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NC State quarterback MJ Morris is set to enter the transfer portal

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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November 30, 2023 3:25 pm

NC State quarterback MJ Morris is set to enter the transfer portal

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 30, 2023 3:25 pm

NC State quarterback MJ Morris will enter the transfer portal when the window opens to do so next week. Cory Smith from Pack Pride joined Adam to share his reaction to the announcement. He also discussed who’s next for NC State at the quarterback position.


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Don't miss the most amazing holiday gifts for everyone. Visit That's Let's get to something that we probably should not have been too surprised to read or hear or see and that is the transfer portal entering of MJ Morris at NC State. Corey Smith, Pac-Pride... Excuse me, First Day New Lips.

Pac-Pride joins us here on the Adam Gold Show. So which shocked face emoji did you use when you heard the news that MJ Morris was heading out the door? It was the it was actually the jiff of a surprise, but not really.

I mean, this was you know, obviously this was kind of a a known thing for a while. I think you know the perception initially that they had put out there was you know the parents believed that there was a chance that he could you know return and I guess maybe he thought the same thing but yeah, you know there was never really any chance that that MJ Morris was gonna be able to go back in that locker room and and earn that starting job back after you know essentially, I'm not gonna say he quit on the team but you know stepped away from the starting duties for the final three games and then sat back and watched as Brendan Armstrong was you know running the offense more efficiently in the last three games as well. He did. Brendan Armstrong became the quarterback that they thought that they were getting at the beginning of the season. It just took him like four games of not starting to finally get to that point.

Corey Smith from Pack Pride is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. Look, I don't know if this was the plan all along for MJ Morris. I really I really don't but do you think that with it as it pertains to the players that he couldn't go back and be the starter there or was it the coaching staff?

Dave Doran seemed I mean bewildered and then dismissive of MJ by the end. Yeah, I mean I think there was some frustration the players and the staff obviously the staff hasn't said anything publicly and the players haven't either most of them have been you know pretty nonchalant about it, you know when when AF or you know when it's in any kind of you know direct questions that are you know indirectly thrown their way obviously the comment about you know Brendan Armstrong being a grown-af man was the word that was used or the phrase that was used for him was you know kind of seen as like hey, he's stepping up and doing what he needs to do in this situation and you know yes, I think the the concern was more so about the fact that you know when you're you're stepping away from your team and you've got guys in that locker room I think of particularly Peyton Wilson you think of other guys that are you know that have been with the program for years Jalen Scott that's waited for you know five years to get a starting job and and he did the absolute most with it that he could for a player to just say hey, I'm gonna I'm gonna set out these last three games Just not a you know, not a good vibe within that locker room Corey Smith from pack pride is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. I mean, I guess the natural question is who's next Well not not into the portal but under center or in the shotgun or the pistol for NC State I want to clarify the question Yeah, well, you know the question is now who do you go out and get in the portal? And I think that's gonna be the obvious Question mark here is they're gonna probably I would say if not just add one potentially two because You need to at least go out and and have a competition right now You know, you have Lex Thomas who's waiting in the wings the only Scholarship player that that you have confirmed back for next year. They also have a guy in Cedric Bailey That is committed to NC State right now But I just recently picked up an offer from Miami Florida quarterback kid that you know played with a a current Miami Player that's committed to their program as well. So there's potential for him to flip his commitment and you hope that this is they makes it more attractive to come to instant state and Have a chance to compete right away for a guy like Cedric Bailey, but we'll see what what the future holds for him You know right now I would say you have to at least go out and look to add at least one Transfer quarterback right now and then if you find out that Bailey is not coming to go out and add a second one and try to see if you can Flip somebody else to have a another young quarterback in that room that you can develop for the future to Matt rule former failed head coach of the Carolina Panthers now about to fail as the head coach in Nebraska says that a good quarterback cost One to two million dollars in the transfer portal can NC State afford that I'm being somewhat facetious, but Obviously the portal matters Yeah, I don't know that I necessarily believe that it's gonna be based on based on what we've heard from and you know Look last year's money is not this year's money.

