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How Your Theology Determines Your Morality

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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November 15, 2019 7:00 pm

How Your Theology Determines Your Morality

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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November 15, 2019 7:00 pm

It’s been said that “the most important thing about a person is their view of God.”

If you think about it, one’s view of God—from a high and holy reverent view of God based on Scripture to the atheist who rejects that God exists to every view of God in between—is the fundamental driver for how one thinks and lives.

For example, why wouldn’t an unmarried couple live together before marriage or why wouldn’t a mother encourage her son to be a girl if they don’t believe in the God of the Bible?  After all, it seems reasonable that an unmarried couple should “try things out” before getting married.  It seems reasonable that a boy who likes girl things “should transition to who he really is.”...

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How your theology determines your morality that is a topic with God today here on the Christian worldview radio program for the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christian to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ and David been the host of the program and our website is the Christian will thank you for joining us today on the Christian worldview North been said that the most important thing about a person is their view of God, the most important thing, but a person is there. Their view of God, not Ada And whether that view is accurate. If you think about it. One's view of God from a high and holy reverent view of God based on Scripture to the atheist to reject that God even exist to every view of God in between. That really is the fundamental driver for how one thinks and how one lives. For example, why wouldn't an unmarried couple lived together before marriage or why wouldn't a mayor, a mother, encourage her son to be a girl if they don't believe in the God of the Bible you just do what is right in your own eyes there's no higher accountability and authority thereto to guide your thinking in your living. After all, it seems very reasonable that an unmarried couple should quote try things out before getting married. It seems reasonable that a a boy who likes girl things quote should just transition to who he really is not. Some might say quote common sense drives one's morality, but common sense is just that.

Just, nor the majority worldview at a given time, God's will. On the other hand is is timeless, unchanging and true and unfortunately increasingly less common.

So this week and on the Christian really are going to discuss how theology determines morality and how that truism explains why we are where we are in America and also the church today just a little follow-up on last week's program on Kanye West received quite a bit of feedback to that program. We appreciate the feedback you write to us and one of the things that someone said to me after the program. As I compared potentially the conversion of Kanye West to the apostle Paul's radical transformation on his road to Damascus. He said the big difference, though, that I failed to mention should've mailed the mention this is that the apostle Paul after he was converted when offer three years to Arabia to be taught by the Lord actually directly on apparently was in Scripture, but he went on for three years and didn't say much and I think that was a really good point that that is something that Kanye West should be doing as well if truly, in fact, he has become a follower of Christ. There should be a time here where he's not on a platform not saying the things on the things even saying in an errant way as you talk about the Mormon church Roman Catholics is therefore they played the soundbite last week in the program and also we find out this week you should be going to Joel Steen's church. He is going down to Joel Steen's church and he is going to be doing one of his Sunday services that I was the problem with that will I'm sure Joel O'Steen's a nice guy don't know myself work, but his theology as he teaches the, the positivity prosperity gospel, and he says things like this when your mind is set positive and hopeful, expecting good things. That's when you go places you've never dreamed new doors will open the right people the right opportunities will come across your path. If you don't set your mind negative thoughts will set it for you so here's my challenge to you. Keep your mind going in the right direction. Learn to think thoughts on purpose something is good is going to happen to me this is my year. If you develop this habit of having a positive mindset, you can't be defeated will not only live happier and healthier, have more energy, but I believe in declare you will accomplish more than you have ever imagined. You will overcome obstacles that looked impossible and you will become everything God created you to be in Jesus name. Now for sure there's reasons for Christians to be optimistic and positive, because, based on what God is done, but that that's not what he saying there in the quote. This is Norman Vincent Peel power of positive thinking word faith think positive things in and have faith in the word you spoke of the nothing is going to happen to you. Not good and it's I think very confusing for someone like Kanye West in such a high-profile position to now be sort of affirming that young score another church this weekend. Everyone insult this again back to the point of take a couple years I'll take a few years off away from the spotlight into you get grounded in a sound local church under a sound pastor and your discipled until you can start discerning what's right from what's wrong inside of the church just want to say that as it is equipped follow-up to last week. I think it was an omission not to to say that about what he should be doing after such a radical trans transformation in his life. Okay now to the topic for the day how your theology determines your morality and I guess that this seemed like an obvious truism that your theology determines your morality, but I think it really helps explain why things are the way they are in the church and in our society as well.

