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November 28, 2020 2:43 pm


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 28, 2020 2:43 pm

Robby is under the weather, so Jerry & Bob fill in.  Tips and tricks to keep you and your vehicle running safe and smooth no matter what the temp.  Biggest takeaway?  Do it right, and wear that seat belt!


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This is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting to just seconds.

Enjoy it Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network. There are no rules on this trip, remember from the Pacific entering no plan B. This GPS in my phone trip. You don't need a PS to discover America, you need a bike. The road okay freedom Christian radio show.

Well, good morning and welcome to Christian card radio show this morning. I'm Jerry Madison Rice body shop and wrecker service.

The body shop Christian on Christian body shop got and I'm with Bob Young this morning and update. What is this a blessing. That is what things I'm thankful for you know it, Thanksgiving and stuff just had that in all the things were thankful for one thankful for Bob for one for a lot of reasons. A man known Bob for a lot of years and one thing that I had to say about Bob is his Amana passion and this morning will gonna cut a divan with go to work our way to just talk about getting ready for winter. Bob, can you believe it. We are, where they're part of getting ready for winter is getting the fall leaves out of the yard and I been doing a little that this morning had Christmas tree out this morning getting it set up a little bit and just kind bring things full-circle in the turn from fall into the Christmas season and but that the leaves had been just enjoy this year.

I really like it used to be such a thrill as a kid that leaves us get in a pile and then scatter Mao back at me are meant to help you don't get a stick, absolutely. But you know it, but I guess it's because of that the lot down to people not getting out as much of me. Why put up the Christmas tree my head that at our tree up this audit been up for a week and 1/2 two weeks to take the jack-o'-lantern off the porch and put the tree Ashley what they were. They were together.

Therefore, it's been a lot of folks a lot of my friends and family have already we see pictures from where they've already got the tree up and everything that the we are a little slower, a little traveling right now and sometimes were a little hesitant to get started on this or that, but it was kind of excitement this morning one of first pulled stairs down in the headache and started out to the building out back and then bedtime against tree halfway up. I want a head start to feel like it you now and then it doesn't seems like for for me. Essays like of sort of got just out of sync with everything. I guess just because of all that craziness going on and stuff it is really hard to believe that we are rolling out of November into December already and it seems like when all these months go well, we didn't have our huge family.

My wife's family. If everybody comes we've got like 65 people and we just didn't feel right about doing that I was at the doctor, get my physical a while back and asking him, he cite Bobby just can't do that this year and in our first thought was like whoa what if it's somebody's last Thanksgiving and then we got think and what if it's a lot of people's last Thanksgiving because you weren't responsible and so we went ahead and down her back and we were down from 65 to about six and it was it was really different but you know we made the most out of it and wow we have a lot left hours. Well, you have them out of the truck and we get them.

Only later I should've boxed up a few boxes of brown. I guarantee you Beth and me would've enjoyed that.


That's what I would be thinking but I guess I guess we missed out on. I will put an order in that it actually play golf yesterday and I didn't even think take a sandwich. We were out there and it was getting a little late in the day, hungry ass. As you know I've got enough turkey turkey and ham left over to feed two sandwiches that everybody on this golf course and I did me make one to bring for me does not used to having an abundance of leftovers in the fridge and I have deftly different times. In the end this morning before we dive into Alex and I would like to just us talk about. I got a lot of expertise on this. Sit across from me just getting prepared for winter driving and preparing not just our cars but also preparing our sales for winter driving in winter and that the hazards in the that the dangers that are out there. We kind of overlook a lot of times are taken for granted before we do that us want to read Romans 1513. Nothing just because of I don't know with the Thanksgiving may be kinda slow down. How was so much different.

This is the first year of us have an holiday season with my mom and a memory unit and stuffed with Alzheimer's and just really been been really hardened and in different and with the coronavirus going on and then the lockdowns and all that unrest, political and social unrest is almost seems like you know things just just don't quite seem right and and and where you find hope and what you look for hope and and I had just one passage that I was one of my devotions and I just read it not read it every day for the last since Wednesday I guess.

