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MmHmm/Mm-mm: Packers Draft, Brock Purdy, Jets dysfunction, Bucks trade market

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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February 1, 2024 6:00 am

MmHmm/Mm-mm: Packers Draft, Brock Purdy, Jets dysfunction, Bucks trade market

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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February 1, 2024 6:00 am

Need a place to talk sports? You've come to the right place! Paul and Grant join Bart to discuss some of the hot topics in the NFL as well as take a look at what the Bucks could do at the trade deadline

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You need Indeed. Good morning, everybody. Welcome back into the Winklerverse.

I'm Bart Winkler. We have our weekly turning into biweekly. But that's not the efforts. We just, you know, life is happening.

But we're doing it this week. So that's good. It's brought to you by our good, good buddies at Tupelo Honey. You can check them out.

They are downtown in Milwaukee. I have been there no less than four times since December 1st. Really nice. I feel like that's pretty good. You didn't catch me in a Perkins that often.

I'll tell you that much. Tim. When are you going to get a menu item though named after you or a breakfast? Yeah. No, no, no.

That was when I was younger and I needed the ego and the attention. Oh, come on. I don't, I don't, I don't, I just, I just want people to have a good time and to enjoy their meals at Tupelo Honey Cafe. Check out the menu.

Make your reservations downtown Milwaukee. Check them out. Oh shit. What? I forgot about something, but I'll remember it in a little bit. Okay. Grant Bills is here.

I am. Paul Emmick's here really testing the Wi-Fi capability. How, how is it? Let me know if it's sketchy. I can move.

He's on his home Wi-Fi, but he went all the way down somewhere else. Is it, is it sketchy? Wait, is it, is it bad? Let me know if it's bad.

No, it's good. You got, you got a beautiful backyard. That's beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. By the way, where are you situated right now?

Bart? Where am I? I'm in. If you look behind you in the back left, I'm in that window.

Buddy, let's just do it. I just, I saw more ass than I wanted to see. I saw more ass that I wanted to see right there as he stood up. That was... Did you get ass? Maybe a little. That's fine. I mean, it's fine. Close.

That's, that's, that's just for the YouTube streamers. My pants don't wear right. I wonder why. Do you need to go up a size? Do you need to go up one?

To quote Gary Ellerson. Do I need to go up one? I am. No, I think I just, I need, I need my butt to get bigger. Yeah. Yeah. Cause my butt's pretty flat.

You might've just seen it, but it's pretty flat and it doesn't, it doesn't like catch my pants. Interesting. Yeah. Well, that's good.

I don't have this problem. Well, I got to, I got my butt like inverts. Interesting. Like conclaves. Is that the word?

Like an alcove? Do you anticipate bringing this to the national perspective? To talk about my butt? Yeah. Fun fact. No, but I did. I did bring a Bart Winkler fun fact last night. I did. I just finished, I just finished what was Monday nights.

So what happened on Tuesday nights? Oh, I told Shep that I couldn't snap. Oh, you can't, I don't think I knew that. Or did I know that? How are you supposed to do it?

No one has ever needed to know that fact about anyone. I've never, I couldn't tell you which one of my friends can and can't snap their fingers. That's not, but literally how do you do it?

I think they can all grant. The answer is they can all snap because it's easy. How? The snap is your middle finger hitting middle finger, hitting the pad below your thumb. That's where the snap comes from.

Bart create the friction. Oh, that's gross. It's look like you're, it looks like you are learning to how to use your hand again when you do that. Like you're someone that was in an accident and now you're working with a therapist to regain use of your fingers.

Like that's how it looks on the YouTube stream. Of course, thanks to Dan Cheney. You know, Dan Cheney saved my ass because when I switched to him for insurance, he's like, Hey, uh, you do your show in your basement. Don't you? I go, yeah, Dan. And he's like, you have no basement flood insurance. And I'm like, no, Dan. Yeah, I do. That's like the number one thing we're afraid of. He's like, well, do you want some?

And that's like, thank you, sir. So does it, does it flood in Shorewood a lot? Uh, there's been basements that have flooded. Um, we don't, we haven't gotten it in our time here, but when I lived in Fond du Lac, Oh man, we had, we like, so based on me and their whole man, we had basement flooding is like a, I had something I think about a lot as a homeowner and even as a home liver. Well, as a renter, I almost left the stove on. The only reason I didn't is because I forgot my coffee.

And when I came back up to get it this morning, the stove was still on. So, Oh boy. Well, um, I think we can, uh, talk about some sports if you'd like and stuff, right.

And some stuff. Yep. Do you want to do some Packers, some bucks or some general NFL? Ooh. Why don't we do Packers, Packers. All right.

I've got one of those. This is going to drop either. I think I'm putting this on YouTube, like right before bucks blazers. But it's going to post like kind of after bucks blazers. So I don't know what's going to happen in that game. Probably Dame goes out for 55 or 75. Since everyone does it.

Once, once he gets 70, I said to my friends, well, you might as well get 80. Might as well, as long as he doesn't get the Carl Anthony towns treatment and get benched down the stretch, going for 60, 70 bones. Um, we'll start with Packers. Kind of a bummer to have to ask this question because obviously it means that the season is over, but it seems unanimous. Correct me if you guys disagree about the biggest positional needs this off season, but corner safety and offensive line. If the Packers used their first round pick on one of these positions, the one that would make you sigh and roll your eyes the most. Cause I think each of them is like, okay, like they drafted a guard or like, Oh God, Oh God, another corner or like, Oh goody, another safety Savage and Clinton Dick.

Like none of them have had like, to me, they all have levels of I roll miss and kind of like to me, the one that would make you have a reaction like that, the most of the three would be safety or, well, I'll tell you what I want. Um, in my draft picks, I want, I want to not lose the way we just lost. So remember the year that David Bach, Tiare didn't play. I do. Which one?

Thank you. Um, I figured it was the original injury, but yes, good, good point. Uh, no, I didn't even know what year I was referencing 20, 20 new year's Eve.

So he doesn't play. I want, I want like, we got to, we, I think, I think we win that game with David Bach, Tiare, maybe though we even win the Niners game was Zach Tom. Um, some people are saying that's the new version of the old David Bach, Tiare.

