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Octane Power!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 8, 2014 1:30 pm

Octane Power!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Welcome to the Kristen card our radio show show dedicated to helping Christians binds all cars by the book book book, but by God's book the Bible with your questions. One 866-34-TRUTH 1-866-348-7884 as being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host radio more is premium gas worth it. That's the issue you may be considering now that gas is dropped so radically. Certainly premium or midgrade fuel looks a bit more affordable these days. So, would that be something that would be good for my car, you may be one we have a lot to discuss on that issue this morning and I'm just going to guess that I'm a surprise.

A lot of you with my discussion on that I I'm think it a lot of folks have a misunderstanding when it comes to fuel so working to be getting that in just a few minutes and we would love to know your experience with premium fuel or midgrade.

What are your thoughts on the subject.

Or maybe you have a question we'd love to hear from you. It's our collars and make the show quite often, 866-348-7884 is a number to call and join the discussion. If you're digitally gifted. You can do 866-34-TRUTH truth in here to help us out this morning we have one of our very own Jesus labor law participants Joab and Dolan from Abbeville automotive in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome Joe Robin and as soon as I mention this topic to Joe. He was like oh you're going to be going now it's a conspiracy theory about fielding a premium gas at the gas station all the gas owners got together to create this myth that premium to give you more bang for your buck and all the stuff so he's he's right up on this subject, but you may have a very strong opinion 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let me just start off by saying if your owners manual calls for you to use premium gas. Far be it from the Christian Garda to disagree with what your owner manual says that if your owners manual says you need a particular level of octane then you go by that that's that's not even up for discussion here on the start about the people whose owner manual say they can use regular gas or they can use midgrade or they can use premium. What's the difference in what all goes into the and then coming up at the end of the show in our appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up her voice for understanding today with your perhaps new understanding of premium and midgrade fuel. The question is are you a four stroke Christian has some significance and you'll understand as we get a little further in the show are you a four stroke Christian.

It's one of the things I ask.

Probably the first year I did this show many years ago and still in the most popular so working to discuss that coming up in the show in our appraisal by the real black book the Christian card I show we are bringing the kingdom of God through an automotive platform. So what a great way to maybe get folks involved with the kingdom. That wouldn't normally want to listen to Christian radio and so we want to provide that platform you know somebody is in the cars race cars that kind of thing and you would like them to get a little bit more familiar with pride or you want them to include Christ, and that passion then by all means have them tuning the Christian card I show where we also talked about things like grace, car driving and not speeding. We always say that if you're following Jesus. I assure you he's going the speed limit and I do tell you that Americans waste 200 million gallons of gas a week on speeding. In other words, if everybody drove the speed limit.

We would again if you think Assateague now even believe that inexpensive it would be if we wouldn't speedily talk about staying out of the bondage of card debt sting out of the bondage of card it and in doing so, we need to take care of our cars and we talked about that you see tractors and men ran out in the elements since the 40s.

Well, if you take care of your car and last as long as you do. As always, say as a live show when we love our collars. Today's topic is premium gas worth it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and you can find out more Christian card. As always, we got Carrie is in American attempted the name of the city, but it's in Washington. Gary dear on Christian card I show in the first question is how do you pronounce the name of that city sent Snohomish well I should've known all that. That's just fun to say I be practicing that all week. Now that I've learned that C got a 2001 Lexus and tell me what's going on right hand passenger door, the electronic window, electronic lock don't work anymore coming you can use your key fob or you can use the lock on the driver side, but it doesn't it doesn't make it go up and down for you Gallagher and doesn't make any gun noises when you hit the button no most likely, that sounds like an actuator that's only doing that one door going door right and the good news is generally bit. We have found recently that a lot of people didn't use actuators you can get them, and whoever is scared.

