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Tucker Carlson Goes to Canada

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January 25, 2024 6:18 pm

Tucker Carlson Goes to Canada

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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January 25, 2024 6:18 pm

Whatever bad happens in America, just remember: At least we're not Canada. Ezra Levant of Rebel News joins Charlie to talk about a new court decision rebuking wannabe-dictator Justin Trudeau, and Tucker Carlson's speech to an enormous crowd in Edmonton. Plus, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch explains how the flood of illegal immigrants starts warping American elections long before any of them are able to vote.

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Hey everybody, Dan the Charlie Kirk Show. We look to Canada. Boy, what a mess up there. Tucker goes to Canada. And then Tom Fitton joins the program, as well as Ezra Levant. Lots to talk about. Email us as always freedom at And who is having a harder time right now?

The Democrats or the Republicans nominating a candidate? The answer might surprise you, so listen to the end. Email us as always freedom at Subscribe to our podcast and get involved with Turning Point USA, And just a statement of gratitude. Thank you guys for the amazing support and prayers, and always having our back means so much to me.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you for the prayers, and thank you for supporting us. Email us as always freedom at Subscribe to our podcast and become a member,

Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

That's why we are here. Noble Gold Investments is the official gold sponsor of The Charlie Kirk Show, a company that specializes in gold IRAs and physical delivery of precious metals. Learn how you could protect your wealth with Noble Gold Investments at That is It's where I buy all of my gold.

Go to It's important to keep our eye to our neighbors to the north. Canada is a beautiful country that has just been terrorized by awful people. Joining us now is Ezra Levant, who does a great job, and he runs Rebel News. Ezra, thank you for taking the time. Give us the latest here as we're still trying to get to justice and moral clarity post trucker protests a couple years ago.

Thanks, Charlie. You might recall that Canada had very harsh lockdowns. There was a no-fly list. If you didn't have a jab, you were not allowed on any airplanes or trains.

And by the way, we're the second largest country in the world. The giant province of Quebec had a mandatory curfew. You couldn't leave your home between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., even if you were jabbed. So we were one of the most locked down places in the world.

But then a miracle happened, not coming from law professors or any elites or politicians, but grassroots working class truckers said enough is enough. And they had this huge convoy that drove to Ottawa and honked their horns and waved flags. It was extremely peaceful. It was beautiful, bouncy castles, hot tubs. It was a real festival feeling.

It was amazing. And Trudeau, our left-wing prime minister, was embarrassed. So he brought in martial law.

The Emergencies Act has never been used before, not even during 9-11, Charlie. And Trudeau invoked this law, deployed riot police, jailed his critics, seized hundreds of bank accounts of his political opponents without any legal process, and basically smashed democracy. Well, two days ago, a bit of a miracle happened. The Federal Court of Canada finally issued a ruling that the martial law was illegal, that it was against the law, that he violated our constitutional rights.

And I have begun to lost hope in our system, because none of the checks and balances have been working. In Canada, justice is really slow, Charlie, but finally it happened. This week, Justin Trudeau was declared a law breaker, a civil rights violator, a man who broke the law.

And it's just been an amazing vindication of those peaceful protesters. Justin Trudeau wanted those truckers to be his January 6th insurrection moment. That was the narrative. He was trying to copy the January 6th narrative from the states.

It blew up in his face. He's the one that the courts have condemned as a law breaker. So Ezra, I want to elaborate on this, because Trudeau kind of plays this fake live and let live, you know, very agreeable. But he turns on a dime into a Canadian Mussolini.

Can you elaborate on that? Because deep within, every liberal is a totalitarian waiting to get out. You're right. And sometimes people say, oh, Canadians are so nice. And I suppose in some ways we're polite.

We're always saying, sorry, you know, that's our favorite saying. But for some people, it's sort of a passive aggressiveness, I think. And Justin Trudeau is very much that way. He's got a good EQ, as they say.

He looks you in the eye when he's talking to you. He's not a particularly handsome man. But compared to other politicians, he is. So he's managed to connect with people. But over the course of time, people realize that's inauthentic. And that friendly exterior masks a bit of an inner authoritarian.