You member back of the program we did on Woodstock several weeks ago.

At that particular time.

People were just shocked all these young people and coming out to Woodstock in their sex drugs and rock 'n' roll.

What's going on with the morality of our country and with what's that what's taken place here will he want from your shock over that to descending down this this more immoral staircase from Woodstock and what what came out of the culture then to the. The law of our of Roe versus Wade.

In the 1970s making legal killing the unborn and then the rampant divorce and adultery is taken place in the country. No-fault divorce in the 80s and 90s we talked about this trans this transition in this country of approval affirming of homosexuality, then same-sex so-called marriage and now it's transgender is a minaret article this week. It's about trans-humanism. They a homosexual scientist in England is it is trying to transition himself to being a like a cyborg or some you could even understand. It was just this futuristic I'm in a transition from a human to a robot. I have my body altered and so forth than it's just bizarre. And of course euthanasia as part of this were there's there's no sense of what were God, we decide when life will and so there's been this this moral decline in in our society and also to some degree in the church as well and the particularly on the issue of just to give an example on the issue of living together before marriage. You know the. The biblical Christian view of this is right in the Bible. Sex outside of marriage is disobedience to God.

And even if you are living together.

Seller okay you are still violating Scripture by making provision for the flesh, to fulfill his loss in your giving the appearance of of sin. So the church should be very clear and that the biblical Christian view is you don't live together before marriage, you wait until marriage to live together. That's the biblical view now the compromised evangelical view on this is that this is becoming very pervasive in the evangelical church in the region article about this in the second but it may not be encouraged to live together before marriage but certainly not rebuked is not pushed back hard against another words, divorce is been sort of link and look the other way now on biblical divorces and remarriages. There's no real stance on Madden evangelical church still this makes perfect sense why living together before marriage is is not rebuked. There is there is an emphasis on the love of God and forgiveness and evangelical church.

But there's a very, very little emphasis on the fear of God. It's cheap grace, it's, it's, confess your sins and God will forgive you and you know know you'll get over your on that you're on your own that you're moving down the road here so just just things will change and things will get better. That's the compromised evangelical view. The turtle looks the other way at this particular issue living together before marriage. Now, the mainstream societal view is is totally pragmatic. This is water over the dam many decades ago.

Why wouldn't you want to live with someone to make sure you're compatible wife get married and mean what's best.

What's the difference year this view all the time, makes perfect human sense, but there's also the what I call the shaking your fist at God view of this particular issue. This is the this is the the T-shirt that says blow up the patriarchy. The Christian patriarchy in whatever God has established morality marriage sexuality and gender. Those kinds of things we will purposely go against it. We will pervert it and do what we desire to do this is the Romans one view.

Okay all of life is becoming increasingly more prevalent in our society. Romans one just read a couple verses there to give you an idea and just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer.

Here's the rejection here's the shaking the fist at God. We want technology when longer God so God gives them over to a depraved mind. Here's how the theology hears other morality follows the theology so the view theology as we were knocking acknowledge God any longer.

Our theology as we don't care about him and so then here comes the morality God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil, full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice their gossip slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, that's interesting. Friday they invent evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful, and this is interesting.

At the end.

Here in verse 32 and although they know the organs of God. They have some sort of theology view of God that those who practice such things are worthy of death that not only do the same but they also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

There morality follows there.

Their unwillingness to acknowledge who God is, follows there theology. The Bible often speaks of of things done in ignorance of God's laws know when someone's unsaved they they do things because they just don't know better, and that there is certainly a point to that. I think that is the case that many are ignorant of God's laws because the Christian worldview does not hold a prominent place in our society anymore.

So there is increasing sin is not.

