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Did anything alter his thoughts after the conclusion of the combine?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 5, 2024 3:23 pm

Did anything alter his thoughts after the conclusion of the combine?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 5, 2024 3:23 pm

Ryan Wilson, CBS Sports, on an overview of the combine and the most recent NFL updates.

What’s Ryan’s take on the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson break up? Would Ryan take two 2nd round picks for Brian Burns from the Washington Commanders, if it were offered?


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Call or just stop by. Grainger, for the ones who get it done. Pick Six Podcast, super friends, and of course, with the first pick podcast he does with Rick Spielman. Did anything change at all in your mind? Did anything alter the mock draft universe in Indianapolis? Yeah, it wasn't so much the run in a straight line.

It was fun to see Xavier Worthy run a 4-2-1 and break the record. I mean, that's the highest level of excitement you're going to get at a combine. Well, we did interview a ton of these guys and you got a chance to see who they were as people at least for a few minutes. And that gave you some insight and then the stuff that we weren't privy to. But the medicals on some pretty important people like Michael Penix Jr. in terms of what that means for him.

In terms of a guy you know very well, Peyton Wilson, in terms of what that means for him. So, those are important parts of this thing. Now, you can push back at them and say, yeah, but Marvin Harrison Jr. and Caleb Williams didn't do any of that stuff. And I would say, yeah, but they're Marvin Harrison Jr. and Caleb Williams. That's what the difference is. And didn't talk to Marvin.

He didn't do the meeting. But we talked to Caleb and I was surprised at how humble he was and how engaging he was. And those are sort of the insights you can get just from not watching these guys play on Saturday. And that helps. And then you circle back and you talk to people in the league and see what they thought and try to compare notes.

And I think that's probably more important than the field day version of events. That's what everyone sees on television. Did Caleb Williams ever say, I will never play for the Chicago Bears? Incidentally, he did not say that. I didn't expect him to.

Right. But, yeah, I think he, look, his dad isn't helping on some level. But I think at the end of the day, he talked about how competitive he was and how Lincoln Riley had to sit him down and say, listen, you're not going to win every game. You have to learn how to manage that and not get so overwhelmed when things don't go your way after the game. I thought during the games, aside from the first half of Notre Dame, where he threw the three interceptions, I find me a better quarterback because I would love to see who that person is coming into this trip.

Yeah. Has Rick Spielman, we've used that clip where he says he's the best prospect since Andrew Luck. Has Rick Spielman's opinion of Caleb Williams changed at all?

I think he was impressed with how he came across when we spoke with him. Other than that, on the field, I don't think Rick's going to moonwalk away from what he said back in October in terms of being the best prospect. It's not even, I don't know who would argue with you that Caleb is a better prospect coming out than Patrick was. Patrick Mahomes coming out of Texas Tech. Now, you can argue about the Trevor Lawrence coming out of Clemson, although he didn't have a lights out final year Clemson. Certainly Andrew Luck coming out of Stanford.

That was the one that got most people's attention. Oh, Andrew Luck was the best. I'm not an expert on this, but Andrew Luck was the most obvious.

Oh, this guy will be his baseline was great. Like the floor for Andrew Luck was great. And then if he if he was only healthy or treated better by the Indianapolis Colts, then we could have been talking about somebody who was one of the all timers at his position.

And obviously injuries robbed him of of a long career. Ryan Wilson, CBS Sports dot com is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. Let me just real quick before we get to some. You know, I want to ask you about Peyton Wilson and maybe a couple of other things from the draft or from the combine.

What's your take on the way this ended in Denver with Russell Wilson? Adam Gold in studio with my man Coach Peter through to Capital Financial Advisory Group. Let's talk about financial termites. I hate termites. Risk fees commissions are all financial termites. If your money can go away without you really realizing what's happened, that's a financial termite eating away.

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That's right. Get rid of the termites. Sure.

People don't know that red ants get rid of termites. Text Adam to six hundred seven hundred for Coach Pete DeRuda. Well, given the way that it played out and during the twenty twenty three season, this part doesn't shock me.

No. And I come back to this. If you can't make it work with Sean Payton, you're going to have to have a long, hard conversation with how your feature is going to kind of work out after this, because it's not all Russ's fault and Russ did play better this year than he did under Nathaniel Hackett two years ago, which was a complete and utter disaster. And I put a lot of that on Nathaniel Hackett. He went to New York under Aaron Rodgers advisement and things didn't work out well, either, either. Aaron got hurt.

So I think Nathaniel deserves some of the blame early on. But last year it was Russ and Sean. And the reason Peyton was frustrated because he wasn't doing. Russ wasn't doing the things that he wanted him to do consistently enough. And I don't think he was crazy about the call entourage. But but the way in which Russ comported himself compared just every every other player in the locker room.