It's cool. We have a new, a newer updated version of that tape now. But we lost that game cause Darnell Savage dropped a football. So I want to, I, I would be okay with, with safety. Who are even the safeties next year, Anthony Johnson Jr. And then we have another guy named Anthony Johnson.

I think we have two guys named Anthony Johnson. Is that right? I think you're right.

But I think it's not, by the way, I am very anti the Mike McDonald hire. Oh yeah. Interesting.

That's has nothing really to do with what we're talking about, but I'm glad it does. Mike McDonald, Mike McDaniel, Mike McCarthy, Sean McDermott, Sean McVay. Okay. What are we doing?

I do look forward to hearing you say that from a national perspective, from a national perspective as well. Again, I'm talking about like an early draft actually a very good hire for them. Yes. The only reason I would say that, I mean, again, as I kind of alluded to, but like Savage and Clinton Dicks were not exactly a plus first round draft picks.

And so like, I would just kind of feel like, Hey man, if you just drafted Kyle Hamilton, amazing. Right. But I, there's kind of two big L's recent L's staring you in the face as a package fan at the safety position in the first round. But okay.

So which, so that wouldn't, so which one of them would actually give you your, your, your eye roll? Maybe, I don't know, offensive line is just so like, why did, why did I get like, I got to spend a Thursday night to draft some guy, I don't know, on the offensive line and then watch, watch the video where they like have to circle the guy. Cause nobody knows who, but I'm like watching the receivers and that's what it's always been like. It's like, here's, I know you guys didn't get Justin Jefferson, but here's the guy that blocked for him. But still, even though they gray everything out and put a little circle around him, I'm like watching Justin Jefferson in there. I'm like, why don't we get that guy?

I don't know. I'm I really don't care what they draft. Rogers is gone. So I don't like need a receiver.

Also, we have receivers. Also, do you want to talk about Rogers or not? So I have a topic under my general NFL that says, by the way, I do want to finish this one. Do you want to talk about, I've been right about everything once again? Yeah. Once again, my, just, you know, here's my Rogers sort of topic that I might propose later. Let's talk about the athletic story on the Jets and Rogers or, so let's, let's, let's, we can, we can go there, but, but Grant first, just because Bart chose to start with Packers, let's at least honor that offensive line safety and corner three of the biggest needs, the one that would give you the most, Oh, come on. Oh, I don't know. Eye roll, whatever you do safety or, and we're saying in the first round specifically, first round.

Yeah. I would definitely roll my eyes most at safety. And that's not because they don't need safe. Like they do need safety, but you know, my draft guy right now is Peter Bukowski.

I'm ride or dying with his early projections and commentary from the senior bowl and such. Like, I just don't think there are any first round safeties in this draft. Like, I don't think there are safeties that are worth taking in the first round.

So get a player that you can't get somewhere else, right? If you can get a tackle or a corner, they need a whole bunch of corners. Like I want to come away from this draft with three, with two or three corners that I like between two second rounds, two third rounds, two fourth rounds, right?

Like I want some corners. I don't want to safety in the first round. Cause I don't think there's a safety worth drafting. I think what goody will do and what he's shown to do the last couple of years is like the first round, he's just going to take some high level kind of boomer, but like not fun maker, Giannis type players, but really tools, he really raw. Like this guy could be incredible one day for Sean, Gary's still waiting, Lucas van Ness.

And then we'll start to address needs as our board falls round two, three, four. So I think first round with goody is always a crapshoot, but I would definitely roll my eyes if he took a safety. Cause I don't think there's a first round.

There's no Kyle Hamilton in this draft. So I would roll my eyes definitely if they took a safety at what, 25 overall. Yeah.

So yes, I would roll my eyes most at a safety Paul. Thank you. I'm back.

Hi. I was listening to the computer. No good with the computer. Yeah.

We're just going to try the phone instead. All right. So because I had a great answer, but I heard the whole thing. I was listening as I was looking for some place to charge the computer.

Didn't find it. And so switched over, but I did hear the whole thing. It was a good answer. Peter Bukowski is your, your draft guy, ride or die.

There's no safety worth drafting. It's not Kyle Hamilton. Pretty good recap, right? He did hear it. Okay. Yep. He got it. He got it. Proof proof.

The analytics are telling me we should do a different topic. Okay. Oh yeah, sure. I just want to be the, I just want to be the only other guy on this pod to steal that from grant and played off as his own. I asked for permission. I stole something from you the other night and I can't remember what it was. It was one of the best things you've said in a while. And I was just going to, I wasn't going to credit you. And I said it. And in my head, as I'm saying it, I'm like, God damn, that's so good.

Like I can't, I said, I said like, I was going to steal this, but that's really good. Like that's the part, but you don't remember what it was. I can't remember what it was. No. The other night I was talking about how like your first love or breakups or, you know, heartache, like all time does heal all wounds, but not sports wounds.

Sports wounds somehow get deeper. And then some guy called in and he's like, Oh, I liked it. I like what you said there. I go, yeah, that was really good of me. I think I earned my paycheck tonight. And he's like, yeah, I agree.

Yep. I'm now in, now in week five, I'm getting a little more like me. I like self-affirmation humor always when you say something good. And then to me like, that was a good riff by me. Like I'm pretty talented. I can see why I got this job now over all those other loser applicants.

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You need Indeed. Let's talk about the athletic story on the jets and Rogers or. So I would just like to bring up that nothing that I read in this piece. And if you didn't read the piece, basically it's everything that you would think would happen. It's everything that pretty much happened, but the Packers had more checks and balances to make it from being all the way this.

But I think that even like the limited information that we saw, it just it was basically about how, how much the jets were a disaster. And it was a lot of because Aaron Rogers and them basically letting it be. And you know, even Nathaniel Hackett's way worse than like he's way worse than we think. Also we treat Nathaniel Hackett like he's like, he grew up with Rogers.

These guys have known each other for like four years. Which is also plays into previous Rogers takes that you or we've had in the past. It all, it all fits. You can take all of these little tidbits and news stories and fit them into, to compartments and to takes that we've had in the past. I think one of my biggest takeaways is that Salah is as dumb of an idiot as I thought he was. This don't let him take your phone. Okay. This, this was not, this was not an anti Rogers story to me.

This is Holy smokes. Like Salah is not good at this. And Hackett is, he's not just stupid.

