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Are You a 4-Stroke Christian?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 8, 2015 11:30 am

Are You a 4-Stroke Christian?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. One 866-34-TRUTH that's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884 as being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out.

Here's your host Ronnie Gilmore only have we really do have a fun show for you today with lots of new elements that I'm thinking are going to become regular installments and one for sure will be your chance. You, the listener who we appreciate so much good without you guys we got nothing said to be your chance to get involved in the show, and when.

So let's just crank off that first one time time to find my defense, I like that hubbub name that is called to start off with a highlight that hubbub so you can call now it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you know what were fixed to play 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and tell us what this car sound is now you got it.

That's highlight hubbub right and I know you may have heard that sound if you know what it is you can call in and when they call it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Johnny tell them what the women we have for them. A copy of Steve's book last words of Jesus.

All right you have your choice of either of the book or we have a phenomenal CD that accompanies it. And you have your choice of either one infected and play some music from that CD in the bumping today on the shows you get a chance to hear that and were excited we are to see the lines are lightened up at you call with your answer. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and I take this moment to mention website Jesus in a Christian Car

We have some new stuff that's there one other new things that there is we have a whole different video way things can happen in the neat thing about this is that there are some instructional videos that actually have done over the years and now if you download one of those accosted dollars 30 all the proceeds go to the Jesus labor of love, which is really cool to see people to start upload these videos and so every dollar 30 goes out to help a single mom widow or family in crisis. It's a Christian Car Some of the videos that are then going to get more up this week, but these are already uploaded my easy scratch repair.

That's with Jerry from Ray's body shop shows that one used-car evaluation wanted to. I had two different really extensive videos to show if you go look at a used car.

What are things that you could look out for. How would you know it or not that's a good used car along with other ideas. That's used-car evaluation and we have a teaching through the book of Romans might you know I those who know me well know, I teach special needs ministries and we do signs and stuff like that so we did this thing on the book of Romans, and it's a really cool video and those are all there, a Christian Car it's under teach me market but you and you click on the video thing will take you right there and I can say it's a dollar 30 video but everyone that you upload those all the proceeds go right to the Jesus labor love car repair labor from families in crisis across the country and we have Don and Carrie. But before we get on a careless play that hubbub one more time that Johnny addresses serious hubbub.

God is in Cary, North Carolina Don, what is that hubbub that you highlighted for metafile noise and you have you had a car to diesel before or and I was curious if you are aware of what causes carbon buildup remains galling and Carrie is actually a car guy that's awesome you have a question. I have an accurate 99 and down and walked out and I will just plain the walk on my car, I heard something underneath somewhere in the apartment, I imagine, and it sounded exactly like you were filing metal and when I left. Stop open late. Whatever was going on. Whatever the next day I got in the car driveway and it was running so crappy when I had it. Somebody cuter diagnostic on it. It ran that there are five intermittent minutes firings going on and in five of the cylinders and so I was hoping anybody would help me figure out what it is because I can't locate it. I can't find any chew marks maybe have it look enough but I need help with this car. I think it you. I have seen many many many many times that mice or squirrels or something got under the hood of the car and chewed through wiring that led to all sorts of shenanigans and I think that that when you described that I was. I was kind of what I was wondering, however, the good news is Don. We have thousands of listeners across the country, so maybe you've experienced this intermittent firing in a number of cylinders and inaccurate was it 3.99 and I was hoping somebody obviously is one location that's affecting everything else so there opportunities define the defect for you. If they can call it that. I'm an offer another one of those books for Africa and help Don if they're calling it 866-34-TRUTH 87884. It only seems fair that God bless you.I appreciate you calling so much.

Now that's a tough one, is one of those that you know you wonder if you shouldn't lay hands on. I certainly prayer because it does sound like something got a hold of the wire possibly others. Also, it's interesting, intermittent noise, but I did want to speak to the diesel and a minute because there was a method to my madness of picking that is my first highlighting the hubbub episode is that a lot of folks don't realize it.

