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Bring Out The HELL, Bring Out THE BEST

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 15, 2021 12:25 pm

Bring Out The HELL, Bring Out THE BEST

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 15, 2021 12:25 pm

Jerry is in with Robby.  And Lee calls in from Ford Motor Company.  BRAND NEW 6th Generation Explorer!  BTW, this program is brough to you by the Hebrew letter PAY.


This is Michael Carbone with the Truth Network were partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments majority religions in poverty and remoteness five dollars and the Bible hundred dollars since $2500 sends 100 call 800 yes word that's 800-937-9673 thank you for caring. Because this religions with mental radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network on a cold and gray Chicago show is because if there is no radio show with the wrong is I will always love that line very matter you will never forget what you like to be remembered like that love and love grows where Jerry goes her love heroes were Robert that's it. And if you've ever met him, you never forget me know it's such a lie. I thought about it all these years, I came across that and I went was just perfect for the show, which today I'm a Christian programmer talking about bring out the hell and bring out the best wow so you could hear the contrast of that clearly you know somebody was the Rosemary and I was bringing out the best but for Elvis.

He is talking about hunger right and this little child was born and you know, it sounds like hell.

But interestingly, so often you're going to find this contrast room talk about it at length. Hell just happened to bring out the best in people and so are going talk about that and the course. I do know if you need this.

I think it's really really cool that you know that that it's Edison lighthouse did Rosemary grows like really what in the name for a group Edison lighthouse. So when you bring that light from Rosemary grows don't think I don't forget that you know that's where that came from. So today's show is as we done recently is brought you by the Hebrew letter, pay while and so the Hebrew letter, pay if you look at it looks like a mouth and it's supposed to look like a mouth and is that pH sound that you actually hear throughout every language in the world. It's sort of with sound, but it's a pH that has to do with presence, but it really has to do with a hungry mouth and I was looking at it this week that we all have the sole and I was really think about what is your soul and what's the imaging spirit and soul, as well as questions, it's always concern me and when you think about your car has amount to its been drinking and if you're in the southeast. Right now you know what I'm saying there's there's a few bags over few pumps like this does not because all these little malls need feeding.

Getting paid more than they need to be fatted nightmare. However, I'm telling it really burns so don't miss that. But the but the word faddish is the word soul in Hebrew in here that pH sound in the middle of it which is a mouth okay so when you're born, there is with you a presence that is in fact a mouth because Miles do a lot of things. Interestingly, they they hunger and they thirst which Jesus said clearly and blessed are those who hunger and thirst okay but they also express and you noticed it's fascinating to me as I was listening to Elvis's song with this little baby is born will, there's a hungry mouth to feed, right, or if you bought a car you got a new little hungry mouth to feed. If you're looking for. That's debate is about. Don't miss that. But that's like a soul because that soul will burn because it needs fuel okay and so is it any coincidence right that we need food spiritual food and it is in fact little really Jesus in the way we get it most commonly it's in the Bible right every single word that is in that book every single letter of every single word and Alice to the top of a pay whatever the letter may be, it is in fact Jesus. You see, and as you take that in as you taste it with your little soul mouth and any and it begins to it and you can taste it, which at the two best most important things I was ever told.

I think as a human being was number one. Pray and read the Bible number one. Pray because you and I can understand it unless God helps you interpret is just not possible until he gives you the Holy Spirit order to be able to do that. And so, as you pray, then you can begin to understand and see what happens to everyone around the world today is if you poke him just try poking him and see if they're not hungry. Okay, that means hungry and angry and what they're hungry for is Jesus the great, they're just angry out there just tons of just like that car that I saw parked on the side of the road. It was out of gas and it was just sitting there all angry at me distilling you well and so when you when you think about this idea of your Nefesh your soul. It desperately needs a course I know I'm singing to the choir because of all you wonderful truth listeners.

Obviously you turn in to hear some Bible you you you tuned in to hear the word of God and in an end because you wanted to be fed C would be hungry and but went as you begin to feed like we're talking about then guess what you will be bringing out your best no you are doing it.

