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Where There Is No Vision The People Perish

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 12, 2022 2:53 pm

Where There Is No Vision The People Perish

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 12, 2022 2:53 pm

Robby and Scott from the Jesus Labor of Love Talk about how God shows us what he wants us to see with our spiritual eyes. Open your eyes and take in what God wants you to see.

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Hey, this is Jim Graham from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explore relationship instead of religion every week. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Mr. and perhaps more protracted by the likes of perverted science.

Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duty and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire lasts for a thousand years, men will still say, this was their finest hour. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I have done all that I could to see the evil and the good without hiding You must help me if you can Doctor my eyes and tell me what is wrong Was I unwise to leave them open for so long Where there is no vision, the people perish. Today on the Christian Car Guy show and very fun.

Where there's no vision, the people perish. I think this is what God showed me this morning just blows my mind. So very fun.

This is the second Saturday of the month. So I have my good friend Scott, our Jesus labor love lead volunteer. He's here with us. But boy, I can hardly wait to share with you. Good morning.

Yeah. Thank you, Scott. I can't I can hardly wait to show with you share with you because I have been actually got home last night about twelve forty five. I've been at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention.

And the best way I can explain that the week that I've had based on all the input that I have received. Is oh, my goodness, like this state of overwhelm that I have this friend that I went on a mission trip to Jamaica with by the name of Ricky Corn. And I'd never met the man. And I sat down next to him on the plane. And he's very intense in the individual.

And he looked over at me as I sat down on the plane and he said. My name is Ricky Corn, and I've seen some things. Well, let me just tell you today, my name's Robbie Dilmore and I've seen some things and I could relate also well to Jackson Brown's.

I don't know if you've ever listened or thought through those lyrics. What he says is, you know, doctor, my eyes have seen the years and the slow parade of fears without crying. Now I want to understand I've done all that I could to see the evil and the good without hiding. You got to help me.

So when you look into the world today right now, I'm sure you're seeing a darkness that you've never I've never seen anything like it. And based on where I was and the people that I was with, I really there was a part of me wanted to put my fingers in my ears and go, la la la la. I want to hear that. I don't want to. I do not want to hear that.

But I did. And I began to see what was going on. And there was a state of overwhelm that was unbelievable. Just based on one of the things that I get to do that, God, I still don't know why I get to do it, but God provided it for me as I get to do a show called Lantern Rescue, where these people go around the world rescuing people, usually out of sex trafficking.

And what we don't think about because, well, most Christian, if you're like me, I don't think evil. I mean, I never would have seen this coming in a million years. But when there's huge amounts of people that are fleeing out of a country, like what is going on right now in the Ukraine. There is some hope coming.

Let me not just pour out the darkness for a minute, but I got to do this to give you a sense of why what I'm going to share is so important or why God gave me this, which I feel like is really important because I was so overwhelmed. Is that when these people are pouring out like there are wolves, these traffickers that are worldwide, especially in Eastern Europe, realize that here come all these women and children and there is no men there to protect them. They're coming across those borders and they are easily said, oh, we've got housing for you. We've got food.

You know, come on and get in my car. My goodness. And, you know, so immediately these folks from Land and Rescue with all their contacts have got like just phenomenal amount of resources.

I mean, what God has amassed in the way of technology and people that understand this stuff, it really blows my mind of what God's not going to let, you know, stuff happen without him reacting. And let me just tell you, while we did this show and I would actually I couldn't recommend high enough to you that you go get the podcast from Land and Rescue show today, which is just called Lantern like a light, Land and Rescue. But that on that podcast, it was real time. We recorded this yesterday and he was getting as we were sitting there, he was trying to load a bus with 60 Ukrainians, and at the same time he was getting intelligence that was showing him exactly where the Russians were coming across the border so they could get this bus out of there. And then they got other people down at the train stations trying to help these people come out of the country. So to get an idea of that and then for a second, but then I saw some of the stuff that had gone on recently in China that was just beyond dark.

It's like, again, I wanted to put my fingers in my ears and go la la la la la. And I'm going to, so let me also say that I do a podcast myself to Christian Kargai. You can always go to And for a long time, those who listen to my podcast know that on Sundays, I tend to release what I call the NRB Chronicles because I interviewed while I was at the NRB, maybe 50 different ministries, authors, all sorts of different people where I hear all sorts of things that are beyond amazing. In fact, actually, I interviewed Abby Johnson this week. I was part of the interview where, I mean, the woman that was at the abortion clinic and all that, that was October Baby, that movie.