There have been flashes of that over the years. I don't know if you remember, but before he was elected prime minister, he was asked a question that he hadn't scripted an answer to. So he answered honestly by accident. He was asked, other than Canada, what country do you most admire?

That's actually a great question, isn't it? And he said, China. And if he would have ended there, okay, he could have said, I like the food, the culture, the language, the architecture, the history.

And maybe that's a good answer. But he went on, he said, because of its basic dictatorship, he literally chose the worst thing about China. And he said, that's the country most admires. And you might recall, he's a fan of Castro. His father would vacation there in Cuba. In fact, there's rumors that maybe Castro's his actual father. The photographs of them young certainly look a lot alike.

I don't know if that's true or not. But Trudeau has always had a fascination for tyrants. He sucks up to the Chinese dictators today. He's been soft on Iran's Ayatollahs. And by the way, he's broken with the United States and the UK and he has voted with Hamas at the United Nations. He's the only world leader, for example, the only G7 leader who refuses to visit Israel since the war. So Justin Trudeau has this glamorous love for tyranny.

And it's really gross. And I think the Federal Corps confirmed what we also suspected, which is Justin Trudeau looks like a liberal on the outside, but he's a bit of a fascist on the inside. Oh, he's totally one. So I first of all, Ezra, I just want to brag on you.

I love what you're doing. It's much higher stakes to do what you're doing at Rebel News than what I do. America has a lot of problems, but we really but we really do have robust First Amendment protections here. We I mean, the civil courts are still a little bit tough here. But as you guys have a you're you live in a totalitarian country. Can you talk about how they've targeted you?

I mean, this is not a joke. Canada is not a free country anymore. It doesn't have the same First Amendment tradition that we do in this country.

And so the fact that you keep on sticking your neck out, that you keep on talking about this stuff is so inspiring to me because I feel as if I'm communicating to somebody in East Germany. Well, I like to say that Canada is a laboratory for bad ideas. And we're experimenting with what is Internet censorship look like? What is open borders, mass migration look like?

What does carbon taxes and now nitrogen taxes look like? So you can look at Canada as a kind of time machine, Charlie. What's five years into America's future because bad ideas that start here often seep into the US.

So the things that you find worrying about Canada, America is not immune to them. Let me give you a quick example because he asked about censorship. I don't know if you know my colleague David Menzies.

He wears a funny fedora and he's always got that sort of Colombo style. He accosted our deputy prime minister and finance minister on the street and just asked her a very reasonable question. Why won't she ban a terrorist group called the Iranian Republican Guard Corps?

It's a terrorist group. And he asked the question twice and it was a fine question, public policy question of a public person in the public street, no problem. But you may have seen the viral video because we were filming this and suddenly our colleague David Menzies was swarmed by mounties and they grabbed him, smashed him against the wall and then accused him of assaulting the finance minister and they handcuffed him and put him into a police car. And that's not the first time our journalists have been arrested. And the whole time this cabinet minister was just sort of smirking and was quite pleased with it. They developed a news license, a government license for journalists called the QCJO, Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization.

You have to apply to the government to be granted a journalism license. Obviously, we applied and were rejected because it's a way that the government gives and takes privileges and power. We don't take any government money, but 99% of journalists in Canada take enormous amounts of money from Justin Trudeau for their media.

So of course, they're gonna be very gentle on Trudeau. We don't, so we get the stick. We've been banned from attending election debates.

We've had to run to the court to get justice. I really feel like Justin Trudeau, the more control he has over the media, and he's got a lot of control, the more he hates the few holdouts. We're actually pretty small, Charlie. We're just 45 guys and gals here at Rebel News. We're a small outfit compared to, let's say, the CBC state broadcaster, which gets $1.5 billion a year from Trudeau.

And it's actually larger than all other private sector media combined. So we're just this tiny little ant, but he's so angry that he can't control us. It's like he's going around the house trying to hit this ant with a sledgehammer, and he's busting up the whole place. We're gonna keep doing it, and I love when Americans pay attention. We need your help, Charlie.