You're saying that maybe thank the parallel time, but the car in the fuel you know is you said we hunger for that. That is a hunger that unless we are putting Christ and into our sales were going to sputter disorder that that automobile that you have you bought an automobile that says premium fuel only Newport the pump and you just put regular unleaded gas in it at vehicle does not respond the way it's supposed to is spiders and assorted how we are you know what we have that hunger we have that void inside us what was going to fill it with Phyllis on the makes us better not perform. Not know what to see our full potential because of not putting the right things in. I it's so true, and I was listening to, which ought to do. I like to listen to the New Testament. Sometimes on the message version and I was listening to what would be the sermon on the plane from the book of Luke and the way it was translated there. I can even take the verse. I just know it hit me right between the eyes. It said when someone treats you harshly. Does it bring out the best in you. This is Jesus talking like when someone treats me harshly.

Does that bring out the best in me like oh no it doesn't.

And so as I began to reflect on that like all I must be more hungry than I thought because if if you can realize that the reason that person is treating you harshly. Is there angry right there. They're desperate for the word of God in any way shape or form, and their their cars running out of gas and so now what could I do to really look at the and and and really think of. Okay, how can I best respond to them in a way that I can begin to give them what I know there soul you know there there little trash is just I am the to feed something.

It's another baby out there in the ghetto and its and its hungry okay it's just like Elvis was talking about but we gotta be where love grows where Rosemary goes so very cool in the next segment we actually have Lee with Ford Motor Company because they have a new Explorer outsole going to get to that. But if you've ever read a tale of two cities Burrell Charles Dixon inmate Dickens you may have heard a part of the scope of the whole quotes on the label. It says it was the best of times it was the worst of times it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epic of belief, it was the epic of incredulity, which I'm nursing that were before, but it means unable to believe, and it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, so all the said you get this idea that like oh my gosh, did you have something in your life that was actually your worst day and after the segment with Ford on talk about on your worst day the very worst day you've ever had your life when you really think about it. If you ever seen that it was actually your best day and what turned on that light so minimum it has to do with as you might guess not being a hazy floor of a Christian guard does show again Lee with Ford is really what is you hear about the new Explorer versus the euro listening to the Truth Network and hungry little boy with the wrong set bring out the Helen bring out the best I go so were talking about like so your hunger burns right in your cars refuge. If you're in the southeast right now like us and you you gone by 10 gas stations it's it's burning it's burning, but the good news is it's going to bring out the best I can assure you and speak and bring out the best we have Lee with Ford was on with this and you guys have got some pretty exciting news.

All sorts exciting news. Really, Ford has with. Therefore, before products rightly morning Robbie Gordon were explored were now released in our new model this year and that are most capable ever explore timberline. Though talk about it.

Yeah there's nothing like getting out for my opinion. In God's creation and you know a lot of people think four-wheel-drive is going fast. But when really capable for what drives you to put them in fully allowing you don't go morning for 3 miles an hour but climb over big rocks and and you get to go through rivers and all that stuff.

So what it what you guys got lineup force creation.

We put together the good balance product that allows you to have the cup go off trail with old-time four-wheel-drive great portion limited slip rear axle to give you even more traction difficult conditions. Additional ride height and a whole bunch of underbody technology that really kind of smooth out your ride for you, but at the same time is designed for it with three rows back.

People enter daily driving. So it's really a well-balanced product.

I could tell you some of the technology these days on what they can do with a washboard road just blows my mind like I don't know if you've written on these vehicles but like you know, again, those of us who been my father was a GP lately when I was growing up, so I've been four-wheel-drive and since I was located that when you when you go over that kind of the surface you know the vehicle actually loses contact with the road. All sorts of bad things can happen. So these suspensions not only make it a lot more pleasant for you but it's a tremendously more safe right you a great product really work on the interceptor about what you look local department. We really believe the lobby underbody technology from from those vehicles and adapted to some of the off-road capability that timberline offers no heavy-duty shock revised during calibration stabilized at bars spring rebounds bring the really smooth out the right for you. Making paper and keeps you connected to what's under your anterior GC means rebound springs coming. They are cool. Well said that with the interceptors that the place edition vehicles.

Yeah do a lot of work with those things in his face. The different set up, but as safety is beyond yeah because you can imagine that you know what they're learning. This is, and I was saving a lot of lives but it's also pretty cool when you use it to make your life a lot more smooth when you're off-road and on those bumpy if you've ever gone almost kind of roads, I think you know what I'm talking about. And so you can imagine if you got a vehicle with seven people in it because as you way down the vehicle with all these people that shocks in the springs late date, they can experience things that they don't normally experience.

