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Young People Dying Suddenly? And Devin Archer Flips with Ed Dowd and Miranda Devine

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August 1, 2023 7:04 pm

Young People Dying Suddenly? And Devin Archer Flips with Ed Dowd and Miranda Devine

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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August 1, 2023 7:04 pm

The Covid "emergency" is over. So why are young Americans still dying at much higher rates of heart attacks and other ailments than they were just five years ago? And why is nobody allowed to notice or name the elephant in the room? Finance guru turned vaccine investigator Ed Down joins with an updated look at the figures from the first half of 2023. Plus, Miranda Devine explains the importance of Devon Archer's testimony, and responds to the media's lockstep narrative that Hunter only offered people an "illusion" of access to his father rather than the real thing.

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That's, the only gold company I trust. Hey everybody, it's Charlie Kirk Show. Ed Dowd joins us. He commits the crime of noticing. Unbelievable conversation.

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Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Just a minute, we'll have the great Miranda Devine update us on the Devin Archer testimony yesterday, and the media spin has just been impressive. Scary, chilling, Soviet, Maoist, but honestly impressive how much they just not even hate the truth. They just don't care about the truth at all. Pure Pravda party politics.

Remember, here's your trivia question for your friends that you're hanging out at the summer. What does Pravda mean? Truth. Hilariously. Again, I just love these excuses they give. Oh, it's just the weather. Yeah, we're just talking about the weather. 20 times we're talking about the weather with Burisma officials on speakerphone for a 20-minute conference call while we're in Dubai and the Ukrainian officials rush to come see us. Yeah, it's 73 and really sunny. How's the weather in Dubai? Hot, dry. Oh, explain more. Hot, dry.

Oh, cool. Can you imagine that for 20 minutes? How's the weather in Ukraine? Cloudy, depressing.

Oh, sounds like Seattle. That's what we're supposed to believe that these calls were all about. These people are liars. Yeah, this is again, this is Dan Goldman. So Dan Goldman is really the Joseph Goebbels in this situation. I do not use that comparison lightly.

I understand the implications of that. I hope it gets clipped. Dan Goldman is acting like a Nazi propagandist. I've never seen anything quite like this.

Play cut 40. So to confirm, you're saying that the speakerphone conversations, they don't seem concerning to you because there is no specifics about business and it just seemed like it was clear that it was part of the daily conversations that Hunter Biden had with his father. And it was and and sounds like most of the time now President Biden didn't even know who the people he was at dinner. He was just asked to say hello. And he would, you know, talk about the way he described it several times. They asked over and over and over. He described what the weather was. How how what's going on on your end? They were purely what he called casual conversations.

Casual conversations. Yeah, there's no evidence except for the LLC is the wire transfers, the meetings, the monthly payments, the expert witness testimony, the linchpin ratting out 10 percent for the big guy. Besides that, there's no evidence. By the way, this is just it's just like the Loretta Lynch thing. You know, they're lying. You just remember the I don't think people remember the Loretta Lynch thing very well.

You have this plane, Sky Harbor. Loretta Lynch was the acting attorney general. People forget about this was memory. Sadly and tragically, the reporter who broke the story killed himself.

In fact, I was messaging him on Twitter and then he killed himself. So he reported on Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch meeting and well, Miranda Devine, just second. I want to finish this on this plane. And remember, literally weeks, I think a couple of days later, you get the timeline, Blake, for the next segment. James Comey comes out and says, OK, Hillary did something wrong, but we're not going to charge her. And Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on this plane, they were just talking about grandkids and golf, grandkids and golf.