I love it. Yeah, so to finish that thought, Ezra, because I'm inspired to come and visit and help because Tucker has, and I'll be very honest with you, Ezra, you know, there was this very strange thing where I had to go to Canada recently in the last couple of years, and I got a notice from the Canadian government that I might, I shouldn't, it was like a very weird thing where I was on a list and I don't know, it was a very murky thing. And I could tell you the whole story. And it wasn't like overt, like don't come here, but it was really cryptic. And it freaked me out. And that was right near the trucker thing.

It was right. And I was like, I don't know if I'm, if I'm, am I going to get arrested if I go to Canada? I want to talk about that rebel news and Tucker because Tucker, when I found out that Tucker was doing a rally in Canada, I said, I'm like, he's going to be put in prison.

He's going to be put in prison. That is Patriot slash Charlie. That is Patriot slash Charlie, or call 972 Patriot.

Join me and make the switch today. That is Patriot slash Charlie and free activation using offer code Charlie. Thank you for your call. You have reached the media line for all urgent requests. Please send your request by email.

Yes. Hi, I couldn't understand the French part, but it's Tucker Carlson calling from the United States. And I'd be grateful if you pass a message on to the prime minister, Justin Trudeau, we are coming to liberate Canada. We are coming to liberate Canada and we'll be there soon.

I just love that. So as I got, so Tucker's got courage. I'll tell you the story. So one of our friends owns an airline service and he was flying us private from Bozeman, Montana to Kalispell, Montana. But the plane was coming from Canada. And for whatever reason, they had to submit who the next passengers were going to be. We got a call. They said, hey, the Canadian government is flagging this.

And we've only seen this when someone's on a no fly list. And we got it cleared up. And maybe it was nothing in a confusion, but it was right during the trucker thing, like right during it.

And I was the only one that probably would have flagged it. Maybe it was nothing. Maybe it was a paperwork thing. Maybe it was just some sort of.

But I want to play this as B-roll as 138. Tucker Carlson just had a massive hockey game style attendance in Edmonton. What's going on here? The Patriots of Canada are rising up, Ezra. Yeah, I was there last night and I think I might have even filmed the clip you're showing. There was about 10,000 folks in Edmonton and that was at 7 30 p.m. And earlier that day, there was about 4,000 folks in Calgary.

That's a lot of people. I don't think Justin Trudeau could fill a stadium like that in Canada. I don't know if you saw the MMA fight in Toronto where everyone was chanting F Trudeau, F Trudeau. So Tucker was welcomed as a conquering hero. Now, you saw that video where he was having a little bit of fun leaving messages for Trudeau in French and English. Canada's media is so dour, so humorless that when Tucker makes jokes about liberating Canada and he does it with a straight face, the media here goes berserk. And in fact, it wasn't just Tucker speaking.

Jordan Peterson joined him. He's probably the most famous Canadian around the world. And someone else who joined was the premier of the province of Alberta who would be sort of politically like the governor of Texas. Alberta is the province where those two big Tucker events were. So the premier of the province sat down to talk to Tucker. So it was quite a whole show. Today in press scrum, she was being grilled by Trudeau's CBC state broadcaster. Why did you meet with him?

Do you enjoy? Like the cancel culture tried to scupper Tucker's event, tried to cancel the premier from meeting with him, but it didn't work. That's one of the things that I loved about Tucker's visit.

He didn't care. In fact, he liked to poke at the attempted cancelers and the censors. It was a great talk. And you know, sometimes an outsider coming in and telling you his thoughts on your situation, it's, you know, we're living the Canadian situation every day. Tucker is an outsider.

And when he came in and he said, look, mock Trudeau, mock Christian Freeland, laugh at them. They hate it. They got a thin skin and that's a way to take them down a peg.

And I thought, yeah, that's good advice. And Tucker's got a natural sense of humor. Leftists do not. Ask any comedian. They don't want to go to campuses for the comedy circuit anymore because you're not allowed to make fun of anything. Which is too bad because Canada produces the best comedians. I think you guys have the most comedians per citizen of any country in the history. I mean, it's like Jews and Canadians that are like disproportionately fill the comedian industry. It's true.

Half of Saturday Night Live. I think even Lauren Michaels himself was Canadian. And no, it's totally true.

