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Biden "Convinced" Russia Will Invade Ukraine, So Why No Sanctions?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 21, 2022 12:28 pm

Biden "Convinced" Russia Will Invade Ukraine, So Why No Sanctions?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 21, 2022 12:28 pm

[00:01:02] Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT)

[00:18:25] Sean Duffy

[00:37:32] Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ)

[00:55:13] Amy Kellogg

[01:14:07] Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)

[01:31:55] Byron York

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From the Fox News Radio Studios in New York City, giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach.

It's Brian Kilmeade. Hey, I'm Jason Chaffetz and I'm filling in today for Brian Kilmeade. It's an honor and a privilege to be with you.

Thanks for joining us. We've got a lot to talk about. Happy President's Day to anybody out there that's thinking about the presidents and, excuse me, wanted to take some time to recognize them. And so we've had some great presidents along the way, and it's kind of worthwhile to understand what they did, how they did it.

But we've got a president who's under some pressure right now, I tell you, because we've got Russia on the move, potentially going into Ukraine. And we want to get right after it, because we're, I'm thrilled to have Congressman Chris Stewart. Now, I was in Congress for eight and a half years from the state of Utah, but in Utah's second congressional district, Congressman Chris Stewart is on the House Intelligence Committees, on the Appropriations Committee. He was a former Air Force B-1 pilot, actually holds a world record fastest trip, I think, around the world. But he's also the author of a new book that has just come out, The Final Fight for Freedom.

The Final Fight for Freedom. Please help welcome us to the show, Congressman Chris Stewart. Good morning, Jason. So good to be with you. Thank you.

Hey, thanks for having us. Look, one of the things you really bring to the table, the impact that you make there in Congress, is your understanding and your in-depth analysis of not only the military background, but also the intelligence background. And you know, the concern is that the Vladimir Putin's about to move back into Ukraine for the second time, obviously taking over the Crimea, Crimea, and now looking to make another bold move.

What do you think is happening? What's your best guess as you see it? Yeah, I think, you know, the president's been pretty clear, as have been many of the other administration officials, that the Vladimir Putin decided sometime last fall that he was going to do this. And the intelligence on this is, as I said, been pretty clear. And by the way, Jason, when I say that the intelligence, you know, I understand there's skepticism regarding that.

And I share that skepticism because sometimes they just get it wrong. And the other thing is Putin has done this before. Remember last April, he masked some soldiers on the Ukrainian border and threatened them. But this is obviously something different. And everything that he's done militarily since that has been consistent with, yes, he's actually planning something we haven't seen in Europe since the 1960s.

You know, it's been two generations nearly. And that is an actual massive land invasion of another country, a free and independent country. I think there's a possibility that we could change his mind. But, but if he doesn't go, it will be because of that, because he actually did change his mind, not because he never intended to do this in the first place. Would he go to take give, give the capital or explain to everybody why and what is so appealing that Vladimir Putin wants out of Ukraine? I mean, I know they sure sure big border, but why is he doing this? I mean, he took over Crimea, wasn't that enough?

Yeah, and that's actually the central question, isn't it is why does he want to do this? And yeah, he did go into Crimea and the eastern, the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine. And that that's quite a bit different for a number of reasons. One of them being is the number of ethnic Russians that live in that region. But the rest of Ukraine is very, very different. And there's clear, clear evidence that the rest of Ukraine does not want to be part of Russia, they don't want to be pulled into the former Soviet Union. So then you ask, why would this KGB thug and that's exactly what Vladimir Putin is, although he's he's brilliant. And it essentially comes down to two, possibly three things. The first thing is, is he's made it clear, he said it repeatedly, that the fall of the former Soviet Union, the fall of the Warsaw Pact countries, was in his mind, in the mind of many Russians, the greatest catastrophe of the last century.

So it wasn't the Holocaust, it wasn't World War Two, it wasn't any of those things in his mind, the greatest catastrophe was the fall of the Soviet Union. And he simply wants to rebuild it. He's made that clear.

And he's and he said it publicly again and again, we will rebuild this at some point. And I think the second incentive for him is that he really wants to weaken the United States, he wants to embarrass the United States, he wants to diminish the idea of freedom or democracy around the world to be able to point to it and say, look how weak they are, look how their inability now to be any any kind of player on the world stage. And the third thing is this, he will not, he simply will not ever allow the Ukraine to join the West, certainly not as a member of NATO. And by the way, we had no intentions of inviting the Ukraine to join NATO. I mean, not not in the foreseeable future, not for many, many years, they are, after all, once still one of the most corrupt countries in the world. But but he the final thing is, again, he will not allow them not to join NATO or or even more just to lean more towards the Western Western influence. I think those are those are the three simple reasons why he would consider doing this. You know, if you come and listen to the Russian ambassador to the United States, he says, hey, there's no threat that Russia is going to to go into Ukraine.

Let's go listen to clip three. There is no innovation and there is no such plans. It was fixed in the Russian documents that we conveyed to our American friends in the State Department. Russia has publicly decided it declared its readiness to continue the diplomatic efforts to resolve all outstanding issues.

Russian troops are on a sovereign Russian territory. We don't threaten anyone. We don't threaten anybody, Congressman Chris Stewart. Boy, when you got 100 plus thousand people and now some of those are less than 10 miles from the Ukrainian border, it seems like maybe that is not exactly the full and complete truth.

Well, when I heard him say it, I thought, wow, what a relief. It's good to know they don't threaten anyone. Well, of course they do. And I mean, look, the diplomacy and some of the public statements about this would be perfectly aligned with what we'd expect. I mean, for example, they said, well, we agree on principle of the potential of a meeting between Putin and Biden. Well, I mean, when would you never not agree to the, quote, principle of a potential meeting? That doesn't mean they're going to meet.

