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The Four Stroke Christian

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 27, 2016 11:25 am

The Four Stroke Christian

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Thank you for listening to this edition of the Christian heart podcast is brought to you by Mr. Larson Road district is the opportunity for you to start your own roadside assistance business. If you have more investment energy than investment capital stop working for someone else. Mr. quick logging road is the opportunity to have your own home-based business working directly with auto clubs and leveraging a national brand and marketing strategy. Mr. quick helps people live ran out of gas locked her keys in their car or need to jumpstart an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau and the three-time winner of the member's choice award for customer service.

This could be the chance he'd been looking for to serve others at the point of crisis and even share your walk with Christ. Whether you're looking for a business opportunity or need of emergency roadside assistance. Is Mr. quick to clock in Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, Christian Car Guy radio show initiation Bibles.guys mother's power in the name of Jesus, and you may know there is power under the hood of your car, and so today were to go exploring in that power the genius of the four stroke engine and how is a Christian card. I see that is a picture of the Christian life. How can we be of four stroke Christian was working, especially a sport. Explore the power stroke of the four stroke engine and I think even if you never understood how engine work before that you will get something out of this from spiritual standpoint, is my hope and hopefully you'll be able to share some of your power with us today by calling you this is a live show 866-34-TRUTH 878849 speaking of power we brought the house.

Today we got Bob from 109 you pull it with this Christian junkyard guy always treat Bob to have you today great to be here today. I came from blues great this morning at 630 this morning that screens and girls alike on a jet ski while there is power in that power.

That's probably it is forced out of our stroke okay will jump right into what is a four stroke engine you're sitting on Robbie with okay well let me try to explain this is simply, as I possibly can really help you in your understanding of a number of things. Okay, whoever designed it, but genius I could tell you exactly who to give credit for that. But this is the way it works. There are pistons. As you may know in an engine and the piston is not unlike you know if you ever got a shot. There's a syringe and you know inside that syringe is a piston and I'll have you ever noticed it, but if they're going to go take and give you a shot. They put it in this room right and then they pull back on that piston and when they pull back on that piston. What happens the suction draws the serum into the shot welled up piston right and many times they'll take and inject air into the cylinder there. Belinda the serum out of the medicine to give it to make it easier to draw out so that's, so yeah where you get to that. But right now, returning by the intake strokes the first of four strokes is called intake stroke in the way it works is that same suction that people used to draw serum out of his shop. That piston corsets turning on the crankshaft it's going up and down, but if it is, that piston goes down, the suction draws in this case, fuel and air that are mixed together through a fuel injector in most case in today's cars into the cylinder so that first stroke piston is coming down is called intake stroke and it is drawing fuel now the octane about fuel or the flashpoint of that fuel is a critical part to the whole thing. If you take in low octane fuel you are going to pre-ignite. In other words, you have something called a paying rent of spark knock because low octane fuel explodes before it's supposed to, and at the cylinders hot inside and will get to this in a second, and the compression stroke but it's important that you take in the right kind of fuel if your diesel engine and you have a lot a lot a lot compression you really need to take in some octane because it can't/and tell exactly the right time. Okay, so what fuel you taken is important on the intake stroke neck stroke would then be the compression stroke sure right now your matching. This may have something to do with the Christian.

If you haven't experienced any compression on there is some on the way that I was going to happen now is that crankshaft is got a piston on the other and that has a power strip is now pushing that piston up very forcefully and is that piston goes up again.

It's going to create compression it's going to compress that drew the air and the fuel down into the cylinder. Now it's going to come back up but it's going to come back up and pressed those molecules in fuel and air together very compactly, which is you. My hope is going to make for the equation of a great deal of power and so when that gets to what they call top dead center when that piston reaches there we now go from the compression stroke to the power stroke in the power stroke in a gasoline engine is ignited by a spark plug so spark fires at the exact precise moment that is supposed to and ignites this air fuel mixture in a diesel you may notice that the actual heat of the compression when it gets to 22 pounds per square inch actually explodes the fuel without the use of a spark plug so that's why diesels don't have an ignition system little bit more efficient.

Perhaps, but more expensive because it takes much compression to do it but here you go. If you got good fuel and it doesn't ignite to early when that spark sparks now you got this tremendous power. The piston comes down tight and while it's coming down.