Yeah. And I think it's because Canada, we have that sort of fake politeness. So if you want to really be rambunctious, you have to go to America, the First Amendment place. And I think the fact that we have not had your strong First Amendment has been to our discredit.

And you asked about the carrots and sticks Trudeau has taken to Rebel News and the few other independent journalists. It's brutal. I mean, after payroll, our number two expense is not rent. It's not computers.

It's not travel. It's lawyers. We're constantly battling attempts to censor us or pushing back when they arrest us. We've been arrested, I don't know, half a dozen times now. And there was only one shooting during the entire trucker convoy. Other than that, it was completely peaceful.

There was really no crime whatsoever. But there was one shooting, Charlie, I don't know if you know this. Our reporter, Alexa Lavoie, a Mountie took a riot gun aimed right at her leg and fired like a riot round, which is not meant to be shot at a person. The only shooting was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police shooting our reporter.

And I'm sorry, I don't believe that's a coincidence. And we were suing the Mounties over that. And we've got some disclosure. And they knew exactly who she was. And after they shot her, they didn't even offer her first aid.

That's how bad it is. I mean, thank God they haven't killed anyone. But when you throw people in jail for weeks, or in some cases years, when you seize bank accounts, when you deploy riot police, and when you shoot journalists, I think we're in trouble, Charlie. Ezra, maybe I have to visit Canada. We'd love to have you. You guys can bail me out if I get arrested. Ezra, God bless you.

You guys can bail me out if I get arrested. I think so highly Mike Lindell. He's a great patriot. He's a terrific person.

Go to promo code Kirk. Joining us now is Tom Fitton. Tom, welcome to the program. Tom, there's a couple stories I want to hit with you. The first of which is this census story and how illegals are counted in the census.

Walk our audience through that. Well, the census counts persons, whether they're here lawfully or not, and whether they're citizens or not. And why is that important? Well, the census is used to distribute money, tax money to the various states. It's also used in the apportionment of Congress, meaning how congressional districts are set up. So if a state has more persons, legal or otherwise, you know, citizens or not, than another state, they stand to benefit from mass immigration, legal and otherwise. So in 2020, the Center for Immigration Studies showed that there was a 25-24 vote swing in favor of Democratic-leaning states as a result of these extra people in the census. So they're more powerful in the House of Representatives, and they gained seats under this scenario. What that means is that, you know, let's say a congressman in New York City has fewer actual citizens voting for him. He may represent the same number of people, but have fewer voters. And therefore, those voters are more powerful in the House than, for instance, a district where there were more lawful citizens present.

And it's going to get worse in 2030 because we have these astronomical numbers. So unless the millions of new aliens who've arrived are removed or the laws changed or the Constitution is triggered with, it's going to disproportionately and potentially historically benefit the Democratic Party and the left. Yeah, and so I just want to understand, so foreigners, non-passport holders are counted in how we figure out who's going to represent who. And I did the math years ago, we're trying to find this tweet, but for example, some of these, and it would hurt some red states, but it would hurt blue states far more. I mean, you look at California or New York, they potentially could lose six or seven congressional seats. I mean, the population is actually far inflated and that with that electoral votes as well. And so, Tom, this has been sued on before, but do we really think the founding fathers and the framers wanted non-citizens, people that are not even here correctly, to be counted in representation?

I don't. I don't think they intended for nationals who aren't here legally in the least to be counted. I think they might, I think there might be a constitutional argument for permanent residents to be counted, but certainly aliens who aren't supposed to be here, the idea that they the politicians who represent them obtain increased political power, or at least the states that have them present and obtain increased political power in the house is, I think, the very opposite of what the founders or the writers of the 14th amendment in this respect would have envisioned. And on top of that, when you have large numbers of aliens present in the large numbers of aliens present in the United States, it's a numbers game in terms of voting as well, because even though under the law they're not allowed to vote, when there's a voter registration form they fill out for the federal elections, all they're asked to do is to attest whether they're citizens or not. And there's no double checking of that. There's no verification process. So a certain number of aliens register the vote, and then of those a certain number of vote, you can be sure as surely as night follows day. And so my question for the Senate, right, as they negotiate their latest amnesty proposals, maybe they can add in something about requiring citizenship verification in order to register to vote and to vote. And so let's play a piece of tape here, and I'm going to find this tweet because it's from a couple of years ago.