I actually got to meet her, ask some questions that kind of were in my own heart. That was kind of neat. So we're going to be releasing these podcasts for the next probably 50 weeks in whatever order God tells me. But I released those on Sunday, and they're called the NRB Chronicles, and that's always there. You know, I do a daily podcast on the 119th Psalm.

But anyway, tomorrow I'm going to release one of those. And so all is this to say, don't be overwhelmed, okay? Because what God showed me this morning was unbelievable. So if you, and this is really, really simple, okay? Have you ever, well, maybe I should say this because we're running at 10,000 miles an hour, that today's show is brought to you by the Hebrew letter Ian.

All right? And the Hebrew letter Ian, if you were to look at it with, just look at it, Scott, it looks like a Y. So you get the picture. It's got two ends at the top and one at the bottom, and they come together united.

But that letter Ian like that in Hebrew is a picture of the eyes, okay? And so you got two of them. And I don't know if you've ever put a lot of thought to why you have two of them. Why you didn't get like a big screen TV head.

Carmen, did you think about that? Like your head, man, you got this great big screen TV that you could just see stuff oh so clearly. Instead you got these two little eyes. Did you ever wonder why?

Not really. Depth perception. In other words, since you have two eyes, you can see how far away from something you are. But if you really picture what God has in mind for depth perception, think with me about the prodigal son. When he finally opened up his eyes, what depth perception did he get? And the depth perception that he got was how far he was from the Father. And so he immediately did what my friend Benny DeChara, which is a wonderful band he shared with me at the NRB this week. He said, you know, when you sense God in something, you need to do four things. M-O-V-E.

I can remember that. So, you know, when I sense God doing something, I need to M-O-V-E. And based on my depth perception, my spiritual depth perception, right, I need to move into, push into God. No matter how dark it gets, because the cool thing is, is the closer you get to God, the more light you get. And how is it that you see to begin with?

You see through a reflection of light. Absolutely. And so the really cool thing is, and we'll talk about more of this in a minute, but we're going to talk about through this show, how do you move closer to God? And you'll see more about why that is when we come back. And of course, we've got the Jesus Labor Loves Gods with us to share how we hope that we're all moving closer to God, because as we move closer to God, we all get more light.

We'll be right back. You're listening to The Truth Network and Where there is no vision, the people perish. And so we're working on vision today, but we spent some time, Carmen and I did, on that Winston Churchill, because I don't want anybody to miss what's going on here. That we've been given, you and I, an opportunity by God to be in this position today, March 12, 2022, because as I see it and the things, the information that I've received, like, man, we are at a critical, critical time in the history of the world. Especially, you know, and I'm not talking about necessarily, I mean, I hope Jesus comes tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that.

But I mean, whether that happens or not, there are things unfolding that are like unbelievably dark. And that is all the more reason that it's really, really cool what we're talking about vision here, Scott, because, I mean, as we, here's the really cool thing. When you think about that, why, and when you think about what we're describing, that if I don't move closer to God an inch, but you move two inches, we are closer to God.

Absolutely. And so if you move two inches closer to God and I move an inch, we're really a lot closer. And as much as anybody moves closer to God, it brings more light. And so when we pray with somebody or however it is that we move closer to God, we're bringing more light to the whole situation. And this is our finest hour, by the way. We were for such a time as this your place right now in order to push into God when other people are headed for the darkness.

I totally agree. And so it's really a really neat opportunity to live today. I'm talking about today, March 12th, 2022, because when they look back a thousand years, they could well say, Christian, this was their, I mean, these people were on their face trying to get as close as, to God, when my people are called by my name, will humble themselves in what?

Pray, draw in close to God. However that looks, this is our moment. This is our time. And my mind's kind of blown, I just got to tell you. I'm sure you can see that. And I myself haven't had a lot of sleep. But oh my goodness, those people that are working on these situations have had none. And if you listen to Atlanta Rescue Podcast today, you might notice that Mark was very short. Well, I know he had not slept for maybe two weeks, because what's going on in Afghanistan, on top of what's going on in Haiti, on top of all these things he's working on.

And then oh my goodness, add the Ukraine. And it's unbelievable what, but you know, God has got these people all out there. And man, we need to be praying as all these things are happening.