We don't see diesels. The cars dealing much anymore because with computer ignitions, computerized editions, they stop paying and carbon buildup in that kind of thing before it ever happens, and so it would be an older car before you actually hear that noise because what happens at the site.

Don described as a carbon buildup in the cylinders. That's where the piston goes up and down and is that carbon buildup and gets hotter and then if the timing is just right in the car.

The ignition timing on the spark plug fires you know spark plug fires and that is supposed to push the piston down well is that carbon gets hotter and hotter in the car. Actually when you turn off the ignition in a car that's going to diesel what happens is that carbon is still glowing like a piece of charcoal and so when the even though you turn off the ignition and the spark plugs. Don't fire that doesn't matter because it is the piston comes up and it has compression that he is going to ignite the fuel and so the engine continues to run in spite of the fact that you turned it off. So if you listen the beginning of that clip person shut off the engine. That was a Dodge pickup actually and because of that hot carbon firing the fuel it's called dealing because diesels don't have a spark plug, diesels run just off the heat that's in the combustion process and so the engine is literally running without any ignition because it's so hot that the Pistons are, you know, the cylinders are firing, which leads to one of my most read ever articles that Christian Car I wrote an article about 10 years ago.

It's called are you a four stroke Christian and I wonder if you ponder that with me. I had spoken of it in years.

But I'm gonna speak about it right now because it has everything to do with the zoning in understanding how a four stroke engine works and you might think. Robbie, I don't want to go and all that but that the Christian application of how a four stroke engine works I think is is is kind of spectacular and worth understanding a minute is simply as I can put how an engine works so if you can picture a cylinder and maybe when you're a child you got a shot you picture the little cylinder inside the syringe will you know when they go to get fluid inside that syringe.

All you have to do is pull on the plunger they pull it back in the vacuum sucks the fluid up inside of you know there syringe will similarly in a gasoline engine. It works.

First, much the same way that the piston in the cylinder when it pulls down, it actually sucks the air in the fuel down into the combustion chamber, and that is called the intake stroke. The first stroke of a four stroke engine was at piston comes down. It is literally creating a vacuum that is pulling air and fuel into what is called the combustion chamber. Pretty cool. Well there three more strokes to go when we got Gail in advance. We got more, we got another chance to play name that is we have such a cool lineup for today. More specificity and wow is that train lead to heaven. You're in a love the story we got the other shows estate and we got so much more Christian Car Guy show, you call your questions 866-34-TRUTH 788 amazing the last words of Jesus and is our prize today calling in with the name had noise game which gone just one, but that is only defined the defect issue with his accurate maybe you have an answer for him. We would love to send you out the book and CD.

If you have an answer to why his Acura had in a multiple firings in the cylinders 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH.

Of course, with any question or comment, and we were right before the break, describing and the four stroke engine and what all goes on in those four strokes, but the real issue. There is are you a four stroke Christian compare is God gave me this this image. Years and years ago and is always been my most popular post Christian Car but in my own mind I continually grow through the illustration to see this. There are certain things in the Christian life that are so similar to what happens inside an internal combustion engine and those four strokes. We describe the first stroke which was the intake stroke and the second stroke is called the compression stroke because the piston that went down. What happens is the valves close.

That's no more you know can go in or out, and now the Pistons can come back up and went on its way up. You can imagine what happens. It compresses the air in the fuel and when it compresses that it creates all kinds of heat now in the illustration that we just heard of the, you know, I highlight that hubbub when it diesel it doesn't need a spark plug to fire because it it diesels run at about 22 pounds per square inch compression they have so much more compression than a gasoline engine that that compression alone. When the piston gets to top dead center ignites the fuel because it's when you start pushing molecules together the friction alone creates heat in the case of a gasoline engine when he gets to about 9 pounds first grantor in some really high compression into the maybe 12 pounds per square inch.

There's a spark plug up their but when that spark plug fires.