It's pushing up the piston on the other side creating its compression stroke over but now it's got one more stroke in a four stroke engine. We gotta get rid of that cement exhaust and so is going to come back up this time of the valves open and the valve open and the piston will come up and will push out the spent exhaust the burn fuel and oxygen, and out it goes as carbon dioxide, and in your catalytic converter and all sorts of interesting things so there's four strokes intake, compression, power and exhaust now I know you're wondering Robbie I use a number to call you to see one in a minute. If we take in the right stuff and we get up in the morning and we spend our time, of the Lord were spending time with him, or intake in his word when taking you know spiritual things, then we are getting high-octane fuel and were less likely to pre-ignite. You see, we don't have that spark knock issue. The sword taken in good fuel, then the compression is going to come if you lived on this earth, any period of time.

You're going to see that the compression is going to come but the real reason I wanted to explain all this today as I want to get to this power stroke because in acts 18 it says you're going to receive power from on high to be my witnesses to Jerusalem to to Judea, Jerusalem, and the ends of the earth. Now the critical part of what he says is this power is where you are witnessing what it is that he is done in your life, it's your story.

See Jesus set apart from me you can do nothing. So with him you can do everything. So here's your power, your power, you can advance the kingdom is through your your testimony how you're gonna testify about Jesus and specifically there's a part of your testimony that only you can testify to because you're the only person that truly experience how Jesus did something in your life that changed everything.

I know Tappan and Bob clearly happened in mind and you ma'am never heard my actual testimony of how I came to Jesus in today show. I'm going to share that I haven't done it may been seven or eight years, but I'm in a share.

Originally how I came to know Jesus and all that in one of the segments over to hear that. I would love to hear yours.

There's so much power out there this unbelievable right is the power they think about Bob and all the stories are out there there's enough power to change the world right now but today you have a chance to maybe change somebody else's life by calling in and sharing that power in your life, 866348788486634 if you digitally gifted truth 866-34-TRUTH we have lines open. We would love for you to share that power because that power. Somebody could be listing just tuning across the country somewhere and accidentally hit this and all the sudden hear your story. You think God might help make that happen, and then you'll meet him in heaven someday because they heard what God did in your life. There's our in the name of Jesus. As I was putting this together in my head this morning and really looking added that from the point of view that you're looking at it today. The compression in my life has led the power. So many times that I may not I can just think of the big events in my life of the FireWire business back down less than awesome compression that end, but the power that God instilled in me to stand up strong in the just right in the middle of the storm and there was much compression that day that and I was able to respond to it and not react to it. And in a fashion that that I think please God. I can hardly wait to be stories commence a call now. Surely we have lines open 8663 for 87884 share the power Jesus put on your heart. Make a call 866-348-7884. You hear my story some of Bob's got so much power coming away some of those today we would love to hear yours but you got a call in to make it happen.

We got lines open and I'm shocked that we didn't have 40 calls but we haven't yet. So you could be the first 866-348-7884's number to call in and share your story or course got a Jesus labor of love, car repair labor for single moms with those families in crisis got all kinds updates for you today as so many people been so generous to this ministry over the last month we've received more than ever, but we also received is as the donations came in the good needs came in even stronger.

Bob, as you might imagine that I have some wonderful stories along those lines of them and get to in a minute. Talk about sharing the power Jesus in what he's done in these people's lives as they were undergoing some compression and it's it's really cool to see how you guys came through the Jesus labor love in others a network of repair centers that we have listed our website under Christian car care centers. These guys donate and half to two hours labor towards these causes, and so it's cool to see how the listeners provided money to buy some parts.

These guys provided the labor which by the way, if you're looking for good trustworthy place in your town and you know, go to Christian Car and see these darker sinners, but it's it's kind of the way that it all works and give an update on that but I had promised to share my story.

Most you've never even heard this, but the way the story goes. This is the power in Robbie's life you know Jesus is the hero of the story, believing I had no intention of looking for Jesus or trying to find God or anything along those lines.

My life was all about the car business. As you might imagine I was in the car business nearly 40 years actively and I've been doing this about 10 years after that. But I was all about selling cars in my life was rather I met my wife and she's like well if you marry me you can have to go to church and Bob Sunday was my one day off… In Easton, we have a broad, and so we went to a church of this was the first and I think God came after me in several different angles, but the first angle he came into me with was I attended this church. I really didn't expect anything to happen there, but there was a pastor that they named Dr. redhead. He was just filling in because they were without a pastor) and he gave a sermon that I now call the five Solano JAMA Pajama prayer and again that's a Christian Car is with many articles, but basically it started out where I was beginning to hear the God existed, and I could hear from a lot of people would argue with me on the fact that I know of it personally.

