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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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July 21, 2023 1:16 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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July 21, 2023 1:16 am

Hour 2 continues about the new era beginning with Josh Harris being the new owner of the Washington Commanders, Aaron Rodgers speaks to the media after his first Jets practice, plus your calls!


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That's BetterHelp H-E-L-P dot com slash positive. Weeknight Monday through Friday. I wasn't here last night hanging out in D.C. A lot going on surrounding the MLS, it's all-star game, it's unified game and so I'm happy to be back with you. In big news coming out of D.C., we'll talk about it in a second, the NFL approves the sale of the commanders to Josh Harris, a record six billion dollars.

Daniel Snyder on the way out the door fined 60 million dollars. Congratulations all you commanders fans, you got a little bit of hope, you got something to look forward to. Listen, you can always lock into this show on the free Odyssey app, free.

Everybody likes free, the Odyssey app is free, A-U-D-A-C-Y. You can always tune in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. Shout outs to everybody in Vegas and I don't know, Dallas and Houston, San Antonio, Austin, yeah we got plenty of places, new places adding the show as well. Let's keep going. You can listen on SiriusXM channel 158 and if you got a smart speaker, ask it to play CBS Sports Radio. We open up the show talking about the commanders, we talked about the MLS all-star game, we talked about the Women's World Cup, we talked about the idiot YouTuber banned from the WNBA, bought four court side seats and decided to take a nap in the front row, just highly disrespectful and we're going to get into the commanders momentarily. Lane Kiffin saying and telling everyone who will listen during media day that this transfer portal is destroying college football, the New York Jets are now fine with hard knocks, Aaron Rodgers is gentler and kinder, C.J.

Gardner-Johnson hates Philly, Draymond Green still hates Jordan Poole. There's so much to get into, so we got a busy night. If you want to talk to me at any point, you can hit us up on the phones, 855-2124CBS, that's 855-2124CBS.

I'm also online on social media at JR Sport Brief. But let's get into some positive news. Positive news if you are a commanders fan, positive news if you root for the commanders, positive news I'd say if you're an NFL fan because one of the worst owners in professional sports is gone and his name is Daniel Snyder. He has been shown the door, he has been given the boots and if you are a fan of a sad sack franchise where your owner sucks, maybe it's the Pirates, sorry I just had to throw somebody out there, right? Look for some hope. Look at what took place here with the commanders.

Maybe your owner will be bad enough, maybe, that they can get moved to. And I don't know if your owner can be as bad as Daniel Snyder because over the years since he has owned this franchise, taking over the commanders since 1999, in 1999, I can run down a list. This is like a bad resume. Now imagine talking about an NFL superstar.

Just pick a guy. This guy was a 10-time Pro Bowler, two-time Super Bowl champion, five-time All-Pro, first-time All-Pro, first-team All-Pro. We can go down the list of accolades. If I want to run down Daniel Snyder's resume as owner of the commanders, you would think, how the hell did this guy keep the team? The owners finally had enough. Daniel Snyder pretty much booted away from the team to save his own ass and to save himself and it's not too bad to leave with a six billion dollar golden parachute. That's what happens, right? Boys behaving badly, you get pushed out the door and you have a soft financial landing. This is like Scrooge McDuck swimming through all of that money in his vault.

This is Daniel Snyder, okay? Sexual harassment claims by 40-plus women. He was fined 10 million dollars. He was told to go away from the team so his wife could run it.

Sure, that means that he's totally far away from the team with his wife, technically in charge. This is an individual whose franchise sued, at one point sued some of his season ticket holders because they could no longer afford tickets and they held a balance, like an elderly couple. Yes, at one point in time the commanders sued an elderly couple because they fell behind on their balance and could no longer afford the tickets. So what do we do? We sue them.

We sue them. The man didn't want to change the name for the franchise. FedEx Field, I'm sure over the years you've seen the viral videos of the place falling apart.

They've had to throw a tarp up at the top of the stadium because of the lack of fan interest. I can go on and on and on. I'm glad that he is gone.