And the cool thing is that the closer we get, the more light we get, the more light we bring to everybody. So I wanted to share with you, I've never done this. You know, people know I pray a lot. I really enjoy my time with the Lord. And something that I do that really draws me closer to God, I learned from my neighbor Thain. Because we have a Bible study actually in my neighborhood.

And one of my neighbors is a pastor. And he puts this on. And he showed me this one time. And it's based on actually the passage in John chapter 10. And so now I'm going to read this passage and talk about how I do this. Now the idea is I want to know how you get closer to God so you can be thinking about calling us at 866-348-7884. I'm sharing how I do it.

But I would love your call, 866-348-7884. So here's the passage. My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me. That's a really cool thing to hear God's voice. Really, really cool.

Unbelievably cool. And it says, and I give them eternal life and they shall never perish. Neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. And then he goes on to say, my Father, which gave them to me, is greater than all. And no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand. Okay, so you listen to that. You've got like the hand in the hand I'm talking about of the man.

I and my Father are one. You get the vision? In other words, there's the vision. Jesus and God, they're pretty close. I'm just telling you, they're tight. And you see the two coming together.

A lot of light involved in that, okay? So what my neighbor Thayne said is now take your thumb and stick it straight up like you would be given the high sign, okay? So take your right thumb and stick it up, right? And just like you would hold a fist and put your thumb up. Now take your left hand and grab your thumb like nobody's going to snatch that thumb out of this hand. I'm just telling you. Now really cool.

It's going to be extra cool. You take the hand that has the thumb and you overlap your other hand. I wish you could see it right now. But anyway, take your hand, the thumb hand, you see, and you can put your hand in your own hand. And now you have, right, the Father's hand covering Jesus' hand, which has a hold of you, okay?

Now what I do, and Thayne showed me this because it's an idea of illustrating this, like I can physically feel my thumb in my hand and I can feel my other hand in my hand. And so I'm getting an idea of, man, kind of the grip that God has on me. And at the same time, I feel like I'm actually drawing closer to him. So what I do is I take that whole arrangement right there and I put it up against my chin because then I can feel the Holy Spirit because he's in me, right? And in my eyes, closed in prayer, I'm like, Lord, I'm sinking. I know that you have me and that we're sinking roots down deep into you. You are welcome to pray with me right now. Like, God, I know that you have us all.

There is none of this is caught in you. One I owe to by surprise. So and I know you have all those that you've given eternal life, right?

Nobody's going to pluck anybody out of anybody's hand. And so we got a hold of it. We got a hold of it. And Lord, I ask your Holy Spirit. I do. I do this every morning. I say, Holy Spirit, now that I feel so close to you, I really do.

I feel so close to you. Then I say, Holy Spirit, do that groaning for me. I know that you're trying to make me into the image of Jesus, into God's Son.

Lord, you know what it's going to take to take off these edges. Because we know that all things work together for good, right? And that's the idea behind that whole groaning thing. It's like, man, Holy Spirit, groan for me that I might be made into His image. You see, as I push into God like that, when I'm foggy asleep very, very early in the morning, you know, this is how I draw in to begin my prayer time. I always do. And it's a wonderful technique.

I'm not saying it's a magic button or anything, but I'm just saying for me, it really helps me draw closer to God. Now the question is, how do you do that? 866-348-7884. 866-344-TRUTH. You're listening to the Truth Network and And if the British Empire lasts for a thousand years, men will still say, this was their finest hour.

people perish. And I hope you're thinking with me, you're seeing this. We talked about the letter I in, how it looks like a Y, and I hope you can picture that you got two I's for the very important reason that you need depth per session. You need to know how far you are away from something. And apparently we have two spiritual eyes to give us that same idea of how far away are we so that we can do as the prodigal son and move closer to God. And if one of us moves, you bring us all a little more light. If one of us gets two more or three more to move, we all bring light, no matter how dark, how dark, dark, dark things get. And I see that there's a huge need.

I mean, I'm literally overwhelmed by what's going on in the Ukraine, what's going on in China, what's going on in Afghanistan, but also by what's going on in Winston-Salem and in our country. And even the NRB, because if you heard Mark on Landon Rescue, he wasn't going off on the Ukrainian people. He was intense. He was going off on the Christians.

