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The NC State offense needs to show improvement against No. 10 Notre Dame tomorrow

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 8, 2023 4:32 pm

The NC State offense needs to show improvement against No. 10 Notre Dame tomorrow

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 8, 2023 4:32 pm

Cory Smith, the editor of Pack Pride, joined Adam to preview NC State's home opener against No. 10 Notre Dame at noon tomorrow. Cory discussed how he views the match-up playing out, and what are the important factors for the Wolfpack. Cory also shared his view on UNC wide receiver Tez Walker's situation.


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Again, And now it's time to get a little bit of a more in-depth conversation about the Wolfpack and Notre Dame and for that we have Corey Smith from PackBride. R. Corey Smith because he makes himself sound like a big author on Twitter.

R. Corey Smith. All right, sir, I'm going to ask you your opinion of what the North Carolina deal with Tez Walker before we're done here but let's just get right into noon tomorrow. You're not one of those we hate noon games, are you? I mean, I'm not big into tailgating anymore so I'm not really against it.

I like having my day. So yeah, I mean, you know, look back when I used to tailgate a lot and I had to be out there super early. Yeah, I wasn't a big fan and then, you know, I like the night games if I was a fan so I don't disagree with them but there is distinct advantages to playing against a team that's wearing, you know, chrome domes against you and, you know, sweltering heat in Raleigh, North Carolina. That's true, I forgot.

Their heads are like baked potatoes at some level. Look, the noon game, it's a more attractive time slot than a 3.30 game. Granted, a night game against Notre Dame would be next level but I love a noon start for this one. All right, talk to me about like because I know you and I have discussed this, we talked about it before the UConn game. I was a little bit worried coming out of that game that Notre Dame might see that and just run straight ahead for 60 minutes against NC State.

What do you think, how do you see that matchup playing out? Yeah, I mean, I guess we're going to find out whether or not this is true but I felt like watching that game against UConn, it was just a very vanilla offense, very vanilla defense. You know, the approach that they took, it was kind of like, hey, we're going to save some of our bullets and look, Notre Dame's been able to do the same thing.

They've won two games so far but they've been against, I wouldn't even call them cupcakes. I mean, Navy is not a very good football team right now and then Tennessee State, not a very good football team either. So both of these teams have been saving a little bit for this matchup. You know, for NC State, obviously, they haven't had nearly as much success throwing the football as Sam Hartman has in the first two games but, you know, I think the concern I have coming out of that one was really, you know, how healthy NC State was going to be going into this game and it actually sounds like they've gotten more healthy adding guys like Savion Jackson at the right end position and then Lyndon Cooper at the guard spot.

So I do feel, I feel pretty good about this one but we're going to find out a lot about both of these teams going into this matchup on Saturday. Corey Smith from Pac Pride is here on the Adam Gold Show. Here's the thing about it, like, I know they were, they didn't do anything exotic offensively. I believe we might have lost the picture, the video feed from Corey.

Hopefully, he'll come back here. They didn't do anything exotic but I do think that they tried to be aggressive throwing the ball and because they tried, they just were incapable of either getting time for Brendan Armstrong or receivers couldn't get open. It kind of left them in scramble mode and that left Armstrong having to make a lot of these plays with his legs.

So maybe they were vanilla. I'm not, I'm not even disputing that but I thought that there were some offensive, there were some line of scrimmage question marks for me coming out of the game that I hope have been kind of corrected. Corey Smith from Pac Pride is joining us here. You didn't, especially early in the game, it looked like Connecticut had a lot of success running the ball and that was a little concerning, although yes, no saving to Jackson. Yeah, I mean, you know, one of the big issues that you ran into with that one was Trevally Price making his first start again out of that right-hand position and then, you know, he missed an assignment early on and that was one where they were able to bounce out and get a big run and there was a couple missed assignments by some linebackers but overall, I thought it was a strong look from NC State in terms of the run game and, you know, UConn isn't a team that's known to pass the ball very well.

No. NC State feels very good about where they're at, you know, defensively and being able to hold teams when it comes to the secondary with the experience they have at Shaheem Battle, Aidan White and everybody having that defensive backfield but, you know, UConn, again, isn't known for doing that. They didn't really throw the ball in towards Aidan White or Shaheem Battle in that game. It was kind of trying to take apart the middle of the field and try to get something going there so, again, we will see what this defense is capable of going against Notre Dame on Saturday because that's going to be the first real test.

Well, yes, and I think that goes both ways. This will be the first real test for Notre Dame. We're still probably a few weeks away from getting a full read on who's really good. Like, we don't really know what LSU is, right? So it's hard to gauge what Florida State is if we don't know what LSU is.