In fact, I think it's very unlikely that they ever do meet. And it's the same thing with, you know, three days ago, they claimed that they were withdrawing their soldiers. And of course, that turned out not to be true. You know, one of the things we were able to do that I think kind of tripped them up a little bit, and that is we talked a little bit about this potential for a false flag.

I mean, it's a Tom Clancy kind of book, right? But it's exactly what they would have done. They would have pretended that Ukraine, you know, did some type of offensive maneuver and that justified them going into Ukraine.

And they still may do something like that. I mean, we really are seeing the full spectrum warfare that we've talked about and it's already begun. We're not waiting for it. In many ways, the invasion of Ukraine has already begun with some of the cyber attacks and the misinformation. And as I said, false flags we've already witnessed in the Ukraine. Let me ask you about that, because as an American who's just, you know, listen to the radio, they're listening to you and I talk, what's the threat to them? It is the cyber attack, the cyber repercussions. And is that the area of greatest potential escalation involving the United States?

Yeah, I think it certainly is. And I would, but I would add maybe two more to the list. And by the way, Jason, just for real clarity, I know you know this, but from speaking from my view, I would never, I would never vote to authorize the use of military force in Ukraine. I would never support sending American soldiers to defend Ukraine. We don't, we shouldn't, we shouldn't go to war with Russia over this issue. They're not a member of NATO. We don't have the same treaty obligations that we do with other NATO countries.

I think, by the way, and I hope you have a chance to talk about it and I'll reserve a little time to do that. And that is the one way that I think we could dissuade them from doing it, but I'm not advocating for war. But if, to your question, if this happens, it's a catastrophe for global security and it affects Americans in a number of direct ways. And first is what you said, because we will impose sanctions on them and they'll probably retaliate with cyber attacks, which they have an enormous capability and they've demonstrated that. Remember the attack on our pipeline a little more than a year ago.

That's just one example and they could do that and much more. The second thing is it's going to have a frightening effect on energy, prices of energy. I mean, some analysts expect 140, maybe $150 a barrel. And when we see that, then you're going to be paying seven or eight dollars a gallon for gasoline. And that affects all of us here, especially in such an inflationary period that we're already find ourselves.

And the final thing is we shouldn't diminish. And that is, you know, it's a human catastrophe. You're going to see millions of refugees throughout Europe, the global supply chain interruptions. And once again, the spike in energy means that there will literally be hundreds of thousands of people in third world countries that starve to death because they simply can't get food because of those issues, which is again, directly attributable from Vladimir Putin going into Ukraine. So I'm not advocating that we get involved militarily, but on the other hand, we have to recognize this will be a cost for us personally here in the United States as this unfolds. So how do you dissuade Russia at this point? I mean, he's so far into it now. You put those wheels in motion.

Looks like they're in the wheels in motion. But how how would you dissuade him? Yeah. Again, the president has threatened sanctions, the mother of all sanctions. It's not going to work. They've already got ways around the sanctions. China has promised to buffer the sanctions. They can't do it completely, but they can make a big difference if China steps in and helps, you know, the soldiers and Poland and Poland and the Baltics again, an important step. But Vladimir Putin wasn't going to go in Poland right now. The only thing that will dissuade Vladimir Putin is this threat of an armed and organized resistance. He's willing to lose soldiers. And the Russian people are willing to lose soldiers in a military campaign to go in and take Kiev and to occupy the country. The one thing that he does not want and that they will not support is week after week of Russian soldiers being sent home a body bag because they're every time a Russian soldier goes past a Ukrainian citizen, he wants to know if he's going to throw a hand grenade at him or being, you know, snipers up on rooftops.

And that is the only thing that Vladimir Putin fears. And by the way, Afghanistan, a recent reminder, should should remind us of the power of that ongoing battle that he might find himself in as he occupies Ukraine. And so I think that's the one thing this president could do is say, we will arm our resistance. We will support a resistance.

We'll gather the NATO allies to support a resistance. And if he were to be very, very clear on that and adamant about that, I really think that's the one thing that Vladimir Putin is terrified of and one thing that might change his mind. But I don't think our president has mentioned that at all, that I'm aware of maybe once or twice.

But I mean, it certainly hasn't been a keystone of his his efforts to avoid this. Yeah, I know what I hear is sanctions, sanctions, sanctions, sanctions. And and then Kamala Harris, we got to go to break here pretty quick. But let's listen to a clip to Kamala Harris in Munich, Germany, and her push for unity, understanding that our work together and our unity is a sign of the strength of our nations individually and collectively. I do believe I think we all know our greatest strength is our unity. This is a moment that has made that clear. That our unity is evidence and is a measure of our strength. Well, in our first trip to Europe, there's the vice president talking about unity. Didn't really think that through going into Afghanistan. That that how much do you think is that a contributing factor?

I've only got about 30 seconds that we're going to have to go. Yeah. Well, one, I'm confused because I thought our greatest strength was our diversity. But, you know, that's another issue. Hey, look, there's no question.

Good point, train. They looked at Afghanistan and that debacle. There's no question that he looked at that and said, now is the time. Now is the time to go. They didn't do this under Trump. They said now is the time to go.

And Afghanistan had enormous implications for that. We've been talking with Congressman Chris Stewart. He's the author of The Final Fight for Freedom, a new book out, a member of the House Intelligence Committee and one of the smarter people in Congress out there. And thank you for your service in our Air Force as well, Congressman. And thanks for joining us today on The Brian Kilmeade Show. Appreciate it. Thank you, sir.

All right. We'll be back with more. Stay with us.

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This is The Brian Kilmeade Show. But if you believe Putin has made up his mind, what leverage do you really have? Why not put those sanctions in place now? The purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence. But if Putin has made up his mind, do you feel that this threat that has been looming is really going to deter him?