How about that? And I didn't even get into the entire cheerleader fiasco and so after multiple investigations the NFL on the way out the door is fining Daniel Snyder. This is already in addition to the 10 million dollars he's been fined as he had to take that initial leave where his wife took over. And so yeah, what's 60 or 70 million dollars when you're making 6 billion on the way out the door?

The answer is nothing, but you got to look on the bright side. At least he's gone. At least from a football perspective. I've called Ron Rivera the biggest mop-up man in the NFL because he's had to be the voice for this team, for this franchise. Not just the coach because Dan Snyder is nothing but a boogeyman. And so with Josh Harris taking over, the owners approving the sale, at least the team can move in a positive direction. Magic Johnson, a member of this ownership group, it'll be very interesting to see how vocal he is. We know Magic has had ownership stakes at different points in time, whether it be with the Dodgers and Guggenheim Partners, whether it be also with the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic Johnson is going to add some cachet, and hopefully there is some respectability to the franchise.

It has to be. It can't be worse than what it's been in the past. And so Josh Harris, who also owns the Sixers, he also owns the Devils, he now owns the Commanders. And today, after the sale was approved by the other owners here in the NFL, Josh Harris, he spoke and he told everybody this is a new era of commanders football. We're very excited to get to work and to start the new era of Washington football. And yeah, I mean, we are humbled and awed by the level of responsibility that we have to take care of the city and to win championships and to really excite the fans again.

Excite the fans again. This has been a 24, almost 25-year spot. Do I call it a blemish? Do I call it a pimple? Do I call it a scar? What do you call this era where Daniel Snyder took over this team?

What do you call it? They're Commander fans of a certain age who remember who remember what this team went out and did in the 80s, in the 90s, when you had Joe Gibbs. There is an era of fans who remember the Hogs, but there is an era of fans right now of the commanders that go, man, my whole life, they sucked.

My whole life, they've been given out ridiculous contracts. My whole life, I've had to look at, I don't know, Albert? Albert Haynesworth?

Is that who and what I had to look at? It's going to take some time. If you think about the Washington commanders and the team right now, let's be honest, there aren't Super Bowl expectations on this squad here. Nobody is looking at the commanders and going, oh, man, they're going to knock off the Eagles. I mean, they barely know what the hell they have in Sam Howell. They have to get a quarterback if they want to move forward. Their defense, all of those linemen that they've ever had, they got to stay healthy. So it's going to take some time. But if you were looking for hope, you got it.

If you were looking for something that is at least decent, you got it. We have no idea how Josh Harris is going to operate as an NFL owner. But you have to, you have to know this, he can't be worse than Dan Snyder, he can't. Six billion dollars the team has sold for. This is now a record for professional sports franchise.

The Denver Broncos, when they were sold, to the Walmart folks, the Waltons, they sold for only 4.6 billion dollars. So the Broncos got them by about a bill and a half here. Excuse me, the commanders got them by a bill and a half. Consider this a new day. Maybe, just maybe, the commanders will end up in a new stadium, okay?

FedEx ain't cutting it. Maybe they'll end up in a new stadium. Maybe, just maybe, the commanders will hand out some contracts that won't be in albatross.

Maybe, just maybe, over the next several years and over into another generation, the commanders won't be a joke. And so congratulations, we got one team here in professional sports that's out the woods, has a new owner, has a new ownership group. I know the Lions, that the Lions look like they're on their way up, but I know a lot of people still never happy with the Ford family. I know we got a lot of pirate fans, they just kind of go, oh here we go with Bob Nutting again.

I know my friends in Oakland, soon to be former Oakland A's. I know you look at Fisher and you want to slap the hell out of them. So there can be hope.

Maybe. Because I don't know anybody who's been as bad as he's been, not just as a sports owner, but as a human being. And so maybe there isn't any hope, unless the owner of your team is out here treating women like objects, treating old people like, you know, throwaway pawns and suing them. Good riddance to Daniel Snodder. I don't know where he goes, what he does, but I would not be surprised if for a man who was looking for immunity based on his actions, I don't want to be sued when I sell, I don't want to be punished anymore when I sell. I hope this guy just disappears. I hope he goes quietly. We don't need Dan Snodder lawsuits. We don't need two, three months from now to hear how he feels for Snodder.