We don't really know what South Carolina is so we don't know what North Carolina is because we haven't gotten a fabric of the entire season yet but we're starting to get, we'll get more high-level games and we'll find out a lot about, obviously, Notre Dame and NC State based on this. What's your take on the receiving core after week one for NC State? Yeah, you know, we've, I was actually early on a little surprised by some of the receivers.

I thought, you know, Kevin Concepcion was a, had a good look out there. I thought that, you know, for a couple other guys, there was some good receptions early on. Keon Lathane is the most experienced guy there and then you have some drops and then you have some guys that, you know, just kind of, you know, weren't in the right places. You know, you heard Brendan Armstrong talk this past week about, you know, some guys may be cutting a little too early on a curl route, things like that, that there are things that can be changed from week one to week two.

So now I think you're gonna have to wait to see those improvements. I think the biggest concern to me was a couple of drops from a guy like Jalen Coit and Bradley Ross had one of the end zone, which I know Bradley Ross, there's been a hot topic this week as well with the, the test Walker stuff. And then, you know, the, probably the easiest one was the throw directly to Terrell Timmons that if he can, he converts a third down there, NC State probably drives down the field to get the touchdown, but instead it's a, you know, essentially a turnover on downs, they punt on the next play and, and the defense is once again, having to kind of bail them out. So, uh, that's, that's the biggest thing that I'll be looking for in this game is, you know, are those players ready for this moment? Are they going to be able to possess the ball, be able to actually receive the ball is the biggest thing, uh, going into this weekend, Corey Smith from pack pride. Do you feel good about state's chances tomorrow, starting at noon? I think that depends on how the offense comes out. Cause I think the defense is going to be able to hold them off. I, again, I think Sam Hartman is going to have a good game in this one, but NC State has had a lot of success against him in the past, the past two years, he's had three interceptions in each one of those games. Now granted he's had six total touchdowns in those games and wait for us to be able to pull one of those out, but, uh, how, you know, are they able to get him flustered again in the pocket?

Are they able to force them into the bad situation? I think the defense is going to be able to hold suit and maybe hold them to less than 30 points. It's just whether or not the offense is able to, uh, to keep up.

I do think it's tighter than the seven and a half. So I would, I would go into state, you know, with the seven and a half, but, uh, whether or not I'm going to call for a win is going to be, uh, probably based off of, you know, the first half seeing how good this offense is actually looking, uh, and what Robert and I have going for him. So if you follow, uh, Corey Smith at our Corey Smith on, uh, on Twitter, if you follow him, he'll give you his pick for the game after the first quarter.

If I, uh, if I can figure that out, uh, all right, before I let you go, sir, um, cause I've been talking about this a lot. I talked to Luke to talk at the end of know about it. And I know you've been following the story. Um, were you surprised that the NCAA came back with a no vote for Tez Walker?

I was because in all honesty, you look at the situation. It's, it's very similar to one that a lot of other players have gone through. And, you know, I think the comparison that a lot of people have been making, if you're, you know, an NC state fan is, is you've been watching the situation that happened with Chandler Zavala last year. He had a similar, not, not similar situation in the fact that he was a multiple multiple time transfer, but he had an injury waiver that he applied for was initially denied by the NCAA and then was given that, uh, that transfer waiver and, or that medical waiver and ended up being able to play for NC state last year, got drafted by the Panthers is now they're starting right guard going into the season.

That to me, I feel like is, is what's missing here for Tez Walker. That's, that's what he's losing out on in this situation is, you know, everybody wants to make it out to well, Oh, well, he still got two years of eligibility left. He said he can still play two more years. Well, you don't know what the quarterback situation is going to look like. You don't know what you're missing out on here from not only from NIL opportunities right now, but also for the future, because if he plays with Drake may, there's a much better chance of him potentially being an NFL draft pick a guy that can move up board. Uh, if he becomes that number one receiver for a guy like Drake may at UNC this year. And that to me, I think is the biggest thing that's being taken away here from him, uh, whether or not the NCAA thought it was, you know, the right thing to do, uh, with the, you know, with the multiple time transfers, you're really taking away that opportunity from him. And you're, you're giving that opportunity to his former head coach, who's now the offensive coordinator at Colorado.

They both left with their separate ways. One gets the coach and one sitting on the sidelines watching the entire season. I mean, we have a state, you know, state writer, uh, you know, podcaster, uh, extraordinaire Corey Smith, capping up for a North Carolina wide receiver. But I think you, Corey, look at this as the same way I do. I don't care where he goes to school.

I don't care, uh, that it impacts the school. My perspective is from Tez Walker's point of view and he deserves to play. And I think that the NCAA, uh, I've been calling this an own goal and it is, I think, uh, good luck to, uh, to the Wolfpack tomorrow afternoon. I appreciate your time, Corey. We'll talk again. Yes, sir. Appreciate you, Adam. Have a good one, man. You got it. Corey Smith, uh, at our Corey Smith on Twitter.
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