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The Winter Season is Upon Us

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 9, 2019 1:40 pm

The Winter Season is Upon Us

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 9, 2019 1:40 pm

Robby is at the Masculine Journey Boot Camp, so Jerry Mathis and Bob Young are filling in this week. The discussion this week is on getting your vehicle ready for bad weather,driving in inclement weather, preparing yourself for frozen temperatures, and other cold weather tips. Do yourself and your car a favor, by listening to this informative edition of The Christian Car Guy Radio Show.



The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

This is the Truth Network radio show me maybe it is a college show. So if you're listening to us would love to hear you calling to us and the number is 866-348-7884 my name is Jerry Mathis with Ray's body shop and wrecker service. The body shop guy in this morning in the studio with me is not just not just any junkyard guy but the one and only Bob Young and is not just junk you guys about my friend in my my brother in Christ Amy and brothers great to be here this morning. Hope you got some stuff that people really need to hear this morning and people will call in and share with us this morning. Yes, more, not more things I will talk about is you know what job last night watching the weather and stuff you see this cold front just sort of blanketing the United States, so what that tells me is winter is amongst a lot of us and is coming our way ends coming everybody's way is just to sort of that winter driving.

What is that mean so over the next little bit will not talk about prayer in our cars preparing ourselves and all that stuff for winter driving in the winter months. So if you can think of something that we don't think about something that put you in a better place in made it where your vehicle is more manageable going the winter time orifice had a breakdown and things that you wish you had in your trunk that we don't mentioning door you have a story to tell about that.

Just give us a call and I know that Bob's like maybe put a lot of miles on over the years and stuff. It has been a lot of times that publishers just stayed at home would've been the best choice we could've made that absolutely they called us from work. Years ago I think is about 80 8384 possibly the color from work I work second shift and they said don't come in today. The snow was too bad so I went to the store to get the my bread and my meal, a big sin and on the way back from store lady lost control of her car and her Chrysler New Yorker spun out by Moran and her passenger door hit me square in the front end as you possibly can hit what at the store when I got back in the car after got most of my seatbelt and slid down behind the seat. I was like well I just got a go right appear and it'll be all right. I get it out when I get home. What I didn't have my seatbelt on my head hit the windshield much income to steering wheel. When I came back off of it and you know I just I was very very very fortunate split my chin and cracked my kneecap and stuff but the winter driving the got me that day and we been warned about weather and told to stay home meant that they never called us again from work and said stay home. I got a stay home and I stayed home and had an accident and really did some damage but I was lucky to live through that one day you could get out of that in the winter driving. I couple years ago I had told Tyler, my daughter said little car and I said you don't get out drive anything so I picked her up she can buy a house.

I took her shoes, took to work where she needed to go and I said let me just drive your car because I need to check it everything. This is why think so important to start doing this checklist before you get started drive it in the bad weather as I live the perfect example of this element. Take a car and check it and stuff so I'm going down 40 and hip black eyes and I looked at thing about three times a back it into the guard rail so when I get a call and told her what you just drive my car for a few days to submit their but when I did I got the Corian and I looked in been negligent for one thing, because look to rear tires and they were definitely did have enough trade on B Drive Namenda in the in the winter, but it was a hard lesson I learned because I would always I'm always telling everybody you check the sayings and step in here it is. I had to go into work that morning had been supporting everybody so the car about hanging off the back steps maybe feel little, small you and dad sometimes we got a reminder sales to practice what we preach. You know, we become over here and ways we tell folks about maintaining the car will just this week I've been noticing when I put on the brakes. I could feel something and they they got worse and worse and worse and eyes like well you know I put it off. I just plain and simple procrastinated. I put it off and I put it off and yesterday morning I took my vehicle and all they had all they had to do was turn the rotors a very minimal repair and it drives like a brand-new one now and I'm so aggravated with myself for putting up with her, you know, a smaller problem and I waited till it got big enough to where when you hit the brakes. The steering wheel would shudder a little bit and I just put it out so we try to tell you what to do, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves to listen to what where what were talking about because it just change the vehicle completely, absolutely, you know, and I did this morning. One thing I would talk about winter driving but just something us want to bring up and had a ball can chime in on this because he seen enough of the situations and stuff where we talk about making decisions and stuff and and and every week I'll have an instant it was somebody really gets aggravated with me in our business because of trying to tell how wise aggravated really hard to believe some of the most simple thing because it will have some of the biggest discussions on when somebody will come in. This is something that I'm I'm saying to so anybody who's listening will probably save them some money and aggravation down the road is where you come in and I know our guys. The first thing the last essay well is this going through insurance and will you know we write we do DRP for a lot of insurance companies will have somebody written you a estimate on it.