He feels forced out and now he wants a few billion dollars from the NFL. We don't need that. Go away. Let the commanders have their peace. Let Josh Harris run the thing.

Let Magic Johnson pop up every now and then. Smile and let's keep it moving for a new era in commanders football. Congratulations to everybody out in DC, Maryland and Virginia just rooting for the commanders. Brighter days are ahead. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-2124 CBS. That's 855-2124 CBS.

I'm going to take your calls on the commanders when we come back. We have more to get into including Lane Kiffin's comments on college football, Aaron Rogers with the Jets, his first practice. It's the JR Sport Brief. Here's a special message from Briggs and Riley to every last minute luggage packer to those who hate packing around those annoying grooves in the bottom of your suitcase to the challengers who try to cram a myriad of toothpaste, hairbrushes and travel size shampoo bottles into the outer pockets. Many luggage has tried and many have failed to accommodate the whim of the overzealous over packer.

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Be like me, bet for free! Show on CBS Sports Radio. We got a we got a bunch of callers as you can imagine.

A bunch of opinions on the commanders on the sale. Let's talk to them. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Then we'll we'll talk about Aaron Rogers, the kinder, gentler Aaron Rogers with the New York Jets. We'll get into Lane Kiffin, his comments on college football and how it's changed.

He's like, oh man it's like free agency right now with the transfer portal and a lot of the players have an opportunity twice a year to transfer the hell up on out and so we'll get into all of that. Let's talk to you right now. You can hit me up as well at JR Sport Brief. Let's talk to John. He's calling from DC. Hey John, you're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up man? JR how you feeling? I'm feeling great.

What's on your mind? Hey JR, I'm so glad that the sale for the commanders went through. I'm not I'm not a skins fan but I live in the city and I'm trying to tell you when the skins fans are happy, traffic is good, your service at the restaurants and shoppers shopping grocery stores is good but it's definitely been a long time coming for the skins fans in the city and I'm glad that that went through. Okay well thank you John. Appreciate you for calling from from DC. Richard is calling from Knoxville, Tennessee. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What you think about this command to say Richard?

Go ahead. I think it's great. I'm in my late 50s and I've watched the the Washington team pretty much ever since the late 70s when George Allen was the head coach. And you know I've noticed that when the Jack Kent Cook family sold the team after he died and Dan Schneider became the owner, that team has suffered ever since then. And I wish somehow the Cook family could have kept that team but one thing I hope and I'm probably going to offend some people but the command is a terrible thing.

They need to go back to the red skins. Well as long as I'm alive. Oh Richard, I'm probably, why do you got to do that? Like we just talked about jackassery. You were so fine with that and you you are entitled to your opinion but not a jackass opinion here, not something that's going to offend people. Look if we want to talk about sports then yeah sure we can offend anybody that we want. Hey here's something offensive.

James Harden sucks. You know who's offended him and he doesn't even care. We can have difference of opinions but when it comes to matter of identity and just why bother? Here's some advice. Get over it.

They need to go back to the red skins. No get over it. It's too late.

It's done. Okay I know there were there was a segment of the indigenous community that was a segment of the indigenous population who did not care and there were a lot of folks who did. Well instead of thinking about the people who say I'm fine with it, thinking about the the vast people, the folks who who did, who were offended. That's enough. Oh my god and I get it.

We got a lot of folks who run around who are offended by everything and you got a tiptoe around everything. It's a sports team name. Get over it. If you want to go back to the prior name, if you want to go back to the redskins then get in the time machine and go. You gonna watch the team or not? Are you gonna sit on your ass and complain?

Get over it. Damn. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Go print out a shirt. Well don't do that.

You know decorate your house and pretend. I mean sheesh. Get over it. Ross is calling from Toronto.

