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Today's Wall of Sound is a mixture of audio you didn't know you needed to hear, plus the results from our Listener's Poll; since that turned into a Taco Bell talk.

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October 13, 2022 8:09 pm

Today's Wall of Sound is a mixture of audio you didn't know you needed to hear, plus the results from our Listener's Poll; since that turned into a Taco Bell talk.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 13, 2022 8:09 pm

Today's Wall of Sound is a mixture of audio you didn't know you needed to hear, plus the results from our Listener's Poll; since that turned into a Taco Bell talk. We listen to sound from Rod Brind'Amour post last nights win and is Dan Snyder in some kind of mafia??

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I feel like I'm on the carousel. I know, well it is fair time.

That is absolutely true. It opens tomorrow night? Today. Today? Yep, today until the 23rd. I kind of remember the last time I was at the fair.

Really? I go every year. However, everyone on the planet goes every year too. I've noticed each year it's like I have to go during a weekday because it's a lot.

Weekday during the afternoon? Yes. Well, you're not still riding rides, are you? No, no. You hesitated there. Yeah, the last time.

You hesitated there. I used to like to ride like a ride or two, but then the older I get, the more I think about, okay, they're taking these things apart and putting them together real fast and a lot. Just with a wrench. Probably an allen wrench.

One allen wrench and putting the whole thing up. I'm totally fine just eating my funnel cake and cheese curds and walking around. Maybe I'll waste some money at a game, but no, I'm not getting on a ride. Go check out the livestock.

Yeah, well, or I could just go home because I have those. Oh, here you go. I'm not above checking out the sheep.

No, yeah. Look at that, a surprised sheep. Look how lovely that sheep is. What a sweater.

What a sweater that would make. So, yeah, well, I'm actually chaperoning a an eighth grade. We can't call it a field trip. It's a voyage. Oh, okay. We're chaperoning an eighth grade voyage. Fancy. To the fair. Yeah.

When did that switch happen? It's always been field trip for me. Yeah.

Well, now where we. Well, you know, it's the school is Magellan, so they're they're mariners or explorers and yes, it's it's a voyage. It's a whole theme. It's a voyage. So we're going and I'm a chaperone and I'll be curled up in a ball. But by about this time on Tuesday, maybe earlier on Tuesday, hopefully we'll go there when there's not thousands and thousands of people.

It is Tuesday. Yes, that's helpful. All right. Let's do Wall of Sound, shall we?

The Wall of Sound is a function of this studio. There's no doubt about it. All right, let's start. Let's start with the goal that gave the Carolina Hurricanes the lead. And the really cool part about this goal is that I was watching this and I was already writing down to one Colorado because Justin Danforth had the lead on the blade of his stick with about one forty five left in the second. That was cool. Before the game, and I was unsure of what they were doing before the game, other than simply introducing the coaches and players. But before the game, they introduced when they introduced Rod Brind'Amour. And I love when I see people who deserve all of their propers to go way back in time. All of the flowers I love when they when they hear it and it matters.

Same and they're alive. Right. Rod Brind'Amour got himself a standing ovation last night when they introduced him and the camera was on him and he just went he just shook his head. It's like, man, we don't need this. I don't need this now. I don't.

I don't. I don't because he doesn't want it. But he appreciated it last night. And he talked to us about it after the game. Right.

I mean, it's the end of the day. You want to get the win. That's the first thing. And then you want to see us. Oh, you're starting to play the way we want to. I mean, that's that was encouraging toward the end. Good news, you know, for me, we got the win, but we got a ton to work on. Maybe you can just see a lot of the new guys to just, you know, where they need to be.

Not quite there. And that's you know, that'll that'll catch up here. All right, let's go to the next one where he was emotional about the tribute. Well, it was actually I wasn't expecting that. And you know, it means a lot to me. What can I say? This is the game.

It's the book of players. And, you know, coach just back there just doing this little thing. But when you get that kind of ovation, it's it was special. And thank you for bringing that up because it's just bringing back a little motion there because, you know, I just got a great thing here. And I appreciate the people. He is the best little thing. Just back here, just, you know, trying to stay out of the way. Rod Rod's got got such a healthy attitude about everything really is.

It's very cool. If I wasn't so busy driving the Derek step on bandwagon. All right, moving on to the ESPN story about Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington Commandos. And if you are if you're not aware, ESPN did a story about essentially Dan Snyder has compiled he claims to we don't have proof of this.

We have anecdotal evidence at best. But Daniel Snyder, it is, it is said, has compiled essentially dirt on other owners, on the Commissioner Roger Goodell, to the point where if they try to get Snyder ousted as owner of the commandos, that he is simply going to take others down with him. So I don't know who those others are. I'm sure with 31 other owners, I'm sure that there are all I don't know, 34 of them of the 31 probably have enough in their closet that if it got exposed, wouldn't be all that thrilled with Daniel Snyder.

And to an extent, that is blackmail. But whether it is or not, they don't want the news out. And that might include Roger Goodell.

Either way. Seth Wickersham was part of the reporting trio on this. And he was asked on SportsCenter, whether or not the league will try to remove Snyder is over.