A lot of the say yeah but I don't want to show you this to my what you write an estimate so then we go to explain that most estimates are were all estimates are written on just what you visually see and now the way things are written in so much hidden damage. There can be as you say you got a $3000 estimate there can be $2000 what the hidden damage well if you don't repair that vehicle by the estimate that the insurance company wrote you they have to pay for that.

Things that was hidden, but they come back in and do a reinspection and you didn't do everything on that they deduct all of that off of their are a few sit there and you order OEM parts are you one of these statistics for parts initials company wrote a lesser part and you call them come in for supper on that they won't pay that kind of stuff so just affected how we just get sort of you.I wish people would understand that that that raise body shop and wrecker service RR ABC body shop in another city, town to wherever it may be when they asked for that of the rest of it isn't because of trying to get something over on the customer or try to get more money. Most of the time to try to do it to save the customer a lot of aggravation and money, but it just sort of.

We are nature is a dead matter if it's in repair cars are getting yardwork done or start our side and on the house we always want to as the consumer. We want to think we have that all the cards in our pocket at the time and this is only a I'm as guilty as anybody of that you know where we find ourselves trying to save a dollar and and sometimes were suspicious of people. That's what I love about dealing with you guys. You know I can bring it. I know you I trust you your you built a great reputation through all these years and and I know you're going to do the right thing.

I don't have to wonder if there's any shenanigans going on or anything in and that's what we tried to build at the yard. We tried to build confidence in us and confidence. It will going treat people right and sometimes I gave back money when things didn't go well and and but we built a really strong clientele by just trying to make people smile. You want you. There's no way you'll ever please every customer you have. But you know sometimes they would be. There was a customer upset. One day, and he was making no little bit of the scene over there in office and I walked in on that side and as it was problem was problem that they want too much for this part and Isis will how much did ASCII and he told me I said what you want to pay and he told me I sit still to infer that and we can't always do that but it diffuse the situation. It made him smile and made everybody standing in office smile and and it just know it just within Meg's much money, but it wasn't about the money it's about building relationships with people and letting people know that we were 100% dollar oriented that we were there to help people Linda and we wanted to people to come back if they leave smile and there's a chance I might come back if they leave with a frown on her face. They might kill 20 people not just what I think is so important to have relationships where your body shop: junkyard wherever it may be futile relationship with another way, you have more than just a customer relationship with black.

Just a couple minutes give us a call to Christian Car Guy radio I'm Bob Young this morning which there was a talk little bit about preparing a course for winter and least step outside this morning and I don't know about you, but how, but I said is winter it's winter, that's for sure, lots of signs people snuggled up at the football games. Last night we got a couple of messages from people there were at the high school game last night and they look like they were bundled up oil and I don't have that was happy with how about you this is football season, I don't know. I got in mind that early in the season when it's up in the 70s and a T-shirt at football games. Good happy with that. I was football season for me that whether now a stay at home and listen to the score is. As the years go by and I get a little older.

I used to look so forward to winter in the cold and all that because it meant ski season was coming, but my knees and my hips and my my little afflictions don't really send me to the ski slopes much anymore so it is not as important as it used to be. My son used to this get so excited when it got cold in the first like a snow that followed first time they said snow.

It didn't matter if they were talk about across the country use here that works know any ages lit up like a candle in that it was it was a real site thing but I was watching this morning and watching about the weather.

That's up there now and then another pass coming right behind it and it was getting some real serious snow up north end it's time to start thinking about it, even down here in the last night was below freezing in there somewhere that come in so everybody needs to get their stuff ready for the follow-up on the news or on sports last night or I guess was last night they showed a clip from Lambeau Field had a finger he behaved you see that with the snow up there. I did not. Just like a big bowl of ice snow cream with my son. I'm in this where a Panthers play Sunday so they're going they would be cold I can guarantee that and I feel for somebody get all that snow out. Ever there was plenty of it. Now back to our cars now this is sort one of those things where the worst like you said the worst time to start thinking about preparing your call for winter is when you're out there driving it need to be on the road is now's the time to start thinking about that in that ox would have it, the checklist of Bobby so when there also what what you can think of.