I used parts dealer you know I went online utility here in our area but I guarantee you there somebody in Washington that sells those used whole lot less expensive than buying it from Lexis. All you write anything more cheaper than buying fluxes, and is not a hard one to put in his agenda on that one. Your pie look about couple our child. After that door skin all get into the mechanism of it. Not terribly it's not terribly difficult but one of those that come that appears to be what's gonna happen and not uncommon. Unfortunately, for power door locks, but here we appreciate your question very much. I bet you would you Lexis it calls for you to use premium – right so you are you and I have option in this discussion because as I said, if it says that your owners manual, then by all means that that's what we gotta do. Unfortunately, the prices drop lately, so is it what's it down to in Washington. I'm interested to 99, 97, rather I love that to live.

I would like it more one, but we love the 20 thanks for calling Carrie hope we blessed so getting right into this issue in order to understand fuel we have to understand a little bit about engines and I there's a really simple way. Now before I don't want to lose anybody here so if you'd never thought wow wow how does the engine to my car work.

Here's a really simple Christian card I explanation I think is really cool when you picture it in your mind, and the first thing I asked people to picture is most of us have gotten the a syringe, a hyper dear McDermott needle at some point in our life or we use one for some purpose.

And when your picture that syringe either.

If you've ever watched the nurse what she does before she gives you the shot is she sticks the needle in the in this solution and she pulls back on the cylinder so to speak. She'll pull back on that part of it to draw the fluid because it creates a vacuum and so if you were to take that syringe apart and look inside that will cylinder the little plunger thing that she pulls back on is made out of rubber and it actually has a couple of rings on well. Interestingly, the cylinders of your engine inside your car has depending if it's a four cylinder 600 has cylinders just like that cylinder that syringe and inside that cylinder is a piston which is very similar to that plunger and just like you would see little rubber rings around that plunger in the cylinder. The piston has something very similar because when that piston goes down on what they call the intake strokes the rate of four stroke engine to talk about what are these four strokes. When that piston comes down it's just like that, lick that nurse drawn the solution it creates is vacuum and it sucks air and fuel into the cylinder through what's the intake valve through the intake manifold but nonetheless just like that syringe it's gonna pull that fuel and air is that piston comes down in that first wrote this can up all that fuel and air in now. When it gets to the bottom of that stroke. The valve closes in the neck. Stroke is called the compression stroke and so now that piston because the piston on the other side is pushing it up in a push that piston up very, very hard and very fast which creates all kinds of compression of writes call the compression stroke. It compresses that fuel and the air very very tightly. Now when it gets right near top dead center and sometimes in depending on the car's timing right at top dead center.

Then there is a spark plug up there and that spark plug is going to ignite the little electricity can come down it's going to throw a sparkle when that spark hits that fuel guess what it does.

It pushes that piston down very very hard and very fast, and that is called the power stroke so now the piston goes down very very fast and that's the power strip then the Pistons can come back up one more time. This time the exhaust valve is an open is gonna push the exhaust backup and so now you see that's a four stroke engine intake stroke compression stroke power stroke exhaust stroke. What is it have to do with gas. You're gonna find the leak as everything to do with premium – which may really surprise you what premium gas is only come back and stating we got so much for coming at you on a Christian card is a question that will always have is with using premium gasoline that started the knocking one of those things that the that we are all asking today is premium gas, worsted, and that's the discussion today on the Christian card I show we want to try to go back to that for a few minutes and in in we were describing. If you missed the first segment exactly how four stroke engine works. If you listen to that you understand that we the use of premium gas has a great deal to do with how your engine operate and the two strokes of the four stroke engine that really affect are affected by premium gasoline or regular midgrade are the compression stroke and the power stroke so is redescribed when the piston is coming up in the cylinder for that compression stroke it is pushing very hard on fuel and air and is coming up very fast and it creates compression itself creates heat as a matter fact in a diesel engine because they have like 22 pounds per square inch in their cylinders that compression alone creates enough heat to ignite the fuel so diesel engines don't #plug.

They don't have an ignition system at all because they create enough heat with her compression in order to ignite the fuel of the that's the big challenge for a low octane fuel is that if you are on your compression stroke and you're using too low of octane fuel.