This is out there. Now this has been reported as you say, other owners and other executives have been aware of the existence of at least him saying these things before. So what should we expect to happen now, Seth? Well, there's league meetings in New York and downtown New York next Tuesday. And we'll see one of the most interesting things is that it takes three quarters of owners to vote out an owner. The owners don't think that especially the owners who are mad at Dan even over this, I don't know if they think they can get to 24.

But they've considered creative ways maybe of trying to force the team into the hands permanently of his wife, Tanya. And one of them is kind of an interesting technical thing, but they would jam him on a debt limit waiver. When owners build stadiums, they typically take out a lot of debt, the league has strict rules over how much debt they can carry. Now, most people think that Dan Snyder cannot write a check for a new stadium in the DC area and would need those debt limit waivers, including the loans that the league often offers. And owners have talked about not permitting him those waivers as a way as a back door way to try to transfer permanent ownership to Tanya. Remember, and owners and executives are really clear about this. When Donald Sterling had to let go of the Clippers years ago, it wasn't because fellow owners voted him out.

It was because his wife removed him from the family trust. And so I think that they're looking at Tanya Snyder as maybe someone that they could transfer ownership permanently to who they respect and enjoy working with. Alright, couple of things about that. I find it hard to believe that you couldn't convince 24 owners unless Daniel Snyder has dirt, which I've been saying there's a reason. There's a reason the NFL didn't make a written report on what happened with sexual misconduct within the RIT.

I'm sorry, the Washington organization. There's a reason there's no paper trail there. Hell, we had a 50 page report on inflated footballs. Right, right with that.

But no, we're not we're not producing a written write up of all the stuff that was going on. That was legitimate criminal behavior. That's a totally different thing. Yeah.

So miss me with that, which is why it's pretty clear that there are enough people that don't want to pursue this. Alright, Sam, we Snyder was fined and then they had to turn over the day to day operations of running the team to his wife as though she comes in after a long, hard day at FedEx Field. And then Dan is prepared dinner. Little salmon croquettes, right? Candles are lit candles, right?

The Brussels sprouts, maybe a tossed green salad, chocolate cake for dessert, maybe. And he goes, honey, how was your day? Sorry, I can't talk about it, Dan. It's football matter. Like, are you serious?

Stop. So the league would be better off without Daniel Snyder. And they all know it. They all know it because I know it doesn't seem like it now. But if you are a fan of that football franchise and you are my age, I mean, I realize I'm old, but if you are a fan of that franchise and you are in your mid fifties, you remember a time where Washington was among the benchmarks of the NFL. What's interesting is that tonight's game between the Bears and the Commandos, you're talking about if we rolled the clock back thirty five years, those were two of the best four teams in the league.

Washington was awesome. They were in the middle of a run where they won three Super Bowls in, I believe, nine seasons, 10 seasons, eighty two, eighty seven, ninety one. So in 10 seasons they won three Super Bowls. But from, you know, the 82 championship, that was the first strike year. So they were only eight and one that season. By the way, in both strike seasons in the NFL, 82 and 87, Washington won. Of course.

Washington won. No, that was about Joe Gibbs. That was a brilliant football coach. Absolutely, utterly brilliant and good ownership, by the way, and Jack Kent Cooke. And different ownership. The old owners were owners.

They were not necessarily, unless you're Al Davis, they were not necessarily meddlers like they are today. The owners think that they know all they know everything. Just own. Just own. Just be rich.

Just be own. Anyway, Washington was really, really great for about eight years. And the Bears for maybe one less year also great. And now they're both bad. Yeah, they're both bad. And it's sad for the league that the Bears and Washington stink and don't know how to run their own teams. You can be bad every once in a while if you're Washington, but you can't be this bad for this long.

Yeah. So essentially, it's not like they haven't made the playoffs. They both made the playoffs recently.

But there's there been nothing sustained in either franchise. I feel bad for some of the fans that still live here because, you know, there's a lot of Washington, old school Redskins, you know, whatever commandos fans. So there's a lot of people who feel it here. Friend of ours who works at NC State now, Jeff Gravely is an enormous Washington fan. And yeah, there's a there's a ton of Washington.

I have really good friends who live in Cary, Washington fans. Actually, his wife is a Patriots fan. Oh, wow.

Yeah. But he is. He's a Washington fan. He's always been. And they're embarrassing. I have a good friend of mine that has worked for around Washington.

He was a TV guy in Washington. And I called him to see if he would talk about not this particular thing today, but just the fact that the franchise is downtrodden. And he goes, I don't even want to think about that. Oh, so it's that bad. Yeah, because I also think that they have damaged their own stature within the community. They have done.

I don't know if it's irreparable or not, but it is with Dan Snyder owning the team and Tanya Snyder owning the team isn't any different than Dan Snyder owning the team. And we all know that. So they got voted. Take a vote. If the vote is no, the vote is no. Take a vote, man.

Are you going to be embarrassed? Right. Come on. Just do it. Let's do it.

All right. Let's let's end Wall of Sound. We didn't do very much of a wall. It was more of a chain link fence of sound. OK, so it's been a it's been a fun day. A split rail fence of sound today.
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