And this is the power my own life that God gave me senses of direction through certain crisis is my line long before I was a Christian. This was several years before is a Christian. Of course, as soon as I got married, we quit going to church. As you might imagine if it was just not high on my priority list by any means.

I was about selling car so in 1991 I was promoted into you know that you keep getting promoted in the car business until your beyond your ability and I found myself there as I was a general manager of the most profitable story in the crown organization which was crown on the Volvo in Chapel Hill at the time and this story was a big monster and it was over hundred employees and in the you might imagine it was beat me to death. And so I had gotten into the habit every morning of getting all sorts of devotion not all sorts of tapes and things that would help me.

You know and how to sell more cars Tony Perkins and all that kind of stuff of motivation motivational escort all these motivational things and I would listen this every morning while I ordered the series, the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, not realizing it had anything to do with God, and it cost me like 130 bucks to buy the states. It so in the states. First thing it says is you need to get up an hour early every morning and read the Bible and I'm what oh I got to get up an hour earlier, and I'm already getting up at 530 because I got it be at work at 730 and I was there so I can get up an hour earlier and read the what the Bible in somehow or another. You gotta pray before you read it now. You not understand but hey, I invested $139 when it was Bob and I was given read. I mean okay I'm a read it out if you say that's going to give me a positive mental attitude. I'm in a do it so I start reading the Bible. Now understand that I already was praying occasionally when I was in deep know, praying every day but I was praying when I was in trouble, so I knew that there was something out there. So now I begin to read the Bible and I'm reading Genesis you know is pretty interesting.

Story Exodus. Okay, but then all my word you get into the latter part of Exodus and numbers Deuteronomy and all that and I'm like oh my word. What in the world is fat on kidneys have to do with selling cars is this, this is the craziest thing I've ever read.

My life really, and the more I read actually be angrier. I got it God because it was just clear to me that he had this really high standard that you know and Aaron's sons got burned up for offering the wrong incidents it really incensed me. I was like what you're supposed to be a loving God. How in the world could you smoke these two boys. All he did was, I was just getting matter and matter and matter in the course you go through K and you know first and second Samuel, and all this killing and all this stuff is going on. I finally get the Job, and I'm thinking just to be about patients right I heard Job's by patient for my whole life, so I'm reading through Job in the course now I'm really good. Matt really God just to show Satan something you're gonna take out his kids and its business and everything else and he's got nothing and now it's got these friends and I got a go through these chapter after chapter. These friends and I am totally frustrated and totally angry and just totally wound up now appears to they say that the Bible was canonized and I've decided that it's like a cannibal. And it is common for your head in the book of Job is, where it got me so when we come back. What happened when Robbie got so angry when the camel came to his head and where's the power but I need the power of your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so much more power, naturally Christian heart is Christians. How can we take advantage of our power strokes by perhaps writing down for future generations really good and the more that again were talking about our testimonies and we would love to hear yours.

We got some online now, and we'd love to add you to that 866348788 forwarding get to those in the minute you mentioned the course Christian Car where we have our Jesus labor love prepare labor for single moms widows and families in crisis were to give you an update on that a question here Bob story, but when we left our hero Robbie. He was totally frustrated and angry at God in the book of Job like I could not begin to understand how we could get to this point and Norman Vincent Peale at told me that you know, by all means. This was somehow or another to give me a positive mental attitude. You totally at my curiosity and I read all these months to get to this point, but I was very angry. How cool was it for me.

God didn't answer any of Job's questions, but instead he asked Job question or for five or six and he said and something that my father used to say to me all the time. Robbie, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and that's kinda what he told Job all right Job stand up there be a man. I got some questions for you. Where were you know when I set the corners of the earth or to make the tide come in for me just to show me how good your make the sun come up or stick. I hooking up the home with whatever in the world of the home. It was which actually went out and bought a Matthew Henry commentary if I was a car dealer I was in a Christian bookstore to buy. Matthew Henry commentary because I do find out what in the world about home with was, but the thing is, is when God asked Job those questions he was asking me and Robbie found himself right there going oh, wait a minute, I can't make the sun, oh, oh, I can't bring the tie did not even know it is for sure. How can I put a good one.