He might be lazy and he doesn't communicate well. And like, this was not anti Rogers. I don't, I don't know that we learned anything new about Rogers.

This was more about how everyone with the jets is really incompetent. I don't know if we learned anything new about Rogers, but we sure as hell confirmed a lot of suspicions and previous assumptions. Like I, I just, so I did learn, or at least again, confirm things I thought I knew about Rogers. No. Confirm. Maybe I said all the things I've just been saying with no real evidence, but just new in my heart were true.

That's nice. One could frame that differently, Bart and say that you've simply been rewarded for bad behavior with your, your takes and opinions. But I mean, this stuff isn't hard. Like, I guess the one thing that I had confirmed about Rogers and this is he would rather have a worse offensive coach, Nathaniel Hackett, then like he would re he would rather make life harder for him in the offense because he likes an offensive coordinator. Right. He would rather keep a bad coach around cause he likes him. He's comfortable with him. That, that, that was, I would say because he can override him, like the example in the training camp, he makes him spill. He makes him do this whole offense just so that he can check out of it.

Right. And then Hackett, even like the quote from the training camp thing, which was Hackett saying how many times Nathaniel Hackett say, well, that's what Aaron wants. Well, that's what Aaron wants. He needs a guy that's going to say, all right, man, whatever you want. That's cool.

All right. Whatever you run the show. And he, he has that guy, he has Hackett. He can override anything Hackett does or says because Hackett will happily step aside and defer. That's what I mean.

That's one of my takeaways from it, for sure. I also, I don't know how much Roger still has left in the tank, but you get Pete Carroll or Bill Belichick or even Mike Vrabel in there. And I think you have immensely better odds of getting to a Superbowl than you do with Robert Salah.

You're not going to get there with Salah. There was one thing where he was talking about. And this was funny, cause I, I kind of pointed it out.

I saw other people pointed out, so I won't say it's all me. But like the jets were bad and everyone's just shitting on them and the giants were bad. And everyone's like, Hey, it's a Tommy at the veto. And Salah is like, he would often bring up in his mind, the giants don't get as much negative coverage as the jets calling it unfair, like leave, get out of the league.

You can't be a coach and give a shit about that. And then when there was someone leaked something and he goes, give me your phones. You won't get in trouble. Yeah, that was funny. This is, this is kindergarten. This is bad kindergarten teacher behavior. Like not even a good kindergarten teacher, Robert Salah, nobody, nobody's, nobody's like, Hey, we know teachers don't make as much money as they should. Can we pool together a little bit of money for classroom supplies for our teacher? They won't even bring this guy a fucking Apple, man. That sucks.

It is amazing. I don't like, I, I, I, I, I, I just, I just, I despise what he is as a coach. He is, you know, in this, in this industry of football men and football guys and the manliest of the manly, he like, he can't even talk. I bet he can't even win an argument in the mirror.

Like guy is a soft man, soft man. The guy in the mirror, to be fair is my toughest opponent in, in debates. But yeah, the guy, I don't know much about the guy in the mirror, but he fucking hates this guy.

He hates him. What did you make of it all, Paul? He was saying, but I interrupted him.

Well, no, I mean, I do think it was raw. I mean, again, I was reading it from a Packard's perspective and just reminding you of like the Allen Lazard, 44 million that we all scoffed at. And it was like, okay. And then Billy Turner and then Randall Cobb and just all of this where it was, Oh, okay.

Here's the one quote that hasn't been mentioned yet. The, uh, it was an AFC general manager who told the athletic, um, Joe Douglas or Aaron's not the assistant GM. Joe Douglas is the assistant GM.

You say, this isn't a Rogers story. And that's true because that's jets mouth. That's just jets malfunctioning and, you know, doing the wrong things, but that's what Rogers wanted in green Bay.

That's what Rogers was teetering on having to way too far of a degree in green Bay. And it reminded me like just after the season, the Packers just had, and of course, obviously the heartbreak at the end with how close they were to having a massive upset. Think about how much better this season has been for the Packers. I mean, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's like, oh, this is good. This is, and what a better position the Packers are in right now than what the jets are in and how wonderful it is that like, the one thing I almost texted you guys after reading it was, can you imagine being given an early second round pick in exchange to have this headache go away?

Like you should have to pay assets to get rid of this nonsense. And instead of like, Hey, would you like an early second round pick for you to no longer have to deal with this? I should have been a first, should have been first, should've been a first.

65% of the snaps, which was not quite enough. But I thought that was like, this was what I think, again, go back to draft night on April of 2020 with Jordan Lovepick, and I'm sure a lot of people, Bart Winkler, Ryan Horvat's opinions have changed since April of 2020, but it was a huge move by Gudekins to, honestly, in hindsight especially, to not call Rodgers, to not ask Rodgers, to not give him a heads up, like, no, you're the GM, Brian Gudekinst. The quarterback is the quarterback. Like, I know, oh, you should have told him, and Rodgers, of course, wanted to be told, and oh, you hurt my feelings, and we need to have better lines of communication. Fuck you, you're the quarterback. Do your job.

Stay out of this other job. And now the Jets, who are so dysfunctional and need so much help as an organization, made things even worse for themselves because they let the guy, they let Aaron have what he always wanted in Green Bay. So, I guess there's my thoughts, at least some of them. It's a Jets problem. It's not Aaron's fault that they gave him run of the roost, right? And Aaron got hurt. But here's the thing, Aaron is not a good GM.

No. He's not a good talent evaluator. We have seen this before. So, again, it's kind of like, if Bill Belichick had just been the head coach of the Patriots, the past five years of Patriots asset accumulation, Bill Belichick has been really bad, but he's probably still a really good coach. With Rodgers, you would like to think, honestly, we can talk about this with Giannis and Adrian Griffin in a little bit, but you shouldn't pick the coach. You shouldn't veto Nick Nurse.

John Horst, pick the head coach. You go be one of the best players in the world, stay in your lane. You know, and I think it's often a problem that happens when superstars become superstars and they just, they play outside of their space. Rodgers is playing outside of his space and he's not good at it. But yet he's being allowed to do it because the Jets are a horrible franchise.

Yeah, that much is true. It's like they didn't even acquire him for the quarterback skill. They acquired him for the celebrity. Well, so far they didn't acquire him to play quarterback because all four snaps of it. I just feel for Zach Wilson.