You're on CBS Sports Radio, the JR Sport Brief Show. Hey um yeah I just think it's pretty clear to me that the same incident that happened with Gian happened to NBA where someone fell asleep courtside. Obviously there would be way less uproar about it even if it was intended to be disrespectful. I think this shows a deep insecurity in the WNBA that one person falling asleep courtside is blown out of proportion. I think it shows yeah deep insecurity.

I also think you just talked about how people should get over it. These players have to learn how to be offended. I think that's something also these WNBA players they're not just paid to play. They're paid to be these sports icons that were trying so hard to make them out to be and if they can't handle someone disrespecting them by falling asleep courtside I find that ridiculous. It's not a matter of the WNBA players not being able to handle it. Women historically have been spat upon and looked down upon by society when it comes to being on equal footing with men for a long time so to think that a WNBA player can't take an individual falling asleep in the front row I think is is missing the point. The ultimate point here is that we have a lot of people who instead of taking the time to uplift and build other people up that they want to make jokes and pranks at the behest of someone who happens to be working hard.

We all got options when we get up in the morning as to what we want to do with our lives. If you need to go ahead and make and poke fun and make jokes at someone else making a living I think there are better options to do. So this isn't so much about a WNBA player who was offended. I've yet to hear about a WNBA player being offended because an idiot from YouTube decided to make a joke in the front row. This is a bigger issue of people thinking that hey I can make a dollar and I can make a buck by by really being disrespectful to someone else.

Do you see the difference between the point that you made and the one that I'm trying to bring to light? Of course 100% is intended disrespect but I think Brittany Griner actually did come out against this. That's one player who came out explicitly offended and I do think at the end of the day obviously it did something wrong. I think my what my issue is I think it's an overreaction because the guy in the video is trying to ban him from NFL. No it's it's not it's not an over I don't find it to be an overreaction.

These are these are private businesses and and why is this a story? Because you don't have people that sit around and and and we have plenty of bad behavior okay. We have had athletes spat upon in games okay.

We have had people who want to who threaten players who want to say things that they would have no business saying or that you wouldn't say to a player away from a court away for a team. May I finish Ross? Of course of course.

Thank you okay. We've had we've had plenty of that. What I have not seen and it doesn't matter if it's man or woman and we can't say it because it hasn't happened at a men's game but we've seen this happen now at a woman's game okay. To see somebody say I'm gonna buy four seats and I'm gonna lay and splay myself across the front row and and and make a point and make a spectacle for my own just just really a gain when it comes from attention and financial. The point is you can do better than that. You can be more creative than that. You don't have to do it at somebody else's behest. You don't have to be calculated in such a way. I think I think most of us in society understand this and I think most look at it purely from an entertainment perspective and I look at it for I've seen I've seen comedy.

I've seen pranks. I think that we can do better instead of looking for the lowest hanging fruit on the tree. A hundred percent. I'm not saying to do anything right obviously but not a mistake obviously something wrong explicitly but it sounds like you're trying to justify it. I'm not trying to justify it. I'm trying to tone down the uproar that I'm hearing about this. I think what makes them different than any idiot Instagram commenters trashing on the WNBA. He bought a ticket and he decided to do it but yeah but that's the difference.

You have a lot of people you got a lot of people and thank you Ross for calling from Toronto. You're trying to calm down the uproar. This is the greatest and worst parts of life.

Here's an example. I have been able to utilize social media to go ahead and earn a living for myself and I also use it by work with Special Olympics to talk about how how much good we can do with sports okay. I'm not elevating myself onto a pedestal but it's a fact.

It's something that you can utilize social media to do good and still make money and still make a living and still have potential and not everybody is going to do that and then you have someone god bless them he has an audience he he's been able to do this. Why are you reaching for the lowest hanging fruit to spit on the efforts of somebody else? Come on that's it and so what's the uproar? The uproar if you want to talk about me I can't talk to you about how Brittany Griner or every WNBA player feels about this but man we can do better.