On the way up the fuel ignites before the piston gets to the top and when it does it creates this bad knock big ways to call the pain because what happens is this the piston is pushing down on the on the crankshaft when the other side piston is trying to push it up and so you get this horrible issue that puts a lot of pressure on your crankshaft, you lose your power stroke completely because you'll get the energy that sort burns too much gas and so why does low octane do that. That's the question why would low octane burn. Why would it explode before it got hot enough.

And there's the issue of octane octane has everything to do with the flashpoint of the fuel it doesn't lie. Always thought when I got into school of premium gas minute had more that had more powers it really has very little to do with it as everything to do with what's the flashpoint of the fuel because a low octane like regular gas will explode quicker than high-octane fuel and because of that it it at a lower temperature and because of that lower temperature, it would cause a card to ping so I can friend Alexis they run higher compression with higher compression. You need more octane because as it gets hotter without more compression you have a bigger chance that that fuel will ignite prematurely so if it ignites prematurely. It's hard on your engine so the manufacturers when they started to figure all the stuff with computers based figured out a way to detect a ping monopoly ignition. That's what they call it when the when the fuel asked in our explodes before the piston gets all the way up so they figured out a way to cool the cylinders off, which essentially they retard the timing which ongoing all that in order to cool the cylinders so that you won't have pre-ignition.

So now we have computer systems that make sure that if we even ran on the lowest octane fuel on regular that the vehicle will not have preignition because it's going to keep the cylinder temperature so that it won't ping it won't have that preignition so what then would be the advantage of premium gasket. You can have preignition with most new systems right to with the new systems whether you run a midbrain premium is due not to have preignition as a problem, but what you will have is the computer will affect the timing you know when the cylinder will actually fire and because the closer you get the top dead center. The fuller you get your power stroke to see if you get a complete power stroke to get a better burn and you get more gas mileage so the only way that you can really decide whether or not you need premium or midgrade or regular is to do a careful study of what kind of fuel economy are getting and you may find because your car doesn't have preignition problems that you don't get an extra mile per gallon by using premium unless you have no reason to use premium is not cleaner.

It doesn't have more additives. It isn't anything more than high-octane and one-time.

When I was in school. They show this beautiful illustration of high-octane fuel that I'll never forget the instructor took a glass tube and he took some regular gasoline and he put an eyedropper in any any drop that one eyedropper and one little drop of fuel in this glass tube and then he lit the end of it and it went bad. I just exploded because that low octane fuel explodes quickly and almost seem to have more power than the premium and then he took an eyedropper with some premium fuel and when he dropped that little drop in there if you could've seen it. He lit the end of it and it created this blue flame that went as a curve across the cylinder. It was like and you can see a gigantic difference between the way that that fuel burned in that cylinder based on the octane level and this is what's happening inside of your cylinder. Every single time the spark plug fires so all this is this is simply put, that the simplest way to figure out. Do I need premium fuel do I need midgrade fuel or do I need regular fuel in a newer car on talk about something winded. They about 93 or so. We've had you know and not detection or pin detection and in the computer systems reduce rally back to about 88 eight 588 or 89. So if you got a car older than that. Yeah, if you're here in the ping of preignition, then you've got a run premium you gotta run midgrade but if you're 8889 90, then the only way you can really see whether not that fuel is worth what you're paying for it is okay am I getting enough gas mileage improvement in order to overcome the cost of the of the fuel because essentially right. Joe is not going to hurt their car anymore to run regular gas and these cars are designed to run regular gas. You. You are right you do get marginally better gas mileage, but in most cases, you doesn't really outweigh the right and the other thing the other aspect of all this, again, if you have an opinion when it we would love to hear your view on this 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH you maybe use premium on your life and and you want to tell us you know it's been really good for your car. Certainly again, if your owner's manual says you're supposed to run premium do not do not go against the owner's manual asked what the minority is all that's that's given that so by all means we have a little discussion on premium fuel organs talk about what is. It had to do the Christian life got some stuff coming from the Jesus labor.

Leslie was thinking we got so much more Christian partnership, his movies got stroke and board and all that stuff it increases the compression and when you do that right Joey and that is going to require some premium fuel and back in the days when they were built in hot rods with 13 to 1 compression stuff like that. You have no choice but to run premium fuel, but we are talking today is premium worth it. We'd love to hear from you. 86634878848664 truth we got Sweeney in Richmond.