Guy was never good enough to be drafted that high. Yeah. Okay. That's fair. Then he gets made to do this.

Then he's like, Hey, all right, we're going to give you a red shirt here. You need it. Oh, thank God. This is, I think I can play in this league.

There's a lot to process still for me. Psych. Oh, now we're going to bench you for Tim Boyle and you're never going to play again. Nevermind.

Oh, psych. We suck. And you're our best option. Oh, great.

I'll play. Hey, you did pretty well. How do you feel? Pretty shitty.

I have a concussion now. Thank you. Thank you for asking. That's how do you feel? How do you feel Zach Wednesday? No.

Oh shit. He's hurt. That's about all I have to say about the jets. To me, it was, it wasn't anything new about Aaron Rogers.

I don't think it was an Aaron Rogers hit piece. It was just a story about how the jets are the jets. So I guess maybe we learned nothing new.

We learned details that confirmed what we basically already thought. Well, we learned that I can get 15 minutes out of it on CBS sports radio. And isn't that the greatest gift of all?

This might be a better national topic than it is a local topic part. I think it is. I assume you'll get, I assume you'll get at least 15 minutes out of this, right? At least. Oh, this is, I mean, nineties cable reruns and Aaron Rogers slander.

Why am I on earth? There was a caller the other night that asked you if you had seen a show from the nine. It wasn't Melrose place. It was big Ron. That was big Ron. He asked if I saw a team.

Yeah, that was it. Like he should know. He should definitely know better.

I didn't, I didn't notice that that was big run. Oh, and shout out that, you know, when I get like, it's like midnight and I got a tweet from Jerry and it's like 1230, one 30 big Ron's time. And he's still calling like, that really means a lot to me.

Like sincerely, that means a lot. It's really cool to hear from you guys. Do you know if any like national listeners have come and found the, into the Winkler verse pod? There is one guy, um, when I would do Saturdays, his name is Tim from Arizona. And he said, yeah, I heard you said you're a Packer fan. I don't know what he sounds like, but he says, you're a Packer, you're a Packer fan. And so I checked out your podcast and I've been watching all your post-games Tim and Kingman, Arizona. We have a caller, uh, to our network who calls all the time. Kind of an old age, maybe interesting.

It could very well be, he was already into the Winkler verse. Um, I gotta do a read here. Do a thing. Happy place. is where you can get some great gummies that are very yummy for you. Um, no, they have been great.

I've been talking about this happy place. promo code is Bart 25% off each and every order I can go show you my stash. If you'd like to see them. Um, I've got the Delta eights. I've got the Delta nines getting a little low on the CBD CBNs because the first week of work, I said this the other day, but the first week of work, I was coming home and plop. And then, uh, there was a night I didn't take one. I was like, ah, maybe I'll just lay down. Oh, I'm up till three. I just lay in bed. If I don't take one and do nothing and do what I check my draft Kings transaction balance, I'm having a fucking awful year like draft because I do the night show. So I watch a night basketball game.

So I do a $15 contest and I'm losing my ass. So, um, I need to take a gummy just to alleviate from that. Happy place promo code is Bart tinctures, balms, the CBD like lotion, uh, that may or may not have cured my gout.

You even remember, you even heard me talk about gout in a long time. Um, I don't know. I got some armpit problems. Maybe I'll just love, I don't know if that'll work. Maybe just rather Delta aid gummy and see what happens.

Uh, my pits, that's a different topic. Happy place hemp promo code is Bart 25% off every order. Still every order and free shipping and extended hours on select days during the week in Muskego. If you want to go in and ask some questions yourself, but they have been huge supporters from day one to the podcast. I don't know that we make it two months without them honestly, and they're continuing to support here and I love it.

Happy place promo code brought 35% off. By the way, speaking of things that didn't happen or did happen, that, uh, that led to this moment, batteries plus ever find their social media guy. What if, what, what if, what if I did get that job? Yeah.

You were overqualified was the issue probably. And then, and then, uh, CBS is like, Hey, you know, I still would have done a weekend shift and they were like, ah, can you fill in for writer or Rome? I go, I'd love to, but we got a new line of D just dropping. We got a new, we got a new, like you can charge your batteries with your USB and I gotta get five posts out on this by tomorrow. So I would, I would love to pick up an extra shift, but we got a big meeting on how to attack our batteries plus thread strategy. Yeah.

I have to call you back just to cater. Yeah. All right. I'm going to do one more general NFL topic because I don't know how it's going to go and I'm not even sure I know what I feel on this. So let's just see if this goes anywhere.

I'm going to baby golf camera for a sec. Cause I'm on my phone so I can read it. Cause the way I wrote it, I feel like is important to get right between Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy. If one of them is going to have a career that most closely resembles, let me try again. If one of them is going to have a career that most closely resembles the key narratives of Tom Brady's career, it's Brock Purdy.

So let me tell you what, let me tell you what's in my head. Obviously the late picks between Purdy and Brady sort of like just the, they win. Like if you were to say like one thing that made Tom Brady arguably the best quarterback of all time, like I don't know. He wins, right? Does he ever, does he win? He wins, right? He wins. I think the biggest thing on Purdy early on is he's a really late round pick Brady. He wins, right? Like what do you say, man? He wins.

It's the most important thing he wins. But then with Mahomes, it's like part of a new dynasty, all these super bowl appearances likely to have multiple super bowl rings, maybe not six, but maybe something close. So I feel like there's something here that I'm in my head where I'm like, they both really kind of like, at first I was going to ask you guys like, would it be the craziest thing in the world if we woke up in 15 years and Brock Purdy had had Tom Brady's career? Yes. Well, I don't know, man. Like if, I don't know.

I'm not sure. And again, that's not me saying that Brock Purdy is great. Like, can you, can you have a, can you have these two distant disparate thoughts where it's like, Purdy is fine. Also, he might have Tom Brady's career.

Are those two things so wildly different that they can't possibly be both true? Do you know what I'm saying? Like, I don't know. He's good. He's a, he's the 10th best quarterback in the league, but also I wouldn't be shocked if he won five super bowls.

Not as the best player, not as the key reason, but I don't know. Uh, I'm going to be quiet and listen to you guys either trash the thought, trash the question, or maybe give something insightful. You care?