Miranda Devine, Miranda, that's a lot of chatting about the weather. What did we learn yesterday with Devine Archer's testimony? Well, we learned that Joe Biden did get dialed in by Hunter Biden on 20 occasions that that Devine Archer, Hunter Biden's former best friend, witnessed when they were having business meetings with these overseas shady characters, such as the Ukrainians from that energy company, Burisma, that was paying Hunter eighty three thousand dollars a month to not do much. So now we're told also, Devine Archer also testified that there were dinners, including these two dinners at Cafe Milano in Georgetown, where Hunter organized for his father to come in and sit down and have dinner with his Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs and some Kazakhstanis as well, who were paying him lots of money. And so that was the whole influence peddling operation. It was that Hunter Biden was demonstrating to these billionaires and oligarchs from China and Ukraine and Russia that who were sort of showering him with cash and diamonds, that he could get the most powerful man in their part of the world from America, the vice president of the United States, who'd been deputized by Obama to take care of Ukraine and China. That he could get them on, get this powerful man on the phone at the drop of a hat any time. That was what they were selling. They were selling access to Joe Biden. And it's completely irrelevant when Dan Goldman says, oh, they just spoke about the weather and they never talked about business. Of course they didn't. Everyone knows that's not how the game is played. It's ridiculous. Of course, Joe Biden is not going to be caught saying anything specific about money or deals.

The whole point is just that he's available, that Hunter has the ability to get him online. Yeah. And so first of all, the reason I definitely believe this is that if you're going to sell at America, definitely do it at Cafe Milano. The food there is excellent.

So I just got to say that they definitely have a taste for the finer things. So let me ask you, the media is in full spin mode. It's Pravda, Soviet style.

I don't use those words lightly, having studied and understand that. It's unbelievable. They're keying in on apparently one line from Archer that said this was the illusion of access. Was this just an illusion?

Yeah. We haven't seen the transcript yet. That's the first in that testimony he said. But remember, there's one hour of questioning he had from the GOP interrogators and then one hour from the Democrat ones. And they kind of knew what he was going to be saying, because his lawyer is acting pro bono from Bois Shiller.

And Bois Shiller, of course, is a Democratic outfit. So I'm not saying that his lawyer is not acting in Devan Archer's best interest. But it's just that it's, you know, and we wrote a story also last week pre sort of previewing what his testimony was going to be. So they knew pretty well how to navigate things so that it looked the best for Joe Biden.

That's the way I read the Dan Goldman readout, which is quite different from the James Comer readout. And, you know, and Devan Archer just was going to go there and tell the truth as he knew it. Whether or not he told everything he knew, who knows. But he certainly told enough that damaged Joe Biden incredibly because he's always pretended that he knew nothing about Hunter's overseas business dealings.

He said that repeatedly. He's pretended that nobody in his family got a penny from China when he knew full well they did. I mean, he flew Hunter on Air Force Two to Beijing and shook hands with the business partner who kicked him into this equity fund that had two and a half billion dollars worth of funds under management in 2019. So that was a pretty penny.

He had 10 percent of that business. So Joe Biden just lied and lied. And I think Devan Archer's testimony, just the very headline of that is that just proves or shows that Joe Biden lied when he said he knew nothing.

The Democrats are trying to get us to believe that this creature of the swamp, this senator for four decades in Delaware and vice president of the United States, it's so naive that when Hunter Biden puts him on the speaker phone and introduces him to all these foreigners or invites him to dinner at a restaurant in private room with all these foreigners from these shady countries that Joe Biden doesn't twig what is going on. Of course he knows. So what happens next?

What is the the transcript will be released? We'll maybe learn some things. Dan Goldman went into full spin mode, I think, obviously representing. And he's like, oh, yeah, they talked about nothing but the weather.

Like, OK, you realize you could talk about the weather and also selling about the country. Miranda, what happens next? About a minute remaining. I think they're very concerned about the Devan Archer testimony. There are other witnesses that are coming forward and other documents that are quite damning.

So I think the way to look at this is a jigsaw puzzle and Comer's committee is putting together the pieces into a coherent whole. They're not there yet, but they know where the pieces are. And so you have to be patient. I mean, people can't I hear people say, oh, this is the smoking gun. No, it's not. It's a painstaking, slow putting together of the case. And it seems very obvious now you can see the shape of the jigsaw puzzle.

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Let's play cut forty six. I just it's just strange credulity that he flies to China with his son and doesn't ask once. By the way, where are you going to go in China? You know, what are the are you doing business here that he makes all these calls to these four to dinners with foreign characters. And he doesn't say who were those guys?

Why were you meeting? It just it is not very believable. We have to find out the full story here. I think this is shaping up to be one of the greatest corruption scandals in the history of Washington. And that is saying a lot. Miranda, your reaction to Jonathan Turley, who's a very careful communicator in how he describes things. Do you think he's over the over the target here?

