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REShow: Chris Johnson - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 21, 2023 3:24 pm

REShow: Chris Johnson - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 21, 2023 3:24 pm

Guest host Mike Hill and the guy's debate if Daniel Snyder, who sold the Commanders yesterday, is the worst owner not just in NFL history but in ALL of sports history.

Former All-Pro RB Chris Johnson tells Mike why he thinks the NFL has placed for more importance on quarterbacks than running backs, if disgruntled Giants RB Saquon Barkley should sit out the season, if he was a better running back than Adrian Peterson, and more.

Mike explains why NFL running backs must evolve as the sport becomes more and more pass oriented.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Rich Eisen Show. Send us your ideas. We are open to any idea. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What are your two cents on the running back market right now, Mark Ingram? I think it's criminal that they're trying to do our position like this. Would you tell them to hold out?

I definitely would. Today's guests, three-time Pro Bowl running back Chris Johnson, actor and comedian Godfrey, 13-year NFL veteran Ephraim Salaam, and now sitting in for Rich, it's Mike Hill. Hey, look who they left back in the studio. I'm back. I'm back. It's Friday. What's up, y'all? Mike Hill hanging out with the great Rich Eisen Show on the Rich Eisen Show.

Call us at 844-204-RICH in the house on this Friday. So happy to be here. I'm with my fellas. My guys are here.

Chris Brogman. What's up, Chris? What up, Mike? Good to see you, brother.

Good to see you as well, my man. I'm gonna go because I'm gonna get to you last there. As you should. As you should. CJ, my man.

My fresh J's is always looking good. I mean, you know how we do it. Let's try to like not have beef this time with me and you. No, you don't have no beef, baby. No beef. You know what I'm saying?

No shaming about everything. You know, you got the J's on, whatnot. I appreciate it. You got some plans for this weekend? Not yet. But you know, the day's not over yet.

I might have something for you. I had to get to my man over here last, though, because this is my guy. I've been going back with him since I've been at Fox Sports, which has been 10 years now.

My man, Del Tufo. It's been a long time. You weren't here the last time. I was like, Mike's going to be here tomorrow. I'm like, what do you mean? And I was like, I had to do a game.

I was like, not happy. I came in. Jason was here last time, right? Jason came in. I found out Jason's a millionaire now driving. I'm like, how much are they paying these damn audio guys around here, man?

You haven't seen my car. The audio guys. What you got a Billy? You don't even want to know. We'll just keep it at that. That's the Jersey guy right there.

If you want to steer your kid into a profession, send him the audio path. It's like the license plate might not be legit. It's paper right now. It's not stolen.

It's just borrowed for a long period of time. And nobody knows. I am hanging out. Guys, I'm so happy to be here with you guys today.

You know why? Because it's a special day for me. This is my anniversary.

Oh, this is my anniversary. Ten years ago today, I arrived in Los Angeles. I left ESPN after nine years and came over here to start my run over at Fox Sports once. So happy to be sitting in for Rich Eisen, who, of course, I didn't get a chance to meet Rich when I was at ESPN. I didn't get a chance.

We didn't cross paths because he's already been at the NFL Network, but heard about him a lot. And to be able to do this show on my anniversary is a special honor and a special treat. So happy to be here with you guys, man. This is a fun Friday.

You know, like last time I'm here, like I enjoyed myself for those three hours. I put some of it on my resume tape. Still looking for a real good job.

Let me know. So I want to kind of keep this open ended. I want us to have fun as always. We're going to talk about a couple of topics. Of course, I want to get into the Jets opening up training camp yesterday, a little bit. Aaron Rodgers, of course, want to talk about the running back situation. As you heard, we got Chris Johnson on the show coming up.

My man Ethan Salaam, who is a former NFL lineman who is now a writer in Hollywood. Of course, the right of strike that's going on right now in Hollywood. I'm actually on strike and because I'm in SAG-AFTRA. Oh, OK. Yeah. But, you know, I don't get no acting roles, so it ain't like affecting me that much because I ain't actually working or whatnot. But yes, I want to talk to him a little bit about that.

But I want to start off today because, yeah, ding dong, the witch is dead. Finally, the Daniel Snyder era is finally over. And I know a lot of people in Washington around the NFL and around just the world is just so happy. This man look, they need to do a better job of vetting when they decide to sell franchises to people, to these guys out here. And Daniel Snyder, like, I guess when he first came in, he had the money or whatnot. Seemed like he had the great vision, wanted to change things around. Remember the beginning when he brought in all the old veterans when he first got there?

Oh, yeah. He fired a gentleman. He had Sarati, came in as a general manager. That was a disaster. Remember, he was the Steve Spurrier. He hired Steve Spurrier as the coach.

That was a disaster. If you were a veteran and wanted to get paid, you went to Washington. You went to Washington. Remember, Dion got a bunch of money to go to Washington. All these old veterans, man, it was the place to be if you want to get paid. Yeah, it was. And it didn't pay off.

That's what I'm saying. So it paid off for the veterans, but it didn't pay off because in his tenure there as the owner, the team finished 164 and 220, two playoff wins. The last time the former Washington Redskins, now the commanders, former Washington football team, last won a playoff game was back in 2005.

A proud franchise has been pretty much demolished and now has to be rebuilt by this new owner, Josh Harris. And oh, by the way, Daniel Snyder got fined yesterday by the NFL, 60 million. That's a fine. That has to be the biggest fine of all time. I don't think anybody's ever.