No, please. I just hate Brock Purdy discourse. Cause each one of these shows, I like sports TV.

Like I do. I like some of these debates. I don't watch a ton of it, but I think this is a different angle and we're just, you know, no, no, no, no.

It is. And I, I didn't mean that to say like, Paul, I hate that you asked this question. That's not what I meant. It's it's that I watched these debate shows and the guy on one side of the table is like, Purdy, isn't good. And then the guy on the other side of the table, but he wins, how can you say he's not good? And we've been doing that for, I've had those arguments with myself.

Mm hmm. Um, man, Brady, Brady's weird. I guess I think Purdy can win and win at the highest level if he has McCaffrey and Kittle and IU and Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams and a really hard hitting defense. And God obviously is on his side with some of the dropped picks and the tip. I mean the fluke tie you, I wanted to kill myself when that happened. I'm like, I, this isn't a Packer game, but it feels like one. So I was, I was laying with my son and he was playing with his tablet and all of a sudden the tablet noise went from like seven to a million.

And my son was like claustrophobic. I started shaking. It's like, this can't be happening. It is happening.

It hurts to even see it happen to another team. Um, no, I don't, I'd be, I'd, I'd be amazed if Purdy wins a Superbowl this year. I don't think he's ever, I don't think you can win a Superbowl with Brock Purdy. I, the, the problem with Brock Purdy is cause I, I did get to a point when I watched him beat the Cowboys. I was like, all right, this guy's good.

I remember this guy's good. Uh, I think there's other guys that could step in and still take the Niners to a Superbowl. Um, if you put him on like the saints, maybe they're a playoff team.

They were nine wins. If you put him on maybe another team, they're a playoff team. If you put them on the Panthers, he's awful.

I mean, there's no way. Um, but he is doing a good job with the tools that he, he has. And then the offense that he has and he's, you know, doing well, he played very, I think the thing that's bothering me the most about the game on a Sunday is if you think of his five best plays, one was a mistake and four were runs.

Yeah. And we've, we've always been bitching about quarterbacks being running quarterbacks and this whole thing about being quarterback. He like, he didn't look very quarterback.

No. And the one throw to Juwan Jennings was like, he looked like Charles Woodson at Michigan going up and getting that ball. Like what if he doesn't care? What if he doesn't make that one handed catch, but he wins. I would rather have Jordan love than Brock Purdy, but it's Brock Purdy better than Jordan love because well, here, this is a nuanced point that I'm gonna try to see if I can find my way to, but if Brock Purdy, let's say in two years he gets his extension and let's just talk about like today's dollars, like not sure what the cap is going to do in two years, but like let's say Brock Purdy was able to be extended this off season. Would he maybe only get like 30 million compared to Jordan loves 45 to 50 million? Like is there another team who would be enough of a threat to sign Purdy because they think, Oh, let's give this guy 50 because he's the answer to our franchise's problems. So one thing that was in my head was like, is Purdy just barely not great enough that no franchise is going to throw 50 mill a year at the guy and thus by making 25 to 30 million, it allows the team around him to be better. So he's like in this perfect little spot where he's not so good that he's a $50 million quarterback. He's clearly not bad enough where you look to replace him. He's definitely good enough to do that.

So like he might fit in this perfect little window where complimented by Kyle Shanahan, which is the absolute perfect coach, offensive play caller quarterback tandem that you could have. I don't know there. I, I, am I crazy? Do you think he's better than Jordan love?

No, definitely not. Would you rather have Jordan love at 50 mill a year or Brock Purdy at 30 love? No, you guys that's, that's, that's too big of a discrepancy and that's now again, I'm okay. So let me know your Tom Brady thing. Tom Brady never had a team like this. Don't forget about the Randy Moss years.

So let's be careful. Like Brady was Christian McCaffrey Brady had Gronkowski for, he might've had Deebo Samuel, but it was Troy Brown. Wait, wait, are we, wait, who is the Randy Moss in this equation? Well, the year he had Moss was different. Yeah. So forget about me saying never and, and, and again, Gronkowski would be, well, you know, weapon number one on elite Gronk versus like elite McCaffrey are interchangeable.

They're both just, you can't do better than that. Just about every defense Brady ever had saved for maybe 2018 was better than this defense that pretty has this year. Just about every single one. I will not stand for going back and revising Brady.

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The whole time he was in new England. Well, his defense is amazing. Well, his supporting cast, always coaching staff.

But now cause Belichick had a couple of rough years with Mac Jones and Bailey Zappi, we want to go and revise history of how Tom Brady carried the Patriots all those years. I won't have it. I won't have it. I won't stand for it.

I won't be a part of that. Hmm. Okay.

Well, I do, I, I do the, let me just let in on a secret here. The Barto meter that I've been doing on CBS. I feel like I need to put Brock Purdy ahead of Jordan love for the Barto meter. May I, may I object just to emphasize that the Barto meter is not me.

Okay. So as long as it's part of the bit, okay. I mean, they're close.

Like it's not, it's not like we're talking about the fourth best and the 15th best QBs in the league, right? Cause the other night Shep goes, Bart, do you think Bart? He goes, Bart, how much do you think? I go 85%. And he goes, what?

I go is because he beat my Packers. Yes. 85%. Yeah. I mean, no, my thing with Brock Purdy is I got to a place where I saw he was good. Yeah. And I was like, all right. Yeah. He's good. He's good. Everyone. Everyone's always like, Oh, Mr. Irrelevant.

That don't matter. I watched him. He was good. And then I watched him in the playoffs and he's bad. This is bad.

This is not good. He's not bad, but the biggest plays that he's had, he's gotten way too much glow from them. Not being things that, you know, and he has not been punished for like a single one of his bad plays.

Like none of these kind of hitting, would you say rewarded for bad behavior for bad behavior? It's no wonder you don't like him. He goes against your number one critique. Look, we're going to, we're going to get to the super bowl and it's going to be very apparent how not to go get something. Go ahead.

Yeah. What I'm about to say won't matter. You don't need to hear it. I listened back. So when you guys trash me, when I leave, I always hear it.