If I did, it probably would be a bad experience unless I have begun if there is a God in he did all this stuff and it only would make sense that he's a lot greater than me that he would understand better why these things are happening that I would and wow he has a really really high standard. I could see that through my advanced through the Bible and whatever that standard is I'm pretty sure I don't need it and so I had a huge problem now is Robbie in the book of Job, and I am losing it because I can now see I had a moment Job where I realize well I am not God and I clearly need now the same time my wife says Robbie there's a Christian.

We are two new kids three and four years old.

There's a Christian parenting class at this Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. Can we go to that because I understand is being taught by Dr. and I'm like at this point, Mike.

I got all kinds of problems. I would love to go to a Christian parenting class in the church and find out from these people. What in the world is going on here, but is clearly there is a God I've heard in my talk to them through the fives llama Gemma prayer, but and now I got a problem.

Well when I got to the Sunday school class here.

These people and these people had what I did not. They had that they each had a story each understood how Jesus died for them and how they could meet the standard that I didn't understand about, and these people seem to care about me, in spite of the fact that they didn't want to buy a car and I really never come across the like. What are these kind of people and in so at the same time I'm reading through the Bible and getting to the New Testament, there were people there to help me understand and share their power and in that time is when I really understood why Jesus had to die how it was. I could meet the standard and what it really happened with Job and guess what Norman Vincent Peale was right.

I got a positive mental out of it because faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of God. It was a simple enough thing. The one thing I can't tell you thing about the power of positive thinking. Except one thing get up an hour earlier 343, the Bible, Bob networks absolutely, absolutely. We got Linda is in, she's in Washington and I'm not in the tribe's words, the notion Mitch hello Linda curl Bill here you and your book were all written networking me when Eric get there with one hand I think the little guy the Lord will guide me in the blue because my byline mother the right leg and a teenager and a Third World country and by her boyfriend and older man and three days later they found her like her. Rather, her later he was expecting expecting me nine months later and felt like my father led to my mind byline not there over there with kinda like a mother figure to my byline and phone. He handicapped them to get married, and that you felt like. Things like I like to get it right.

Not there and and to my byline that they appoint me and my my near and no matter their father. You know how you can give an injection and early and then upon well my byline and that God gave her and will not do so. I know you very well anyway my byline I get to get married later in the work made me think only partway like gave me my family, psychologically wounded and an like point if it never married her and felt my media brought me back out 90 and my adopted father. They got married and current high and Lakeville… The same aunt that was to nurse so she took you to the United States, and she obviously was a woman of faith which she passed on to her adopted daughter Mary Carol and what they got. Be like, and then they had it.

I'll and so they have faith how thick the leg. Erin is very limited. I think I only do like the height and avoid lunch break. I'm going here with what's her name. Julia and I hate to kiss you have a minute left in the segment, but I want to pray right now for Julia Ann and Laura and I thank you for Julia and listens to you that obviously save Linda's life and now the king is moving forward as people are hearing the story across the country.

We pray for Julia Lohr that she would help her with the cancer that she would help her to experience a real relationship with you. If she doesn't have one.

If she does have one help but to be closer and we thank you that you can bring this healing Julia thank you so much for me. Linda, thank you for calling and ensure that amazing story, God bless you.

I'm so so grateful for that will work in here Maura Bob story in a minute because we haven't heard about his compression stroke but I do want to share the Jesus labor love while part of her labor for single moms widows families in crisis over the last three weeks we've gotten all these donations and we been able to help a 93-year-old lady who almost desolate in Virginia with the CV joint.

We've had two sets of brake rotors people to her brakes to work shift cable on the lady just today has been unemployed for over a year and these cars was so much stuff, then this is a wonderful, wonderful to have so much power, and action. The ministry outside labor of love, so that no one's ever confused about where the help came from that will or how did you get your car fix well. It was the Jesus labor of love. That's the name of that ministry because that's where the power is and I want people to have the testimony, the Jesus came to the meet their need. When they were in need and we are talk about right before the break that we had these brake rotors in a you can't stop your car.