Sure was. For getting distracted off the main thing, which the main thing is to be salt and light and help people that are desperate, desperately in the dark in so many different ways. And so I think it's a very vital question since this is a really, really neat time, in my opinion. It's a really neat time to be a friend to Jesus and a really neat time to move in closer to bring light to everybody. And so, you know, when we see that, all that stuff is to give us vision to move in closer.

So how do you accomplish that? We would love your story. 866-348-7884. This is a live show because we need you. We've got Mrs. J calling in Scott. Ms. J, you are on the Christian Car Guys show. Good morning. Good morning, Jacqueline. Hi. It's been a second of the morning and good day to shout out to Scott.

How's it going, Scott? Hey. Can y'all hear me?

Because I'm hearing echo back here. Yeah. Turn your radio off. Which one?

Because I have two of my students. Or step away. Yeah. Just, yeah, get away from the radios. We'll be good. Oh, okay. Can you hear me now? That's better. We can. Oh, okay.

So how am I? Oh, my goodness. It's still happening right there. Yeah.

I moved away. I'm in. I would. But I'm in.

I should have, like, two phones because I don't have a radio. Can you try potting her down a little bit, Carmen? Try now. Hello. Can you hear me? Yeah. That worked great. It's a lot better, Jackie. Okay. I wanted to give a shout out to Scott for transportation. Thank you, Mr. Scott. God bless you. God bless you. Praying with me. And Robbie, y'all praying with me for my mom.

She's in her second week of treatment. Wanted to get some things in. Well, everything that's going on, you know, that you guys have been praying for, you know, I've been praying for two, you know. I just wanted to, how I seek the face of God, to also say how I seek the face of God is giving him my frustrations, crying out to him about my hurts, my pains, my frustrations, and everything that's going on with my mom and everything.

And then he always comes back with encouraging me. You know, so I have a song that's really a poem that he gave me in the time I was crying out to him, if I can sing it. Please.

Okay. It may seem that all the cards have been placed, and it may seem that the joker has shot his best shot, and it may seem that there's nothing to live for, but the best hand of hand is yet to be placed. Oh, beautiful. Royalty is he, our children and royalty is he. The father's royal flush will bring them to their knees. Royalty is he, our children and royalty is he. The father's royal flush will bring them to their knees.

So that's what I do. I hope you're in the choir at church. Well, I'm just picturing that royal flush. I'm like, there's an ace, and then we got some kings, and we got a queen and a jack.

I mean, that thing is strong, man. That is amazing. I used to be in the choir. Also, I used to have a singing group a while back, servants, but I don't know. I've been getting all that stuff started back up, and it's still alive in me, and I'm still on fire with all of it. But the platform that you have here on the radio show is something that God wants me to be a part of, to share.

I was really shocked about it, though, so I just wanted to tell you that. Well, I think singing is an amazing way to draw close to God. He loves praise, and he loves to hear your voice. I mean, I know that, so thank you. Thank you. Thanks, Jack, that you make on those children every day driving that bus. Yeah, they get to hear you, too. And to everyone, even the gentleman that was uplifting the program earlier, they would need to just be encouraged, you know, with the strength of God, and I pray for them all the time. Thanks. And even here, I see the prostitutes here that's hanging around and they're speaking from, you know, whenever God gives me a chance to go, I say things to them.

So it's happening also in our streets here, you know. So I just want you to know, you know, we're gonna still have to just keep continuing playing and encouraging people. Well, he's using you every day. Thank you, Jacqueline. God bless you. As a light in a world of darkness. Yeah.

Yeah. Thanks so much for calling in today. God bless. Thank you, Jackie. So again, Jacqueline came to us through the Jesus Labor Love, which is car repair labor for single moms, widows, and families in crisis, and God has given us that to bring light into some dark places, like people are frantic about getting their cars fixed. You know, they're trying to figure out how to get to work and whatever, and it's really almost amazing, more than amazing, actually. It just blows my mind how God provides you listeners to provide support for these folks both financially and through your prayers, and then Scott gets the chance to pray with these folks. It's amazing.

And then we get a chance, you know, to see the light of situations that are just unbelievable. So we have Ruth is in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome, Ruth. Ruth, you're on the Christian Car Guys show. You got a question?

I do. I've noticed that the sheets, some of the sheets gas stations, they have unleaded 87, and then of course diesel, but a few of them have unleaded 88. And I want to know if that's safe for your car. My car actually says unleaded 87. But I'm gonna hang up so you can answer the question. Well, thank you, Ruth.