I would never trash. We're going to get to the super bowl and it's going to be very clear cut and obvious. Paul that Brock Purdy does not belong. He was not as good as Jordan love. He was not as good as Jared Goff who played pretty darn good in that game actually. And if not for a couple of drop passes and some kind of unlucky bounces, he should have advanced like Brock Purdy has no business being in this game. And now you're going to put him opposite Patrick Mahomes who has like one bad half of playoff football in over a dozen games now.

No. So we're going to get to the end of this game and be like, Oh, Brock pretty. So Brock pretty wasn't good enough and probably wasn't good enough to advance as far as he did in the playoffs. It's certainly not good enough to go up against an elite quarterback from the AFC and actually win a game.

So here's my, here's my counter. And I absolutely hate that it might sound like in this conversation, I'm the most pro Brock birdie guy, because that's actually not the case. I just think we need to acknowledge like he's, he's, he's an above average NFL quarterback. He is, but it's probably sounds like I'm, I believe more strongly than that.

I don't, here's my biggest point though. If you're going to compare like Mahomes and Purdy Mahomes is taking up, I'm going to make up these numbers, but it's going to be close 25% of the chief's cap. No. Well, Purdy is taking up less than 1% of his team's cap. So in theory, Mahomes has to be 25 times better than Purdy. Mahomes has to be 25 times better than Purdy for their value. Like it could be because the 49ers get to be that much better as an overall roster than the chiefs. Chief's defense is better.

The chiefs have a much better defense. I'm not saying that's not true, but I'm just saying from a resource allocation perspective, Purdy is in the position he's in and that's okay. So here's the question I'm going to force you to answer. If Purdy was in the exact same contract situation right now as love where it's like, all right, he's getting extended this off season. It's going to be a big number.

Prepare for sticker shock. If Purdy was in that same position as love this off season, what do you think the Purdy number is and where would it fall in comparison to what the love number will be? I don't know. Let me put it this way. More than you are trying to get me to say.

We don't sign mid-tier quarterback contracts in this league unless it's Baker Mayfield. Why do you have wine? Why do I have what? Wine? It's three o'clock. Yeah, no, he won't be.

No, the Niners aren't going to have to pay him that much. Are you asking why I have a bottle of my Tupelo honey tipsy hen wine? Oh, I see what you did.

Is it pretty good? I've been waiting two weeks for this and then we recorded and I forgot. Oh, that's brutal. Oh, I had to go downstairs and have my wife open a bottle of wine for me because I don't know how. Isn't she working right now? She's at home. Working at home? Working. Working from home. Honey, can you open this bottle of wine for me for a bit?

That's exactly what I said. The tipsy hen won't drink any old wine. She demands a wine as rich and varied as the colors of the morning, subtle with vibrant aromas of dark plum and cherry, bold hints of vanilla and spice, and always, always a long silky finish for the happiest hour and the happiest of hours. Tupelo honey, tipsy hen wine.

It's better than an orgasm, not that he's ever had one. Better out of the bottle too. All wine is, let's be real. Love drinking.

Well, this is a great bit and all, but part of my problem is I can go days, weeks without, but once I have that first sip, the day is torched. Now we're fucked. I can't wait to listen to your show tonight. God damn it. Good stuff. Good stuff.

I don't care to talk about Brock, but we can talk more about him after he gets out last in the Super Bowl because that's what's going to happen. Let's wrap up with a Bucky bucky buckaroo. The analytics have never been clear to move to bucks. All right.

I have two of them. With doc rivers, replacing Adrian Griffin, his head coach, the bucks clearly just increased their chances of winning the NBA finals. Did you hear the question I got last night?

I've not heard Tuesday night episode yet about grant. Did you hear that about betting? This guy said he had a bet where it was two exact outcomes.

Niner's chief Superbowl and bucks nuggets finals. And he said he put like a hundred, but it would pay out 13 grand and they'll have him cash out right now at 900. And I said, I said, don't cash out yet. I said, there's a false level of a rush because you got one right in the Super Bowl is coming up. The 900 should only go up as we get closer to the finals.

But once you get to like, yeah, dealer, no dealer, once you get to like two K three K you got to bail because bucks nuggets, ain't going to be the finals. Who's it going to be? Who's going to be guys. I got to tell you who I'm going to put some money on. Just admit it. I know who it is. I know you're not going to like it. I, well, you're, you're not going to like it.

I'll be, yeah. What in the East? You think it's going to be Celtics?

I think that's what you're going to say. No, I'm going to tell you that there's this team out there that has nine losses by three or fewer points. Most in the NBA, they unfortunately have five losses when they lead by 15 or more points. No, they have four losses by one point and three losses in overtime.

No tinkering of the lineups. They're really the Detroit pistons. No, no, you can't do this part. I have to.

No, you don't. They're going to fire their coach to golden state warriors. I thought you meant the Lakers. The warriors are even worse. No, Jonathan comminga is going to lead the way. Does he have faith in Steve Kerr once again?

Well, he's starting now. Yeah. Okay.

Go ahead. No, I don't know. I don't know. I just, it's not going to be bucks nuggets. I don't know. I don't know.

They have a better chance of, of making and winning the finals now than they did a week ago. Yeah. I, there was one thread I read about how doc rivers.

Yeah. He's blown a lot of leads, but also all his dudes always get hurt. Like Paul gets hurt and Harding gets hurt. And I also like what Bobby Portis said last week about doc rivers. He's like, it'll be nice to have, like, it'll be great to be coached by someone who has something to prove. And I think that is, that is a good dynamic for the rookie head coach has nothing to prove. Well, let me ask you, okay. So as a, as a fan watching the games, do you feel more confident in the bucks?

Having watched even just the one game against Denver, they lost. Yes. Did you feel more confident? So I know that more. Well, he does hardwood peroxone and he said something like the bucks look like the bucks again. And I was like, okay, they do. But what does that mean?

What that means? They look like Mike bootenholzer's books. There there's, there's an Elon Musk element here where I don't know if you guys have seen the tweet where it's like, Elon came into Twitter and changed everything and then realized that what Twitter was doing originally was actually probably the right way to go about it.

So he's going to end up in the same place with Twitter was before. And I feel like the bucks have done the same thing. Like they're going to just end up with a very Mike bootenholzer version of the bucks, except with doc is the coach now instead of bud himself. Well, so just, just to finish my point, I was gonna say like, I, I think there's something to be said that the bucks players probably don't feel totally dissimilar to us watching the team in terms of like, just, Oh, like I've seen this guy for years on TV, right?