It's not rocket science. When there's less understanding of who God is less understanding of biblical theology downstream from that there's going to be more immorality and lack of strong biblical preaching in the church about who God is and what he expects explains why the church is this close behind was taking place in society as well. The inability to know right from wrong is why so many young Christian so-called Christian evangelicals live no differently from the world. Morality follows theology now. I was reading an article this past week about from the biblical counseling coalition about this issue of living together before marriage is using.

Is this the start of the example of how morality follows theology and the biblical counseling coat coalition wrote, according to a recent article published by NBC news 75% of women age 15 to 44 have lived with the boyfriend before turning 375%. Sadly, in my experience as a biblical premarital counselor for hundreds of Christian couples.

I have found the percentage isn't much lower for professing believers. Did you get that 75% of women age 15 to 44 have lived with the boyfriend before turning 30 in his experience in Christian counseling for Christian couples.

The percentage isn't much lower something wrong with the theology that leads to that kind of morality and we come back we'll get more into this issue about how theology determines morality, and how we can develop a much higher view of God that were more obedient to his morality and David Weidner listing the Christian worldview, David Wheaton here to tell you about my boys then story of love, loss and grace then was a yellow lab and inseparable companion stage of my life when I was single, competing in the professional tennis to. I invite you to enter into the story. Tapestry of relationships within my aging parents, child, friend.

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Of course the dog lover will enjoy the book.

But the just seems someone has gone through a hard time or trial will be helpful for them to learn about God's grace in the midst of our most difficult moments and that you can go to my boy live a new website for it and you can order it there and assigned a personalized copy that you can get other places. It's available on Amazon so forthwith only place to get assigned a personalized copies that my boy today in the program were talking about how your theology determines your morality and were just using the example right now of the change in our society of the last 5060 years on the issue of living together before marriage and this isn't just something in the society. This is something that is very frequently taking place in the month. Professing evangelicals is what we are reading this article from the biblical counseling coalition that the counselor said yes 75% of people in society will live together women lived together before their age 30 with another man with a man, but that that the percent is much lower for professing believers. Then he goes on to say why Christian couples cohabitate in the first reason he says this basically gives three or four reasons they give five reasons others give threes that makes logical sense provides a greater the body of data for availing evaluating if this is the one.

It saves money as couples typically split rent and groceries and basic apartment necessities. So that's one reason number two reason a society celebrates it. Premarital cohabitation become common in the church because many Christians have made today's secular values their own set of questioning such values, if not downright exposing them countless Christians have adopted in my alter that by saying is become common. The church not because they've adopted secular values because they don't have a high enough view of God, so therefore someone that something else fits feels that vacuum third thing he writes his church leaders ignore it and I think this is very much the case. Christian leaders have been relatively silent on this issue at pastors can't that they disapprove of couples living together during premarital counseling, but they still joyfully officiate their weddings small group leaders know they should confront their cohabitating members but they turn a blind eye because they feel they lack the relational capital needed to address such a quote personal issue mature Christian friends and family members, even godly parents don't want to rock relational boats so they sweep their loved ones sinful lifestyles under the rug member, the, the couplet of what describes Christ.

He was full of grace and truth. You see, if you're overly full of grace, you won't speak truth verbally truthful only speak the truth, you won't be full of grace and this is the problem hit is such an all undo over emphasis on the grace side that the truth actually never gets there to penetrate the heart and make someone want to turn the way that honors God is so not. That's one article on giving the biblical Christian view on living together before marriage. Now let's shift into that that other view from a professing. I believe this is a professing Christian millennial who thinks you know living together before marriage. It's a complicated issue is not so much black-and-white. This is from the path Io's blog and they did is the section was like called on the fundamentalist Christianity, whatever that means that they think SMU do with not being a very fundamental your beliefs. Obviously, and so this young woman right over and over again. My world gets turned upside down. As I explore the being I is explore beyond the confines of evangelical Christian expectations when it comes to romantic relationship. You can see where this is going well. Cohabitation is work for many, it's also led to marriages that otherwise wouldn't have happened oftentimes leading to divorce. So what's the answer.