I do. I mean, I think he's right when he says it's the greatest corruption scandal in Washington history. And, you know, I just add a little extra to that, which is that it's a scandal that half the media does not want to cover. And that's the prestige so-called half of the media, which is The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN. It's incredible that The Washington Post, which broke Watergate, is now studiously avoiding either covering this story or when it does, like The New York Times and the rest of them.

It does it to carry water for Joe Biden, to protect Joe Biden. I mean, just the example yesterday of Devin Arches testimony, they all ran the readout from the point of view of Dan Goldman that all Joe Biden was doing was talking about the weather. I mean, if that was Richard Nixon, if that was Donald Trump, if that was any anybody, any Republican president or even any Democratic president in the past, they would not be making excuses for him.

It is just incredible. The corruption is staring us in the face. And yet we're being gaslit by the media. That's exactly the right word. You're exactly right.

Yes. And in the intelligence community, the FBI, the DOJ, you know, I think the reason is not that people necessarily are protecting Joe Biden, although Joe Biden is the puppet for somebody very powerful. But I think also and the stakes are very high because we're now in this proxy war with Russia. But I think that it's really that the people who created the cover up are now covering up for themselves. You know, they don't want to be outed. And this is what, you know, the little engine that could, this little under resourced six month investigation that James Comey is running out of the oversight committee.

People criticize them. They haven't got a lot of resources. They aren't the FBI. They don't have the resources of the Department of Justice.

They're not. Or a special counsel like Jack Smith, the killer. But they still are uncovering a lot of important facts and they're covering the money trail. They're getting whistleblowers to come forward. And it's all creating a really uncomfortable situation for Joe Biden, who, it's no surprise, has gone into the, you know, the proverbial basement.

I mean, he's at the beach, but effectively he can't be asked questions. And then he's just sent Dan Goldman out there who was, remember, he worked for the Democrats as a lawyer during the Trump impeachment. So he's out there just saying the most farcical things that do not pass the sniff test. But he gets away with it because it gets laundered as truth by that part of the media that's, for some reason, corrupted itself.

And I think it's corrupted itself because it's not even like it's, people say the corporate media, but who actually runs those, The Washington Post, who actually runs The New York Times. Something weird is going on and they're certainly in bed with the intelligence community. There's something not right here, Miranda, and I think you're super smart.

The gaslighting part of this is that decent people watch Dan Goldman. And you know what they say, Miranda? Oh, I must be missing something because there's no way someone could be that aggressive. Right. And like that intense for a lie.

No, he can. And it's they're so adamant, aren't they, Miranda? And it's like 10 out of 10 ferocious defense as if this they're they're completely innocent and they're wrongly accused.

Absolutely. And they're so cynical and they're so successful. And you just have to look at how Donald Trump was impeached for asking questions about all this corruption. He was impeached for something that Joe Biden did. Joe Biden was the one who threatened to withhold the one billion dollars in aid unless the prosecutor was fired, who was investigating his son's the company that was paying his son all that money. And, you know, those Ukrainians from that company were on a call with Joe Biden that Devin Archer testified about.

Although there's that's that is being contested. So we'll see what the transcript tells the great Miranda Devine. Miranda, you have done amazing work on this. And once this scandal is going to continue to blow up and you deserve a lot of credit. Thank you so much, Miranda Devine.

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Relief factor dot com. Joining us now is the legendary Edward Dowd, author of Cause Unknown. And thank you so much for joining the program, Cause Unknown, the epidemic of sudden deaths in twenty one and twenty two. So I have a question after now. All the data we have is the cause still unknown.

We put the title of the book in quotes, obviously tongue in cheek. The cause is known as far as we're concerned. We're 150 to 200 percent convicted that it's the vaccine.

And unless the authorities come forward and explain all the medical conditions that we're finding, the missed work time, the disabilities that are rising in the debt, the excess deaths, they really have nothing other than cover up in a crime at this point because they're not even talking about this. So can you just give some numbers as to the scale and why you are so confident? You're a very clear thinker, a very credible person.