Like being the coach of a team in a prominent position or when the players were younger and when grant were you and younger and like the Kevin Garnett team with the Southeast winning the finals. Like I think there's going to be an inherent increase in the team's confidence in their belief in themselves. Just like, I think we, as fans have that belief. So, but I mean, so needless to say, I think it was an easy question, but like their chances to win the finals improved, right? Like there's really no, there's no question about that, right? Yeah. But I, I think that's largely in part because their chances to win the finals like a week and a half ago were pretty much zero in my opinion.

And now they're not zero anymore. Like doc is just doing reasonable things like having Damon Yanas on the floor and the teams and bonus like setting up their mega, just grownup basketball coach things. Yeah. It's wild. It's wild that this, there's this guy he's on CBS national radio from like 9 AM to 1 PM central or 9 PM to 1 AM central. And he used to have this, but he still has a podcast.

He's renamed it. But like, despite all of these things, he just insisted that Griffin was not the problem. I don't know BW. I can't ever, but like, I don't ever think I said Griffin wasn't the problem. I think I said it was too early to say he's the problem. When would it have not, which I was wrong about. Oh, okay. Okay. There you go. I was just saying like, when, when would it have been too late?

Sounds like it was a disaster on game two. So yeah, that just, it just bothers me. It just bothers me that just bothers me that these people were right. It's all right.

We all, we all take L's sometimes. I mean, I don't, I was right about CJ Stroud and everything else I've ever said. Last question. John Horst should now shift his focus to the roster and look to make a fairly aggressive trade. So you're asking if they should trade Bobby Portis and or Connaughton and dare I say even Chris Middleton like, Oh God, we're not doing middle.

We're not spending a moment of this, but well, it's not my show, but I would prefer to not spend a moment. I'm not suggesting it. I'm just saying, I, like I said, fairly aggressive, like clearly, you know, it depends what you want your upgrade to be. Like, even if Middleton is not something you'd want to trade shooting 57% on three and a half mid range field goes a game, the most efficient mid range shooter in the NBA. I mean, by the way, I think the math on that, did you say 57 and a half percent?

Yeah. I think this is how it works. I'm not a math major, but I think that would be like the equivalent of a 38% three point shooter because it's worth half the amount of a three point shot.

So then you subtract or you divide the 57% by two thirds in the NBA. No, I'm not suggesting it. This is not a, Hey, should the bucks trade Chris Middleton question, but, but play for Bruce Brown or for DeJaunte Murray or like it's a salary slot, which is part, I mean, this doesn't have to be an anti Middleton thing to say Middleton's contract puts you into play for guys that even Connaughton and Porter's combined don't. So it's got to at least be John horse is like, Nope, Middleton's untouchable. Like that would be bad business. He shouldn't be untouchable. His salary slot opens up players like, right. So I don't know. You talk. I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't think I think trading Middleton is such a nonstarter. He's a part of this team. So was Adrian Griffin. I don't know. I don't know. Like if Middleton was traded, I'd be like, I'd be more, I'd be more surprised if he was traded than if he was, if he like sent a postcard from the moon, I'd be like, Oh, Chris Middleton went to the moon.

That's pretty cool. But he was traded. I'd be like, what I'd be like, welcome to Florida. What the Frank, what the Frank? I mean, much like, much like the Adrian Griffin thing, Bart, I feel like you are just, you don't a hundred percent agree with what you're saying about Middleton. You just don't, you don't really want to have the anti Middleton people be like, Oh yeah, like cheering for a Middleton trade and being dismissive of the things Milton did for this franchise in the past. It, it needs to be, it needs to be, what are you trading them for? So you think DeJounte Murray's the fucking answer.

I don't know. And this is, this was not intended to be a Middleton pro or anti. I'm just saying, I think you're, I think you're very committed to Middleton as you were committed to not firing Griffin. And I think once two weeks pass after a Middleton being traded in theory, you'd be like, yeah, I get it.

Like, no, no, no, this is more about the actual basketball product. The Griffin thing was just pure hatred for everybody drumming that up. Okay. You might trade Bobby. I mean, that would really suck, but there's a large corner of Buck's Twitter that thinks he's the problem and they're spearheaded by Nate Marzian, who I has had some great takes. I'm not sure where I stand with him.

Ike Marzian. I'm not sure where, where do I stand with Marzian and his, his Bobby Portis sticks. I'm not sure Bobby looked clunky against Denver, but that's one game.

I also think they might just beat the nuggets and Doc's first game. If they take like half of Bobby Portis, his shots and give them to Chris Middleton, like he was, he was throwing up bricks everywhere that game. So I think a big part of answering this question, Paul, is how doc chooses to use Bobby Portis and whether or not he looks comfortable in his role and whether or not he can make an impact. Cause if we get a little closer to the deadline and it's like, I don't know what Bobby's role is and I don't know what he adds and I don't know. Okay. Well then I'll have that conversation. I think the Middleton thing is a non-starter I'm I'm just out on the idea of trading Middleton. I'm with Bart on that. And I don't, I don't think you would get, I don't think you would get whatever value you think you're going to get for him.

No, same with Bobby. Like I don't think you're getting an equal or greater player. You probably are a slight downgrade. So unless that slight downgrade is like a much needed fit, like a player that fits a lot better. Okay. But I like, I also don't like losing quality. You know what I mean?

I don't like getting the worst player in a trade, even if that player is a better, that can be dangerous. I do think though, a lot of times it's like, I think in the NBA, there's something to say to like reshuffling the deck chairs. They fired their coach last week. I know that, but now as, as John Horst obviously is very much debating and, and going through his options is like, was that enough? They are as all in as all in can all in. They are paying an enormous amount of money to three head coaches, only one of which is actually working for the team. Like, and they know, they know more about all of these guys than, than we do.

It doesn't mean they're always right, but they know more. And I mean, I would be absolutely shocked if, well, first of all, let me say this. It should, I don't really think Middleton would have a ton of value. So let's talk about Murray. Do the Hawks really want Chris Middleton? Let's talk about the Hawks want Chris Middleton.