But I'm this in Romans 1513 the God of hope you with all joy and peace as you trust in him and asked important part of that is just having to realize it is trusting in him to be able to get that joy in that piece so that you may overflow with hope. The power of the Holy Spirit, and sometimes I have to remind myself when things aren't going the way I want them to go or what I think they should go are that the world isn't reacting the way I think it should. Do you sometimes think that you should be able to fix this.

Yeah. You know how the time. I know I mean this is something I have not really this is a struggle of mine Bob hello I know what I think I can do it is just he just needs my help tell you I'm a meddler I want to pitch in and because I think sometimes you just need to know what my thought is on this to make it happen in the way should go and then when I really just a it's hard to step back and say you know what, I'm not in control and and it is God, and then and if I want find joy and I want to find peace. It has to be through him. I said listen have to learn almost every day and if you can finally turn loose of something then and and handed to him the burden light and so much my mom's favorite thing me son is there anything you can do about it then I don't guess a she said will why are you wasting all that time and energy worrying about and then me the next day I get up and and and have to remind myself that's not to say that my myself again the very same thing this feel like God needs her help sometimes and he does need her help but doesn't really need or he likes her help, I guess, but the system so hard it out.

That was been divorced and that was the hardest thing about the first in that marriage isn't whatsit mitten that I failed at something. I was sure I could fix it no matter what and proof I could in the inner life. Went home and it was a great thing in the end because I ended up will miss Lori and have a great wife and a great family and in a 65 member family to go along with it. If we can just get back to normal and gather backup in the basement. I really missed everybody and I thought part of me would be like hey what a relaxing day but it just didn't seem quite right. Without the kids running through the house and the pictures fallen off the walls because there was a heard thunder and through their and it was just really really different, really tough, but we made it through it and we leaned on each other little more maybe than we had in the past and the I just hope the whole family knows how much I miss the mark. Yeah. And one thing to kind of doing this hope whole lot down and stuff it really kind a number put my church leadership had on right now that that's really struggle with this. I see people getting complacent about not being together in church and and that that you that community of believers and stuff and I just just hope and pray that people realize the importance of that and once they were open back up and people feel safe going back to church that people get back in them cars and and and and make it back to church because you know God.

That's what God calls us. You know he wants us to be a community of believers be there to support each other. I would look at the first church in acts, you know that was just important. He said that was just that community and I just worries me that that people getting you what is for the last eight months I've been taking Sundays asleep. In the end, and asthma rest day and start feeling comfortable with that. I miss church and we have opened up our family life Center for the second service on Sunday and we have somebody at the door and check in temperatures. You have to have on the mast the whole time you're in there in GM when he ran distance and everything that and it was great to get back inside and worship friends and family back and talk about preparing your call for winter driving. You're listening to the truth and, are you ready ourselves ready ready winter driving the winter weather. Again, this is a call and showed how to give us a call at 866-348-7884 like to hear. Maybe your story about getting caught out and in the bad weather RR an incident that may have happened that might some you're not too proud of that that you got yourself back in the corner before we do. I just wanted give you a reminder this afternoon at one Eastern time to cure with Amy Carbo will be on the air and Amy will have not Doctor Who or gas to be but if that's such a cool program where Amy sorted from her instances happen to her as as a child growing up is able to to use that to be able to minister other people. So on the Truth Network today at one give her a listen.

Had the cure with Amy Carbo, will Bob okay is getting to be December for a lot of parts of the country have already seen snow, and we know the snow and ice and the bad weather just around the corner for for the whole country unless you count the southern part of Florida something, but most of us will be having to struggle through some some bad weather and you know the one thing that always gets me is how people don't prepare their vehicles and and on our end enough that race body shop we see him in wrecker service we see them on the back of the hook when bad weather here is there bringing a man left and right where they been in accidents and fraud by day they used to be that the milk and bread for for this area absolutely junkyards thrive on negligence of cars and you know I hate people forget to take care of the cars but you know that's the way we ended up with a lot of vehicles somebody didn't check their air pressure in their tire blew louder. You know somebody didn't make sure their antifreeze was the way it should be and and end up freezing and busting there in June so many cars that said in the junkyard were there just for that reason of this pure negligence in and if people just be sure that they they check this and check that in and and make sure that everything is ready for winter.