Absolutely. We strongly believe and remember also that the sanctions are a product not only of our perspective as the United States, but a shared perspective among our allies. And the allied relationship is such that we have agreed that the deterrence effect of these sanctions is still a meaningful one, especially because remember also we still sincerely hope that there is a diplomatic path out of this moment. And within the context then of the fact that that window is still opening, although open, although it is absolutely narrowing, but within the context of a diplomatic path still being open. A bit of a word salad there from the first time visitor to Europe, Vice President Kamala Harris there in in Munich, talking with others and answering questions from reporters give her credit for answering questions. But it's all about sanctions, sanctions, sanctions.

Now, that's been the go to answer. But Vladimir Putin in Russia went in and took about roughly 25% of Georgia. They announced sanctions on that. And here's Barack Obama when when Russia decided that, hey, you know, we want part of Crimea, we want part of Ukraine.

This is what President Obama said at the time cut 26. Today, I'm announcing a series of measures that will continue to increase the costs on Russia and on those responsible for what is happening in Ukraine. We are imposing sanctions on specific individuals responsible for undermining the sovereignty, territorial integrity and government of Ukraine. We're making it clear that there are consequences for their actions. We'll continue to make clear to Russia that further provocations will achieve nothing except to further isolate Russia and diminish its place in the world. So the President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden sanctions will, you know, be a deterrent.

And boy, President Putin is just a little bit scared of how bad those sanctions could be, because, boy, he was on the receiving end of them when he went into Crimea. And that became such a deterrent. It was such an overwhelming force. Boy, I wouldn't want to step on that again. I'm not going to go back in there. The oven's awfully hot.

I don't want to touch that stovetop. Are you kidding me? Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions, sanctions. And we just heard from Congressman Chris Stewart talking about, yeah, you do sanctions.

You know, that's part of the normal thing. But it's not going to be the deterrent that's going to be the difference between Vladimir Putin trying to piece and puzzle the Soviet Union back together and expand its horizons and its territory and influence upon the world. I think people like Vladimir Putin and President Xi and others around the world, they just look at sanctions from the United States and just kind of giggle. Like what in the world? How many times have we said these are going to be the toughest sanctions we've ever had?

Well, then why weren't they tough before? Like if you're going to put in sanctions, give us the biggest, baddest sanction ever on the history of the planet. Don't tell me you've got to go back and you still have more sanctions you can put on top of them, especially when Russia is still in Georgia. It's still in Crimea. And now it's looking to take over potentially the entire country.

That just gets under my skin because we have not used these as a deterrent. It's just a word salad from the vice president and the president. I've seen it happen on both sides of the aisle, by the way, but it didn't happen with Donald Trump. I can promise you that because they knew he meant business. Stay with us here on The Brian Kilmeade Show. We'll be right back.

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It's Brian Kilmeade. We're taking the power out of your hands and putting it back with the parents the way it should be. We sat here last year and listened to you guys preach to us about Governor Northam's executive orders and how we must follow them. You guys remember that?

We do. So here's the governor that comes into office. But yet you don't want to follow his orders. Why is that?

That makes no sense. And it makes all of you a bunch of hypocrites. I just love that clip from the Virginia mother, Alicia Vaught. She she's got the most important title out there. Mother telling it like it is there in Virginia to a school board who was a little contentious.

They actually set the cops in to have her have her removed at one point. But I we're pleased now to talk a little bit more about the coronavirus school boards and all that with one of our favorites, Sean Duffy, former congressman from Wisconsin, joining me on on Fox News, doing all sorts of hits and co-hosting guest hosting shows and whatnot and just an all around good guy. And he's got, I think, twenty seven kids of his own. So, Sean Duffy, thanks for joining us.

Hey, Jason, it's good to be with you. Kind of a king of Utah. You might think I'm actually from Utah with nine kids. Yeah.

Oh, Wisconsin. Yeah, an under producer with only nine kids. I can only imagine we're dealing with our three and now I'm a grandpa. I actually have I have four grandkids now. We've just had our fourth grandchild that was born over the weekend. And it's just the greatest joy, greatest thing in the world to see your daughter give birth to a to a beautiful, healthy little girl.

It's just it's just amazing. And you've been through that, your dad and and a good one at that. Well, first of all, I didn't know you're you're on number four for the grandchildren.

Congratulations. And the first thought that came into my mind was that you don't look old enough to be a grandfather, but I'm going to take your word for it. Yes. And what else I read about Greg was grandfatherhood is that you get to have fun with kids and you get to send them back to their parents where I'm still in the throes of my nine kids. And I have to keep them, especially when they get rowdy.

I don't have no one to send them to their mind. So that's right. That's right. You and Rachel play a little zone defense there. Listen, let's let's talk some more about coronavirus, because one of the great tragedies of what's going on is how this has been handled. I know Rachel, I've seen her.

She's doing a great job on Fox and Friends there over the weekend and and other shows this year and other things as well. But both of you have been vocal about this. What's your kind of your take here?

We're getting towards the latter part of of February. What's your take on how this government has handled mask mask mandates and certainly as it affects the kids? Well, you know, I think that it's important for the government to implement policies to keep people safe.

That's important. And coronavirus was dangerous. But you always do that with an eye towards freedom and maximizing freedom for people. And I don't think the government has done a good job with that. And you just you played the clip on the way into our segment with this mom in Virginia, basically calling out the school board for for not following the directive of the new governor who said take masks off on kids, which, by the way, a lot of the studies that I've seen and I know there's some some varying evidence, but masks and unless it's an N95 and worn correctly, they don't work. So we're putting kids in masks that don't work. We have kids that for the most part aren't dying from covid or really getting that sick from covid.

Some who are. But Dr. McCarey on Fox said those kids who've gotten sick from covid have preexisting conditions as other factors at play. So if you have a healthy child, you're you're pretty safe from from covid. It's older people with comorbidities that are that are at risk. What I found fascinating you and I are in politics is that the school board member actually when she didn't like what the mom was saying, she pulled up a picture of the school board member maskless in a crowd and called her out for not wearing a mask herself.

