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Terrence Copper, Former ECU star, joins Adam to discuss all kinds of football; from college to pro, and gives his experience with both.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 22, 2022 5:31 pm

Terrence Copper, Former ECU star, joins Adam to discuss all kinds of football; from college to pro, and gives his experience with both.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 22, 2022 5:31 pm

Terrence Copper, Former ECU star, joins Adam to discuss all kinds of football; from college to pro, and gives his experience with both.

-Former ECU star (All CUSA as a senior in 2003)

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The Rich Eisen Show
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Financial capital financial This is the gold show your day. Although it could be on intentional, you never know dial stock electronic problems and I don't know no fat fingers for something other button is like what your spouse insists that my wife was exultant. No, she doesn't ever but some of her clients to voice a hairdresser and if you know my wife's sexually or shops not not that far from where we are and a lot of her clients listen. II also I get asked a lot for you have any dirt on X team or whatever like no I don't inside my head dirt. We would just spew the dirt on the air.

We got so I got a gold that's been to the Victorians.

Victoria produced the program and without doesn't a very busy showing a great weekend football head a little bit a presidents club action. It is in our state here in North Carolina, and even if it isn't going to be a knockdown drag out theoretically, it could, but unlikely to be.

We had a lot of stuff to do so to cover little bit of that and do a lot of football being mostly football today and maybe some other things and we might even start with some other things so let's go. I saw the story late last night I woke up this morning and I have I was just incredibly confused by what the story were to start with the Boston Celtics to be looking for a head coach for this season that begins in about a month MA Duca first year head coach last year took over for Brad Stevenson bumped up to the front office. When Danny Ainge was ushered to the door did amazing job last season, made by the second half.

They were just also now they didn't make it to the limits of the NBA finals. Far yeah they lost to the warriors in the front right but second half of the year they were just phenomenal. They really kind of figured it out. They were the best defensive team in the East and one of the best offense of themes they might've been both best and both areas in the second half of season and a lot of that was credited to email talk so but is facing a one year suspension by 15 due to a consensual intimate relationship with a team staff.

It appears Adrian was Norske from ESPN on the store imago guy is facing disciplinary action with the Celtics. I'm told a likely suspension significant suspension for what's being termed a violation of team guidelines. Boston is still discussing what that suspension might look like.

But this is a Celtics matter. I'm told this is not a league issue. This is an internal Boston look at who do yoga and this violation of team guidelines, but certainly jarring for the Celtics organization. This was the first year head coach you took Boston all the way to the NBA finals but I'm told that this hour is facing a significant suspension for what again is being described as is an apparent violation of team guidelines night so more and more information has come out. It was a a consensual intimate relationship with somebody who also works for the Celtics and the suspension is likely to be the full season. The Celtics have gone out of their way to say that he was not.

He is not being fired, but that is simply going to be a year-long suspension. Here's my thoughts on this. When I saw the story. All I can think of.

Okay, I'm confused because a consensual intimate relationship whereas and I and shouts to all all the Twitter jockeys were guide being fired because your work is just like being the head coach of the Boston Celtics getting maybe you're the head coach of the San Antonio's birth. I don't know what you like. Stop it with them.

I think you know what I'd I don't know if we here at capital broadcasting have that policy. I guy I legitimately do not know.

Okay, but I do understand that there are companies with no fraternization rules. I get it, and in some cases people leave the company if they feel like okay this is a this is a person I want to write to in order to not lose my job. Let's go get another one. So I understand all of this and even if you don't have a policy it's probably good personal policy to avoid workplace relationships are equipped with all of that said I was a note of this hat happens in the restaurant industry now is all it all happens in the restaurant industry. Anybody's ever worked in the restaurant industry understand. Yes, I thought gold instead it would not be diluted with the capital financial advisory group. We are talking retirement coach. Let's say you have more than $1 million balance in my 401(k) revelations that determine how connect actually come back and bite me because in this is a thing that we did we get the Mirage received the Rogers of the desert before you see what's what.