That's not a bad thing. It's just different because Russ was at a different level when he arrived in Denver, arrived amid much fanfare. And I'm sure he was allowed to get away with things that other players weren't. And that's not uncommon for franchise quarterbacks. But apparently Sean Payton wasn't on the same page for that.

And once things went sideways on the field, it just felt like it was only a matter of time. Now you're going to eat the money they're having to eat in the draft conversation. They had to give up hurts, especially in that division.

But I think. If you get Kirk Cousins, if that works out and you know, hope isn't a plan, as Mike Tyson like to say, like like to say back in the days and Kirk Cousins helps. But they can also draft a quarterback and they'll probably have to trade up to get one from 12. But they'll have to trade up three or four spots perhaps to get the guy they like and then make it reset the reset the team.

And as I mentioned, an incredibly tough division. Do you think they like J.J. McCarthy in Denver? I know Broncos fans like J.J. McCarthy. And we talked to J.J. and good luck finding a more charming, engaging person to talk to. I was really impressed with just speaking with him. And, you know, he wasn't asked to do a lot at Michigan.

And that's the talking point. But when he was asked to do some things, he did it at a pretty high level. So great athlete, huge arm, tremendous.

And the other thing I would. Yeah. Another thing I would say, Adam, is that Sean Payton doesn't have a track record of Roland was rookie quarterback. So that's also there's going to be a bridge quarterback there. I would imagine. I don't think he's going to throw anyone out there. But we you know, our social media team was on site and they make us all people do the social media games with the kids. So we did one with J.J. and he actually ended up landing in Denver in this little make believe game.

He seemed quite intrigued with that possibility as well. So maybe that's that's a match made in social media. Is there a match for Russell Wilson at this point? He's not that old, right? He's just not that old.

He's the he's. Is he really 30? 35. I think he's mid 30s.

Yeah, I guess that's all. That's in 2012. 30, 30 quarterback years, though.

But here, let's play a game. OK. Are the Giants better with Daniel Jones or Russell Wilson? I mean, they're probably better with Russell Wilson, but they're not dramatically.

But I think Russell's clearly on the like he's he's in like on the 16th tee of his career. Yes, I mean, here's the team to the quarterbacks. We talked about Denver going there. Minnesota, Vegas, New Orleans, Seattle.

Maybe if they're sniffing around, the Steelers have been mentioned as a possible team in the Falcons, of course. I don't know if he's a substantial upgrade in any of those destinations. And that's sort of the thing, because two years ago, he was clearly one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and was supposed to reset things in Denver. Didn't work out for a number of reasons, but I don't think he resets things at these places either.

And that's sort of the problem that he has finding the landing spot. What is Ryan Wilson from CBS Sports is joining us here in the Adam Gold Show. What are the possibilities of maybe being a bridge quarterback for a team like New England, who is likely going to draft a quarterback first overall? Not first overall, but like in the top three.

Yeah, if he's up for it, I would imagine that would make things a lot easier. Remember, they drafted Matt Jones a few years ago and then signed Cam Newton at the last minute. And then Cam Newton, the captain of the chronology, right, lost out in the in the battle to win that job. And, you know, if that's something that that Russ is interested in, it probably makes his his timeline a little easier in terms of getting the job.

I would imagine another thing. Look, that's a marriage that works out that the Patriots could also draft Marvin Harrison Jr. If they think that the quarterbacks, right, at least the ones that number three aren't what they're interested in. And then you do have that bridge quarterback, but you don't have to solve the quarterback situation pretty quickly unless Russ has a resurgence to his career.

So certainly that's an option. Washington also needs a quarterback, but I don't think you see a huge upgrade over Sam Howell. No, no, I don't think so.

I don't think so. If you're looking for a bridge quarterback, even if you draft one. So it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. We always say about the draft on takes one team. Well, it takes one team to fall in love with Russ and think they can make things work. But I don't think he's going to it's not going to be a situation where they hand on the keys to the car and say, you know, go drive off and make this thing work.

I think it's going to be some competition involved. Yeah, this is also familiarity. Dan Quinn was in Seattle and Russ was in Seattle and there was all that success. But you have to have and even in Seattle, when he had all that success, they had a team around him that didn't ask him to do all the heavy lifting. Right. And when and when they did throw it in the Super Bowl and it was picked off, there were a lot of accusations where they wanted to make or Seattle was trying to make Russ, as opposed to Marshawn Lynch, all that all that drama. Look, it was a great play, I thought, by the Patriots.

All right. Let me let me ask Ryan Wilson this question. This goes to Peyton Wilson. No relation to Russ and no relation to Ryan. I don't believe there's no relation here.

