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Bible Wonders - LEVIATHAN - PRIDE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 21, 2021 5:00 am

Bible Wonders - LEVIATHAN - PRIDE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 21, 2021 5:00 am

Job 41 -God tells us about the Sea Monster that is the King of the Children of Pride

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So today about life, which for me personally is a huge subject because it was one of the first things that actually led to my salvation and my turning from a thought that I was caught up in realizing I desperately needed one of them had a really high standards, so in Job 41. We have a really cool description of the King of the children of pride and if you look at all of Job 41 it's it's almost unbelievable. All that is described there.

This sea monster which is appropriately called Leviathan, which is significant and of itself because coming out of the sea.

As you'll see in Revelation 13 one. The beast itself comes out of the sea, and it deceives a picture of chaos report about a little bit before and so out of this chaos comes this unbelievable firebreathing eyes that light up nostrils that snort light always things that are just remarkable and yet God clearly calls him the King of the children of pride and so the word that I actually would like to dive into their biggest thing I don't want to be and I'm sure you and obviously the thing that turned Joe by the way you look, it's Job 41 is right before Job starts to confess I don't know nothing.

So Hitler the transition between July 41 and 42 so what God told him here obviously resulted in his repentance from pride of thinking he knew how to rule the world or whatever the situation may be.

So let's just look at the word pride there as you know, in Job there's a lot of words that are kinda unique to that book and and certainly this version of pride is one of the coolest because when you really look at it in Hebrew, it says shin and then a ahead and then as attic and so she would just allow me the time to tell you where you put those three together is someone that is getting their life. That's the name of the burning that you know chewing that it shin is a tooth, so to speak.

Or it could be a fire at something that oxidizes something, say we have this oxidation going on in the next letter is this hat which means life. It's the in the beginning of the word shay which means life, but it very much is taking what we have and oxidizing it for righteousness because at last, Zada could be into that word, it means righteousness and we put them together may confuse with the need for men than I thought about it. Wait a minute, this person is getting their life from their own righteousness.

In other words, the self-righteous this this is exactly the children when he says, is the king of the children of self-righteousness. The picture obviously of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

But sadly, often the picture of me like I can do this on my own without God that I can get it done in my own righteousness of this is really a horrible thing because what you have here is this Dragon that is so proud is obviously a picture save me so proud that he sucks him all those proud children of his and just like Jesus said your father is the devil. And so here we have a picture clearly of this father of the children of pride coming right before it is his Job is understanding what God is telling them here.

Tension, you can't take this guy on without me is my good friend Pastor Carson was telling me the story about this young boy in he wanted to move a rock that was in his backyard icing is an amazing stories, roll around in my soul for a long time anyway. He he was working on this rocket he tried get the pitchfork out there to dig up underneath it and he tried a shovel to leverage his way out of it pushed out of the tug on it.

He tried put the rope around it and into the tractor and the lawnmower. He tried everything that he could possibly try money couldn't move the rock. He just laid down on the rocking total despair and exhaustion of trying to move this rock and the father came over him and said son. Have you tried everything you can remove this rocking is all that you have no idea anyone in the whole list of things that he try because you sure that's everything every single thing that you could've done the move this rock sense. And yet I've tried everything I could possibly think of to move this rock and the father said will, there's one thing you have failed to do. MS asked me for help like well how many times in my life.

Maybe just yesterday trying to do something that said, didn't seem to move and I failed to ask the father for help in my going to be someone that does it by myself, or am I gonna be dumped someone that does it in God's strength, especially my own salvation.

Let's all pay attention to which father we are reacting to and read Job 41 in your own time.

It's quite like the chapter

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