Her head was not there when your financial garage is thinking that that total balance in your 401(k) or IRA is yours. We have two people that want to get a hold of the two uncles North Carolina and Uncle Sam write both of you to do some damage to the balance depending on what kind of other income you have lose 40% of value. Looking at a million-dollar IRA Vegas were 6000 you. So how do we get around is what you'll get around it could end up in jail. If you try to do what you can do tax planning to minimize the effect of taxation into the future. The texturing is coming out and we need to make sure to minimize the effect of the derailment of a financial accountant for the next 10 people will do it at no cost or obligation. Put together your very own tax and retirement plan 800-661-7383 or text Adam to 21000B to route all we really essentially firing email Duca consensual relationship so this is the bells and that went off in my brain more to this story. There is a lot more to this story that the meeting right because again the Celtics aren't knee capping themselves. The number two is the number one assistant to Duca is not head coach of Utah, just so they're going to layers down in the organization because of the late nature of this and no I don't believe Brad Stevens is coming out of the front office to be the head coach. Although I mean maybe I wouldn't I wouldn't completely rule it out so there's got to be more to this story because again there is zero chance that a young had coach who did so well in year one is getting fired for hooking up with Janice in accounting right.

There's just no chance that that state that that's the reaction in spite of what your company policy is. I mean if you had the company policy you can simply say relationship rest and you're working to find you $50,000 and never start the season done, you could just do that you don't have to suspend him for a year but something has something must happen something. This is not just hey they they went to a company cookout and feel.

One thing led to another think I'm not exactly same and again shouts that all you think your job or my job is the same as imago ducks remember last week when nba commissioner adam silverware was pressed on why he was just finding and suspending's phoenix suns owner robert sarver for a decade-long actually more than a decade long history of misogynistic abusive racist behavior right. the other was a press conference with silver and then of reporters like so why'd you only do this look without work will probably play the silver clip from that little bit later but it was clear for those who heard the silver wanted to do more.

he wanted to do more than fine sarver $10 million and suspended for a year we outlined the equivalent.

i'd i'd i'd i did the math. if you if you or your fantasy of a family income of $150,000 which, depending on where you are is either hey i wish i had that for dennis, i don't know who i don't know where you are but i was using that as a guide. if you have a family income of the hundred $50,000. that is a $129 fine. nothing. i mean, it would 12 and say nothing but mean that a lot you can figure that out problem here is that silver works for the owners. the owners don't work for silver silver doesn't lord over his employer and that is that is the problem and there are rules and there are limits to what adam so can do any hit sarver with the max. this is built-in. this is the most i can do i can find you $10 million. that's the max and i can't lie i heard somebody say they should've banned him for life. but he can't so he did what he could, but that doesn't mean that silver did not apply some back channel pressure here. it didn't doesn't mean that he was upset that the highest profile players in his league. chris paul, who by the way plays for the phoenix suns owned by roberts are lebron james, dream on green didn't all rake the league over the coals based on their apparent lack of punishment for robert sarver. i think silver was probably happy with that. also, he was probably happy with some corporate pressure that was put on phoenix paypal threatened to end their relationship.

there's a jersey sponsor for the phoenix suns anyway, yesterday robert server announced that he was going to put the team up for sale here is jay williams from espn to me tell you why this is really happening right so internally there's a lot of things going on so when you're second largest stakeholder FRANCHISE nestlings up right now.

hey you don't tolerate this type of behavior we want to see action off of it when one of your largest sponsors in paypal money always draws their money right at dinner that you start saying what's best for this organization. that way i can still sell for billions of dollars compared to what my entry fee to this market was yeah. this is such a penalty. robert sarver. this is the beautiful thing about being that rich that the penalties will work in your favor. how so he bought the sons for 500 million believe this is that's the number he's going to get 2 billion for his share of the team which is not 100%, but he is the majority owner. i think he owns 75 or so percent. he's going to get 2 billion while tough stuff to be rough and it's tough to be a crusty old fill in the blank blank hat owner i clean that up as best i can today go. that's where we are with that.