Have we looked into that? Is that the biggest fine that anybody's ever been fined in professional sports of all time? 60 million, not 6 million, 60 million dollars.

But get this. He sold the team for 6.05 million dollars. You know the old five million billion billion billion 6.05 billion dollars. So you know what the old five part of that 6.05 billion dollars is? That's 50 million dollars fine. So he basically had to give up the NFL like, OK, he should have sold a scene for 6.06. You know what I mean?

And then that would have been a fine line. I just come out with a crisp, even six billion dollars. How it befuddles me sometimes, because these owners are terrible at what they do, destroy franchises, proud franchises. We're going to get to the Clippers. Clippers have never been a proud franchise. But, you know, we know what Donald Sterling did.

We're going to get to the worst owners of all time in just a second. But you look at what Daniel Snide, he bought that team. You know how much he bought the scene for? We said that yesterday, Chris, was it 800 million? OK, I know it was less than the highest price paid for an NFL team at that time.

At that time. Yeah. The payoff. So the look, 6.05 billion to be terrible. That's a great ROI. That is me. So if you forget cryptocurrency.

Yeah. Forget investing in your 401K. And oh, man, you better get your team and you can be terrible as an owner of the team and still have it pay off for you. So this guy's six point oh five billion.

Now, of course, Josh Harris comes in, buys the team Magic Johnson, part owner of the team magic, a part owner of the team. I just got four percent. That's enough.

That's enough. Let's see what's four percent of six point oh five. Two hundred and forty two million. That ain't shabby. It's like a quarter of a billion.

You know what I mean? You got to write a check to see how does that work? I think he got is indeed. So they got the bridge. You can have more than twenty five people as part owners of a team in NFL.

Right. So I think they got about 20 as part owners of the team. He got four percent of that or whatnot. And of course, Josh Harris, the majority owner of the team. So he puts up a lot. He's also the owner of the the Devils and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Right. So so he's he's got these these these teams out there or whatever. But I think maybe Magic has an investment group himself that puts in that money or whatever. I think Magic just throws out, you know, and he's he got a lot of money himself. Yeah.

You know what I mean? But I don't think Magic is quite a billionaire yet, I don't think. But I also don't think he's got two hundred and forty two million dollars just laying around that he's going to invest on the Washington commanders. I don't think that's the way it works. But he's got an investment team that's behind him that obviously puts in so they can become a part owner of what he partly owns as well.

So I think that's the way it works. But they're talking about changing the name of the team. We're going to get into that just a little bit second. But at the same time, man, when you think about Daniel Snyder and what he didn't do for the Washington franchise as far as he ran it, when you look at the worst owners of all time, what do you think Daniel Snyder ranks? You know, we talked about this yesterday with Don Van Nada, the ESPN reporter, he had Dan as the worst, the worst as number one, all the different things that went on, the transgressions, the investigations, the fines, the lack of winning. Yeah, he had Dan first.

Whoa, ah, that's interesting. TJ, I'm happy to chime in on that, because, you know, I mean, like you've got Snyder, you've got Sterling, you know, yesterday Don talked about a guy who, you know, I kind of a friend of mine who's a Washington fan we spoke about, which was George Marshall, the last owner who integrated the NFL, didn't want, you know, want to keep segregation up. He's someone who I feel you can put on there. You know, I don't know. I think maybe overall he might be the, I don't know, Sterling was so bad though.

Sterling was so bad. Here's here's what I will say. I don't I don't know.

You guys on the radio can't see me, but you probably can hear me and people on television can see me like I am. I'm black. If you don't know what you know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You know, sometimes, you know, I could have grown up in a certain way. You know what I mean?

I could have done that. But you know, I'm a black man. I think, you know, Daniel Snyder is terrible. Don't get me wrong for what he did to the team. You're talking about sexual harassment, talking about the money issues. You're talking about being fined 60 million, nonwinning, the coaching changes over the years, whatever, destroying a proud franchise. That's what Daniel Snyder did. But racism kind of trumps it all to me.

It's like not to make it much of a race issue, but like that. Sterling was terrible. Sterling didn't build a winner until later on. Of course, he had, you know, the Doc Rivers scenes with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin or whatnot. But they could never still never made it to the Western Conference finals with him as an owner. They never went to the NBA finals with him and his owner. He was very cheap. The whole Elgin Baylor situation with him.

And oh, by the way, then, oh, his girlfriend drops a dime on him and all that type of stuff. Speaking of Magic Johnson, you know what I mean? You don't want certain people at his games or whatever.

You know what I'm saying? So I think Sterling then how about my man Robert Sarver? Robert Sarver.

Yeah. Sarver. So Sarver was a guy that if you look from the outside in, if you see him just on the periphery, the perception was he was this great owner, great guy, whatever.

But then he had this thing that was happening behind the scenes where he was, you know, dropping the end bombs and all that type of stuff and had the cell scene. But the thing is, when you are banned, Sterling, when you are banned from the league, literally taken away from you, you had your team taken away. You had your players quit on you.

Your players basically dropped jerseys in the playoffs. In the playoffs. You're talking about not playing that game. Not a game.