So much of that and I won't be an issue and you the tires just yet. It's amazing how many people will go into winter without taking time to go out in and check your tires is not just the that that depth at the thread on it. I mean, you know trade on that on the tire but also mean how many of them don't even ever check the air pressure what happens. The cold weather is your air pressure goes down in your tires and we haven't even had really cold weather, but my vehicle I drive. You can see there pressure inside by pushing a button and I noticed that a McNeil awareness tires it I got it taken care of. But it just surprised me because it didn't get really really really cold and so just let me know and and it was a little reminder and an semi that didn't have that feature in your vehicle just in just a few minutes at their at their pump and low pressure gauge and and you can save yourself a lot of trouble because if you tires get really low you pressure gets down a little.

You tires where uneven and hoops your spending more money that you get ahead in your pocket yeah and you know some of the little simple things like setting up simple.

Just check your tires is that most of you to visually look at him, but you know always say it so and and and you have to Bob is that to find a mechanic car or garage or a body shop that you feel comfortable to go back as you used to be when we were growing up and Stefan are parents service stations where you got gas leather called it service and you go in there and and you know the seasons be changing and they would automatically. You know you you may check your car out and they would look at your tires check your all. Check your fluid levels and stuff like that but that's a thing of the past. Now I'm old enough to where I used to pump gas at a gas station there. Luckily I didn't do it for a long long long time, but it was a pretty cool chick you pop the hood. Check the old forum.

Make sure the washer fluid was up and I've been guilty of it to you in the past you know it was summer time and us low washer fluid bed and set up a little water in there. It's not going to freeze but if you've done that during the summer, you need to make sure that you really had the blue stuff to it for the freezing weather that we have a date a lot of people coming on and all the sudden I'm leaking something underneath the car and what is is where you look under there, and I have just had pure water in their washer fluid because you you gotta have that 30 below winter washer fluid and there are so there the cuts that that that reservoir is on going to crack and they want to start stalling out you were just water coming from will reservoir washer fluid reservoir's words is always a big seller for the junkyard and if you see the price of the new wooden this plastic jug cost this much. He knows that is thereby's first question is that and a lot of the antifreeze reservoirs are, they have a plastic component in it and and I've seen it so many times where it was summer time and they just went ahead and put water in the radiator cap and in the radiator reservoir and then summer time the wintertime gets there and it freezes loops Houston we have a problem, no doubt was stranded on the side of the road. Wish we had that you know and even the simplest thing is checking your wipers something you don't really think that much about that but you just check your wipers and your battery is another thing that's really affected by cool weather when source: all of your week sale. When your battery most of the time, but the course of the winter. If this week. One morning when you really need to get out there and get down is the more things on the go. Click click click happens all the time. Battery sales do go up, they go up when it gets really hot and they go up when it gets really cold used batteries that we had very good luck with those that is just the just another one of those things. And one thing I do want to mention you don't need a whole lot in this area, but the one time you do need it, you'll be very grateful if you do have it is a scraper or some of the screw drivers that had a scraper on one side and squeegee on here just make it so handy forget that snow off you get a code on you need to get you once again give us a call is: show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 will be back in a moment of them talk more about prayer in our cars up the carousel for winter driving your listening to the network and good morning. Welcome back to the Christian Car Guy radio show, I'm Jerry Mathis body shop and wrecker service you bother filling in for Robbie this morning, who's little wonder the weather so we just hope and pray these feeling better and get back up on his feet and back out in about a notice eaten out of heaven to sit at home probably in his recliner list is on the radio criticizing the think and how we could've done it better. Now I get stuck it out just a kid is graded doing the show.