How did you come to this? You know, these arguments, because to the regular media, this is still a largely radioactive subject. Well, the biggest smoking gun that I saw early on was the mix shift from old to young and excess deaths in 2020, we had five hundred thousand excess deaths in the US. Same number in twenty twenty one. The biggest problem with that, with those numbers was the mix shift from old to young, especially millennials and then especially working age millennials.

And the spoken gun for me was the society of actuaries, not even my numbers. They saw 40 percent excess mortality and their group life policy insurance between the ages of twenty five and sixty four. The US population experienced 32 percent excess mortality in twenty one. This relationship had always been those employed at Fortune 500 companies were always much healthier. They proved that in studies from the past. And so that that relationship flipped. Millennials are still experiencing 23 percent excess mortality in the group life policy section.

That's twenty five to forty four. So the excess deaths continue. And since I wrote my book, more data is rolled in on disability in the UK, the US.

We now have disability data that can get go down into what's going on with the human body systems and the causes. And it's off the charts. Ridiculous. So there's either fraud in the UK disability system. We dropped this report two weeks ago or they're hiding something. They're hiding horrendous increase in new claims that are just off the charts statistically and percent wise.

Is there any other possible rational explanation to to just devil's advocate that could possibly be able to make sense of these extraordinary spikes in excess death? That is, as you say, still continuing to this day in this year? Well, a lot of people in my comments say it's covered and they say, hey, hey, dummy, we have a pandemic. It's covered. Well, that's the case. Why did we declare the pandemic is over?

We do know that covid is mutated into Omicron, which is basically a cold. So if it's if it's if it's if it's if it's if it is covered, that is alarming. And the authorities are hiding that as well. So that's the only possible explanation.

But I suspect that's a joke. So, you know, we could play the B roll here, guys. And, you know, I feel like almost every other day I'm seeing, let's just say, a news item that seems unusual. Right.

I mean, Bronny James, we don't know what caused that, but there is speculation we're playing some B roll here on screen. Let's focus on the athletes in particular, which I think has received a fair amount of chatter online. Right.

These are obviously people that are in great shape. We did do a mass inoculation, mandatory mRNA shot campaign. Have we seen an increase in athletes, pericarditis, myocarditis, inexplicable collapses or other health issues in recent, let's just say, year and a half, two years?

Absolutely. So there was a study done. It's in my book. It's a study done in Switzerland. It was a 38 year study that examined sudden athletic death.

It was published, I think, in 2006. And it's found that globally there was an incidence of an average twenty nine sudden athletic deaths under the age thirty thirty five per year on average. And these were deaths that occurred on the field or on the way to the hospital. So did this phenomenon occur prior to twenty twenty one?

It sure did. But as a math guy, a statistics guy, a Wall Street guy, trend follower, the frequency of these now are off the charts. You know, we'd be lucky to have a month with just twenty nine since twenty twenty one deaths. You know, there are months with sometimes over a hundred of these these types of deaths. And, you know, you talked about the recent reemergence in the news of activity again.

You know, we don't comment on individual cases. But what's interesting to me is the frequency of the news items also kind of puts us what we saw in May and June in the US disability data, the metadata. So US disability data was around 30 million disabled individuals prior to twenty twenty one. It took off starting in February of twenty one to thirty three point two million to a high in September of twenty twenty two. The good news was that it slowed and kind of went sideways.

The bad news was it didn't return to trend. And then unfortunately, in May and June, we added one point three million new disabled individuals. So we were hovering around three point two million excess disabled people prior to twenty twenty one that we added a million in in two months, May and June. So whatever is going on statistically is reaccelerating this summer. And all of a sudden we see more anecdotes and more news stories. So there's a there is a coincidence there.

So, you know, I can say definitively the metadata is confirming what you're hearing anecdotally and what you're seeing in the news the last month or two. So just to make sure I heard this correctly, is that there was typically twenty nine to thirty five sudden deaths per year. And now there's thirty five every couple of weeks. Is that what you said? Is that right? No, no, I didn't say that there was twenty nine. On average, there's twenty nine a year globally.

Now we'd be lucky to have just one month with twenty nine sudden athletic deaths. Got it. OK, so it's about in my book. Yeah. So so what's going on?