Because I know I have missed plenty of things but one thing always a first. As I mentioned, they are your number one when I did look at Tyler's rear tires to know that they publish it be ride in the snow and ice and I pop in it. Not prove that point but back to the nausea of visual comfort and I was there was no doubt about that but you know that that's one of the first places to start looking. You know you always want to with tires sort like with brake rotors to not get them turned you keep thinking will go a little more and go a little more. I don't. It's not that bad when store winter driving you to really check your tire should be the number one thing to start checking my she got good depth on your tires and make sure you air pressure. What once was a thing with air pressure to winter Bob. Well, as soon as that temperature drops and I experienced that this week I have a little pickup.

I don't drive a whole lot but I still in a need to haul a little something. They were now and then set I jumped in that you can and is up.

I pulled it around the house and I can notice I noticed one of the tires alive and I've been hearing a lot of conversation yet as the weather gets colder, people talking about their tires a little bit.

Next, air pressure at me is a natural phenomenon when it gets colder your air pressure in your tires is going to be lower so you need to check and make sure you're properly inflated because that want that truck must've developed a small leak because one of the tires all the tire for little low because the temperature change. But what I was significantly low-end. The it definitely needed some love yet another thing tires number one, another that I think is easy to overlook is our wiper blades this week to say that Mr. Valdez check these things, so what was your level at you regardless what you did your car when were going that were going to the beach for a little stretch in the and I just these things start. I'd put up with that wiper blade and it we had had so much rain but the other night I noticed that wiper blade was so flopping around and says it was time to get that and I just stopped, pulled in and I didn't get the most expensive blade but I didn't get the cheapest blade. I went for something in the middle and just other day. It sprinkled a little bit. I got to turn those wipers on then it was so you know it was just awesome because there's nothing more aggravated body when it's not raining and you don't feel like getting out and change them when it is raining and then when you turn them off is not making noise so you don't think about it, but I finally got my aunt and I got a new set of wiper blades and they are amazing. They streak you know the streak where it doesn't quite wipe.

It is always right is a lot of data center. My sights dumbing it just never fails other thing is making sure we check the antifreeze and the all in all the fluids in your vehicle. Note really is important to make sure that you check at antifreeze and and you know now you can you go to most get out auto parts stores and there's a couple things you can get checked in a buy goes how I check my battery. How do I check my antifreeze you go and they will do that for you now and didn't every city has that not a parts store that will do that for yard go to you if you have a relationship with a garage in a pulling there there be glad to check that out for you. Absolutely. They don't mind at all, and in this they can have the ability to plug your car in an and tell you stuff that you might not know the electronic checking of a battery now. It used to be kinda and they could tell you little bit they can tell you a lot about it now, and just because diagnostics have come so far and it's it's really made a world of difference. Yeah, and then another thing always saved when a source get cold and was so worried about leaves falling in salt on the roads. This I hear something that is cosmetic, but you don't think it make a difference before longevity of your vehicle. This is the time of year to put a coat of wax on a thing and people overlook that annex.

One of them that I sort of get on a soapbox on because the end of the year. First, lived of winter and the beginning of spring in my penis. The two prime times to put a coat of wax on your vehicle position to make the world is different from the finish of it. The longevity of your pain. Capitol Hill I should go to body shop as much a job if you do, there's little might miss things back in a moment you listen to Christian Car Guy radio Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my tour products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listeners specials who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my proposed mattress topper spreadsheets and so much more.

For example, the body pillows regularly 8990 mind that with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my total products come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty.

Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my total products, including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials. Maybe they would only the corns thing that you one thing well I too well before we go into that some more things and check on your cost will take just a moment like major one that had notice Robbie is not here this morning. He's at the men's masculine journey And I'm sure they're having a blessed time in bed than just some powerful things that go on there and will be having a great time. Well-deserved. You don't really get much of a break. I think he works pretty hard ways that the book as Bob's inability to change lives a change lives.

I got together that my son and I went together years ago and it was just incredible.