In the playoffs. Chris, you're talking about star players dropping jerseys because their owner was racist, was the worst, was prejudiced, whatever you want to call him, a bigot, whatever you want to call him. And so, yeah, man. So when it comes to that, I think that Donald Sterling definitely takes the cake because the Lifetime Band being cheap, racism and all that type of stuff. And I got a personal beef for when it comes to worst franchise owners of all time. I'm a Knicks fan. Yeah.

Rich is a Knicks fan. People on the radio, Ken, I'm just looking right now. I'm just looking into the camera. Mike's head is shaking. He's not blinking. His eyes are tearing up. We might look for a tissue, Mike.

I get emotional. I think about Dolan. His daddy was good. I like this daddy. Yeah. I like this daddy. I used to work for his daddy when I was at MSG.

A word? Yeah. When I was at MSG a long time ago, man.

I've been in this business for a long time. Oh, but I look good. You know what I'm saying? You know what I'm saying?

Black don't crack. Days don't age. You know how it go, bro. You know what I'm saying? Moisturize. Moisturize. You know what I'm saying?

Hydrate. Yeah. Stay happy. That's why I got a divorce.

I had to be happy. You know, I am not going to live by my late night, my late years being unhappy. That's not going to happen.

Nothing against things because that could be in blogs tomorrow and stuff like that because she's a celebrity anyway. No, but James Dolan, man, what he's done with the Knicks just, I mean, just horrible. Thin skin. Can't win. Doesn't want to win. Doesn't put a winner on. And this is the Knicks. People come out. We want to see a winner on the floor. We want to see excellence on the court. It's the garden.

It's the garden. It's the Mecca. And he can't even get good free agents to come to New York because partly because of his culture, partly because of the people he hires. Now, of course, two of the last three years, they've kind of turned things around. They finally won the playoff series last year.

See how far they can go this year. But still, man, James Dolan, honorable mention. Now, I will also say there are other owners out there that are good and bad. Jerry Jones talked about this before the show came on, T.J., your team, Jerry Jones. A lot of people don't like Jerry Jones. A lot of people love Jerry Jones. I, for one, actually like Jerry Jones. I covered Jerry Jones when I was down in Dallas. He loves his team.

Yeah. His players seem to love him. They don't really have beefs with him.

After they leave, they understand the business side of things. And as you mentioned, he has the Cowboys, a great, proud franchise, once a couple of three Super Bowls in the early years. Well, that was Jimmy's scenes. I'm going to give Jimmy the credit for it. But he was the owner of the team. So we got to get credit.

He got the trophies. And his ego kind of got in the way, which is the bad side of things, because he wanted to be the general manager. And he speaks more than I hear more from Jerry Jones than I hear from Dak Prescott. That is true.

You know what I'm saying? You hear more from Jerry than almost anybody else. Jerry loves them cameras, man.

He ain't going to shy away from a camera. But that's his team. Mark Cuban is the same way. Mark Cuban is like the front of the, like, no matter who's on the team, the most popular person, part of the organization is the owner, Mark Cuban.

Yeah, for sure. And Jerry Jones for the Dallas Cowboys. So, you know, hopefully the Cowboys can get things turned back around and they can win another Super Bowl, because it's been a long time, man. They've won, what, two playoff games in the last, since they won the Super Bowl or something like that. And that's sad for that Cowboys organization.

So we're going to talk about that. 844-204 Rich, they're also talking about name changes for the commanders. Again, I still want to call them, I never call them the Redskins. I call them the skins. Back in the day when I was on SportsCenter, when I was doing Fox Sports Live, I always call them the Washington skins because I didn't want to offend people even back then and never call them the Washington football team. I just thought that was stupid.

But they're talking about changing the name of the commander. So we want to hear from you Washington football fans out there. Give us a call at 844-204 Rich. Let us know what name you would like your football franchise to be now that Daniel Snyder is gone. We're going to talk about that a little bit later on. Also, coming up on the show, once again, we got Chris Johnson talking about NFL running backs. But coming up next, we will talk to Mr. CJ 2K, of course, about the NFL running back situation that's going on right now. It is pretty much the position is obsolete, becoming obsolete in the NFL.

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Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen. I cannot believe you watched Charles Oakley get dragged out of Madison Square Garden with your own two eyes. I mean, I could not. Spike Lee was there. You couldn't believe it.

Did everyone just like it during the time I was there? Wait a minute, Spike Lee was there? That's the next thing you're gonna tell me Jack Nicholson was at the Lakers game. McEnroe was there. I know he was right there. He was like practically in Oakley's lap. Was Woody Allen there? He was not.

I don't know why that's funny. John Lithgow. Was John there? Steve Earl was there. So Steve Earl. This is the new Madison Square Garden. Leon was there. Oh sure. What about Bob Costas?

Costas now. Can you tell this story? You gotta tell the story. When I was like 21 years old, I went to the, um, I went to the, uh, what was it? The Heisman Trophy at the Downtown Athletic Club.

I managed to get invited. Like I had an extra ticket or somebody gave me a ticket and I went through the thing and I went to the bathroom and, uh, Bob Costas was in the next urinal and I was like 21. So this was 1990, 91. And I said, and I was peeing and I went, I'm a big fan of yours. And he told, and he went, don't you know the rule? You're not supposed to talk when you're in the urinal. And I was like, Oh God, I didn't.