And this is globally, of course, not just the U.S. Sure. So, you know, we were just playing some very, very compelling B-roll and showing people collapsing, you know, sports announcers, athletes. We hear the stories, right? We see also people such as Christian singer Tori Kelly gives update on scary blood clot hospitalization. What technically about the M.R.N.A. shot would lead us to believe that blood clot pericarditis, myocarditis would be connected to an M.R.N.A. shot?

What do we know about the technology of M.R.N.A. shots that would actually allow us to make this make sense? All right. So I'm going to delve into something that's not my my lane, but I've heard from some of the doctors, the front line doctors who blew the whistle on this early on. It seems to be that the spike protein is the cause of a lot of these different things that we're seeing. It can cause a folding of blood cells that then clump together and cause clots. So the spike protein seems to be the culprit. And unfortunately, in some individuals, well after their initial vaccination, they continue to produce the M.R.N.A.

or R.N.A. that makes spike protein well after it was supposedly supposed to stop. So they're kind of creating the little mini spike protein factories. And over time, this can accumulate and cause different organs and blood to be affected. So it presents itself in a variety of different manner. But it's the spike protein basically continues to be produced.

You know, yeah, the book is Cause Unknown, the Epidemic of Sudden Deaths. So and by the way, last time we had you on, our conversation was the highest performing episode of the last six months. So we're honored to have you back. So I'm going to ask, you know, this a different way. I want to make sure I'm not falling victim to confirmation bias.

I'm sure you're the same way, right? You see these videos, you see these news articles. What assurance can you give our audience or myself that we are not engaging in confirmation bias? Well, what I said earlier, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed in May and June, we re-accelerated the disabled, those identifying as disabled in the U.S., and we added 1.3 million in two months. It took 18 months to add 3.2 million. In the last two months, we added 1.3 million. So we're basically re-accelerating the disabled in this country.

And it's at the point now where I'm and my team, you know, Carlos and Yuri, my two partners, you know, we're finance guys. We're now looking economically what this is going to do to the country. I said in December to Ron Johnson, we have a national security problem here because this seems to be affecting the employed in our country because obviously they took the shots due to mandates. And so we have an employment problem, a labor problem. The Federal Reserve is looking at the unemployment number, which is being affected by disability. So they're getting the wrong signal.

Luke Gromen, an economist, he didn't blame the vaccines with pointing out the disability problem. So it's starting to get into people's heads that something has gone very wrong and it's going to affect lots of different things. The economy for years to come, supply chains, you name it, resources we're going to have to put to taking care of the disabled.

This is a disaster, in my humble opinion. So, Ed, stay there. I want to ask I want to tell our audience to go buy your book, Cause Unknown. What I want to talk about in the next segment is the gaslighting and the suppression and the cover up of this.

And, Ed, I want to compliment you on the book because what you have done is the worst crime you could do in public life. You've committed the crime of noticing. You are not allowed to notice things that the regime has not deemed acceptable. Can't notice that we have an open border, can't notice that our dollar is getting less valuable, and you can't notice that perfectly healthy athletes and 20-somethings are dropping because the cause is unknown. I think noticing is what makes us human. In fact, when you notice trends and you have pattern recognition, you're able to solve problems. Think of how many things you're not even allowed to notice.

In fact, that's when you're really going to get attacked. Hey everybody, Charlie Kirk here. MyPillow's 20-year anniversary, they're celebrating over 80 million pillows sold. Mike Lindell of MyPillow wants to thank you by giving you the lowest price in history on their MyPillows.

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On the queen size MyPillow, it's time to start getting the quality sleep you deserve. Go to and use promo code KIRK or call 800-875-0425. That's, promo code KIRK, receive this amazing offer on the queen size MyPillow. Let's support my friend Mike Lindell,, promo code KIRK.

That's, promo code KIRK. So, Ed, you are a thought criminal because you decided to notice a pattern. Any reaction to that about how widespread and how aggressive the suppression of noticing has been? Yeah, so when I started to notice this pattern, Twitter banned me in June of 2022.

Thankfully, Elon took over the company and put me back on in December. So Twitter has been kind of helpful to all of us, I think, but it's been suppression city. My book has been suppressed in that they don't talk about it. I haven't been on really any mainstream media.