The impact it will have on your life to get away disconnect from the world. Unplug in a and just be at one with the Lord and share some time with some men and and share your faith and and build your faith. They just have such amazing results in and change a lot of lives that there and did and had not the got too deep into because of potato show doing the habitat, but the fact that you know what how God sort of puts things in places, things, going with with with Robin and all that I may know the study start we look back in the.

In hindsight you see you how God orchestrates things that you don't even recognize at the time we do so to get caught up in the moment, but whenever Weber to reflect back you to see. And God is very cool. He knew what was coming in my future.

God did and and he prepared me, and he allowed me to build memories and and and got me there. The equipment I would need to to handle what was coming and I know what was coming and that he did and without the preparation without all the memories without of things he did for me. He had been through my checklist and he had me prepared and equipped to handle the tragedy. I went through and that kind of ties it together with with getting your checklist that and get in your car prepared and you know and get your life prepared for the for the tragedies for the snowfalls for the snow for the storms for the freezing weather that you're going to face in life, you know. By the same token, you need to get your car prepared, but the Gartner life prepared is as important probably more important than the in getting the car ready absolutely immunity with just just talk. Think about that. You know it's it's all so much.

Just put in, put it in God's hands as Stephanie does prepare us in life are things that that we don't understand it at the time, but it is like the car you know if you don't worst time to make a decision on anything and how we cope with the things we do it by the seat of our pants are, or by the moment. Know God is God's will walk with us through all of that stuff and how does thanks for sharing. I Bob because I know that's an honor get out. I'm over here and I want to get choked up and I know I've seen of me sitting look back at how God orchestrates things and yes are absolutely other thing I want just take a moment to mention size Robbie not being here, but also is because one phase he's an advocate for and really passion for his Jesus labor of love and that ministry and I know Bob plays a big part of that. Lori plays a big part of that in the end, and and some amazing things that go on there wanting to buy bobble know as well as I do, and in which Rob you always talk about is just the power in that first prayer when somebody he makes at first contacted just praise with them and how that sort of changes that changes generally just changes everything. What I've known for a while that I needed to be more involved with that ministry and the opportunity is been presented to me to to be a bigger part of that and I'll admit I'm very nervous sometimes I'm better at speaking to a group that I am with one on one and the what I'm going be doing now is going to be some more one on one and and that's probably God doing that I need a little work in that area and so he's presented me with an opportunity to build a bigger part of of what's going on and some one on one react relations with people that that really need some help and I'm nervous.

I'm nervous because it's something a little bit new to me but I think back I dealt with people one on one at the yard of Dell people one on one church of the kids one on one and and I think I just, let my my doubts and insecurities hold me back from fulfilling what I can do for this ministry and it's just a great thing that my mama say something now bottom only to go outside this room just between me and you all think you have profitable one, one with God having God or why I've gods are usually in a mighty way and that I thought God knows that.

And if you're listening in your thinking. You know what is something I've heard about on the radio and I got.

I know people has been touched by that that ministry. There's an opportunity for everybody to help.

I know you can go online, we need people to join the prayer team that just just taken and just just pray for the ministry we need donations. You can go online Jesus labor of love and and make a donation. I think if you request at $25 donation you requested T-shirt will send you out a T-shirt or if you just want to just just give a few bucks and you know I always say don't take money from your local church but of gosling on your heart that that to help in this area and I encourage you to do it because every dollar that goes in is it is used for the ministry and usually you think about it when when semi makes a contact to organization like like Jesus labor of love. These women most of them are to the point where they don't feel like they have anywhere else to turn, and it may not be that you know can't, you know, sort of, that were you you wish you could make a bigger impact. But every little bit that that that this that this ministry does.

It makes a huge impact in the biggest impact it makes is let people know that somebody cares about them. But more importantly than anything Jesus Christ cares about them and the nest is powerful. So if if you listen and then you feel led.

I mean certainly would love to see the donations role in because there's always a need out there years ago I was donating to one organization, and I found out how much of the money went to administrative stuff and and things like that and I was shocked. I was really I was angry at how much money they was not going that I thought was being sent right people in need, but this this organization right here is is 100% of the money you send.