here's a good one and i when i say good one. i mean, terrible story, but this is our world. i don't know why would this so much garbage year. the nhl is set to open the season with games october 7 and eighth. so where what a week and 1/2 away right in between the national predators and san jose sharks in checking. that's how that's the new way of saying czech republic spellchecking checking foreign minister has sent a letter to the nhl saying that due to the russian invasion of ukraine russian players there terming it are not welcome. okay now they have had discussions about flat banning those players from entering the country hasn't risen to that yet, but it might if the unit depending on what the nhl does. i guess i don't know. we have not yet heard of an official nhl response to the band but each of the two teams. nashville and san jose has one russian player for nashville. jacob trenton pretty good. no grinder depth forward, but is been a starter for them for a couple years, i think, as a handful goes against their games, so she is russian and especially god's brother yevgeny plays for the sharks now so are they going to leave those two players home. i look this is not the first sport that has essentially put a bayonet this notice. nhl's not doing this, but is not the first time that we have seen bands for russian players, actually russian and bella and players from belarus were not allowed to play wimbledon right they demand so what andre medvedev victoria as array goes from belarus. they were not allowed to play in fact, the winner of wimbledon forget who. who was i don't want to get the player wrong us from discussing the winter, but with the winner of the of the ladies singles title at wimbledon was a player who plays for kazakhstan, basically because kazakhstan hired her to play for kazakhstan but she is russian and lives in ryan mosca and at the u.s. open this year there punishment was not. you can't play, but the punishment was if you are from russia or from belarus. we will simply not list your nation will not recognize your nation. we will not ban you anyway. it was silly to ban russian players for anything and there was some talk of what is in the nhl ban russian players and toward the end of last season, why are we punishing the athlete for something that their nation does even if they are supporters of vladimir putin never did just makes no sense to me. the only difference in the story is that if there is any country that gains enormous amounts of national pride, or any person who gains enormous amounts of national pride. from there the exploits the positive exploits of their athletes, it is prudent so i understand you think it's a punishment of food, but it isn't so. it was silly for wimbledon to do that if it will be silly for these players to not be able to play in checking and i'm curious what the nhl is going to do. if, on the nhl. on the ride for my teams. on the ride for the players and on to say, look, even though it's money in there getting there, getting some money to do this but i think the pr hit is worse. you don't you don't buckle you don't buckle to that now. not again. i understand jackie's got good intentions here is your your your anti-war.

your anti-invasion. i get so my we have the state with ukraine on the front door again, but banning players is wrong. banning players let the flippant let them play so funny nhl. if you could abandon to players the way shona, you can stage a club game instead of watching the predators and the sharks aren't a university of utah student was arrested yesterday after she threatened to detonate a nuclear reactor on campus.

if the youth lost this past weekend to san diego state. i saw that right. this is a story the only reason i'm mentioning it first. that's a lot of pressure to put your foot like wow second i don't know if the aztecs or any good. i've no idea. but that's a high level of disrespect to put on san diego state football budget will beat them blow up the world a new New car, so the nuclear reactor.

the student was talking about is on campus you're going down it's on campus in the salt lake city.

the third thing is with us this. this is the level some people go to utah 135 to 7 so were safe like i did like the middle the news today. pretty strong weekend coming up of acc football will talk about this a lot today. we've got unc hosting notre dame ross martin of inside caroline is going to join us in less than an hour to talk about that mean i know notre dame is not great and carolina is basically half of a really good football team. but who cares carolina's reno. notre dame is notre dame game sakina stadium to be gorgeous saturday afternoon on national tv over the air network cable. all you need is an antenna and you can watch this game.

i know people going to the game so that that's good to be fun clips and is at wake forest. this is a great football game-i hope i hope it's a great football game. it wasn't a great football game last year clemson with all of their struggles was way better than wake forest i and wake has not been as good yet so again i'm drawing no conclusion on keeping an open mind about everything that's a great football game and it's the first hurdle for clemson. we'll talk about terms for other schools.

