothing more doctors could do but an anointed faith healer was on a billboard saying that he's coming to our little area and we traveled hundreds of miles from you to wherever a village in India holding our child, hoping that this man who claims to be a healer can heal our child and that is the kind of person I want to see us do a better job reaching and protecting dots partially why I wrote the book. I'm hoping it will trigger Christians and trigger missionaries who are already doing a great job to receive support. There are vulnerable people that are being exploited in the Third World, because a American preacher shows up and pitches to them. The American dream and they're never going to get it but they're told. If they just give all they have or make a sacrifice that God will do a miracle for them and in the Third World picture hundreds of thousands in action. At one point in Mumbai, India. We had millions of people there at the services acres upon acres of land had been rented and this is all on YouTube. There's footage of it.

Imagine if just every person, or even just all the sick and vulnerable gave just a few of their international currency dollars. That adds up. And also you have wealthy dignitaries and other people who believe and who think that this is some anointed healer, who's gonna bless their country and bless their government and bless their business and they give large amounts and then now add in all the Americans who are being shown the footage that's been edited and produced to look really good being told.

Give all that you have and give generously to this work is we're going in reaching the nations with the gospel.

That is a recipe for tens of millions of dollars to be raised. The only problem is it's not going into reaching those people with the truth. It's not going into reaching those people by planting churches and building multiple orphanages it's going into supporting the lifestyle of a faith healer while Costa Hinn again with us today in the Christian real view as you are telling that story. I was just thinking back to the New Testament Member. What town it was then but Paul went in and he disrupted people are being saved and was disrupting their idol making business because you can't be good for the. The business of the prosperity preachers around the world.

What kind of blowback from either just generally or specifically within your family. Do you receive as a result of your conversion to the true biblical gospel and now writing a book like this. Yeah that is one of my favorite stories. So you're referring to, acts 19.

It's in Ephesus, the automakers get really upset and they literally say our prosperity depends on this and I love that you Luke, who was recording the book of acts. I love that use the word prosperity of the Holy Spirit inspired that our prosperity or well-being are business our profits, all depend on this so yeah the blowback has been mostly frustration and anger from certain family members that are the benefactors in the lead benefactors. Conversely, there's been others that have called me privately and said, you know, go Costa go I were praying for you. Thank you, or were proud of you and you know like I give glory to God for that, and we praise him for that and we pray together and they're not pastors. They don't feel called to to stand up publicly and make it a big deal about this topic. They don't feel like that's their call. Some of them just own businesses or are humble Christians who you are just hoping that pastors and leaders will stand up to this and so there have been some private conversations that are not so much blowback, but they're there glorifying God for what he's doing and then there's people that are in the middle and my family where they don't like conflict and who does they don't like to see family, divided, and David no matter what culture were from. We happen to be a Middle Eastern family and so, like the Italian Mafia, but I think American families of all cultures can relate with this where we say blood is thicker than water and family is family and family is first and family is the people that at the end have your back and that's who you live for and family can be an idol. Sometimes that we make into the thing that we must preserve, but Christ calls us to love him and serve him and stand for the truth that he taught even above family in Matthew 10 Jesus talks about that and so in Luke 14 he does as well from verses 25 to 35.

Basically, you gotta love Jesus more and so I've got some family members that are wrestling through agreeing with the truth but frustrated that there is conflict in the family they they don't understand why I have to do it. Dave asked me to let other people do it or they said hey why can't you just pastor your church and not say anything just let other pastors talk about it and I don't think that that's something I want to face the Lord in an essay one day when I answer to Christ for being a actual pastor from and to be a real one. I don't want to face him one day and he says what did you do in my name and I'm listing there and he's reading the resume and I handle my little resume, so to speak, and there's this big gap and he's going whoa there is this one area costly providentially yet a last name you had a conversion and you have the opportunity to help and speak on this issue. I didn't need you I'm Christ I could do what I want but I did call you to this and I wanted you to do it and you didn't why and I tell him well because I thought you know David Weeden can do that or you know John MacArthur, John Piper, you know, RC Sproul, or all the other pastors who are who can be nameless, but but lined the halls of heaven because they were faithful. It was their job.