The closest I can was Tucker Carlson's Fox Nation before they canned him. And so this is being suppressed and not even talked about. And the book is spreading word of mouth. Thankfully, our website, Finance Technologies, where we have all this research that shows everything is spreading.

It's spelled with a PH. We hit a million views finally after we dropped the UK PIP data, the disability data. What was interesting is we added about three hundred and thirty thousand views in one month. So what I'm noticing is being a trend follower is it seems to me that we're getting closer and closer to the event horizon of kind of this thing really inflecting. And this becoming common knowledge and word of mouth spread rather than the mainstream media or any government authority admitting this. I think this is just rapidly getting out there, which is good news, which would be an extraordinary accomplishment.

But if you were to speculate, I mean, you're a data guy, very accomplished investor in financial mind. I naturally gravitate to the why. Why is it that you can't even notice it? Why is it that this is the it's not even the third rail.

It is it is a level that you can't even begin to glance at. What is your being in the weeds on this and dealing with the incoming? What is your speculation as to why? Well, let's let's go back to who who said forget about whether this was done on purpose or is a screw up. Let's just put that aside for a second. When it did, when it did go down, there are a conspiracy of interest that stood to gain a tremendous amount of financial benefits and power.

Let's look at the three vertical. So the pharmaceutical industry is obviously, you know, number one, they stood to be able to push a product under the color of law that was mandated. So they obviously cut a lot of corners. Then we have big tech and media that saw advertising from pharma and also opportunities for surveillance.

There was talk of a vaccine passport forever. So big tech was definitely incentivized by new cash flow streams and advertising media. They were under the spell of the advertising and also the government. We found out gave them money to push the vaccine.

And then, of course, the politicians who stood to gain from, you know, constant crisis and emergency power and what have you. So it's three verdicts, big verticals that are basically implicated in this crime. And they're definitely trying to avoid the come to Jesus moment because it's going to implicate media, government and obviously pharma and big tech. And it's they're all complicit in the suppression of this.

Well, Ed, we have a word for this. Are you saying there's a conspiracy? A conspiracy of interests. And definitely, definitely a conspiracy of interest, whether or not there was a bunch of fat cats in a room drinking scotch, smoking cigars, laughing maniacally, doesn't matter.

The momentum in the land grab took on a life of its own. And now they're in cover up mode. None dare call it a conspiracy.

The book is Cause Unknown, Edward Dowd. And here's just a really simple question. If they had the truth on their side, why do they have to shut up anybody that asks questions about it?

It's just a really absolute. Absolutely. I mean, early on when this all started going down, I'm you know, I'm a data analyst, I'm a news junkie. And when I saw the front line doctor speak and immediately get censored and smeared, I'm like a moth to a flame. So I went and investigated what they were saying. And I quickly surmised that what they were saying had a lot of logic and truth behind it. And that's what really got me going on this journey of mine.

So I'm in a very similar boat. Yeah. I mean, I don't have I don't really. And still to this day, I don't have that strong opinions on the vaccine thing. I find it interesting. But I just asked our audience, hey, does anybody know anybody in your family or circle that has had a negative adverse event to the covid vaccine?

Thousands of emails at thousands. I was like, well, that's interesting because the media told me that it's perfectly safe and effective. And we just started asking questions and we were called anti Vax and all this. I said, you know what? Screw you. I'm going to try to find the truth here. And I'm not going to stop asking questions because I don't I hope I don't live in a version of Soviet Russia. Ed, thank you for your courage. It's refreshing.

The book is Cause Unknown. And quit that noticing. Ed, be an obedient member of the regime.

If you notice, you are a thought criminal. Thanks so much. Thank you. Email us freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com.

Again, in life, if you are using power to shut up the opposition, you're probably worried that they're on to something. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us your thoughts is always freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening. And God bless.

For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to Charlie Kirk dot com. You've spoken and we've heard you loud and clear. We're proud to announce our brand new ACLJ life and liberty drive. Our legal teams will be focusing on the issues that you've told us matter the most to you, life and religious liberty. We're redoubling our efforts to beat back the radical left's attacks on your constitutional religious freedoms and to defend the sanctity of human life. This is your moment to get in the fight.

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