That's how I learned the rule. Anyway, I saw him at the Knicks game and I was, I never met him before since then. And I said to him, Hey, uh, this Bobby Cannavale, I just wanted to introduce myself and say, uh, when I was 21, I told him the story and he went, it doesn't sound like something they'd say. Shot me down. Just complete shoot down twice. He was also sitting on the toilet when you told him the second time.

He was, he was, he was, he was, he was, yeah. So what did you shut the door? I don't care that you have two Emmys. Shut the door chip. I love it. Mike Hill for rich eyes and welcome back to the rich eyes and show radio network sitting in for the rich eyes and show desk furnace by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Granger has the right product for you.

Call click or just stop by. We go about to get to Chris Johnson in just a second. He's standing by real quick before we go to break that you guys do those flashbacks of on from the TV and Bobby Cannavale is how you pronounce his name. Great actor.

Love me. He was on with Paul Rudd talking about, uh, when Oakley got dragged out of the garden that, that, that night I was there. I was at the game. Wow. Cause I was doing the Clippers pre and post game show.

They were playing the Clippers. I couldn't believe what I saw. And then he talked about meeting Bob Costas at a urinal. I've met, I've met, I've met two famous people while standing at a urinal. Oh man. My first encounter with Scotty Bowman. I was in Nashville, Scotty Bowman, Scotty Bowman, great iconic red wings, coach, NHL legend. They're the urinal chilling young guy, like 26 years old.

Bam. He comes up, Hey, how's it going? He's talking to me. He doesn't know who I am, but he's talking to me and I'm like, okay.

You know, I ain't say anything about the rule because, you know, the rules don't apply to icons. You know what I mean? So he can talk to me and I'm, you know, talking back, you know what I'm saying? And then the second time I'm at ESPN and, uh, I'm, uh, out right outside the green room for the NBA and I'm at the urinal and in comes this tall figure. I look up and he said, Hey, young fella, how you doing, man?

Pleasure to meet you. No, I couldn't shake his hand obviously. Cause if my hands full, look up, I'm like, that's magic Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson. Now first encounter, my first official meeting with magic Johnson was at the urinal, man.

So yeah. So, you know, wash my hands, shook hands, you know, fish. And now he's the owner of the Washington. Now he's the owner of the wire. I'm going to, next time I see him, as you remember, first time we met, man, you know what I'm saying?

Anyway, that was my story. Uh, Chris Johnson, he is a hell of a football player back in the day. Of course, three time pro bowler, NFL Russian King back in 2009, one of five players ever go over 2000 yards. And, um, we got to talk about the state of the running back right now because the state of running back is a dying breed in the NFL. When you're talking about say Quan Barkley, not being able to get his contract and Josh Jacobs, who was the Russian King last year, not able to get a long-term deal right now. See if they're going to play at all this season.

Chris Johnson joins us right now on the rich eyes and show CJ what's going on, man. How you doing? I'm good. I'm good. Just chilling, man.

That's it. How you doing? Good, man. You ever have any encounters at the urinal like that, man? I was just talking about you ever meet anybody, the urinal, anybody trying to talk to you at the urinal while you trying to handle your business? Uh, I don't think so.

Well, that's bound to happen now that you've been on this show. Let's talk about the running backs, uh, any NFL or the lack of running backs, man. Why do you think the running back position right now has been devalued in your opinion? Um, I just think it has been devalued over the way that they're trying to, um, turn the league into like a straight passing league. Like I've been saying this for years and years, like, yeah, you going, you get those certain teams, they're going to pass the ball all over the field. Uh, but when it gets December, January playoff football, we all know that you got to come back to that running back. You got to have a running game. Know what I'm saying? So like that's, that's a big part of it. Um, why I feel like they have devalued the game, because like when I was coming up or when I was playing, like it was like, we're getting 20, 25 tests in the game. And like with things that I've seen, like in the past years, like you will, you will be watching the game.

And then the, in the staff, the random back to have like 50, 60 rushing yards and like 40, 50 receiving yards. And they say he had a great day. But when we were coming up, that was a terrible day for us. Yeah. Well, let me play devil's advocate here.

All right. So the game has evolved. The game has changed over the years.

Back in the day. You didn't see too many back in the eighties and the early nineties, even as quarterbacks, you didn't see a lot of 4,000 yard passes. You definitely didn't see a lot of 5,000 yard passes, but now you're seeing that almost every season, if you don't have a 4,000 yard passing season, it's almost like you didn't have a really good season as an NFL quarterback. As you mentioned, the game has evolved to more of a passing game. So how do you feel like running backs in today's game have to adjust to what the league is doing on offense? Okay.

Well, first of all, I got two things to that question. I like that you say you devil advocate and you see the four to 5,000 passing yard. I'm going to point out a guy. We're going to talk about shirtless Kirk cousin. He's going to give you 4,000 yards in the regular season and then come to play out. He goes on the money. It's like, you got to run the ball. That's why, you know, we get the playoffs, but we lose in the first round or this and that because the running game, you know what I'm saying? But when you come to it, like I played with a guy by the name of Bruce Aaron and throughout my whole career, you know, it was running back, running back, like we're about rushing yards and this and that. And then, you know, catching the ball out of the back field, still being that threat.

Now I go inside with Aaron on the Cardinals on what boots area in 80% of the time. It's like, you know, as running back, we're not sitting back. They're blocking those guys that come in. We don't know what they're doing. We know that they're blocking those guys that come in. We're doing a free release or you going out wide, running routes on the linebackers.