But we have an amended on the kids in school. Well, let's let's play that clip. It's clip twenty four and listen to this exchange. Here's a picture of you right here on Facebook with a crowd of people.

That's it. With no mask on. This is my time and I don't know you. Here's another picture with you with a new mask on. I'm sorry, Miss Vaught. You are done.

Can we have a police officer, please? You should be able to say her piece. I've had to listen to people come and criticize me. It doesn't make it right, Jamie. You're right. But I had to say those are my that's my family. That is fine. What do you think about our family? I am not. Our family is being suffocated. I'm done. I think we're coming for all. Congressman Duffy, what's your take on that exchange?

It's wow. I mean, you and I have been involved in politics. We've you know, we've run races. We've done town halls.

We've been at places. And people ask you hard questions. Sometimes they bring your family into it. Sometimes they bring your donors into it. Sometimes they bring hypocrisy into the questions that they ask you.

And when you raise your hand and you want to run, guess what? Everything is fair game. And so, again, don't be surprised that if you put pictures on Facebook of yourself maskless but you're trying to mask my kids that you're not going to get pushback for that. And by the way, Facebook is public. This wasn't a private account. She put it out there for the world to see.

That's exactly the first thing I thought was, wait a second. This is not some private photo of you in the backyard with your kids. You posted it on Facebook.

You decided I'm going to make this public. And now they put it up to show the hypocrisy. The school board member calls in the police to take her down. I mean, that's what they're dealing with in Virginia and I think other parts of the country. And that was the kicker, Jason. So when you're going to say, I don't like what you're saying, can I have a cop come in and remove her because I don't like her speech? This is this has been too normalized, Jason. We've been normalizing speech that people don't like.

We want to bring law enforcement in to shut them down. And you can't see it because we're on radio. But if you watch the clip, it looks like a sheriff's deputy was actually standing by the podium after directed to do so. And then, you know, the other the other board members stepped in and said, let her speak.

And I think the cop moved away. But the cop was going to come in and shut down her speech to speak freely about what she thought about mass mandate. This is we've gone to a whole new realm in America where, you know, those in power can call law enforcement to shut down speech.

And you and I saw this all the time. There's a lot of speech. I don't agree with all the speech. I don't agree with all the the barbs that were thrown at me.

I'm sure you didn't agree with all the things that were said about you. But you have to hear it because that's what we believe in a democracy. We get we get a vet and vent and go to our elected officials and speak our piece about what they think the policy should be. That is American politics. And we've gone to this new realm of no, no, no, no, I don't like what you're saying. I'm going to shut you down and I'll have law enforcement do it. And law enforcement was all too willing to actually shut this woman down until another board member said, no, no, no, let her speak.

And basically cops get away. Yeah, that's the essence of freedom of speech is allowing others with speech. You just you don't agree with allowing them to say their piece. And it's it's always interesting to me that those that I find that the often not always, but often those that preach the most tolerance.

Yeah, they're probably the least tolerant among us. I want to play another clip for you. This is from London Breed on the meet the press. This is the mayor of San Francisco. And part of it is this sort of rewrite of history where saying, hey, this is not a Democrat or Republican issue. You know, we're above that. It's not. And I was listening to this and I thought, oh, yes, it is. It is a Democrat and Republican issue.

Let's listen to Club 21. We failed our children. Parents were upset. And the decision to recall school board members was a result of that. This is not a Democratic Republican issue. This is a issue about the education of our children. And I think that ultimately it's important that anyone who serves in any capacity, whether it's school board, Congress or as mayor, it's important to respond to what your priority is as a mayor or as a school board member. And that is the role that you were put in the office to do. So in this particular case, the board neglected their primary responsibility to focus on other things, other things that are important, but not as significant as what they were there to do.

And that is to educate children to reaction to that, because I got to say, I get a little frustrated when they try to say, oh, no, no, no, that's always the confusion they throw at it. Right. When they know they're wrong and they were on the wrong side of the issue for a long time. Oh, it wasn't a Republican or Democrat issue.

We were all doing that. No, they weren't. You hit the nail on the head because this has been a Democrat issue. Democrats have been all about masking, all about shutdowns, all about vaccine mandates. Republicans have been on the side of freedom. And you've heard a lot of Republicans say, I think you should do this, but we don't want to mandate you to do it. And it's been Democrat ideology to force people, to restrict people, to mandate people. And so she's 100 percent wrong to say this is not a political issue. Now, do I think that in San Francisco, all these people who voted to recall the school board are Republicans, they're changing their ways?

Absolutely not. These are still left wing liberals. But what happens, Jason, is and you and I know this all too well, there's a lot of politics that we talk about that I disagree with, you know, the Democrat members of the House.

But when it comes down to your family and we all know that the pathway to success in America is a good education and you start to impede my child's education for your ideology, now we all stand together and we all get really, really angry. And I care less about global warming. I care less about open borders.

I'm talking as a Democrat, open borders. I care less about crime. I care about making sure my kid can go to school and can maybe take their mask off. I care less about the name of the school.

I care more about the math and the science and the English and the real history that I do about these other issues that divide people. And that's why I think you saw the voters come out in San Francisco and go, we're going to remove board members and why now damage control. The mayor is coming in and going, no, no, no, this is not political. No, this is just it.

It was about kids. And all of us sit back and go, this is all political because it's been political theater from the Democrats from the beginning. That's exactly, it's exactly right. Hey, I want to get your quick take. I mean, you've got, uh, your background in history is Wisconsin.

You got proximity to, to Canada. What's your take on what's going on with the truckers now that we're in, I don't know what day number it is, but boy, I got to tell you that the unbelievable, um, tough stance that the prime minister has taken, um, accusing them of, you know, marching with people with, with swastikas and, and shutting down that whole city of resting people. You see people getting kicked.