So there you are on vacation you got your whole family and while you're able to enjoy you know that experience and experience it more safely right in the last edit. The last thing you want to do is not have traction. So you tell me about this limited slip your you started this describe the axle in the back yet unique teacher for the timberline territories and limited slip rectal look at a 3.581 drive ratio which really transmit a significant amount torque to the will of the most correct and we made a data course toward what really standard intelligent four-wheel-drive so the two combined really give you a really capable offloading vehicle to get you through some of those different trail conditions are intelligent, and we'll call it intelligent just protect that one actually even assesses the road conditions and and preemptively even sent torque different will, knowing that a slip is likely to occur between that and the torsion you got a lot of confidence in your ability to maintain subtraction on the trail is released and that it may not be all that familiar with that. I think it's important never forget the first time I found out that four-wheel-drive did not mean that all four-wheel-drive you know you have this picture in your mind that all four wheels are pulling all the same.

All the same time. Well the challenge with that concept is in order to go around the curve. You know the inside wheels have to spend it at different speed than the outside wheels and and so there has to be a way that they disconnect from the driveline in order to accomplish with.

That's what they'd that's what a differential is for because it's literally making a different speed for the inside wheel than it is the outside wheel of you for that word before differential well your axles, which are where the power the torque gets to the wheels they go through a differential window with the technology that is talking about. Now there's a computer that is telling all well based on what's going on word sensing there some ice on the left rear wheel.

If you spin that we could end up in the ditch, so the intelligence is going to say let's put that on to the other rear wheel and so that you actually move forward in this can happen in the twinkling of a of 1/10 of a second that might makes all the difference whether or not you stay straight on the road and you don't rightly condition constantly and making micro and major adjustment going on the condition that really didn't take it one step farther we put up the drivers got 7 Different Selectable Dr. mode, thinking you even adjust the condition so we got that and like trail notes and when you know you to be in certain conditions like that you can set it into that mode and it will help you be more effective in your driving so excitingly. This is the new timberline Explorer but I'll see you guys at this bronco Mama Scott everybody's in the four-wheel-drive world is going crazy. I actually saw one I'm like oh my gosh, did you see that see guys that come into with forks effectively. I think the railroad time already for a few kilometers today and you guys have a great day back from the time he walked to the bus ride more today on you know we gotta bring out the hell in order to bring out the best for partnership you're listening to the Truth Network and a little boy with the wrong is so today we are talking about bring out the hell in bring out the best in wheat we talked about that that I heard that from like oh my goodness.

Jesus is telling us as Christians in the sermon on the plane and terminology of the message that you know when somebody speaks to you harshly. Does that bring out the best in you that is a little challenging okay and it made me think about you know what is that really look like practically in and how angry am I because God had been talking to me about this whole idea than the Fash that on this little consumer right that the that II need to take in God's word. I need to take in love and joy and peace and patience and all those things that that actually you know, restore my soul, as David would say in in in the 23rd Psalm. So interestingly, there's this phenomenal contrast that I came across the just it just blows my mind. And if you look at Psalm 1610, which I think you may be familiar with Psalm 1610 and 1611 and then compare it to Revelation. And so here's a little Bible for you, but I think you're to be glad you you took the two minutes to listen to what I was can explain son. Psalm 1610, 11, it says for you will not abandon my show, my soul Mina Fash to show another words you know, I may go to hell. You will not allow your holy one undergo decay.

That's Scripture that's quoted there.

You know, obviously, when Jesus was resurrected. That's the set up for this line that says you will make known to me the way of life in your presence is fullness of joy in your right hand are pleasures for evermore. Another words, he takes UL and then he says in my presence is fullness of joy will if you look at the word joy in Hebrew. Just let me to share with you. It is to consume living water. Okay so when you're in the depths of hell you get really really thirsty.

I'm just telling you. And if you've been there lately you know what I'm talking about in your car is certainly been there that that when you get to that place was really, really, really tough. You get really really thirsty while living water tastes really really good under those circumstances, and thus you get the idea that this was the best of times. This is the worst of times because your soul gets parched and then all of a sudden he saying in his presence is fullness of joy and that word joy again is the consumption of living water. When you consume living water was that look like it looks like joy right in the beautiful thing that that that's in Hebrew that I hate that you can't see it but I'm in a credit my best to explain it to you is right before he says joy. There's an Alice tough talk depend on you and say it, but what that is is I am the Alpha and I'm the Omega that's what he's saying right before he says joy he says in my in his presence is the Alice tough that the Alpha and the Omega okay and and that's saying I'm everything on the beginning. On the end you don't miss it. I'm in every little detail every little thing that ever happened to you. The best the worst.