So it's all about a mix match. So I had that kind of, I've kind of, I had to go like my practice schedule and look at the game different. Now I got to focus more on running routes from the outside. I got to focus on making sure I'm getting 100 to 200 catches in on the job machine every day after practice, because I know in this offense, we're trying to create mismatches and I'm going to have to catch the ball out on the outside. It's different with running right on the outside and coming out of the back field.

Right, right. So now on the running backs, if you're not catching the ball out of the back field, like you were a good receiver out of the backfield, right? I think it's a day's game as a running back, you have to be able to stay on the field for all three downs and be able to catch the ball out of the backfield, even on first down and be a good pass protector as well. So if you're a running back, don't you feel like because the game has changed, then this is what the league is looking for. This is what the league has done. This is what running backs have to adjust to. This is what you guys have to do all the time now. Right.

Okay. So if I adjust to that and I'm doing what you're requiring me to do, right, within your offense, I should be paid as such. So what's it say, like you're obviously not the biggest Kirk Cousins fan in the world, especially in the playoffs. No, I love Kirk Cousins. I love Kirk Cousins. So when you're saying a guy like Kirk Cousins, you do a lot of great things in the regular season, 4,000 yards in regular season, then in the postseason, they need to run the football.

Obviously, you need to have a balanced offense because you don't want to be predictable when you're on offense. So what's it say about a team like the Minnesota Vikings, who had such a great season with Kirk Cousins, knew Kevin O'Connor, who had a great first season as head coach. Of course, they got the best wide receiver, in my opinion, in the NFL, but they release Dalvin Cook this offseason. What's that say about the league when you got a team like the Minnesota Vikings who had that great season with those great players I just talked about, and then they release, maybe they're one of the best players on offense out of the backfield?

Yeah. And that just shows you, I feel like that comes with coaching because like I say, we're going to throw it all over the field in the regular season. Then we get to December, January, that's what our team is used to doing. That's what we're doing. So it's hard to just flip the switch and be like, okay, now we're going to focus on this running game because they're going to get us through the playoffs. You got to do that all throughout the regular season. So when it comes to something, when it comes to the point where it's like it's time for the playoffs, we already used to doing this instead of we just used to throwing the ball all over the field. That's one point to it.

And the other point that I can say is, you know, at the end of the day, I feel like it was a business decision. They feel like, I think the backup is Madison or something like that. They probably feel like they pass the ball so much. They feel like Madison can come in and do what they need Davin to do because they don't motion Davin either that field or throw the ball and stuff because they got plenty of receivers to do it. They got the depth of feeling in the game. So I feel like business on the business side of things, they felt like they can let Davin go and have the backup come in and do some of the same things in the running game being that they don't run the ball as much.

All right. So if you're Saquon Barkley now, he's mentioned, even talked about maybe possibly sitting out the entire season. If you're in his position right now, of course, the Giants have franchised him along with Josh Jacobs with the Raiders franchising him as well. If you're in their position, what are you doing? They haven't signed the tenders.

Are you sitting out this entire season or are you just going back to play and try to prove that you're worth the money that you want? I think in their situation, you can correct me if I'm wrong. I think they either have to play this season or they got to play a certain amount of games in order to where they won't end up in the same predicament they in now.

Am I right? Yeah, pretty much. So because these rookie contracts, they have to play, you know, to get the service amount, they have to do that. So they have to play eventually. They can sit out the season and forfeit the 10 million dollars that they're going to get. But eventually, even if they played though, CJ, and they played this year and they, you know, say ran for 1600 yards, Josh Jacobs, another Russian title, they could still franchise them again next year, maybe for like 14 million.

Two franchises. But my point I was trying to make, if they sit out this year and they come back and the team can be like, okay, we're still going to franchise you again. Like you, you don't gain no, you don't gain no minimum towards the next contract is what I'm saying. If you sit out the whole year and the team might be like, okay, we're going to pay you. Are they going to be like, okay, we're going to franchise tag you again. Now you got to sit out the whole year. You got lost 10 million dollars.

Same thing like Labia and Bell. Yep. And he says he regrets that. Now you coming back, okay, we're going to franchise tag you again. So now what you going to do? You going to sit out again or you're going to play the franchise tag and you're going to lose $10 million again? Like what are you going to do? So it's kind of like, they're in a situation right now where the team pretty much have the leverage.

The team pretty much have all the leverage right now. So if I was in that situation, I say I will come and play. I will come and play. Yeah, you damn as you do, you damn as you don't. Let's talk about you a little bit, man. What are you up to these days?

Man, just chilling, man. Down here in Orlando. There's real estate. Got a few Airbnbs out by Disney and stuff like that. So I've just been working on that real hard, getting those furnished and renting out and stuff like that. Everybody got the Airbnbs these days.

I got to invest in the Airbnbs. I understand you're also doing a podcast. The reason I wanted to have you on the show is I actually saw you on the podcast. You're working with my man Eric Weinberg over there.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Podcast, I do the, well this past last season I did the 30-30 team and then I did the smash and dash with me and Landell White. So we shoot that podcast weekly, talk about sports, livelihood, all type of stuff, man. So that's real big for us.