You think it yourself and so to calm down and uproar hey how about this Ross you get up you work your ass off off every day you you sound you sound young to me you get up you work your ass off you become the best at what you do for somebody to try to make a buck or a come off or come up on what you do and you tell me how you feel about that. 855-212-4CVS. It's 855-212-4CVS. Greg is calling from Michigan. You're on the JR sport reef show. What's up Greg?

JR Mr. Positive welcome back. Oh my god you are spot on about that benefiting off someone else's hard labor and working for excellence.

Oh spot on spot on giving me goosebumps. Looks like real quick the NFL you know are changing their moral compass. I think they want to you know do better morally and I think getting rid of Snyder was a fantastic thing but the reason for my call with Aaron in New York do you think this is going to be a great resurgence for his career. Everyone's telling me that the Jets are going to be great and this really he might be possibly in the Super Bowl.

Am I way off or? Well Greg I think it's a possibility with the New York Jets you you you have no idea it could certainly swing one way or the other. He's probably the best from a talent perspective even at his his age. The best quarterback that the New York Jets will probably have in their franchise history when you think about talent all things considered and yeah there is an opportunity for the New York Jets to go to the playoffs to compete and win the AFC East.

I think at minimum get in via wild card and do some and do some damage. I don't think it's out of this world but this is you never know. I wouldn't call this Tom Brady to the Buccaneers a few years ago. The Buccaneers had Jamis Winston. They moved from Tom Brady. They had an offensive line. They had wide receivers. They had the infrastructure and more importantly they were able to bring on Tom Brady who is and was prior to even getting to the Bucs the ultimate winner.

Aaron Rodgers a little bit different on his way in. The New York Jets last year and partly due to injuries they had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. They had a running back Breece Hall who even right now is currently on the PUP list. If if you think about the wide receivers they aren't just set in there ready to be receivers. They you have to bring in guys like Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb who's also on the PUP list and so I don't know if lightning will quote unquote strike twice with a veteran QB going to a team and going to the Super Bowl.

The New York Jets have talent but it takes a whole lot more than than talent just to go on a run and win it all but hey they got potential but potential doesn't win games. Fantastic J.R. and everybody remember Agents of Inclusion. It's the best. Love you J.R. Have a great night. Thank you Greg.

Appreciate you for calling from Michigan. It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. A matter of fact on the other side of the break the New York Jets they just held practice for the first time today with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. Aaron Rodgers spoke to the media after the game and or after the practice I should say and he talked about his his new approach with the New York Jets. So we'll hear from Aaron Rodgers on the other side of the break and let's keep in mind everything that takes place with the New York Jets it's going to be there for you to watch.

The Jets are going to be on hard knocks and even their head coach Rob Salah he has already changed his approach to having the HBO cameras all over the Jets facility. It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. 855-212-4CBS.

It's 855-212-4CBS. Yes yep talk about Aaron Rodgers and the Jets momentarily. You know we had a caller I was going to say something else but we had a caller who was happy like many people are with the commanders and their new ownership with Josh Harris, Daniel Snyder being shown the door and he wanted to go back to the old name which is not happening like get over it. If you want to go back in time then walk into Sears, walk into Woolworth.