Obviously you get a lot of expansion of gas or whether to diesel you get the expansion of gas which pushes the piston back down that third thing that happens would be called the power stroke and then the piston goes all the way down again and it comes back up. Now the exhaust valve opens and is at piston pushes its way back up. It pushes out exhaust and of course spent fuel in the air that was in the cylinder so there you have the four strokes of an engine. It did brings in the gas it compresses, it explodes being the power stroke and the exhaust. Now if we compare the Christian life to that. I think there's an amazing thing that we would notice there is been a Christian for very long to get to know exactly what I'm talking about that we take in. Hopefully some wonderful fuel for Christian and we have the ability to get up early and read our Bibles, we have the ability to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to come in our lives it.

In other words, we can be really thirsty Christians in this Jesus would tell us. Blessed are those who thirst and intercourse. The faster your running.

If your 44 stroke engine, the more you're going to require intake so if you're intaking good fuel, then this is gonna work out good for you. The reason is that compression stroke.

Okay, so I took in good fuel on my intake stroke. I took in prayer. The word of God. Good preaching calls all those kind of things and now comes the compression stroke that interested for very long. You've experienced it, and I've got a wonderful couple stories along that line. But just to get us through the illustration. All these things are going to happen in your life that are going to compress all kinds of friction all sorts of stuff going to go on now, if you get low octane fuel. You wonder why do I get why do I spend money for premium fuel with the reason you spend money for premium fuel is that premium fuel has a lot lower flashpoint than does regular gas you what what I thought it had more power now, it just is the temperature at which the fuel will ignite is low is asked is lower in regular gas than it is in premium gas because you don't want that fuel to ignite before the piston gets word supposed to be when that happens you get a ping or in that case, when we heard the diesel engine that fuel ignites before the cylinders all the way up you get this condition called preadmission in the piston gets slammed up against the rod and makes his horrible noise in today's engines they detect that and they retard the timing so that the engine will hurt itself. But it destroys your gas mileage so the last thing you want is cheap fuel.

Now if you use regular gas in your car's design that you know 8 pounds per square's to use regular gas is all good. But if your car supposed to have premium, you know, it'll ping like crazy if you put that gas and because that compression is going to make it explode. Compare that to the Christian life that if you're taking in a lot of TV every day. Some pretty weird books or whatever it is that that you begin to feed on. Instead of thirsting on the word of God well when the compression comes, you may pre-ignite and you might find that in road rage, or in other ways that your life begins to illustrate what's happening with your own preadmission. However, if you truly taken the word of God and all the things that you could that God is offering you. It's amazing the amount of compression that a Christian can take to Cameron Horner, the young man in the wheelchair. Think of the compression that was there the day that he was underwater and dying. And if you listen to his testimony. You can see had this phenomenal power stroke well because of that power stroke because of Cameron's testimony. Lots of folks have come to Christ.

You see in your power stroke. Once your compressed and people see all that you went through and when you ignited it exactly the right time. You have all the power and you like this phenomenal racecar and so I was thinking today would be fun if you had one of those stories that you knew was a power stroke that you were under all kinds of compression and all sudden you know God came through as an absolute power stroke. I have a wonderful couple stories to show myself that you call us at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH so naturally, then you have an exhaust stroke well if you're like me saying gets in your life for unforgiveness. All these things we have to get rid of those so on our next trip back up. We have an exhaust stroke demands on stroke is to confess our sins, forgive other people, all those things that go with the exhaust stroke. Oh, are you a four stroke Christian we have another example of name that noise coming up in the next segment and a couple of those power stroke moments of interiors 866-34-TRUTH 87884 name that noise than anything I love about that song is I know you wrote the words I mean obviously many of the words find right from the Scriptures, but my boss Stu Epperson the owner true broadcasting wrote the lyrics and the nape they produce is just a fabulous song and not one of my you know. Certainly my favorite song on the CD.

I love amazing grace to there's lots of great stuff there and you can within is today on the Christian guard I we got this new game that were plan and we are fixing the play another time. So Maestro, if you please time the play to find my defect or race that I like that hubbub is called an planner.