Lord, not mind. I didn't want to cause conflict. I don't think that that's that would be a good moment for me, David. So I've chosen this path and there's some family members that are hoping or were wishing that I would relegate it to others will. There's nothing more important in life than defending what the gospel is in pointing out and pushing back against what it isn't, and so that this issue is of utmost importance because it has such an impact on so many people it's so huge and one of the reasons I was really looking for the interview today is because is not just in the whole world of the charismatic church, so to speak, but it's the way it's influencing the evangelical church.

I hear so much of the language of the prosperity gospel you to have a breakthrough that the idea of the this the miraculous sign gifts coming into the evangelical church speaking in tongues. Healings and so forth. That's what I'm most interested in is what is going to do to what was traditionally biblically sound Christianity. I want to read from page 33 of your book. We talk about speaking in tongues. This is a huge part of the prosperity movement I you quote someone and altar worker thing. Just open up your mouth. Say whatever is on the tip of your tongue to say about it out it out about it and altar worker coached me have been sitting the youth section. During a church service at the end the service. My dad called the teens up to receive the gift of tongues. While the Bible describes the gift of tongues is the supernatural ability to speak in a real foreign language with an interpreter all add by the way what Scripture says we taught that it was the ability to speak ecstatic utterances that made no sense on earth that were understood in heaven. Why is are these miraculous sign gifts specifically for this question. Speaking in tongues so crucial to the prosperity movement get ready for your summer reading with the lowest prices of the year on my boy band and University of distraction, both written by David Wheaton and owned by the Christian world you readers have been touched by my boy Ben moving story of David's close companionship yellow lab that culminates in an encouraging message about God's grace in the most trying times and if you know a high school or college student you want to read and give them University of distraction.

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Order online at the Christian worldview.on my phone at one AAA 646-2233 or by mail at Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 David Wheaton here to announce two events this coming September 1, on Sunday, September 15 at 7 PM at Grace Church Eden Prairie is the Christian review speaker series event and how social justice is impacting the church and the gospel featuring Darrell Harrison in insightful biblical teacher and writer on this important to understand topic no cost. No registration. Then the next day on Monday, September 16 is the Christian real golf and dinner event at Wood Hill country club in Wayzata, Minnesota. You can register for golf, which includes dinner or register for the dinner event only. This is always a special day and evening. Again, the speaker series event is Sunday, September 15 in the golf and dinner event is Monday, September 16. To find out more, call us at one AAA eight 646-2233 or visit the Christian world.more final the day you're on the Christian real your radio program is been talking with Koski hand, the author of the book the new book, God breathed in the prosperity gospel, and I haven't given out the way to order the book more than one times will do that now before you run out of time you're in the program today.

The book is a two is a 224 page softcover book normally retails for was the 1799, were offering for donation of any amount to the Christian world you. This is a limited time offer.

You can get a better website. The Christian world you can call us at our office number one AAA 646-2233 again that's one AAA 646-2233 or you can write to us that our PO Box.

That's PO Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. That's PO Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 and I was thinking, as were asking you if you want to make a donation of any amount to the Christian review so might be thinking wow is this different than the prosperity over there asking for money all the time to. There's a world of difference. These people are enriching themselves on the people they are coming to speak to we the Christian rogue are not enriching ourselves by your donations to our ministry effect up to this point for 15 years. This is been all volunteer-based ministry there is a world of difference between what's going on. The prosperity gospel and what's going on in ministries that tried to adhere to a biblical framework for what they do, whether in media or churches or anywhere else so world of difference. So we have one segment left ear with Koski Hinn and dad then we have another whole program coming up. Probably not next week and but the following weekend and I will get to that. Hope you're enjoying the interview will have an on podcast as well. But let's get to the final segment with Koski Hinn. Why is are these miraculous sign gifts specifically for this question. Speaking in tongues so crucial to the prosperity movement because if you can appear as though you've got some special power that other people don't have. Then you can in a sense, control them, and you Canada sense wow them and lead them and get them to do whatever you say it's a power play.