Sweeney is been using premium sometimes welcome the Christian card I shows are 13 accident note that Eric. Here are lit here will it run low premium. They upgrade to a medium or look like she'll want the mark pretty good. Because when you accelerate you can actually hear the engine electrical while by auditing and infill. Now dear like 45 miles ago while you bring up a great point Sweeney and that when we discussed that what's going on inside the cylinders that there's any carbon that builds up in the cylinders then that carbon in the compression will will ignite the fuel without the spark plug, which causes the very issue you talk about that. Pinging and so if you'd carbon buildup in your cylinders. Those fuel additives in fuel cleaners and things like that will really help you to reduce that preignition system or, again, if you go to the midgrade of the premium gas than you know that that's not happening. But if you're here in your engine paying. There's no doubt you it's time to to be thinking about doing something a midgrade or at least midgrade or premium. All that actually going by template does additives in the fuel to clean the fuel systems you know so that you don't get. There is a sort of a resin that builds up, especially builds up the throttle body and if it if it builds up the a you know in in the cylinder itself and you get that carbon and you have all sorts of things like that but there are lots of very inexpensive fuel additives that you can buy in at the dollar store for that matter, you know, gum out STP and a lot of those things are in a inexpensive way to get rid of the carbon without having to get premium on our midgrade fuel the time) and we want them in without a banner year.

Well premium get out more water like make a run smooth out the premium fuel is is is simply just high-octane and the. The additives are the same and interestingly you'll find that a lot of times that the gas coming out of the gas trucks may be shallow or BP or whatever all coming out of the same distribution distribution center and settle you know it's it's very very similar in lecture says some people think that's a conspiracy theory, but it sounds like regular hard on it. Thank you. Appreciate Connie well that's a great point. You want to be careful using those fuel additives because you don't want to end up with a sensor. You look like you. You are to say Robbie what are you talking you additives you get what you pay for. You gotta watch which ones you get if the chemistry is not good on and is basically kerosene a little bottle you're throwing your money away. If it's good additives that truly get in there break up the carbon that's a very good thing we don't have anatomy sponsors suggest tell us which one do you recommend Joe I use the petrochemicals. That's okay because it's you I chemistry I like the chemistry and it's what the man that I trust that knows a lot more about the chemistry of the than I do what he says this is what I sell because it's the best sound Petro mother that's the word from a man is out there working on these cars every single day and there's no substitute for your experience and we would love to hear yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and talk about experience we have a Christian card. all his description all that's going on with a four stroke engine and even the Christian are your four stroke Christian aspect to that which really get into it a minute.

But there's also there. The Jesus labor love which is car repair labor free car repair labor, not the parts for single moms widows and families in crisis and Joe, you have one of these that you just worked on last week there was a single mom is at a very nice single wall.

Her son what her car broke down the brakes were giving her trouble and then the alternator went out with his church parking lot and she had it towed to us. She is in a situation where she'd been driving her sons car, but he came back from Marine combat training, and he needed his vehicle to go wherever he was going that and so we got her alternator and her breaks on gutter and she's in her opinion, Sir and I had one myself in Schenectady, New York, which WDC the I believe it is on Albany carries our show and I and I know some folks and all be what I didn't know anybody in Schenectady and it's amazing to me how when God it you now here comes this request. It was a widow and you know an elderly widow and she needs her transportation and I was like wow I don't know anybody in Schenectady.

We don't have any resources there so I start plan. We have a wonderful group of labor love prayer team, so whenever we get one of these requests come in and requesting it several weeks we send it out the prayer team first since I didn't have anybody in Schenectady. I got the request on Friday ascended out of the prayer team over the weekend as the guys we really to pray for this, and because I don't know anybody after so once I figure I have good prayer cover gel I started college on Monday and I was. I looked at. It's amazing how God gives you wisdom. Sometimes I was looking down her references and all and she had a guy by the name Pastor Bob is one of her references in her car wouldn't start. I mean it was, you know, and she looked like she needed a battery or singing all night or some similar and so I called isolate me just call pastor Bob may be pastor Bob knows somebody in the car business there in Schenectady so I call pastor Bob past Roger really nice guys to pastor Bob, do you know anybody yeah I know Chris over there at Frank's automotive just call him L just like that you know God open that door. I called Chris. Chris was the nicest man in the world. Told him I had a widow would he consider taking part in that.