Hey do me a favor if you want to go back in time do yourself a favor open up a Radio Shack and let me know how it goes. You know to the thank god things go forward and we don't go backwards you're supposed to learn from things that have taken place in the past but there could be some good news. It's been reported by Don Van Natta Jr. of ESPN who says that with Joshua Harris taking over there's a possibility that the Washington commanders do end up with a new name and a complete rebranding to kind of wipe away or separate itself from everything that Daniel Snyder has done. I don't want to call it the legacy of Daniel Snyder's legacies well I guess they can be negative as well but to wipe away the stain I would say of Daniel Snyder's 24 year reign here owning the commanders. So look for a potential rebranding these things take years I think we saw how many years it took for them to actually move on from the former name to the commander so please know that these things take time and speaking of taking time one of our other callers asked about the New York Jets and what the Jets can or cannot do moving into this new season with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. It was a complete disaster for the Jets last year with Zach Wilson a lack of awareness a lack of accountability and ultimately he was shown the bench. Aaron Rodgers not coming off of one of his best seasons dealing with injuries but knowing that he's a also getting older but over the course of his career he has been a hall of famer but he's been a hall of fame QB with one championship and so he's going to be looked upon as the Jets I don't want to say savior but he's he's expected to start leading the way and so the New York Jets had their very first practice today at training camp at their facility in Florham Park, New Jersey and afterwards Aaron Rodgers and Robert Sala the head coach they both spoke and they addressed two different things first of all Aaron Rodgers talked about everything being so brand new with the Jets and his approach to his team is brand new as well he's not hard charging there's not the expectations out of the gate that there were with the the Packers and he needs a little bit more patience with everyone learning a new offense and so here's Aaron Rodgers asked about just his his new environment of this new opportunity and and why he might be a little bit different listen to this I feel like I've grown a lot over the years now some of that is the well-documented plant medicine journeys that I that I've talked about but the other is perspective as you get older you see things a little bit clearer I think hindsight is 20 20 try and rectify some of the things that you did a certain way that you feel like could have done better I think it's always important to have patience in shorts and helmets have patience the first few days of camp sometimes the patients can wear thin if it's in repeat mistakes but we're just just building this thing right now we want to build the right way and yeah I would say maybe earlier in my career I was a little more easily angered and I feel like I'm a little less triggered as I've gotten older oh okay I like how plant medicine was the the first mention hey all this plant medicine talk that Aaron Rodgers does the the hallucinogens is that what he's doing hallucinogen I don't know what it is he makes me want to eat a plant well I think he's drinking it so I don't know but congratulations to him he feels better whatever makes him feel better the ayahuasca good for him he does got a lot of new pieces we know that the New York Jets were able to bring along some friends who are going to help out the offense your Alan Lazard's your Randall Cobb who's currently on the PUP list uh outside of that got Garrett Wilson offensive rookie of the year uh you could think about Corey Davis somehow someway is still on the team the New York Jets were able to sign me Cole Hartman Jr to the squad as well this is going to be new here for Aaron Rodgers this is going to be new for everyone involved the New York Jets are also going to hope that their offensive line holds up and it's not just I don't know swiss cheese you got Makai Becton who was basically fat and out of shape and injured and then complained when people told him that he was fat out of shape and injured and so hopefully Aaron Rodgers is not a pinata uh taking a beating at at every step of the way and at the New York Jets aren't a joke and you know all of the press conferences up to now they've been pretty cool they've been chill they've been relaxed Aaron Rodgers and the media looks like they're getting along in a good way and let's see how long that lasts is it going to take a two-game losing streak is it going to take a mistake by a receiver is it going to take a New York reporter to be a complete jerk how long does it take before Aaron Rodgers goes out there and just uh gets into a back and forth it'll be it'll be fun but we'll be able to watch all of it during hard knocks and New York Jets hard knocks something that they didn't always embrace it was only a few weeks ago that head coach Rob Salah was asked about being forced into it by HBO and this is what Rob Salah had to say a few weeks okay have you heard of uh you guys are gonna be on hard knocks or not yet um I haven't gotten word or anything like that I know for I know there's several teams that would uh love for hot not hard knocks to be in their building we're just not one of them so you don't want hard knocks in your building well hard knocks is is in your building and the New York Jets will be highlighted on hard knocks I believe the debut episode will be August 8th and so prepare yourself for more Aaron Rodgers prepare yourself for more Garrett Wilson uh get ready to hear Quinnen Williams sneeze and