So here we have another chance to trace that 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Get ready to dilate when you hear this sound. What is here that what life at a 348-7884 to call in and tell us how you could trace that ticket 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if they can call in and do that Johnny tell Mike that when we have for them.

A copy of Stu Epperson's book last words of Jesus or music to accompany that book on his seating by rechecking the voice of Johnny Angel my producer amazing him, telling himself I know you think you know what that ticket is.

I would love for you to call in and when 866348788486634 truth you can win the book or CD.

Your choice.

You just call in and you name that noise so as we are talking about this for stroke Christian and what you might experience in life that would in you. I have my own story that I wanted to share today on on how God had a little compression moment for me. Just this year. It was at the beginning of the year and in the kind of how it worked out in the phenomenal power stroke for me personally. We had a situation in February was actually if you remember that really really cold. This spell that we had in February this year in the area of North Carolina that I live. It got cold. It was like one or 2. I mean it was really really really cold and my youngest daughter who was 15 at the time and now 60 she'll know she's okay and tonic and she's 16 but she became deathly ill and it was one of those things where you rush to the hospital and it doesn't take but a few moments and they decide where where this is overhead silly send you to another hospital and they let you know how serious it is that you which are facing at an it was one of those things that my daughter doesn't deal well with pain and know they put in an idea not to go into a lot of details, but she really had a hard time with IV what was shortly thereafter that they said that they needed to do a blood gas test I've had that done in this extremely painful and I thought, man, if you like that and IV this blood gas test is going to be, but there came like an angel and this man held her hand and he was so gentle with her and he went it literally took him an hour to do the test because he was so careful to make sure that didn't hurt her at an you later on my my daughter described to me that she actually thought that IV was more painful. That's how well this man did this test but nonetheless it was a very difficult night in one of those three. Don't get me sleepy all night in the hospital you don't know if you guys can make it all my kids came in from different places around. We are all in the hospital together and very, very difficult night. Well, that next day we found out that she was can be in the hospital for some time which was very disconcerting and then my other daughter.

My older daughter test she needed to move out of her apartment that at that very night and there were some spackling and stuff that needed to be done in order for her to get a deposit back. So after spending all one night did not get any sleep the next day with my other daughter. Now I had to 11 12 o'clock at night I was spackling and painting and my other daughters house I come back to our house and the heat is out and it's like 5 in the house and just absolutely freezing the course.

I was in no mood with my wife to go find me in a hotel and whatever I say we just get 40 blankets will wrap up, it'll be all right. And so we did. We got tons and tons of blankets and we you know wrapped up in an and we spent the night in absolute minimum.

It reminded me of my Boy Scout days, but the next morning I got up and for years and years. I would say the Lord has provided me with some amazing premium fuel. In other words every morning. I learned years ago. Actually Norman Vincent Peale taught me to get up an hour early, will now I get like three hours early to study the word of God and I and also journal and do a number things in that time. Well when I got up that morning. It was like 2 and so I'm all bundled patent all the stuff blankets I get a cup of coffee I'm wrapped up.

It's been my practice for years and years and years to journal and if you were to read my journal entries really over the last 20 years, you would see the first thing I always do is count my blessings. I say thank you Lord for this from the previous day and that and I sit there and think about what God provided well. I was not my if you read the journal entry from that particular day.

It says that I'm not can oppose here. I'm really upset me. Really my daughter. You know, I've gone through all this other stuff and then I got a work till midnight I come home and no heat. I mean really you could watch out for me just a little, you know what I'm I'm I'm saying.

I'm not. This is unlike any other personal post but as I sat there and I was praying and I was thinking about God and all the sudden it was like I could see through Pierce's time this giant war in heaven that was going on and that God was showing me that he was really there in the midst of all that and all of a sudden I remembered how you wait a minute, God, you sent that that nurse that took such care ever to do that. Blood gas test and oh yeah by the way, she's okay and she lived. I forgot about that all yeah you did do that. And the more as I started writing out my blessings.