Let's talk about Bruce Brown. Like did the Raptors want Chris Middleton? Like it doesn't really actually make sense. So it's probably a nonstarter regardless. Right. Or wait, what were you saying though, grant about the Hawks and Middleton?

What was that? I said, I'm not sure the Hawks would want Chris Middleton. I said something along those lines. Well, right.

And, and that's, that's when I agree with you. I don't why they have Bo Donovitch and they have Deandre Hunter and like, and they have Sadiq Bae. None of these guys are particularly good, but like it's just another wing guy. I don't know. All right. So, so you would, if again, in a reshuffling the deck chairs type of trade, you'd stand pat with the roster. Cause I think by the time we do this again, I think it will be trade deadline day or like right, right there in two weeks. So there's not much time left to make a call on this.

I don't want to reshuffle deck chairs to get rid of guys that once landed us parade chairs. That is my take. Oh wow. That's a good line. Thank you.

I'm not sure I agree with it, but it's such a good line that I'm going to say. I don't want to trade a King size bed for two cots. Like what kind of value we get. I don't know.

We've had this bed for a long time. We probably should mix it up. Okay. Well, what do you want instead?

Well, you sleep on the floor and I'll bring the hammock inside. What did that make us better? No, but you know, it's a change.

Well, it made it progressively worse. Yeah. But you know, he's been here for 10 years and we didn't draft him and you know, we know he's good. He's he was an NBA champion all star going to get his number retired, but God, if we can get him for nickels on the fucking dollar, I mean, I think you got to do it. Well, he was a throw it in the deal originally.

I mean, we really have invested in this guy. We were trying to trade him for Bradley Beal and uh, you know, I never, I never tried to do that. That's well, I don't even remember, but I guarantee at one point during this podcast, you tried to trade Chris Middleton for just about everyone in Bradley Beal. Not for, not, not for Beal. Nope, not LaVine either.

Not a, not a LaVine guy. Yes. It's like, what if we could get out, what if we could get a guy that did, what if we could get a guy that did all the things Chris Middleton did, but just like had a different height and weight. That's basically what people are wanting. Well, okay. Let's play that out for a second. What if we could trade Chris Middleton for a top 10 player in the NBA? Would we, would you do that? I think you'd have to, yeah, you have to really think about it. Really think, let me ask you this though.

If we didn't like Bobby Portis so much, if he wasn't the mayor of Milwaukee, would we accept that he's really just a completely marginal, like, okay, kind of okay player. That's what he is. Like, wow. He kicked himself off. Surprising.

Normally outside wifi is a lot better than inside. Yeah. Yeah. When, when he first popped on, uh, outside in a courtyard, I was like, well, this is going to go fucking gangbusters. Uh, Bobby Portis is better than marginal. Bobby's a guy who can pop off for a double double on any given night. And for a bench guy, like, I, I don't know that you can ask for a lot more. The problem is, is I, right now when he's out on the floor, he doesn't really seem to grasp why he's there. Like, what is, so that's, that's, I think a big job of doc is like, can you find a role that Bobby can wrap his arms around and feel like he's making a consistent impact or, or, or an impact more often than not?

Cause as a bench guy, you're not going to pop off every night, but when he's out there, he often looks like he doesn't really know what he's supposed to be doing. Okay. I think you guys are just, I think you're just both very loyal, which is good. We're loyal to championship players that are still productive in the current role. Yeah. I got loyalty in my DNA. It's the way I am. Okay.

Grant's fake humble is what he is. Um, boys, thank you. I would trade both of you for different deck chairs. Just so you know, are you sitting on a deck chair right now?

As a matter of how this started, as a matter of fact, I am as a matter of fact, I am. Do you hear the take police coming? I hear that's you coming after you. Those are sure would take police. I was going to say that's, that's gotta be Milwaukee shore. Shore would technically Bart doesn't live in more. Yeah. Let's not, let's not Milwaukee this guy.

Okay. He's in Shorewood. They have cops and sirens, even out in the burbs.

You don't see him as often, but they, they have them. Some fucking guy went 80 miles an hour past me on Capitol last night at one in the morning going slow. So then I, then then he like turned over there. He like turned on a side street and park.

So I like followed him to see what was up. That's, that'd be the last thing I had recommend. That's not something that I was like, I'm just going to go home.

There you go. Go home to your loving wife, by the way. Uh, I don't know if your wife has ever, I mean, you're never mentioning your wife's name or putting any thing related around the pod, but if she ever does want to talk about Vanderpump rules, that is a show that I watch now I'm into it.

And I know she watches like all that stuff. So grant have you, have you, I think you had queued up the leftovers after a recommendation a couple of weeks ago. Did that happen? I don't even remember that conversation though. The HBO show, the leftovers. Oh, Larry David was on the bill Simmons podcast this week. I got to listen to that tonight. I don't know if I want to listen to that. I love Larry David, but I don't know that that combo doesn't seem, I don't know.

I suppose you could be right. I'm going to check it out though. I think I'll wait.

I'll wait until Larry David is on CBS sports radio tonight or the Odyssey app, which is fantastic. But before I, before I go, can I lodge a small complaint? And I don't know who you, who you can pass this along to. I just have a good sense for things like this.

Not to toot my own horn. I hate the liner that says need a place to talk sports. You've come to the right place. You can't use place twice.

But if you do that, you need to put emphasis on certain words to make it sound right. Need a spot to talk sports. Need a home to talk to where you come to the right place.

You can't, can't be too clear to talk sports. You've come to the right place. It's two places.

It doesn't work. You've come to the right locale. When you write an article, you got to mix it up. Like, wow, the Packers won 31 to 17. It was a great outing for green Bay. Yes, yes, yes.

The Packers won the game 31 to 24 in a start to finish thrilling contest. Now, if you're speaking out loud, that changes things a little bit, but you need to, so like if you were going to do two places, it would be need a place to talk sports. You've come to the right place. Like you can't, it's really, it's really hard to pull off again. I know this is below your pay grade.

Honestly, I was going to say above your pay grade, but it's below your pay grade. Just something I've been thinking about. That's it. That's all.

Yeah. They'll say, Bart, how do you think the job's going to go? You know, this place liner really bothering my friend. Grant, enjoy your afternoon wine hits different, man. That is going to be a problem. I would imagine boys, bottle of red. I do. Bye bye.
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