I was there okay and then the revelations 21 now this is Revelation 21, five and six.

Here's a comparison.

He sits on the throne said, behold, I making all things new. He said right for these words are faithful and true. Now if you read Revelation up to this point you have been through hell you the whole tribulation is happened. Okay so hell is happening and then he said to me, it is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give water to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost.

Okay inherently same. He is saying that like oh my goodness. When you are in the absolute worst place that you could possibly imagine being. That's because you're getting thirsty because hell brings out a thirst that only can be quenched.

Now go back to your worst day and I'm praying that some people do this and really think with me, what with what is that look like okay so I can I have a worse day. Physically, I have a worse day emotionally okay but I just take you the physical and first I had you might know a brain abscess after brain biopsy and when I had lymphoma all that stuff in my brain. Okay. Now, if you've ever had a tooth abscess. Just think that in the put it in your head. Okay were talking to a phenomenal amount of pain and and and and they had to do emergency surgery they would be needed to essentially open my skull so that they could get the pressure off them like this is got to go and it's got a go now and they're rushing me into emergency surgery and something happened in the in the in the in the operating room and they couldn't get me in and and they were freaking out and they pushed me over into this room where I had to stay until they could get the operating room ready and they'd hit me with every kind of painkiller you could possibly imagine. But if you want to feel pain. Okay I'm I'm just saying. I felt a lot of pain from a lot of different things that happen to me if you know my story, but oh my goodness okay. It was my worst day physically but believe me it was unbelievable. And as I'm laying there all alone waiting on this emergency room, in walks Ramona Seachrist, now whose moments across Washington's just happened to be Jesus with flesh on. I mean she says what she was in my Sunday school and newer that she was one of the nurses at Baptist, but did not know she was on that floor. Whatever. And she came in and all she did because if you'd said one word it would've echoed in my head because it was just on fire because the paint right she does slipped her hand in mine and held my hand and it was the best of times, because in my absolute most thirsty that I could possibly imagine being from a physical standpoint, God slipped his hand in and said I'm here with and that is the living water. So as you think about your worst day, physically, emotionally, whatever, where did you see God in that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call and ensure I know it's prey, but somebody out there is listening needs to hear that no matter what they face that that God is there in the midst of the worst possible possible thing that the aleph and the top of the pay that the presence of God himself will be there and Jerry, I know you got one now unite used on the how to follow up with that Rob Yamane, the reality is is you said it is God always shows up. Christ will always show up and bring us comfort whenever we think there's no think all the doors are shut the windows are locked. Where were trapped. God shows up and and and I have the hubcaps of sin. You're not thinking of all the times I can think of. I know in the mire. My wife is just you know just when we were going to have our daughter you know that was that. That that time in my life changed my life and it was just puppy when the darkest times I've never had a time that I just had to rely on on. I know that God has a purpose. I know God is in a get us through this. In the end, just would like when God showed up to a nurse right. It was what Pardo changed my life was the fact that there was three elders at Pinedale that I had was a basketball player at that time and so I was coming on Thursday nights playing ball and maybe going to church every now and then. You know me anything that may into that whole process took the listers with the process was that of its critical to the story.

My wife has asked scleroderma which is a connective tissue disorder and didn't think you to be able to be pregnant well at pregnant, got pregnant three months early. Started having pains and went to the emergency room and that will unit we need to induce labor. Somehow within them afraid to do it. So this is three months early and doing the process. They finally said what we have, may have connection it may be connected with some heart issues going on now and just a lot of them and they laid out all these things. Everything wrong in one point finally said, you know the there's probably a 90% chance that your wife will make it through this because we can't do a C-section because of the scleroderma. We can't induce labor. We gotta just go to the process so they moved in ER up to the delivery room and on the whole process that you live about my wife and he said probably only 820% chance of your of the baby be at the time, but enough is the girl or boy. But we were blessed with a beautiful daughter these on 20% chance she will make it and so doing the whole process. I do something I was as I was broken just kept thinking God's beliefs and happen it is a said three guys from the church Come in his step and that made me to the whole process realize how important was that that I need to change my life and it said so yes, dark as it was, it made me who I am today. In a lot of ways. So what was years 866-34-TRUTH 878-8474, you're listening to the Truth Network and matter.