I started to realize how I've been so duped by the enemy to think that things were so bad and then all of a sudden I realize later minute I got all these warm blankets and I got a hot cup of coffee. Hey, I really haven't made a not in the journal entry. You could see it that they that there was a battle that was being fought.

There and you see the power of the Lord came through for in spite of my failures and the bit the ability to share that testimony to me is just is just wonderful and so I would love I really would love for you to share your power stroke moment maybe you had that situation where you see the compression that was all around and I was impressed and I could exploded a lot of different ways but as it was I got to see the glory of God in the midst of the storm and that is a power stroke moment moment 866-348-7884 and also have this noise that you can name list let's play it one more time. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Name this noise is that for what might that be the last words of Jesus Hollis 866-34-TRUTH 87848634 truth and also what going back to the website and in some of the new stuff that's going on there. Christian car where we've often talk about the Jesus labor love.

That's car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis. And another thing that we've added there is these prayer requests for the Jesus labor love participants as they call it now. I don't give names or any details of contact information, but actually what the families are going through so that you could log on at any time to Jesus and to Christian car and go to the prayer requests it's it's right there in the menu item and you can see kinda how we can pray for these families in crisis. There is one right now that you know I talked to the man up in this area, you know his family's been without work and they got this car that literally they can't get in the door they hurt having to climb in through the site. The other side door in order to get in there and so you know we would love for you to take part in premium for these people, and we've given you that information there. Even if we have a prayer team which obviously we were so thankful of people to volunteer for that, but we let to put you on that.

We have Matt calling and he has an answer for us. We got two or three other folks that are ready to name that noise when we come back for him to find out what was that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and we got another compression stroke story that I want to share with you that from 1800 sauce from the floor, and no amazing song. I hope Morgan to be able to share here just in a minute, but first we want to finish up our opportunity to name that noise. We got Matt is in the window Matt so our listeners can hear the noise one more time Johnny can you play that is.

Matt tells us to. Can you name that noise.

Matt are you there wow I am very impressed. I am very impressed by most people would expect that noise to be sent mouths with me will that's exactly what it is and it's exhausted but it sounds exactly to me very. It takes a trained ear to know that there's been an exhausting can a valve take the sounds like you been around the block a few times. Matt God bless you, thank you so much for calling in today and for women.

Thank you. Thanks God bless away a we have Janice may still be with us in Charlotte Chancery still there or you can assign Janice know nothing about college but what bravery and I just admire you calling in with you know and and for all we know Janice and I'm I'm certain I'm not there with that car it not only has an exhaust leak. It might have a timing belt issue. I was it could be absolutely right. So working to send out the stuff to you because I have no way of knowing, because I don't have the car to diagnose anymore so you could be right, and I'm not can it be the one to say you not make you Janice God bless you and appreciate your comments are much well here is a compression story of a little girl from the 1800s who apparently lost her mother and it goes with that song that we just played and it touched my heart so much.

I said I just have to share this story with my listeners. Is this is so awesome and it was from this book, inspiring incidents, published in 1887 it's out-of-print, but you'll find the story.

Christian car as well as a link to the online book that you can read today, but in traveling. Here's the story in traveling. We often meet with persons of different nationalities languages. We also meet with incidents of various character some sorrowful and others joyful and instinctive. One of the latter characters I witnessed recently while traveling upon the cars back that day. Cars ride trains for family cars on the street. The train was going west and the time was leaving a station a little girl about eight years old came on board caring a little budget underarm which I went to research the word budget digital came from budget way, which was originally a leatherback. Interestingly, she was carrying a budget underarm and she came into the car and deliberately took a seat. She then commenced an eager scrutiny faces, but all were strange to her. She appeared weary and placing your budget or as a pillow. She prepared to try to secure little sleep. Soon the conductor came along, collecting tickets, and fair and observing him. She asked if she might live there. The gentlemanly conduct replied that she might and then kindly ask for her ticket. She informed him that she had none. And when the following. That's when the Following conversation ensued. Conductor said where you going live births.