So glad he got me involved with years again and it was a life changer for me. I never thought I was qualified to speak to the to speak for the Lord or her speak on Lord's behalf or I never thought that the junkyard could be connected to a Christian radio show and Robbie really brought that full circle for me and it made such change of my life in the gave me a lot of motivations that we hope you get feeling better brother and hurry him back were talking about. I was told about the eye scraper while I get it and cleaning out the window, but then I remember Robbie reminded me one day I said Bob you can't just clean out the window you need to sweep off the whole car and that is so true and when we were running the rollbacks out I would get him to sweep the bed off because you don't realize how much snow is on the top of the vehicle or on the hood and then all of a sudden the engine heats up and it loses its bond and the next thing you know a 10 ft. of ices is launching into the air and really wreaking havoc behind you. So it it's really really important when it does note that to get as much of that snow off as you can because it can really be a big thing and everybody seen it going down the red start to warm up a little bit then here comes a big sheet of stuff off the top of a tractor-trailer are our big truck and it just didn't didn't don't think about it, necessarily.

Some people think if you got a 12 inch hole. You can see, oh I'm good I get to work with is a lot safer for you and the ones around you and the people driving behind you if you get the biggest part of the snow off of the vehicle. Yeah.

And especially now you you don't think about it and and and we all see it in bad weather. People do have that little hole about 1212 inch circle there the structure that are leaning up into the steering wheel, trying to see out of just how dangerous that is. You know that that thing is to clean your car you miss you get your mirrors and all your glasses seeing see all the way around the vehicle because bad weather driving, you need to be more aware of what's going on around you that any time the calls and you look at the little bitty hole you can't see anything and now with these automobiles with the sensors line departure and then all of the sensors on if you don't get those cleaned out there giving you false signals and stuff and keep it until his you know it just all and all that needs to be claimed and we start there and has been told by the things you do you know makes you check you your tires and your your antifreeze in your washer fluids in your motor all and just check all your fluids and you know we just kind of everything you do to make it safer because it's a dangerous time to be out there and step a lot of things we take for granted and even to Utah about bicycling them off.

One of the worst things we say a lot lease a couple times during the season when it gets really cold, people, scores of iced up they go inside and get a pot of boiling hot water and go out there across the glass and Bob what happens if ever come see you then people get to come see you and get a new glass and the biggest part about glass is the installation you know get the glass from the yard is is not all that expensive, but sometimes put in a windshield and making sure it sealed it can be more expensive than actual glass itself so just the hot water on the windshield is is not a good idea unless you want to promote my business this is just so much easier to do it the right way and it sounds good when you first think about it and you just don't play the video all the way through and he ended up with a shattered windshield got another one that people will do an we see a lot of this where clean the snow and ice off. You know what the little scraper so small and that little brush really and doing a summer go get the shovel so they come in and they got these gouges all in a plant where they were wanted. Think I was really getting to the pint yeah you is not a good idea and the other way that that always tell people to unite the make sure you don't do. If you have a enclosed garage, especially one attached to your home. Where was cold weather as the heat is nice to be able to get into a nice warm car see you go down you crank it up and let it run for 15 to 20 minutes anybody the house, having a headache and not feeling real well sleepy don't do that native pull it outside and and and warm it up skeptical that carbon monoxide is a has a dangerous thing. Another thing is for us.

We talked little bit about getting your car prepared is also just for the safety of you in and day. Bethann even mentioned to just a moment ago. Step is to miss you mention about making sure you have a blanket and no supplies. You note. I want to always, thanks for you if you not traveling for you don't need yeah you really do this if you want to go out on travel. One thing make sure somebody knows the rapture taken} or somebody knows you're going to aunt be your aunt Betty's house in the hundred miles away in the route you to take that with you don't show up somebody knows to go looking for you. For one thing with the bad weather might she have a blanket warm close and and and flayer if you can flashlight just those kind of things and medication S another family she have more medication than what you think you may need. If your own some type of medication and some water and stuff like that. Just just make sure you stay's you note safe because there's people that die stranded on the side the road every year, absolutely brother and I used to make sure I did a I went school at Appalachian State, several, several years ago it was in the late 70s when I was up there I learned a trick of keeping a pair of gloves they don't have to be a pretty pair of gloves they don't have to be a really nice pair of gloves that if you just got a pair of gloves in the vehicle. So if you do have to use that I scraper that I scraper is a little lot easier to use with a pair of gloves because your hands and I'm thinking just really take a beaten and later in life I want. As far as having my coveralls and there they never needed him.