Right. Russell Wilson, Peyton Wilson and Ryan Wilson. We talked to Peyton as well. He's from Hillsboro. I'm from Buies Creek and I we did the lineage real quick.

I don't think we're really all right. I didn't realize you were from Buies Creek. Yeah.

Just tell Victoria that you didn't know that either. I got to give that more. I got to put that out there. Some people know.

Yeah, I'm originally from Buies Creek. Oh, absolutely. We got to we got to head down and play the golf course. Keith Hills is one of the great tracks ever. Oh, my gosh.

What a place. What do they say? What what was the you know, the the rumblings after four point four three.

Not is certainly not worthy of four to one. But what are the what are the rumblings coming out of a combine about Peyton Wilson calling all North Carolina sports fans soon enough. DraftKings Sportsbook will be live in your state starting March 11th. You'll be able to bet on all your favorite sports from the comfort of your own home with DraftKings. Download the DraftKings Sportsbook app now and sign up with code nine nine nine to get up to three hundred dollars in bonus bets when you place a five dollar bet. Once mobile sports betting goes live only on DraftKings Sportsbook coming soon to North Carolina on March 11th with code nine nine nine.

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And I take it very seriously. And then he put up the athletic numbers that he put up and he's a leader. He's all over the field. He can play safety. If you want to play safety, you can that rush up the edge. He's most comfortable playing off all linebacker. And I think those numbers just solidified what we saw on tape and what you saw at the senior bowl. And I think he's a second round pick all day long.

The only issue is longevity. So you can trap someone who's a little older and has an injury history. Is he going to get past that first contract?

Those are the conversations the teams are going to have. But if you love the player and you think that he's going to be able to to avoid the major injuries, he's one of the best off ball linebackers in this class. I think it's probably between him and the Texas A&M kid who has a chance to go go late first, most likely early second.

And after that, it's going to be a free for all in terms of these off ball linebackers. There's no Roquan Smith in this class, for example. But I think Peyton Wilson certainly did a lot to help himself with his combine performance.

I think he interviewed pretty well, too. I'm curious as to why teams care about the second contract, since they're probably going to not. There aren't as many second contracts getting offered to anybody in the NFL. If you're a second round pick, the first contract is four years. After four years, especially if you're a linebacker, you're probably done anyway. No matter what your age is or your injury history, they're probably going to recycle you for somebody else.

Unless you're into the Hall of Fame. No, that's a question I asked Spielberg last week at the combine. And he said, well, you want to make sure someone has an injury history that they can get to the second contract. You don't want to be a year and a half into his rookie deal and then looking for a replacement.

Right, because I had the same question. Typically, unless you're the quarterback or even wide receivers, you'll let walk because there's so many wide receivers now coming out. Quarterbacks and offensive linemen, maybe even edge rushers, everyone else is on their own. But you want to make it those four years and be relatively healthy and contribute in that way.

The other thing is if you're a good person, you have your things inside the community and you know the system, that's also a reason to bring you back. But again, if you're talking top one, two, three money in that position, it's always problematic, right? Yeah.

All right. Let me ask you one more question before we let Ryan Wilson go. And this is something that has been floated out about Brian Burns, who has not yet been franchise tagged by Carolina.

I assume that will happen today. They're not talking about or no longer having discussions right now about a contract extension for him. Would you take two seconds from Washington for Brian Burns? Is that a good return for Brian Burns?

Not when you compare to who is at the Rams. Well, yes, I I actually think Scott Fitterer should be fired again for not taking that deal. It's got good news. We're going to hire you. Bad news. We're going to immediately fire you for that trade. And who knows?

It was his final call. But let's be honest. Here's the thing. I would seriously consider it because you didn't do the deal at the time where we just talked about, but you don't have a first round pick. You have picked number 33 and you have three second round picks. You can never have enough day one and day two picks if you're the Carolina Panthers.

Now you're going to have to find an edge rusher because you just got rid of your dude. So you have to sort that out. So I would seriously consider it. But I would imagine that there should be some first round interest out there somewhere. But again, this team has so many needs.

I don't know. It just might make more sense keeping Brian Burns if he wants to be there because he's a special player. Yeah, there's a lot to sort through in Carolina and not very much draft capital in which to make that happen, at least over the next few months. Ryan Wilson at Ryan Wilson CBS on Twitter. My man, I appreciate your time.

Get get back here and visit famine and we'll head down to Keith Hills. Deal. Thank you, Adam. All right, man.

Ryan Wilson. I didn't realize he was Cribb about because I'm a North Carolina native. And so he said he's from here and that's where we went down the rabbit hole. You're from Greensboro. That is just north of Greensboro. Yep.

Small town that no one's probably heard of. I am also from north of Greensboro. Yeah. Way north. Few states north. Yeah.

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