Yeah, I believe he's trying to make things happen over there. How tough is it now? Because you're in that role, I guess you're part of the media in the sense when you got the podcast, you got your opinion.

How tough is it? Because as a player, obviously you heard other people's opinions. Maybe it was from a former player, maybe it was from a guy who didn't play the game. And you know, that could be critical sometimes.

How hard is it for you to now be in that role? I feel like for me, playing the game and going through those situations and hearing people say things that they, you know, that it may look like this on the outside, but they don't really know. I think that helped me out a lot because when I talk about certain people, for instance, when I talk about Kurt Turner, I love Landell, he's a great player. I'm not talking about him in general. I'm just talking about the situation. So I would never like come out and bash a certain player or anything like that. I would just talk about the situation and what you see it with on film.

Film don't lie. You know what I'm saying? So I just take that whole aspect of it. All right.

Good luck with that man as well. And you're still, you were one of the fastest guys in the NFL back in the day. You were a blazer, bro. I used to always have this debate with one of my partners on the air about who was the best running back at the time. You are Adrian Peterson. When you look back at your time between you and Adrian Peterson, because that used to be the biggest debate, who's the best, better running back during your era. How would you, how would you assess that matchup? Me versus AP? Yep. I would definitely, I would definitely say I was the best one.

You know what I'm saying? Obviously he played more years than me in different scenarios going to, you know, continue to play at the back end of your career and stuff like that. But if you, if you line up my best season with his best season and not everyone was going back and forth, I'd definitely go on myself. All right. And you also one of the fastest guys in the game. You're still fast.

I'm all right. I was out there running with my boys the other day. I felt my hamstring a little bit. And not only that, the reason why I failed the best for sure. Like I'm the only running back in history to have over 2,500 yards.

So nobody ever done that. So here's what it is. Receiving and rushing the football, doing your thing, man.

You definitely one of the best. Like, you know, here's the thing. When you, when you get a certain age, Chris, I don't know if you know this cause I'm an old guy too, man. You got stretched, bro. You just gotta, you know, you just gotta stretch. You gotta be able to pull them hamstrings and stretch them hamstrings out. You can't do the things you used to do unless you're T.O. Cause T.O. is a mutant. Yeah, he's a mutant.

I thought I was stretched out good, but man. So you're not going to be in one of these, these races that T.O. is trying to get together anytime soon. T.O.

is trying to challenge everybody that used to be fast in the NFL to a race. So you're not going to be- Man, I'd do it. I'd do it. You know what I'm saying?

There's no problem. I'd do it. I can't nobody. None of them old cats. None of them old folks. T.O., Pac-Man, Adam Jones. None of those guys. They can't. I'm the fastest ever doing it, man. They can't stand.

They can't stand next to me. So, so, so the challenge right now, you, Pac-Man, you, you, Adam Jones, T.O. in a race right now, the three of y'all on a track in what, give me two, three months and the showdown is going to happen. Can we, can we get that?

Can we make that happen? The showdown is going to be who's coming in second. Out of one of them, that's going to be the real race. Who's going to be second. It's a first.

It's not even a question. I can't wait for T.O. to hear this, man. This is going to be great. CJ, man, thanks for your time. Appreciate it, man.

Best of luck with the podcast and everything you got going on down there. When I come to Florida, man, I'm going to definitely rent from you in the Airbnb. You got nice Airbnbs. You got good five star ratings. You go to my Instagram, Chris Johnson, TWO eight, Chris Johnson two eight, the links in the bio, Airbnb there.

So if, you know, check me out since, since you just gave that, that, that, uh, endorsement right there. So that means we get free Airbnbs. Now, like, that's like, we get, we get a deal. We get a deal around here, rich hours and show, we get a deal.

I'm going to give y'all some free days. Okay. All right.

You heard it right here on the rich island. So CJ, man, thanks for your time. My brother. Thank you. All right, bro.

Chris, y'all heard it. Yeah. And let's go Orlando. That's Disney world. Let's go down there, man. Am I supposed to apologize for that?

I don't know how to do that. Marshall was all over Kirk Cousins this week. Wow.

People. I like Kirk Cousins. Have you guys been watching that, um, that, that documentary quarterback? Yeah. Oh, my so good. It is good.

It is so good. Right. And it's also, you know, you kind of realize some things like these quarterbacks are really intelligent. Like you can't be a dummy to be a quarterback in the NFL and there, and all the players are getting beat up obviously.

Yeah. But the amount of beating that these quarterbacks take, man, like Kirk Cousins, you got to kind of give him props, man, because there were shot after shot at him just getting smashed. And you can hear him grimacing and groaning and the pain he's in from his ribs and his sternum.

And these guys, they just get up and they keep, they keep pushing forward, man. I definitely did get a different type of respect for him after that's what I was about to say, man. Kirk Cousins, I know people always come down on him, man, but you know, I've gained so much respect just watching them. I like them as a player and I'm predicting this year that the Minnesota Vikings is going to win the NFC. The whole NFC?

The whole NFC, not just the NFC. Look, they're going to win the NFC North. They're going to win the division.

They are? Who's going to win the division? Everyone's on the Lions bandwagon.

No, I ain't coming. It's still the Lions. At the end of the day, it's still the Lions.

I'm sorry. No, they're going to win the NFC North. They're going to win. They're going to win the NFC North. Chicago is going to have an okay year.