Like all debated topics we need to dig a little deeper instead of treating it as a black and white issue right here right now you can see where this is going. It's it's with the with the word, the Bible says one thing but it's not quite such a black-and-white issue here is the lack of theology the high view of God. The lower view of Scripture you can see it just coming out in the sentences is hard for me to believe that, dissatisfaction relationships, child abuse and domestic violence are the symptoms are the result of cohabitating which is how Focus on the Family sensationally frames the statement they made in the article. I did read it and that's the problem. Christian publications thrive on these unfortunate outcomes because their blanket proof that they are right and the secular world is wrong, just as an aside here actually don't think it's a good idea to try to say so here are the results.

The consequences of living together before marriage, all you marriages may be as exciting up the stats say you're more likely to get divorced, that you can mention all those things but you know why cohabitating before marriage is wrong, but the real reason is the really biggest reason is because it dishonors the God who created you, that is the real reason you should not cohabit because your your sinning against the one who created you in there be consequences for that, it puts you at odds with God. That is the reason not so much. All these these studies and you know you you won't have children as soon or whatever whatever the they need evangelical humanistic reasons are for not living at those not the best ones the best ones are your offending the God who created you, she says I'm 26 years old.

I'm not married.

My generation is taken a step back and listen to this.

We question everything we see how traditional ways of life don't always result in the outcomes they promise. We see our parents divorcing in our homosexual friends and family still scared to love the person they connect with most see how there's a drop on that issue as well to we see minorities ignored and the outcast of society mocked, all for the sake of preserving the status quo. We are frustrated, jaded, is anyone truly happy anymore. We want to feel at peace but we feel the pain, the fear of pain start. We fear the pain of a marriage going awry.

We fear were being trapped in a life we didn't choose NAFTA gutted out like our our grandparents did. So we tiptoe around commitment to protect ourselves because divorce is the last thing we want to experience. I'm not so sure that's the case that I think is what we want to experience is doing what we want to do rather than just fear of divorce.

We cohabit because life already told us it won't work out anyway. So when you do it anyway. So is living together before marriage is Sam no I don't think so she says I simply think were worried about the wrong issue.

Living together is not easy.

I have done it before. Again, I believe this is a professing professing Christian millennial readiness and it ended not because it was sinful.

They could because we as individuals were not on the same page with what we wanted out of life. Just that's hard to read just that sort of worldview that has such a low view of God, which leads to the kind of again the kind of morality. She wants to partake in. Now moving on from the biblical Christian view to the mainstream softer evangelical view.

Not all evangelical sure that view. She just wrote about.

But then there's that the mainstream human wisdom view about living together this this this is from, an online publication of for brides. The title of the article is this.

Five undeniable benefits of living together before you tie the knot in the subtitle is in addition to having your partner around 24 seven. There are some pretty fun perks about living with your future spouse of this gift for the five number one you'll find out if living.

If you're living habits are compatible.

Your that when all the time. Are you compatible yet tried out first. Number two. Learn to share chores and responsibilities of number three you gain insight into one another's sexual appetites number five you can see what marriage will really be like that's from magazine.

Those who read that think I will. She made maybe that's the case, these all sounds all good human reason.

In these things and why would I want to get marriage about trying it out first.

Okay, so there there is the three views from the biblical Christian view and the cut of the week evangelical view these days to the mainstream secular humanistic view of society today to finally the fist in God's face face view although I'm not going to do. Do the example of living together before marriage.

On this particular view because living together for those who are trying to stick their fist in God's face is just that's not a big issue anymore. That's that's that one is Artie been toppled decades ago. The new issue that we need to stick our fist in God's face and push back against him on is the transgender issue of today and not only is it a secular view but it's a view that is pervasive within the church. Not so the evangelical church yet, but within the mainstream Protestant denominations. Specifically, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, I came across a video of the 20 18th. This is last year, the ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Their youth gathering where there are it looked like thousands of people in her room and they had different speakers coming up to speak about various issues going on within the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the speaker that I saw was Jamie Bruce Hoff is her name. She is the ELCA pastor's wife and she was up there and she had blogged about celebrating getting hormone treatment for her son who is trying to transition into a of a girl and he's he's 11 years old and the mother said on Facebook today. This kid her son who try to be a girl showed her strength once again today.