So I'm not saying that he's not telling the truth, but I think maybe For the starting caliber of you know, some programs they would they'd be willing to give you know, one to two million But I think and you know when it comes to NC State, it's probably gonna be still pretty expensive But I don't know that you put it in that ballpark For NC State right now. You're probably gonna go with the you know, the Louisville Game plan going into this offseason as opposed to going with you know, trying to find that surefire number one guy right away For NC State you're probably going to look for like I said two guys that are going to compete For the starting job as opposed to saying. All right, this is our guy We're giving him the starting job similar to how you did Brenner Armstrong in the offseason So I just I think it's gonna be a little bit of a different strategy for NC State this offseason Now could they end up spending that much money on two quarterbacks because you need to have you know, two guys that are competing Potentially, but I definitely don't think it's gonna be in that, you know that one to two million dollar range for one quarterback Yeah, Matt Matt rules just trying to clown himself And then he came out at right after that and he said no no, we're an old-school program we're gonna build We're gonna recruit and we're gonna build and grow and like yeah, you're gonna win five games a year Matt and you know it But he's trying to lengthen his career there and saying that we're building something. We're not going to be yeah Right away because then if he doesn't then he's out the door Yeah, they're they're not going to win more than seven games At Nebraska and then honestly that might be the ceiling for that problem real quick before I ask you about a couple of players Who are not going to enter the transfer portal for real?

Is there do you get the sense that there's going to be any other? You know significant player attrition off NC State's roster beyond those that are going to the NFL Yeah, there's been a few guys that we've heard and obviously I'm not going to share names right because what you don't want to put That out there in the world that they're gonna just do it And then they don't and then all of a sudden there's a bad image of that player that they were planning on You know in some people's eyes quitting on the team or something along those lines a lot of these guys are going for different Situations, you know the big ones so far that have gone in Have been you know that the guy like CJ Clark just entered earlier today And that was a guy that's been a starter for NC State for the last several years He was even the starter back in 2021 before he lost Before he went down with the season in the injury and then lost his job to Corey Durden Yeah, the transfer for the state. He was the starter all year this past year They do have Jeff at the defensive line position, but that's that was a pretty big loss For NC State have heard that there's a big NIL package out here out there for them for him And he might want to play in a different system as opposed to a three down lineman system So those were things that that might have alert him away from NC State And then Joaquin Harris the guy that went down after five plays the season He was the starter going into the year at the safety spot.

He's entered the transfer portal So, you know, there's been a couple guys and then there's other rumors out there of some others that Might into the transfer portal and they might shock some people but at the same time NC State and you know The collectives as well are trying to do everything they can to make sure those things don't happen. Yeah and keep Keep Casey Concepcion. All right final thing Peyton Wilson. This is another here's my shocked face a defensive player of the year in the ACC was pretty close to Jordan Travis Which I I didn't think he would get as close.

He did. I'm proud of the people who voted Because they went away from necessarily going Oh best team. Who's the quarterback? It's kind of like the Heisman Trophy, but quick thoughts on Peyton Wilson Yeah, I mean the season that he's has been unbelievable, you know, obviously the the story on him everything that he's gone through whether it was You know Tearing his ACL before he even comes to NC State missing the first season missing the second season due to those injuries What he's done on the field for NC State has been unbelievable and in this year, you know I mean he had had ridiculous stats already when he was healthy But you really got a chance to see what he was capable of this year And and I think one of the big reasons for all the ACC Player of the Year voting I I don't know that there's been a more impactful player in the ACC for his team So I know it's not a most valuable player award, but I don't know that you could you could pinpoint one player That's been much more impactful for their team than what?

Peyton Wilson has been this season a one with the defense Peyton Wilson has been the leader for knowledge defense But the entire team all season long the things that he has done is unreal One hundred and thirty eight tackles, I believe is what he's at The numbers keep changing every week obviously and then fifteen and a half tackles for loss All the stacks are the two or three two interceptions he had this year or no actually three now Yeah, fast week of Drake May and then returning one for touchdown I wouldn't be surprised if he wins at least one of these three national awards as well and Nagurski kind of kicked things off on Monday That's the best defensive player in the country and then two others as well With the you know, the Benaric award and then I'm blanking on one here It's the one of the bigger ones too But three different awards he's up for I would not be surprised if he wins at least one of those three if not multiple too Corey Smith pack bride our Corey Smith on Twitter. I appreciate your time, man. Thank you and we'll talk again soon All right. Thank you so much. Have a good one Adam
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