it's the first hurdle for clemson in a two week hurt set hurdles to in order for them to win the atlantic division. i know florida state will be hurdle also but at wake home against the will fact the following week status about the route you, that's can do is at kansas in a battle of unbeaten's. this is the first week of the season. this is week four. duke is at kansas in a battle of unbeaten this is not the champions classic mind you. still, it is 380 duke at brito kansas and that's just kinda cute so i'll just leave it there. virginia tech with a double dose of the home as they host west virginia tonight virginia tech. i struggled but virginia tech also became like the first real darling of thursday night college football on espn. they essentially made their program playing thursday night game now thursday night games now or lost because we also have an nfl game tonight. we do so and will level talk about that briefly here in second, but virginia tech home to west virginia west virginia. by the way, looking to go to a no they lost to want to pick me up at west virginia looking to go one and one in acc play that's a good game tonight and tomorrow night. virginia is at suddenly relevant syracuse so again another good football game are moving on real quick we are to talk panthers saints with former ecu star terrence copper in a few actually does a a show online for the saints because he played for the saints. this is a chance for the panthers to in with the division opponent here just to show some.

i think we all know where this carolina team is ending up we know where the we know how the story ends somewhere in the neighborhood of five wins, give or take.

right, there will be a new head coach next season. maybe there will be a new quarterback. i'm not saying there will be but maybe we don't know we don't know how does it play out, and it is way too early to make that call either way on baker mayfield so let's hear his thoughts on week three. you can look back and think about certain places and make a difference in the game for us. big picture wise when you talk about mary mcgavin's scholars, or has five points total within two games that makes really close. adjustments were not doing our job will not little things to overcome that and to be a better position so for us it's plenty to play in that been the most important one really just a singular focus about just doing our job. no prepare knowing team for hundred percent with and also this is gotta be the best week of preparation when it comes to knowing our game plan. throughout the season so we just have to continue to improve and just overcome around six looking in the national football league. if you hinge on work close did not close now so games are generally close not surprised that the panthers only loss of the browns by what to. i'm not surprised they only loss to the giants by with three everywhere i went.

i don't remember the thing was three yeah i not surprised that i will point out that the browns aren't that good and the giants aren't either. now, so quite close to teams that are in the bottom of the browns robot intent in writing, the browns actually have half of a good team and maybe don't have a really good team at the end of the season when the serial creep is back at quarterback, but right now they're just not that good so i'm not in the lower close now what he says is division games and watching them since you have the strategies there now.

bank of america or not they are there and bow for this we give if they don't want this season to spiral completely out of control and play before a whole bunch of empty seats and they are the first of a three-game homestand. they have to be better this weekend or i don't sound weird just been fun. the tar heels, who have won three games, the tar heels, i don't think they're great. but you know they are very enjoyable lunch you can at least be that you can at least be enjoyable and it should be great letters.

it's another opportunity for good football on a good weather day. i hope it's not ruined by two teams of the story of what is 20. today first of all i'm not sure if that was planned or not, but if you wanted. that is as quicker response to that sharp as ever and anybody ever so well done already paying dividends. victoria running the show here but we have with multiple football games we might be able to get into here with a former east carolina star was comp all conference usa. as a senior in 2003.

we could even get to tell stories about playing for coach steve logan. my friend terence copper plate with cowboy states ravens genes in the nfl. he is with the believe, which is that online network of all sorts of team specific shows it is a show called believe in saints on believe network is pronounced believe, but is spelled bl eav network. the pirate toast. maybe this week terence copper how are you i forgot how you gladden your we found you what's going on you i'm fine thank you very much for your time either. i know were to talk about the saints in the panthers but before we let you go. i do want to ask you about east carolina start to the season and they host navy and if i'm not to say our support of the broadcast, pregame potential. the eyes of the person help set this up to me. they should've though they should've mentioned that for me but that's fine. this week we can do all the stuff so saints coming off a game in which i still think they're really good.