She did something that was hard and scary today. She made herself proud today Rebecca that's what that she calls her son now had her second surgical procedure to place a hormone blocking implant in her arm to prevent her from forget professing progressing further into puberty.

This is one example of what medically appropriate, medically necessary, life-affirming, and often literally life saving treatment looks like for a transgender child will go to get more into this story.

After this break and just truly see how troubling the direction of a bad theology where it leads to morally listing the Christian really was back after this. Be sure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your world. The first is the Christian world weekly email which comes to your inbox each Friday. It contains the upcoming radio program along with need to read articles, teacher resources, special events and audio the previous program. The second is the Christian world annual letter, which is delivered to your mailbox. In November it contains a year-end letter from host, David. We had a listing of our storylines including DVDs, books, children's materials and you can sign up for the weekly email and annual by visiting the Christian were not calling one AAA 646-2230 through your email and mailing address will never be sure and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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You can order the social justice booklet or donation of any amount to the Christian will go to the Christian world.or call one AAA 46 2233 right to Box 401 Excelsior, MN 55331 one theology determines one's morality that will sentence help helps explain everything that's taking place in our broader society but also the church today.

If you've a high theology high view of God, your your morality will follow what God's stated will is in his work. You don't have a very accurate or high view of God, to give a week theology, then your morality is going to follow human wisdom that's exactly what the stories were reading about before this last break this this ELCA evangelical church Lutheran Church of America pastor's wife, Jamie Bruce Hoff was talking about her 11-year-old son who they're trying to transition into a girl picture on the Facebook page was of the sun, the 11-year-old son holding his arms up in like we don't flexing his biceps with. You could clearly see there is an injection had taken place just underneath the bicep were these hormone changing treatments are being administered so he won't go through puberty, 11 years old and the mother says again ELCA pastor's wife says I'm thankful for top-notch medical facilities and physicians. I'm thankful for ongoing and growing research. I'm thankful for health insurance to cover my kids medically and necessary.

Medically necessary treatment and thankful and proud to say that the insurance covering this procedure for my transgender daughter is provided to my husband through his and employer. The church so I want to play the soundbites of this mother, Jamie Bruce Hoff speaking to the ELCA youth gathering must be a national conference every year they have replaced few different soundbites in this to give you an idea of how one's theology leads to this kind of decision-making morally hears the mother first.

My buyer sees 11 years old and mountain bike and hang out with her friend thinks even Angel, her two little brother disagree see that had ceiling light thing in the choir.

She thought the transgender boring everyone thought she was a boy but sleep deeply knows herself to be a girl from the times he could talk her favorite color with pink and she loved all things curly season draft Email dance recital, see what plural where all the first time.

I think the makeup file target sheet actually jumped up and down for delay.

Went for a bike for Christmas. She wanted me pink and purple with rainbow and sparkle and unicorns we saw in her are for everyone are for everyone. You can be kind of bully you want to be in the she wanted a boy we just didn't know that well okay to. Now you go from describing how normal her son is and although he wants to be a girl and so forth.

He goes to target just like you do need to get friends in a bike just like your kids do and so the only differences he was born a boy and he wants to be a girl. What's wrong with that, Scott. Now we can elicit sympathy for the child as he got older, things got harder. She got whenever she was here for pulling school activities.

She worried about bullying seven years old.

She struggled deeply with anxiety and depression. She was so late on no prepared for that. She was trying to figure out who she why and how she fit in the world are they day sealer in the word transgender. She went so maybe we talked to a gender therapist and our doctor heads were spinning.

We read everything we could about transgender can and a few weeks later Rebecca went out into the world for the first time at herself going to keep in mind that this is a Christian.

This is a church conference assistant that human rights campaign in Washington DC putting on their annual comfort. This is actually a Evangelical Lutheran Church youth gathering near their major gathering throughout the year and we just interject something here that there is no question that a child can have gender confused feelings about themselves, but that's where the parent needs to step in and I'm no doubt that's a hard thing to encounter.

But the encouragement of this is is is the wrong direction. They took but even worse now. The promotion of it on a national stage within the church. This isn't just a family struggling with the child who has gender confused feelings.