You see horses, trampling people. What, what's your take on what's going on up there? Well, and they're calling them terrorists, right? And, and you see what happened in America with even January 6th and school board moms, I mean, moms going out to school boards in Virginia. This was a year ago. The, the, you know, the Biden administration calling them domestic terrorists.

This language is being used to shut people down. And here's, I know I was on the financial services committee. You were the chair of oversight on financial services. And we were very concerned about the, about this, um, five, six years ago when banks started to say, well, listen, we're not going to bank people. We don't like gun dealers. We're not going to small, um, small, uh, small dollar lenders. We're not going to vote a bank, um, cigarette shops, things you might not like, but the legal businesses, Jason banks was shutting them down. And there was a program called, and I know you got to go in a second, but there's a program called operation choke point where the FDIC was putting pressure on banks to stop banking these legal businesses.

Now this has gone to a whole new level. If you can't have a checking account, if you can have a credit card, if you can't access your finances, you can't function in society. And they've used that power of finance to go after the truckers and basically destroy their lives. They can't buy a meal.

They can't buy gas. And I think you're going to see that same thing happen here. And you saw the Chinese do it, this Chinese credit score, where they go after the leaders, they go after the finance and they shut down freedom movements worked in China. We're going to see if it works in Canada. Hopefully these truckers continue to protest and push back and advocate for freedom because the whole world is watching them.

Uh, and if they're successful, all of these tyrants who are in elected office are going to have the fear of God put in them that they're not going to be reelected. Yeah. Justin Trudeau, the prime minister could not have dealt with this worse to not sit down and talk with the truckers. You know, at the beginning of this pandemic, the triggers were the heroes. They're the ones out there.

We didn't know how deadly this virus is going to be. They were out there doing their job delivering stuff for us. I've I've said several times, I just think if you're fighting against the blue collar truckers, you're probably on the wrong side of the issue because they I've never seen them be the problem. And was it 90% of them are already vaccinated.

They just don't like the mandates. That's right. And you're right.

I think that's a number I heard as well. And I might not like to go, we're going to shut down border crossings, we're going to shut down trade. So what happens is, and they were peaceful, but when you have no other avenue to have your government here, you to advocate for your God given freedom back, um, you do things that are still peaceful, but make people listen to you. And that's what the truckers were doing, whether it was, um, on the bridge from Detroit over to Canada, these other, um, uh, ports of entry and also around the capital city there, they want their voices heard, they want their freedom back. And what's interesting is I think a lot of Canadians that saw the polling, a lot of Canadians were in favor of the mandates before this protest. Now, majority of Canadians want the mandates gone.

And so, uh, the, the truckers have changed the hearts and minds of people. And just one last point on this Jason, I hear the left in America talk about police, police brutality. We needed to defund the police. Police are horrible. Where are they, you know, pushing back on Canada and the police brutality. You see several cops, you know, mean a protester, you see them running over.

I don't know. We don't know the whole story on the video. And maybe your listeners have seen this, the video of the horses trampling a couple of people as they were going through the crowd, where is, I mean, if that happened in America, they would lose their mind over, over law enforcement. They say nothing about police brutality in Canada because they're okay with police brutality. As long as the brutality is against a political opponent. Yeah. Justin Trudeau is just for the fine, uh, doing the sit-ins and, and marching with the BLM.

He was just fine with in, uh, supporting in the country of India, uh, a year long type of, of protests. And it's, so the hypocrisy is just stunning. This has been, um, uh, great talking to you as always or with a former Congressman from Wisconsin, Sean Duffy, thank you so much for joining us today and, uh, give us, give our best to all the rest of the Duffy family, but thanks for joining us on the Brian Kilmeade show. The call in line, by the way, for the show one eight six six four Oh eight seven six six nine eight six six four zero eight 76 69. We're going to try to get some calls if we can stay with us on the Brian Kilmeade show, expanding your knowledge base. It's the Brian Kilmeade show.

Hey, it's Will Kane. Co-host of Fox and Friends weekend. Join me as I share my thoughts on a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture to politics and business. The Will Kane podcast. Subscribe and listen now at

The more you listen, the more you'll know. It's Brian Kilmeade. Hey, this is actually Jason chief. It's filling in for Brian, but let's go to the call line. Uh, we have Peter in Canada. Thanks for joining us on the Kilmeade show. What, what's, uh, what are you thinking?

Well, Jason, I can tell you one thing. It's just a boring, what's happening in Canada. The tyranny of this government is, is disgusting.

The Canada was the supporter of the world from world war II onwards. And it's just, we need the sport of the world to get this government out of power. Justin Trudeau is a more corrupt than Hillary has ever been.

And the scandals are almost on a quarterly basis in the multimillions of dollars. And he, he just is a power hungry little brat. Well, listen, you're there in Canada. Um, I, my guess is the mood is changing on this.

It's forcing people to think through the issue. Um, we'd love our neighbors to North. We'd love Canadians. Um, they're usually just good, wonderful people, but it's pretty shocking to see how aggressive, uh, the Trudeau administration has been and, and the way he's taking this, the, what bothers me is he won't go out and listen. He doesn't talk to them the way he handled himself in, in parliament and making the accusation about marching with people with, with swastikas. I think that was way over the line.

Just go out and talk with these people have an understanding, a deep appreciation, understand the heroic efforts they went through at the beginning of this pandemic to do the things that they needed to do. And Hey, we want to have open, open, uh, highways and, and commerce and trade, but we also want free speech. We want to be able to, to express the frustration, but the way Canada is handling this Allah, Justin Trudeau is just a national, uh, embarrassment to Canada.

Uh, it's a, it's an affront to everything. It's going out west. This has been the Brian Kilmeade show.