Let's play Cut 144, please. I'm from Brooklyn, New York. We have a diaspora that can absorb a significant number of these migrants. And, you know, when I hear colleagues talk about, you know, the doors of the inn being closed, no room in the inn, I'm saying, you know, I need more people in my district, but just for redistricting purposes.

And those members could could clearly fit here. So so, Tom, she's saying that she doesn't have to ask for their vote. No, she gets to represent these adults who are foreign nationals without having asked their vote. So there's less.

So all of her friends have increased power who are voters in those types of districts. And I don't think Americans like that. If they understood it, I think they would object vociferously. Yeah, I think if you told the average American, hey, people that are here illegally get representation, I don't think they would be on board for that. I want to also highlight this amazing story.

I mean, just think of New York and California, where you have voters and citizens leaving the state, the influx of aliens greatly mitigates the potential loss of congressional House seats as a result of regular citizens leaving those states. That that's exactly right. So, Tom, I want to highlight this other story here. Judicial Watch does such a great job. You know, there is this the left gaslights us. They say, oh, they were never forces working against Donald Trump.

There is no deep state. We now have piece of evidence after piece of evidence. And this one in particular, Eric Cimarella, who we forgot about, the guy that triggered the first impeachment.

You now have documents and you're suing the Defense Department. And I want to make sure I get these facts correctly that he was overheard two weeks after Trump became president talking about how to remove Trump from office. This guy is a he he is an employee of the federal government serving the president, chatting about how to get rid of the president.

Tom, walk us through this extraordinary story. So our friend Paul Sperry over at Real Clear Investigations reported that he had a defense source who overheard this conversation. Let's get Trump. And they were going to oppose his policies. And Cimarella and I, you know, we're not allowed to say his name for YouTube purposes, because YouTube is protecting the deep state as a CIA person, as according to various reports. And the person he was talked to later went to work for Adam Schiff. And many folks think that was his connection in the subsequent impeachment targeting of Trump by Schiff to retaliate and protect Joe Biden from Trump's concern about Ukraine corruption.

But now we know that this anti-Trump animus extended to the early part of the administration. Of course, it's no surprise, given Obama and Comey and company were trying to do similar things. So we sued the Defense Department because we said, you know, the Paul Sperry report suggested there was reporting to their seniors in the Defense Department about what they overheard. We want to know what's going on.

And of course, the Biden Defense Department doesn't want to give us any documents. So we're now in federal court over it. But you know, this is, you know, what's old is almost always new in Washington, D.C., right?

Charlie? I mean, this is Ukraine, Burisma, impeaching Trump for taking on the deep state, the intelligence community, targeting and abusing their authority, targeting Trump by abusing their authority. Talk about sedition and insurrection. You had slow motion coups going on day after day in Washington, D.C. when Trump was president. And this is just can you can you elaborate other examples that we have that play into this, that kind of that we know that there was this active, deep state against Donald Trump that you guys at Judicial Watch have been uncovering?

Well, look, there was an op-ed in the New York Times written by an anonymous employee who turned out to be a senior official in Department of Homeland Security talking about how he and his resistance colleagues in the in the agencies were opposing Trump. We had the FBI spying on Trump while he was president of the United States. We uncovered the FISA warrants showing the targeting of Trump. The first time in history that the Freedom of Information Act was able to obtain these Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants. And you know, what's frustrating to me is that few if little, a few of any accountability took place over this corruption.

Now things have metastasized. They're abusing the Justice Department to target Trump. And you can expect that this type of behavior we're seeing now is going to be even worse if President Trump is reelected. Talk broadly also about other things you're working on right now at Judicial Watch.

Tom, any of their programs or projects you want our audience to be aware of? You know, we're very interested in this election issue. And we just cleaned up as a result of our investigation and threats of litigation, 103,000 dirty names from the voter rolls just here in Washington, D.C. alone. California, the voting rolls are a mess. We've uncovered voting rolls being a disaster in Illinois as well.