You can't get state inspected and the you know one of these was single mom couldn't get her child. The hospital in in all these windows in the 93 old lady arming their their situation and then I had this widow in her 80s this year, this week that she came in wishing come in. She said in her application and I called her and Bob. She had bought a car you can find this interesting, that it a buy here pay here place and they had not disclosed that it was on a salvage title, but it wasn't as I recall and 93 Buick Century be charged for $3500 for one and she put $800 down and then she had a settlement coming from another car accident that was for $1000, but she didn't know that the insurance companies I mean that the hospitals can allow mom to the thousand dollar sentiment. So when she didn't end up being able to give the bike repair place that other thousand dollars. They freaked out and there was much stuff on the car and they wouldn't fix it for and she's telling me this whole story and she says, and that this is a really shady deal because when I got my registration is card says that the car has a salvage title and I was like, and they didn't tell you what is really I said I think we have our answer. I said you have may have your paperwork. No no I said you need to get your paperwork you need to go down there and tell them please give me a copy of my paperwork so she comes back and she sends me copies of this paperwork and they did not disclose that it was a salvage title meaning. For those of us never heard this before.

I didn't have the damage disclosure statement. They had a damage disclosure but they signed it, that there was no not even 25% damage which, again, and of the Lord just put me in the right place at the right time to go out and all we have to do here. We don't need a lawyer. We don't we just call the DMV on this one right and put her with the officer which we did which she talked to yesterday and then Wednesday morning she met officer Galindo have a little visit with these people and believe me it being a car dealer one point time if the DMV shows up on officer in your place and make they hold your license. You pretty much do whatever you need. Corrective measures will yet again I but this lady will know that it was Jesus to me.

We have a chance to play with these folks. We notice Jesus came through so this ministry is such a blessing. He always donated so much to it. I'm so thankful again if you want to donate some or you want to see if it can there's a way to donate bear or Jesus labor love 238 Sorrow Ln. S. a you are a Lane in Winston-Salem, NC 27107. Again Jesus labor of love 238 Sorrow Ln., Winston-Salem, Carolina 27107 I Bob you had some compression in your life you had some power. Can you share with our listeners.

Little of your power with some of the greatest compression in my life came when the.

The people at church started asking me about working with young people and I just I told it before but I was just so convinced that they had lost their man in light folks, this is Bob yell, know that I didn't sing in the choir all my life I've got some bones in my closet. Are you sure you got the right person and it just really really really got to me like surely they don't really understand. All I did all I was all I wasn't and that and it just finally they they convinced me that yeah we know and we still think it you know you could offer something to the young people and it was just still challenging for me because my language was bad and I had a lot of electrically bad habits and that it, lingered over from the past and everything in. I had to get that straightened out my language.

I just took a rubber band and put around my arm and every time a I said a bad word out pop myself with the rubber band and it didn't take too long.

Had a pretty big wail on my arm but my language instantly started to got it hit me clean that I have been.

And then as we started to work with young people in our we had a couple when we started just like two or three in the first day we had five I think I got up on the table and did a back flip and I and then before you knew it we had 25 and 30, yet at most everything we did and we just grew and we flourished in an the fact that I had stumbled over so many stones in my life gave me great great insight for these young people you and I live what you say I quoted you many many times on this what you thought made you disqualified made you uniquely qualified yes it it really did it gave me insight to talk to them and you can whack a kid when the head with the Bible about three times in the blasting that they will listen to you all day.

Tell about the mistakes you've made in your life and that was my biggest my biggest hold that I could get was to just share with them the mistakes I made in the how the small mistakes escalated into you know it went in one great big decisions that to be a gambler that you know had all these other issues I didn't wake up one morning as I want to want to be all this bad stuff. It was little small decisions and I a little step away here a little step away. There and then all of a sudden you wake up in your way far away and dark gloomy places, but you can always find your way back and you can come back faster than you slipped away and you know that was my biggest message to the young people that you know God didn't choose me because I was perfect, far from it.

You know he chose me because I had so many imperfections that I can share with them and if one young person missed one of the stones I stumbled over because I shared it with him and maybe felt a little shame. While I was sharing it with them or little guilt about the things I've done, you know, so be because if I helped one of those young people miss one of the things that I stumbled over then it was all worthwhile and that Emmett again. You can hear the power and who's the hero of the story is Jesus. Amen Jesus came for Bob and he came for those young people in humility. Bob admitted this is where I stumbled and and this is where God took up the ball and ran with it and people could see that now. Four years ago we did a contest. Share your heavenly heritage where we asked people to write their story considers this power to be able to share with your answer uncles or nephews you great great grandkids could have your story how can you make your story available to the people that you love what could be more precious to them than to share your heavenly heritage. That's where your powers you could be a four stroke and with this summer.

One of the young people that come to actually take over the usual time and did great things with it and what a blessing for me to say that the right your story this week. Share your story in the power. Thank you Phyllis for Christian car guys show. Remember, Jesus walked everywhere with three slowed

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