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January 23, 2021 5:00 am


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 23, 2021 5:00 am

Job 41 God illustrates the control HE Has over Leviathan even to The Wedding Supper... Something to Delight In.


Today on Bible stability.

Job 41. Really this one passage just a lot of book about the God just delighted because God kind of walked with Job in this passage, he was as we talked about the beginning of the week that Noah walked with God and so he was kinda opening up his heart to Job and telling Job something really into. I was really studying this passage as we got never seen this before, but clearly, God is telling Job here what he is going to do with Leviathan. Eventually that's when God is asking Job. These questions he asked Job Will you play with him like a bird or you leash him for your maidens or will your companions make a banquet of them will they apportion him among the merchants. Well, if we think about the book of Revelation. Specifically, chapter 19, right that what happens to the great Dragon. Well, it certainly leadership may train them right. That's what's going to happen and if they chain them for what for the for the wedding supper of the Lamb you it's clear that when you look at the wedding supper of the Lamb. These are the maidens is us. It's the church and so he chains this Leviathan for the wedding supper and then it says right. It says will your companions make a banquet of him.

In other words, the church is going to make a banquet of this flesh that's discussed them in revelations 19 and apportion him among the March merchants and so when you think about what Job was getting to understand merits. He could read what God was saying is not is not able to do all that. But this evil that is really taken on your family, and taken on your business and take on everything that you've experienced in your life.

Job this this is going to be the delight of what happens in Revelation 19. In other words, he is sharing his heart with Job right here about something.

Clearly we know is going to happen in this but it's really fascinating to look at it. So as I was just loving mad and loving loving loving it. I just thought about what my favorite passages in the Scriptures in Isaiah 11, one, two and three specifically is where we hear the sevenfold anointing of Jesus essentially related and you see that he's going to get this spirit of wisdom in the spirit of understanding and a knowledge of the might the fear of the Lord, but my favorite part of it is the seventh anointing, which is almost accumulation of all other anointing's is a delight in the fear the Lord and so often I want to go look at that word delight. That's there in Isaiah 11 and so when you look at that. It starts with a rakish, which means ahead right that the certainly the head of house, in this case it's and then there's a unit which means it's sort like a worship thing it it's it's like hands raised, but are there. The race to God. It's a heart that delights in God so there you have the head and and hands are raised and then the last letter is this hat which can mean life and it certainly does mean life, but in this particular word. I really think it means wall is the point of it. God has you walled in.

And since Satan is clearly a serpent. He can't get to you without God's allowing you and Sony is getting to you God allowing you because you want to stir up tomorrow like we talked about yesterday, but in the meantime Jesus when he was getting this anointing. He was just delighting in the fact of lighting that there is a wall there was a wall that Satan can't get through to get to unless God allows it to God can play with them like a bird as is described in this particular passage.

Satan is God's servant, which is described clearly in this passage.

So here is this wall that we can just sit behind and know that God has our back.

Absolutely no matter what. And all things do work together for good for those who are to love him and are called according to his purpose is just what's going to happen right as nobody is going to get away with anything God has this and the only reason he allows evil is like Joseph said you know you meant this for evil but God means it for good and and it's stirring things up in it so that he can initiate us more as his sons his daughters his kings his queens, but most of all, his bride

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