I'm going to heaven will who pays your fair conductor asked. She said Mr. business railway leader heaven and does Jesus travel on it I think not.

He answered why do you think so why sir before my mom died she used to sing to me of a heavenly railroad and you look so nice and kind that I thought this was the road.

My mom used to sing of Jesus on the heavenly railroad and that he paid the fare for everybody and that the train stopped at every station to take people on board, but my mom doesn't sing to me anymore. Nobody sings to me now and I thought I'd take the cars to go and see mama Mr. do you sing to your little girl about the railroad that goes to heaven.

You have a little girl having you the conductor replied weeping know my dear I have no little girl.

Now I once had one, but she died some time ago and went to heaven.

Did she go over this railroad and are you going to see her now.

She asked by this time, every person in the coach was upon their feet, and most of them are weeping in its attempt and attempt to describe what it was witnessed was almost futile. Some said God blessed little girl hearing some person say that she was an angel. The little girl earnestly replied yes. My mom used to say that I was an angel sometime addressing yourself once more to the conductor she asking do you love Jesus. I do and if you love him. He'll let you ride heaven on his railroad.

I'm going there and I wish you would go with me. I know Jesus will let me in heaven and when I get there.

He will let you into and everybody that will ride on his railroad. Yes, all these people when you like to see heaven and Jesus and your little girl. These words so pathetically and innocently uttered brought a great gushing tears from all eyes but most profusely and those of the conductor, some who are traveling on the heavenly railroad shouted along for joy. She now asked conductor Mr. May I lie here until I get. Yes dear yes, he answered when you wake me up. Then, so that I may see my mom and your little girl and Jesus. She asked for. I do so much want to see them all. The answer came in, broken accents, but in words very tenderly spoken yes dear Angel, yes, God bless you amen was sobbed by more than one score voices turning her eyes against the conductor she interrogated him again.

What shall I tell your little girl when I see her. Shall I tell her that I saw her par on Jesus railroad shout this well. This brought a fresh flood of tears from all present in the conductor knelt by her side and embracing her wept, replied he could not utter, and at this juncture the brakeman called the conductor arose and requested him to attend to his duty at the station, for he was engaged. That was a precious place. I think God that I witnessed this scene but I was sorry that at this point I was obliged to leave the train we learn from this incident that out of the mouths of even Dave Scott have her gain strength and even we ought to be, will think to represent the cause of our blessed Jesus on any railroad coach well I was certainly touched by the story and used it the first night I do for the retirement home and I became very curious about what song was this little girl think about so I was referring to. So I went online and I found the old lyrics to the song get on board, little children, and guess what, Jesus pays the fair and so apparently and I'm again I put that all of the website that whole article about the little girl now when you think about think of the power stroke that that little girl had she been under complete compression as she lost her mother. Apparently, an orphan, she didn't know where to turn. She gets on the train that her mother used to sing about and there Jesus in her heart. Think of the power that she had all the people in the car that day.

There are weeping. They were all touched. They all thought man I want to make sure I get to heaven to see my little girl. Maybe you're there today.

Maybe you're thinking yeah I need to make sure I'm on the train. Well, good news. Jesus does stop in every town and pick up all the pastors that are willing to see that he really was God's son that he really did take on all their burden, so to speak. He took on all their little budgets on the cross he paid for their sins. With his sacrifice. You see, and by accepting that and repenting of that and saying God I see now what you've done.

There is a deep cleansing that comes from the blood of Christ. When you truly understand what it is I'm talking about and you turn to him in prayer and say Jesus and I get on that railroad and I get on that railroad heaven to see mama but most importantly, you get to spend eternity with him and with God a question get all your family and those are gone out ahead of us. Again, you can find all the stuff that Christian Car it was so much fun to share it today. There's even a video of that song being sung get on board little children. Certainly thank everybody for listening to Christian part I show today. It's our listeners that make the show and I'm so excited to have this new installment of main noise and all the people that one today so go to Christian Car find out about the Jesus labor love free car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. And remember, slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went at it all done. 33

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