to tell himself uh bless you and thank you at the same time prepare for Rob Salah you know there's not a lot known about him as a head coach as a personality sure his time out in San Francisco is their D coordinator coming over but we're gonna we're gonna hear and see from him a whole lot more and his profile is is gonna continue to rise this is gonna put even more expectations and more attention on the New York Jets but the fact is if they can't handle this then who cares about a Super Bowl if you can't handle cameras being in the facility yes you're trying to restart and jump start everything but if you can't handle some cameras then what the hell are you doing how mentally tough how mentally strong are you to go ahead and move forward not a lot and so Rob Salah I guess now he's singing a little bit different of a tune this is what he had to say today Robert now it's official with hard knocks obviously you said what you said in June yeah we're fine I mean we've been doing one jet's drive for the last couple years so it's uh just talking with hard knocks and uh you know they've got a great group of people that are working with us and uh we express some of our concerns they've uh they've answered it and you know it's it's it's gonna be fun it's no different than one just drive okay all right now he's fine he's well what were your concerns what were they gonna write up storylines for you what was HBO going to deliver to the New York Jets this is the script this is what we need you and or Aaron Rodgers to say what what did you expect cameras around whatever you're entertainers sure you're used to only seeing cameras there on Sundays but half the players are running around with cameras in their face they're recording themselves they're doing podcasts just not such a big deal eight five five two one two for CBS Robert he's calling from New York you're on the JR Sportbree show CBS Sports Radio what's up Robert hey JR how you doing I'm very well I know everyone's hyped up about Aaron Rodgers but I think he's like Kevin Durant of NFL and I think he can't go anywhere far unless he has like a Stephen Curry type player like Kyle like Klay Thompson he can't do anything unless he has like the support he needs what was the support that he had in Green Bay he's had plenty of in Green Bay he's had plenty of of receivers he's had received he's had time where he didn't have the greatest of receivers so what are you who is that guy in Green Bay or was it listen I think he's just in a groove at the moment but like in Green Bay but I don't know if being on the Jets he like he's getting older I don't think he could do it anymore I just I he I think he needs the support his personality just like even though Green Bay they would have do it but maybe he's more talented than I don't think he had a talent and I think he like he needs more support just to like get far at this point okay all right well thank you Robert for calling from New York I I mean if I look at the the New York Jets wide receiver group I I think they got talent they have the offensive rookie of the year they have a familiar face and Allen Lazard, Mikol Hartman is going to be happy to to be at least I guess a top three a wide receiver on the squad Uzama he's not healthy right now a couple of years ago with the Bengals he was doing a bang-up job I'd be more concerned with the offensive line and even in a crap year where Aaron Rodgers was dealing with a hand and also a rib injury he went out and threw 26 touchdowns to 12 interceptions I mean that TD to INT ratio is something that the New York Jets would typically salivate over if you got to think about if you have to go down a long list of New York Jets starting QBs it it reads like like you you're getting marched to the end of the plank like you're getting taken over to the the electric chair there is nothing fancy about the New York Jets in their history their quarterback history when I say Mark Sanchez what do you think you think butt fumble probably I say Mark Sanchez what do you think about uh eating a hot dog on the sidelines uh Geno Smith god bless him he's found new life as as the quarterback to the Seattle Seahawks they just got some money and good for him who knows how long he holds on there Geno Smith was punched in the face by his own teammate for owing him money this was the quarterback at one point this was the starting quarterback for the New York Jets and so look the Jets is this gonna work out nobody knows but the New York Jets had Zach Wilson out there you want to tell me Aaron Rodgers is not a better option than Zach Wilson look you got a team a roster like this the New York Jets basically they needed to quote unquote go for it I mean they've been a disaster for long enough it's the history of their franchise it's the jr sport brief show on CBS sports radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS I'm going to get to your calls on the other side of the break and speaking of a disaster we know the NFL it certainly has its share goodbye Daniel Snyder hello New York Jets and Aaron Rodgers Lane Kiffin he thinks college football is becoming like the NFL and it shouldn't he thinks the system the transfer portal is a disaster we'll hear from him his words plus your calls here on CBS sports radio the jr sport brief show the second half of the baseball season is here and each game means a little little bit bit more we're talking pennant races and wildcard chases with each pitch bringing us closer to the playoffs the free odyssey app lets you listen to live play-by-play of your local team so no matter what you're up to you'll never have to miss another game download the free odyssey app today and keep baseball close by all summer long that's a u d a c y odyssey
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