You know, Justin Fields is going to be all right. Whatever Green Bay is going to be coming down, even after they lost Aaron Rodgers, they weren't even good last year. So the NFC North is, to me, the Minnesota Vikings. I mean, they had a great season last year. They got close. They got blown out of the playoffs against my Giants. Don't get me wrong.

I understand that. But I think, I think under Kevin O'Connell and that system, man, I really believe they once again, they get the best receiver in the NFL and Justin Jefferson. And I believe Kirk Cousins. Damn, I'm going to say this.

Do it. Am I going to say this Vikings 18 to one to win the NFC right now? I'm picking them. It's the NFC. I love the Philadelphia Eagles. Don't get me wrong, but I don't see anybody else. 49ers.

Questions for you now. Who's quarterback right now? Brock Purdy, sir.

They got a great deal. They lost the defense coordinator. 49ers. Cowboys to the Cowboys. McCaffrey.

I mean, what's that mean? Lions, Seahawks, Saints. I ain't scared of none of them. I ain't scared of nobody. Philadelphia.

Minnesota. I'm telling you, man, I don't, I'm a Giants fan. And because of the Saquon situation, I'm scared now. Dalvin Cook, how are they going to replace him? Because it's hard to replace a Dalvin Cook. Their backup running back has less than a hundred carries in his NFL career, right? The one that's going to replace him.

So what's going to happen there? But I think under Kevin O'Connell, I like, I like Kirk Cousins. And I'm going to say this, and I'm going to go, before we go to break, Kirk Cousins, it's going to come back to haunt me.

But I'm going to say it any damn way because I'm bold and I'm Mike Hill and I'm old and I can just blame this on old age if it doesn't work out. Kirk Cousins will finish in the top five in the MVP race this year. Okay. You know what?

You know what? Let's go for it. Top three, top three in the NFL race. And the only reason I'm saying, not saying he's going to win it, damn it, is because Patrick Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes is still alive and they got that great quarterback in Cincinnati as well. Kirk Cousins, 50 to one MVP. Hey man, let me go to Vegas.

I just came back from Vegas. Brockman will take your action. I'll take that. I'll put, I'll put a hundred dollars on Kirk.

I'll put $500 on Kirk Cousins winning MVP. What? $550 to one. What is that? Somebody do the math real quick.

What is that? $25,000. I'll take that. Kirk Cousins, look out for you, boy, man. Come on, man. I'm praying for you, man. Uh, we kind of touched on a little bit with CJ.

I'm gonna talk more about the running back Marcus, and I'm gonna tell you why I feel bad, but not sorry for NFL running backs. It's coming up next right here on the Rich Isaac Show. I want to say this. Yes. I am a man that knows when he's defeated. Yes.

I was beaten this year. Yes. Um, so my business manager is supposed to have the hat for us. He did not.

Oh, we're throwing under the bus by the bus just right now. See, he didn't even show his face. He's I was willing to wear this hat. He had a made up. Well, he told me that the hat that he made up had the final score. No, he had the hat on there. It was a hat.

I don't know what that the hat is supposed to read the following. I am going to listen to this. Okay, hear this.

Yes. Hail to the victors. Valiant hail to the conquering heroes. Hail, hail to Michigan.

The leaders and best. Wow. I honestly did not want me to do that. I honestly can't have thought of anything else that you would do that would make me think that you would not have to follow through on your end of the wager, which is where I should have gone to Michigan hat on the vaunted field of Notre Dame with touchdown Jesus behind you.

But do I let him out of that end of the bet now? He's that was pretty epic, actually. And he nailed all the words. He grew up in the state of Michigan. He should know them.

He should know them. I mean, that was like 40 years ago. I had to look him up to make sure I was saying it correctly for you. Also, also getting visions of like Jerome practicing before he came out. Yeah, it sounded rehearsed. That was great. That took a lot out of me. That was awesome. That was all right. Back on the rich eyes and show my kill filling in for rich today.

Give us a call at 844-204. Rich, you want to have your voice heard. We're taking names for the Washington football team. Want to get your opinion on that. We just had CJ on Chris Johnson on the NFL running back three time pro bowler on talking about the NFL running backs and he was talking about the need still for NFL running backs in this league. But I feel bad for NFL running backs. I really do because we just saw a TV segment, the archive of Jerome Bettis. I remember the glory years of Jerome Bettis, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, guys like that. When the running back position was thriving and everybody had a great running back, Lydani and Thomason back in the day, obviously. You know, but here's what I will say.

While I feel bad for NFL running backs, I can't feel sorry for them. Only because things evolve. In life, we all evolve.

In my business and what I do, I've had to evolve. When I came into this business, everybody wanted to be a SportsCenter anchor. I became a SportsCenter anchor. SportsCenter anchors are, you hardly even see people on SportsCenter anymore. You know why? Because things like this have taken over, which is great. And I love this conversational thing, but the bait has taken over. You have got to change with the times.

And if you don't change with the times, you're going to be left behind. Who remembers Kodak films? Kodak film. Remember that back in the day? Remember when you took a picture?

Got it. Polaroids. Shake it like a Polaroid picture. Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Remember that? You had to change with time. Polaroid decided they didn't want to digital became the end thing to do.

Polaroid didn't change fast enough. Blockbuster video. There you go. Remember you had on Fridays, you went to Blockbuster, prayed that they had your VHS tape. Prayed that you had your DVD. New release day.