This is out and out promotion of a rejection of the way God made their son was content changed everything seemed happy, seemed confident she was someone she wasn't someone inserts cannot understand this whole transgender thing, but see behind me on a morning, and today she ran up to me and her draft and gave me a high five.

What more is there to now write exactly see how your experiences. If there is a perceived positive outcome. The child seems happy now that he thinks he's a girl there for him. But what else do you need to know that this forget what God's word says are lowered. Theology has end up with this morality tales go one more soundbite by the mother and they were going to hear from the sun, who again that thinks that he's a girl we gather with family and community to celebrate her headache called and claimed the child of God are forever name Rebecca Eleanor see any kind stoppable. Rebecca speaks to politicians and policymakers for transgender and non-binary fighting for the right to be themselves in their homes, school and community art and craft now looks like making protest sign in school writing payments have turned into speech and being out and proud transgender young person for other kids to be themselves, and I am so excited to introduce you to her will introduce her to her in death or to him in just a second. This is a very sophisticated well-thought-out purposely chosen words, the flow of the context of the paragraphs. This wasn't just these people work very much coached. Either that or there extremely brilliant in the way they they portray this rejection of the gender that God made their son and how they promote it now within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America you hear the same thing with the sun as well as he comes out now on stage to talk about his transition so to speak to a girl who called me Lori, I see where I'll know where we need to be me out maybe where green unique love people. Years ago when the ELCA affirmed marriage between two people of the same sex that maybe did read reach their endpoint, but of course they haven't when you're theology rejects God, your morality just keeps on going deeper and deeper and deeper and I played a lot of that audio I think it's very very instructive as to how one's theology leads to one's morality. But not just in that family will look at how how it's being pretrade across that whole church denomination. This will be coming to the an evangelical church near you.

Maybe not this year maybe not next year but is coming and what they said in that particular video will be hurt. I believe in evangelical conferences I denominated years down the road unless a recapturing of a high view of God, a higher theology takes place, it will lead to that sort of morality back in the Christian Realty.

After this, David Wheaton here to tell you about my boys then story of love, loss and grace then was a yellow lab and inseparable companion stage of my life when I was single, competing in the professional tennis to. I invite you to enter into the story's tapestry of relationships within my aging parents, child, friend. I would finally marry, and ultimately with God caused all things, even the hard things to work together for good.

Order the book for your friend who needs to hear about God's grace in the gospel for the one who is gone through a difficult trial or loss just a dog lover in your life signed and personalized copies are only or by calling one AAA 646-2233. That's one AAA 46 2233 or my boys there is an abundance of resources available in Christian bookstores and online sad reality is that many of them even some of the most popular do not lead to a sound and strong faith. The aim of the Christian world is to identify and offer resources that are biblically faithful and deep in your walk with God in our online store. We have a wide range of resources for all ages, adult and children's books and DVDs, Bibles and devotionals, unique gifts and more so browse our and find enriching resources for yourself, family, friends, small group church. You can also order by calling our office toll-free at one AAA 646-2233. That's one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian world.or final leg of the day here on the Christian world you radio program on David Wheaton the host were talking today about how your theology determines your morality and I think this truism explains so much of what is going on, not only in society but as you heard that last sound by what is taking place church as well. We talked about the four different views on the moral issues of our day there is the biblical Christian view based on what God has said in his word. There is the increasingly compromised evangelical view were things like living together before marriage, look the other way on biblical divorces look the other way.

You don't bring truth to people just sort of a nice be graceful, and so forth. There is the mainstream cultural view which this is basically rejected. Now you know about the Bible. Basically anymore in this live the way you want, according to human reasoning and get your morality from mitt magazine about what you should live together before marriage and then there's the shaking your fist at God you and you just heard that in the last segment with this mother and son advocating for transgender is him to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America youth gathering conference last year and make no mistake that may sound like nice people and the mother and her son, and you may feel sorry for them, and if you do feel sorry for them that there resisting and going against the way God actually did make her son, but there there there advocates for their promoting it and they need to be pushed back because of that is not just struggling with it in their own family. W. One thing, compassion, truth help grace. Yes, this is not that they are trying to change the theology of their church and everyone who's listening to say God may have said this, but we know better written to say that the opposite so how do we develop in this last segment today.

