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Classic Car Guy Comedy - POE POORIEE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 8, 2021 4:06 pm

Classic Car Guy Comedy - POE POORIEE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 8, 2021 4:06 pm

These Jokes from Robby's devotional at Somerset Assisted Living

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The longer you have women tell lots of jokes now here we go colorful by the man go to the doctor complaining about the doctor asked, believing all I only eat pool balls. He says red one for breakfast, yellow and orange one for lunch blue ones for afternoon snacks and purple and black predinner OIC the problems is the doctor cannot get enough greens about her some random probably thoughts that they allow a loud laugh in Hawaii or just a Loja went to an antique show and people were bidding on the you know I hate a kids meal at McDonald's today in man. His mom got really angry at me grow my own food. If only I could find bacon seeds like this one. Clapping is giving yourself a high-five for someone else's hard work. Been reading up on the thesaurus lately because the mind is a terrible thing to garbage. This one is called or foreign retired homemaker answered the doorbell defined a young minister who said I'm collecting donations for the new children's home or building.

I hope you'll give what you can to be sure, said the beleaguered woman I give you two boys to girls or one of each is what is called here comes the bride, a minister was planning a wedding at the close of the Sunday morning service after the benediction. He planned to call the couple down for a brief ceremony and from the congregation for the life of him he couldn't think of the names of those were to be married with those wanting to get married please come to the front. He requested immediately. Nine single ladies three widows four widowers and six single men stepped to the front with half Napoleon's undoing. So very thirsty man goes into a bar and he sits down he hears the man next to him tell the bartender I'll have another Waterloo. The bartender gives the fellow a tall well ice drink and asked the newcomer what he'd like to drink thinking the other man's drink may be a specialty of the house he says I have a Waterloo to the bartender gives them the tall well ice drink and the customer takes a big drink. Hey, he says this and then you get it taste just like water man next to him looks at the bartender and says well it is water right Lou, you find that humorous. And here's a few words that will be joining our vocabulary in 2021. First one is chaired robe that's piling close on a chair in the place of the closet or dresser. This chaired robe like this one expectation and anticipation felt when waiting for response to a text that's 10 expectation on keyboard mated and when you're unable to type without repeatedly making mistakes, we can all live on a street with a pleasant name like over Elmo. Here's the least popular street names in case you ever wonder is the famous drink and drive versus drink and and then PR. Vicious circle psychopath people's heart and of course no virgin way and man so the ark settled safely after the flood is now open for man's animals.

Go forth and multiply all animals departed from the ark to snake the man nor the claims go forth and multiply that this makes her know I finally asked him why have you not followed my command of your time to answer. We can multiply no where matters little bit longer addition of classic car guide

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