there did their but the buccaneers defense shut them down. how do what what was the reason for the problems offensively other than tampa's got a great defense and what kind of bounce back. are you expecting from them on sunday in charlotte you know what i think it would things a little bit of both. from both games. i look back at the atlanta game. how we struggle alternately early on and then we can return to normal later it" it put a game on the fourth quarter and the same thing happen here and played the book we have to be more consistent all the promptly i think defense.

they did a great job he did good. they could do a course cannot get to the quarterback the way that we would like them to get to the quarterback but ultimately may we have to be more conflict in the first thing we have to do it the quarterback you know in the last two games. we given up nonfat and relax again this game. are you we get nocturnal fumbles and affection and truthfully have short-term or public.

we only loss to an end.

that was so that right there. the risk reported that no matter who you claim i we have that me eternal wording that we expect again, you quickly the community college and you well fortunately for the saints.

the panthers don't force any turnovers, so maybe that will be a problem this way got on my me. i'm not trying to slam the panthers here. what was what was the mood. the thought going into this season about new orleans out expectation a hobbit with high vendor still had now my expectation for the faint coming to express robert ross moves we had. i just felt like we was going to go deep if they are to go gold.

what you write to say okay we know when the boat initiate to say it like that but you deftly want to go deep into the playoffs on mbl everything a picture that was that was the goal looking into it, coming to still bear but we also got a lot of work to do it not as were not dominating team as we thought we would come and come into the boat. we have a lot of work to do because we often think everybody outer got a hamburger janus was really good in the fourth quarter in atlanta. how much of that was jame's kind of figuring it out. how much of it was atlanta not being so good and can janus i.e. not to make people forget drew breeze. but can janus be a legitimate top half of the league starting quarterback june 19, 2006, but it all started may 6, 1997 the announcement that the hartford whalers were coming to north carolina transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly became 25th anniversary of the presented by the carolina listen my quarterback.

i think he had to trek back to lancaster before he got injured. i 14 putdowns. only three before he got injured.

you know, so he was known he was on pace to be a global card type quarterback last reported injury this year. he said he struggled a little bit. i think the first game we played alanna david open offense of later at the end of the game went on. i will open up a little bit more comes more involved this game right here he overthrew some balls under gruesome balls, but you picked that he threw what bad decisions they would just bad bowl in which you can live with that decision. what bad and the ball you can encounter with what you can live with a bad bowl expression with having it back to mexico enough to get like three broken ribs also dashed hope of the quarterback going again and stand up right in their pocket and take the shop that you were taking and being still be able to have in the company in the back to make these girls make no excuses going on, but you do have a lot of different things going to get them right now. but once you clear belt line and a destructible component pocket. i think you got his other injuries to melvin tomorrow to bleed played last well so you need a healthy winston you need a healthy camara and with those two elements are at full go. it does look like the weapons are there, especially with the rookies and chris velarde from ohio state at wide receiver that sufficient position. obviously, you know well but thomas lobby jarvis landry, there are going to be that many teams in the league with a better top three wide receiver group than that not all my drawing they pulled in their great glory to all of them complement each other you know everybody does some different everybody does some whale in it different from the other receiver but he can do all of it, you know, so i do company children will and you you alvin not plan last week. want to get one or even the best player on your team on the side of the ball.

anytime you take that pipe got out he opened you're going to struggle even though we have good run and run the ball but cabinet so he had so many different ways he can beat you a lot of slack you can handle the ballroom between the tackles you can run sweeps with him you can run screens with allotment think that he brings to the table logic element to bring to the table that we don't happy about that roster that can do that is the same way with carolina you have a cat for eliminating the follow-up.