So Frank's automotive air in Schenectady our hats off to you here to Christian card I show is we know that that you've helped out in an we got car repair places like this all over the country that are taking part in this Jesus labor, love, and as we always talk about if you go to Christian card. and you click on the Jesus labor love tap their at our website, you can see the people in your area that participate in that.

Not that you you need to make out an application. If you have repair need. But the reason I mention that is it. Now here in Greensboro and you need a Christian to work on your car you live out a dollars doing this to help out folks that don't, that that you know they're given a free repair than they may be a good source for you to have somebody that that worked on your call so we are always blessed by the stories of the Jesus labor love again it's free car repair labor. The ladies are the widows of the situation that with the families they provide the parts but we do try to get them free labor and it's very Christian card. again. There's a great service request form. If you need service. There's also if you want to be on the Jesus lever labor love prayer team or you want to help make phone calls you want to take part in that. All we would just be blessed to put you on the team. There is a form there as well to to asked to be a volunteer or you can email me how you want to do that it Christian card. we got Allen is in Provo, Utah, and he's got off-road diesel Allen you're on a Christian card I show good morning good morning when you got time to pick up your station go wonderful. Christian news station. Thank you very much. I had some off-road diesel 1999 and I don't need it anymore and I don't know what the office even any good used in equipment well 14 years old I would guess that that there might be several ministries that could take advantage of that and and you bring out a good point that I would say that there Christian card. you can see there is email an expert which is got my email or Joe's email or whatever and if if you email me that information.

I know a number of ministries that very well could benefit from that Allen and area yeah because it see we have that station. The truth a network. We had that station KU TR there is AMA 20 is that what you listen to Avenue FM two anyway, when we come back working to be talking about are you a four stroke question what is the octane level of how you're taking in your fuel is that they would be in a Christian really talk about all that when we come back thank you Alan God bless you to Christian card. to find out more about all those details and I that may affect make you stronger and remove to our appraisal by the real black book where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up her voice for understanding, well as I was thinking through this four strokes of the. The engine that we all been talk about the show. I couldn't help but know it and I noted this many years ago that there is such a thing as a four stroke Christian. And so your intake stroke is extremely critical is the weathered you get the proper octane fuel because how many Christians of you seen Joe suffer from preignition and you know that it if you don't get the complete power stroke you because you ignite because your little running on low octane fuel is so that intake stroke for the Christian is what are you bringing in right are you bringing in stuff that will has a higher flashpoint are you bringing in the word of God. In other words, are you spending time in prayer which is interesting because human error is what we mix in order to make an engine run and you know the breath of God the Holy Spirit mixed with the fuel of his word creates this wonderful wonderful fuel that would be what the four stroke Christian needs and you know John Bunyan put this in another term that I really have enjoyed here recently and and he when he was describing in in Pilgrim's progress. This villain by the name of talk and talkative. He compared to an animal that was an unclean animal. He said in Leviticus, the unclean animals were the ones that did not chew the cut and he said they didn't chew the cud of God's word will how many people do you know how that you yourself when I am really on the subject in the Bible. It's like I'm chewing the cut. I keep chewing it.

My brain into and in June as I chew the cud of God's world word. It makes me more of a clean animal but poor talkative. He could chew the cud of talk God's word buddy didn't have a cloak tough, so he wasn't separate from the world. You see, which made him unclean, but when you think about the swine. It has a cleft but it doesn't true the cut of God's word, and so how many of us unfortunately we got in the day. We didn't get to spend time in the word we didn't get to spend time and so are fuel is messed up so when we get into the compression stroke of the day which is come. I'm telling right up comes the piston you feel the pressure, and all of a sudden, in order to get the right power stroke you got have the right fuel.