Well, that's an absolutely fantastic question. And one of the things that, you know, this refers back to a wonderful spiritual lesson from my point of view is each car comes with an owner's manual. And that owner's manual is very specific about things like the, again, the number that is related to what kind of gas that you use, right, which has to do with octane, which I could go into a really long, complicated explanation of octane, but let me just tell you, if you don't use the right octane, you can really, really, really hurt your car. So you don't just be putting 85 octane or 83 octane in your car until you know that you've got a car that's set up to do that. And even some cars, you can't put, you know, cars that, I mean, gas that has ethanol in it.

So you got all sorts of issues, but the good news is you got a book, just like we got the Bible. And it is very specific about what your car will do and what it won't do. Most cars that can run on those different levels of octane have some insignia on the side of it that tell you that they'll run on the lower octane levels. Like flex fuel. Flex fuel, right. Those kinds of things that they say.

But again, don't go by a thing that I say because I don't want to get sued. But go by what your owner's manual and there's a link at because if like you can't get your owner's manual, you need to get an owner's manual for your car so you can turn to that fuel and it will tell you based on the engine that you have and based on the fuel delivery system that your engine has, whether or not you can use those different level of octanes. And then it's very clear, you know, also not just the octane, but the ethanol level. Right. Because that too, you know, it used to be pretty easy and you had regular and ethyl. Right. Or regular and premium.

High test. But today, you know, there's a lot of different ways because people are trying to save money and I get it. But you might find in your car that by running a higher octane, because it does cause the cars to perform better, that you might get better gas mileage, you might actually save money by using, you know, 88 or 89 octane. In other words, this is something that to me, if you really want to get down to the, you know, I would rather see somebody save money by using a higher octane because if you use too low octane, your engine knocks and it will take away from the life of your vehicle.

So the premium gases, the ones that have more octane are actually usually, you know, better for your engine because if it doesn't knock, it will last longer. Absolutely. And so that's my very long answer to a really easy question. But thank you for that.

I would love to hear how do you get closer to God? Call us at 866-34-TRUTH. You're listening to the Truth Network and

If the British Empire lasts for a thousand years, men will still say, this was their fighting power. Where there is no vision, the people perish today on the Christian Car Guys show. And in order to have vision, you got to have light, just clearly, right? Your eyes see a reflection of light and you're spiritualized to as well. And so the closer you get to the source, the more light you get.

And the idea of depth perception, if you look at the letter I in that we talked about, it looks like a Y. It starts out as two, but it comes together as one, just like Jesus talked about with snatching people out of his father's hand. That as we get closer to the source of light, we all get to see better. And so if just one of us moves, two of us moves, 10 of us move, if my people are called by my name, we'll humble themselves, seek my face, right?

Praying. And then, right? Then all these wonderful things can happen. So it's kind of neat that we're empowered in such a time as this by us just simply moving closer to where we should have been all along and doing our part that we actually help all of humanity. Now, when you get closer to God, as my friend Benny DeChara, and by the way, he's got a really neat song. He's got the band empowered. And he said, when you have a sense of what God wants, you got to do four things.

Don't miss this. M-O-V-E. And the idea is, you got that spiritual depth perception. What direction are we supposed to go, Scott? Well, just think when a car is sitting still, as long as you're moving, it takes just a tenth of the inertia. So if you're not moving, if you're just sitting there like a bump on a log, you're not going anywhere. So you got to constantly keep the wheels moving.

Another thing I was thinking about, Robbie, was I kept visualizing the concert. Everybody's got that light up. So we all have the ability to lift everyone else up if we just use the light that's within us.

And so if everyone lights up everyone they encounter, then we're going to have light. That's really cool. I've used an analogy that I've used for years for my friend who called in about octane. So I did a piece many years ago.

It's still there, one of the more popular posts I ever did. It was called, Are You a Four Stroke Christian? And we'll get to octane in a minute. It also gets very much to light. Because the idea of an engine, and I know I have to go a little bit technical on here, but I think this is going to help you with a lot of stuff, is the idea of a gasoline engine has got four strokes. There is an intake stroke, and in that stroke, the gas, what happens is the piston comes down creating a vacuum.