New release day. You prayed. You went there. You still got it.

You got it. Oh, you got 10 copies. And you stayed there sometimes hoping that somebody would return it. I'm sorry.

Look in the bin, Mike. I'm sorry, but I would love to go back to those Blockbuster people today that don't have that experience. I feel bad for it because that was fun. That was fun, but it was also nerve-racking. But it was. That was the glory. That was.

But you had to evolve it. Blockbuster didn't evolve into the digital age. And then Netflix.

It's the Netflix and the streaming and everything changes, man. This I go NBA. NBA is evolved. Shaq used to dominate the big man. He's dominate back in the day.

Schuylonese dominated. Anybody down there? I think I could evolve. I could shoot. Shaq would have to shoot threes now. Shaq would have to have a 15-foot jumper now. Now Shaq is maybe an exception to the rule, but the game is not the way it used to be played. It's a outside end game. It is a Steph Curry type of game. It's the threes. That's why I say in the NFL, Emmett Smith's Russian record will never be touched because it's never going back to that because it's more like seven-on-seven football now.

So if you're a running back, you have got to basically become a wide receiver playing running back. You better be like Deebo Sam. Deebo? When's Deebo's contract up? He just got paid. He just got paid. How much did he get paid?

Yeah, Deebo. So you better be one of those hybrid guys because even on defense now, so you remember safeties used to be Roy Williams was a good, you know, the Cowboys, man. Roy Williams was a safety, a linebacker playing safety. He should have been a linebacker because he, but the, the problem with Ray Williams is he could kill you in a run game. He would destroy running backs. He would hit you harder than anybody. If he caught you coming across the middle, he would destroy you, but he couldn't cover. Right.

That was the problem. Deebo, Deebo re-up for big money, three years, 71 and a half million, 58 million guaranteed. So, so, so what, what position does Deebo play? He's listed as a wide receiver.

Okay. He's listed as, but he plays a lot of he's, he's out of the backfield too, right? He gets a lot of carries. Gets a lot of carries.

You better become Deebo Samuels. If you're a high school running back right now, you're coming up, you better learn how to play the game like Deebo Samuels because that's the only way you're going to get into the NFL and get paid. Now the running back position will still be there. You're still going to have great players that can catch the ball. Chris Johnson can catch the ball out of the backfield. Dana Thompson can catch the ball out of the backfield. Back in the day, Roger Craig, remember that? Who, who remember that?

Thousand, thousand rushing. Marshall? Marshall, guys like that catching the ball out of the backfield. You have got to do three things. If you're a running back right now, you have got to be able to catch the ball out of the backfield. You got to be able to pass protect. Very important.

Very important. People think that's why, like, I look at like Jameer Gibbs, who just got drafted. I think the Lions just picked him up out of Alabama. And I love Jameer Gibbs. Don't get me wrong.

I'm an Alabama fan. And I saw that sometimes he had problems in the pass protection game. So that could be something he's got to work on. That's what makes Zeke so good.

Zeke can pass block. But you also, the most important thing for running back now, you better stay healthy. You better stay healthy.

Stay healthy. Like Saquon Barkley, I love, I'm a Giants fan. Love Saquon Barkley. Had a healthy season last year.

His best season since his rookie season. But they're looking at the two seasons in between. As to one of the reasons why he probably won't be getting that long-term contract, which is a shame. We'll talk more about that and other things coming up next on the Rich Ozzens show on the radio side. But we're still on Roku. Still here.

Still on Roku. We got some running back news. What's the running back news?

Free agent Melvin Gordon. Okay. Signs with the Baltimore Ravens. Okay. What like one year deal?

One year deal can earn up to 3.1 million dollars per Adam. Okay. All right.

All right. Melvin Gordon. That's your running back market right now.

That's, you know, and think about the, think about the play. Who's still out there? It's still running. But I'm like, like Saquon still on sign. I know that the John's have his rap. Right. Kareem Huns still out there. Kareem Huns still out there. Wonderfornette was visiting the Patriots this week.

Oh my gosh. I mean, Dalvin Cook. Dalvin Cook's got options.

We know that. I think he turned down the deal from the Dolphins or whatever. But at the same time, man, running backs out there. And they know it, but they, I was surprised that Bijan Robinson got drafted in the first round. Even though he's a great running back, don't get me wrong, but that's what they do.

I think that's the formula now. It's the draft running back. Let them play four or five seasons.

Wear them out or whatnot. And then it's time to draft another running back and let this other running back go. Because once again, it's a passing league. Like I was telling Chris Johnson before, Troy Aikman's in the hall of, I don't think Troy Aikman ever had a 4,000 yard season.

He in the hall of fame. That's how it was back then. You ran the football. You pass very often. You pass the ball on third down, maybe on second in law. But you ran the ball.

Three yards and what? Cloud of dust. Cloud of dust, man.

Cloud of dust. We're going to have some fun in the next hour as well. The great comedian Godfrey is going to come on and join us. Talk about the comic world.

And of course, he played football in Illinois. That's coming up next on Rich Isaac Show. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings.

Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. Collision has been struggling a little bit out of the gate with these ticket sales. A little bit out of the gate. This was a major show announced on a major network with what everybody thought was this huge star, CM Punk. I said he was going to be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history. And I think I'm being proven right every minute of the day. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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