I can't remember a time where I absolutely had to have them, but you know just in case isthat it better like a sleeping bag chair and hair dry socks and dry shoes.

You know you except we fill the trunk up in a hurry, but you all that stuff couldn't you know it could be what save somebody's life and stuff we talk about dance and stuff in this is a figure from AAA Mrs. winter storms and bad weather and sloppy road conditions are a factor in nearly 1/2 a million crashes during the winter season. Read that again, winter storms, bad weather, sloppy road conditions are a factor in nearly half a million crashes while and then did and then he goes little more than 2000 road deaths every winter. And a lot of those can be prevented and then Stefan that goes back to this making sure you are aware of the surrounds you know it to Bob Luna would come back for the next break go play game SMB that do not swat do not want what you should not do in bad weather and stuff and there's a lot of those things will go back and forth will get at least 10 or 15 of them here because I think this is just wrong room off the top of her head stuff but even to the point of when were driving just realized you note that a car isn't going to stop on the ice like it normally would and that four-wheel-drive.

Well, I've got four-wheel-drive.

I can drive 50 miles an hour she the four-wheel-drive helps you get up to 50 but getting back to zero. It doesn't help at all. So so many people get overconfident about the fact that they have four-wheel-drive and they just think that I'm just go right on its when it's time to stop.

That's when the problem comes in. You could probably walk back in the back of the junkyard and said all the all-wheel-drive vehicles and if you ask him how many evermore, you could tell the story on him. How many were that that guy thought or that girl thought. I'm driving a Ford Drive. I don't have anything to worry about because we see that Mente what snow hits. The first course to come in most the time or the forward drives and especially after it snows and then at night, the eldest unity go out job, four-wheel-drive Jeep or for whatever it may be as a woman go out just right around and spin around a little bit. Usually the trip back is on the back of a rollback or our regular and they don't know if this exact moment, like you said you get up speed in a hurry back to zero. Absolutely. In that spirit, heart, also kind of closure of her again give us a call if you have your winter driving stories 86634878. You're listening to the Truth Network and are you ready for some winter driving. I hope you are and who can help get you there.

Ed and I will just keep coming with all these great things that that we needed to discuss it. Sometimes I think we get inherent us in our program. We could probably need about two or three to hit everything we need to talk about the one which is a little, but we just got finished talking about the four-wheel-drive vehicles and stuff and the differences in that the drivetrains on the vehicle and how they handle and not just snow but ice and sloppy and wet weather.

They all handled differently and I want to kick it over to Bob Bob's the guy give us quick thumbnail and to date with the four-wheel-drive.

You know all four wheels will turn and you get some vehicles have automatic engagement of four-wheel-drive where it's not in four-wheel-drive all the time and it's not into will drive all the time that it'll have on my particular vehicle. The rear wheels when you're in four-wheel-drive. If you have it in the automatic mode. The for the back wheels will pool and then if you lose traction. Then the front wheels will kick in and the but then then you got to remember there's 2 Wheel Dr. vehicles and then there's all-wheel-drive vehicles.

The Honda web a lot of vehicles are front-wheel-drive, primarily, and then if you lose traction in your front wheels. Then the rear wheels kick you but if you have just a straight 2 Wheel Dr.

You know it can be front drive or reardrive and some people have a lot better luck with a front wheel drive vehicle going in the snow but the ones that are just 2 Wheel Dr. and there the is pushing from the back.

The rear wheel drive cars on the left confuse so many people with all this that the ones that push from the rear. They are the ones where it's easy to fishtail. It's easy to lose control because that's pushing the weight instead and it'll tend to come or the rear end will tend to come out around to the side because of where the powers come in from but just the main thing is to exercise caution and always wear that seatbelt whether snow when not I was years ago I lived out near the radar base here near Winston-Salem. They called for more since no one bad were not going to have second shift command and so I went to the store right away and I got back to the truck. It was a Toyota pickup truck and it had a beach seed in it in my seatbelt and slid them behind the seat. I think I'm just going to the house.