Thanks for joining us. Live from the Fox news radio studios in New York city, fresh off the set of Fox and friends. It's America's receptive voice. Brian Kilmeade. Well, almost, almost Frank, kill me. This is Jason chief. It's a Fox news contributor, host of the Jason in the house podcast, which you can listen to anywhere. Uh, and I also served the United States Congress for eight and a half years. And during that time I was honored and privileged to serve with a gentleman from Arizona, from the fifth congressional district there in Arizona, uh, Congressman Andy Biggs, who's joining us now on the line, uh, from the he's on the house judiciary committee. He's the chairman of the house freedom caucus and not at all bashful to share his opinion on what he thinks is going on in the world. Congressman Biggs, thanks for joining us.

Jason, it's great to be with you and I've never noticed you to shy away from expressing your opinion either. My friend. Yeah, that's it. By the way, you get the judiciary committee together, you got a room full of egos.

Look out. Everybody wants to talk. So, um, but that's what the, that's what the body is supposed to be debating issues. It's, it was always amazing to me when I served with you, like, you know, now that the Democrats have control the Nancy Pelosi's back with the gavel, you got Jerry Nadler there and whatnot, how many things they won't talk about?

Like the origins of COVID. Oh, we don't want to talk about that. We don't want to talk about immigration. We're not going to talk about the border.

We're not going to do, I mean, if you and I sat down and made a list, all the things that Jerry Nadler doesn't want to talk about, they just happen to be all the issues of the day. Exactly right. And then never forget that everything you were talking about as jurisdiction in that committee. And he doesn't want to talk about anything about that.

That's exactly right. Judiciary committee has this broad jurisdiction and really important weighty stuff, but to not even bring it up and talk about it, things like COVID the border, uh, I mean, it's, it's crime. You would think the judiciary committee would talk about it. Yeah, we're not, we don't have time in the judiciary committee to talk about crime, doubling up the homicide rate in some of our biggest cities.

It happened to be run by Democrats. We wouldn't want to talk about that. All right. I want to kind of go around the horn with you though, cause there's a lot happening in the world. Um, and there's some big dates coming up. Um, you know, the, the president's supposed to be out there announcing who his new Supreme court pick will be.

That's going to happen supposedly in the next seven days based on his own timeline. But then we also had the March 1st state of the union. Um, and Congressman, I don't know what in the world Joe Biden is going to do on March 1st is stand up and try to say, Hey, you know what? Here's all of our accomplishments. This may be the shortest state of the union speech we've ever heard. Well, it, the substance will be short, but it might be long with just meandering and, and some statements, you know, where he kind of loses his way as he's talking and, and there's really not a lot to say about what he's accomplished. I mean, unless you're happy with the border, if you're happy with, uh, you know, inflation, bad economy of you're happy with a wrecked, uh, supply chain, if you're happy with, uh, uh, uh, basically embarrassing embarrassment internationally. Uh, I mean, it just, it goes on and on how they've emasculated the country and just, just a year's time, Jason.

Yeah. I think it's stunning how quickly I heard, uh, president Trump, uh, made some comments somewhere, or at least I read about it where he said, yeah, I didn't think the country would get this bad, this fast under what, uh, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are actually doing. But, um, here we are, uh, Nancy Pelosi and others are talking about putting a fence, uh, back up and around the Capitol in advance of the, uh, of the state of the union. What are your thoughts about that? I think it's ridiculous. Um, you know, there's, again, they, they just kind of make up stuff, you know, and they said, well, there may be a threat.

There may be a fit. I don't, I don't, we don't know that there's anything substantive at all, but I mean, look, these are the same people that still won't let us take people on tours. These are the same people that, uh, authorized spying on members of Congress, their staff and, and visitors looking through emails, et cetera. I mean, what you have going on is, is typical of an authoritarian, uh, type of tyranny. You know, this kind of, uh, grab control and hold it and, and sticking up a fence around the Capitol. Again, Jason is just a bad symbol to the world, bad symbol to the American people.

And quite frankly, unnecessary. Well, it's the people's house and, uh, we need to have access to it and they need to be able to have access to their members of Congress. And there's no reason why the family from, you know, Mesa, Arizona, coming together to come see their Congressman, you, uh, and you can't get one of your staff or interns to go take them on a nice little tour and look at the history of what's going on. Maybe go visit some of the committee rooms. Um, it, it really is a shame that that's the direction that they're talking about going. Um, Jason, we can't even have a committee hearing in the committee room. So, I mean, that's, that's how it's fallen.

It's great. Another member was telling me that there are some members that haven't been to Congress, they haven't been to DC in like a year or two because they just do their proxy voting. That's exactly right. Uh, yeah, absolutely. And you know what, every time that their proxy vote is read, they talk about, well, um, I'm excusing myself because I've got a COVID related, uh, situation, but that's not true.

I mean, is that why you're, uh, you're vacationing on a boat somewhere in the, you know, on a lake and you're, you're appearing by a boat, you know? Yeah. There was one member of the democratic party who stood up and wasn't wearing quite the appropriate clothing for a committee hearing, but, uh, you'll have to look that one up by yourselves. All right, let's get into some of the other weighty issues that are out there. Let's talk about Canada. We were, you know, the freedom convoy, the way the prime minister of Canada. Whoa. I mean, that has been adequate.

I mean, that looks like something that would come out of a real hard line regime, like, you know, Russia or China or something, not the prime minister of Canada. Right. Exactly right. I mean, so, so the face of it was the, the violence that we saw coming down, uh, with the last couple of days while they they're moving these truckers out. But, but don't forget to, they, they first, uh, talked about seizing cash. They've now said that they're going to go after everybody who was there.