Well, you talk about today. How bring out the hello and it brings out the best I can tell you, based on Jerry's life if we just heard the last segment them when he went through and how those elders put their arm around him and walked him through that and how many times is he is an elder had a chance to comfort those with the comfort that he was comforted with and and and whatever held that you've been brought through in and in and God uses that to let love grow where you know Rosemary when in and also think about this, that in second Timothy 14 13 it says that you were entrusted with the truth right that the Holy Spirit can help you guard for forever and so your story, your your little piece of truth that you have is a respect as it as it having experience tell you see that that that's your testimony to tell you that what you whenever you face each instance can is good to be back there again. I need to tell you that we have Amy Coppola's got the cure on and I love her show this week. It's the way out of poverty with Matthew Morales which I know the way out of poverty is the father okay because fatherlessness is is so much the reason for poverty that we won't allow God the father is or just like that you know in the ghetto, but people get angry and that and what they need is is the word of God, and in so many different ways and so speaking of how angry we got we got some going on the Truth Network. This can help the world not be so angry.

Yeah, his name God's word he said please help the Truth Network send Bibles to Africa and we know that they they need God's word. We have until the end of the month, just five dollars gets a Bible in the hands of the poor impoverished believers all over the African continent with the help of the Bible league, just five dollars is think about that Robbie just five dollars a please give you give more than five dollars man would love for you to do it in the number to call is one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word and I wish I had found I should've looked and gave the numbers because of me that yes word takes a bit of work for me to dollar blissfully well be worth it just right at one 800 yes word and away you go. I'm so so so excited because we have Nancy has a story forced in Everest Washington Washington Nancy are on the Christian card I show good morning good morning what if you got not talking about trying to call Mary and Michael find myself on the floor because of the emotional pain and so much out comfort like somebody to go to very quickly because I cried out and the thing that troubles me most particular time in which we grant that you can crank knowing I can comfort me think going to think anything ever think that you think I can tell you that and and I I'm with you I am with you, but having had the just unbelievable blessing of interviewing many people like one man that was in the swamp as a prison in North Vietnam for over three years, where he literally stood in the sloppy drunk, what was in the swamp ate what was in the swamp. He'd been to help, but it if you listen to them talk.

Even though he spoke Vietnamese like oh my goodness God. It touched him actually I think it's the 91st Psalm that he could quote like he'd been in the depths of all that and like oh my goodness and and so you're right and were so grateful for chance to pray for those people put on my goodness how God comes. And believe me I understand difficult. You know separation hurt you know from a loved one and all that.

So on the floor. You know your your pain is as real as my painfully and God being merit and and having somebody to go to is just huge. I'm so grateful for your call today and infer what you share. Yeah, please feel like you and I like them. I write that same to you got the same place on the floor with them that that you have for yourself and I'm with you Nancy got bless you.

I appreciate that so much okay thank you bye-bye Gary is in Greenville, South Carolina Gary are on a Christian card I show them on good morning how you doing I am excited to hear what you have all will will I'm old already got one, I pray for someone in the calling out the name of the Lord in pain and I attracted my walk to the hospital something. I was in the room with her and outside the hallway between the hallway gurneys.

There was a man laying out there and he was hurt and scream in pain, and the name of the Lord Jesus and the Lord. My mom is a good paper that might fit there for a few more minutes moaning and groaning training.

But again, the Lord let go pray for the and I got home I am stubborn, I guess not. Listen again and again. The Lord should go find some fun. I got a stop in the Lord.

Go pray for him. I went over and I saw rushed through the you believe you know or suggest other them saved us to pray with you got mail that I hurt you: the name of the Lord, and he said no please do so. I was dying.

My close model like my handling and I prayed over him by in the hospital and he said he failed to come over him like a warm feeling all over me and drop him. I went back down the room alive out there for long. Several another hour so long. I never heard much another stylus for the pain felt this may be innovative to God and my commitment going to plan God blessed Gary.that makes my day. It's so cool like you're right, I mean that the what we can get back right Jerry, I was you know that that that's just the whole deal is this Internet college gods and put people in front of us.

Love grows where the Gary Grote that is so beautiful such a wonderful story. God bless you, thank you for Conan God will bless your ministry.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gary RI we got analog we can get Jim click and you but you gotta go by Haley 11 oh you got any. I went to the last me and I think he will never leave you never had the only wounds things and so much for sharing that such a dear friend from Christian card at the end which is coming up next week. By the way, so remember as you go through hell you know the good news is it's good I hope you know with the best of times, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and try to conserve fuel right that's what we can do as Christians right now don't go anywhere that my summary not have gas to get. So thank you for listen to the Christian. This is the Truth Network

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