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January 22, 2021 5:00 am


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 22, 2021 5:00 am

How Satan stirs us up our mire for good if we ask God ..


Today on Bible wonder about stirring up the Meyer word going again back to the Job 4130 uses describing the Leviathan. This huge sea monster certainly will get revisited in the book of Revelation, but here we have a description of the sea monster and specifically in verse 30 it says is under parts are like sharp potsherd.

His he spreads himself like a threshing sledge on the Meyer. That's a fascinating going on so God is describing this evil dragon in these describing his you know what goes on with him here and there's this whole part about him receiving and like a cauldron that is going to make the deep look like a hoary head, meaning like a gray hair and so there's no doubt when you think about Satan or evil. In general, it tends to stir up things in us can certainly stir made up to all sorts of anger and emotions and and so I decided to look at that what he stirring up, and when you look at it in English it's called Meyer. But in Hebrew it gets a different definition, which is this picture and again, put it in the show notes exactly what the Hebrew looks like, but it's a attacked, followed by a unit followed by a tent now here.

Usually when you think of Tet you think of goodness right because it's the it's the first thing that God calls good when he makes light it says you know he calls it good but so that letter Tet is a critical part of the idea of tub of goodness.

So why would we have a Tet and then a good and then another tap well.

As I begin the process. This this is a basket of goodness like and normally the Hebrew say that the goodness which is often a baby actually is hidden inside this letter so we got Satan is stirring up hidden goodness and you can't help but think about you know when Joseph said what you meant for evil God meant for good so we have this picture.

If you look at a small bit at the bottom of the swamp is what they call Meyer right, which is really the cooktop decomposing material that eventually will be composed. If you get enough time and pressure to become oil and others lot energy right there is not a goodness that is down and that Meyer is certainly very rich soil.

If you ever go dry out of swamp and plant stuff down that Meyer so it's rich.

It's extremely rich but it's hidden because it's in the Meyer is when I think about Satan he's got this belly that's going to stir me up like big time now goodness in these baskets is hidden from me, and often things like, you might even put in the context that I'm thinking about this nation.

Right now things have been stirred up big time. Satan has done his task will as you look through Job 41, which we talked about yesterday is going to lead to Job's conversion immunity begins to process what this Leviathan is was the only person that Satan answers to know God's control of him when you look in the section of Job 41 you can see that this is God's servant, and Satan is meant to stir things up so that we will take a look and like the check engine light start flashing like why am I so upset.

Why is it that I'm so angry at what is Satan stirred up in me what he stirred up his hidden goodness hidden goodness that I haven't really interpreted the events of my life that caused me great pain where God was actually meeting something for good that needed to be interpreted in order to get out into the light and right to use all that energy that stored up. It's like in the bottom of the swamp right you drain the swamp is possibly you can plant things in that soil that a bro like nobody's business.

Because there is so much richness.

There's so much hidden treasure this down in their want us all to forget this beautiful story of what Satan meant for evil. He stirred us up. There's no doubt, but God means that for good actually saw this from Lynwood, one of the attorneys for Donald Trump. That is a result of the events of the last few days that more Americans are praying for this country can perhaps have ever prayed for before a lot of stuff that gets stirred up for us to pay attention that while we need God because this is bigger than anything that we can handle our own rock tape and says we get stirred up if were stirred to prayer were again asking God to handle what is really his responsibility to handle. In the meanwhile, to take those goodness that goodness that we haven't seen before interpreted before and process that for something that's beautiful enjoy walking around in the Meyer will get all stirred up so God can use all that stirring up for good if we take it to him. Humble ourselves and seek his face and turn from our wicked ways, then he will hear from heaven and he will heal our land to

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