It's not for no administrative fees. Most of the people working with all the people's worker was is donating their time and it's just it's a great place to donate and your money will be used for her help in the widows and single moms out and it is it is and also ministry now back to our hard dinner cars ready for winter couple other things talk at all the things to check check the tires check our wipers. Check the oil check the antifreeze owner known couple things that we did mention that we need to check a one on one or maybe the most couple of the most important ones is one check the weather see what before you go out know you going to be on the road for a few hours or are are miles away from your home. We need to come back at me check the weather, especially when you know storms are roll and in the worst thing that can happen is to get called in the storm that you didn't know was coming because then you're deftly not prepared you don't have the right right close all in all you you know was just everything about that can be dangerous other thing always say to check is to check your confidence when you're out driving in winter weather and want to storm the snow the ice. The worst wrecks we deal with in our business and and in the toe and the end of it, or people that are out driving four-wheel-drive vehicles because the confidence level when they get behind the wheel they think they can conquer anything in snow and ice isn't gonna affect them. They can just mosey right by everybody and just blow her body off the road and that usually is weakest a really bad wrecks of some can have some disastrous results that four-wheel-drive will help you go, but it don't help.

You will owe a last one is time to stop United that it the four-wheel-drive vehicle.

It's pretty much the same as as any other vehicle. At that time, when it's time to stop so that that some this really well well said, the way you put that because it does bolster your confidence when you have four-wheel-drive. Oh I've got this let you gotta remember that yours don't stop any better. It might go a little better than some of them but it when it comes time to stop its this is a level playing field on it's time to start going better as it can be a disadvantage because they make each display might be a because you're just cruise along the steel when it loses traction for you hit that ice head that matter, how many wills you have that hernia because I really don't know where there's one bad live in indefinitely which United had a massive check in your confidence as part of one of the biggest ones that I have come back over take a quick look at what should we have in the trunk of a vehicle in the winter, so I will go take a look at that. There's so many things have we thought about keeping the course. We need to be prepared for what we get stranded on the side road back in a moment and look about Christian Car Guy radio in robbers were sitting there wanting this part down about that vehicle itself is one of my committed because I can just imagine I have Ashley's but wintertime go outside in your car is completely frozen over covered in snow were covered in ice. How many glasses have you had replaced were people went in and had the ball in water import.

I know Larry end of it before the hot water on there and boom stop shopping glass that's amazing that you said that I just had the check this exit hot water how to read it down while ago when we were talking about something in the people of done it. United just water at speak temperature and that if you pour that on there it, it can break a glass. Especially if you have a small chip in your windshield and then that hot water hits. Is this going to spiderweb and go everywhere, said please please please do not pour hot water on a cold windshield to remove frost or ice or anything from it is gonna isn't is not a good solution, yet not and I really do think the people going for you hit the road towards the highway. Try to get all that snow off of your vehicle best you can, because at its top.

Yet even as a topic sentence so many times those big sheets fly off in the cars behind you and has caused many of an accident because of that, but I'm a tell your way not to do it.

I mean take a broom brush it off for the art, take your arm and drag it off.

You would not believe how many people come in and that have unity after snow shovels and I will say one word you would just take a snow shovel and scrape a fist snow off of your vehicle. It I can't tell you how many ruined vehicles that came in the shop when spring hits in the China wall. The scratches why I don't know where they came from and you're looking at it and then they'll start all white maybe did come when I cleaned use a shovel to get snow off my car. That's not a good idea and not the best I have used to try to use a soft bristle broom when I'm sweep in the snow and the kind with the handle in the middle like a push broom you can really reach out there on the taller vehicles and pull up a bunch snow often one in one pass.

The on the coolest commercials I've seen lately. This little boys next door go over and shovel the ladies driveway for then and just a little bit. She's baking cookies and she takes him over and says thank you for shovel in her driveway that the removal of the snow is this youth you see people ride around that one little spot they got around circle that they can barely see out the Ganesh maybe for the head. And that's only place they can see how the car and that's just so dangerous because it just obstructs your vision so much that I don't drive it just just just don't drive to say of the visual stuff is important that real quick before we wrap up I want to make sure that I do talk about you, what you pack in your car because for one thing, you traveling bad weather and are so many things. I know you know there's there's a debt that standard things you always think about as a flashlight in the blanket and certainly those are important, but you know if you have some jumper cables then another thing always like to do and I'm going to be traveling much on the winter. I will always have a complete change of clothes in the trunk because the.get stuck up or if I see somebody else stuck up and get out, instruct push them all the sudden I got my shoes are wet my pants are wet my shirts where everything to soak in when you get in the car I I just always try to carry a complete change of clothes is really good. I've never really thought of that. I'm I'm big on keeping a set of coveralls with me in the cold weather. Something I can still slip into at if I have to crawl up under something that that that's kind of the junkyard and tow guy thing does coveralls come in so handy when it's really cold.