So expect federal lawsuits there. But even before that, we've cleaned up four million names from the voter rolls in just the last year and a half or so. So dirty voting rolls, Charlie, I don't need to explain to you why that's an opportunity for dirty elections and voter fraud. So it's urgent that we ensure that their voting rolls are clean, especially since in too many states they mail everybody and their mother a ballot. Keep up the great work, Tom.

Judicial Watch is one of the most important organizations in the country. And we support it 100 percent. Tom, thank you so much.

You're welcome. I want to tell you guys about what we're doing on Monday. On Monday, we have this amazing event, Turning Point Action event, restoring national confidence in Vegas. It's going to be amazing. We have Bannon coming. We have Don Jr. coming. It's restoring national confidence. Las Vegas, Nevada for two days, January 28th and 29th and 29th 30th.

I'm sorry. It's going to be all about grassroots training, technology, the whole thing. There's a whole nother primary that's coming through here. And if we don't fix the RNC, we are going to be in a very compromised and difficult position. I'm hearing more and more whispers, though, that the Obama team is putting the gang back together. The Biden campaign is spinning. Joe Biden is spinning Joe Biden's age like this play cut 12. Well, when it comes to the president's age, we have a simple formula for that. And that's results.

You know, age equals wisdom, equals results and experience. And President Biden, because of his age, has come to the table and brought people together from both sides of the aisle to deliver. When it comes to African-American voters, I want to be very clear about this, that no administration has done as much for the African-American community as President Biden and Vice President Harris. We're talking about black wealth being up 60 percent.

The racial wealth gap being the lowest has it ever been in recorded history. We have to continue to take this message directly to African-American voters. And our campaign has done that. They are struggling big time with black voters. They are seeing huge, huge defections.

In urban America, in black America. What is the path forward for Joe Biden? They think they can run on abortion. They think they can run up the score with their ballot chasing operation and their get out the vote operation.

And R.F.K. is going to be on the ballot in all 50 states. As it stands now, I think that hurts Trump, but that's changing. It's getting to a place where it could end up hurting Democrats more than Republicans.

It is moving. Play cut 133. Well, you know, I'm already my favorability ratings are now better than either President Trump or President Biden. I am beating both President Trump and President Biden and Americans, all Americans under 45 in the six battleground states. I'm I'm beating them across the country, but I'm I'm gaining points in the election. About one point we are months and I've got nine months and I've got all I need to do is to get to 34 points to win the election.

And I'm already at 24 while average in the battlegrounds. Are you on the ballot in these battlegrounds? No, but I'll be on the ballot in every state and the District of Columbia.

We just completed our our signatories today. And he's a Massachusetts liberal. We had him on the show. We had a good conversation. We challenged him on some stuff.

The conversation went viral. We'll have him back on. But if you have multiple candidates, if he's going to be on the ballot in all 50 states, by the way, if he actually ends up polling, I haven't seen the 24 percent, but if he ends up pouring polling at 10 to 15 percent, I just hope you understand. That means he'll be on the debate stage.

He's at 10 to 15 percent. It's gonna be very, very hard not to have him on the stage of the presidential debate commission. And he'll make a big stink about it. He'll probably sue if there is even a debate, by the way, between Trump and Biden. There might be no presidential debates.

They just might get rid of it. Biden will probably not debate. But then you have Cornel West, you have Jill Stein. If Donald Trump can break 40 percent, if Donald Trump can break 41 or 42 percent, which he of course can do in most of these states, not to mention there's this no labels candidacy that is lurking. Nikki Haley might run no labels with Joe Manchin.

They might run on some sort of unity ticket. Will Michelle Obama be called out of Martha's Vineyard? There's far more disarray on the Democrat side than there is on the Republican side, and no one would have thought that would be possible a year ago. It looked terrible for Trump. He was facing all these indictments, bitter, nasty primary with DeSantis. January six, there's all these questions of whether you should run again.

And a year later, it is the complete opposite story. It is Biden's numbers that are super low. There is real defections happening in the Democrat Party against Joe Biden.

Then you have RFK, you have Cornel West, you have Jill Stein. How they're going to sort this out remains to be seen. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening. God bless.
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