So if I've got high-octane fuel and then just like the song says it will make you stronger that those E in order to have a testimony quite often takes a test and the stronger the test, it would appear the stronger the testimony, and so is always people are watching you in your daily walk with Christ.

What's your flashpoint. What's your testimony, to attest to go through in whether they see the outcome.

How much power it has right has to do with how much compression set it same thing as a car. So now you got this wonderful power stroke and and quite often.

I don't know if you've noticed this but I that my most difficult time and struggling with the enemy was Satan's Saturday afternoon. You know why I worked all week long and always shows and all the stuff now I'm I'm exhausted, literally and here it comes.

He's coming after me. And at this point in time. I've got to unload sin. I've got to get right with God. I need to have a good exhaust room because without a good exhaust stroke what happens. Joe, you got all this carbon monoxide and stuff you to be a mass to go somewhere. It's got to go somewhere.

So a four stroke Christian. I want to think about. You got a great in your taken in fuel in your taken in Austin are taken in the Holy Spirit to take in the word of God and you collect a great compression stroke you know God's given he's can provide you with a test. I assure you, and then what's the power gonna look like behind that and and and and and was a feeling and I really, the more I thought about John Bunyan's example of the clean and unclean animal you know my walking my talk am I talking my walk, so to speak, has to do because when you think about it that here or the Heat the camel hair. Probably this is good example of the camel, choose the cud, but it has a foot. That puts it on the ground which exit not separate from the world so we gotta be able to do all those things we gotta be separate from the world. We gotta be chewing the cud of God's word in order to be a clean animal check that out. Leviticus 11 sometimes and ends and I had never really thought about that but it connected some docs for major, is to think that while know this. This is God coming after us in it in right there in showing us the difference between the clean and the unclean. Now getting back to cars coming because you know this is the Christian car – set when were talking about fuel right what you put into your car is gonna make a gigantic difference as to how it's gonna last. How you gonna take care of it and so it's not just a matter of actually what is going to burn but fuel additives do have some issues there so that something to figure out for it on your own really begin to do some study as to which additives should I use because carbon does build up writer and the older your car gets by the, the higher octane it probably would need by gold rabbit 384,000 miles. It loves a good dose of midgrade undiscounted old red it in our over the years is build up quite a bit of carbs rice field my knee brace for MSU. The ratio is extremely high-octane and so when you look at that, you know, there's nothing like testing your car and in this can sound crazy to a lot of you but this is actually the way that I do it my wife last a lot of people laugh but I only buy 5 gallons of fuel at a time because when you're carrying around an extra 10 gallons of fuel that's 70 pounds the mice will have a bag of cement in the back your car carrying it around is to keep a full tank of gas.

If you don't believe it. Check out the airlines and how much billions of dollars they saved by not completely keep airplanes full fuel is the weight note car companies go to all kinds of trouble to remove this piece of metal or whatever to get down the weight and then you go fill up the gas tank so only by 5 gallons gas, but there is another method to my madness by buying five down the gas in an old red get somewhere in the 2223 miles a gallon. I always know when the yellow light comes on.

I can immediately see what I did on that tank you gaskets if it's 100 and 1516 while I did really good this time.

It was 100 1820 C because 5 gallons gas is really easy to see 5×2100 right if I got 23 miles a gallon and it's 150 miles a mean, how hard is that. So by buying 5 gallons gas. I know consistently soon that yellow light comes on. I push my trip odometer. The very second minor light comes on a personal trip odometer so that I know the next time it'll be exactly how many miles before the yellow light comes on the candidacy and in doing so I have all that stuff and well now the rings, the phones are ringing as is… A but anyway we will get those calls next time. If in the meantime you'd need that information go to Christian car go to ask an expert. We love answers. We left answer questions all during the week. We certainly appreciate your list and so much the show. As we talked about the Jesus labor love all that stuff that Christian car thank you Joe for being on with us today.

Thank you and I'm not taken in some high-octane Christian fuel. This week, try that out, see what kind compression you can take it if you got enough fuel in their remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere went and got it all done 33 years

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