And as that piston comes down creating a vacuum, it sucks in fuel and air. Now, if you're Christian, you are taking in something, right? And if you're taking in the word of God, you're taking in Christian friends, you're taking in prayer, you are now getting way better than premium gas. Here's the deal, because every time you take in that good stuff, it's like you've put in the ultimate premium. And the reason why you want that ultimate premium is like once you've got that stuff, the next stroke, right, is a compression stroke, okay? So which means that now we're going to take this fuel and we're going to compress it. Well, if there's not octane in there, it is going to explode prematurely. That's the reason why octane is a very important fuel, is that if before the piston gets all the way up, if it's cheap gas and it's got that 85% octane or something, or 85 octane, then that gas will explode before it gets to the top. And when it does that, it makes the piston want to go down while the rest of the engine's going up and you hear that ping, right? Because this engine is now, this piston that was supposed to be on its way to the top never made it because the heat from the compression blew up the gasoline before the piston got to where it was supposed to be. And so when that piston is forced back down, you hear this ping.

It doesn't sound like a big deal. Well, inside your engine, it's a huge deal. It's wearing out your crankshaft. It's creating horrible gas mileage because the engine's fighting against itself because it's got cheap gas. Well, I've met a few Christians that were running on cheap gas, okay? I'm just saying. So they go, what have they got? Premature ignition.

Let me say the one I have the most trouble with is me. Right? And the issue is, is I need the expensive fuel, right? Because when I get to the power stroke, which is the stroke after the compression stroke, okay, so now the compression, if I can make it to the top of where I'm supposed to be when God ignites me, then kablammo, the piston comes straight down with its absolute power. The only way that's going to happen is if I have the right air-fuel mixture with the expensive premium fuel, okay? That's why I say, now I'm not saying everybody needs to go out and buy 89 octane.

Don't really hear that. I'm telling you, go to your owner's manual, okay? And look at it. And check your own car. Try a gas tank level, and I know this can be really hard at this point in time when it's 480 for premium gas or something, okay?

But you might be shocked in certain cars, I can assure you. I've seen it many, many times that people get better gas mileage with a higher octane fuel because their car has got buildup carbon and stuff that causes pre-ignition, and when pre-ignition begins to happen, it destroys your gas mileage, okay? So I've never seen an owner's manual that says don't run higher octane.

I've seen all of them that say don't run lower octane, but again, go buy your owner's manual, not what Robbie says. I mean, I can't say that strong enough. However, there is a last stroke and a fourth stroke instance. We talked about the intake stroke.

We used to pull that in, right? We got the compression stroke. We have the power stroke.

Now the piston came down. We got one more stroke, and we got to three out of four. The fourth stroke is called the exhaust stroke, okay? A very important stroke when it comes to your Christian walk, that you pick up sin.

That's right. And you got to get that stuff exhausted, right? And it's part of the refining process of us becoming like Jesus' son. I mean, like the father-son becoming like Jesus, is we have got to have an exhaust stroke. We've got to get rid of the impurities and those things that are in our cylinders in order to get back to a really clean intake stroke, okay? And a clean intake stroke requires this life of purity that God is continually in the, what a fancy word is called sanctification, but here's the simple part. He's scraping off all the goo that's on your cylinder walls, right? When we can get rid of impurity, we're becoming refined, and that's called judgment actually, that you are becoming that silver, that when the silversmith looks in it, he sees his reflection, and now I got something, okay, because the dross is gone. So we got a very important stroke in a four-stroke engine.

It's called this exhaust stroke. Great analogy. Hopefully that helped everybody with understanding octane a little bit, but more importantly, it shows us all how important it is when we're talking about vision. Like, there are ways to get vision and ways that we can move closer to God, actually completely through prayer, but also through being in his word, because it's pure, you know, like that's the absolute, absolute pure intake of like highest octane stuff you can drink. But then also, a lot of times, it's really helpful to be around Christian brothers or listen to Christian radio in order to get this other octane fuel that somebody's already purified for you, right? Right.

And so we do that by being around other Christians and being under sound doctrine, people that are not afraid or ashamed of telling the truth, and the truth is the good stuff, man. I'm just telling you. So thank you.

Great analogy. And thank you for the question anytime that you've got something. That's what The Christian Car Guy Show is here for. We're so blessed that you joined with us today. And, you know, again, in all this, slow down so you can be more with God and get more light so that we're all not, you know, you can help us all. If we can get closer to God, right, Scott? Yes. Shine your light every chance you get, every person that you meet, everyone you encounter. This is The Christian Car Guy Show. This is the Truth Network.
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