Mom halfway and I got in the truck and I took off driving without my seatbelt on and a lady in 83 Chrysler New Yorker really nice heavy car.

She lost control come down the heel spun around and the passenger side door of that New Yorker hit me square in the front end as it possibly could. I bent the steering wheel up to about 6 inches from the windshield. My head hit the windshield. It best when she didn't go through.

Knocked my left boot off. I had on the moon boots though there were like the big bedroom, she's but not my left boot. It cracked my kneecap and gash much he and I open when I bounce when I came back by the steering wheel and you really just super serious injuries and at but it could've been so much worse so much worse if I went to that windshield and adjust from thinking I only got them out again in I don't need that seatbelt for just a mile but I almost lost my life from one really bad decision that we get complacent and just take things for granted that some to get us to the to the dues of the don'ts okay one thing on the summer so I'm due to don'ts. A stall with a number kick.

The bobbies are giving one the first don't is if the weather is bad out there, you shouldn't be driving.

Just don't get out there and do it just just stay at home. The second don't is don't drive we talked about this earlier was don't drive if you can't see how the vehicle don't get in that vehicle until you make sure your buckled up and also just keep yourself safe. And you can see how that vehicle through all your windows will I was going to hit you with my first do and it's I have. I don't think I've ever got in a vehicle since that day and not put on my seatbelt when we went to the junkyard to see that vehicle and I had hair still stuck in the spiderweb where I busted the windshield of my head there's hair sticking in there and still got a scar under my chin. I have really good reminders. I do wear your seatbelt and that Jerry just said do you clear your car and and do slow down if the roads are bad. Slow down if people would just adjust their speed hazardous conditions are not nearly as hazardous if you just control your speed that I love what you said about if you don't have to. Don't drive it out. If it's not essential. I've done it.

I'm sure a lot of have done it. The recreational driving around just to see how much it snowed and and I we never get really really really far from our house or anything when I was young I guess, knowing let's go to bed and see what it looks like Harriet and we were put our sales and others in jeopardy.

You know in danger just for the really going around around.

Sometimes we had our ski strip to the car and it was just a great thing and another one is if you are stranded you you gets duck somewhere off the side slot on the side of the road. Don't take for granted.

There's other vehicles out there for one thing, the best place you can stay is inside the vehicle is to stay inside the vehicle and if you get out of the vehicle. Make sure you're not standing on the side of the vehicle that is side the road get away from the vehicle because you slid off the road the next guy comes up the road easily slot off the road and then you're out there. My son get hurt. You see it in the news all the time they'll show the vehicles over here crashed and then there somebody standing there in the next thing they're having to dive across their car into the DH because you know somebody had the same misfortune that they had.

And in the come right Adam. Yeah I am is just stuff we take for granted.

Another thing is if your there and this is where I go back But she know a towing company to call that that is got the equipment to get you out because there's a lot of guys riding up down the road in trucks and stuff and we see a lot of people getting hurt by someone. Don't assume they know how to pour you out safe, that they have equipment that safe to do because little tiedown strap wrapped around whatever yeah whatever it is never a good thing. We also have a when they come in with the bumper in the trunk with get pulled out of it is the bumper and snatched it right so this is just just using common sense. A lot of times Bob would know about Rado to wind down, but I want to go ahead and read that Romans again 15 315 13 May God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him never to trust in our Lord and Savior so that you may overflow with the hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. What is we go out this weekend as we get ready go in the Christmas season always say you know Christmas season with fess up. We had to share our faith because of the doors wide open talk about why we are celebrating Christmas love, people tell about the trees of talk literally put the ornaments in the light in the presence of what is really about the birth of our Lord and Savior so me and brother.

Thanks for let me be here today Robbie we get to feeling better this year but absolutely great having you listen to us this morning Christian Car Guy radio Robbie. We miss you and again have a great one. This is good Truth Network

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