They arrested people, uh, simply for bringing food into the truckers. I mean, this kind of, uh, uh, prohibition on freedom of assembly, freedom to speak and, and the way he couched it. I mean, you know, he called a Jewish member of parliament, a Nazi. He, uh, you know, this is Trudeau I'm speaking of and, and the true referring to all these people simply as racist Trump supporters. I mean, uh, what is being a Trump supporter mean in Canada? Who knows what that means in Canada? I don't, I don't, I don't like his golf courses. I mean, his beautiful hotels.

I mean, that's the problem you got with the former president. Um, look, they would take your dog or your pet. I mean, you know, these truckers, I don't know if, I mean, you've probably been, I have you look in the cab and the, you know, these truckers can imagine a trucker in Canada, long haul distances. They pull over, take a rest, sleep.

They may have a dog or a cat with them or something like these people are coming in and taking their animals and say, if you have eight days to bail them out, otherwise we're going to euthanize them. I mean, what kind of, where's Pete on that one? Yeah.

Yeah. Where, where is the left on this? They should have been rising. I mean, actually some, some folks on the left are starting to comment, but I mean, the left should be rising with, with the right on this because this, this, what you saw is the tyranny that we're all, we all do not want to see happen. I mean, it's abusive and, um, you know, it's outside the rule of law. I mean, he actually imposed the type of, uh, emergency measures that you would see if you were under a terrorist attack. That's where this guy was going.

And it was, it was ruthless, quite frankly. Well, and this is the same Justin Trudeau who marched with BLM, uh, protesters and who also supported, um, these protesters who locked down pretty much the, the, uh, for a year in India. Uh, he was totally fine with that, but boy, when it happens in Ottawa, that's a bridge too far because it might be embarrassing to me and, and these, all these mandates and that he's, that he's putting in place and Oh, heaven forbid they actually get out and talk to these truckers, have them come over and, and, uh, you know, talk, uh, talk through the issues. Um, Congressman, I haven't got you a short amount of time.

I want to keep going around the horn cause we've got other things happening. You represent the good state, Arizona immigration. I mean, we've been talking about this since the moment Joe Biden, even before he took office, try to articulate and explain to people who maybe aren't in a border state, how bad it is.

Okay. I'll give you just a couple of three data points. Number one, uh, you had four times as many people apprehended in January of this year as you had just a year ago, the last month of Trump's administration, 153,000 of those, they released more than 60,000 of them into the country. They just released them into the country. And that another data point is information I just received last week from, from sheriff Lamb, who I think, you know, down in Pinal County, they have seized over 20 million fentanyl pills is what, uh, last year. And they believe they got maybe 10% of the fentanyl, actually they, they seized 2 million.

They believe they, they, they only got about 10%. So you're talking about 20 million fentanyl pills of which DEA has said 40% are lethal, contain a lethal dose. So that's, that's a, an important thing to understand. But then I guess the third thing is to understand that, that we are on pace already this, this calendar year to exceed the 2 million that we had last calendar year of illegal APRA alien apprehensions with probably another six to 800,000 got a waste. That's what you're looking at. Um, and, uh, in a nation overwhelmed and, and, you know, that's, that would put you in the top 10 in largest cities in the country. Uh, just those people coming in.

Well, it really is stunning. And it's so, you know, to hear Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out there talking about protecting the territory and the sovereign border of Ukraine while not addressing what's going on in our own border, north and south, by the way, um, and not even protecting and inviting essentially people into the United States. And then once they're here, you know, put them on airplanes, allowing them to use documents to, you know, to get on airplanes that are like arrest documentation, that kind of, I mean, it's just so absurd and it's offensive, but it's very real. I mean, these people are coming into the country and now they have no paperwork. They can't do a, you know, they're going to need food. They're going to need shelter. They're going to need a job. They're going to need all these things. I just puts more pressure on, on good tax paying Americans. Yeah. Yeah. And everything from your, from your education system to your medical care system to, to your judicial system, your injustice system, all of those things get taxed, uh, and strained. And, uh, it, it, it is amazing to me.

I mean, we're not even going to scratch the surface of inhumane conduct. Uh, you know, the other data point that was given to me last week was that, uh, we're still, we're almost up to 75 to 80% is estimated of all women coming across our, um, our rate. And, and, uh, sheriff lamb told me his deputies encountered a lady and she had a bag of pills and they said, what's, what's that for the pills for? And she said, these are morning after pills. I expected to be raped multiple times while coming across the border. That's even after paying the cartels.

And so she brought those pills. That is not an aberration. That's not an aberration. It is inhumane. And it is, it is, it is human trafficking. And, um, and I think that the, uh, the Biden Harris administration is complicit at that.

I really do. And, uh, but I wish the judiciary committee would actually have a hearing on it, but no, heaven forbid. All right. Last topic for you, Congressman is, uh, and again, you're on the house judiciary committee crime. We've seen this wave of crime, a surge of crime. We've also seen a wave of prosecutors who were electing not to enforce certain laws and that is exacerbating the problem.

Yeah, that's, that's exactly right. And, um, we, we had a hearing last week. I'm, I'm the ranker on the, on the crime subcommittee, Jason. And we had a hearing last week and the two Republican witnesses were trying to raise that issue and just say, let's, can we, can we talk about what the DAs are doing?

How about the no cash bail, letting people out to go commit additional crimes. And we're seeing that all over the place. And you have places like Tucson, Arizona, highest homicide rate ever. And, uh, these, these DAs are letting these folks out to commit these crimes. Uh, they're, uh, you know, the LA County is just a mess. You've got being away with a sheriff who's trying to force the law and you got just going to the DA who says, we're not going to prosecute and she, well, what does that tell you?

It did smash and grabs all over the place now because, you know, set places like San Francisco, as long as it's under a thousand bucks, we'll let you can come in and steal whatever you want. We're not going to prosecute you. No, it's sad.