If theology determines your morality.

How do we develop a stronger, higher theology.

What is a high view of God mean will high view of God means that we accurately interpret Scripture accurately handled the word of truth, as the New Testament says and understand all aspects of the character and nature of God and not just focus on one side of God, like the love and compassion of God goes that's very important.

God is loving and he is compassionate knees merciful knees forgiving. He's all the things but the Bible also presents God equally so as he is holy. He's angry over sin, he is full of wrath. He is a judge God of judgment he will judge us some to each one of us will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. The Bible says so emphasizing one side over the other.

The loving side over the love of God over the fear of God basically you can end up with a wrong theology, and thus can impact your morality.

You know the fear of the Lord is something that is mentioned so frequently in Scripture and yet so infrequently in the church today is give you couple examples good.

Proverbs 16 six by lovingkindness and truth. Iniquity is atoned for and by the fear of the Lord one keeps away from evil see this hell right there. Theology leads to morality. If you fear the Lord will keep away from evil or immorality. See how they go together or Romans three most you've heard this passages is a well-known passage in the New Testament. Paul writes there is none righteous, no not one.

There is none who understands, there is none who seeks for God. All have turned aside, together they have become useless. There is none who does good, not even one in this is this is Paul saying that were all under the curse, because we have broken God's law were not good were were inherently sinful. We need to be reconciled to God. The only way we can be reconciled to God is through what God did for us by sending his son Jesus to come to earth and live a perfect life. The life that we should've live but didn't and he offered himself on the cross to pay the price to pay the penalty. Take the punishment we deserve for our sin, so that when we repent of our sin and put our faith in what Jesus did to satisfy God's wrath. God will forgive us of our sin he will count Christ's righteousness to us because all of our sins past, present and future will be accounted for in the in the accounting of God and we can be forgiven, made right with God, but if you don't fear God that that's if you don't believe that gospel message.

Your your morality will be changed, but not the end of this Romans three he said he goes on to say how all man and women are understandings of destruction and misery are in their past and the paths of peace they have not known this and this last sentence you have ever noticed it. Romans 318. There is no fear of God before their eyes.

If you don't fear the Lord, you won't keep away the says in Proverbs 16 won't keep away from what God calls evil, your morality will always follow your errant theology.

That's why just talking about loving God or preaching about the love of God is not enough people and in children need to be taught to fear God, to revere him to have him hold him in all to actually fear his judgment. If you disobey him. That's why the Bible talks about both the love of God in fear of God. So how do you develop a higher view of God. How do you develop a stronger theology so your downstream morality will reflect that moment number one. This really you just need to be taught by the most sound teachers sound most sound biblical teachers. This is why cool. You are influenced by spiritually is so important because you'll never get beyond your teacher, Jesus said, and I think it's in John 15 don't have the verse in front of me. You never go beyond, what level of theology, your teacher, and live your teachers in life are are teaching you if you're hearing from, the softer, emphasizing only the love of God. Teachers, you're never going to have a high view of God, and conversely, if you only hearing from those talk about God's judgment. You're never going to have an accurate view of God either.

You need to hear both sides of God.

I remember hearing Ken ham from answers in Genesis, his faith story and why is he such a person is so convicted. Why does he have such a high view of Scripture.

Why does he stand in the word of God when the rest of society scoffs at him for believing in a young earth, and so forth. Why is he mocked for saying that the days of Genesis the creation days are six literal seven literal days well, because Ken handgrip with parents and he was in a church who taught him that God and his word are to be revered and respected and obeyed, and he internalized that he personalize that he believed it for himself and that's why he downstream.

That's why his morality, follows his theology have to know who God is. You have to believe what he says in his word. That's how you have a higher view of God, and that's what will change people in the church and change our society. When churches and pulpits start having a higher view of God in preaching that truth from the pulpit and that will change in society. Maybe some as well to when Christians stand up boldly and don't turn away from these truth that need to be spoken boldly in our society today.

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