So what a lot of these guys do is they take the spiritual gifts that we state that we see in Scripture and to you, you know, brothers and sisters who are listening who have a position that allows for an open approach to the spiritual gifts that are miraculous and and signs and wonders, but it doesn't mean that there can't be healthy disagreement or even some understanding that there's any two different positions, and we can both hold those eat positions each and still be united in the gospel that is okay, but what has happened is, there is a group of people who have taken an open but cautious approach to the sign gifts are an open but biblical approach may be my my friends would prefer I call it and they've taken that position and they've twisted it and gone way beyond just a biblical argument, and they've said things that make no sense even to Pentecostals. I've got friends who are Pentecostals and they've told me before, listen, we preach the Bible we go verse by verse, we advocate for the modern day use and operation of sign gifts, but only in the way that they were used in the New Testament, and if someone doesn't have an interpreter they're not allowed to speak in tongues or even try. Some people believe that it's ecstatic. Some don't. There is all sorts of room for some good healthy debate.

There and those Pentecostal friends of mine have said, but absolutely no way under heaven do we believe and know just list all the things that my uncle is taught or that some other prosperity preacher has taught, whether it be, Jesse Duplantis or Creflo Dollar.

There is a huge gap between our biblically thinking Pentecostal friends and those who would twist a view on the gifts of the spirit for monetary gain, and for a power play and that's what was happening. David it was all a sham.

It was man-made, it was taking something that's supposed to be given from the Holy Spirit. If it's legitimate and making it something that you could get by praying a special prayer or repeating after an altar worker. That's not how the Holy Spirit worked at Pentecost. It's not how he works today so trying to be fair here to both sides.

I think there are a large group of us, that may disagree on the ins and outs of spiritual gifts, but we are in wholesale agreement against what prosperity gospel in the signs and wonders. Enthusiasts are starting to twist and teach okay today in the Christian really been listening to an interview with class D Hinn. He is a pastor and is an author of this book were talking about today God greed and the prosperity gospel. You can find out more about Koski file.

Follow him on Facebook and Twitter and so forth. His website is for the again. He was miraculously saved out of this prosperity movement has no family or much of his family's been involved in. His father is a pastor is the nephew of Benny Hinn and that he missed an interview today will have it up on a website. The Christian so why is this an important topic will number one it's important because whenever in ostensible Christian ministry started speaking there talking about God are talking about Jesus in the Bible whenever a professing ministry misrepresents God in his word.

That's very critical to point out, as the New Testament writers say with false teachers this if anyone first Timothy six 321 advocates a different doctrine and does not agree with sound words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ with the doctrine conforming to godliness. He is conceded and understands nothing but he is a morbid interest in controversial questions and disputes about words out of which arise in the strife abusive languages and evil suspicions. Listen to this in constant friction between men of depraved mind, and deprived of the truth who suppose that godliness is a means of gain that that's what these people are doing there there. Using religion or using Christianity, using God in the name of Jesus Christ, to enrich themselves says in verse six, but godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment. In other words, there is a spiritual intangible not a monetary gain is guaranteed to being a follower of Christ. That's number one. This misrepresents God and his word.

It corrupts the gospel and people who are listening to them never hear the true gospel to never hear about who Christ is and need to repent of your sin and put your trust in Christ in your life may be hard, you may not get healed, you're going to die someday regardless of your Christian or not, but praise God that he provided a way for us to overcome death be promised eternity in heaven with him and thus this keeps people from being saved. I can think of reasons that it's more important to expose this and to talk about these kinds of issues that so big you look at any Christian television station.

These people just populate the airwaves in the stations again. You can get the book by going to our website the Christian world God. Greed in the act gospel 224 page softcover retails for 17 99 for a donation of any amount to the Christian real view or you can call us toll-free at one AAA 646-2233. That's one AAA 646-2233 highly encourage you to get this book in our information contact information is repeated right after this program the first minute following you live in a changing and challenging world and church. But there is one thing we should always look to encounter on Jesus Christ and his word are the same yesterday today and forever. Have a good weekend everyone. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son would receive a copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free one AAA 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcome foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian or call us toll-free at one AAA 8646 2233.2 SF Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world. Until next time think biblically and live according

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