It's avoidable. And this is, uh, these are self-inflicted wounds. All of the things we talked about, we didn't even get into Ukraine and some of the other pressing topics, but Congressman Andy Biggs from the good state of Arizona, thank you so much for joining us today on the Brian Kilmeade show. Yeah. Thanks Jason. Keep doing the good work you're doing too, please. Well, thank you. Thank you.

We'll be back right after this. Stay with us diving deep into today's top stories. It's Brian Kilmeade. If you're interested in it, Brian's talking about it. You're with Brian Kilmeade.

Hey, it's actually Jason Chaffetz. I'm filling in for Brian today as one of the hardest working people in all of the television and radio, uh, call in line here in the Brian Kilmeade show eight six six four oh eight seven six six nine eight six eight six six four zero eight seven six six nine. Let's go to Eric. Who's in Orlando listening on WWDBO. Eric, what's on your mind? How are you today, sir? Fired up. Yeah, me too.

Um, you're allowed to loot up to $1000, but don't get caught putting in $600 in your checking account kind of makes the move to get rid of cash makes sense, doesn't it? Um, we miss you in Congress. We miss Trey Gowdy in Congress, but I think your podcasts are way more powerful addressing more people because nobody watches C-SPAN anymore.

Um, I used to joke, I used to joke though. Yeah, I used to host them the number one show on C-SPAN when I chaired the oversight committee. But yeah, sorry.

Go ahead. Thank you. I was wondering if you saw Marjorie Taylor Greene recently on a podcast with another sitting Congress person. I couldn't remember his name, but if you were still in Congress, guys like you and Trey Gowdy, true Patriots, you'd be appalled because apparently she's taking turns with four of the Congress people making sure they're on the floor to make sure that the votes are recorded and she's getting yelled at by her own party to that.

Hey, what are you doing? We want to go home. So just like you said, where people are proxy voting and haven't been there for a year, if the American people saw what's going on and I fear that Marjorie Taylor Greene, they're probably going to primary her and try to get her out of cause she's, but she's a true Patriots. She's telling us we, the people what's going on and it's just, I'm sure you're glad to not be part of it anymore and thank you for everything you've done for us. Well, thank you.

I really do appreciate it. It's an honor and privilege to serve, but you're right. There are a lot of people that want to just go to the floor, have it voice voided out, which means that they, they would just, uh, allow the vote by unanimous consent.

And it's kind of the lazy way to do it because you don't have to actually vote. Um, and, um, you know, people like, uh, Thomas Massey, uh, we were going to vote on the, one of the biggest appropriations in the history of our nation and everybody was back home and, and they wanted to just voice it. And he said, no, we got to be here and do our job. Oh my goodness. Did he take a bunch of heat on both sides of the aisle for that? So yeah, that's what's problem when the, when Congress isn't doing it by regular order, going through the appropriations and a process of the proper way, the budget process hasn't only has only happened once since 1976 budget act, has it gone through the normal way?

It's always been CR's and omnibus and it's wrong. Stay with us. It's the Brian Kilmeade show.

We'll be right back. Radio that makes you think this is the Brian Kilmeade show. And I bet you're thinking, Hey, that's not Brian Kilmeade and you're right.

Uh, I'm Jason chief. It's filling in for Brian. Um, this is the Brian Kilmeade show and there's a lot to talk about. Um, I'm thrilled to have on Amy Kellogg, who's joining us. She's the Fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent. Um, she just, uh, came out with a piece a couple of days ago, Russia, who was winning the propaganda war over the Ukraine conflict and, uh, has an update on some of the things that are happening there at the white house. Amy, thank you so much for joining us on the Brian Kilmeade show. Hi, Jason.

Thanks for the invitation. Yeah, absolutely. So tell us what's the national security council. I believe they were convening, right? It was extraordinary, Jason.

It just wrapped up. Well, the public part of it anyway, I assume they're still talking, but, um, it really appeared to be completely staged. It, it was president Putin saying that he wanted to make a decision, felt forced to make a decision about whether or not to recognize as independent, these self-declared people's republics in the east of Ukraine. These are the republics that Russia has been backing for the last eight years. Russia denies that it has troops in there, but they are Russian backed separatists. And, um, and yeah, there are Russian troops there. Anyway, he listened to each of his loyal foot soldiers, his foreign minister, his defense minister, head of KGB, foreign intelligence, uh, various lawmakers, and each gave a presentation about why it was important to do this because these people, these Russian speaking people in the eastern part of Ukraine were either facing genocide at the very least harassment, and that the only solution was to recognize them.

And in the past several years, Russia has given out three quarters of a million passports to these people so they can now really argue that they are protecting their own people. And Putin concluded this extraordinary meeting. Uh, I mean, we've not seen, Russians don't debate their stuff publicly, uh, with, with the conclusion that some point today he is going to make a decision about whether or not to recognize these republics. And that will be, uh, a huge provocation, a violation of the Minsk agreements, which are sort of part of the whole package that could be the peaceful resolution to this horrible standoff. Uh, and it is not clear how the west will respond to Jason. Does that give an indication that he's not intending to take over the entire country? I mean, that he may or may not go into Keefe or, or is, does that give us some sense that he's just interested in certain parts of Ukraine like he was with Crimea earlier?

Yeah. And that's exactly what I'm thinking. And, and remember earlier on when president Biden suggested that there could be little incursions versus big incursions and that would determine the western response. And then obviously he had to backtrack on that. This might be considered a lesser incursion because a war has been going on there for eight years. I mean, they're already there basically. However, uh, this would be a very difficult, this would be upping the ante considerably and I don't know what, what the end game would be, but presumably it is, um, it is Russia creating this buffer or maybe a, a slow and kind of stealthier incursion into Kiev or into Ukraine. Um, however it is, you know, it is quite, it was quite extraordinary to listen to these arguments and it is extraordinary to listen to these arguments that Kiev is a fascist regime.
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