US throw an extra layer and if you happen to get nasty you can zip them right often and have clean clothes back on the stuff. One thing I wanted to mention this at that we hadn't said as the washer fluid in your vehicle. In the wintertime I had that on the list and that's one of things I had mentioned yet and it's so important because you know you use a little bit of washer fluid from time to time and in the winter when assaults on the railing and it is little moisture and then the vehicle big truck goes by and all of a sudden your windshield is covered with with a salty solution at any hit the wiper and it gets part of it, but that streak right in the middle. You know that you need to let always there, always there, and you need to have some make sure you have washer fluid and that it's no strong enough that is going to stay at not freeze overnight but that you can get that salt off you windshield because it has blinded me so many times and it seems never fail you know you going under any hit it one time in the near low washer fluid light comes on in wow I didn't even think about that so so put that on your list to this to make sure your washer fluid is windshield washer fluid is a up to snuff, and ready to get nothing if not wrong you washer fluid you get winter fluid also that inner fluid that you will not freeze and and it's his formulated you for just that not freeze and I will give you relief from that salt and stuff that's on the windshield. Yeah.

And then we were talking about the gnosis and all of this is about is just being prepared sort of just just sort of make sure you think things through. So you're not on the side of the road stranded RR bar you get out.

Realize your tires are slicker you get called out in the storm because the worst time to that to start thinking about all of this stuff is when you sit on the side. The record stuck because of that point is that you do about it.

But the other thing I want to make sure that I mentioned is just talk about just a change of clothes. But you know even if you don't want to carry that lease carry up that dry had and in some gloves or something in the back that just has something to that get shipped where you get warm, put some batteries back there and I loved always take it battery-operated are what I have in the back of a wife's car is one of those little crank radios that you just crank up that it need a battery is low crank on it. So AM/FM radio. That way if you ever needed it. You don't have batteries or something. You got that. I can also keep a spare phone charger just just the thing is just be as prepared as you can. The gloves were such a key when you when he said that it really rang a bell for me. Have a set of gloves and their goes in a semi time shall be somewhere in its nose and your cars got a good coat of snow all over. So having that ice scraper and the ones with the longer handles that had the rubber squeegee on one side it's got a hard plastic scraper on one side but it's gotta squeegee a rubber squeegee where you can reach out on your car and pull snow off and you can reach up on top and pulled the snow off and clean your windshield and you got that squeegee there.

That's not going to scratch her pain. It's not going to scratch your windshield and if you've got those gloves on jury mention before you can cleanup your whole car and not lose a finger.

I got so many times I've been out there with no scraper and no gloves and I'm taken a bare hand was 11 I've got cold hands. Anyway I Taylor buys my big warm heart draws all the heat out of my hands that in out there with the hands and just trying to scrape that stuff off. We hands it, it's just miserable. They were rated according try to put your hands up your cross try to fall back out, absolutely, absolutely. I feel asleep in the car one night and woke up and I had 4 inches of snow on the car.

The Lord drove me he brought me through that one TI mean I could've froze to death should have frozen to death that he would ready for me to leave this world, but the is just you had to get out and clean out the car. My hands were just really numb. It took a while to get past that is just the so many things we need to prepare for when this cold weather comes back just don't get caught off guard. SSS said the messages morning trying to cross above try to get across just prepared me get this checklist check a car out. Miss you have the supplies there. Another thing is I wrap up again we miss Robbie this morning she was having a great weekend. Also, God laid on your heart to contribute to Jesus labor of love. I encourage you to go to Jesus labor of love goes Christian Car Guy website and give you link to get there other thing just to wrap up bobbins and you know what, I hope that everybody does listen tomorrow morning and be in the local church.

A man calls you know what I have used to drive up bus for ministry of Pinedale and head of woman that we picked up and should always say I go to church so they know what side I'm home. That's what we need to do English people know what side rolling that it just on Sunday morning this every day of the week. Absolutely. Thanks, Fred me here today

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