they are so similar as player there very similar hard and actually what carolina doing it. they really trying to limit the amount of touches that may Be getting because of the injury that he occurred early in the theater. he stated out, but i'm kind of in a little bit in alvin as well. he started to get injured a little bit more so we may have to monitor to carry or get cut. well, which i think right now doing a good job but you get the word about god when you come to injury because you know when those guys go down that you really especially for carillon that one point tom mccaffrey would like 70% of all years ago should be more icu plates terrence gompers joining us here to take me inside the locker room.

i know that everybody is concerned about whether it's tomorrow or whether it's christian mccaffrey, but as a player and you know you've got a weapon on the field that changes the game and makes it better for everybody else as a player, how do you balance yet we need to keep this guy healthy so we can continue plan going forward. but every play that you run that somebody does something that he would normally be doing to look at that is a waste so as a player, how do you balance that that mindset like you know you're better when he touches the ball. you know the saints are better when camara touches the ball. she wanted to touch it more as a player. deftly, the player, of course, you but when the game is on the line and we react in that game and we played the delay don't matter honey.get the ball plays are being made.

given the ball and would do whatever afterword injury? don't want anybody but you would deal with whatever you we got we and i think that it better.

how like a lame man when the coaches on the hot seat right now at night and about okay mccaffrey get injured if we know when can gain the coaching will be you make it so i think that we have the player you just can't win you not really thinking about honeycutt. this person is getting you're just trying to win, but you also are expecting of the got to step up the quilt everybody on scholarship you know everybody getting paid a lot of money and played again so why not go down or completely file. look at all goes to have to make that claim and terence gompers joining as you follow him on twitter at t content to copper 10 also at believe network bl eav network that's the other twitter and you can find a believe on the same believe on saints that terence copper is with so let me quickly ask you about ecu and i know the next time we talk and hopefully they'll be a next time will tell stories about steve logan. i could tell you stories about steve logan you plate form since your part of the pirates broadcast me and i know they lost the opener and i appreciate that that mike used.

it was so mad about it, but i've seen so many good things in progress in that program. what have you seen now through three weeks that gives you encouragement for the rest of the season and they host maybe this weekend that were getting better each game the way we came out and played the thinking red, and in the country. when should one day wanted that game was really on the court a lot of things that hold his readers what we lost again just jumps out at you was we had a black client for touchdown and weakness to the pat and we miss the field goal to win at the amco we had a game and a very but defectively we are on another level. where lecture last you for grip about what we could be this year. deeper really look critically and melodically make a lot of cup place for parking and we played maybe this year we played maybe maybe a totally different thing. not that not your regular team when they read between the computer shotgun runs. like every other team is doing now in college football.

there old school triple option.

maybe throw it twice again right oh if you're not ready for that type all you can get back 40, because you can't stop it.

they don't keep running and that's what they do so, no matter how good a deacon. when it comes to plan other thing that you can stop this triple option it can really get ugly and make you gestate by the way score just 14 points on east carolina's defense even on the sideline as an offense of player.

how many times would you shout just tackled the fullback when you're playing playing navy old everybody. everybody got it all back for me or handed it to go… what it is you gotta be plan with what your job is, you can't go chasing another guy in your job. the capital fullback every time you get it. don't think he had no everybody gotta be disciplined receiver not what the corner there because what i have is running running running running running all they play action you in a photo vehicle touchdown and like the thinkpad study: all game because corners and safety start getting nosy and not really paying attention to the receiver.

they got a guard because they can't stop the run to try come up and stop run so much to get play action for the everybody have to be difficult when you play negative they are just looking at south stephen hill from georgia tech was a second-round pick of the new york jets because nobody could cover them because he was too fast and everybody was too worried about the triple option terence copper. i appreciate your time.

let's do it again. i'll say good luck to the saints, and that i want anybody to get hurt right alignment. go grab your own. you got a terence copper. this is the atom gold shell june 19, 2006, but it all started may 6, 1997 the announcement that the hartford whalers were coming to north carolina transition of heartbreak. figuring it out on the fly became 25th anniversary of the presented by the carolina listen now find

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